Well, look who it is.  Yes, it’s my former Stargate arch-nemesis Ashleigh (not to be confused with my former Transporter arch-nemesis Tara) and her adorable pug, L’Eau.  I happened to be in Gastown, enjoying an afternoon stroll with my frenchie, Lulu, when I happened to spot our former Exec. Producers’ Assistant across the street.  The last time I’d spoken to her was – well, we actually exchanged texts a couple of weeks ago.  I invited her to lunch.  She said she couldn’t make it but suggested an alternate date.  I said great and waited for her follow-up text.  Which never came.  Clearly, she’s been VERY busy. What doing?  Well, so far as I could discern, not all that much – certainly nothing that would trump having lunch with yours truly.

Anyway, we did some catching up.  I suggested we get together for lunch next Friday.  She informed me that Friday was no good for her but suggested an alternate date.  She’ll get back to me.

Continuing our stroll down SGA memory lane…


I loved this episode for many, many reasons.  Carl Binder, Martin Gero, and I broke the story over the course of a fun-filled afternoon.  We cast the wonderful Jodelle Ferland as Harmony and she was not only perfect for the role, but perfectly prepared.  She not only knew all of her dialogue, but knew everyone else’s dialogue as well, occasionally prompting David and Joe whenever they forgot their lines.  Much of the episode was shot at Widgeon Park – a lot of early mornings and late nights – with one of my favorite directors, the amazing Will Waring, calling the shots.  It was the same location where the crew reported spotting a bear while shooting an episode of SG-1.  Apparently, when Chris Judge got word of the sighting, he refused to come out of trailer. Guess you don’t see very many bears back on Chu’lak.

Thanks to the well-wishes on the wasp sting (and Akemi’s wisdom tooth extraction).  I’m almost fully recovered (Akemi too).  And thanks for the horrific dental surgery stories (Did I mention how much that wasp sting hurt?  A lot!).

Today’s entry is dedicated to Janet’s daughter, Vicky.  Get well soon!  Today’s entry is also dedicated to the latest addition to Deni’s brood, Cody.  Also, a dedication goes out to Hero Pig.

51 thoughts on “September 20, 2012: A chance encounter! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Harmony!

  1. Glad to hear you and Akemi are recovering well! Cody thanks you for the dedication, he’s screaming in his kennel now (beditme). I don’t usually kennel pups at night, but this house has a lot of carpeting! I can walk out my bedroom door to the patio (where I am now) and can hear him in there, sounding so pathetic. I’m almost ready to take him out, but I’m determined to be strong! Of course, now Riley’s howling, too. 🙂 I pet-sit tomorrow, too, OY! Lauren’s in terrible pain, a pinched nerve in her scapula, and the doctor prescribed Lortabs, which she doesn’t want to take being pregnant. It could be a loooong night ahead.

    @Janet and Vicky: Six weeks will pass quickly(ish), hang in there!

    Have a good night, everybody!

    (Oh my, the howling…)

  2. G’day Joe

    Thanks for the dedication. Vicky says cool. She is just chillin’ watching the telly.

    @Deni – Cody looks like a handful. If the name is anything to go by, my nephew is named Cody, he is a wild child. Very gorgeous though, both of them.

  3. Not really sure what to say about Harmony, other than it was a great and fun episode. A first really, just lost for an opinion if anything.

    Anyway, sorry I didn’t have any horrific dental stories, as you can tell my Wisdom tooth experience was pretty much perfect lol.

    Best wishes to those with harsh dental experiences, not everything can go to plan and of course everyone is different. I’m sure its not nice to be in that kind of pain. Fortunate that since my Appendix surgery late 2010 I haven’t had many, if any experiences with pain, besides the figurative pain a flu causes, as in the pain the butt that it is lol.

