April 28, 2012: Today’s Blog Entry Co-starring Robert Picardo As “the Dinner Guest”!

You may recognize him as The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, or the officious/annoying/not-so-bad/humorous/ultimately-quite-likable Richard Woolsey from Stargate SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: Universe, or from one of about a 100+ film and television roles.  I refer, of course, to the great Robert Picardo who got into town the other night for some convention (I think it’s a Star Trek thing.  I’m not sure of the details.).  He had a window of opportunity, roughly two hours between two con commitments – the latter being some sort of variety show event during which he’d be showing off his impressive vocal range (Something that was denied him on Atlantis.  Oh, if we’d only gotten that sixth season pick-up!  He’d have been a ringer for that musical episode we were planning).  He suggested dinner somewhere in the neighborhood of the hotel where the convention had put him up. Since the neighborhood is mostly home to recent parolees and out patients of the province’s most notorious mental hospital, I was hard-pressed up to come up with a good restaurant recommendation.

Bob is a fan of ethnic cuisine, Indian in particular, so I solicited the opinions of several foodies at the nearby methadone clinic who suggested a restaurant not too far from the hotel.  All in all, not bad – in comparison to the service that was just plain awful.  We settled in and started catching up.  I was regaling Bob with tales of my fantastic seven months in Toronto when the waitress came by and asked us if we were ready to order.  We told her not yet.  She headed off – and we didn’t see her again for another twenty minutes.  For a while there, I feared something had happened to her.  Perhaps she was in the back, trapped under a fallen refrigerator, too weak to call for help, her life ebbing away.  I was about to call 911 (just to be on the safe side) when I noticed her serving the table behind us.  I tried to catch her attention but she was doing her darndest to ignore me.  I feared we’d offended with that whole “not ready to order yet” thing.  I finally managed to corral the busboy and tried to give him our order.  He assured us our waitress would be right over.  And she eventually was.  We ordered.

The food was okay.  Damn, I miss Toronto’s Babur (one of the very few things I miss about the city).  After our meal, getting the bill proved equally challenging.  Again, our waitress was as elusive as The Jackal.  I thought I spotted her a couple of times, but I couldn’t be sure.  She was like smoke or a shadow or a waitress who had no interest in serving us.

Restaurant aside, it was very nice meal.  The only thing that would have made it even better would have been if Bob’s lovely wife Linda had joined us.  Linda and a change in venue.

Anyway, it was great to catch up with Bob.  We’re going to have to do it again when Akemi and I are in L.A.

Incidentally, Bob provided me with a link to the convention site and I did check it out.  I’ve got to ask: those fans who paid $399 for their ticket – for that price, do you actually get to make love to a Stargate celebrity of your choice?  I’m curious.

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  1. Very cool!! He’s looking good. Too bad about the restaurant’s service. Maybe you can find another one in LA. And $399??? I think we should have our choice of celebrity. 😉 There’s going to be a convention here at the end of May–just found out about it, and the price is $50. Much better. Their big headliner is Adam Baldwin.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  2. Okay, hubby says I have to make another comment. He said you should come to the one here in B’ham. I told him you wouldn’t be interested because there’s not a whole lot in the way of interesting food here for you to try. He reminded me of the place we went to that had the white barbecue sauce. Don’t know if you’ve ever had southern barbecue, but we weren’t familiar with white sauce un til we went to this place.

  3. Robert Picardo is like one of my fav Scifi actors. I loved his You are my sunshine song. He has a good singing voice lol

    God there’s like so many positive points in this guys career, I could probably list about 20 points where this guy has proven he’s an incredible actor, if you were to look back at some of the stuff he’s done.

  4. Hi Bob, you never let me down. Did you offer Joe Borg an analgesic cream for his menuitis?
    There is a great Indian restaurant in Knoxville called Sitars, excellent buffet, resonable corking fee et all…my indie cinema, and later, world cinema professor treated her class each semester to great wrap parties there-we love you Dr. Holmgren, buns up!

