It looks like the mini-series gig is a go.  First thing tomorrow morning, Paul and I will have a conference call with the studio execs to discuss the concept after which we’ll get started on the outline for “big event” story.  We’ll hammer those out, get the approvals, move onto the script and then it’ll be smooooooooth sailing.  Also on deck this week: a rewrite of my horror script, my annual physical (I’ve already started my daily oatmeal breakfasts), taxes, a Dark Matter follow-up, and a little something we like to call “Akemi’s birthday”.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!
Soon-to-be birthday gal, out and about with the dogs this weekend.

In addition to those work-related projects, I’m also planning to pull the trigger on a few other recreational projects as well.  A couple of weeks ago, I was going through the endless boxes in the crawlspace and came across my enormous comic collection.  Wow.  I didn’t realize (or simply forget) how far back those individual title runs reach.  The original Avengers (vol. 1) from issue #8 to around #217 (minus #75), Giant Size X-Men #1 (the intro of the new team) to #300 (or so), the entire run of the Thunderbolts (minus an issue here or there).  I’ve set out to fill the missing slots, either with single back issues or trade paperback/hardcover collections.  Once they’re complete, I’m going to dedicate a month to a different trip down memory lane with an uninterrupted reading of each title.  In addition to a few other similar projects.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: From #1 to the latest issue (around #175).

One of about a half dozen properties to influence Dark Matter, but the only one from the comic book realm, I remember loving this series about a most unlikely and reluctant group of anti-heroes.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: #1 to – oh, I don’t know.  Around #200.  My interest fizzled soon after the Korvac Saga ended.

Roxxon Oil, the Serpent Crown, Count Nefaria, Agent Gyrich – boy, this really takes me back.  My first and favorite title.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: #1 to – I don’t know.  Sometime before the proliferation of the other Spider titles and their frustrating crossovers.

I wasn’t  a huge Spiderman fan growing up but my friends were and certain seminal stories – the death of Gwen Stacy, the introduction of the Punisher, Hammerhead crashing Aunt May and Doc Ock’s island wedding – were must-reads back in the day.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: #1 to now.

This is one title I came late to but loved the various runs I’ve read: Bendis, Brubaker, and now, Waid.  Finding those missing issues could be a problem though.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: #1 to – hmmm.  Not sure.  This one will be dictated by what back issues are available – and the book’s ability to retain my interest.

To be honest, I was more of a Ben Grimm – which is why I actually collected Marvel-Two-in-One featuring The Thing rather than the Fantastic Four.  But this is Marvel history so, I figure, must-reading.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: From when I started reading way back when, Giant Size X-Men #1 to – again, I’m not sure.  I lose interest when Storm starting sporting that mohawk so probably somewhere around there.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Reading run: All 34 books in the series in the original French.

My high school French teacher introduced us to adventures of Asterix and Obelix.  I’ve re-read the first couple of books but need to fill some holes in the collection before sitting down to the full run.

April 15, 2012: Project Thunderbolts!  And Others!


Watching run: The entire television series.

Of all the shows I watched growing up, Get Smart has held up the best to repeated viewings and the scrutiny of adult viewer me. Strange, silly, and still very funny.

Did I leave anything out?  Yeah, probably.  I didn’t include any DC titles although Justice League of America may eventually find its way onto this list.  Batman seems like an obvious choice but I wouldn’t know where to begin.  Alternate, the Batman television series could be a candidate as well.  Seinfeld, The Flintstones, the Flash comic book series up until Mark Waid left – yep, them as well.

Hmmm.  Looks like a busier-than-expected 2012.  I may have to seriously reconsider taking on anymore writing work.

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  1. You’ve got your work cut out for you, Joe. Thunderbolts sounds interesting – I’m always up for a group of reluctant anti-heroes! But I quit reading comic books a long time ago and missed that one and I’m guessing it’s not widely available anywhere other than your crawlspace. Dark Matter is the exception on the comic book front for me, though I’ve read a few others thanks to your recommendations and some from das.

    Addendum to yesterday’s post: You really should get an electrician to install a light fixture.

  2. Yay—Happy Birthday to Akemi! Even if the greeting is a bit premature, Akemi deserves all the birthday wishes for at least 2 weeks. Must have 2 weeks of birthday celebration!

