May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

Can you imagine stepping out your front door to THIS?    From a distance, it looked like a really bad paint job – but, upon closer scrutiny, that bad paint job actually turned out to be thousands of tiny, carefully-applied post-it notes.  How long do you figure it would take to pull off something like this?  Half an hour?  An hour?  Try two and a half hours.  How do I know?  Well, as it turns out, my writing partner’s wife was responsible.  I showed him the pic the other day and he nodded: “Yeah, that was Michelle.”  Yep.  Two and a half hours and her hands were numb by the time she was done, but it was a practical joke well worth the effort.  No word on how long it took the victim to remove the post-it notes or the state of his hands.

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

My friend Ivon Bartok is the Imelda Marcos of Vancouver, more for his outrageous collection of Nike running shoes than his failed Presidential bid in the 1998 Filipino national elections.  The other day, he dropped by and showed off his new kicks.  It think these are the shoes that Cartman wore on that episode of South Park where he goes undercover to live among the smurfs.  Them’s bluer than blue!

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

Speaking of blue, check out Akemi’s new outfit, a recent purchase on the heels of my assuming the position of Fashion Consultant for Akemi Aota Enterprises.  I’m also going to go ahead and take credit for this –

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

And this –

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

But the purse is all her.

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

Hey, guess who I was driving behind the other day.  Go ahead.  You get one guess.


May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

Pictured above, our new technical consultant on the miniseries Paul and I will be writing.  We’ve been breaking the story over the past few days.  Twelve acts down, another four to go – then I’ll spend the weekend writing it up, bounce it over to Paul who’ll do his pass after which we’ll deliver it, get notes, and then it’ll be smoooooooooooth sailing!

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

No doubt inspired by our latest foray into okonomiyaki-making (see last Saturday’s blog installment), Akemi makes her own version for dinner complete with mayo message topping.

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

Months ago, I decided I should get around to doing a little spring cleaning.  I have stuff sitting in boxes that I haven’t touched since I moved to Vancouver – over twelve years ago!  I started with the garage and, as I sorted through the endless boxes, I realized that half the stuff in there wasn’t even mine.  There were office chairs, filing cabinets, and a giant jeweler’s microscope from Fondy’s old office, a barbecue and various things belonging to my former lodger (Lawren BW), about four boxes of muppets and various shoes belonging to my former fellow Stargate producer Marty G., as well as a number of items of unknown origin.  I’ve got back issues of New Scientist I hesitate to turf given that they may prove useful from a future research standpoint even though they’re at least five years out of date and I can’t ever imagining myself leafing through the individual magazines in search of a specific topic.  There’s an entire office full of bank, corporate, and investment statements I’m reluctant to throw out for fear I may need to reference them at some point.  And I haven’t even gotten around to the crawlspace full of boxed toys, comic books, and superhero/villain statues.  Akemi has been bugging me to downsize because she thinks the house is way too big (and, possibly, haunted), but I think I’d need to move to a place equally big just to store my belongings.

May 3, 2012: Photos Of My Life And Others

Which brings me to this little item that had been sitting in the garage, gathering dust.  We tend to walk the dogs separately because at thirteen and suffering from hip dysplasia, our eldest pug Jelly has a hard time keeping up with our other two dogs, nine year old pug Bubba and four year old French bulldog Lulu.  But she seemed perfectly content to go for a ride the other day, letting the youngsters do the walking while she kicked back and enjoyed the scenery.

And, since we’re on the topic of elderly pugs – as many of you know, I’m looking into taking in a couple of lovable seniors.  I was contacted by the Seattle Pug Rescue who requested pics of the house and a letter of reference from my vet.  All good, but I thought that – as some of you have suggested – I should also consider supplying links to this blog.  I’m presently in the process of compiling a list of suitable dog-related posts for forwarding.  Off the top of your heads, any specific posts stand out?

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  1. “Coming up, on the next episode of Hoarders…” I can’t really throw stones though, my house is arguably as bad. I need to do a severe culling.

    Why exactly do you have an assortment of Martin G.’s shoes? Or do we really want to know? Although I guess we now do know where Cookie Monster spends his off hours when not reviewing crappy movies.

    There’s been so many great dog posts, it’s hard to think of specific ones, but I would say any of the posts where you were dealing with all the stuff for treating Max’s illness really show your great dedication to your dogs.

  2. Hi Joe, any of your doggie posts should inform these heel-dragging slowpokes to let you adopt those poor dogs, already. They’re not getting any younger!