    @Joe speaking of musicals, did you ever consider one for any of the stargate shows? I stumbled across the Sanctuary season 4 episode ‘Fugue’ and it knocked my socks off, kudos for daring to be different! (Personally I think that ‘Sanctuary’ also deserves an award for best use of split-screen collage since ’24’)

    I watched. ‘Adaptation’ earlier today. It was one of the book/film pairings in a film studies class I had that involved reading the book ‘The Orchid Thief’ in this case, and then watching the movie. The class rocked! There are the good, the bad, and the ugly in everything, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for book to film, although I like original screenplays better myself.


  5. Anyway what anime have you been watching lately Joe? The World Only God Knows is a good series. An odd one though, the climax of the story is pure Otakuness. When you reach the final episode you’l be thinking really? Seriously, although you’l see the ending coming a mile away, you’l still think really? Season 2 is being released on DVD soon too. It’s a long running book series in Japan.

    Baka and test is a good series, too.

  6. I loved Robert Picardo as the Doctor and as Woolsey, and I have heard him sing, what a voice there. So good to see his smiling face here and happy that he is staying busy. Thanks for sharing Joe. And the waitress was a boob.,,her loss.. Ah $399, let me know, I might have to break into the cookie jar..

  7. Damn, the dudes down at the clinic usually know their stuff.

    Robert Picardo rocks.

    For $399, a fan can get a quick grope in before security notices. (I am now going to hell for impure thoughts, thankyouverymuch).

  8. Oh to hear Bob Picardo sing again. When Stargate gets re-booted (I’m still holding out hope. Really. I know, I’m pathetic), he needs to find his way back on there and sing. On Voyager, him and Jeri Ryan harmonized so well. Guh. Some of my favorite episodes.

  9. Bob Picardo looks fabulous! Just as handsome as ever! Why is he not getting any older? Loved him as Woolsey on SGA. Sure do miss that show. A musical would have been great! (Anything, at this point, would have been great!)

    After the bill was paid, you should have spoken with the manager about the service, or at least flashed your camera and told the waitress you were a restaurant critic. Watch her turn pale.

  10. Cool! Robert Picardo! I like him.

    Wait…. what? You and Akemi are going to L.A.? I thought you were going to Vegas. I’m so confused. Did I miss something (again)?

    I just hate it when the waiter/waitress plays hard to get. Even if the food is good, it can ruin a meal.

  11. Joe, if this is a duplicate comment, please disregard. Friggin’ login made my text disappear.

    Joe said: …for that price, do you actually get to make love to a Stargate celebrity of your choice?

    Only if one is VERY sneaky and not well-known in the fandom.

    Nope, I never did…honest. With my name & personality, I could barely get away with tardiness, let alone extracurriculars. ;-D

    True story: One of Creation’s owners outed me at a 2005 SG con. “Gilder, we all know you’re in love with Don S. Davis.” Thankfully, Don was not in the room at that moment, and Ruby had not made the trip. *whew*

  12. Nope, we hardly get to see much less touch a celeb.
    I bought my ticket early hoping that they would add some more celebs, especially from the origanal cast of SG 1 (and maybe even Joe Mallozzi) but am sorely disappointed…
    But, I would consider taking Joe Flannigan home…..LOL

  13. Robert Picardo for dinner?! Was he the main course, or the dessert? 😉

    One of my top favorite Atlantis scenes is the one in which Woolsey is being romanced by sucky-palm Todd. Bob’s expressions during that bit still crack me up just thinking about it! 😆 Another favorite Woolsey scene that ranks near the top is the one with O’Neill in The Return – too funny! Is Bob that funny in real life?


  14. I’ve got to ask: those fans who paid $399 for their ticket – for that price, do you actually get to make love to a Stargate celebrity of your choice? I’m curious.
    that’s nothing. that same company puts on a trek con in vegas that sets you back $799. (that’s for their high end package. it’s “only” $319 for their low end package) for $799 the trek celebrity should make you dinner afterwards.

    quoting arnk2u; P.S. I loved Robert Picardo in China Beach. Wish they would release on DVD.
    it’s probably an issue with the music royalties holding it up.

