If this miniseries were a marathon, these last two legs would have been all uphill.  I’m exhausted but have passed the halfway mark and, while I forge ahead, keeping to my grueling act a day pace, Paul is following a few steps back – reading, revising and making sure everything actually makes sense. Once I complete my rough first draft, I’ll start going over his revised version, make any necessary tweaks (rare given my writing partner’s talent for solid, tightly structured narratives) and then it’ll be smoooooooooth sailing.

Until we get the script notes.

But they shouldn’t prove problematic.  While production preps, we’ll address the notes and, in no time at all, turn around a second draft everyone can get behind afterwhich it’ll be smoooooth sailing.

Unless they want us to do a polish.

One of the nice things about this one is that it’s just a writing assignment.  No producing involved.  No concept meetings, casting sessions, budget discussions, early morning calls and late night wraps, long afternoons in the editing room.  We just deliver the script and move on to the next thing – and the next thing for me will be either Vegas, San Francisco, or Hawaii.  My agent informed me we’re about to close a deal to develop a show with another production company, which is fine – provided I can do it from the beach, a black jack table, or a picnic table by a wharfside restaurant that sells oyster po’boys on sourdough buns.

OR it can wait until I get back.

Also waiting for me when I get back will be a rewrite on that horror script and some discussions on the Dark Matter front.  By the way, the release date for the trade paperback that collects the first four issues of our Dark Matter comic book series hits the stands October 10, 2012. It will include all four issues of the opening arc as well as a sketch gallery in which editor Patrick Thorpe walks us through the early character, costume and ship designs, AND a kick-ass, never-before-seen alternate cover for issue #1.

Speaking of kick-ass covers, artist Garry Brown (who was kind enough to swing by the blog and take part in a reader Q&A.  Check it out here: May 18, 2012: Dark Matter artist Garry Brown answers your questions!) runs the table by doing the honors on the cover for the trade paperback as well.  Here’s a sneak peek:

May 22, 2012: Running The Miniseries Marathon!  And The Dark Matter Tpb Is On Its Way!

Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)
On sale Oct 10
FC, 104 pages
TP, 7″ x 10″

It goes without saying that your continued support would go a long way toward helping make the Dark Matter television series (or miniseries) happen.  So pick up a copy and be sure to tell your friends!

You know what, your friends are forgetful.  Better pick them up a copy. They’ll pay you back.


21 thoughts on “May 22, 2012: Running the miniseries marathon! And the Dark Matter TPB is on its way!

  1. Awesome. I think it would make a lovely 20th anniversary present from my husband that I’ll buy just to make sure he gets the right one and we don’t have a repeat of Sunday night when I asked him to get bread at the store.

  2. Note to self: Call Dragon’s Lair S.A. in AM to see if DARK MATTER vols. 1–4 are still in stock. If so, stop by in afternoon.

  3. Marking the date on my calendar. It will be a good early birthday present.

    Three more days until the Alabama Phoenix Festival! Yeah!!

    Have a great night!!!

  4. I’d think that writing a script and not having any say in production would be difficult to do. I would want to have some sort of production role to make sure the feel/mood of my script stayed intact. Or is this one simply just a job for you without any emotional ties to the work?

  5. Oct. 10th is my husband’s birthday. I asked him if he wanted the trade paperback for his birthday. I think he saw through the ruse.

    Does the Dark Matter trade paperback have the same coloring as the four comics?

    7X10 – is that the standard comic size?

    So, the trade paperback has four issues, a sketch gallery walk-through, and an alternate cover – anything else? I’m greedy, I want to see the series bible, too.

    the trade paperback that collects the first four issues of our Dark Matter comic book series hits the stands October 10, 2012

    What are “stands” exactly? Where do I find these “stands”? Are “stands” the staging area where they prepare the mailings at Amazon?

    How does one pre-order the trade paperback? From within the U.S.?

    When will pre-order be possible?

    Will this volume be available for download?

  6. Trade paperbacks are really nice little “books”. I would have preferred to just get that, but because I could not wait to read your story, I had to go ahead and get the Dark Matter 1-4 comics. I will still pick up the trade papaerback – just for you. I really liked that green and purple Rebirth picture in the front of Dark Matter 1. That would have made a great cover too. I love the colors. Green and purple draw my eyes in and then I sit and study Garry Brown’s drawing forever.

    I want to hear more about this horror script!

  7. I just pre-ordered mine on Amazon! Hey, you know what would be awesome? A trade paperback autographed by the artists and the authors! Maybe you could make some available as a fund-raiser for some good cause? Maybe????

