Me know, me know.  You expecting monster to say dis movie be SUPER.  Or mebbe INCREDIBLE!  But me not so obvious.  No, monster more unprediktable den Lindsay Lohan at one of Oscar de Grouch’s Hobo Hoedowns.  What me WILL say is dat monster pleasantly surprized by how much me enjoy dis movie considering it be written by Big Bird’s cuzin, Brad.  After all, creative writing not exaktly run in de family, someting you would know if you happened to read Big Bird’s poetry collection, Remembrance of Things Passed (in which he reflekt in rhyme on stuff he ate de previous day).

Movie begin wit our hero, Mr. Incredible, as he try to fight crime while trying to shake pesky sidekick who want to hang wit him.  Remind monster of Elmo dat time we go on fake bachelor party for Grover who pretend his bride run off wit best man so he can get sympathy lap dances.  Remember dat night?  We had to check Elmo at door of strip club and, later, when go to pick him up, turn out someone already claim him and we left wit some guy’s fluffy crimson foulard instead?  Good times, good times.

Anyway, Mr. Incredible lose de sidekick – but also lose his job becuz he cause too much collateral damage.  And so, he enter superhero relocation program…

Years later, we find Mr. Incredible and he now settled down, married Elastagirl and have tree kids: Dash, Violet, and Jak-Jak.  He spend days at insurance company, working for crabby boss.  BUT at night, he get together wit best friend, Frozone, and fight crime – even tho he not supposed.  (Shhhh.  Pleaze don’t tell.).

The Incredibles be a great family film dat offer terrific life lesson for kids like importance of family values, honesty is best policy, and sometime it okay to be de shit out of your boss if he be a complete asshole.  Which Mr. Incredible do – and get fired.  🙁

He so ashamed he not tell wife.  Instead, he take job fighting robot on remote island.  However, it turn out remote island robot fighting job be not quite what it appear (Always de case.  Monster learn dis de hard way last summer).  Mr. Incredible captured on island by inventor of robot, supervillain Syndrome who turn out to be…annoying sidekick from earlier in movie!  Dis be another important lesson: Always be nice to weaker people becuz, someday, dey could be supervillains…or in charge of cleaning out your bed pans after horrific clown car crash.

Fortunately, Elastagirl not very trusting of husband and track down his whereabouts.  Wit help of Dash and Violet, she crash island.  Fantastic action sekwences ensue!

Turn out Syndrome have master plan to unleash super robot on city, den sweep in and save de dey.  But he only half successful.  Unleashing go okay but sweeping in and saving part need a lot of work.

Luckily, Mr. Incredible and family, wit help of Frozone, chip in and save de day, destroy robot, defeat Syndrome, and save baby Jak-Jak.

Lots to like about dis movie.  It fast paced, fun, very funny, and clever. It poke fun at superheroes by celebrating de genre instead of belittling it.  Aktion sekwences are eye-popping and very entertaining.  And, most importantly at end of day, dis movie have a lot of heart.

And esophagus, liver, and even some spleen.

Verdikt: Dis movie be fantabulous!

Rating: 9.5 chocolate chippee cookies!

38 thoughts on “October 1, 2012: The Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes! Cookie Monster reviews The Incredibles!

  1. “Rating: 9.5 chocolate chippee cookies!” ??

    Wow, guess I’ll have to watch this sometime, thanks Cookie Monster. 🙂

  2. You are early today!
    I have nothing to say– I don’t read comics, I don’t watch most of them when turned into movies (okay except batman/superman/spiderman). But I am concerned that you have been a bad influence on my daughter who is now showing scary interest not only in comics and graphic novels (well that I can partially blame on Neil Gaiman) but now anime. Though she was disturbed by one she watched last night which even for anime was a wtf moment. I have to ask her the name and see if you’ve see it, lol.

  3. Okay it was one of the Fullmetal Alchemist where the guy with his wife and daughter. Do not want to detail in case someone wants to see it that hasn’t.

  4. *grabs left-over half-cookie and eats it*

    I think you got this one right, Cookie Monster. I may have liked this movie more that LJ Boy and LJ Girl. But you forgot to mention the music! Amazing soundtrack! 🙂

  5. Completely agree with your rating, Cookie. We love that movie here! Hubby can quote all the good lines from it.

    Have a great evening!!!!!

  6. G’day Joe

    Love The Incredibles. One of best from Pixar. Great review as well.

