A guy in Tennessee sends his pit bull to the pound after suspecting his dog may be gay.  The ensuing outrage resulted in the pooch being rescued.  What struck me most about this story wasn’t so much the circumstances but this line from a CNN article: “According to the irreverent website Gawker, Facebook users had a hissy fit Wednesday when they found out the dog’s owner got rid of the animal after he (the dog, not the owner) humped another male dog.”  I checked the original Gawker piece but found no use of the term “hissy fit” to describe the reaction.  ‘Gay’ dog gets euthanasia reprieve – This Just In – CNN.com Blogs  Hissy fit?  Seriously?

Apparently the Cooking Profession Is Full of Psychopaths – Chef Psychology – Eater National  And at the top of the list, no surprise, sits CEO.  I’m sure Lawyer was a very close second.  Not sure how to react though.  Media (TV/Radio) comes in at #3 in the +Psychopathy list but, on the other hand, Creative Artist sits at #8 on the -Psychopathy list.

Forget blue chip stocks.  Invest in these market darlings – chicken wings!: http://business.time.com/2012/02/13/chicke…ces-are-hotter/

Yeah, the first thing I wondered when I heard Iran had shot a monkey into space was “Did it actually make it back?”.  Apparently not: Is Iran’s space monkey a fake?

Major backlash for Burger King on Facebook and Twitter as horse meat found in … As someone pointed out elsewhere, the horse may be the least of your problems: What’s in the Meat? excerpted from the book Fast Food Nation by …

Just in time for Superbowl Sunday:


A greatly appreciated change of pace from all the “cops shooting dogs” articles.  In this case, a police officer risks all to save a dog: Police Officer Kidnaps Dog Sentenced to Death www.lifewithdogs.tvA Facebook campaign launched to save the life of a dog sentenced to death took an interesting turn when police officer Lars Bo Lomholt went above and beyond the call of duty and kidnapped him from the kennel where he was being held.

Continuing our stroll down SGA memory lane…



Okay, I’ll be honest.  I don’t really remember much about this episode outside of the scene where McKay and Beckett argue over the cramped seating in the dart.

I do recall one of the fan sites, again, incorrectly stating that the working title of this episode was “Amort”, presumably based on the fact that some Art Department sketches contained the word “Amort” under Episode Title.  As I explained in a previous post, “Amort” is short for “Amortize” – in this case, it’s a reference to the village set, the cost of which was amortized (written off over time) over the course of many episodes.

Actor Brendan Penny who plays the wraith technician here (and stepped in for Chris Heyderdahl in Spoils of War and Be All My Sins Remember’d) is presently playing the part of Brian Lucas on the t.v. show Motive starring Louis Ferreira (SGU’s Colonel Everett Young).


The local color
The terrific Joel Polis as Elson.
Just like high school.  You’ve got the villager clique and the crew clique.
Cast or crew member?  Often it was hard to tell.

28 thoughts on “February 2, 2013: News of Note! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past continues with Outsiders!

  1. Oy, hard as I try, I can’t remember this episode…maybe it’s old age?

    On the doggie/cop article, I recently was wondering what people have against dogs lately. Everywhere we turn, there’s a new story about some poor dog getting treated unfairly, or worse. Breed-specific legislation sucks, and it must be stopped, but I think it goes deeper than that. It’s almost like there are people that are just looking for an excuse to make headlines at the expense of a dog’s life.

    On a brighter note, Riley will be having her first birthday “party” on Monday. 🙂 So there.

  2. Things I remember about this episode:
    The Carson/Rodney trip in the Dart.
    People complained Teyla lost her ability to sense Wraith in this one for some reason.
    John threatening that guy through the bars and also the scene where he’s looking around the corner (Sheppard fans post that one because it’s so hot).
    Carson tricking a Wraith into feeding on him which killed the Wraith.
    Blowing up the mines with the Wraith and traitorous villagers.

  3. On the news:

    Well, it IS CNN, which probably falls somewhere *below* Gawker on the serious news spectrum. So, no shock there.

    Now, I would consider CEOs and lawyers more sociopaths than psychopaths. Splitting hairs, I suppose.

    On Burger King: “Where’s the Beef??” Ha! That never gets old. Er, does it?

    Anyway, I have basically NO memory of the Outsiders. I will go watch it now.

