Mom preps for the family feast.
Mom preps for the family feast.

The family feast is a holiday tradition we have celebrated since way back when.  Over time, the faces at the table may have changed but the turnout has always been…let’s call it robust.  Yesterday, we all gathered at my cousin Marolyn’s place for the BIG holidays meal…

Akemi dons appropriate head gear.
Akemi dons appropriate head gear.
Akemi spending time with the extended family.  In this case - Lola.
Akemi spending time with the extended family. In this case – Lola.
Finnigan and Sis.
Finnigan and Sis.
Cousin Jeanie - the Happy Homemaker - shows off her ham-carrying skills.
Cousin Jeanie – the Happy Homemaker – shows off her ham-carrying skills.
Cousin Evelina bedecked with ribbons and onion gravy.
Cousin Evelina bedecked with ribbons and onion gravy.
The spread includes mom's pasta and eggplant parmesan, and Akemi's gravlax.
The spread includes mom’s pasta and eggplant parmesan, and Akemi’s gravlax.
Lola and Akemi take a break.
Lola and Akemi take a break.
Akemi and Molly.
Akemi and Molly.

There were seventeen of us in all.  In hindsight, I should have taken more photos of cousins, aunts, and nephews but, damnit, those dogs were so goshdarn cute!

And don’t forget to tune in tonight when I join Barbara Barnett on her Blog Talk Radio show.  We’ll be discussing Stargate: Universe’s first season and I’ll be taking calls on the Stargate franchise.  So tune in – and call in at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 8:00 p.m. Central, and 6:00 p.m. Pacific: (718) 305-6982. …

28 thoughts on “December 26, 2012: The Family Feast! A Blog Talk Radio reminder!

  1. So nice to see pictures of the family! I don’t think I can bear to look at any more food for a couple of days, though!

    Looking forward to your interview tonight!

  2. Hi Joe!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to the interview tonight! 🙂

    Adam B.

  3. How about sending me a bit of each dessert, Joecito? 🙂

    @Tam and Ponytail: Ended up at Labor and Delivery today because although driving over railroad tracks sounded good, we got nervous when the baby’s movements slowed to a trickle. Everything’s fine; as soon as they had Lauren on a fetal monitor, the kid started kicking up a storm. We still have to go to get an ultrasound tomorrow (when she sees the doctor she’s never met) and we’ll take it from there. I’m thinking that if she doesn’t go into labor by the weekend, they’ll probably induce, but what do I know? Tam, for me it was the same, although it was a small group and I met all of them. I even had all of them with me at some point during labor and delivery. This is a much bigger group, really not enough time to meet all of them. 🙂

  4. Those food pictures look wonderful! Akemi looks cute in her sweater. Your family looks so nice. Is Montreal cold right now? Did you get snow? Loved the doggie pictures too. Good luck on the interview!!!!

  5. Looks like a wonderful gathering of family, food, and a nice array of dogs. My dog would have been kicked out after the first 10 minutues (begging, stealing food and belongings, howling in your face, playing too rough, beating up the other dogs, etc). Thanks for sharing!

  6. And now you are both completely gone! Hopefully it’s recording and we can play it back later.

  7. Enjoyed listening to you on Barbara Barnett’s Blogtalkradio show. I will tune in next week for part 2. She should have listeners send in questions for you and then pick the best. Or heck, let us give you some questions to answer… 😀

  8. Ah, I caught the last 20 minutes of your blogradio interview and thought you did okay Joe. That Rush question about ascension was odd in my opinion as by the end of Season 2 Rush was fully behind the mission, and I personally thought had he ever died, he’d probably do a Daniel Jackson and come back to life. As he’d have unfinished business.

    You’re right about the ratings thing, something like 19,000 odd Nielsen boxes making up the ratings system, if some of those people are Scifi fans and are watching via alternate means, your show will take a hit ratings wise.

    Hope we do get something Stargate related anyway. Horrible the way MGM has just left the series hanging like that.

  9. I agree that many sci-fi viewers watch the series they love via alternate means, but unless a network (Syfy in this case) can find a way to make money off of a show, how can they afford to keep in on the air? I don’t really blame Syfy for not continuing with Universe, with the ratings it was pulling in. It sure would be nice to find a way to be able to monetize alternative viewing. In my case, I wish they’d have found a way to make a profit from Atlantis and kept it going a bit longer. Will tune in again next week. 🙂

  10. @Joe:

    The meats in your spread reminded me of the breakfast meat spreads in Milan…it looks delicious!

