My sister’s dog is high:

Aspen apparently feeling uber-relaxed following his latest chemo treatment.  Fingers crossed it helps!

It never fails.  Every night, Akemi and I work out while watching one of the food shows, be it Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Chuck’s Day Off, Chef Academy, or Around the World in 80 Plates.  And, every night, we go to bed craving whatever dish happened to be featured on that evening’s show.  The other day, it was souffle.  Akemi had a hankering for a nice, airy, chocolate version of the dessert.  I hopped online and was surprised to discover that Joeys, a casual eatery in the downtown area, offered a chocolate lava souffle.  A chocolate lava souffle?  At Joey’s?  It sounded too good to be true. And, alas, it was.  Good, but also too good to be true.

I was expecting something like this –

But ended up being served this instead –

This isn’t a souffle.  It’s a chocolate lava cake.  It was good, but not a souffle – which is what Akemi had her heart set on.

The search continues.

As usual, I cast a wide dessert net.  In addition to the souffle chocolate lava cake, we had –

The Italian Donuts – which I found somewhat bland.
And a good apple pie topped with some terrific maple ice cream.

Joining us on this outing were my friend Marsha who was visiting from out of town with her friend Brett –

Marsha shows off her noodle something with lettuce(?).
Brett went with the fettuccine

Afterwards, we walked back to my car where I discovered some douchebag had parked his motorcycle mere inches from my front bumper.  I felt the urge to put my car in drive, knock it over, then drive over it, back over it, and drive over it again – but restrained myself because I knew that, if I did, I would be the one held responsible!  It’s like these namby pamby laws that prevent me from installing that in-car security system that delivers a 50 000 volt jolt to any car thieves foolish enough to attempt to hotwire my SUV.  I need me one of those after-market add-ons they sell in South Africa, built in flame throwers to discourage car jackers and squeejee kids.

Anyway, I was somewhat hearted because, the next day, Marsha sent me an email explaining that, after seeing us to our car, she and Brett stopped by the market.  On their way back, they came across this little scene –


The offending motorcycle being ticketed.  In retrospect, not running it over was the right choice.

Quick!  Cast your vote on The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History (and leave a comment) for a chance to win a signed script!



52 thoughts on “August 29, 2012: My sister’s dog is high as a kite! A souffle-less souffle outing! What was The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History?

  1. Oh, I hate it when a dessert isn’t what I expected especially since I don’t order them often. Thought I’d let you know too that I am finally reading Masked (Yes, I know I am very much behind the times. 🙂 ) Your story was very good. I enjoyed it.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  2. Oooh, I just thought of another moment that made me cry. In “Need”, when Daniel cries like a baby and Jack hugs him, oh my…

    We had a souffle that wasn’t a souffle the other night too!

  3. Sunday is very close to winning out in my heart; I sobbed insanely hard at it… But the method of death was really just…not good. Of course it was terrible to lose him, and the end scene with Rodney is absolutely heartbreaking, but the method of death is just so frustrating.

    On the other hand, oh my god, Hunterrrrr. I didn’t sob nearly as hard as Carson’s death, but Riley’s death was handled so well. His reactions through the episode, as well as those around him, set up for a shocking ending as Young does what only Young can do, and it also sets up a lot for future episodes as well in terms of emotional development and Young as a leader and especially the Young-Rush interaction (especially Greater Good). And, of course, the fact that personally, he was a side character that I really adored (which the kino-sodes absolutely helped with as well).

    Daniel’s goodbye is definitely also a great one. Sure, Daniel dying became a funny trope, but what happened and the introduction of Jonas just makes it really powerful.

    As for Janet…I don’t know. I understand that that’s the one that will probably win. It’s not flashy, it’s just the curves life throws, especially where servicemen and women are involved. The memorial service is a powerful scene. The whole thing was just unexpected, but in the end, it doesn’t personally move me that much, although I absolutely appreciate how it does a lot of others. I don’t have a good reason for it, to be honest.

    I’m going to vote Hunter, though it’s a difficult decision, and I expect Carson and Janet will pull far ahead in the lead.

    Also, good job at controlling your anger and not running over that motorcycle! 😛 Best not to scratch your car or have anyone sue you.

