Watched an infuriating report last night on Marketplace that detailed the string of pet sicknesses and deaths purportedly linked to two dog treats manufactured in China: Waggin’ Train Dog Treats and Milo’s Chicken Jerky treats.  I say “purportedly” because, even though many dogs have gotten sick and, in some cases, died after ingesting these treats, no direct link has been found that proves that they were the cause of the illnesses and deaths.  And, without a smoking gun, despite the massive coincidence, NestlePurina is in no hurry to pull these treats off store shelves, even as a precaution.  Meanwhile, the slow-as-molasses FDA is apparently looking into the matter.

In last night’s report, an independent laboratory analysis revealed a mysterious, unidentifiable substance in the treats that are suspected of sickening/killing some of the dogs profiled.  Furthermore, we were told that individuals sent to observe the treat-making process at the factory in China encountered resistance and suspicious and doctored data.

You’d think that companies like the Del Monte Corporation and NestlePurina would have the interest of their consumers at heart but, it would seem, they’re more concerned about their bottom line.  So what can you do?  Beside avoid Waggin’ Train Dog Treats and Milo’s Kitchen treats?   Well, I for one will be avoiding ALL Del Monte and Nestle products from now on.  That’s a start.

Also, head over here and sign a petition to get these treats pulled from store shelves:

Nestle Purina: Recall Chicken Jerky Treats Made in China

Restore Our Trust! Take Dangerous Dog Treats Off The Shelves.

Or, even better, sign a petition that would require Waggin’ Train Treat President, Nina Leigh Krueger, to actually eat her own product.  Lots of spin going on at the company facebook page: Waggin’ Train Dog Treats

An interesting exchange:

WT, I’d like an answer to ONE specific question. I could not get it from your customer service team, and I’m sure I won’t get it here. I don’t want a canned response copy and pasted from some script or FAQs. I want an organic, genuine answer.I’ve read on MULTIPLE news sources, an article from 8/22/12, that your company REFUSED to allow the FDA to inspect and test your product in an independent facility. Why?

  • Waggin’ Train Dog Treats @ Joshua- On August 15th, the FDA posted information regarding their April inspections of several Chinese facilities that manufacture chicken jerky treats for dogs. The FDA stated: “the inspections provided valuable information on the firms’ jerky treat manufacturing operations. The FDA found no evidence that these firms’ jerky pet treats are the cause of pet illnesses in the United States.” We continue to cooperate fully with the FDA and its investigation. Also, we’ll give you a call this evening to discuss. Thanks again.
  • Terie Vass That isn’t exactly true WT. The FDA stated that the CHinese government, who pretty much owns your contracted facilities in China (JOC Great Wall) would not allow the samples to be returned to the USA for testing, and said CHinese labs would only be allowed. The FDA investigators declined, and did not return with samples. How clean your factories are is NOT the issue really is it?? It’s WHAT is added to the chicken and WHAT the chicken was fed and you know it. How long can you keep the corp straight face without laughing, because you know what it is. The FDA has pretty good idea too, just can’t prove it. What will you say when they do prove it without a doubt? OOPS, our bad??
  • Terie Vass People need to research and see who actually MAKES these. Purina doesn’t own the factories in China. A HUGE part of the problem I’d say.
    September 10 at 12:24pm · Like · 1
  • Waggin’ Train Dog Treats Hi Terie – Just circling back with you. Our treats are made in facilities in China that model U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for quality and safety. We ensure these facilities remain under strict safety and sanitary guidelines and are closely monitored by our quality professionals. All finished product lots are tested to ensure the safety and quality of our treats.
[Note how Waggin’ Train Dog Treats DOES NOT respond to the specific charges made by this poster, simply falling back on the company line].

