A mixed day for my pug Bubba.  This morning, he got to do his favorite thing in the world next to eating: going to the farmers market and eating!  Amid the all the strolling and attention paid to him (kids love him and he loves being loved by kids!) he sampled a crepe, butter chicken schnitzel, some naan, and whatever else he happened to hoover off the ground.

I know, I know.  I should really only be feeding him dog food.  But, honestly, could YOU say no to this face?

Bubba’s “I wonder what THAT tastes like?” look.

We did our shopping and returned home where I headed downstairs to the theater room to watch The Godfather with my gals (Jelly and Lulu) while momma’s boy Bubba elected to hang out with my other gal.  I was about an hour and ten minutes into the movie, right after McCluskey breaks Michael Corleone’s jaw, when he I heard a panicked Akemi shouting my name.  Usually, this means someone is at the front door so I hit pause and hurried up the stairs.  There, I discovered Akemi cradling Bubba who was bleeding profusely from his paw.  Apparently, he’d been sitting on her lap and, in attempting to hop down, had caught his claw on a cabinet.

I gave him 25 mg of tramadol, then called the vet.  We had half an hour before our appointment so, while Akemi tended to the wound, headed upstairs to clean up the mess.

It looked like a murder scene!
My poor boy.

Although he was feeling pretty laid back after taking the tramadol, Bubba was nevertheless reluctant to let me examine his injured paw – but it was pretty clear he had damaged the nail.  It was just impossible to know how seriously.

It certainly looked serious.
Bubba feeling pretty good after the tramadol.

He was examined by the vet who confirmed he had broken the nail – but couldn’t be sure whether he’d dislocated anything.  She cleaned the wound and suggested I bring him back Monday morning for further review and an x-ray.  In a best case scenario, they would remove part of his nail.  In a worst case scenario, they may have to amputate the nail to the joint.

The lounging wounded.

Once back home, Bubba tried out his bandaged-up paw.  Suffice it to say, he’s not a fan of the new look.  Akemi noted that now, apparently, he can only walk backwards:

He’s been a sad little guy all afternoon:




Kind of reminded me of this:

34 thoughts on “April 27, 2013: Bubba’s Bad Day!

  1. Christ Joe, that’s horrible. Poor Bubba, hope he gets better soon.

    @The lounging wounded.

    To me that picture makes it seem like Bubba has just had the life sucked outta him and just wants to lay there.

  2. well it isn’t as though it was cat juggling. It could be just me, but Bubba’s nails look like they could use some trimming, or is it like the asian thing where he can grow the outer one long so he can reach in to the bottom of the jar and snag the last treat?

  3. Poor little Bubba! You can tell him Gumbo had the same thing and is doing much better today. 🙂 You’ll see, it won’t be a big deal, so try not to worry too much. Love the pictures, what a mug! Give him a kiss and a treat for me. xo

  4. Poor baby Bubba, love his bandage covering. He is so not feeling the pain, so more treats and hugs and squeezes are in order. More nursing required in the Mallozzi house. You have it covered. I agree about the face, how can you resist. Feel better soon Bubba.

  5. Poor Bubba! I think a little more butter chicken schnitzel would perk him right up. Get well soon.

    Joe: that has to be the most annoying video I have ever seen.

  6. Corin Nemec’s public tweets of today re surgery on Tues., 23 April:

    “Can’t thank everyone enough. The operation as per my Doctor, was very successful. Lost a lot blood, will get that fixed and be on to rehab.”

    “So many #positiveVIBES from the most #awesomeTWEETpeeps in the I-verse. Really made a huge differnce throughout this difficult time.”

    Twitter: @imcorinnemec

  7. Awww Bubba I hope he has a quick recovery…

    …and no I could not resist that face!!


  8. Not giving your animal “human food” is ten kinds of poppycock! Have you ever read the ingredient list on a bag of dog food? It’s all byproducts and other unnatural junk. So long as you’re aware of common food allergies in dogs and keep an eye out for signs of allergies to a new food, there is absolutely no reason to not give them food outside the realm of kibble. Well, actually, if you give a mouse a cookie… 😀

  9. Poor little Bubbaman! Don’t let Bubba walk backwards, you should carry him everywhere he needs to go. With Akemi and you babying him, he should be fine in no time. My last dog broke a nail goofing around outside. She ended up with a big bandage on her foot too. She did not seemed bothered by it at all. It did not have to be removed. A friend once cut one of Maggie the beagle’s nails too close and it started bleeding…forever. My house looked like a murder scene too. A double murder. Only it was on carpet. 🙂 Give Bubba a big hug and kiss for me please. And a treat!

