I celebrated by being doubly prolific and completing not one but two acts, 25 pages, and hitting the 57 page mark.  I was conservatively gunning for 30 by tomorrow so I’m more than pleased – and, thus, won’t feel at all guilty about going out to dinner and then taking the night off to watch the Survivor finale with Akemi and Ivon.  So, who do you have your money on?  I’m rooting for Sabrina and Chelsea (in that order), with an interest in seeing much-derided Christina upset the apple cart and pull off an improbable win.  If, however, Kim walks away with the title – which seems more than likely – then Survivor: One World will officially become the dullest/most predictable season in Survivor history.

Oh, in addition to writing, I did a fair amount of research today as well. I looked into foiling alarm systems and air traffic control terminology.  I think that, for my next gig, I’d prefer to write for something whose research would be a little less likely to put me on a watch list. Something involving gnomes or ice sculptures or  Japanese maples.  Of course that will be up to one of my future partners in creative crime, Tara Yelland (http://tarayelland.wordpress.com/).  Oops, I’ve said too much.  More on that in the coming weeks.

I’m pleased to report mom loved her Mother’s Day Gift, a box of books of the “Maeve Binchy” variety.  I hope.  She’s a big Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher but has already worked her way through their sizable output.  Mom likes inoffensive stories that “finish nice”, like an episode of Murder She Wrote (which she is usually watching whenever I call), so if you’ve got any suggestions, she’d love to hear ’em.

So, what about the rest of you mothers/people with mothers?  What did you get/give?  Even better: What was the most memorable Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given/received?  In my case, I’m not sure since I can’t be sure what I got her when.  But, if pressed, I’d have to go with the beautiful new HD t.v.  Five years later, she still hasn’t figured out the remote.

21 thoughts on “May 13, 2012: Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. My daughter remembered I’d been wanting a cookbook that’s been out of print for many years and found me a copy. Nicest present in ages! The cooking frenzy will begin soon, and because she’s moving back in with us, we’re planning on cooking a lot together. She loves Guatemalan food (as do I), and this book is fantastic.


    Flowers from my son, some SciFi stuff I wanted from Mr. Deni. Unfortunately, I spent the day alone with the dogs because Mr. Deni had to work and my son was too lazy to drive two hours. But hey, Riley made sure I had a lovely time today…:) Elway’s new meds arrived, starting him on them tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed for him!

  2. These are older publications but I loved Mary Stewart, Elizabeth Peters and Barbara Michaels. The last 2 names are actually the same writer but 2 nom de plume(s). Oh- can’t forget the Nero Wolfe mysteries by Rex Stout!

  3. I’m really excited!!!!!! I got a ticket to Alabama’s Phoenix Festival which is in two weeks. It’s being held a short distance from my home so it wasn’t very costly at all. Did I say I was really excited?!!!!!!

  4. Wow, Joe, you’re a script-writing machine!

    Having just finished watching the Survivor finale (and the reunion show is on now) I already know that Kim won and I agree that it was totally predictable. Then again she probably did deserve it, but that fact doesn’t necessarily make it good TV.

    For mother’s day, I went out with my step Mom to a cool restaurant called Adair’s Wilderness Lodge, which serves great home style cooking. She really enjoyed it, but we had to go yesterday since she had to go into the hospital today for tests.

    Jeff seems to be a bit off his game on the Survivor reunion show. He’s actually stammered a bit, which is very uncharacteristic. I hope there’s an award for America’s LEAST favourite Survivor and it goes to Colton.

  5. 25 pages…nice

    In all seriousness, I feel your pain. I’ve researched for stories that aren’t about winning at basketball and historic generals before, too. Hitting “enter” on that search for “how to…” feels real.

  6. You did good, Joe. Picking presents for mom can be tough.

    I had a great Mother’s Day, too. I did a 33 mile bike ride this morning with my riding buddy and stopped at a cute little bakery for quiche and an unbelievable “7 layer bar” with almonds and oats and chocolate and berries and … I’m not sure what else but it was really good. Next I went out to see The Avengers with my kids. Then my son cooked duck breast with ginger and hoisin glaze on the grill with grilled asparagus.

  7. You know, you could farm out your research. You’d probably be surprised at the backgrounds of your readers. For example I have 13 years of security experience with alarm systems, video systems, and access control systems. I’d hate for you to get burned out. 🙂

  8. You’re right to be worried about your search terms setting off alarms, I fear. Have you noticed any clicking sounds in your wireless? 🙂 I’d be happy to help with the air traffic control procedures and terms, though. Might as well do something fun with all my exposure to the field!

  9. Survivor = dullest season ever. It was so bad, that if there is another like this, I’m out. The only joy I took out of this season was watching that racist fool, Coulton writhe in pain. Also, if they bring him back for next season, they are officially scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Poor Christina… she may have played the worst game in the history of the game.