    A pretty good day here, Riley was a very good girl! A couple of pee accidents in the house (but no poop!), came running when she was called (mostly), learning all kinds of new things! Elway’s still a mess with the ataxia, but I had to buy his new meds through an online pharmacy in Vancouver (where I was informed that the meds actually come from a US manufacturer and will be shipped directly from them…oy…) because they’re about 1/3 of the US price and I’ll be needing 240 tablets a month. So, it’ll be another week before I can start him on that. Just hoping and praying that this works for him. Meanwhile, we’ll go for ice cream together on Sunday. 🙂

    Have a good night, everybody!

  3. Off the top of my head–good God man. How about this one where we all shout at Seattle Pug & Rescue: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, WE’RE ALL GODPARENTS OF HIS DOGS. We want to come back in the next life as one of his dogs. He takes as good care of his dogs as I do my child. And just because he lives in Canada does not take away anything. You want to know how your dogs are doing? Subscribe to the blog. They’ll only be a hearbeat away.

  4. Now, onto Akemi. WOW. You look fantastic. I love the black dress I think the best with the red hem.

    Deni–Great to hear about Riley; sorry to hear about Elway. It’s ridiculous what pharmaceutical companies charge people in the US for medication.

  5. “I’m presently in the process of compiling a list of suitable dog-related posts for forwarding. Off the top of your heads, any specific posts stand out?”

    Well, whatever you do, don’t tell the Rescue people about when you lost control over the kids and they started their own Twitter account, JellMaxBubLu. By not putting parental locks on your computer, it allowed them to Tweet till all hours of the night!! Saying whatever popped into their heads!! Posting all kinds of pictures!! Crazy, rebel dogs!

    And don’t show the Rescue people Aug. 31, 2008, “A Horrific Crime and the Likely Suspects”, where you shamefully and ruthlessly accused your sweet little darling babies of chewing one of your good shoes!! You lined them up like a crazy police sketch artist on America’s Most Wanted and said totally untrue, fabricated things about each one, suggesting they get a lawyer – fast!! Terrible, terrible example of no faith that your puppies could ever do such a horrible thing! (Everybody knows it was Carl!!)

  6. Heya Joe
    Re good doggie blogs. Certainly all your efforts with Max are extremely noteworthy. Please don’t forget you efforts for Jelly as you searched to get her relief.

    Akemi has great flair to match the wardrobe. Nice threads!
    Akemi looks wonderful in the outfits.

  7. For dog posts, I’d suggest the ones setting out the steps you took and how far you were willing to go to get treatment for Jelly, the one’s relating to making travel arrangements back east that would result in the minimal amount of stress to the dogs, and, of course, the ones relating to Max.

  8. If the rescue is in CA and you need some rescue groups there to vouch for you, please let me know and I’ll get some to write for you. Not pug rescuers but high profile folks. For your blog, your stem cell and care blogs of course. You babysitting, your putting up with horror housing to get a place to walk the dogs. Hell, I’d send you a reference letter and have them contact MY references should they doubt me.

    As for Akemi’s cute clothes, they are cute, but be honest.. she would be adorable in a burlap sack.

    On the old stuff, I could cry. Really. I have a storage unit full of probably close to 1000 books or more, and certainly 200 or so VHS that I could not make myself part with. Most of those I know I will simply donate unless they are ones that will never be on a DVD (such as china beach). But massive other saved things that I need to go through over the next year in preparations for moving. I have, no joke, something like 40 yrs of Aramco Magazine. I see many of them for sale at nice prices on Ebay, but I’d rather either donate to somewhere for a certified big amt of charity, or sell in 5 or 10 increments. I have so much stuff to donate, a lot of books to sell, and well over 1000 records to sort– many in pristine condtion (everything from classical collections from the 1950/60s to folk, jazz, etc.. Just finding out value and buyers makes my head spin. But wherever I move in a year, it will certainly be much smaller and I want my life decluttered. Add that Larry has massive stuff blocking both storage units and the office.. it is not going to be pretty. But I plan to get clear plastic boxes and begin the process, a few boxes a week every week beginning the first of June until I have it all taken care of.

    Or, I could run off with the traveling circus. Looks appealing at this point.

  9. it could be worse… Michelle could have used the TINY POST-ITs! Or, YARN-Bombed it… Well, at least any Bird crap can be easily removed! ;-D

  10. @ Akemi – You look just like blue delft china in that dress – it’s lovely! (And now I wish I had a waist. 😛 )

    @ Joe – Is this the lady in question?

    If so, she’s my hero! Was that your car, or someone else’s – you really didn’t make that very clear. If so, what did you do to warrant the Wrath of the Post-It Note Gods? Many moons ago when those sticky papers first came out my dad was addicted to them, so we did something similar (though not nearly as perfect) to his desk. 🙂

    @ Sparrowhawk – Share your garden/tea room pics with Joey, I’m sure he’d love them! (They’re beautiful, Joe…you must see!)


