With my gal back in town, it was time to resume our weekend traditions of Farmer’s Market and Football!

The Winter Farmer’s Market is a far cry from the Summer Farmer’s Market and, to be honest, the draw is less the fresh produce as it is the food trucks – namely two of our favorites.

Sacre Bleu (cheese with with prosciutto and brie)!  Just one of their many tasty sweet and savory selections.

For Akemi, it’s La Boheme Creperie, a family-run food truck that serves a host of terrific buckwheat crepes.  She always gets the same thing: The Quebecois (ham, cheese, and apple compote minus the ham and with the addition of greens).


As much as I like the crepes, my go-to truck is Le Tigre Cuisine which offers up a kick-ass Asian fusion menu that includes pork belly shao bing, crispy chicken karaage and –

My fave: the beet fries!

Football and I have brokered a temporary truce through the rest of the playoffs.  To be honest, my interest lies less in the games themselves than the opportunity to root against the teams I hate.  #1 on that list was the Green Bay Packers.  My hatred for this team was a recent development, the result of Aaron Rodgers belligerent refusal to throw any passes James Jones’ way in week 12, costing my Snow Monkeys a shot at a Fantasy Football post-season berth.  The Pack, of course, ended up having their Superbowl dreams quashed by the San Francisco 49ers.  Very satisfying.

Perhaps even more satisfying was seeing the favored Denver Broncos go down as well.  Being a longtime Raiders fan, it’s always nice to see a division rival lose out.

And, while they’re no longer a division rival, the Seattle Seahawks were once.  They ended up on the short end of 30-28 score.

Sadly, it wasn’t a perfect football weekend as the New England Patriots qualified for the AFC conference championship by slapping around the hapless Houston Texans.  Going into the game, the Texans were upset by a Boston Globe article that likened them to tomato cans.  Not that I really did anything to discourage the comparison but in my mind, given their somewhat respectable first half performance, I’d liken them more to paint cans than tomato cans.

I’m holding out hope for an Atlanta Falcons vs. Baltimore Ravens Superbowl.  That would be sweet indeed!  But I think the Falcons are going to have their hands full at home against a very strong 49ers team on both sides of the ball while the tough Ravens D will really have to step up to slow down pretty boy Brady and his milquetoast teammates.  Looking forward to next weekend.

Oh, and getting back on the football horse also allowed me to reconnect with friends –

Hey!  It’s special guest Brad Wright!  Also, Ivon Bartok and his girlfriend Lulu.
My writing partner Paul (camera loves him!) and Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.

Not pictured: Robert Cooper who just returned from a whirlwind tour of Australia that, apparently, boasts the greatest salt and pepper lobster in existence.  Hey, you Aussies!  Hook me up!

28 thoughts on “January 13, 2013: Patriots 41 Tomato Cans 28!

  1. OMG! 😯 You had Mr. Brad Wright lounging around in your living room today?! OMG! He hardly ever comes over. What’s up? What was he really doing there? Dicussing new shows? Oh please tell us! Robert C. Cooper was there too?! OMG!! Somethings going on here. What??? And Paul Mullie was there too?? O! M! G!!! Somethings up! What? What? What? What? Whaaaaatttttt?????!!!!! 😛

  2. My teams are all out now, but I’m joining the ride on the “anybody but the Patriots” train. All aboard!

  3. Oh please, temporary truce? I’ll eat a bowl of lima beans if you stop watching football. I’ll never taste those nasty little suckers! 🙂

  4. I’m holding out hope for an Atlanta Falcons vs. Baltimore Ravens Superbowl. That would be sweet indeed!

    That would be sweet! My son and I were also considering the possibility of a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Superbowl (Ravens vs. 49ers). If it’s Patriots vs Falcons, then we’ll have to go with the Falcons (my daughter’s favorite). It would be nice for Ray Lewis retire with a 2nd Superbowl ring though.

    And I need to download that Vancouver Food-truck App! Barb would love those food-trucks, so I need to add that to our list of things to do in Vancouver next month.

  5. It has been far too long since the name Brad Wright has been attached to something new on TV. How long is he going to keep everyone waiting?

  6. Thank heavens for the 49er’s. Otherwise, the last two of days of fanatic football watching would have been a waste. I was really hoping the Broncos and Seahawks would win. Nail biting games though, and really tough ones to loose…and win. Congrats to the Falcons and Ravens. Is there some sort of avian “thing” in the NFL?

    And congrats to Akemi for her adventure in Yellowknife. I can’t even imagine that type of cold being from SoCal. Looks like she had a great time. People here are whining because it’s been down in the 30’s at night lately. I’m loving it, and I don’t even have a working heater. I don’t mind bundling up, and it’s a great excuse to drink lots of yummy hot chocolate.

    Great to see Brad Wright! And Ivon, and Lawren, and Paul? Wishing them all the best in 2013 for a happy, healthy and successful year!

  7. Sigh .. you had to bring up the Seahawks didn’t you? The dumb arse that called time out during a field goal kick needs a butt kicking … argh!

  8. Good to see the old gang.

    I happened to be chopping beets while frying various things in lard the other day. It did occur to me to fry them, but somehow I thought it wouldn’t work because it would ruin the oil. I can’t believe I forgot I’d seen a successful precedent for that somewhere.