Grieving Pet Owners Want Imported Dog Treats Pulled From Shelves

Dog illnesses may be linked to jerkey treats produced in China

Grieving pet owners take jerky treat fight to the stores

Consumers Petiton To Get ‘Toxic’ Dog Treats off Retail Shelves

More than 57,000 consumers urge Walgreens to take dog treat off of shelves 

Death Of Dogs And Cats Blamed On Chinese Pet Treats

Lots of barking, no regulatory bite

Get the word out.

Continuing our trip down SGA memory lane…


“Who is that creepy old guy staring in through my window?”I wondered, catching the fella from the corner of my eye as he peered in through the slats of my office blinds.  Assuming he was looking for casting (auditioning for the role of Grandpa no doubt) I stepped out into the hallway to help him out.  It was only when I got a closer look that I realized that I recognized the creepy old guy.  It was David Hewlett!

He wants me to stay the hell out of his Jello tree.

The make-up department had done a terrific job of aging him up for his upcoming appearance as future McKay.  It was going to be one of those time travel episodes I loved so much, the kind that offered us a glimpse of the (albeit alternate) future that awaits our characters. Sheppard gone, Teyla and Jennifer dead, Atlantis abandoned, leaving a broken McKay to continue his work in the hope of, some day, setting it right.  And, of course, there were the fittingly spectacular ends to the lives of two (maybe three) fan favorites: Carter going out with a bang as she sacrifices herself to take out a hive ship, and Ronon sacrificing himself alongside a most unlikely ally in Todd the wraith.

The first draft of the script ended with Sheppard stepping through the gate to inform everyone that he knew where Teyla was being held captive.  At the network’s request (and it was a good one), we played out the events a little longer, actually getting them to the location before bringing down the roof – literally.

We didn’t have to go far for the McKay-Keller stroll, shooting right outside The Bridge Studios.

Distant future design.
Keeping Joe’s chair warm.
This scene required an enormous amount of sand. Getting it in was the easy part; cleaning it up more problematic.
Bam Bam substitutes for Joe during part of the sandstorm stroll.

31 thoughts on “September 29, 2012: Dangerous dog treats! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! The Last Man!

  1. Signed, signed, and pissed off. Otherwise, lovely episode, but you know? It almost ruins it when I see how the shows are made! xo

  2. Has anyone determined or speculated about what might be the offending ingredient? It seems weird that it seems so widespread. Anyway, I think it’s true that dogs, just like people, do best on good, fresh foods.

    Makeup did a great job on David. That was some believable aging – sometimes it’s carried a little too far. “The Last Man” was excellent besides that – it was another of those episodes that seems to go by in a flash.

    For some reason Bam Bam in the wig reminds me of a dark haired Andy Warhol.

  3. The whole problem is we need to do a trade boycott on chine lately its been apple juice, garlic, some industrial chemicals specifically some used as pharmaceutical ingredients if enough people get behind it we can bring safer products into our homes.

  4. Loved the episode! … But, oh, it made it hard to wait for the next season!

    I gag a little every time I see the commercials for the Milo’s Kitchen “Just Like Home Made!” treats… and I tell whoever’s in the room about the Chinese chicken and all the dogs who have died.

  5. My dog used to eat chicken jerky as a rare treat (there was speculation for a while that dogs over fed were getting sick) then he shed his intestinal lining. It was exactly what it sounds like. We completely took his diet down to the bare bones of white rice and poached plain chicken. Gradually we have added more things to his diet but have been very cautious and more informed to their sources. He also used to eat refrigerated dog food too and I had an interesting exchange with their customer service about quality standards involving their shipping and refrigeration. She basically tried to explain the science of refrigeration contrary to the actual science of refrigeration. Good luck with your dogs, I never expected mine to touch my life so much.

  6. Maddie is quite fussy about what she eats. I found a local dog bakery that makes their own, and I get her some there. She is only allow 1-3 pieces a day depending on what it is and the size of it. Will definitely sign the petitions tomorrow (or today I guess since it is after midnight). Came in to shut down & now Patrick is stirring. I enjoyed Last Man.

