Some of the best of the rest photos of our Tokyo trip –

Akemi’s Hello Kitty bento lunch.
Akemi presents: The Quebec. Huh?

Akemi makes a new friend in Omotesando:

Akemi ready to head out in her new outfit.
Japanese cotton swabs come with one regular tip and one sharp tip for perforating ear drums when you unwittingly flip the to clean the other ear.
Weird stained glass bunny art at Shinjuku station.
“Protect our favorite town (presumably from Yakuza gangsters” campaign in Omotesando.
Ginza at night.

Even though I was on holiday, I wasn’t on vacation from fantasy football.  With my Snow Monkeys in the playoff hunt, I couldn’t afford to be.  And so, amid the sushi and shopping, I also made time for injury updates, waiver wire additions, and line-up changes.  As a result of my commitment, my Snow Monkeys have reeled off four straight wins, and now sit in second place with three weeks to go.  Today, we took our show on the road – over to Rob’s house to watch the various games with Ivon.

The sausage selection.
Ivon goes turkey.
Rob is all smiles because his Cowboys actually won. No. Really. They won.
And waiting for me upon my return, this weekend’s Sunday Morning Ice Cream delivery. This week’s flavor: Cap’n Crunch

For dessert, I picked up a dozen from Beta 5 on my way over along with some brownies and aerated chocolates.  After all, what says “football afternoon with the guys” better than sausages and cream puffs?

Goooo Snow Monkeys!

15 thoughts on “November 11, 2012: Best of the rest! Football Sunday/Ice Cream Resumes!

  1. “The Quebec” is a bag collection? Like hand bags? That kind of makes no sense. However, Akemi looks smashing in her new outfit!

    Nice to see things getting back to normal so quickly. One question: Does the Cap’n Crunch ice cream scratch the roof of your mouth like the cereal? 🙂

    I regret not getting a chance to go to Beta5 when I was there last month. I wonder if they ship?

    Go Snow Monkeys!

  2. Love the mechanical dog. Nice thing is, you don’t have to walk him in bad weather, and other than the occasional oil leak,no cleanup in the house. Glad the snow monkeys are doing well, and welcome back to the western hemisphere(who decided that Asia was east and europe/americas the west anyways?)

  3. I was cheering the Cowboys because, well I want the Eagles to lose as long as they pay Vicks. Enough said.

  4. The q-tips we bought in France had these sharpish spoon-looking things on one end. I can see how there’d be a market for that, but I’m the part of the market that puts thoroughness somewhere lower in priority than not stabbing the inside of my head. It was just half a q-tip for the price of one to me.

  5. cap’n crun?! I want some! Let’s grab lunch or dinner sometime when you’re free. Still haven’t gone to Wildabeest yet. Shoot me a text

  6. @Akemi makes a new friend in Omotesando

    That dog looks unnatural like its either fake, or really really really old, I know that might sound odd Joe but look at the way it moves, very weirdly lol

  7. By the way Joe, if you’re not aware. The new Hellsing Ultimate Eps 5-8 boxset is out tommorow in America/Canada, it’s a Blu Ray/DVD combo pack thing, the box looks pretty amazing. It’s also been a heck of a long time coming too.

    Only 2 more episodes left after those till Hellsing Ultimate is over, episode 10 isn’t out yet in Japan though.

    Then in like two weeks its the Beserk Movie. A pretty good month for anime releases il’d say.

  8. Wow, that trip sure whizzed by in warp speed – you’re home already! If it wasn’t for the pictures, you’d have to wonder if it really happened…. or is this just happening to me – time flying by…? On the other hand, when I do go away (which isn’t often), 3 weeks seems to be the limit for me – and it doesn’t matter how warm or beautiful the spot is. I guess that home is wherever you hang your hat .. and belongings. That was a good trip with interesting food.

  9. Ah, baterista9 beat me to it. Those are makeup cotton swabs, not the ear things. I sure wish I could get them here in the US. I might wear makeup again.
    The Japanese use long handled ear spoons… and yes, they do perforate eardrums. One of my sailors Japanese wife was using one and he bumped her elbow. Had to take the day off to sit with her in the emergency room. Ouch!
    (maybe the ear spoon thing is generational and those implements of hazard are going away?)

  10. I love the pictures. Cute outfit Akemi!

    Captain Crunch is more my speed. No Viper ice cream for me!

    How are all the East Coasties out there fairing? Anyone in Indianapolis? Terrible explosion!

  11. The “Protect our favorite town” campaign poster…it took me a sec to recognize the Yakuza clothes. I thought it was a racist poster at first. Tokyo Design Academy…not the best command of design elements at that school, I hope.

  12. More fun! Akemi, your bento box was so cute! I think I want one… 🙂 Your outfit looks chic. Were you really worried about losing weight? You look fabulous.

    Yep, those Q-tips are for applying makeup, and double as fingernail polish removers, too. The pointy ends are perfect for getting polish off cuticles. And yes, you can get them here in the U.S. (Thanks, Gilder/baterista!) Try Sally Beauty outlets, Big Lots, Target, etc.

    Joe, that photo Rob was in was a tease! I saw a jar of sauerkraut (?) on the table, and thought the next photo would be of Carl. Bummer. Carl, we miss you.

    Tam — The explosion in Indianapolis was horrific. Saturday night, just after 11 p.m., there was a loud BOOM! and our house shook.

    For those who haven’t heard… Six miles away from us, on Indianapolis’ south side, a massive explosion flattened two houses, killing two people and injuring seven more. The flames engulfed two more houses, shook houses on their foundations, caused ceilings to collapse, and blew windows and doors out and garage doors in. Nearly 200 people were evacuated to a local school.

    Several callers to local news media described what sounded like an extended explosion, speculating that it sounded like a gas line had given way. Others said it sounded like an airplane crash, but it looks like it was a gas explosion. Local officials from the gas company were on scene and investigating. No cause is being ruled out at the moment. Additionally, two or three dozen houses were damaged by the concussion of the blast. Pictures of the inferno and the aftermath are everywhere on the net.

    Debris and insulation from the houses was raining down, two miles away. People in a small town 20 miles away felt and heard the explosion, too.

    The community began bringing in emergency supplies of food, clothing, baby formula, etc., that same night. Sending out prayers on everyone’s behalf,


  13. I thought the dog was real. Oh my. I would love that. Funny story. I had a real-life looking golden retriever (about the same height) stuffed toy I bought at Toys R Us. I was carrying it under my arm as we headed to the car. All of a sudden this man yells, “HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Then he started accusing me of animal abuse, that I should not carry a dog that way. I burst out laughing, saying, “It’s not real!” The relief on the man’s face was quite evident. We laughed together at the car for quite awhile.

    Captain Crunch ice cream might actually be pretty delicious.

    And go Snow Monkeys.

    I hadn’t heard about the stuff in Indianapolis. Very sad. Glad you are okay @fortheloveofbeckett

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