Well, that’s just fine.  Great.  Just great.  On the one hand, I hit the 26 page mark of my script (At this rate, I should have a solid first draft by next week!).  On the other hand, my oven is broken.  Okay, to be fair, it’s not totally broken.  The clock still works and it certainly beeps whenever I hit “cancel”.  Beyond that, it simply refuses to bake, roast or broil.

As Akemi pointed out, an oven is one of those things you don’t realize how much you need until it’s gone.  Sort of like a students loan or one of those corpse-burying shovels.

Not to worry though.  I contacted Maytag and they’re sending someone over right away.

Next Thursday.

Poor Bubba.  He hasn’t been his usual voracious self at meal time.  We suspect one of two possibilities: 1. He suffering some sort of tooth infection like the one he had this same time last year.  2. He’s depressed because Akemi is making Jelly and Lulu all sorts of stylish outfits while he is left to make do with his natural fur coat.  Apparently, the problem isn’t a matter of Akemi not wanting to make something nice for Bubba but more a case of Bubba being too damn fat for the patterns she found online.  In a bid to cheer him up, she winged it and made him the following outfit:

11Which, quite frankly, makes him look like an escaped mental patient.

Just in case though, we’ve booked him for a dental cleaning tomorrow morning.  Send positive thoughts his way, please.  He’s a nervous patient!

Okay.  After lengthy consideration, I’ve decided to hold on to the house for the time being.  Or at least until this summer.  Or until I have to move for work.

ALSO – got my car inspected and am finally going to sell it!

Sometime soon!

40 thoughts on “February 20, 2013: Seriously? Seriously? Yeah, apparently so!

  1. Which, quite frankly, makes him look like an escaped mental patient.


    And sending good vibes Bubba’s way! 🙂 I hate going to the dentist, too. 🙁 (Though it’s a bit better than then going to the gynecologist. 😛 )



    He looks like a sweet puppy in a onesie and a cue onesie at that. Bad Joe. BAD BAD JOE!

    Teeth cleaning is so critical for humans and animals. Dogs get infections that can affect their heart and health. He’ll be fine. They will give him prophylactic antibiotics and all will be great. (((hugs to Bubba))

  3. ~And I thought the maytag repairman was so lonely, never any business, must have been a run on the repair end…(or an incorrect commercial).. So a good reason to go out and eat, not like you really need one. Must be a restaurant you want to go to…
    ~I wish I could figure out why my garage door openers decided to quit working, got a new remote, still not, the wall switch still operates it, reprogrammed like the book says, light flickers on the unit, like it is talking to it, but for some reason, it won’t answer and open the darn door, what a pita… hate to bite the bullet and call a repairman if its a simple fix, I will feel silly and poorer,,darn. so yeah go ahead and sell the car, then I won’t need an opener,,thanks Joe..
    ~Keep up the great work on pup outfits Akemi, you can tell by their faces, they appreciate it. ~~smiles~~

  4. I don’t mean to alarm you, Joe, but Akemi is in SERIOUS nesting mode. If she starts knitting ‘doggie’ booties, it might be time for a talk! 😉

  5. You know I seldom cook. But I recommend you invest in a toaster oven to both tide you over during repairs and for small dishes and energy savings in future. Why heat up the big oven and the kitchen when you’re cooking for only one or two?

  6. Probably just a fuse… Or, the thermostat… Hope that Repair Guy in on a “warranty”..?

    BTW, what are Bubba’s “measurements”? ..maybe I can crochet something up..?

  7. @Joe:

    I forgot to ask yesterday; does Akemi make Husky sized clothes? (I mean 50lbs Alaskan Husky in case anyone is wondering 😉 ) Although, with our dog, Lucy, the problem is usually keeping her cool, not warming her up…she really loves the snow though, so maybe a snow coat?

    Is your oven electric or gas? If gas, it’s probably the ignitors. If electric, it’s probably the heater elements or control board relays. Not too difficult to replace if you want to try yourself. Plenty of YouTube videos can show you how.

    Sending positive thoughts (and ear scratches) Bubba’s way…get better soon fella!

  8. G’day

    Sending good vibes to Bubba. He is very cute in his onesie.