  9. Please tell shy Paul that he has an awesome shirt on. Canada’s military do not get enough recognition and support as far as I’m concerned. They work very hard with less than adequate provisions.

  10. Hmm… I’m with Ponytail on this one. Is something big going on? We almost never see Brad and Paul at your regular get-togethers. Hopefully something big is happening and that we can hear some good news regarding Stargate this year!

  11. @Tam Dixon and Sparrow_hawk:

    Sorry…the SQL server on my Webhost went down. Hopefully it will be back up later this monring (the hosting provider is working on the problem). Thanks.

  12. Meh… their list is okay but I bet you could come up with a kickass foodie list including pig jowl. http://www.howfoodieareyou.com/4850499

    Glad Akemi is back to, well let’s be honest, not warmth but at least not ARE-YOU-INSANE? coldness.

    Tofu– any recipe for it that you like? I have friends swear you can do nothing to make it good, but I have had some good tofu.

  13. JeffW: Thanks for the link! It didn’t work (HTTP 500) but I’ll try again later.

    Mr. M.: Does this make Ivon your “son-in-law”?

    I love crepes too. There’s a nice little crepe shop near me and it’s right next to the tea shop! A double shopping delight. They have a nutella crepe that I’ve been wanting to try.

    Anybody here a tea addict? My new favorite tea flavor is Belgium Chocolate. It’s so good.

  14. Please tell me you didn’t forget to ask Brad and Robert to do a guest blog and tell us all they had planned for SGU and Stargate in general!? :'(

  15. holy crap, what a seahawks/falcons game!! I guess that’s what seattle gets for trying to ice the kicker.

  16. 😯
    Wouldn’t it have been great to be a fly on the wall of that room? Brad, Rob, Paul, Joe, Ivon, and Lawren in one place… Hmm! Something’s up. Joe, did you ask them if they would guest blog about their upcoming projects, if not SG? Please? 🙂 Good to see you back in the “any given Sunday” routine: guys, food, and football.

    JeffW! Can’t believe I forgot to send congrats on the Ravens win! (Distracting back pain going on around here, too.) Couldn’t understand the last minute choices the Broncos made, but at least it will be a pleasure to see Ray Lewis play again. And hey, thanks for the link to your blog about the Consumer Electronics Show. Wow! Am swooning over the sushi, and the deserts, neat photos, consumer tech, *and* an Aston Martin were cool, too.

  17. JeffW: Mmmm, those food looked delicious! Mr. M.’s food porn pictures have encouraged me to try sushi again. I’m beginning to like it. Although, Memphis/Mississippi is not the sushi capital of the South, my favorite is the crunchy rolls.
    Loved the laser TV! I’ll wait a few years until the tech gets cheaper.

    Mr. M.: If you could pass on a big Thank You to Mr. Woolsey from me, I’d certainly appreciate it. The postage from the Pegasus Galaxy must have been a doosey! I’ve got the badge hanging up in front of monitor.

  18. Ok , so now I am looking for crepe recipes, thanks Joe and Akemi. The beet fries look interesting,,I like beets, maybe,,.
    Glad you all got together for football and >>what no food at your place?!?

  19. hey, brad!! 🙂

    any chance of you giving away some ‘stargate: revolution’ tidbits, like the sam/jack confirmation scene? pretty please? 😛

  20. @IggyMing

    More a case of Joe spending time with his friends, aka the people who he spent a heck of a lot of time around making Stargate for all those years.

  21. @for the love of Beckett:

    Thanks for the Raven’s sendup. We’ll see how they fare against the Patriots…here’s hoping. On CES, I was taking customers out to dinner practically every night, so it was a good opportunity to try some of these restaurants; especially Michael Mina’s. On the laser TV, I’ll likely be a slow adopter (simply because I already have enough TVs in the house). I’ll probably wait until the price comes down and I need to replace one of the current sets.

    @Tam Dixon on re-trying sushi:

    Good for you! Make sure it’s a good place. I tend to like the nigri the best (especially tuna), but go with what you like. For example, My kids are solidly California roll types.

  22. An addict always finds a reason why they should take up their habit again after swearing “never again.” Tsk, Tsk. But it was some excellent company to have over if you indeed went off the bandwagon.

    It was a sad day in Houston. Very sad. Not for me, of course, since the Giants failed to get this far and the marriage clause of the contract about the Giants was not invoked. I’m only required to watch it if the Giants make it to the playoffs and/or Superbowl.

  23. Milquetoast? The receiver with the most receptions in the NFL for 5 years is milquetoast? Wes Welker is a star! Well, fantasy football star anyway. He’s helped me out these last few years in FF to win hundreds of dollars. He is not milquetoast, the rest of the Pats, meh.

    Good to see Brad Wright out and about! Is he working on anything currently? Good to see Lulu still has a thing for Ivon. It’s funny how when I watch reruns of the SG shows(what few there are left of TV 🙁 ) and see Ivon’s name listed on screen and immediately think of Lulu. It is weird how certain dogs bond to certain people. My friend’s beagle, Della, absolutely LOVES me. I don’t mind at all, as beagles are my favorite breed, but when I come over, she goes nutso! She wags her whole body, she jumps around and spins, all while barking and baying(the beagle howl) at the top of her lungs. I love that she does it, but there are times where their kid’s asleep or they’re on the phone, or just generally quiet and she disturbs the peace with her “celebrations” of my arrival.

    -Mike A.

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