My sister’s husky, Aspen, celebrated his 13th birthday today.  It’s quite an achievement given the circumstances.  The poor boy is battling cancer and has been having a rough time of late.  The mass is putting pressure and slowing circulation to one of his paws and causing swelling in his leg.  Sis has been bringing him in to physio three times a week.

image-8Apparently, the hydro-therapy helps – but it’s exhausting.

image-11I know what sis is going through as I went through the exact same thing with Maximus.  He’d have his good days and his bad days – and, while the bad days never failed to make me doubt the course of treatment, the good days always confirmed I’d made the right choice.

image-7So good luck to Aspen and sis.   Today’s blog entry is dedicated to you both.  And also to Line Noise and Bella.


28 thoughts on “December 15, 2012: Happy Birthday Aspen!

  1. Happy birthday, beautiful boy! Hope you got some special treats!

    @Line Noise and Bella: Massive hugs to both of you.

  2. What a lovely dog, hope he gets better soon. Cancer is a horrible thing, and I can only hope that someday someone out there finds a cure, so people, and animals don’t have to suffer with it.

  3. Saw the Hobbit today. Great movie. Excellent work from the cast, and a very memorable performance by Sylvester McCoy(7th Doctor Who) as Radagast the Brown. Only quibble was that is took awhile to get going on the “Unexpected Jorney.”

  4. Happy Birthday Aspen! He is such a beautiful dog. Continued positive thoughts and get well wishes to him and Sis.

  5. I love reading your stories of dedication during cancer treatment. It is difficult on families. My children have suffered greatly over me being so ill with it. My mother comes over almost every day to do things for me I can no longer do myself. 😇

    I had a long conversation with both my daughters that are teachers. Michelle teaches at a high school with 8th to 12th grade.

    She said that it was such torment…their school was under lock down that day (full out drill) that lasted for hours. They had to barricade their rooms. She said that some of her students were so upset they threw up. It is a very small town…but she said that they have a police officer there every day. During the lock down they had many police officers and dogs…searching for drugs. Overwhelming…she said she had to lay down when she finally got home.

    The timing was bad…hard for teachers and students. 😕

  6. He is very handsome one day you should have a day where everyone sends in a pic of there furry friends and you could post them on the blog. I have a cool jack russell you would love.

  7. {{{{hugs Aspen}}}}

    Yeah, I’m only up to hugs at the moment.

    Have a good night, sir.


  8. Ah, I missed that. Happy Birthday Aspen.

    If anything my eyes were immediately drawn to the pictures and the cancer stuff which is sad..

    I was just reading the story of Victoria Soto, a Connecticut teacher who died protecting her students by putting them in the classroom closet and essentially putting herself between them and the Gunman, they found her body huddled over her students. Very sad story and the very definition of a hero, the very definition of brave with the ultimate act of heroism, and paid the ultimate price.

    Excuse the language but the world can be so fucking cruel. It’s not fair.

  9. Lots of {{big hugs}} to birthday boy Aspen and Sis, love those beautiful eyes baby. And Line Noise and Bella, good thoughts and prayers.

  10. {hugs} to Line Noise, Bella, Aspen and Sis. I’ve been there and it’s a hard road. However, It’s fortunate that Bella and Aspen have such great friends. Not every pup/kitty is that lucky.

  11. Happy Birthday, Aspen! I hope you got all the doggy treats you wanted. Such a handsome pup! Yes, you are! 🙂

  12. Good news about Aspen making such a milestone. One day at a time is the best way to take it. Likewise with Line Noise and Bella – best of thoughts for both of you.

  13. Maybe you should become a professional dog photographer someday. I always enjoy your canine snaps. A lot of feeling comes through. Aspen looks like he has a great personality, and like he’s loving his special day.

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