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  1. My deepest condolences to all of you, and huge hugs to Sis. Like all Mallozzi dogs, it is obvious that Aspen was well loved and cared for, and was better for having Sis in his life. Rest now, Aspen.

  2. Oh Joe, I’m so sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to your Sis and everyone who was dear to Aspen. He was a beautiful dog and I’m sure a beautiful spirit. He passed surrounded by love, which is perhaps the best any of us can hope for.

  3. Very sad news. 🙁 He looks like he was an awesome dog. As I’ve said before, even though I’m not a dog person I could see myself choosing a husky for a pet and those photos of Aspen just reinforce that feeling.

    It feels like there’s been so much loss this year.

  4. My condolences to your sister on the loss of Aspen. It’s always tough to lose a beloved pet, but they always remain with you in your heart.

  5. My heart goes out to Sis and friends and family, please let her know I am so sorry for her loss. and thank you for sharing the photos, what a beautiful baby.

  6. Oh, Sis….! 😥

    This is for your boy, Aspen. (And for all our furry dog-children.) The light may have dimmed in his beautiful blue eyes, but the love there never will.

    To Flush, My Dog
    by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Roses, gathered for a vase,
    In that chamber died apace,
    Beam and breeze resigning —
    This dog only, waited on,
    Knowing that when light is gone,
    Love remains for shining.

    Therefore to this dog will I,
    Tenderly not scornfully,
    Render praise and favour!
    With my hand upon his head,
    Is my benediction said
    Therefore, and for ever.

  7. Those are such wonderful pictures of Aspen! You could see the joy in his face. Your Sis gave Aspen such a wonderful life. Sending hugs to her!!!!!!

  8. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy, I wish your sis and the rest of you mallozzi’s the best of strenght in this time of grievance. I know what it’s like to lose a best friend. Take comfort in the thought that someday, somehow, Your paths might cross again in whatever comes after life. 🙁

  9. Aspen touched all our lives as well. I am very sad for all of you. My deepest sympathies especially to your sister. Maybe his spirit will come back to her in another dog body. I have often wondered if Sam’s spirit returned in my Maddie because I will catch her doing things that Sam would often do. We will always remember him.

  10. So very sorry, Andria. Such a pretty boy, we will surely miss seeing Aspen’s lovely pictures, but that pales in comparison to what you’re feeling right now. Hang in there, it eventually gets better, but until then I’m sending hugs your way. {{{hugs}}}


  11. So sorry to hear. Many years later, I still cry over my malamute and Siberian. The Siberian that I have now is my last as I will not be able to handle another rambuncious, young Siberian… unless it is to save an older one – now there’s a thought.

    You are fortunate to have some great pictures and memories of such a beautiful dog with so much character. I’m constantly amazed at how our furballs communicate with us and become a close member of the family. My sincerest condolences on losing Aspen. i have no doubt that he was a very special friend.

  12. Please pass my condolences to your sister. Aspen was a beautful dog. I read your blog daily and this is truly a sad day.

  13. Please give my condolences to your sister as well. Am sorry. I know how much Aspen was loved and will be missed.

  14. G’day Joe

    Deepest sympathies to all was in Aspen’s life, especially Sis.

    R.I.P. Aspen

  15. I’m so sorry to hear about Aspen…please pass along our condolences to your sis. Aspen was certainly loved.

  16. A sad day. My sympathies to Andria and all of Aspen’s family. Great pictures of him.

  17. Please pass along my condolences to your sister. i enjoyed the pictures, he seemed like he had a great life with your family.

  18. I’m so sorry to hear about Aspen’s passing. My condolences to you all, in particular your sister.

  19. May peace be with your sister, the rest of your family, and Aspen. The news is so sad…but it so warms my heart to see a dog who has been well-loved. So many others never know that blessing. Godspeed, Aspen.

  20. Lovely, heartfelt tribute photos – truly a beautiful and much loved family dog. VerySad News. My thoughts and deepest sympathies to Sis and the entire family.

    R.I.P Aspen!

