I heard from my buddy, Hugo Award-winning artist John Picacio, today. He dropped me an email to let me know:

a) He liked the look of that sweet potato pie Rob made for yesterday’s Thanksgiving Football gathering.

b) He has just launched his own company: Lone Boy | John Picacio Calendar & Loteria Cards

c) He’s also launched a kickstarter campaign to generate funding for a 2013 Calendar featuring some of his most memorable cover art. According to John:

“This full-color 12” x 12” 2013 wall calendar collects twelve of my favorite book cover artworks from my career thus far. This is the debut product from my new company, Lone Boy, and I want the final product to be the best I can possibly give you. The calendar’s cover will be printed on 12 pt. premium paper stock, with a satin aqueous-coated finish, and the interior pages will be printed on 100# text.

You won’t find many art calendars where the artist himself (or herself) has not only created the artwork, but also personally designed and overseen every detail. This is that kind of calendar. It’s available exclusively here, via this Kickstarter campaign. This is an offering from me to you, with all best wishes to you and yours for 2013.”

In addition…

“The good news — my funding goal has been met at $12,000, so the calendar will indeed be a reality. And now that we reached $20,000, every backer who pledges $35 or more gets a free 12-page sketchbook featuring notes and sketches from the making of the calendar artworks.

So now we’re trying to reach $30,000 by Wednesday at 11am CST (when my Kickstarter expires), so that backers who pledge $40 and above can also receive a deluxe art card set featuring all of the calendar artworks.That $40 level is a really good entry level for the budget-conscious because as of now, a backer receives all of this:
a) A signed 2013 calendar
b) An archival print of the calendar’s cover art
c) A 12-page sketchbook
d) Free shipping
e) And IF we get to 30K, then they (and everyone who pledges more than $40) gets the deluxe card setPretty good value!And then if you notice, we gave some added price breaks for people who order multiple calendars too.Some other fun highlights:1) The $250 tier gets your birthday printed in the calendar, and more — which is cool because then you can claim your birthday as a federal holiday and demand that everyone you know gets the day off (or not). ;)2) $500 gets you an original 6″ x 9″ drawing, plus your birthday, and more

3) The $1000 and $1500 tiers offer one-of-a-kind process drawings from the making of the calendar artworks, and more.4) The $2000 tier offers a backer a chance to model for one of my Loteria cards, and basically become immortalized as a piece of artwork. Loteria will be my major work of 2013, and I think it’s going to be a career-defining work.”
Check out the details here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1143812835/the-2013-john-picacio-calendar
A supremely talented individual – and a hell of a nice guy.


Just some random thoughts…
Akemi on the character of Glenn and his recent romantic sub-plot on AMC’s The Walking Dead: “Too much fuck.  He is not serious about zombie issue.”
Note to Disney: Talking dog movies are significantly less funny when children provide the voices for the furry protagonists.
I understand that some restaurants are so popular that they require reservations be made months in advance, and that some restaurants are so popular that even booking months in advance won’t necessarily guarantee you a table.  Still, three years in a row crosses the line from “exclusive” to “annoying”.  Such was the case with Montreal’s Joe Beef. But, this year, my sister finally succeeded in securing a reservation! Only to be told that a mistake had been made and that the restaurant would be closed that day.  Sorry.  That good?  Possibly.  Worth it?  Hell no.  Hope they have a nice rest of their lives.

10 thoughts on “November 23, 2012: John Picacio launches Lone Boy! The word on his 2013 kickstarter Calendar Project! And some random musings!

  1. @Akemi on AMC not taking Zombies seriously:

    They may not be taking Zombies seriously, but these folks (kind of) are:


    I saw these today at Cabelas while picking up some 22LR ammo for the shooting range. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the Zombie ammo in 22LR, so I guess I’ll be Zombie-food when the Zombie Apocalypse comes 🙁

    @Joe on Joe Beef:

    They may offer great food, but it sounds like their customer service is lacking; any subsequent meal would be tainted by this and would then be less than enjoyable. It’s a lot harder to recover from a bad first impression, and they don’t seem to have the professionalism to address the problem. Better to go where they want and appreciate the business. I could offer pumpkin cheesecake as a consolation 😉

  2. Kickstarter, cool concept. His work looks great.

    Our project lead was considering Kickstarter, but is trying something else first. Basically, trying to make money from a different project to finish the first one. Sounds a lot like doubling down when I put it that way. :/ The fate of two projects hanging on the fate of one…scary.