    Crossing fingers and toes on all your projects Joe!

  3. Daredevil and Electra were some of the most recognizable characters in comics history, or at least, to me they were. comics these days have become lazy and writers and creators has lost their spirit to do anything new and bold, like a bunch of poodles they are, sniffing each other’s bottoms. Not a one of them would risk being any more different than the ones before it, not a one would take off into a bold new direction. Flag characters are why comics are going to die, and deserve to do so, at least flagship titles and their characters. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and several others, are heading in one directiion, and when they’re done, that’s it, and the creators of these master pieces are content enough to know that in time, when their kids are old enough, they’d have to create something equally as compelling to garner enough attention that some one would fork over cash to purchase. But Hollywood and marvel and dc wants to play the regurgitate and chew game, and they only have one stomach.

  4. @sparrow_howk
    Thank you for wishing me with Japanese way♡

    Thank you♡

  5. Another April Birthday (mine was last week). Happy Birthday Akemi! I’m sure that Joe is planning something nice for you.

  6. When you say mini-series, do you mean Dark Matter mini-series or a different one?


  7. Joe, I really don’t know how you do it…reading all that. I haven’t had a chance to read in WEEKS! Getting so far behind. 😛

    Today was a bit draining for me. On Thursday my mom’s renter, George, passed away, and I was there when his companion Vicki found his body. We both had just pulled into the driveway, my car right behind Vicki’s. I got out and started talking with one of our workmen, Vicki got out and went into her place. After a minute she came out with the dogs, and said to me, “Can you take the dogs, I think George just passed away.” So calm. SO shocking! It was all very surreal. I didn’t talk about it publically because I just wasn’t up to it at the time, but now that the memorial is over I feel a bit better about sharing.

    I’ve only known George Mesterhazy a little over a year now, when he and Vicki came to live in my grandmom’s old house after their apartment was damaged in a fire. They came with two cats (who, in true-to-cat form, I have never seen), and two lovable Tibetan Spaniels, and were so very grateful that someone would rent to them with all those animals. At the time I didn’t know a thing about George, or his talent as a jazz pianist, or his infectious personality. But after just 30 seconds with the man I could feel his warmth, his caring, his love of life, and it just made me happy. And his music! Ah, so wonderful! It reflected perfectly his exuberant lust for life. During the service someone said that, if George were there, he’d be saying, “What are you all doing here? It’s gorgeous outside! Don’t just sit here – get out there and enjoy the sun!” Yup, that was George. Every time I saw him he was just praising how good life was, how happy his little dogs were, how beautiful the day was. I’ve only known George a little over a year, and yet I felt as if I knew him a lifetime. He was so open, so giving, so full of life and love, and I’m really going to miss him. 🙁

    The service was held at our local 1000-seat Performing Arts Center, and it was standing room only. The service took the better part of the day, with a 2-hour open house, followed by 3 hours of stories, music, and song. Beautiful music, beautiful voices, all in celebration of a life that will truly be missed.

    A little about George:

    And a video featuring George – he’s a bit saucy in it, and there’s some language, but it’s just the way I want to remember him 🙂 :

    Gonna miss you, George. 🙁


  8. Ugh, there’s a terrible delay on that video here (at least on my computer) – it may be better to watch directly on youtube if you’re interested.


  9. @Akemi: have a wonderfully happy birthday and all the best for another year!

    Congrats Joe, on the project go-ahead, I’m anxious to hear more details.

  10. Joe, about that physical…

    Mr. Das had his cholesterol checked back in January, and it was 203. He just had it re-checked in March, and it was down to 165. A huge drop. Yeah, he ate oatmeal on occasion, but the biggest change was that he started drinking blueberry juice (just Ocean Spray, nothing organic). I checked on the internet after his good report, and I discovered that blueberries lower cholesterol in people who have high fat diets (not sure if it works on people whose bodies ‘manufacture’ cholesterol, though). Hubby doesn’t have a high fat diet, per se, but he does like chips, and sweets, and his cream in his coffee and his butter on his toast, so he certainly eats more fats than he probably should, especially since he’s now over 40. So try sprinkling some blueberries on that oatmeal, or – better yet – have a glass of blueberry juice each day, and see what happens!