  10. Breaking nails is never fun. My former dog Mulle had one he kept snagging in things and breaking, but most of the time he took care of it himself by chewing it off. Had to take him to the vet a few times though to get it fixed, and I almost fainted the last time due to all the blood and me being so tense!

  11. AWWWWW!! Poor Bubbababy! Give the li’l guy big hugs and kisses for me!

    But lol @ Bubba walking backwards and the kitten ‘mittons’ video. 🙂

    Yeah, that’s about all I have the energy for. Have a good night, sir!


  12. New writing project for you Joe…Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks wowed the crowd on stage at Calgary Expo yesterday and expressed interest in doing a sitcom which they thought could be called “The Very Odd Couple”..after witnessing their comedy double act yesterday I think it would be a winner…at long last our two Stargate favs appeared on stage together and if the reponse is anything to go by, it won’t be the last time…it was awesome..

    So, next time you see them, have a script ready! 😛

  13. Awww, poor little guy. I’m sure he’s under the best of care though, so there’s that. Does he not try to chew off that bandage?

    The guy in that video has to be the most annoying person ever, but I will admit to laughing at the cat trying to walk across the table in the mittens.

  14. G’day

    Poor little bloke. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Definitely could not resist that face.

  15. I’m impressed that Bubba left the bandage on! No cone of shame? Well done! The bloodiest situation we had at the animal hospital I worked at was when a Great Dane went through a sliding glass door. The Dane cut an artery in his tongue. Blood was spurting everywhere. By the time we got him sedated and tied off the artery, we were all covered in blood (he was shaking his head). The room looked like a massacre happened. I would have hated to see the owner’s car/house.

    I’m sure Bubba will be fine but sorry you have to wait until Monday. Good luck!

    Sparrow-hawk is right, a schnitzel might perk Bubba up 😉 . Give him hugs from all of us please!

  16. I know this has nothing to do with the article but its the only way you might see this Joseph. I am a big stargate fan, I love your work on the show next year marks the third year SGU has been cancelled and its time for it to make a come back because the crew should be waking up now. If you haven’t heard veronica mars is getting a movie because of kickstarter and SGU should start a kickstarter for something. I am trying to contact anyone that had an important role in the show to suggest this. Please listen and help the fans get the ending a show like SGU needs. Thank you Mark.

  17. Awww, poor Bubba. But he must look on the bright side – he must be getting more treats now, right?!
    Ps Joe, did you pick up some tickets for the WIM event? Men do attend and overall it’s a lot of fun! There’s some really great people in this industry. 🙂

  18. poor pooch!! 🙁 I have a frozen arm since friday .. so i know how bad it is not to be able to use all 4s… hugs

  19. So sorry for Bubba, but with you and Akemi caring for him, he will be fine.
    My first cat, Milady, got her outside claw hung up on a door hinge. Scared the crap out of me as we rushed to the Vet, paw bloodied, cat in shock. She needed an amputation of that claw. And yes, a de-clawing IS an amputation. She kept her other claws the rest of her life.

    As for that guy in the video, I hope he is arrested for animal cruelty. It was not funny, it was MEAN. Poor kitty.


  20. *hugs and kisses for Bubba* Poor Bubba baby! 🙁 Such a sweet boy! Give him lots of lovin’! Feel better baby boy. 🙁

    Sue Jackson

  21. Poor little guy! Probably wondering why all the fuss. I hope he’s not in too much pain.

    RE Corin Nemec – I looked him up in Wikipedia and any reference to Stargate SG1 is glaringly missing. Joe, do you know if this is by accident or design? I’m sorry that he never became at least a semi regular on the show like other actors. I hope he recovers from that horrific accident and is able to walk properly and without pain.

  22. Best wishes to Bubba’s paw, poor guy. But now he has a stylish sexy walk like Denzel Washington. In fact I read about some guy being deported from Dubai for being too good looking at had to immediately check if it was Bubba.

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