  7. Scary. The Chinese seem intent on destroying us via trade goods, with contaminated/faulty items picking away at us. Bad enough when it targets humans, who can notice symptoms and react. But our dogs? By the time we notice how sick they are, it could be too late. Glad you are sharing the info.
    Loved Last Man. Sacrifices across the board, as noted. And I am intrigued at the potential future hinted at during the McKay/Lorne exchange. That rather ominous black uniform, the implication not all is right with the world. I may be reading way too much into that scene, but I don’t think so. And of course, the fact that you were kind enough not only to give me the script of that episode, autographed by not only yourself, but several members of the production staff, makes this a standout episode for me. Your generosity to your fans, in your various contests, makes you Good People in a world of mediocrity.
    Anyways, yes, the big explosion was a rather annoying way to end the season, leaving us wondering who was hurt, or even killed. You have no idea of how long that last week of waiting for the start of the new season was…

  8. Joe: I signed the petition as well and commented on the facebook page. Would you happen to be Baron Destructo by any chance?

    I can’t help but wonder if the Chinese are sending bad products to North America, what are they allowing through for their own people, whom they seem to care about even less? Frightening.

    The Last Man was one of my top favorites. Like you, I enjoy a great time travel story. I’m also partial to end of the world stories as well. I guess it’s because I like to see what other writers envision for the future – technology, challenges, etc.


  9. Regarding the Chinese, keep on mind that they will generally provide stuff whose quality is based on whatever price point the client is going after. In the rush to get the absolute cheapest costs, there also seems to be a race to the bottom on quality. Really, it’s incumbent on the North American companies who are doing the outsourced production to specify and monitor the quality and production methods of these foreign contractors. If they’re turning a blind eye just to get the cheapest possible price, the responsibility rests with them.

  10. Last Man was a good episode. And the cliffhanger at the end….well, let’s just say I was waiting for the beginning of the next season with bated breath.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  11. Quick thought, Joe, on reading the comments extract you cut & pasted into your blog, as below:

    “Our treats are made in facilities in China that model U.S. Department of Agriculture standards for quality and safety. We ensure these facilities remain under strict safety and sanitary guidelines and are closely monitored by our quality professionals. All finished product lots are tested to ensure the safety and quality of our treats.”


    – ‘model’ does not equate to identical. There’s no info on which standards and if all of them, as would be in US; or the prime area of closeness of required standards, as priority; or those where there are more ‘differences’ for whatever reason.

    – ‘remain under strict safety and sanitary guidelines’ does not say what these guidelines cover, ie general H&S or are scoped to cover the constituents/manufacturing process itself.

    – ‘closely monitored by our quality professionals’, but who exactly, where are they based, how are they engaged (staff, agency contract, freelance, US, local, local govt approved service supplier list only, etc). ‘Our’ can mean many things and still be legitimate by not being someone else’s person giving their results, like copying you in…But is the standard/lack of bias the same as would be in US? Would hope so, of course.

    -‘tested to ensure the safety and quality’ – same tests? standard tests? as would be done if made elsewhere? And, as it is finished products that are tested, and in lots, then are there any tests for ‘safety and quality’ done during the process and for constituents prior to addition during manufacturing?

    Generally, the answer would indicate that everything is okay, fine, normal and standard. Therefore, it would be further of interest to know if the products are identical to others it has, or had, or would get made, in the US or EU. If so, and obtainable, then there are products to cross-check against. If not…then what would be the differences and why.

    None of these points are to suggest a problem exists, but are merely compare and contrast-type questions to parse aspects of the situation, and information that might be helpful to the process.

    It would also be interesting to know if the plants in China make only those products or do they supply others to these firms or other firms.

