Had dinner last night with Steve Barron who is in town to direct the miniseries Paul and I are writing.  Among the projects Steve has in the works is this intriguing hopefully-soon-to-be-series called Slingers:


Some news of note:

Enjoy your swim!  Swimming Pools Are Public Toilet Bowls for Many: Survey | Healthy …

The medical term is Acute Trumashowitis: ILLNESS: People believe they’re stars of own reality TV programs…

14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People.  This one’s my fave:

June 3, 2012: News Of Note!
Eminem loves Alf. And birthday cake!

Would you like some wood pulp with that pancake?  No?  Too bad.  The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You

Tough love! Man abandons daughter over bad grades

Remember to finish up watching The Shadow.  Tomorrow, guest reviewer, Cookie Monster, weighs in with his thoughts when our Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes!  You can brush up on past reviews here: Film reviews by resident film criti…

23 thoughts on “June 3, 2012: News of note!

  1. Speaking of movies, caught Men in Black 3 recently. Although I thought the movie was VERY good, the 3D was terrible, if I wasn’t with company I likely would of just walked out and caught the 2D screening, so I didn’t have to wear the glasses(Which in themselves were pointless as there wasn’t much actual 3D) lol.

    Anyway am looking forward to your post announcing the name/details of the mini series you’re writing about Joe. Been waiting since SGU for something new to watch from you and Paul.

    Speaking of that, what’s going on with The Transporter, do you know?

  2. Slingers looks interesting! I’d have to watch an entire ep to tell if it’s something I could get into, but it’s probably not airing here, or on some channel I don’t even get. 😛

    Swimming pools – I gave up on swimming pools a long time ago. Won’t go near one if there’s kids in it. Those little orifice-oozing buggers are disgusting! But adults can be bad, too, especially the nose-blowers. Blargh. 😛

    I remember when I gave up on pools. It was on our honeymoon, and Mr. Das and I had this private pool at the place we were staying. It was nice. 😉 But at the same time I realized that getting in a small body of water with other people was just like taking a bath with them, and I haven’t been able to do the pool thing ever since. I’m cool if it’s just Mr. Das, or perhaps a close family member like my sister, but I just don’t want to be that ‘intimate’ with the bodily fluids, open sores, and sloughed-ff skin of strangers.


  3. “this intriguing hopefully-soon-to-be-series called Slingers”

    Well it looks awesome, so whatever network picks it up will certainly cancel it before it is supposed to end. 🙁

    My advice is that once anyone gets approved for a new series, make certain to put in the contract that one or two of the first season’s episodes be dedicated and made for filming an official ending, which can be shown if/when a series is cancelled prematurely later on.

    Doing this will at least make all of us fans not as angry and upset that one of our favorite series was cancelled without an official ending being made and shown, i.e.: Universe, Sanctuary, Sarah Connor, Battlestar Gallactica, Alcatraz, need I go on…? 🙂

  4. The whole celluse thing is why i avoid buying pre-shredded cheese at the grocery store now. That’s all i used to buy. Just look at the ingredients list and you’ll see mention of cellulose for anti-caking on most shredded cheese.

    Now i just buy the blocks and shred my own with the food processor. My food looks and tastes better now.

  5. You just couldn’t help yourself posting that swimming pool link, could you? Sure, I might get ecoli but my eyes are not tortuous. I’ll be thinking of you while I’m swimming my mile of laps in the morning. I’ll be nice and cool while you’ll be sweating away on your treadmill. 🙂

    Slingers looks great! I like the camera angles (don’t know the technical name for interesting camera scenes in the opening). I hope the series goes through. We could all use a good new show!

  6. So I wasn’t prancing around my kitchen between cooking steps yesterday for no good reason. I was performing for a reality show. No, that doesn’t sound better. I’ll go with no good reason, but I feel much better about it now thank you.


    But Alf is stoned on that shirt.


    Abandonment of teenagers is a common problem across all social classes. I’m surprised the case is getting attention. What it’s supposedly over isn’t the whole picture.


    It feels like I’ve seen that trailer before or maybe a more basic version of it. I can’t figure out how I would’ve stumbled on it. I’ll just assume I googled “heist on a spaceship” for kicks.

    Joe, you’ve mentioned you like heist stories. Are you involved in this in some way?

    Thoughts? Well, you asked. And keep in mind I represent the extreme of it being hard to get my attention so don’t consider my opinion a representative cross section of anything significant.

    I was a little interested that it’s a spaceship. I was a little less interested at “pleasure ship” because then it seems like an excuse to throw images that would appeal to the young males 18-30 on a screen and that means less awesomeness aimed at me.

    I was a little more interested that it’s a heist, but it got kinda’ slow and complicated in the middle and the kids were watching Time Bandits on another screen and this giant was wearing a pirate ship like a hat so how can anything compete for my attention with THAT?

    At the end the voice over said “they survive by stealing” and I was interested again and wanted to go watch it again. I was also confused who “they” was because the V.O. said something about “then they fight back” and I thought that “they” was security fighting back.

    So, if the word “survive” wakes me up a bit, maybe that word should be in the beginning of the trailer and posed a little like a question so I’ll be paying more attention to find the answer and a bit more relatable with a clearer POV by saying “we” consistently, so tack on “how we survive” to the beginning and speed up the middle a bit and there ya’ go, I’ll be awake.

    I’d give this show a chance. I’d even try extra hard to get hooked because of the genre. I’m worried it’ll be too complicated for me to follow while I’m changing the baby’s diaper and I won’t be able to stay caught up enough to get hooked.