  11. I’d recommend the posts where you discuss Jelly’s surgery. That shows the lengths you’ll go to to save a furry family member. And although painful, the posts where you agonize over what to do about Max.

  12. I would say the posts about when your pugs were unwell Joe. It’l prove you care and will move heaven and earth to make them better again. Nothing says I care more than someone pouring their heart out to their readers on the internet about whats going on with their pets and how they intend to help them. It comes accross as sincere in all honesty. Would show they have a good home in you.

    And random posts about your pugs showing family life, even if they were before Akemis arrival in your life. Basically showing this is the home my other pets have and this can be the home any new pet will have and they’l be well looked after and loved,

  13. The post-it note joke was something else. I bet it took the person just as long to get them off. And those outfits on Akemi are adorable. She would be a good fashion consultant.

    Finally, I don’t envy you going through all that stuff. We had to do that before we left SC last year. I can’t tell you the number of times Goodwill came to the house. We also had two garage sales–one of which was on the same day at the Bob Fulton (voice of the Gamecocks) estate sale. Do you think our sale got as much attention? 🙂 Well, no, but someone did show me what they had bought at that one. It was pretty cool.

    Have a great day!!!!

  14. Ah, clutter. I have tons of stuff. MyLarry actually has a packrat tattoo. I recycled some of our stuff into art projects, and have given away a ton of usable things through the local Freecycle. Anything metal went to the recycle guys for a chunk of change. I have teaboxes full of wedding kimono, and dolls, and all the boxes for my other collections. And my brother’s underground comix, a few of which are actually worth big bucks. I inherited Mom’s fabrics, I have half a dozen bins and teaboxes simply full of fabric on bolts! It will all be someone else’s problem eventually.

    Akemi is adorable. Love the dresses!

  15. Akemi looks beautiful! (As always. 😉 )

    I love your shoes Ivon!

    Jelly’s stroller is awesome! Where did you find such a thing?

    The blog entries describing Jelly’s stem cell procedure might be a good one to share with the committee. I’m sure they love pugs but I doubt if any of them have ever gone that far in treating their own precious pooches. I know they are taking a while but try to remember that it’s probably an all-volunteer organization. Most likely, they are all working at “real” jobs through the week.

    The post-it note car was cute but I’m too practical to waste all that paper. Some people got too much mula!

  16. Boxed up for 12 years, huh? Makes me not feel so bad anymore about my going-on-4-years-as-yet-to-be-unpacked box stash.

    I think you’re just jealous of Ivon and Akemi’s sense of style.

    On the car – you forgot to include the name of the “victim”. 😉

    Not sure I’d admit to finding various shoes belonging to Marty G. No telling where those have been worn.

    I agree. As painful as some of the entries are, the way you feel about your puppies comes through in the situations with Jelly and Max. Jelly seems to be enjoying her “queenly” carriage.

  17. The post-it-notes car must’ve taken a while to do, but at least it wasn’t all parking tickets!

  18. Whew. Finally found a bit of time to tell you about my day yesterday.

    Firstly, after work I stopped at my favorite money pit to do a little metal detecting. After a bit a car pulls up, and a man and his two sones get out. One was a 17-year old with Down’s Syndrome. I got talking with the dad, and he told me a little about his son, explaining that he was very young emotionally and mentally. I’ve been around people with Down’s before, so I asked to met him, shook his hand, and exchanged names. Suddenly he was my best friend! 🙂 Immediately he wanted to play with the metal detector – as in banging it on the road – and wow, he was really strong! His brother stopped him, but then he wanted to give me a hug. That’s cool. I gave him a hug, and then he gave me a…I’m not sure. I think it was a kiss on the cheek. Or he licked me. Either way, I smelled like French’s yellow mustard afterwards. 😛

    No worries. He was a sweet kid and if I made his day a little brighter, it was well worth it. Besides, it’s been a while since someone just spontaneously hugged me, so that lifted my spirits, too.

    So, I went home, showered, and then went out for a late dinner. Meet up with some friends, had a nice meal and some laughs. I had ‘scampi pesto pizza’ – white pizza made with a couple types of cheese, with big fat cloves of roasted garlic, cherry tomatoes, chunks of chicken (instead of shrimp), and a light pesto sauce. It was excellent! And we had a really nice, relaxing time.

    As we left and went outside, Mr. Das started debating with me about where the car was parked. Since I parked it I knew where it was parked, but he insisted it was where we had parked two nights before…because, ya know, it’s like that spot now must have our name on it, or something. Keep in mind, we only had one drink each, so this wasn’t a loud alcohol-fueled debate, just a light ‘it’s over here, nooo…it’s over there‘ thing.