  7. Isn’t this the one where Linda Hunt basically plays the same character she does in NCIS:LA? I love her! Her Oscar for playing a man was SO deserved. The Year of Living Dangerously played it seriously unlike Dustin Hoffman’s caricature of the same in Tootsie

  8. So Cookie, if this movie has heart, spleen, esophagus, etc., could you say it was “offal”? Ha!

    I actually totally loved this movie too. It was everything that a Pixar movie should be. Heck, that ANY movie should be. It was clever, funny, dramatic, logical (within its own universe) and just downright charming not to mention the great moral lessons that you mentioned. Oh, I guess I just mentioned them. Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to screen it this weekend, but I remember it clearly.

    I am, however, starting to think that you need to stop hanging out with Grover. That muppet seems to be a bad influence. I wonder what became of Elmo, then? Probably living the high life as some stripper’s boa at a club in Vegas.

  9. @Cookie:

    Thanks for the review Cookie. The Incredibles has been the favorite DVD of my family for a long long time. We loved it so much that we had to re-watch it tonight…including the special feature “Jack Jack Attack!”


    I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom two years ago, and I still think of her often (and I’ll probably always will). You and your family are in our prayers.

    Sorry for the light commenting…it’s been a little crazy here. Mini-foodie tours (thanks to Sylvia and Eileen!), buying a used truck, working on my new (used) truck, emergency engineering work on a customer’s software build this weekend, and of course preparing for my flight to Vancouver tomorrow. And that’s all since Friday!

    @gforce (yesterday):

    Looks like you had fun! Too bad we’re passing each other. Maybe a raincheck? Unfortunately, this is likely my last visit to Vancouver this year, since I have go to Milan (and Naples and Sittingbourn, UK…et cetera) next month. I’m hoping that I don’t have to go anywhere in December; I’m starting to get road/air weary. Now I need to put together some restaurant venues for my visit this week…any suggestions?

  10. Wow, Cookie, 9.5, wow, now I want a cookie. I remember watching this movie, it was fun. And never try to keep secret from (superhero) wife.. thanks.

  11. Ahem. “Honey where is my super suit? HONEY WHERE IS MY SUPERSUIT?” “Why do you need it?” “WOMAN! WHERE IS MY SUPERSUIT????”

    Ah classic. One of my favorite animated moves. Great pace, funny for adults and kids, great soundtrack. I really wish they’d make a second one (as long as its still good…)

    Dang it I wanted the rest of that cookie!!!

  12. Hi Joe
    I received my script today 🙂 Thank you so much and thank “Richard Woolsey” too! I love it!

  13. the incredibles is a good movie. of course i can’t look at a caped superhero now without thinking about how capes are not all that good for superheroes.

  14. @ Maryanne/Chev – I’m so very sorry to hear about your loss. My deepest sympathies! {{{hugs}}}


  15. @ Cookie Monster – 9.5 cookies? Really? REALLY?!! This movie is INCREDIBLE! It IS the perfect superhero movie! It is a 10! A TEN, I say!!! All the others pale in comparison…even the one with the pale, long-locked hawt guy. And THAT’S saying a lot, coming from me. 😉


  16. I’ve been re-watching this movie constantly for years (I have kids). It is a great movie, too perfect. It inspires writer-types to point out why it’s perfect and that ruined it for me.

    I can’t see an entertaining marital spat, I see, “yeah, husbands and wives arguing is supposed to be full of subtext. Writers done good.” Oh, and want to ruin the life of a movie-lover? Explain what a mid-point reversal is.

    There’s nothing worse than a major clue for what happens next in the story being glancing at the timer on your own DVD player. Was the revelation of Buddy’s grudge the full reversal? Nope, that was too early. The DVD player timer says don’t be surprised if there’s a discovery in the cave.

    Carl Binder wasn’t the writer-type who ruined it for me, but he tweeted his admiration for The Incredibles right at a time I had hope of remission from how ruined it was and that caused a relapse.

    I can’t point out anything that was great without reverting to my rant.

    When technology allows, I’ll have the relevant parts of my brain lobotomized so I can enjoy this movie the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Then, I’ll update my review (if I can remember).

  17. @JeffW: I know! So close! It won’t be until next year that ill be there either. I’m pondering taking a trip to the Yukon next year, so Vanc may be part of the itinerary.

    I can’t remember the name of the Chinese place that we went to, but my experience with it was excellent. It was on Broadway (I think?) very near to Kingsway. It was quite close to a taco place called La Taqueros (or something like that) which I understand is also excellent.

  18. @ Joe & JeffW–Any chance of the three of us (five with Husband & Akemi) getting together Tues. evening, Wed., or Thurs. afternoon /evening? Husband & I fly home on Friday.

    (For the rest–Yep, we’re visiting Van again.)

    @Cookie–I can agree with you on this one. I actually saw it–once it got to the small screen.