    Not the Q7 nooooooooooooooooo. What will you get to replace the black beast.

    @ JeffW – please do not give Joe any ideas, remember when he had trouble with his home theatre wiring. He made a mess of it, Lawren had to come over and sort it out.
    Joe, do not touch the oven. Step slowly away from it. A good excuse to eat out lots.

  9. I suspect the oven problem is just a fuse, which is actually a fairly easy replacement. Time to sharpen up those handyman skills! 😉

    Poor Bubba. And yes, I think he does look at least like a patient, if not quite mental. I think it’s the johnny-shirt print of the fabric. I’m sending my best thoughts and wishes his way. *puts fingers on temples and closes eyes* Give him a hug and an ear scratch for me!

    What kind of car are you looking at getting in replacement?

  10. hope Bubba feels better soon. And I think it’s an excellent idea to wait on selling the house; I had forgotten that with your various projects out and pending, moving might become a necessity. And selling the car? What’s the story behind that? switching to fancier, or more practical wheels? Inquiring minds want to know….

  11. I think Bubba looks quite pleased with his new coat. Hope all goes well at the dentist! And yes, Akemi, you are nesting! Been through it a few times myself.

  12. Hang in there Bubba! Just use that escaped mental patient costume to your advantage and you won’t be responsible for your actions.

  13. @JeffW: I forgot to ask yesterday; does Akemi make Husky sized clothes? (I mean 50lbs Alaskan Husky in case anyone is wondering

    For Shame!! A coat for a Husky? My 50 lb Siberian has been going through what looks like an endless molt which I blame on the wonky weather we have been having for the past year…(fur here, fur there, fur everywhere) Can you imagine how confusing it would be if she wore a coat. However, I have seen her do a little dance and jump around on 3 legs alternately in the snapping cold weather. Maybe some boots would do 😀

  14. @ michelle – 😆 !!

    @ JeffW – Mebbe you could go up and fix Joe’s oven. I mean, it can’t be any harder than fixing a Honda. 🙂


  15. Poor pup! That’s just not on calling your beloved Bubba an escaped mental patient!

    But…I think you’ve made the right decision. Good luck with the car! Maybe you should buy two cheaper ones so both you and Akemi have a ride?

  16. Bubba looks stylin’ in his cool jam-jams. He looks toasty and spiffy.

    Try doing a little house hunting anyway while the pressure is off, and smirk as realtors fall over themselves trying to sell you a home. When they say “we’ve got two offers on it!” you can just yawn and complain that the bathroom doesn’t have that infinity pool, or you don’t see why they can’t have a fireplace in every room.

    Plus in winter you get to see a home at it’s absolute worst; without make up so to speak, and can see if it’s leaking heat, has ice hanging from clogged up rain gutters and so on.

  17. PS Why not check with any location managers for films to find a cool apartment, house or cool buiding that you can rehab?

  18. My dog Eddy is also a nervous patient. He will piss himself, void his bowels and his anal gland and try to rip the vet ‘a new one’. These days I drug him stupid before taking him to the vet, which I really don’t like having to do. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for the vet to determine if he’s in pain, so I really have to keep notes and know what I’m talking about.

    Of course it’s also hard for the vet to determine if Eddy’s in pain when Eddy is trying to rip off the vets fingers, even when he’s wearing a muzzle.

    Jeff is right, if your oven is electric it’s probably the controller. If it was an element chances are only one would be gone, so if you put it on broil the top element should work. If it doesn’t then it’s most likely the controller, unless it has a fuse or breaker built into the stove. Some convection stoves have three elements, top, bottom and a third around a fan in the back. If that’s the case then if it’s an element problem then one of the settings should work. If not, then again it’s probably the controller.

    I have a smooth top Frigidaire stove which I love. It’s so easy to keep clean and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. I’d prefer a gas burners though. If I had the room I’d have both, a smooth top with an oven and another stove with gas oven and gas stove top burners. I’ve often had times when I wanted another burner or two, and more then a few times when I wanted two ovens at different temperatures. Or one oven to keep things warm in for rising / proofing yeast products while baking other yeast products. Plus gas gets a pan up to temperature very quickly and can dump a lot of heat into it if your frying a big batch, it still fries it rather then steaming it.