    I don’t like the name. I thought it was Swingers at first. Slingers is hard to remember unless you play mmo strategy games, then you know slingers are that weak fighting unit you get early in the game.

  7. @sylvia:

    On the last post I said:

    Have you tried soaking in milk and then breading in corn meal? Seems to help with the snottyness…

    Oops. I think that came out wrong… 😳

    I was talking about the okra! I should have proof read that one better. Sorry about that! 🙄

  8. @ JeffW – glad you clarified. You had me wondering what was up with sylvia. 😉

  9. @ DP – I had a similar problem with the name, only I thought it said ‘Stingers’.


  10. Oh…really? I thought it was to help me clear up congestion from allergies or…being to crude/rude and snotty…LOL. No worries.
    My ailments are nothing that a gooooood macaron will cure in a heartbeat!

  11. Hmm scifi Ocean’s Eleven… Looks like it could be interesting. I’ll give it a shot after its renewed for season 2. I’ve been burned enough by unceremonious cancellations that I rarely watch season 1 of any new show when it airs, unless it just so happens to have great ratings for at least 4 or more episodes.

    Yummy yummy wood fibers… Apart from how they are extracted via who know what chemicals, they don’t look to be all that bad. Well up until the point the food that tastes like cardboard actually is cardboard… ie. Some here, some there is fine, especially if it is used in placed of who knows what chemicals to do the same thing. But in place of real food for no reason other than its cheaper, well that’s no good.

  12. Thank you, Joe. Thank. YOU. 😡

    Okay, so I wanted to read about the crazy folk who think their life is a reality TV show, okay, so I clicked on the link, and okay, so I read the article. That’s all on me. But YOU didn’t warn me that there was a picture of a friggin’ giant spider on that same page! 😯 Complete with article about how they invaded a town in India and killed two people! 😯 Complete with additional pictures of black, leggy monsters baring fangs! 😯 Which just served to pique my curiosity, which lead to me doing a news search, which lead me to doing a google image search, which lead me to doing a heebee jeebee dance right here in my seat! 😯 😯 😯

    So, thanks a lot for giving me the willies. I hope YOU have nightmares because of it. 😉


  13. Hey, SciFi Oceans Eleven is a good characterization, Migzy. 🙂
    Joe, IF the clip were something that you and Paul wrote, I’d give it a chance. (Probably not, since it’s dated 2009?) Otherwise, I agree with Migzy re: skipping the first season of *anything.*

    Am also ticked at stuff being unceremoniously (?) cancelled, rather than given a chance to find its audience, *without hopscotching all over the programming schedule.* (See MASH, Cheers, ER, CSI, etc.)

    The latest peeve is the cancellation of “Awake” with Brit actor Jason Isaacs. Phenomenal writing, complex realities, fabulous cast who were always kept on their toes. Only 13 episodes, with a season closer that never revealed which, if any, reality was real, or HOW what we did see was real. No doubt it would have been explained somewhat in the Season 2 opener. BUT, never as a viewer did I feel jerked around. It was perfectly executed. I HOPE it gets nominated for a few Emmys. Man… So sad it was shuttered. That would be a good DVD to have.

    And now our friendly link tells us that “Healthy Food” isn’t even food? Wood pulp, pink slime, dyes, artificial flavors, and real blueberries on the box only? No wonder Americans’ health is crappy. Look at what we’re eating. Gah… Ya know, maybe the whole foods people are right and I’d better join that choir. Meat, fresh fruit and veggies from the produce section, and whole grain bread we made ourselves! Sing it, brothers and sisters!

    Time to go to bed before I stomp off in a huff. 🙂 Nighty night, all.

  14. “Slingers” looks great. I’ll watch anything with Sean Pertwee in it. I’ve been a fan since I saw him in “Dog Soldiers”. The show seems a little “Blade Runner”? Where and when will it be airing?

    And when can you spill the beans on your project with Steve?

    Hope you can get the new pups soon. But I was wondering if you’re going do a meet and greet with Jelly, Bubba and Lulu first? Just to make sure they all get along before it becomes permanent.

    I think it depends on where you live on how safe Craigslist is. Here in LA it used to be ok, but I personally wouldn’t use it anymore. Too many predators out there.

    Comedy script? Y-E-S! Can’t wait to hear the details.

  15. Hey Jjoe. I saw that you made a reservation for tuesday. unfortunately I won’t be working that night. I hope you have a good time, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy the macarons.

  16. Steve Barron is pretty cool. He directed some iconic music videos in the ’80s (Money For Nothing by Dire Straits!!!) and also one of my favourite ’80s films Electric Dreams. However, he did also direct Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so, Joe, I hope you showed him Cookie Monster’s review of it!

    Slingers looks awesome however it’s been in “development” for quite a while so I hope something eventually comes of it.

    Knowing he’s the director of the mini series you’re writing makes be very excited.

  17. The show looks like it could be good – don’t really like the title though. “Slingers” reminds me of some kind of chain restaurant (“Flingers”?)

    One thing about cellulose, I don’t think it would actually do any HARM like a lot of additives, and hey, it may even add a little fibre to the diet!

    As far as public swimming pools go, as das mentioned, pee is the least of the worries.

  18. @for the love of Beckett

    I agree about Awake, it joins the list of decent shows cancelled long before their time alongside SGU.

    Wouldn’t of minded 5 Seasons of Awake and SGU.

  19. Hmm, Steve Barron? Would this be the Steve Barron who directed those music videos for a-ha? The good ones, I mean?

  20. Saw this thought i would… i mean. Look its weird but i thought you’d like it.

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