  4. I did not like to see Janet Fraser dying but this was an excellent episode. I do think that there might have been another way to make that impact without losing a character. There seems to be a common habit in many series where the shows start imploding with either the characters fighting each other or suddenly, the characters’ bosses turn against the characters. Rather than getting on with whatever jobs they have to do, they are suddenly in a position to justify their existence…. don’t like it when it happens, and it does happen with almost every series now.

  5. Damn, where is my head? Didn’t know Aspen’s getting chemo, poor baby! Riley watched the video with me and was fascinated, turning her head from side to side at the sound of Sis’s voice. 🙂 Get well soon, Aspen!

  6. I hope that Aspen eventually decided to get out of the car. It isn’t as if he is small enough to pick up and carry. I hope that the treatment works for him and helps to lengthen his life.

    Night all – it’s bedtime here in Scotland 🙂

  7. Saying goodbye to Daniel was horrendously sad. Even later knowing it was temporary the episode gets to me every time.

    Your next souffle will be spectacular. Chocolatey, airy and everything. Life has a way of balancing out. 🙂

  8. Okay, I voted for The Last Man. Obviously I’m not in this to win a script. 😛 I chose this ep because I was most attached to Atlantis characters, and seeing how things turned out for some (albeit on a different timeline) was very sad.

    Sorry I’m not much fun lately. Crazy busy, and super tired. I’m in a terrible sleep pattern – I eat dinner, fall asleep (yesterday for nearly 3 hours), then wake up and can’t get back to sleep because I’m wired (last night I was up until 4:30 am!), wake up about 8-8:30, work my ass off (the physical stuff – today I cleaned up my much neglected Japanese garden and did I quick straighten/clean of the house), go to work (the mental stuff), come home about 7:30-8pm, cook/eat, get sleepy…doze off…wake up about 10 pm, clean up dishes & tackle other chores and/or read and/or watch some tv), then crawl back into bed about 3 am-ish. So tonight I’m going to try to fight the urge to fall asleep, at least until 10 pm, then go to bed and see if that will reset my internal clock.

    The thing is, when I sleep for long periods at a time (6-8 hours) I wake up sooo crippled, and sooo tired. Takes me forever to get going. But when I sleep for 2-4 hours at a pop I feel great when I wake up, and get much more accomplished…for the first couple of days. THEN I turn into a zombie. 😛


  9. Auggh! There needs to be an editing feature on wordpress. Sorry for the spam. Just wanted to add that all paws here are crossed that the chemo works for Aspen! Going away now…

  10. I originally started watching SG-1 with my dad. I got the DVDs from the library and he watched them with me even though he had watched many of the episodes before. It got to where he would quietly hand me a box of Kleenex just as a sad moment began which sometimes made me giggle enough I didn’t need the tissues. (And yes I was nearly forty and I giggled.) He didn’t always guess what would make me cry, but he had a pretty good track record.

    He would also say “well, if that makes you cry, just wait.” I didn’t know what he meant until Daniel died. Sobfest!

    Good memories. I miss you, Daddy!

    Even so, I voted for Janet’s death. Like most of you, I knew the major character wasn’t going to die, but I thought the guy Janet was working on was a goner. I thought it strange Sam was having such a strong reaction, but I continued in my naiveté when out of nowhere, Janet was killed. Suckerpunched! I was crying so hard! And then the list of people Janet had saved, wow! I had to go with this one.

    Anne Teldy

  11. @Joe re: the motorcycle – Yesssssss! Carma strikes! (carma being the vehicular equivalent of karma).

    I must confess that I have not seen most of the SG1 episodes. I did see Threads and almost voted for it. But Jacob had lived a good life and was ready for death, so, although it made me cry, it did not get my vote.

    Unending was very melancholy, but not entirely tragic.

    The Last Man was very sad for TJ… again with killing off the medical personnel! She wasn’t a doctor, but she was the closest they had! What do you guys have against doctors!!!???!!!

