1Oooh, check ’em out.  Macaron ice cream sandwiches.  They come in four flavors – strawberry cheesecake, coconut-mango, raspberry-pistachio, and chocolate on chocolate with cocoa nibs – now available at Payard.  Read all about them here: http://newyork.seriouseats.com/2013/06/payard-macaron-ice-cream-sandwiches.html.  Thanks to sis for the heads up.

Also pursuant to our macaron discussion my macaron rant in yesterday’s blog entry, here’s helpful article to help you (or your celebrity chef friends) distinguish the difference between a macaroon and macaron: Macaron vs Macaroon – There’s No Place Like Oz

photo by Robyn Lee
photo by Robyn Lee

And here’s an article to help you (or your celebrity chef friend) know what to look out for when judging a macaron: Macaron vs Macaroon – There’s No Place Like Oz

Finally, to the celebrity chef judges of Masterchef (Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich) who have, apparently, never in their lives seen a macaron prepared with fresh fruit (which, frankly, shouldn’t be all that surprising since they can’t even get the name right), may I present the Pierre Hermes Ispahan:

photo @ http://www.madbaker.net
photo @ http://www.madbaker.net

After over a year and a half of film reviews here on this blog (and over on his own.  They’re all here: http://cookiemonstermovereviews.wordpress.com/) for our weekly superhero-themed Supermovie of the Week Club, it appears as though our resident film critic, Cookie Monster, has pretty much watched and critiqued every American superhero movie ever made and should be wrapping things up by August.  Yep, it certainly looks that way.  But, upon closer scrutiny, I couldn’t help but notice he missed a few. Namely:

Abar, the First Black Superman (1977)
Dr. Strange (1978)
The Toxic Avenger (1984)
The Toxic Avenger II (1989)
The Toxic Avenger III (1989)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1990)
The Guyver (1991)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993)
The Crow (1994)
Guyver: Dark Hero (1994)
Black Scorption (1995)
Darkman: The Return of Durant (1995)
The Crow: City of Angels (1995)
Darkman II: Die Darkman Die (1996)
Black Scorpion II: Aftershock (1996)
Star Kid (1997)
The Crow: Salvation (1999)
Citizen Toxic: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000)
The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)
Despicable Me (2010)
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Iron Man 3 (2013)
Man of Steel (2013)
Kick- Ass 2 (2013)
The Wolverine (2013)
Now before Cookie reads this and has a nervous breakdown, I am willing to cut him some slack.  For instance, I won’t blame him if he’s unable to get his furry mitts on a copy of the 1977 Abar, the First Black Superman, and I certainly won’t force him to watch the Black Scorpion sequel, much less all three Toxic Avenger sequels – but I do expect him to make a concerted effort to at least watch the first installment in both glorious film series.
To make things easier on him and (hopefully) wash the bitter aftertaste of some of these movies out of his mouth – and eyeballs – I’m going to suggest we alternate between these overlooked superhero movies and a movie to be voted on by readers of this blog.  So, let’s start taking nominations for a non-superhero film that Cookie Monster can enjoy review.
Finally, a reminder to watch the 2012 pointless remake of the 2002 Spiderman in advance of this Monday’s Cookie Monster review:
Oh, and since we’re on the subject, check out this oh-so-true rundown of 10 WTF Superhero Movie Monents YOu Won’t Believe They Got Away With: http://whatculture.com/film/10-wtf-superhero-movie-moments-you-wont-believe-they-got-away-with.php.  But be warned!  Spoilers abound!

31 thoughts on “June 29, 2013: Oh, and another thing! Not so fast, Cookie!

  1. I would suggest a review of “Battlefield Earth” unless Cookie Monster is afraid of the Scientology power elite in Hollywood.

  2. Have Cookie review the Stargate movies!
    (his take on them would be hilarious ..as long as he doesn’t get a particular blogger in trouble)

    ..just a thought, but wasn’t there a straight-to- kids-video Super Grover movie way back when??