    Your blog only mentions illnesses in pets in US, and notes no proven direct link or causation to the treats, although further notes there were efforts by US authorities to get info in China. Not being in US, and have not seen the TV prog, I wonder then how, exactly, the threads of this info have come into the media and public sphere – from who, and how, irrespective of its T/F aspects. Also wondering if there are issues around such illnesses being seen, or have been seen, in other countries.

    best, P

  12. I feel the need, not to defend the companies you named, but to point out a bit of logic that the “brand horror” media ignores. It is NOT any brand. Those brands have the MOST cases because they overwhelmingly SELL THE MOST PRODUCT. ALL COMPANIES using China chicken are risky. All of them. PLEASE, buy only products made in the USA or Canada or a trusted European country until this issue is solved. When people, including you, name brands, you give people the idea that OTHER brands are safe. THEY ARE NOT.
    As for smoking gun… sadly this is not news… other countries already found it and that they didn’t find a cause BUT the issues decreased when the products pulled tells you something:
    >>>An outbreak in dogs of acquired proximal renal tubulopathy, also known as Fanconi-like syndrome, appears to have ended in Australia since two different kinds of dog chews and treats were pulled from the market.

    The kidney conditions, sometimes fatal, were associated with the feeding of chicken jerky treats made by KraMar and grain-based dental chews made by Virbac. Analysis of both products revealed no contaminants or toxicants, however.

    KraMar pulled two products — Supa Naturals Chicken Breast Strips 150G and 110G — in December 2008, after receiving more than a dozen reports of dogs having eaten the chicken snacks falling ill with Fanconi-like syndrome.

    The illness is so called because it resembles Fanconi, a usually inherited condition in which the kidneys lose electrolytes and nutrients in urine rather than resorbing them properly into the body. Symptoms include excessive drinking and urination (polydipsia and polyuria, PUPD) and glucose in urine (glucosuria). Lethargy, loss of appetite and vomiting also are common.Dr. Linda Fleeman, a senior lecturer in small animal medicine at the University of Sydney who treated some of the dogs and has tried to track down the cause, reported that 99 dogs that were fed the Supa Naturals Chicken Breast Strips had confirmed cases. They acquired the disease between August 2007 and January 2008. Five of the dogs died (some through euthanasia). For the survivors, recovery took anywhere from less than two weeks to six months.

    Once the chicken jerky products were withdrawn from the market, incidence of the disease declined significantly, Fleeman said, although a few new cases this year came up, associated with KraMar’s Supa Naturals Chicken Breast Bites, which retailers sold at a discount because the line was discontinued.

    Then in May, several more new cases of acquired proximal renal tubulopathy surfaced that were associated not with dried chicken treats but with VeggieDents, a corn-, soy- and rice-based dental chew that had been introduced in March by Virbac through veterinarians. Virbac pulled the product from the market in Australia on June 1.

    Fleeman told the VIN News Service by e-mail that she is aware of only one new case since the Virbac recall, and that was associated with a KraMar product.

    Although Virbac’s laboratory analysis of VeggieDents could identify no link to the disease, the company is keeping the product out of the country for the time being, said Stephane Wojtkowiak, a spokesman in Virbac headquarters in France. “They have not scheduled yet the return of products to the shelves as Virbac Australia is willing to work closely with the local authorities to better understand the reason of Fanconi-like syndrome,” he told VIN News Service by e-mail.

    No cases of Fanconi-like syndrome have been associated with VeggieDents outside of Australia, so the product is still available in Europe, Asia and the United States.

    The chews are made in Vietnam. Virbac has said that the product in Australia, unlike those sold elsewhere, is irradiated as required by the Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service.

    Pet food irradiation at the levels used in Australia has been linked to neurological disease, including ataxia and tetraplegia, in cats; dogs are not known to be affected. The Australian government in late May banned irradiation of cat food because of compelling scientific evidence that the sterilization process may harm cats. How irradiation may induce toxicity is unknown.