  4. Labeling dogs based on what they hump sounds like a frustrating pass-time.

    I don’t know what the article means about the idea society needs a percentage of psychopaths. Just because they succeed in a profession doesn’t mean there aren’t non-psychopaths that wouldn’t do a better job, just that the psychopaths succeeded in squeezing them out.

    I’m not surprised to see nurses and care aides at the top of the list for non-psychopathy. There’s a corollary to that where the psychopaths get very efficiently funneled into positions as their managers, which sets up a heart-breaking drama. You and I take a lot of damage when a psychopath uses us caring about doing a good job against us. They are more vulnerable when standing in the lurch because their job suffering means their patients suffer.

  5. @gforce et. al. – I’d like to know the difference between a psychopath and sociopath. I can’t quite figure it out.

    And psychologists aren’t going to be any additional help in this. They’ve archived their findings and thrown their hands up. Their interest in identifying disorders is so they can figure out treatments, but for disorders that can’t be treated, they’re starting to back off.

    They’ve put sociopathy and narcissistic personality disorder into the same category now. It doesn’t make a difference to them because they can’t help, but it makes a difference to you and me because we need strategies to survive encounters with them and process what happened in retrospect. So we can take a little license in how we categorize since it’s for our use, not psychology’s use.

  6. The big story here in Indianapolis involved a cop & his wife nursing a baby deer back to health & then being prosecuted for illegal possession of a deer. The DNR was all set to euthanize the deer when it mysteriously “escaped”. The father-in-law was suspected. There really was a national “hissy fit” & everybody wisely decided to just drop everything. The deer is roaming free & presumably the authorities are on to bigger & better pursuits.

  7. SOOOO much to cover! Today turned a tad insane for me, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and peck away at the keyboard. Hubby is waiting to watch a movie, so I must make this quick!

    1. Firstly, a BIG WET SMOOCHIE KISS FOR JOEY!!!! WOOOOO!! I got prezzie in the mail today, and nearly peed my pants! (Well, that probably has nothing to do with the prezzie and more to do with old age and too much coffee…but that’s another story for another day.)

    The envelope was addressed from:


    And the super-secret contents?



    Ready to build that addition? I have the plans for the bathtub!


    And my absolute favorite – an overhead view of Sheppard & Co in a Wraith cell:



    Thanks, Joey!! *smooooooochies*….NOT to be confused with smooooooth sailing. 😉

    2. WHATEVER YOU DO…do NOT watch the Budweiser horsie commercial…unless you have a big box of tissues nearby. It’s sweet beyond words.

    3. We love Brendan Penny! Although, if I’m not mistaken, the actor in that particular picture may be Aaron Craven. Either way, I believe both actors are in this, my absolute favorite screen cap, ever!



    Have a good night! Sweet Wraithy dreams, everyone!


  8. @Das — That is so wonderful. Love the pics.

    I agree with Das: Do NOT watch this horse commercial Super Bowl ad for Budweiser without a box of tissues. I’ve watched it 20 or more times and I cry each time. I have never had a horse, but all I have to do is imagine my golden retriever in there and it is no different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2prAccclXs

    I think psychiatrists need to be #3. They are some of the crazier people I’ve ever met. They seem to also love to invent diseases for us so they can create more drugs for us. Like shift work sleep disorder. Anybody who is working an odd work shift is going to have sleeping problems. Mainly from people who think you are still awake during their waking hours. Of course there’s a drug target for it. Is the world really a better place for having this labeled? I think a psychiatrist who is counseling people about how to keep their marriage together should not be on their fifth marriage.

  9. @DP: This pretty much matches with what I understood:

    Basically, psychopaths behave in a fairly obvious, “crazy” way, while sociopaths *seem* normal, but are unable to really understand emotion, etc. and sometimes make the lives of those around them miserable.

    Just finished “Outsiders” and I do recall watching it originally now. It was pretty good, but do wonder if the team and the “good” villagers were supposed to know that the other villagers were going to get killed in the mine blast. It seemed a bit harsh, I guess.

    @Das: Cool!