  3. Have Cookie review any movie that CARL ever worked on!
    (what would be great is if Carl did a rebuttal to Cookie’s reviews of his movies)

  4. I’ve suggested this before and a few liked the idea:

    The Fifth Element.

    It makes not a lick of sense but it’s a fun high energy romp with Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman.
    I have it on DVD, I think I’ll have to get a Blu Ray copy.

    My second vote:

    Oh Brother where art Thou

    And third vote:

    No Country for Old Men.

    Wow. Now I just HAVE to watch one of these. Right now.

  5. Joe:
    I just noticed your reading Wool.
    I downloaded the set for my Kindle a while back but then forgot all about it. What’s it like?

  6. The celebrity chefs are baiting us. They want us to get frustrated with their insistence on not acknowledging reality. If we get frustrated enough to go shake them by the collars and repeat the way it is, it reinforces their notion that their opinion on the matter is so important that it gets a rise out of us.

    In this case, I’m afraid that they are actually influential enough that their opinion might matter. Trying to convince them is pointless. Engaging them just gives them narcissistic supply and is the opposite of motivating them to change. The only (morally sound) way to combat it is a counter-education campaign to reach the public. We need strategy and a plan and resolve.

  7. That fresh strawberry macaron looks amazing. I need one, stat!

    Although I may have to go to the very back of the vault to look for those obscure superhero movies, I hope Cookie knows I’ll do my best. I’m anxious to know what the thinks of the new Superman movie. It’s one of those ones that makes me more annoyed the more I think about it.

    Bit of a bad day today – my step-mom’s health has taken a bit of down turn again (although nothing immediately serious) plus some members of my immediate family are trying to rattle my cage (long story behind it) after a period of relative (heh) quiet. *sighs*

    I should have some pictures from my trip in a day or two to post around here for anyone interested.

  8. Have Cookie review any of the Dune movies. The absolutely-freaking-best-books-ever…..but the worst movies ever! In my humble opinion.

    And perhaps instead of ranting about the previously mentioned chefs, you should send them the link you showed us….LOL….that would send Ramsay into one of his rants though.

    Truth be told, I detest Ramsay and can not understand why people put themselves through the torture, but to each his or her own.

  9. Funny thing about that time point in the Superman movie, although it’s nonsense the very concept of flying around the Earth thing. We know that time CAN be manipulated, just no one has been able to invent the technology to do so.

    Much like in the way scientists say you can stabilize a wormhole by using negative energy.

    It’s all theory until someone actually has that breakthrough and confirms all this stuff.

  10. 1. Sorry I wasn’t into the macaron/roon discussion. To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of macarons, the taste or the texture. I much rather dive into a batch of coconuty macaroons, covered in dark chocolate. The macaroons covered in chocolate, that is, not me. 😛

    2. The 10 WTF moments froze up on me, and I only got through the first five. However, it did make me realize why sometimes I hate lists like this – not only because each entry is on a separate, advertisement and/or link-laden page, but also because the stuff they nit-pick is usually incredibly petty. It just feels like they’re trying to hard.

    3. I really don’t have much to offer in the way of movie suggestions for Cookie Monster. I’m certainly not going to recommend a movie I actually like. 😉 Although, it may be fun if he reviewed Stargate episodes…just because. 🙂 I dunno, not feeling very clever tonight.

    4. Don’t mind me, I may – or may not – be in a bad mood. I can’t decide. Maybe I’m just tired. Or I have PMS.

    5. Be forewarned – I really like Amazing Spider-Man – a LOT. AND I’m not in the best of moods. 😉

    6. I really wish you liked corn, Joe. I made a tasty salad tonight – sweet white corn cut off the cob and gently cooked for a minute or so, combined with black beans, cilantro (from my garden!), red bell pepper, sweet onion, garlic, cumin, lime juice, a touch of olive oil, a pinch of smoked salt then regular salt to taste, and a dash of cilantro-infused hot sauce – it was yummy! The corn kernels were just crisp enough that they ‘popped’ with sweetness when bitten. I think this may become my summer staple – it was quick, cool, and easy. And yummy! 🙂

    7. There is a bigarse spider living under my bed – on MY side of the bed. I saw it run out today (when I was looking for the cat), and it ran back under before I could do anything about it. Needless to say, I’m sleeping in the spare room tonight. 😛

    Have a good evening and a great day tomorrow, Joe! Give Akemi and the pups hugs for me…or better yet, give Akemi chocolate, and the pups doggie treats – they’ll probably like that better! Nites, sir!