  4. Woops meant to say 2009 there. Anyways happy to hear things are going well for some people 🙂

  5. @Akemi and Joe – glad to hear you guys are feeling better.
    Love the idea of ice cream dinner…..nice

    @Deni – would something over the counter like Motrin or Aleve help?
    Understand the not wanting to take the “heavy duty happy pills.”

    @ Anne Teldy – how ya doing?
    Hugs and sending good vibrations and freqencies.

    @Janet and Vicky – Cool, TV helps. Large comfy sitting area, remote control, and “clean snacks.” With the casts, can’t get too messy, hard to clean up.

    waves at Ashleigh!

  6. @ Janet & Vicky – OMG! How on earth did you break TWO arms? At a sleepover??! That would be my worst nightmare…especially when I need a bathroom. I mean…how…well…you know. 😛 Anyhoo…Heal fast!!

    @ Deni – PUPPY!!!! 😀 Another adorable addition to your family! Will this one show up on http://dog-shaming.com/? 😉

    @ Joey – Hero pig!! 😀 They should name him Peter Porker, a.k.a Spider-Ham (a Marvel parody character). 🙂


  7. G’day Joe

    Just wan to say a big Thanks to all the well wishes for Vicky. Doing ok.

  8. Harmony was a fun episode, but what makes it stand out to me is the ending. When the portrait was revealed, I broke out in guffaws and couldn’t stop for a good five minutes. Such a deliciously evil joke on Sheppard. Even today, watching the episode is good for at least 15 seconds of chuckling. It would have been fun to have seen that picture show up in McKay’s quarters, or at least a facimile of it. That pushed this episode up several spots on my favorites list.
    Thanks for the videos. Fun to see folks at work, and still having fun. Glad to see you and Akemi are both feeling better, and I guess Ashleigh’s pooch answers my request for doggie pics. So, hope you have a fun weekend and I’ll try not to nag the rest of the week.

  9. @ Janet – Poor Vicky! She is young and hopefully will spring right back. Wish her well for us.

    @ Deni – Congrats on your new baby! Looking forward to double the puppy pictures! He is a cutie pie!

    Loved Harmony! It is one of my favorite episodes! Jodelle Ferland was so cute and very funny. She had McKay’s number:

    “Stop speaking! You are hurting my ears!” and asking Sheppard,
    “You allow him to question you so insistently?”
    “Would it not be easier to beat him?”

    In the end, she thinks McKay saves her life, when he actually just fell on her trying to run away, and she falls in love with him. (Hmmmm, just like Keller… What are you writers smoking?)

    Thanks for the great videos of the making of Harmony. Especially the one of the lovey, the talented, Will Waring.

    Ashleigh’s dog is sooooo cute!

  10. Doh! How could I have forgotten!

    @ Ashleigh – Heya! Great to see ya! You were the BESTEST nemesis! I really miss you! (Please, keep those lunch dates with Joey…and drag him to all the raw vegan restaurants you can find! The worse, the better! 😀 )


  11. LOL, seems that Ashley is um, blowing you off. Doesn’t she care about US? Doesn’t she care that she should suck up her feelings about how (fill in the blank) you are and let US get more news and pictures of her? I miss her.

    As for the wasp, seriously if it really hurt that much and had that strong of reaction, the next time you COULD have breathing and other issues. You might want to talk to your doctor about carrying an epi pen. No joke.

    Poor Akemi. 🙁 Glad she is mending. Did you really have ice cream dinner? You could have made her some soothing soup or mashed potatoes. Warm would be fine. Unless she wanted just ice cream. 🙂

  12. Glad you guys are feeling better!!!!!!

    Also, love Harmony – what a fun episode. Rivals the best of the Hope and Crosby Road shows in my book. You guys had chemistry gold with Hewlett and Flanigan, I hope you know how much joy they have brought me over the years. And John gets to be Queen! Love love love love love!!!!! Did I say love?
    (Jodelle was the perfect brat)

  13. Hey, Joe!

    Last Sat. while watching college football, I noticed that there was a school who had a punter named CAM MITCHELL ..and this just so happened to be on the exact same day that the new Doctor Who episode featuring Ben Browder aired.


