With two weeks left to go in our fantasy football league season, my Snow Monkeys are fighting for their playoff lives.  Only 8 of 14 teams will advance to the post-season and, with a record of 6-5, my Monkeys face a near must-win match-up this weekend against Rob Cooper’s Landsharks.  Looking good however.  We’ve built up a nice lead, but anything can happen!  Will Cam Newton have a big game against the woeful Eagles?  Will Manning throw another TD to Victor Cruz?  Will Aaron Rodgers remember that James Jones plays for his team?

Since it was an all-important weekend in fantasy land, I expected a big turnout today for by weekly football gatherings.  Alas, Rob had to bow out on account of work (and, I suspect, not wanting to suffer the humiliation of being crushed by my Snow Monkeys).  Ivon elected to stay home and watch the Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League championship game pitting the Moosejaw Maple-Beavers against the Toronto Lumberjacks.  Lawren, meanwhile, said he would come over AND bring pie, but canceled at the last minute – and failed to drop off said pie.  That, of course, meant more sushi for Akemi and me:

And, of course, Sunday Morning Ice Cream.  This week’s flavor…

Akemi’s favorite so far.

A nice, sunny day in Vancouver.  I did manage to take a break from all the football to walk the dogs.

Lulu’s not so subtle way of letting us know she’d really like to go out for a walk.
Got that?

Ever wanted to lick your own nose?  Let Jelly show you how:

18 thoughts on “November 25, 2012: Snow Monkey fury! Jelly in: Nose-licking 101!

  1. Funny thought … apparently the real Stargate will have a little tag that reads, “Made in China”

  2. Hey, Joe!

    Does Rob ever knock on your door and say “Landshark” like the old SNL skit?

  3. @Joe:

    Is Moosejaw another name for Calgary?

    I was wondering how your Snow Monkeys did with the Saints’ loss today; I seem to remember your team had a number of Saints players.

    Did you catch the Ray Rice 25+yard 4th down conversion? What a run! My son and I were on the edge of our seats in the 4th and overtime quarters. The Ravens have shown themselves to be a competent 2nd-half comeback team. We’ll see if their luck holds up against the Steelers next week.

  4. Wellllll, there are a number of us who would have been very pleased to help with the sushi assortment. And, the ice cream sounds good.

    Poor Jelly – what prompted her to do the nose wipe routine? Didja give her peanut butter again?

  5. G’day Joe

    Jelly must a yummy tasting nose. Or something yummy stuck on it at least.

  6. Sweet Lulu! My poor Rottweilers used to have to come down the hall to find me, give me THE LOOK so I’d yell at the daughter or husband to let them out. Why they could not understand THE LOOK is beyond me.

  7. There was another Stargate styled art piece at Burning Man this year. Had a skateboard/bike ramp through it. I’ll need to get the pictures up.

  8. Mmm, Honey Roasted Pear. That sounds so good. Since I’ve been reading your blog, I’ve given Sushi another chance. I like the California Rolls so far. Are you getting kickbacks from the sushi industry? 😉

    Dog pictures are always a winner! I watched a slow motion film of dogs/cats drinking. It showed they use their tongue and scoop up the water on the underside of the tongue.
    Maybe that’s one reason why a dog’s tongue is so long?

  9. @JimFromJersey:

    I know a GM automotive engineer (Paul) who already owns a segment of this gate. I could see if he wants more and would be willing to share. 😉

    This is a picture of the section Paul owns:

    Paul’s Atlantis Gate Section

    He also made this 1/8th scale Atlantis gate for the Chicago Convention last year:

    And this entry talks a little more about Paul’s gate (scroll about half-way down):

    From the pictures, I’m guessing you would still need to track down at least another 60 to 70% of the segments to have the full gate (if that’s your aim). I’m not sure where I’d put a full-sized gate though…

  10. Speaking of random Stargate stuff, Josh Gates is a Stargate fan too, in one of his more recent Destination Truth episodes, he came past a shop in some country with a Stargate(Which looked decent actually) painted on the wall, as a joke he ran into it as the picture had the event horizon of the wormhole painted on it too.

  11. Cool pics, great educational video that should be shown to all kindergarten kids. Jelly could do guest appearances at schools, sign autographs, pose for pictures, write a book and memoirs… might as well do the bobble-head Jelly complete with tongue-to-nose… 🙂

    That Atlantis Gate looks very cool but I’d want a full size one & for that one’s asking price of US $20,000.00, I’d try to build my own first. 🙂

  12. Alas, I have never been able to lick my own nose. Other people’s noses, however…



  13. Yummmm! That sushi looks scrumptious! 🙂 I would love taste the honey roasted pear ice cream. Sounds really yummy! 🙂

    Awwwww…Lulu! 😀 That sassy girl! She just runs that house I can tell. 😉 She like…”Hello! Can anyone see that I’m here waiting for some to let me out?” Sweet Jelly! 🙂 Couldn’t see her lick her own nose. 🙁 I’m she was cute as can be! 😉

  14. That ice cream flavor sounds yummy. All this ice cream talk has me asking Jeff for an ice cream maker for Christmas. You are a bad influence. And love the puppy pics and video. They always make me smile.

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