  11. Peggy’s onto something with this movie based on a book thing.

    I was going to say The Princess Bride anyway.

    I was at a market a couple of weeks ago and my daughters saw colorful macarons. I asked the lady at the counter what they were. (I’m not sure why I asked an obvious question — possibly out of gluten paranoia.) She said, “French macaroons”, which would suggest coconut cookies cannot exist in France.

  12. Those macaron ice cream sandwiches look delicious, especially the chocolate one. Wonders if they have those in my neck of the woods.

  13. Now these macarons I would love to try. I am with Das. The ones I had I did not like the taste or texture of at all. I found them at Hubble and Hudson here in The Woodlands. Granted those were the only ones I have ever had. And @das? Spider? All spiders must die.

    @gforce. Will keep your stepmom in my prayers. I hate family drama. I have not spoken to my half-brother in about 16 years because of it. I stopped talking to my mother for many years of my life because she was just too toxic. It felt like she was sucking my life force, like a Wraith.

    Do you know what temperature it was here today? 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

    As far as science fiction movies, I liked The Fifth Element too. Ian Holm is in that, too. And the plot holes are many, but I still like it. There is a super hero movie someone else mentioned before– Hancock. I liked that. I have a long list of other movies I adore. The Princess Bride is a classic. Zack Stentz did a tweet of things his kids were saying the first time they watched it. It was really funny. We just got The Dark Knight Rises from Netflix. Although we have been known to hang on to these things for 3-6 months.

    And it is Sunday here. Actually 3:07 am. I actually drank too much caffeine today. The last 2 days I have had 16-hr days full of pet sitting with only about 2-1/2 hours of it at home in between shifts. Tomorrow is less frantic but still busy. I have to get up in 3 hours to go to my first house. But DEXTER is back tonight!

  14. Hi Joe

    How ’bout getting Cookie to do one of the Mummy movies (with Brendan Fraser) or one of the Lara Croft ones or one of the Jurassic Park ones. I also could get behind Lewis‘s suggestion and have him do some of Carl’s stuff.


  15. Joe , where is Cookie spending his summer vacation, if you give him one, after this humongus list of titles he may or may not watch? Maybe he will be camped out in your home theatre room. With lots of cookies..
    @Das, do you have any of those sticky paper traps for bugs and ick spiders? Maybe if they work you can get Mr Das to throw them(hopefully with ick spider) away, and maybe the cats won’t find them under the bed and play with them,,oops. I hate bigarse spiders too!

  16. I’ve seen some of those movies and liked a few. How does Cookie have time to watch/review all those films? He must be a master of focus and organization. I can’t even find time to watch all the shows on my DVR.

    Was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reviewed? That’s one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t know why but I watch it every time I catch it on TV.

    Mike from Canada: My hubby can’t stop singing the Making Bacon Pancake song… 🙁 I should have known not to show him the video.

    I’ve never had a macaron but it’s egg white based yes? Wouldn’t freezing them change the texture? Anyway, the chocolate one looks very yummy.

    Any luck picking out a gift?

  17. Tam Dixon:
    Making Bacon Pancake song is stuck in my head as well.
    This is why I suggested it as a gift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
    Giving psychotic breaks, that is. 😉

  18. To those who tried and didn’t like macarons I’ll just say that not all macarons are created equal. The tender crunch of the almond flour meringue shell contrasting with the creamy flavorful ganache in a really good macaron is a wonderful thing. Chocolate, vanilla, coffee and raspberry are some of my favorites. Personally, I like both macarons and macaroons. The macaron with the fresh raspberries looks delightful!

    @Sylvia: Woohoo! More (relatively) local macarons – made by nuns in an abbey no less. I’ll have to find an excuse to head up north.