    At first I thought so too, but now I’m wondering if it was a brilliant marketing ploy by Ben’s agent. Think about it, his agent was probably training this kid to kick footballs back when Ben was on SG-1 knowing full well that he would eventually get a college scholarship to do so and waited for the exact moment for the kid to make his college football television debut on the same day that Ben would guest star on another long running sci-fi show like Who. What genius!! This week I’ll be scanning the football lineups to see if there are any John Crichtons out there to prove my theory.

  14. I agree Jodelle was wonderful, and the picture, it is probably hanging in Rodneys house somewhere in the Pegasus Galaxy. on a very large wall. or maybe Sheppard turned it into a dart board for the lunch room. Good to see Ashley’s smiling face, (and adorable pug) and its probably your vivid imagination she has been dissing you, Fridays are bad for me also, so see, pick another. Fun behind the scenes, I miss those guys. Have a great day!!

  15. Mr. Mallozzi…Please check out this new music video.

    It looks to be quite “Stargate’ish” near the start and at the end of
    the video.

    Is this one of those lost episodes of Stargate?…or is this possibly
    a look towards the future of the Stargate franchise?

    Zedd – Spectrum (Official Video) ft. Matthew Koma


    Published on Aug 15, 2012 by ZEDDVEVO

    Music video: Spectrum by Zedd (feat. Matthew Koma) (C) 2012 Interscope Records
    Video directed by Petro and featuring Taryn Manning & Derek Magyar

  16. Hi Joe:

    As I write this at 5 AM, the coyotes are howling. As you know, I live in Northern Alberta, pretty much out in the wilderness. Coyotes are regulars around here this time of year. So are moose, dear, skunk, porcupines and the occasional bear. It’s natures way of preparing for the winter – check out what is on offer from human habitation before the snow comes. You’d think that the bears would be the most dangerous of the lot, but this is not always so. Coyotes are small (about the size of an English Bull Dog), but they are very clever. One will act injured to lure your pet dog after it to an ambush in waiting. Local cats have also disappeared. Bears, on the other hand, are more interested in rummaging around for food. They go for the easy stuff like the drive-thru window at McDonalds. I guess that aroma of fried meat is very appealing.

    Also, thanks for the clips from Harmony. I still miss Stargate. It’s really the only show that I became so invested in, having watched it from the beginning, that seems like the loss of an old friend now that it’s gone.


  17. Harmony is one of my favorite episodes. LOVE the painting. If I had an extra 20k laying around, I would have owned it when it was auctioned off.

  18. Hi Ashleigh! Your dog is adorable and you look great!

    I’m glad you and Akemi are feeling better, Joe.

    @Deni: congratulations on the new addition and thanks for the pictures. Good luck with the bedtime howling – I hope it ends soon and everyone settles in.

    @Janet: I’m sure there is a great story behind those broken arms. I hope they heal quickly. My sympathy to you both!

    @das: Thanks for sharing that video and the piggy superhero names!

  19. “I have an action figure. Why don’t you play with that?” – I always wondered how the cast took having their own action figures.

  20. I liked Harmony. That was a cute episode. And glad you and Akemi are healing. I had all of my wisdom teeth out when I was in college. I was quite loopy for a few days.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  21. Anne Teldy’s lil sis

    Anne and I wrote this two weeks ago. All typos or mispellings are mine. I had hoped not to have to post this for some time, but sadly…

    Kelly Hurt, known on the Internet as Anne Teldy, passed away Thursday, September 20, 2012. She belonged to several discussion groups ranging in subject matter from books to size acceptance to her beloved Stargate Atlantis and made good friends through them.

    Those online friends rallied around Kelly when she announced on her TV.com blog her hospitalization and subsequent move to a nursing home. They sent a flood of cards and gifts, cheering her greatly during her worst times.