    I listened in tonight but didn’t call in. I came down with a cold/cough/fever last night (thankfully after the family Christmas celebrations), and it has knocked me out today.

    Interesting background on SGU. I wasn’t sure what the one caller’s complaint about the SGU aliens was (that they weren’t different enough?). I think next week’s questions will be more interesting, though, since the wrap-up of season 2 left a lot of things hanging. I’ll be sure to tune in.


    Your dog sounds a lot like my dog Lucy. Yesterday, we had to keep constant guard over the duck, goose, and desserts (she’s been known to sneak half a cheesecake off the dining room table when no one was looking). At 50 lbs, she’s able to stand on her hind legs and get at practically anything on the counters and tables, so short of locking her up in the hallway, or putting all the food on the top of the refrigerator, we just have to keep our eyes on her.

    She also loves to rough-house with other dogs, but she still thinks she’s a puppy and doesn’t realize she is larger than most of the other dogs she plays with (meaning we sometimes need to rein in her play when she gets too rough).

  11. ..hmm.. ham?..onion gravy? yeah. I could get into that.

    BTW, hope you brought your shovelling boots! *SNOW* is coming!!

  12. @ Deni – Okay, give your daughter a nice foot massage. That’s suppose to do it too. Or, have her start a project that will take a few days to complete. It’s Murphy’s Law…

  13. Great pix of the family.
    Mama Mallozzi is in her element.

    Great insight on the interview…who knew about Volker.
    Now we have to tune in next week to discover new, never before revealed, secrets.

  14. I don’t know what your mom was making, but it looked delicious.

    Thanks for the pictures of your family and the family dogs and thanks to them for allowing you to post. You’re right, those dogs are really cute and I am sure the rest of your family understands. :p

  15. @Deni – Many doctors have a very different idea of “overdue” than nature does. She doesn’t have to go to the induction appointment if she doesn’t want to.

    For natural induction, I regret anything that brought on contractions before the baby’s position was correct. The better options were fresh pineapple and green papaya and walking and scrubbing floors by hand — all things that would bring on good positioning of the baby as a priority over bringing on contractions. Think of the false starts as preparation to cause the real deal to go more easily.

  16. @DP: She’s going in today to see what’s what. We should know a bit more once they do the ultrasound and we’ll take it from there. I would much rather see nature take its course, but baby and mother’s safety have to come first. She’s over the 41 week mark, so it’s making everybody a bit nervous. That said, she had regular contractions last night (every 8 minutes, lol) for about an hour, and that’s more than she’s ever done, so maybe… 🙂

    Hi Joe, thanks for indulging! xo

  17. Deni: Hugs to Lauren. It’s hard waiting those last few days. Horses gestate for about 1 year and elephants gestate for 2 yrs. Does that make her feel better?

    Group karate class photo! I’m in the second row, far left of photo. Hubby’s behind me and son is next to him.

    My son is in line to take his last driver’s test. He is #172 and the last number called was 72. It may be a while.

  18. Oh and by the way, I thought you were quite humble with your thoughts in regard to the Syfy channel and the Nielsen system Joe, we all know the system is outdated but no one has come up with something that accurately reflects the true viewer-ship of any show really.

    Science fiction shows in general have really taken a hit in recent years, not many have gone on for long, and you could count on one hand the amount of Ship in space shows that have gone on for a while on TV, most are cancelled or ended after a season or two.

  19. @Tam,nice photo, I wish I could get my leg up that high, Congratulations!!
    @Deni, fingers crossed for good news.
    ~Joe listened to the show, and dead air, and show, unknown questions from unkown callers, you are brave young man. It turned out well. oh yes, and I know you will remind us again for next week, thanks. Lovely family photos, thanks for sharing.

  20. @Tam Dixon: Love the photo. I like that there are people of all age groups in the class.

    @Deni: My midwife told me the best way to go into labor was–and I don’t know if this is possible for her–a LOT of sex. Not a joke:

    That is some clan, Joe, and WHOA–the food! With just the 3 of us, our Christmases are very quiet. It would be nice to be around a lot of family.

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