1So, while Akemi’s been busy making outfits for the dogs (see above), I’ve been busy working on that female protagonist-driven drama series I mentioned the other week.  My research is almost complete.  I’ve hammered out a solid outline, and I started writing the script yesterday.  So far, so good.  But before I can declare smoooooth sailing, there are some details that still need working out – the type of details that require the proper information – the proper information that, for some reason, isn’t readily available online.  Seriously.  I can find those annoying Harlem Shake videos without even looking for them, yet can’t find specific information pertaining to the inner workings of the Witness Protection Program and the obligations of federal witnesses in the event of a re-trial.  Anybody?  Anybody at all? Or, better yet, anyone happen to be related to, or friends with, a U.S. Federal Marshal?  Hook me up!

Only a handful of episodes left!  Days of Stargate Atlantis Past continues with…


Keller on the woods and on the run?  This must be a Carl Binder script! A lot of fun in this one with stabbings, planned executions, and even a cameo from Carl himself (as Jennifer’s proud dad in a graduation photo briefly glimpsed).

At this point in the series, it seemed like every episode would engender some sort of controversy whether it was the McKay-Keller relationship (Brain Storm), the Atlantis expedition’s defense of their actions in the Pegasus Galaxy (Inquisition), the bittersweet passing of a colorful antagonist (The Prodigal) or, in the case of this episode, the shooting of a local executioner.  You know the scene: Keller, having been sentenced to death, is trundled off and forced to lay her head down on a tree stump.  The executioner raises his axe to deliver the death blow when – BLAM! – he gets shot and goes down.  Sheppard and co. charge out of the brush and rescue Keller.  There were some fans who were outraged by the seemingly cold-blooded killing of the axe-wielding local.  “But he was about to decapitate Keller,”I couldn’t help but point out.  “So what?”was the uniform response.  “He was just doing his job!” Er, I suppose you COULD look at it that way…

So THAT’S what they’re looking at on those big screens.  And here I thought it was old episodes of Gilligan’s Island.
Get your tickets to the gun show!
Paul McGillion and Dawn Olivieri best of buddies.
Until Dawn feels she’s being upstaged.
Jason Momoa always had a way of making everyone feel welcome on set.
But after a while, the guitar playing can get on your nerves.
And so can complaining about it.

32 thoughts on “February 19, 2013: Days of Stargate Atlantis Past Continues! Identity!

  1. This was a great episode like any of them that had Keller as a main focus! I still miss Atlantis and Universe too.

    We’ve been busy here. Older son’s baseball season starts on Sunday, and younger son has started practicing too with his games beginning in two weeks. I anticipate living at the ball park for the next three months. 🙂 Wouldn’t miss it though. We are a baseball family through and through.

    Have a great night!

  2. Joe, you need to contact Joe Henderson (White Collar writer/producer). He pops on the Bendis forum every now and then. They recently did some witness protection stuff on their show, so…ya know…mebbe they know something. Or maybe not.

    Otherwise, I can’t help you.

    I’m not a fan of female-driven anything. Really wish someone would work on a broody long-locked animesque straight dude-driven show…but I’m guessing there isn’t a huge demand for anything like that. Too bad, because I’d watch the sh** out of that sucker, certain sure. 🙂


  3. I remember that episode well. I said, “Look Jeff, it’s the guy from the Vin Disel movie XXX AND Anchorman (Danny Trejo). Loved this episode, too.

    I bet Lulu is thinking: “Will Ivon think I look fat in this outfit?”

    As far as US Marshall I could not help you, but I did have a Secret Service agent at my door and I do have a phone number for said agent should my neighbor across the street exhibit any behavior that would disturb me after said agent’s visit to my house. If this would interest you, let me know. You have my email address. He may know someone who could help if he could not.

  4. “you can purchase on Amazong called WITSEC: Inside the Federal Witness Program by Pete Early and Gerald Shur”

    Reading it now.

  5. @ PBMom – Danny Trejo is one of my best friend’s cousins. He’s never met him (too young when he moved here to Jersey), but his mom knows him. One of these days I’ll have to ask her about him. She’s from Mexico (and later Texas then Jersey), and Trejo was born in California, so not sure when they met unless it was at a family thing. Danny’s also related to Robert Rodriguez, and I’ve never thought to ask my pal if he’s also related to Rodriguez, though probably not since he’s never mentioned it. It would be cool, though.


    1. @Das He has gone on to be quite a successful actor. I like him. He can deliver both drama and comedy. “Women can DO shit now.” (Anchorman). Really enjoy his work. We also have a famous connection to Mario Lopez. Did I tell this story before? Last year at Patrick’s autism school gala he offered a bidder to be with him for a day on the set of Extra. He did a video promo and everything (I still have it the link if you want to see). Mario is friends or cousins or something with another family whose child attends Patrick’s school. That bid package went for $6000 or so, the highest one of the evening. I asked Jeff if we could take out a loan so I could bid on it and he said, “no.” That would have been such a FUN trip.