    Kelly’s favorite online activity was participating in the discussion at the blog of Stargate Atlantis writer/executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. Winning his “One Millionth Blog Visit” contest was the highlight of her life, she said, and she was nearly overwhelmed by the prizes: a Stargate SG-1 10th Anniversary watch and a character named after her on Stargate Atlantis. (Major Anne Teldy made her debut in the Fifth Season episode “Whispers”.)

    Kelly was preceded in death by her father Roy. Hurt. She is survived by her mother, Marlett Hurt of Newburgh; a brother Richard Hurt of Evansville; sisters Kathleen Blizzard and Kerry Siniard both of Chandler as well as nieces and nephew Heather Schoch, Tony Hurt and Leah Hurt (U.B.) of Tennesse; nieces Amy Blizzard, Kristina Orange, and Katlynn Orange all of Chandler.

    Funeral arrangements are pending at Alexander Funeral Home in Newburgh IN. In lieu of flowers, please send memorial contributions to the “Save Stargate Atlantis” Fund or the American Diabetes Association.

    Kelly wished to express her especial gratitude to Sparkle and Puppet of Madison WI as well as to Joseph Mallozzi and his blog regulars (for the love of Beckett, skgraff, das, paloosa, sulien, maggiemayday, sheryl, and everyone) for all their friendship and support during her illness.

  22. Jodelle Ferland was very good in Harmony! I looked her up on IMDB and she has an impressive resume. I really enjoyed this episode. It was fun, with snappy dialogue and the actors nailed it.

    Ashleigh just glows! It must be her veggie diet or….is she preggers? Either way, it works for her.

    Janet: I read your comment yesterday and was floored. I can’t imagine what all of you are going through right now. This is going to take a team effort. Six weeks in casts? Hang in there. In a few years (loooong time), you’ll be laughing about this.

    Deni: You have to get rid of that carpet (when you have the time/mula). Otherwise, invest in a steam cleaner. So sorry about Lauren. I hope she is feeling better today!

    Oh no! I just got to the letter about Kelly. So sad. Hugs to the family. I’ll be saying prayers for all of them.

  23. @Anne Teldy’s little sis: I am so sorry to hear the terrible news. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

    Death is not extingishing the light
    It is putting out the lamp
    After the dawn has arrived.

  24. Anne Teldy’s lil sis:

    There are never enough words to express how it feels to lose a beloved family member, everything always somehow manages to sound trite and while I won’t attempt to imagine how you personally feel at the moment, I would like to say how very sorry I am for your loss and I hope you will accept my heartfelt condolences.

    I haven’t always commented on the blog, although I have been around almost since the beginning, which means I’ve read and enjoyed Anne’s (Kelly’s) frequent comments over the years until it felt like a familiar voice I looked forward to hearing.

    You are clearly a loving and loyal sister who will be able to find comfort in all the wonderful memories you have shared throughout your lives.

    Kelly Hurt will be missed but Anne Teldy will always be remembered every time I watch SGA’s Whispers! It won’t be in sadness, it will be with a smile on my face as I think about how happy she was to win such an amazing prize.

    I know I speak for everyone when I say we are all here for you!

  25. My condolences and prayers to the family of Kelly. Major Teldy will go down in history, and I’m so glad Kelly had Stargate Atlantis and this blog to help her out during such difficult times. May she rest in peace and in harmony with the greater universe. Her adventures are just beginning.

  26. 😥

    Rest in sweet peace, dear Anne Teldy. My heart and prayers go out to Kelly’s family, friends, and all who knew and loved her. Our Major Anne Teldy, with all her wit and intelligence, will surely be missed. I’m so glad she was able to rejoin us a few weeks back, and really didn’t see this sudden decline coming at all. She seemed so full of life! I expected her to bounce back again. But she didn’t. There’s a big hole here now. 🙁

    And ‘lil sis’, a very special hug for you. {{{{hugs}}}} Thank you for being Anne’s voice these last few days. As part of Kelly’s ‘blog family’, I do so appreciate you taking the time for us during what certainly was a very difficult time for you and your family. Thank you again, and may you find some comfort knowing that Kelly really mattered to us, we cared about her and for her. In this world of internet anonymity where we rarely get to see who’s behind the name, Kelly’s personality and courage shined through so that we got to see – and to know – not just ‘Anne Teldy’, but also the very real Kelly Hurt.