    Outside of Australia, cases of Fanconi-like syndrome occurred in the United States in 2007 among dogs that ate various brands of chicken jerky that, like the KraMar products, were made in China. Authorities were unable to identify a cause.<<<<

    Although the FDA has stated there is no company connected. Newspapers blew the stats out of the water pointing out 3 companies with the major amt of suspected related major affected dogs– but failed to know they have a MASSIVE hold of the market. Without looking at the percentages it made it seem those 3 companies have a much higher rate when in reality, without those sales to problem stats, those numbers given are meaningless. Sensationalism and bad reporting.

    Complicating the issue is that when you look at the FDA reports, most vets who reported issues also stated there could be other causes INCLUDING simply over-feeding of the treats. NO CONTAMINATION OR CAUSES have yet been proven. (I have not seen the show you mentioned)

    So yeah, I do think there is an issue or that the likelihood is high enough that I have not fed China made food since last year. But there is a difference between suspecting a problem and proving it. Some of the dogs with issues may in fact be allergic to chicken or something else going on. But I'll continue to buy USA made til we know. Because while there isn't always fire where there's smoke, there generally is. And like the Australia cited above.. they never found the cause either.

  13. Here you go– weird food choice:

    Lays lobster cheese flavored chips. LOL check out the review:

    (ps check your spam, I posted with links a biggie on dog treats and it may have been lost.. I usually try to remove the http part)

  14. I wish someone could get to the bottom of the dog food issue – we try our best for our companion animals and for the food we feed them to be poisoned is hard to deal with, how can we know?

    Last Man – Great episode! LOL at James Bamford, I think JFlan is the only one who can pull off that hair!
    – This is a great McShep episode, the lengths that Rodney went to to save Sheppard was proof to many of their great bond. (if not love, incredibly deep friendship)
    – Of course I didn’t like the McKay and Keller pair up, I see them as being friends in adversity but the relationship just didn’t click. I kind of hoped that she would suffer the same fate in the future created by Rodney in the next season and I kept waiting for signs of the illness. Sadly (for me) that didn’t happen.
    – The various endings for the characters were poignant and brave, particularly Carter and Ronon/Todd. I loved Lorne being in command but have to agree that that black uniform hinted at a dark future without Sheppard. I’ve always thought that this entire series was Sheppard’s story, his quest as it were, and how he and his Team somehow saved the world. You guys kind of took away his specialness with the gene, but there was still a very sad future without him.

  15. The Last Man. I loved seeing Ronon and Todd going out in a blaze of glory!

    re: Dog treats. That’s just scary and I just don’t understand why hate the fact that companies are outsourcing so much. And it is so hard when you are buying products to know where they are made. I have MIlkbone dog treats and Purina Pro Plan Chicken treats sitting in my pantry right now. Neither says where the are made.

  16. I can definitely understand your anger about the pet food snacks. I believe it all ties together with world views on animal welfare. People in power just focus on money. Is anybody surprised China would protect companies that sell tainted pet supplies? This is a country that killed approximately 50,000 dogs to save money giving rabies shots. It’s not just China that is guilty of bad animal welfare. American’s own territory, Puerto Rico’s animal shelter workers decided to save money and throw their unwanted dogs off of cliffs/bridges: Now see what you started? Sorry to get on a rant. I’ll sign your petition and thank you for the warnings! Yes, I know nothing has been proven but I think past behavior with these pet food companies raises concern levels.

    The Last Man: This was another favorite episode for me! I don’t usually like these back and forth, time travel story lines BUT this one was different. Great writing, great acting and great special effects!!!!

    Das: I hope you’re back to normal soon.

    Chev – Maryanne (@imwebgurl): I’m so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers.

  17. “Last Man” was another favorite episode. Makes you think about how powerful — and pivotal — the bond is in a group of people committed to each other and to principals. It’s true among friends, families, and entire nations. Individually, all of us are important. But together, we are formidable.

    I agree with Debra. The simplest and safest solution is to buy only pet food and treats *made in* the U.S. or Canada. A consumer-led embargo on all other animal products will eventually affect the financial bottom line. Then companies who manufacture overseas will make their own course correction, and once again sell products that are safe and trustworthy.