  10. I too could not remember this one. I thought it was the one where Sheppard and Ronon go to earth for Sheppard’s father’s funeral. But that was the great Outcast. Bailey above pretty much sums up Outsiders. Dr. Beckett and Rodney taken to a Hive ship then escaping by jumping in a Dart together. Rodney told Beckett to get out because there wasn’t enough room, but Beckett was not going to be left behind. Very funny scene! Beckett having a Wraith feed off him, only for the Wraith to quickly die. And the underground explosion killing the Wraith and some turncoat villagers. I remember some fans debating how cruel that was and if Sheppard went too far when he did it.

    @ Das – You lucky dog! I guess that’s what you get for being #1.

  11. @ Ponytail – I think Joey felt bad that he didn’t have anything Wraithy to send me, so he had to dig through that stuff in his basement until he found something appropriate. I’m just lucky I didn’t end up with a box of old moth-eaten underdrawers, or something. 😛


  12. Hi Joe & blog peeps…Got back last week from a holiday at the beach. Was lovely relaxing with family. It was one of our favourite places to go as a family so early one morning we spread some of Mum’s ashes at the beach. It was the windiest morning. I submerged the ashes in the water. Was beautiful.

    Just catching up on some of your posts. So sorry to hear of Aspen’s passing. Please pass on my best wishes to your sister Joe. Such a beautiful thing to give a home to an older animal. Gorgeous dog.

    Rob Cooper was in Australia? I would have loved to have met him. Where did he have that salt and pepper lobster? Good to see Brad too. He’s looking well and relaxed. Ivon and Lulu – adorable.

    Joe, did you see that Romer’s is opening in Yaletown this weekend? I thought of you as soon as I saw this. It’s one restaurant I’ve always wanted to go to.

    Have a great Superbowl everyone. I’ve been a 49er fan for 31 years and I’m so excited.

    Cheers, Chev

  13. Das: Yay! For a moment, I thought he might have sent you a wraith 😉 .

    Melissa Campbell (@AstrumRimor): Sweet story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Mr. M.: don’t even get me started on the “gay” dog story. It’s been all over the news here. How ridiculous! 🙄 I just want to kick some people. Working with animals, I’ve seen tons of terrible and a few wonderful stories. The bad ones haunt me for years. I have to keep saying “You can’t save them all” and sometimes I believe it.

    A sinus infection hit me today. I tapped one of my vet friends for some antibiotics. It was either that or go to a minor emergency clinic. Thank God for friends!

    I’ll watch The Outsiders today while I hold down the couch!

    Oh yes, yesterday’s Q & A was so interesting. I had no idea they actually used a 3D printer!!!! It still sounds too sci-fi for use by mortals.

  14. Anyone who assumes that a dog is gay because it mounts another male dog should be banned from owning an animal. dominance behavior does not equal homosexuality. I have no doubt this man has or does masturbate, or enjoys other ways of gaining pleasure. Dogs are no different. Well, to be rude, human males will often hump anything that sits still, while a dog will settle for anything they can keep up with.
    I do hope the police officer does not lose his job over saving the dog. When laws lead to injust outcomes,they must be overturned and revised.
    Police offficers on that list is interesting. i’ve always maintained there are three kinds of people. Sheep, dogs, and wolves. Wolves being the predators/criminals/bad guys, sheep those who suffer along and hope the wolves ignore them, and the dogs who feel compelled to protect the sheep. it’s a fine line between dog and wolf.
    Outsiders was a decent episode. I liked the fact that Carson was now doing the doctors without borders thing. The ending was indeed a bit harsh, but given the casualties already wracked up in Pegasus, I guess adding a few would be turncoats to the count didnt hurt much.
    Hope superbowl sunday goes well. really torn on who to root for. The Ravens, as the “local” team, would be logical. but I am miffed at their treatment of their retiring cheerleader. And while San Francisco is a lovely city, I find their politics to the left of insane and two blocks past delusional. Still, it would be nice to see that team relive some glory days. Decisions, decisions. And don’t forget the Puppy bowl, on animal planet at 3pm easter.
    p.s. agree with others on the Budwiser commercial. Just saw it. VERY difficult to watch when the guys are in the room. Can’t start blubbering or wiping my eyes. Managed to sniffle without being discovered this time at least.

  15. As a former cook, it doesn’t surprise me that someone thinks there are lots of psychopaths in the industry. It sure seemed that way to me. It seemed like every other cook who got anywhere in the industry was either a lunatic, power crazy or just plain crazy. A lot of those were alcoholics or used large quantities of drugs. I once saw one cook drop his lighter into the deep fat fryer. He simply reached down and grabbed it with his fingers. The oil was a working temperature. Usually his eyes almost glowed they were so red.