    We’re going to miss you Kelly, it’s just not going to be the same without you.


  27. A big big hug to Kelly’s family. I don’t really think any word can lessen your loss, but know that I’m thinking of you. Rest in peace, Kelly.

  28. RIP Kelly. Little sis, we are so sorry for your loss and will be keeping your family in our prayers.

  29. To Kelly’s family and friends: Very sad to hear this news. My sincerest condolences. May Kelly rest in peace.

  30. Anne Teldy’s Little Sis — Thank you so much for helping Kelly/Anne stay in touch, relaying info when things took a turn, and including us in these difficult days. I know as much as Kelly loved to read, she would hate not finishing a story. Thank you for turning the last page for us.

    Sending many prayers and warm hugs for you & your dear family.

    Will try to get some adequate thoughts together in the next few days.



  31. @Anne Teldy’s little Sis:

    We’re so sorry for your loss. I only knew Anne a little from here commenting here, but she was always gracious and concerned for others, even when her own circumstances were at there most difficult. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

  32. G’day Joe

    @ Anne Teldy’s little Sis

    So very sorry for your loss. Warmest condolences to all the family. May she rest in peace.
    R.I.P. Kelly

  33. To the Hurt family and lil Sis,
    For such a wordy bunch as we are, it is very difficult to find the right words to convey our sincere and deepest sympathies. Das, Susan, JeffW, Lise, Bailey, and the others have said it quite well and I’m gonna say ditto to what they have said.

    Kelly, our Anne, was a part of our cyber lives, she is family, and she will be remembered with smiles and fondness. skgraff

  34. Joe please forgive me. I’m having a hard time getting my act together… Can you delete the above post *and* this one?

  35. @Anne Teldy’s lil Sis So sorry for your loss. Thank you for updating us. I will remember her with fondness.

  36. Joe, I hope you and Akemi are feeling better.

    Re: Kelly — I left my thoughts on today’s blog.

    Re: Harmony: It was a cute episode.

  37. I have to say Harmony was one my favorite episodes ever! Miss Ferland was perfect in this role!!! The ending was so classic with one of the most humors endings and one the most fantastic props ever created for Atlantis. The reveal of the victory tribute painting to Dr. McKay was priceless…

    I was at the LIVE auction when the massive real 8′ ft x 4′ ft painting was sold at auction for $5,400. I had to have piece of this history so I even created a mouse pad of the painting… I even made some Christmas Cards last year wishing everyone to have little Harmony in there life! =)

    Joe, I would love to send you one if you have an address I can send it too?

  38. Again, because I’ve been away for a week, I did not hear the news. I am so sorry to hear of Kelly’s passing. I never really participate in the commenter to commenter discussions that happen here, but I do read them as they are entertaining and give you a little extra peak into people’s lives.

    Thanks go to her little sister for keeping us up to date and my prayers and condolences go out to her family and friends.

    Thanks for posting those behind the scenes videos of Harmony, Joe! Not only do I love watching a tv show being made, it’s all the better when it’s one of my favorite shows, and one of my favorite episodes to boot! Harmony was fun, funny, and very well acted all the way around. Jodelle was excellent. Cute, obnoxious, precocious, entitled……fantastic acting. Love the interactions between her and McKay. Absolutely priceless.

    It seems from the vids you posted, too, that she had a thing for David. She must have loved teasing him. I love McKay’s dynamic with kids throughout the series. Awkward, uncomfortable, rude…….funny!

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