  21. *hugs* I am so sorry Joe. 🙁 My thoughts and prayers. My condolences to friends and family of sweet Aspen. Such a pretty boy. I immediately teared up as soon as saw the sad news. 🙁

  22. I am so very sorry. I lost my beloved Bilo just a few weeks ago (a day before my b-day) and can really sympathize. It’s hard to lose such a great friend, but, as owners, it’s our responsibility to do our best for them, love them, and then let them go when they are no longer enjoying life. It is very clear that Aspen had an amazing “mom” and fabulous home & life. I’d like to think that all our doggie family that we’ve had to say good bye to are happily causing trouble/having fun somewhere without pain. Regardless, they continue in our hearts and helped us become who we are today. Thinking of you.

  23. I have been touched by the number of people who have reached out on my brother’s blog and on Facebook, taking the time to leave me a few kind words. I appreciate every one and take comfort in reading them over and over again.

    Those of you who knew me, know that Aspen was special to me. He was my “bad boy”, a challenge to train who always had to have the last word. But Aspen was loving, loyal, funny, goofy, dignified and proud.

    Aspen was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma in June. As is common with the disease, by the time we found out, it had already metastasized to his prostate, bladder and lymph nodes. Our only option was chemo, which we tried for a while. When it became clear that the chemo wasn’t working and that the side effects were beginning to destroy his quality of life, we stopped the treatment. In early November, Aspen was in such rough shape that I thought his time had come. But my boy rallied and blessed us with just over one more month with him.

    I know everyone says you will know when it is time and then it will be okay. I have even said the same thing to others. The truths is, you make the decision when you feel their pain is too great and their quality of life is gone, but it is never okay. It is never okay and it never feels right.

    I opted to let Aspen die peacefully at home, surrounded by familiar smells and the things he loved. I knew I needed to be there for Aspen… with him to the very end. It was the least I could do for him after everything he had given me during his life. As I lay spooning him with his face in my hands, I buried my face in his furry nape and kissed his head. His ears were so soft. I sang to him, and told him I loved him, inhaling his familiar scent for one last time as he took his final breath.

    I miss him so much, and cry often, but you know what helps? Your kind words and knowing you understand. Thank you.

    Andria (aka Sis)

  24. Dear Sis: Your comment made me cry. I, too, never knew when was the “right” time. Both of my goldens died when their hearts gave out. I wrote this for my golden, Sam, who was a wedding gift my husband and I gave each other. He was 11 when he passed. You were such a fantastic mommy. I could feel the love and the pain in your words. He was acting strange all day and I was trying to get him into the vet. I was supposed to take him in an hour. He went into the bedroom and went to my side of the bed where he often went. But when I did not see him I went in to check on him and he was, what I thought was seizing. I called the vet’s office sobbing, “What do I do?????” And he took his last breath and died with me next to him, with the vet’s office on the phone trying to assure me that CPR would not work on him. Writing about it still makes me cry and he died over a decade ago. We brought his body into the vet’s office and the vet let us say goodbye to him (he was to be cremated), and as I stroked his fur and thanked him for all the joy he brought us, I went into what I can only describe as a meditative like state. My eyes were closed. Things were foggy, but I saw Sam next to a child–a child who would have been about the age of my Matthew had he been alive. Sam got up from a sit position, wagged his tail, barked at me, while Matthew put his hand up to say hi and bye. I saw Sam do his little butt wiggle again. I said to my husband, “Sam is with Matthew!” and I was smiling through my tears. He said in a condescending manner, “Oh COURSE he is with Matthew.” I said, “No, you don’t understand. I can SEE them.” And the vision faded. I opened my eyes and I felt comforted. Matthew’s spirit has always been with me during my darkest times of my life. I feel certain that what I saw was real. I don’t know if this helps at all, but I wrote this for my golden, with this vision in my mind having happened).

    Golden Goodbye

    Angel on earth, such a joyful face
    Filled with unconditional love, filled with Heaven’s grace
    With eyes that could pierce your soul, and a smile to warm your heart
    All the innocence of a child, all the charisma of a star
    The day that death came for him, we knew something wasn’t right
    But as with all things, he befriended it and ran into the light
    My heart is so heavy, the house a hollow place
    Shadows of my Golden, sequestering the space
    He was more than just a dog, he was more than just a friend
    And now he plays with my son, who died, until I see them once again

    Hilda Clark Bowen
    Copyright ©2005 Hilda Clark Bowen

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