    Vegas got my vote, but not entire for the Shepard moment. I also felt bad for the Wraith who was stranded on Earth and trying desperately to reach his own people. And poor, mad Todd…. that was positively Shakespearean! There was so much sadness in that one that it got my vote in the end. That, and I’m a sucker for the Wraith. And Spike was so darned hot!!!!….. Uh, anyway, I voted for Vegas.

  12. At least Aspen has more sense than most humans. Rather than staggering out and flopping around, he just….sits there. The expressions are a hoot. I do hope the chemo does the job and he goes on to live many more happy years.
    Chocolate souffle eh? I’ve made them 4 or 5 times, and so far have a decent record. The trick is the right quality chocolate to use of course, and lots of luck. I did enjoy the Master Chef cook off, and shudder to think about having to have cooked any of the things on the show last night. I mean, 21 michlin stars for just ONE of those guest chefs? and 3 souffles at the same time? Sheesh, I doubt most of the Hell’s Kitchen participants could have handled those two challenges as well as the “home cooks”.
    Looking forward to seeing how the poll comes out, as well as the rationales for those voting. Thanks for the post and I do hope you come across a good souffle soon.

  13. Aspen is such a beautiful dog, hope the chemo works. thanks Sis.
    and thanks Joe and Akemi for dessert pictures, yummy. Joe you have good friends to let you take a picture of their food. ~ and karma seems to have taken care of the motorcycle person,yes!! Have a great day!

  14. I agree with Anonymous J about the “Is it O’Neill?” teasing in Heroes. Except I was watching episodes out of order again and didn’t experience correctly, which would have been to be ticked off at being jerked around, more so by the pre-episode publicity than the in-story teases. The tease was more tolerable as part of sharing Bregman’s perspective, but the episode trailer was downright deceitful.

  15. Poor Aspen! I hope that the treatments work, too! He is one handsome dog.

    I have been tempted to try a souffle myself, but I figure it would be a waste since it needs to be eaten right away, and since I’m alone I’m not going to eat the whole thing. I don’t think. Anyway, that apple “pie” looks excellent!

  16. This was a tough decision. Ultimately, I chose Riley’s death. A close second is Janet Frasier’s followed by TJ’s ALS storyline. All of them made me cry with their powerfully emotional entanglements. Both Janet and RIley were unexpected and harsh. TJ was wrenching for her family and the loss of her skills and knowledge for their community.

    Young’s direct action ended Riley’s life, and it cost him a terrible emotional toll. It goes back to one of the reasons Young turned down the 9th chevron command. He didn’t want to make those Life & Death decisions any longer and with Riley’s plea, he was forced into it once again. After just loosing his unborn child to the Lucian Alliance and probable feelings of betrayal by Telford to be given no option but to serve a kindness to Riley, wrecked him, Rileys’ death affected more people than just Young. Riley probably never realized the importance others placed on his friendship. He was the glue that held many people together.

    Loosing Janet was terrible. I was so shocked even though I knew someone was going to die (spoilers can be the death of me) I was unprepared for the suddenness. Yes, Janet also affected many lives and I think the send off with Carter naming the people Janet saved was brilliant. Like Riley’s death it was being at the wrong place at the right time.

    TJ’s death to ALS was wrenching. Despite Young having euthanized Riley, he couldn’t do the same for TJ. She is is love, the mother of his children, it would have destroyed him much more than seeing her slowly wither away.

    There is always sadness when someone passes too soon, an anger at the waste of a life too short-lived. Our impact on others might not be apparent to us, but how you are remembered has a lasting affect on those left behind.

  17. G’day Joe

    How could I not vote for Dr. Janet Fraiser, we do share a name.

    That apple pie looks scrumptious. Always disappointing when you do not get what is advertised or promised.

    Get well soon Aspen, Beautiful boy.

  18. I’ve been saving my vote, trying to decide. I guess I’ll vote for Vegas, Solitary Man, SGA, but only because it is an awesome episode and not because Sheppard dies. Because he doesn’t!

  19. 🙁 Somehow I missed or have forgotten why Aspen is getting chemo (ie what type of cancer). Sending best wishes. What a beautiful dog.