    However, as a wise someone said earlier on the blog, even “made-in-the-U.S.” food products (for people and pets) contain ingredients bought overseas. Case in point: the epidemic gluten allergy affecting 1 in 16 people, both men and women. This was not an issue 20-25 years ago, when the only factor was hereditary Celiac disease. Now gluten is often bought in Asia, where North American standards are either resisted, or given only a wink and a nod.

    Ultimately, it’s probably safest to make your own meals and pet treats at home, or support local small businesses whom you trust. Independence and self-reliance may be necessary to protect the health of our families, ourselves, and our furry family.

    Don’t want to get started on genetically altered food made in the U.S., and the battle for non-disclosure on food labeling. That’s a soapbox for another day. 🙂

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Maryanne – Chev – @imwebgurl — So sorry to hear that you lost your mom. Hope your family can find some answers as to what happened. Sending prayers for peace and strength.

  18. Since comments are already being posted for Chevron7/imwebgurl/Maryanne, I’ll go ahead and assume it is okay to do that now. My deepest sympathies to your family. Just getting to know you, I know your mother is very proud of the woman you have become. I am glad you have family there supporting you. Much love to you.

  19. I only have to say that the writers did an amazing job in this episode.

    I hope one day we can get the soundtrack created by Joel Goldsmith for the Phoenix’ battle.

  20. I loved that episode. Watching what happened to all the characters in the other time line brought a lump to my throat. And you are so right. McKay’s make up was fantastic. Someone should have got an award for it. Did they?

  21. Knowing there are companies out there that do not think twice about providing poison treats for my dog is so depressing. As long as their product doesn’t kill a large percent of the pet population they think they are okay. The almighty dollar has spoken. Don’t you wonder what they feed their pets? I had already banned all Waggin Train treats and anything from China. I will add Del Monte, Milo, and Purina products. It all makes me sick!

    The Last Man was great. Interesting seeing what had happened in the future. David Hewlett’s makeup was fantastic! Even close up it looked so natural. When McKay ended up alone, it was great to see his sister there with him. Ronon and Todd teaming up was good. Loved that fight scene that ends with both of them pointing knifes at each other’s neck or heart. “Force of habit.” Wish they did not die though. Not surprised what happened to Carter. Teyla’s death was horrible. The building falling in the end was a good cliff hanger. I could not wait until next season to see if everyone survives, find Teyla, and get Carson out of the freezer.

  22. People often ask me about food additives (what’s safe, what isn’t) and the best answer is the simpler the better. The less stuff in the ingredient list, the better. I often pickup nearly expired meat, cook it thoroughly, cut it in chunks and freeze it in smallish containers, keeping one in the fridge for treats. It actually is about the same cost as doggie treats and guess what they like better? Our household already boycotts many items from China if there is a choice, but something can carry a “made in Canada” label if the final product is put together in Canada (Costco had pineapple slices labelled made in Canada–I’d like to know where our pineapple farms are). So, it’s not always obvious!

    As for Last Man, didn’t David Hewlett say something about being worried that his wife would go into labour and he’d have to head out to the hospital in full make up??

  23. Seriously, the amount of dangerous products coming out of China is off the charts; toothpaste and cough syrup made with antifreeze killed hundreds of people all over the world, tainted pet food is killing pets – main reason being no one is checking the origin of this stuff. The poison cough syrup was mixed up by a man with a 9th grade education in China, who then sold it to Spain which sold it to Latin American countries; a giant vat of poison that was labeled and relabled. They are still finding toothpaste made with antifreeze all over the world; stores that bought that stuff are still hoping unsuspecting people will buy it so they can get their money back. I have to wonder how many people and pets in China are dying from tainted food, how many all over the world. Scary stuff.