    On a completely different topic: The Walking Dead is driving me crazy. They are driving the plot forward by having the characters all (most) act like idiots.

    On a completely different different topic: if you like oranges Super Store has awesome oranges in. At least in Victoria, probably Vancouver as well. Best I’ve had in a long time. The second one I had was the best, the combination of the rind and the interior made a smell so delicious when I cut into it I could never do it justice. It was just about the most perfect orange I’d ever been fortunate enough to eat.

    I suppose ordinary people are entertained by simple things.

  19. I feel for you and your oven problems, Joe. Our oven broke two months ago –in the middle of cooking our Christmas turkey. Even worse, I couldn’t bake the pies I spent the previous day making! Fortunately, the stovetop still works so we haven’t worried about fixing it (or buying a new one) but it’s kiiiiiilling me because I LOVE to bake. :l

  20. @Janet:

    I remember Joe tackling his garage door opener…so I thought this could be within his skill set, but I’m assuming he has a screwdriver and socket set. I could be wrong on that assumption though.


    I was thinking more of a rain/mud coat since our Husky loves to roll in the snow, even when it is wet and muddy. I like the idea of boots 😀 …short of Duck Tape I’m not sure how we’d keep them on her, though.


    I would’ve been glad to take a look at Joe’s oven but I left Vancouver this morning. I’m currently waiting in Dallas for my flight to Chicago (American cancelled my earlier flight and rebooked me on a later one; causing me to lose my aisle seat and I’m now in the very back of the plane). Now I’m just hoping I can make my 7:20pm meeting tonight…it’s looking iffy. At least I have a confirmed seat; there’s a lot of standbys here that won’t be so lucky.

  21. @Airelle ie; garage opener. If you haven’t checked, ensure that the codes are the same for both the remote and the opener. They should probably have a little bank of tiny switches and they must be set the same way.

    I apologize if you already tried this.

  22. Joe, meet Toaster Oven. Toaster Oven, Joe. Toaster Oven, tell Joe about your convection setting.

  23. I tried to post last night but my computer crashed. It keeps doing that and freezing up. I tried to say…good luck to the little fella Bubba. I was thinking about him and his nervous dad today. Hope it all went well.

  24. @Mike from Canada..thanks I will look into that, accepting any and all ideas, thanks..

    1. @JeffW: …I like the idea of boots …short of Duck Tape I’m not sure how we’d keep them on her, though.

      I’m thinking that some surgical stretchy tape (used to keep IVs in with furballs) would do the trick. (Mine came back from the vet with one around her leg and refused to let anyone but the vet take it off when we went back for a checkup after a procedure she had done.) I noticed that it was on sturdily and could easily keep boots on if necessary and was easily taken off.

  25. I made it back home to Chicagoland tonight and I was only 8 minutes late to my Global Entry Interview at US Customs. So it’s back home now to relax and watch the snowfall that’s supposed to start at 9pm. And then off skiing with my son and his Boy Scout troop this weekend. Whew! It’s been a busy week!

    And I’m still sending warm thoughts of encouragement to Bubba; how’s he feeling?

  26. Sending strong vibes Bubba — hang in there kiddo!

    I LOVE my Cusinart toaster oven and use it almost exclusively instead of the gas-guzzling wall oven.
    I enjoyed “Identity”, found it clever.


  27. RE: the Nielsen story…I hope it help give a more accurate measure of viewership than the 23,000 people they use to estimate the MILLIONS of people who watch TV. It is so sad that many shows get cancelled because only 23,000 people are sampled, most of which probably don’t even know what Sci-Fi is.

  28. @JeffW If you ever have any layovers in Houston that are more than 30 minutes, let me know.

    @baterista9 TOASTER OVEN? I think I hear Joe’s head exploding.

    Poor Bubba. Actually I was thinking he looked like a patient on the pediatric ward with that outfit. Just because of the print of the fabric that was used. I hope his dental procedure went well today.

    Glad to hear you are keeping the house. Are you replacing the car with a newer model?

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