  20. Wow Joe you really gave us some tough ones, I expected like 4-5 to pick from then you pull out all the waterworks!

    To me some of these had different impacts not all in one category for me… One I had hoped to see that actually brought me to tears one night was “Letters from Pegasus” to see and hear Torri narrate the struggles and trials and the losses they had with the flashback was one my all-time episodes to connect with how real this could be for someone.

    Jacob’s Passing was close second, becoming friends with Carmen over the years he is so much fun and the connection him and Amanda had on screen was amazing.

    I think we all knew we would see Daniel again in one way or another, but RDA was epic in his emotions of Daniel was still there and was not really gone!

    Unending and Sunday had elements we always knew in our hearts but never had the proof until it was shown to us. The deep respect respect Rodney had for Beckett and that Daniel really did care for Vala when she was not being nutcase!

    Being a SGA nut myself I loved Vegas and The Last Man. Sheppard’s selflessness, determination and pure will to do what was needed and right showed that in any reality or timeline he could pull through even if it cost him his life in the end!

    SGU was dark and we almost expected things like Rush being left behind or TJ loosing it, but Epilogue and Aftermath were some seriously shocking moments but to me in different aspect than the original concept of these shows so although I loved them not my top pick!

    In the end I had to vote “The Death of Janet Fraiser (Stargate: SG-1 – Heroes I and II). I have to say Amanda’s reaction in the SGC passage way and leaving us wondering who it was that been hurt to even the extent of the idea that O’Neill had been the one injured was pretty intense! Seeing Teryl leave the show in that was was truly the most heartbreaking for me! Even though she is brat in real life! =)~

  21. I 💘LOVE💘 your sister’s dog. So very beautiful.

    I totally get the food 🍧🎂🍰🍎disappointment. I have felt that way many times.

    Best to you Joe👔 Akemi🎀 & Pups🍦

  22. The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History:

    i’m going to have to go with janet’s death. daniel ascending is a close second.

  23. 3-words… “PARKING-FAIRY KARMA”!

    BTW, is that area “angled” parking? ‘Cause if ain’t, how far over “the lines” were YOU parked? [..just saying..]

  24. HA! I felt exactly the same way after seeing the Pressure Test on Masterchef. I don’t think I’ve ever had souffle but it looked delicious…

  25. Wow!!! The Loonie has apparently hit a new all-time low!

    (Not sure how long it’ll be before someone twigs and fixes it, but $0.0106 is quite a drop from yesterday. Good deal for tourists, though.)

  26. I know I’m in the minority here, but I voted for Jacob. While other deaths were certainly sad, they really mostly just made me mad. Admittedly, there are a number of creative choices y’all have made that I didn’t like, and when that happens, I get mad. So a lot of them weren’t so much heartbreaking as infuriating. Daniel might have been sad (since I know it wasn’t the writers’ idea), but he came back, so it’s all good. (And I did like Jonas Quinn, so even for that season there was an upside of Daniel being gone. I was always bummed we never saw more of Quinn after that [besides that one guest episode].) The alternate lives are always interesting, but I wouldn’t call them sad either. And I don’t remember who those people in the first choice are.

    So I’ll go with Jacob, because his death made sense, but it was a character I liked and who was important to the main characters. The key difference there being that I felt like the death made sense for the story in a way that felt almost inevitable (and he was already living on borrowed time), and I didn’t feel like it was a pointless way to jerk the audience around by ‘shaking things up to keep it interesting’, which is what’s usually the reason on TV when characters get killed off. But I still really hated to see him go.

  27. A flame thrower attachment…a charge giving off 50,000 volts…and I’d add a water sprinkler attachment to keep kids away. I dunno Joe, I think all of these are great ideas. In fact I know a few folk who would be happy paying for them!

  28. I’m not a dog person but if I was forced to have a dog I’d have one like Aspen! Especially if he can be as spaced as that all the time!

    I always order the chocolate soufflé if I see it on the menu (which is not very often!) and I usually always order the chocolate lava cake as well. They are not the same thing though!!!!! I make a pretty good version of both myself. The chocolate lava cake is one of the easiest deserts to make so I’m always shocked when they turn up on some posh restaurant’s menu and they charge big bucks for them! Can’t resist ordering it though. 🙂

    Still can’t decide on my most heartbreaking moment. And as I’m off to The Canary Islands for a week’s holiday this afternoon I probably won’t get to vote. Also, I just realised I’ll miss out on chipping in on Cookie Monster’s review of The Hulk. I’m still gonna force myself to watch it, however!