    @das: few things are better than the first sweet corn of the year. Mmmmmm… I hope you managed to evict the bigarse spider so you an sleep in your own bed tonight. And I hope you are feeling better today.

  19. Hey Joe,

    Please let cookie know that I found a website with a free-to-watch copy of “Abar, the First Black Superman”. It’s 84 minutes long and seems legit. But it looks like it’s in Flash, so it might not work on a Mac. Works fine on my Windows 7 though. I pressed the play in the bottom left corner of the viewing window, and steered clear of the giant green buttons on the bottom of the screen. I watched the first few minutes, but I’m only going to watch the full 84 minutes if Cookie monster is going to do a review after.


    Also, I could have sworn that he did a League of Extraordinary Gentleman review but I can’t find it. So what’s the deal? That counts as a superhero film, doesn’t it?

  20. Those macaron ice cream sandwiches looooook very nice.
    hmmmm, I wonder if St Roger would/could makes these.

    @Sparrowhawk and Jeffw – St Roger Abbey patisserie (with a few tables to sit and dine) with its treasure trove of 18 choices of macarons and many other pastries…location. Hawthorne Mall
    Near Sears – on the back side of the shopping mall. (Second level)
    Use mall entrance closer to Sears by the Penguin hobby shop. Head
    toward the food court and it is past the jewelry store, but before you get to the food court.

  21. I figured out the complimentary seasoning for bacon-grease oiled Kale chips. Cheddar Powder.

    Bacon-cheddar popcorn is awesome, too. I have some old techniques for making popcorn.

  22. @Keith: I watched the first few minutes of that movie. Oh, my…

    PBMom said: “It felt like she was sucking my life force, like a Wraith. ” What a perfect description. I have come to the point in my life where just having similar DNA does not give you license to behaviour that I would never stand from someone else. Ultimately, you have to consider you own emotional well-being.

    Elminster’s suggestion of “The Mummy” and the Jurassic Park series got me thinking Cookie could a whole series on monster movies through the years. There’s certainly lots of review fodder in that genre.

  23. Update on Woody’s son: They have moved him out of ICU to what could be considered a step-up unit. He’ll be observed there and then he will have one more transfer to another floor and then after that DISCHARGE!! Amazing. Just a reminder for everyone to sign up to be organ transplant donors and to let your family know your wishes (and better yet put it in a Living Will). Although you life might be at its end, your organs can give life to others, others like Woody’s son.

    1. Wonderful news about Woody’s son! Good advice about organ donations too. My brother is the list for a new liver.

  24. I was just watching The Mummy Returns this weekend while I was doing laundry and thought, “Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to hear Cookie’s take on this movie!” Therefore, I’m “thirding?” the previous suggestions of The Mummy and The Mummy returns. I wouldn’t mind hearing his take on The Fifth Element, either. I love that movie because it looks like nothing else out there and it really is a fun ride!

    -Mike A.

    1. @MikeA The third Mummy movie sucks.

      @MsStargate I will send good energy towards him getting one. I think Woody’s son was pushed to the top of the list because he was literally near death.

      I think The Matrix movie was good. I am not really sure they should have made sequels though (even though I do watch them).

  25. Just catching up from being away this weekend… 🙂

    You forgot another cool SuperHero(ine) movie. Posted something in April. 😉

    “C-Mon, I think we may have missed watching a cool super hero/comic book movie, UltraViolet (2006).

    “It’s not meant to be Oscar material, but I did enjoy it. Terrific tongue-in-cheek humor from the opening ‘comic book hero’ credits for the crew. Gotta pause w/ the remote to catch ‘em. Thought if they paid that much attention to detail, it would probably be worth the watch. It was! Visually you get snagged from the beginning with lots of the color — what else? — violet in the lighting and art direction.

    “A female protagonist defends a child, well played by the young Stargate SG-1 alum, Cameron Bright. Won’t spoil anything, but wonder what others might think about certain story points.”


    1. I agree with @fortheloveofBeckett. UltraViolet was a good movie, but I felt Cameron Bright almost played the same character as he was on Stargate.

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