      I don’t know if he will be offering it again this year. Jeff and I will be unable to attend because 1) no babysitter available, and 2) you never know if I’m going to dog/cat sit, and it’s one thing to not be able to use movie tickets pre-bought, but this would be $300 that would be lost to me just for dinner. I could buy just one ticket for myself, but it’s all the way in downtown Houston and I don’t like driving by myself in downtown Houston in the daytime; I don’t like it more at night. I just don’t know the roads down there and I get lost too easily. Jeff used to work down there for 15 years, so he is very familiar with them. Bummed. It could have been a really fun night. First time since Patrick came to the school that I will not be able to go.

  6. The first time around, Identity was so confusing to me. I could handle the girl on Atlantis who everyone thought was Keller. But when Keller came into the picture, who everyone thought was the girl on Atlantis I stayed confused. When they both came together in the cave, my brain exploded. Watching it today, it wasn’t that bad, but then, I’m older now and was able to keep up better. I do not remember fans complaining about killing the executioner. I think you jest. ” … and even a cameo from Carl himself (as Jennifer’s proud dad in a graduation photo briefly glimpsed).” Briefly glimpsed? Your memory is fading. It was about a 5 minute scene. She takes the photo of Jennifer and “Dad” (Carl), she holds it, we look at it (like…forever!), she kisses it, says “I love you Daddy”, and hangs it on the wall. Luckily Ronon came in or we’d still be looking at it. You just forgot. I really liked Dawn Olivieri. She was cute and seemed to fit right in with the team. Too bad Carl killed her off! 🙁

    Doesn’t anyone who needs witness protection go live with the Amish?

  7. Joe,

    I’m including a link from CNN that might assist in our research. Hope it helps! On a seperate not, my fiancé loves Lulu’s outfit.

    All the best,


  8. Re Prodigal I remember thinking that girl (your guest star) seriously needs to eat something! Yeah, more Keller running in the woods and a new character introduced so late in the game for no particular reason. Not one of my favorites.

    I’m with Das, not a huge fan of female driven series, it would have to be super special for me to be interested.

  9. Dawn Olivieri is the best photo bomber ever. Way to commit, sister!

    Was I one of the criticizers of killing the axeman? I forget, I do remember empathizing with him and those who saw him drop.

    What’s this about research? Would you rather be right or consistent with the Steve Martin movies we all learned about the world from?

    Witness Protection Program…more of us have seen The Incredibles than have participated in the program. If you get it too right, you might stray from the public’s understanding of how it works and then we’ll think you’re the one who’s wrong. I dare someone from inside the program to challenge you on it.

    Besides, the way it works with witnesses is they’ll all get charged with a crazy bunch of crimes, enough to scare everyone. A number of them get strong-armed into witnessing against the rest, hopefully the most guilty but not necessarily.

    They’re so scared of the prosecution flipping the plea deals around so that they’re the ones facing jail and the financial ruin of their families that the risk of retribution from the convicted is a less immediate threat. The prosecutors might not have to dangle the “carrot” of protection to get cooperation at all.

    If I were called in to re-witness, I would want to screw that prosecution over. But I bet they’d have made part of the plea deal be something where they could strong-arm me in the future. Maybe a federal criminal defense attorney would know how those deals get worded.

    If they want to strong-arm you into re-witnessing, lack of prior obligations on your part won’t stop them. All they need to say is they’ll charge you with lying to investigators – lying recently if your immunity deal covered that – and potential jail time would scare you into cooperating.

  10. There was controversy over the executioner being killed? But, if you watch the episode, you’ll quite clearly see that it’s the gang of thieves that rescue Keller (and, by association, must have done the shooting). Sheppard and crew actually don’t make it in time and if it wasn’t for the thieves Keller would have lost her head (well, technically she would have lost someone else’s head and she would have only lost her mind).

    I would imagine that witness obligations would be the same whether they’re in a protection program or not . . . i.e. the witness can choose whether or not to give evidence. The fact that they gave evidence once before but refuse a second time shouldn’t affect their protected status. But U.S. law is weird and IANAL.