  29. @ Sparrowhawk – You made me sad, remembering Vegas. I shoulda voted for that one, too. 🙁 But I can blame it on being half asleep when I posted. 😛

    Speaking of which…I went to bed at 10ish, woke up at 5ish. Seven hours. Debating on going back to bed…or getting an early start. Probably should go with the early start. What woke me up was switching on CNN and seeing this:

    For those who don’t know, I have a secret crush (not anymore!) on James Carville. Yes, yes, I know, he looks like Gollum, but that’s beside the point. 😛 I am not politically inclined or affiliated with any party, but I still enjoy listening to Carville’s rants on the state of the government in this country. For those who don’t know who James Carville is, he’s a Democratic political consultant (and obviously Cajun), and married in real life to Mary Matalin (the woman in the video), who happens to be a Republican political consultant. I imagine the debates in their household go far beyond climate control. 😉


  30. (Sorry if this is a repeat post. WordPress was playing hard to get last night, so I’m trying to repost this morning.)

    This was hard! All of these are worthy winners, but I voted for Janet’s death. That episode was like a punch in the gut–even on the rare times I rewatch it, it still physically hurts me in the scene where Sam yells at the camera, and when the names of all those Janet saved is read. Great stuff.

  31. The death of Riley, Not only did I feel sad loosing Riley, part of Young also died in that scene, it always heartbreaking watching someone take a life to save them from the pain they would have suffered otherwise.

    I also think it the most powerful death I seen on stargate.

  32. Even though I voted for Meridian, which in my opinion is the best ‘death’ in the franchise, I would of chosen The Shrine as one of the saddest episodes.
    Mckays interactions with his sister and shouting for Shepard coupled with excellent acting left a lasting impression more so than most character deaths.

  33. It was a tough choice between Daniel’s and Janet’s deaths, but in the end, I voted for Janet. Daniel endured a gruelling, painful, and heartbreaking death, but at least he had the chance to say goodbye to his friends, and eventually ascended. He was given an opportunity to live on, albeit in a different fashion.

    Janet’s death was unexpected, violent, and sudden. There was no chance to say goodbye (either from herself or her friends), and she left her daughter Cassie motherless for a second time in her young life. There was no ascension. In Sam’s moving eulogy, we were reminded that Janet’s life was all about helping others, and this was how she died in the end.

  34. Sis — Hope the chemo works well for Aspen! What type are they treating him for??? He IS handsome. Did he perk up for the kitties later?

    My Samoyed girl would have to be carried out after having anesthesia @ the vet’s. One time my bro came with me, scooped her up, and dumped her front paws over his shoulder. She was woozy too, and didn’t mind being carried out like a baby. Normally she would! LOL.

  35. Awww! Poor Aspen! I hope he gets better! Also, is he sharing those drugs, because I know a couple of people who could use some serious mellowing out… *glares at dad and the employees*

    Hey, Joey (I have to bold your name, otherwise you don’t read my posts 😉 ) Firstly, you should never trust a restaurant named ‘Joeys’. 😉 Secondly, to save time and money, I would call next time and find out if the [insert food here] is as advertised, or something else. I’ve had to do that, mostly when trying to find a Cobb salad with fresh avocados. I learned my lesson when I went to one restaurant specifically for Cobb salad, and was informed their avocados were not ready yet, and then went to another restaurant and found out they used guacamole instead of fresh avocados. Grrr!

    Also, is that your sister’s voice in the video? ‘Cause if it is, she doesn’t sound nearly as Canadian as you do. I mean, she sounds downright normal! 😀


  36. What a beautiful dog! Is it a Malamute or a Husky? I could never keep the differences straight. I’ll say a little prayer that Aspen’s chemo does the trick.

    The food and friends both look nice. Did they have a lava cake on the menu? It does seem like an odd mistake to make for a restaurant. Maybe the soufflé fell and they did a quick substitute? It still looks good though. The apple pie would be my favorite.