  10. My mom enjoyed reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. She also enjoys anything by Nicolas Sparks.
    For Mother’s day, I got her a Hydrangea bush but my real present is a trip to Nashville during Memorial day weekend. My mom has been wanting to visit one of my Nashville friends and see their new “estate”. They bought it at a tax sale and have plans to re-sale later when the market goes up. It has an indoor pool with Jacuzzi waterfall. Six garages, six bedrooms with bathrooms, a movie room, a fifty thousand dollar rock fence, a barn and tons of amenities that are totally overboard. So if you know if any actors, professional athletes or country music singers looking for a house in the Nashville area, I’ll forward my friends address to you. 😉

    ponytail: got a big laugh out of your post last night!

    Deni: What is your favorite recipe out of that cookbook? I hope Elway’s new meds work out well for ya.

    My mother’s day present was purchased a couple of weeks ago; Two Roombas! We pulled up most of the carpet in our house and I’ve been researching Roombas. With three cats, it’s hard to keep the dust bunnies at bay. All the reviews from my friends have been mixed about the Roombas but I love them! I still give the floors a good cleaning once a week but my daily “Swiffer” bill has gone way down!

    Good luck on the writing! One subject you might enjoy researching is…FOOD!

  11. @Tammy: So many things I like, no idea what my favorite is, but Pepian de Pollo, Jocon and Paches de Papa are right up there. Started Elway’s meds today and he’s more ataxic than he was (to be expected for a few days). I emailed my vet this morning and asked her why I’m so freaked out about this, and she said that she is too because she’s never used Zonisamide. The neurologists, however, love the stuff and swear by it. We’ll see!

  12. @Ivon – Agreed about the Colton in pain, speaking of which the interview with his mother had to be one of the more uncomfortable reality TV moments ever. There is definitely a threat that he will be back in next season’s “second chances” themed episode. If so, I may have to sit the season out.

  13. Really hope the person didn’t spoil the winner for those who had yet to see it.

    Wow lots of writing!

    Best mother’s day present… no idea. Just being with my daughter. Best I gave? I don’t know. LOL funniest was a playgirl jigsaw puzzle. My mother ranted and laughed in equal parts.

    Sadly my child is in France, happily she is having a blast in Paris with a friend from here for a few days so we skyped early and she was out to catch the train to go there.

    Have you ever tried Kope Luwak Coffee? I can’t imagine any coffee worth $420 a pound. (much less pooped beans)

    How about the Dragon Dog from dougieDog in Vancouver? “A cognac-infused foot long hotdog” for $100 bucks. Just drink a lot of cognac and give me a cheap hotdog.. but who knows, maybe it is worth $100. Nah.

    And The Fleur Burger, from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.. $5,000. “A Wagyu burger topped with duck foie gras, smothered with truffles, and resting on a brioche truffle bun. It comes with a bottle of Chateau Petrus.” (Thanks to reader’s digest for the above list of foods I won’t be buying.)

  14. Totally not on your topic.
    Recall you asked what blogs would be good to send for doggie adoption?

    You wrote – a long while back – regard all the things necessary for the care of pugs. Daily application of ointment for eyes, and a few more items for their unique needs. It was quite comprehensive of the daily things and the time needed to do this for all of the puppies.

    Your memory is far better than mine and I hope you can recall “when” you did this. I believe this was even a bit before your trek to Toronto.
    Sorry, I cannot be more precise.

  15. @Joe: What the world needs is a Simple Universal Remote for the older generation. It would operate the TV plus the cable box and receiver (or sound bar). It would have:

    A TV on/off switch.
    A cable on/off switch.
    A “sound” on/off switch.
    A channel changer.
    A volume control.

    Nothing else!

    My 81-year-old mom keeps accidentally changing the “input” on her TV and losing her connection to the cable box. I can “lock” the channel on her TV so she won’t accidently change it, but I can’t do anything about the input.

  16. Speaking of Racism, it has no place in TV, as with something like Survivor or any show really, should someone be racist they deserve to be removed without a moments notice, they shouldn’t be allowed to stay around, it sets a disgusting example.

    Forget entertainment, if someone can’t behave anywhere really and act like a normal human being they shouldn’t be allowed the luxury of being on TV or being involved with TV in general.

  17. Another movie about gnomes isn’t a bad idea. My kids and my friends’ kids have watched that Gnomeo and Juliet movie a gajillion times on Netflix.

    And Ice sculptures – hello, built-in ticking clock. Frosty’s still going strong after all these years – we own a copy.

    I saw something about a Japanese fruit grove of some sort. It was better than you’d think, but I wouldn’t tackle it. It was weird and a miraculous directing job that I could tell what was going on at all.

  18. I got the day off from taking care of Patrick. My brain was fried after a 12-hour Wills & Estate Planning workshop on Saturday. I got two cards, one from my husband that said “To mom” and one from Patrick that said, “Two mom” and I laughed and joked about that one didn’t say “To wife.” And I got an N7 hoodie. What is an N7 hoodie. For those of you who don’t obsess with the XBox Mass Effect series, I can understand the dilemma. http://biowarestore.com/apparel/womens/ladies-n7-thermal-hoody-5.html

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