  15. yeah “CON” prices really “are” these days, aren’t they? — I remember Back-in-The-DAY when $45. for the whole weekend, FRONT Row CENTER, was the top-end cost. AND, you got to be The CELEB-au-Jour’s new BFF!

    Alas, however, I’m “aging” myself…

    seriously? $399.!? Frak! I’d also want a ginormous Chocolate on my Pillow, ALL Royalties to the Secret-Sex-Tapes and Airfare! Oh! And get to keep any Leather souvenirs…

    [geez. Even the Ferengi don’t charge THAT much!]

  16. Yeah, cons are expensive. But, everyone needs a hobby, and going to two or three cons a year is probably less expensive than your yearly dinners out. Plus, for most fans, fandom activity is accessed 24/7 on the internet for free. So going to a con get together can be the high point of a years worth of fannish fun.

    I’m not involved enough in fandom to want to do the $399 golden tickets, but I was tempted at the $85 (?) Sunday pass which included David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan on stage. I’ve seen tapes of their con Q&A’s and they are great fun and pretty smart. Unfortunately, the travel wasn’t in the budget this year.

    If the con had a PG rated version of your idea I think they’d make even more money — old fashioned “kissing booths” with the celebs in character. ; )
    Of course, I would want McKay and he wouldn’t do it due to awkwardness and germ-phobia.

  17. Robert Picardo is probably one of the best actors I’ve seen, who is not yet down to hoolly wood making unimaginable amounts of money.
    I like good actors and nice characters like everyone else. But if someone manages to pull of a character that you most likely hate or dislike or just think he’s a giant douche, the actor has done a terrific job!
    Giving edge to a dislikeable character is in my humble opinion the hardest thing ever and thus the greatest accomplishment.
    In short. Robert is awesome 😀

    Sorry for not posting. I keep struggling with being completely exhausted from work, sickness and headaches from constant weather changes. So my long weekend (4 days) kinda goes down the drain as well.
    Best wishes,

  18. I have a quick question. Do you know if there is any plans to release SG-1 on Blu-Ray?

  19. No you don’t Joe…for the past few years I’ve gone in the “cheap seats” at the back..it’s just as much fun as being down front although the photos come out a lot crappier due to the dodgy “theatrical lighting” …

    The Bar is where it’s at…stars come and go, true fandom friends don’t…had more fun there than with any photo op, autograph session or other sessions with the stars..

    First year I’ve missed it since 06, no Michael Shanks, no money and a home renovation being the main 3 reasons.

    I miss Vancouver, it’s stunning scenery, restaurants and my good friends (outside of fandom) who live there…I would miss the rain, but luckily the South East of England thinks it’s British Columbia atm and has worked hard to make me feel more “Vancouver weather-at-home” – It think I saw The Ark float by my front window a moment ago, and I’m not talking about the one Of Truth!!..:P


  20. I just love Robert Picardo, he is such an unassuming guy.

    I remember seeing him at an event in Glasgow (We are still in the infancy of those things and he was standing on a platform about 6inches high, with a backdrop covered in shabby material!) Anyway…he was absolutely lovely. When the organiser tried to hurry him off, Rob politely told him that he wasn’t finished answering a question. What a gent.

    As for the price of the cons. I agree that for many fans it is a treat they save and look forward to all year, and that’s absolutely fair enough. For me…I wouldn’t contemplate paying that amount to see anyone – not even you Joe!

  21. Oh Wow! I love watching Robert Picardo. I’ve seen him in tons of things but I’ll always think of him as “The Doctor” on Star Trek. I’m so glad you got to have lunch with him. Too bad about the service. You gave me a good laugh with Perhaps she was in the back, trapped under a fallen refrigerator, too weak to call for help, her life ebbing away. I’ve soooo been to places like that!