    I ordered “soft shelled crab” for the first time recently. I guess I should have asked for a description because I thought “Soft Shell” was the type of crab. I was expecting it to be flaky crab meat and not a small crab, deep fried/breaded and still having a shell. Not my favorite meal but now I know. 😉

    It reminds me of a story a friend told me about meeting her M.I.L. for the first time. It was sweet because her M.I.L. found out my friend (Dianne) liked broccoli but apparently she wasn’t familiar with that vegetable. When they sat down for dinner, Dianne was surprised because her M.I.L. cut the tops of the broccoli (threw them away) and cooked the stems instead.

  37. Aspen’s such a pretty dog! I’ve always wanted a “snow dog”, particularly a Malamute. But a Husky or an Akita would be just fine, too. Every one I’ve met has been super sweet and friendly(mainly thanks to the owners) and they all have such beautiful coats. I know I’m mainly a Beagle guy, but there are so many other great breeds out there, I’m afraid if I ever had the place big enough to put them all, I’d have about 16 dogs!

    As for the poll, my vote was for Dr. Fraiser’s death. Of the episodes you listed, that one was the most shocking and heart-wrenching for me. She was such a stable in the SGC and it was so sad to see her go. Cute as a button, too! I love the memorial scene, too. Those military memorial services always get me choked up. Such a great episode. I loved how the documentarian is woven into the story deeper and deeper and by the end, his whole disposition and demeanor have changed because of her death. Fantastic work.

    Riley’s mercy killing was crazy. So many thoughts and emotions going at once. I didn’t know if I was sad, angry, upset, or understanding of the whole thing. I think I feel something different every time I watch it.

    Thanks for not including Gauntlet in this poll. I’m glad the distinction has been made in that respect. Furthermore, in the future, another poll you could do is for the Most Emotionally Moving Scene in SG franchise history. Like when Daniel visits Jack in Abyss. For me, this episode is easily one of my top 5 episodes of all time for the franchise. Jack and Daniel banter at it’s best and yet we see how deep their friendship really goes by episode’s end. This episode also reinforces the idea that SG1’s main focal story was ultimately a story about the relationship between Jack and Daniel, not Jack and Sam or any other focus other people have suggested(another great episode that conveys this is Menace).

    So much great stuff to go through! Thanks again, Joe.

  38. Aw, Aspen has beautiful eyes. Maybe he just needed a blanket and pillow so he could nap in the car. I’ve been that tired, so tired you could just sleep on a bus, plane or in a convenient ditch.

    Oh, you mean a really sad Stargate moment. My first thought was Varro having to leave the little girl for her own safety, but goodbye to Carson is sadder. It’s not that I don’t love Carson but have ya seen Varro? Mm hm.

  39. Joe – I’m getting braver!! Lookie what I snapped a picture of just now (in the shop yard):

    Granted, the ruler was attached to a length of metal, and I zoomed the picture in so I really wasn’t that close, but still! I did it, and without losing any bodily fluids! Damn thing gives me the heebee jeebees big tome, though. I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest spider we have here in Jersey, and this garden spider is bigger than any I’ve seen in ages, maybe in forever.


  40. Sending along best wishes to Aspen and family for a speedy recover and many happy days to come.

  41. @Tam Dixon:

    I’ll take your soft-shelled crab! (As long as it’s not a papershell). I like to nibble the legs off before going for the carapace 😉 Sorry (well only a little bit) to the vegetarians out there, but crabs are my weakness.

    I’m almost done fixing my smoker…I had to strip the silicone insulation off of the control board and resolder the LED connections (now working). Next up is repairing the heating element (the spade connectors are completely corroded and I will need to cut them off and replace them with screw terminals).

    The good news is should have it wrapped up on Friday, so it’s smoked fat back, country ribs, and picnic butt for Labor Day! Yeah!

  42. This seems to be a topic of discussion online, and on twitter.

    When you think people couldn’t get anymore disgusting and vile, you see stories like this. These poor cats were tortured and abused, and had their eyes gouged out by some disgusting bastard(And I don’t use that word much). Just really. How can someone be so evil?

    What do you think Joe? Personally I would cheer if the person who did this, ended up shot somewhere.

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