    (((@Chev)))–An extra hug to follow up my Twitter message.

  19. Hey, Cookie!

    What gives? Today when I saw you walking outside the Halloween Store, holding a cardboard sign advertising their costume sale, you wouldn’t even talk to me ..and acted like you knew nothing about “Super-Movie of the Week Club” reviews or taking over Joe’s blog every once and a while. I was just trying to get a sneak peek of how you were going to review ‘The Incredibles’ but you totally dissed me and hurriedly walked away fact you acted more like a scared teenager that was approached by an adult thinking they were an actual talking puppet than the cookie-ingesting movie-reviewing monster you claim to be. Me thinks maybe you have a doppelganger trying to sully your reputation.

  20. The blog ate my comment.
    Akemi is doing fine with her pronunciation – purrrrrfect.

    @Maryanne. Very sorry to hear of your loss. BIG HUGS!

  21. Joe: Missed Sunday’s blog so couldn’t respond until now when I just read it. You are so mean tormenting poor Akemi with English tongue twisters…are you going to get her to say the rest of it? Heh Heh Heh.

    Just an FYI: After reviewing the numbers for all of our interviews at WormholeRiders, you, Mr. Mallozzi, hold the crown for most downloads after the interview at over 40,000. Just thought you’d like to know.


  22. @gforce:

    I can’t remember the name of the Chinese place that we went to, but my experience with it was excellent. It was on Broadway (I think?) very near to Kingsway. It was quite close to a taco place called La Taqueros (or something like that) which I understand is also excellent.

    Was it near La Taqueria on West Hastings maybe? I’ve eaten there (customer choice). I’ll see if I can figure it out from Google Maps…thanks!


    I’m flying in today (Tuesday) and because it’s a business trip for me, I’m mostly available in the evenings, except for Thursday/Friday due to a customer dinner (which hasn’t completely firmed up yet). So tonight and Wednesday night are open for me. You can contact me at the Sutton Place Hotel under the name Jeff Wilson after about 3pm.

    I leave on the Sunday this time, so I plan to try to take in a day tour or a walkabout on Saturday…I haven’t planned that part out yet.

  23. @Chev–So sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts are with you.

    I first saw The Incredibles with my nephews, who were kids at the time. I enjoyed it, but when I saw it again years later with other adults I realized how brilliant a movie it really is. One of my favorites.

  24. Ah, I remember that movie. I loved it, and my oldest son was terrified. He was the one who thought Clifford was too scary because the dogs hurt each other’s feelings. He’s 13 now. Yeah, we don’t have those kinds of discussions anymore. Sniff, sniff. How time flies.

  25. Great chocolate chip cookie rating, Cookie Monster! Completely agree! I loved The Incredibles! I hope the follow-up sequel will be on the same Par(r) What? I couldn’t resist! 🙂

  26. Hello there,
    I am back to work after 3 weeks of vacations in the woodlands north-west of Québec City.
    “The incredibles” what a good movie !
    Yes I am still there reading your blog every mornings!
    Have a nice day, sir.
    I mist a very good sci-fi show. Thank you for your days of SGA past.

  27. @das: he’s a cookie monster–I’m sure he just had to eat that last half cookie….(addiction issues)

  28. @ BiloBella&Kasper – I hope you’re right. My biggest fear is that he’s saving that half for TDK. 😛


  29. Yes, I agree with Cookie on the 9.5. We’ve always loved The Incredibles. Our favorite line is “No Cape”. Did Cookie see the movie short that came with it? Jack Jack Attack is hilarious too!

  30. Joe, someone (you) should produce a sci-fi tv show based in the Firefly universe. Follow a different, but similar, ship/crew. Occasionally run into some of Firefly’s core characters, etc.

    People would eat it up.

  31. Nothing bad to say about The Incredibles. It’s damn near the perfect superhero movie. At the time the movie came out I was working with a guy called Bob Parr. We had a lot of fun calling him Mr Incredible.

    Brad Bird is great. He wrote and directed The Iron Giant which flopped at the cinema but is actually one of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen.

    There is talk about The Incredibles 2 but nothing definite. Now that Pixar seems to be mostly a sequel factory maybe it’ll happen.

    @JeffW: If you’re ever near Bath while in the UK let me know. We could meet up for a coffee.

  32. @ Tam Dixon – The Jack Jack Attack is great! 😆

    I love the No Capes line – ever since I just shake my head in dismay every time I see a superhero in a cape. Have they learned nothing?! Another favorite line is “IncrediBoy?”…but it must be said in Bomb Voyage’s voice (which Mr. Das does quite well!). 😀


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