  11. You’ve probably forgotten this, Joe, but it wasn’t Sheppard and co. who rescued Keller from the executioner. It was Neeva’s accomplice. I guess you don’t whatch Atlantis over and over and over like some of us do. 🙂

  12. Carson guns with a side order of partially exposed stomach!!! Yes, I did click on the photo to enjoy in all its glory! YUMMY!!! 🙂

  13. Outfits for the dogs? They’re going to head for witness protection before long, poor things.

  14. Watched this one recently. It’s actually the criminal associates of Dawn Olivieri’s character that shoot the executioner and save ‘her’. Sheppard and company get there too late. This is how we wind up in the cave with Dawn & Jewel and the criminal associates. I do remember, though, that when the shots are fired, we’re led to believe that it’s the Atlantis folks shooting, only to have a surprise reveal that it’s the ‘bad guys’. And, at the moment the executioner gets it, I do recall thinking, “well that’s a bit harsh.” That’s why the reveal is also sort of a relief.

  15. Personally I wasn’t a fan of Identity, in hindsight I would of rather of seen Vegas and Enemy at the Gate(Being a two parter) rounding off the series.

    Much in the way Lost City would of made a decent ending for SG1, I would of loved to of seen Enemy at the Gate expanded to a 2 parter to really flesh out the story.

    I bet you and Paul could of made Enemy at the Gate a decent 2 parter Joe.

  16. The folks complaining about the death of the executioner must have been the anti-Keller faction — I don’t remember giving it a second thought 🙂

  17. I love Danny Trejo, enough to be looking forward to the Machete sequel. I’m wondering how many guitars were smashed into unsuspecting heads on the set of SGA.

    Lulu looks elegant and aloof, like a proper lady. That pink hoodie is gorgeous and Lulu is fab in it. Look at that punim!

    WGA’s “ask the expert” links might be helpful to find experts knowledgable about the witness protection program:


  18. Identity wasn’t my cuppa tea at all, and I’m not a Keller hater. 🙂 I would have loved to see Enemy at the Gate go longer rather than this one. As far as killing the executioner? Shit, yeah! When people complain about this kind of stuff, it always make me think that they wouldn’t be quite so PC if their mother or child was the one about to get killed. 🙂

  19. Susan Bowden — Seeing Carson Beckett sure brightened MY day. 😀
    Also enjoyed the playful “whump” pics. So-o-o-o miss Atlantis.

    Joe, can’t wait till we can watch one of your projects!

    Mailbag question: How did you like “Cabinet of Curiosities?”

  20. I can see what they mean, those that objected to the executioner’s death. He could have just as easily shot him in the leg or arm to get his “point” across.

    This was a great episode, though. It was kind of weird seeing a “familiar” face as Keller’s dad. I giggled when I saw Carl’s face, but I’m sure most people do that! 😉 Seriously, though I’ve never met him, I can tell by looking at him he’s got a wicked sense of humor. That, and all the shenanigans you’ve shared with us here kind of solidify that.

    I liked how this episode dealt with the underlying premise that there are other people in the universe that mess with the same stuff the Atlantis team does, ancient technology included. It makes our heroes “smaller” in the sense that it makes you realize that the Pegasus Galaxy doesn’t revolve around Atlantis. Granted, they were thieves, but still, it shows others out there doing stuff.

    I also really like Dawn Olivieri, too. She’s one of those rare mixes of beauty and actual talent. Hollywood today is just a bunch of pretty people who can barely pretend and it gets called “acting”. But she is very good at her craft. And she’s extremely beautiful. I don’t normally like girls that thin, but she has a very elegant way about her that is intoxicating. She was one of the bright spots in that season of Heroes she was in, too, even though her role was small. Also, is it just me or did anyone else think she looked hotter in the Atlantis uniform than when she was back “in her old body”?

    -Mike A.

  21. Passing on a message from a two year old: “Lulu Princess kitty cats. They need mommy.”

    Now she’s saying, “I want a picture of Lulu” and she’s getting out the digital camera. I gotta’ teach this kid what “right click, save image as” means, sometime after I teach her what “kitty cats” means.

  22. Good luck with your project. You’re going to need the money for that condo Chevron7 picked out.

    So was it Mr. Carl Binder who had it in for poor Jewel? In interviews, Jewel said that when the writers had her running/falling through the woods, then she must have done something to piss off the writers. Now I know which writer!

    Lulu looks so cute! She is pretty in pink. I still like the striped outfit better on Lulu, though.

  23. Before the day is over I just wanted to say I love that picture of Lulu. Adorable! 🙂


  24. RE: Wit Sec
    See if you can get the whole series “In Plain Sight”. It was pretty well done, although some of the acting left much to be desired and the story was weak at times.

  25. This post has to have some of the funniest behind-the-scenes photos I’ve ever seen you post. Hilarious one-liners beneath them too. And I’m with you, all you have to do is ask the fanbase which they would prefer: Axe-man still alive and Keller decapitated or Keller still alive and Axe-man dead on the ground with a bullet wound in his head? I think the objections should pretty well answer themselves after that…unless the fanbase didn’t particularly like Keller in the first place…Ouch.

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