  8. Oct 10th, check,,..penciled in. Have you heard anything about how many copies of the comics have sold so far? I have mine and there will be no eating greasy chips while reading them for sure, possible collectors items some day, yes autographed would be swell.
    ~Was reading that Lou Diamond Phillips is in a new series premiere on Sunday June 3rd at 10pm on A&E, its called Longmire, a western crime thriller that also has Katee Sackhoff in it as well. Looks like it could be a good one to watch.
    How are your mom and sister doing?
    Have a great evening!!

  9. Oh–oh..Joe san is using the “smooooooth sailing” words again.

    Now to follow Sparrow_hawk’s lead at Amazon.

  10. Firstly, that cover is beautiful! Garry outdid himself this time! Can’t wait for the trade!

    Secondly, I second Sparrow’s suggestion RE: autographs.

    Thirdly, not surprised about Sanctuary. I had stopped watching towards the end. I must admit to missing the edge it had in the beginning, and really didn’t care much for some of the actor changes.

    Fourthly, I think I may have finally fixed my posting glitch (where the box wouldn’t expand to accommodate longer comments, and kept reducing on me and messing with my ability to scroll and edit and stuff) by upgrading my browser. Seems I needed a ‘modern’ browser, as if the one from four years ago was something from the dark ages. I know there’s going to come a time when I’m going to have to replace the whole damn computer because everything’s so ‘outdated’. Really, I like the old stuff – it’s familar and comfy and fits me perfectly. Like that butt dent in my 22-year old sofa. 🙂

    Fifthly, mom left for Florida today to spend the week with my sister. In other words, I’m not sure who’s going to end up in jail first – me, or my dad. 😛

    Sixthly, that word doesn’t even sound like a word, and I can’t say it aloud without it coming out as ‘thickthly’. I think I need speech therapy, or something.

    Seventhly, is this mini-series for SyFy, and if so does it involve a mutant allisnarkodilerex? If so, I just might have to pass. 😉


  11. Good luck on the writing! As long as I can mail order the book, no problem! I have no idea where a comic shop is around here.
    The trip sounds cool. Is it going to be before or after Akemi’s green card comes through? I’ll keep my fingers crossed about the timing.

    Das: I’ve got the latest browser and the comment screen is messed up on mine too. Good luck with your dad.

    DP: I’ve had Amazon give me different prices for the same product, in the same day. Odd.

  12. Joe, you really seem to be enjoying the writing side of production. Do you see yourself and Paul going into the production side soon like you tried with “Transporters?” “From the beach, a black jack table, or a picnic table by a wharfside restaurant” gave me flashes of James Bond. I am sure that is not were you are going with this current mini series (who am I to know). I must be showing my age with the JB motiv.

  13. Hello Joe!

    I like to write an article (for Stargate Fusion, a French site) regarding the conduct for the production of an episode of Stargate. At the shoot more accurately.

    If you had a little time to answer me, so that we can rediscover a little about your work.

    I would just like you do me a brief summary from the beginning to the end of filming an episode basic (of sg1, sga or sgu, as you want), with anecdotes if you could!
    Thanking you in advance

  14. Good luck with your series plans Joe!

    Anyway speaking of Dark Matter and Amazon, perhaps when the option comes up, people should review the series, if you can get a few hundred people who love the comic to review, people who have never heard of it will think, hey, so many people love Dark Matter, maybe I’ll buy too, and boost it up the ranks on the website.

    Assuming you can get noticed on Amazon, you’d sell thosands no doubt.

    Love the whole collected edition of comics/manga. Sometimes I wait for that before picking up a manga book, such as buying a more expensive edition that holds several volumes of content in a hardback cover.

  15. @das: I get that weird glitch sometimes, too, and I have an up to date browser. It’s funny, though, because it is so intermittant.
    Good luck with your dad while your mom is away!

  16. @ Sparrowhawk & Tam – Thanks for bustin’ my technobubble. 😛 😉

    @ Joey – I just noticed that the Baron posted this blog entry, then I started checking older blog entries, and your name is gone, replaced by the Baron’s. So, what’s up with that? Identity crisis? Multiple personality disorder? Stolen ID? Hostile takeover? Kidnapping? Working on your Supervillain persona? Dodging bill collectors? Clicked on the wrong button? Or just seeing if we’re paying attention?


  17. Hi, Joe! I hope you and your family are doing well.

    This may not be possible, but nonetheless felt compelled to ask, can I create a shirt on Redbubble using that above Rebirth cover? The art is stellar and I would love to have it as a shirt, but I can’t find an existing one. Since its not my original artwork, this may not be possible and is breaking all the copyright codes. Also, I know Redbubble offers percentage of goods sold to the artist, in which case I thought all the proceeds can go to a charity or animal shelter.

    Anyway, thought I’d ask, because it’s too amazing to not show off on a shirt 🙂

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