    No comment on the $399 ticket perks but I know who Das would pick 😉 .

  22. I’ve got to share this. I’m going to be a grandma:)
    Babywit is due December 23rd. Now to pack my bags and head off on my round the world avoidance trip…

  23. Con tickets are $399? Ouch! However, Robert Picardo is a great sci-fi actor, and a pretty decent werewolf too (The Howling). But as for making love to the actors, it would have to be Rachel Luttrell or Jewel Straite. To hell with it, both at once!!! ;p


    Yes, he and Geri Ryan did used to harmonise very well on Voyager.

  24. “those fans who paid $399 for their ticket – for that price, do you actually get to make love to a Stargate celebrity of your choice?”

    Oh hell no, it would cost them a lot more than that! 🙂

  25. @Deni: Congratulations back:) exciting isn’t it?
    Dec 18th is my youngest son’s birthday:)

  26. After reading the comments, it occurs to me I just paid $420 each for a couple Burning Man tickets. We get clean porto potties, and the Man burning, and a center camp shade structure (think circus tent on steroids) should we choose to visit it, and a few other amenities like a med tent. Other than that we are the show.
    (google Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art in images to see what I do)

  27. Archersangel has it right.. the music royalties is the problem for China Beach. I loved that series and hate it is not likely to be put in DVDs til all of us who watched it are long dead and buried.
    I remember some fan paid like $15,000 to have lunch with Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson. YES, it was for charity and YES I think that’s wonderful. But for 15 grand they’d have to come to my house, clean it, prepare my meals– 3 a day– for a month and give me a couple of 1 hour massages when I got up and before bed.

  28. Cookie Monster should review Innerspace (1987).

    One of the first times i remembered seeing Robert Picardo in something.

  29. @Shiningwit and Deni: December 18 seems to be a popular day. My older son turns 16 this year on that date.

  30. Joe. did you here about the StarGate reboot to be announced at Com-con this Summer in some from?

  31. Well perhaps with that fee it might be included if the convention were held in Cartagena.

  32. Wow. Bringing chefs in to cook Akemi’s birthday meal, last minute meetings and ding with Robert Picardo… Your coolness rating just keeps climbing. Just glad you survived the are? And in today’s market I think 400 bucks may earn you a shoulder rub from an actor, but not much more.
    Thanks as always for a good chuckle. Looking forward to more of your adventures through the week.

  33. Speaking of Robert, had the pleasure of listening to him at the convention. He
    sang a few beaufiul songs, peformed an impressive monoloque of Jack the Ripper (super creepy) and one Star Trek Parody poem. He also had us join him in a group singalong which was so much fun. He was wonderful.
    One concert ticket can cost more than $399.00 and we were there for three whole days of entertainment and fun so it is definately worth it.

    Had a conversation with each of the stars of the show (except Joe but still met him). Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Paul McGillion were hilarious and crazy on stage together. Chris Judge is insane and a blast. His talk was a little more x rated than the others.

    Met with Paul in a room with just 8 other people for 1 hour. He wanted us to introduce ourselves. My 16 year old daughter ( she is really tiny) who is an insane Carson fan was a little shy at first but he made her really comfortable. Later in the day when we went for a photo op with him he recognised her and picked her up for the picture which was really funny. He also had us in a choke hold at one point. Got the picture to proove it 🙂 He was super sweet. Not much different then Carson’s persona actually.

    There was A Dog’s Breakfast panel and all the stars came around to each table to answer questions around the film and whatever else we could think of. Kate Hewlett is super funny and her and David can really stick it to eachother. 🙂

    One girl was dressed like a wraith. She had full make up with the eyes and hand and it was really impressive. Super creepy though. There was so much going on all the time and just meeting other fans was pretty cool. I don’t think my daughter will ever forget it. I encourage any fan to go at least once for the experience.

  34. Correction
    : Robert did a reading of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde not Jack the Ripper. Oops!!

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