    Glenn just can’t use the more bunkered places because that’s where Hershel is. Can’t ask him to limp off for a bit. That dude doesn’t seem too psycho about keeping his daughters innocent until you remember his “Trespass and it’s your ass” sign was mounted on the INSIDE of his property’s gate.

    I am a little confused why they’re not knifing zombies through the fence to thin the numbers. They want the zombies there to deter trespassers? Maybe not announce they’re in there with a fence pile? The props department doesn’t want the hassle? Only city zombies can climb fences?

  3. I’m still laughing at Akemi’s comment! I love succinct and to the point – get that girl on their writing team!

    The calender looks amazing and John clearly has an amazing talent, but as for Joe Beef, I refuse to play along with that kind of snobbery. Perhaps the food is great, but it could never be good enough for me to put up with that kind of service.

    There is a certain Italian restaurant in Glasgow named after a well know chef which is so popular they don’t take bookings. People have to wait for hours to get a table. I don’t subscribe to this type of hype, and I as I know of other places that serve great Italian food, there is no way I would wait around – especially in our weather – for a table. That being said, I haven’t heard one wonderful review about it. Family and friends who have gone along on special occasions have been disappointed. If that trend continues, famous association or not, it won’t last in today’s climate. Restaurants are just like any other business. Popularity comes and goes, but its quality and good customer service that keeps people coming back.

  4. DP: I would thin out those fence zombies too. I’d want to go all “Michonne” on them. 😉

    Who wouldn’t like that Sweet potato pie Rob made? You really ought to include recipes with the pictures. 😀

    Fabulous pictures on Lone Boy! I’ll keep an eye out for it today.

    I hope Janet made it to the mainland. Life hands you rotten lemons sometimes. A high school friend of mine recently lost her husband. Very sad because they had been together since she was 16 years old. Married right out of high school (1982) and still were very happy together. Suddenly, he is gone and she has never lived alone. It makes me face the fragility of life.

  5. Very kind of you, Joe. Akemi wins the award for “Line of The Week”. LOL That was hysterical. 🙂 I’ll check by here later if anyone has questions about the Calendar’s Kickstarter. ‘Appreciated!

  6. That is some fantastic artwork by John Picacio!

    I completely agree with Akemi on Glenn and whatsherface. I would think zombies in the area would be a real mood killer.

    Screw Joe Beef.

    @JeffW: If I’m to understand everything I’ve watched on TWD, all you really need is a hatchet and a bad-ass knife.

  7. @ John Picacio:

    I love your artwork! I especially enjoy the realism of the people you portray…it really shows off your talent. I’ll be heading over to look at the calendar shortly after this.


    No machetes here, but I do have a splitting axe and a hatchet…I’ll have to make do with those.

    I do have to wonder why we never see zombie animals…it would make some of those deer hunting shows more interesting. Would a zombie deer only eat deer brains? Again, just wondering… 😉

  8. @ John Picacio – Lovely work, as always! That is a stunning calendar! That card game sounds intriguing, too. Will check things out a bit more when I have the time.

    @ Akemi – 😆 With comments like that, I’m pretty sure you’re ready to review an entire superhero movie! 😉


  9. Hi, folks — Thanks very much for the kind words! Friendly word of advice: there are less than three days remaining to buy this calendar because once the Kickstarter is over, our print run will be set. We’ll be fulfilling orders in one big weekend push to get the calendars delivered before Dec. 25th. In other words, I don’t plan to be taking calendar orders after that. This really IS the only way to get the calendar and once the opportunity’s gone, that’s it. If anyone has questions, please feel free to drop me a line here and I’ll be happy to answer. 🙂

  10. I don’t watch anything with zombies or vampires in them. Only vampire I liked was Tesla in Sanctuary.

    What Disney movies are you speaking of? I thought the Buddies jumped the shark when the dogs started to talk with the exception of Snow Buddies because that is Mark Savela’s work and Mike Dopud was in it. That one I actually liked. This, of course, was before I even knew about them. Santa Buddies was downright depressing (Santa needs Prozac).

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