    PBMom, I’ve said the same thing of psychiatrists, but after I talked to a friend about this I changed my mind. May I suggest that psychiatrists don’t invent diseases, but they have to create a label for something because you can’t talk about something unless you know what to call it. Regular doctors do the same thing. To see what I mean try talking about cats, dogs and racoons without mentioning the words “cats”, “dogs” or “racoons” or using their scientific name, or any name. You can do it, but it makes it much harder.

    As I get older and since I’ve gotten arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) and I get less sleep I find I often have more trouble trying to find the right word or names of things. It can be very frustrating. If it’s one thing I can say, it’s thank god for the pharmaceutical industry. Tylenol, and a few others are my best friends.

  16. I did remember the scene with Carson tricking the wraith into feeding on him, but not much else about this episode…guess I need re-watch this one after the Superbowl.

    @Honda update for Tam Dixon and Das:

    Things were going smoothly until I installed a pulse wheel backwards (I don’t recall if I said “smooth sailing” prior to this point or not 😉 ). We did run the engine in “limp mode” and verified all of the head and timing chain repairs, though, so all of that is good.

    To fix the pulse wheel I’ll need to remove the timing chain cover and reorient the wheel, which we’ll do tomorrow (I’m taking some time off for the Superbowl), and I should have it back together and running tomorrow night (is such a forward looking statement the same thing as saying “smooth sailing”? Hmmm, maybe that’s been my problem 😀 ).

  17. I didn’t think there was such a thing as a ‘gay dog’ I thought dogs are more like, if they’re in the mood, they’l hump anything dog like lol

  18. AWWWW!! Jedi Kitteh!! 😀

    BOO! is a Jedi Kitty…he somehow manages to make me and/or Mr. Das get down on our bellies with a yard stick to fish out mousie toys from under the fridge about a half a dozen times a day. 🙄 Even though it’s a pain it’s also kinda cute because as soon as we lay on the floor and look under the fridge, he’s got his fat head right in there with ours, eagerly waiting for us to ‘catch’ his mouse and toss it to him.

    It’s now his favorite game, but I’m pretty sure it’s more about training us than actually getting his toys. We have a board in front of the refrigerator now, but he just pulls it out and stuffs his toy right under…then looks at us like, ‘you, FETCH!’…and like idiots, we do. 😛

    @ Tam Dixon – If Joey had sent me a Wraith I’d never be quite sure if it was to thank me, or to silence me. 😛


  19. Wait a minute… 😯 What’s the score?? What the heck…? The 49ers trying to come back! OMG! 😀

  20. @melinda ward RE the deer.
    Sorry, my take on it very different. Sorry, but while I agree that jail is overkill, I think a fine definitely in order.

    What they did was a serious disservice to the animal and for no reason other than they WANTED to keep the deer. A quick search found many wildlife rehab there that could have taken, cared for with MINIMAL human exposure, and released to the wild or even a petting zoo/protected environment. We had same thing, fawn on neighbor’s porch. Guess what? Took it to the local deer rehab (a vet btw) who then releases in forest when ready. Injured hawk? Ditto.

    See the big old list of places they could have contacted? http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/files/fw-RehabList.pdf

    Not to mention, deer do indeed attack and kill people (though generally males), and now this deer has no fear of humans, so how long til Dani is dead? IF they lived where they had NO RESOURCES (the moon?) for wildlife pros to rehab, I’d applaud them. As it is, a slap on the wrist they deserve, imnsho. signed– leave the wildlife wild whenever it is humanly possible.

  21. Thank god the Stupid Bowl is over!!!

    Hubby just got back from watching the game at a friend’s house, and I’ve done absolutely nothing constructive for the past 2 and a half hours except research Scottish surnames on the internet. 😛


  22. On the plus side, anyone stupid enough not to understand a dominance tactic shouldn’t even have a dog–much less a pitt bull. Odds are that dog’s in better hands now.

  23. I would like to see a Stargate series somewhat like Torchwood. Stargate Investigative group that takes investigations on different type of aliens throughout earth, whether they are committing murder, part of a crime syndicate, coming to earth to cause destruction or to hide etc etc, also involving bad guys from SG past. We will call it: SGI

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