  24. Are people really kidding themselves when they think it’s ok to buy products made in China, especially food products? Have you seen their cities? They have no pollution controls in place for their OWN AIR, do you really think they care about YOUR pets? I truly believe this kind of lax in quality and ingredients contributed to my cat’s kidney failure and subsequent death.

    Sadly, we as Americans have let this kind of thing go on for too long. We’ve been sacrificing quality at the expense of price. Apparently, that 2 cent lower price at WalMart really does matter to too many people. It’s sad really. If we showed companies that we consumers care more about quality than the absolutely lowest price product being “good enough”, we’d be a lot better off as a country. More Americans would be working to produce these better goods. THAT’S economic patriotism! Not this steal from the rich and give to the poor BS the president is spewing.

    On a lighter note, I LOVED The Last Man. I’m with you on the whole “what-if and “alternate future” episodes. It really let’s you play with the overall narrative in inconsequential ways that don’t tie you down for a season. A fun episode that everyone is still a part of, and not one of those “vacation episodes” as I like to call them, a la Harmony(seems like everyone had that episode off except for Joe and David). Don’t get me wrong, as I stated in that day’s post, I LOVED Harmony!

    I love seeing that BTS stuff, too! To me, that stuff is just as interesting, if not more, than the actual episodes. I’m able to keep the two completely separate in my mind. I love learning with how things are made(in general, not just TV shows) and I love the completeness of a finished product and it’s ability to stand apart from the how it was made.

    Neat to see that Joe plays a Baby Taylor! I’m a Taylor man myself. I’ve got 4 currently including two custom ones I had built for me. I don’t have a Baby Taylor, though, all mine are full grown. 😉

    I’ve not seen that particular model with that design on the top. Although, now after doing a little bit of reasoning…..would that actually be Jason Momoa’s guitar? Methinks that design closely matches that of his tattoo on his left arm. If that is actually Jason’s, and he did get that custom made from Taylor on his Mahogany topped Baby, that’s sweet! I knew they did custom inlays, but not on Baby’s and not on tops! That’s good to know…..(insert Burns-ian evil scheming look and finger twiddling)

    -Mike A.

  25. Sorry, little late on this one… I actually really enjoyed The Last Man. One of my favorites from the later seasons. But then, I adore a good AU. I actually went through a period where I amused myself by writing sonnets about Stargate. Yes, I am a geek.

    A hero’s loss will always leave a hole.
    A doctor now and then, the odd recruit
    Is missed and mourned, and others fill their role.
    But what if all the rest should follow suit?
    The soldier disappears without a trace,
    His right and left hands fall on worlds unmanned,
    The pioneer burns up in frozen space,
    And death too soon dissolves a love unplanned.
    A man can only handle so much loss.
    Each puncture wound tears more of him away.
    With each new grave, with every sentry cross,
    He feels his soul’s moth-eaten fabric fray.
    When such a man should strive to change the past,
    He’ll never even know he was the last.

    Don’t even ask about the sonnet pair I wrote in holding while being an extra on a show called Heartland (starring both Morena Baccarin and Danielle Nicolet–or as I couldn’t help thinking of them, Adria and Reese).

  26. Thanks for the heads-up on the dog treats. Last week I bought some treats for my son’s dog and (luckily) put them away for Christmas. Of course, they are Waggin’ Train — thanks to you they are in the trash now. Really, thank you, thank you.

    It’s hard for me to believe that your Stargate Atlantis memory lane is at the end of season 4 already. Season 4 was my favorite year. I wish I had taken time to comment more and ask questions.

    The Last Man is one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. There is something very moving about the idea that McKay could commit to a plan to put things right, and then spend 25 years implementing it. And, mostly he did it alone. He didn’t have his team, or colleagues, or even his sister to help him and encourage him. And, then he died… without ever knowing if it worked. *sob*

    I think I should buy the season 4 dvds. I miss SGA so much! It’s probably time to see it again.

  27. Thanks for the info, gotta be careful with some of the product coming out of China, they don’t have the same regulations and standards that we do.

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