    As we stood there debating, this guy (who was standing outside with two women, smoking), says to my husband, “You know who you remind me of? Ray Barone (a.k.a. Romano)!” I broke out laughing because my mom insists that Mr. Das IS Ray Barone. 😛 Then I look at the guy and I do a double take. He looked just like House!! So I tell him, we have a laugh, and in our friendly way we start talking to these three people… and soon realize that one of the girls is three sheets to the wind. Heck, forget that, I think all the sheets were loosed from that sail and the square of canvas was whisked off the starboard beam and caught up in a windstorm.

    How did I figure this out? She liked to hug. A lot. And then there was the inexplicable generosity. First, it was this big ‘I’m your bestest pal in the whole world’ full frontal hug, just out of the blue. Totally caught me off guard. Then she insisted that – because Mr. Das is half Irish – he take her rhinestone studded clover leaf bling-bling key chain. We tried to give it back, but she wasn’t having it. Then we tried to give it to the guy, and he said to just take it. A long time ago I learned never to argue with the mentally challenged, drunks, and Italians, so we did as we were told. THEN she insisted on a group hug. You know that feeling an Atlantean gets just before a Wraith pounces, knowing what’s in store and that there’s no way of escaping it? Yeah, it was just like that. Finally we managed to wiggle away, and as we said our goodbyes she insisted on giving Mr. Das a card with an Irish blessing on it, and once again we did as we were told.

    After we got into the car (that was RIGHT were I said it would be!), Mr. Das turned to me, and asked, “What the hell just happened?”

    I said, “I dunno, but I’ve been hugged three times today!” 😀

    And then I had to explain to him about the kid with super strength and mustard breath.



  19. Regard – doggie posts.
    Your May 2 post should be a good candidate, cause it details some “parental” duties and responsibilities. And, it is a cute post too.

  20. Love the Post-It car! The Mullies must be wonderful people. Wish we could hear more about them.

    Ditto for Ivon’s shoes. During high school and college I worked at a shoe store for 8 years. Did I have a shoe collection! It never got to Imelda proportions, but eventually got them pared down.

    Akemi, your dresses *are* very cool and chic-looking! I’m especially a fan of blue-and-white anything.

    Oh Joe, you only have 1 year on me in the “boxes-from-the-last-move” category. And ya know, the stuff multiplies. I don’t know how. It doesn’t help that clutter gurus tell us that box collectors have control issues. Eek! I need to start pitching or donating this summer.

    Deni, or anyone who has to buy pet medicine. is a fantastic web site with great deals on the whole spectrum of animal medicine. When I had to buy $100 bottles of Metacam for my doggie grrrl, their price was only $60. My vet didn’t know how they stayed in business that way, but did fax the prescriptions in to them. (He’s a great vet.)

    Den, didn’t know Elway had more issues than seizures and age. Sending prayers your way! And also for other blog folks’ human issues. Haven’t always written, but do read every day’s post. You are cared about. 🙂

  21. The posts that stand out to me are definitely “Maximus” and “This blog goes to the dogs, Again!” They seem perfect to me to spell out how much you love your four-legged brood and how well and hard you take care of them. That’s what makes a good parent.

  22. Hi Joe:

    On my long drive back across the mountains from Vancouver, I stopped at the south Edmonton Common Indigo book store and picked up the following: “Metatropolis” by John Scalzi, “Time Travelers Never Die” by Jack McDevitt, and, “Climate of Change” by Piers Anthony. Which one should I start reading first?

    If you need a good blog post for the folks with the senior pugs you want to adopt, I’d say any of the ones where you have written about how much effort you put in to look after Maximus and make his last days as painless and peaceful as possible. Those blogs speak volumes about your character as a man and as a dog person.


  23. Just had to pass this on- our local TV channel 4 had a wonderful day, posting Star Wars pictures with hilarious captions about every half hour. Of course, they all had the tag line- May the 4th be with you! I laughed all day long

  24. I love it when you say smooth sailing,,hmmm.,,Oh yeah right!
    Akemi looks lovely in her outfits, someone has good taste.
    And your garage looks so much more organized than mine, summer project for me I guess.
    The yellow sticky note car, is that rain on the camera lens?, tell me there is no writing to run on those notes, wow, how much fun is that?!?
    Loved the Ivon/Imelda footwear, tre chic!
    Congrats to Lawren on the new job.
    ~And Jelly looks like the Queen of the stroller brigade, I knew you had to have one of those thingys. Excellent all around.

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