    *imagines Joey turning into a big blueberry a la Violet Beauregarde* 😀


  11. For Batman reading, I’d partial to Year One(my first “serious” comic purchase as a teen). For Batman viewing, the first Batman: The Animated Series is fantastic. Anything Bruce Timm or Paul Dini is great for Batman stuff. I’m biased on the The Batman series, one of my best friends from high scool was part of the directing team on the series.

    How many episodes are we talking about with this mini-series? 3? 4?

    I hate to keep harping on this, but I watched Seizure again today and man, that is such a great episode. So many things I love. From the Atlantis theme when McKay shows up to how dark a turn it seems the SGC has taken with the subterfuge. I don’t know if it was in the cards for McKay to join Destiny, but I loved his chemistry with Eli. Maybe that’s how season three could’ve started, with McKay and an SG team gating aboard Destiny to find everyone, Eli included, in the stasis pods.

    And as far as the SG world goes, I wonder what is really more satisfying: doing a movie that’ll tie up all the loose ends or leaving things as they are with only our imaginations to fill in the stories? If the questions were answered, it seems there wouldn’t be much to ponder about. I’d rather wait a year or two(or three) for someone to pick up the franchise with a new series and just drop a snippet or two as to the other characters in the franchise’s history. It’s like in Seizure when Col. Young says to McKay, “Shepard’s right.” What that makes you think of after he says that is what makes the character live on in your mind.

    Good stuff.

    Happy Birthday Akemi!!

  12. Congrats Joe on the pick up. And you’ve reminded me I should go into the roof at Dad’s and go through his comics from the 50’s.

    Happy Birthday Akemi!

    Das – Feeling for you. We found Mum at home.

  13. G’day

    My favourite comic in my younger years and the only one I followed was Mandrake the Magician. He was so awesome. Never hear about Mandrake at all now. I even named one of my cats after him. The cat turned out to be the best ever cat I have ever owned.

    Good luck on all your projects.

  14. Joe, I’ve realized why I like your blog so much. 🙂 Among other things, you’re just like my younger brother. It sounds like your comic collections rivals his. Have fun catching up on all the titles

    And happy birthday, Akemi!!!

    Have a great day!!!!!!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Akemi! Hope you have a wonderful special day!

    Okay what mini-series? You have so many projects, I am confused. Regardless, WOHOO!!!

  16. Das: Condolences and sending Hugs!

    Akemi: Happy Birthday!

    Mr. M.: That looks like so much fun! Good luck on all your projects. Another reason to hire out all your handyman stuff. Your too busy with work/play!
    Good luck with the physical!

    Interesting about the blue berry juice Das. I saw on Dr. Oz that red skinned grapes help prevent cholesterol from sticking to your arteries. Two yummy ways towards better health.

  17. @ Tam and Narelle – Thanks, and hugs backatcha. I’ll be okay, but I worry about Vicki. They were together 14 years, and he really helped with managing the restaurant and making people feel welcome. George won’t easily be replaced in hearts, and in life.

    @ Akemi – A birthday? I better see Joe wearing the apron, and not you! It’s his turn to pamper you (are you listening, Joey?), so don’t let those dimples of his trick you into baking your own cake, or something. Trust me, he’s as cunning as Todd the Wraith, and that’s probably why he wrote him so well! 😉 (Joe, has Akemi ‘met’ Todd yet?)


  18. Joe, it’s a good thing Cookie Monster handles your blog once a week. That must take some of the writing load off.

    @das – It sounds like it was a blessing to know George. Condolences.

  19. Hello Akemi, Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!
    ~~ I hope that is the correct way to say to you Happy Birthday!!!
    my birthday is sunday april 22nd, and I usually try to do something to celebrate my bd lots of days b4 and after the actual date,(one day does not seem like enough fun) I wish you a very happy month!

  20. @JeffW
    Happy Birthday!

    @Mike A.
    @Narelle from Aus
    @Lisa R
    @Tam Dixon
    Thank you for warm messege♡

    Thank you for wishing me♡
    I haven’t met Todd yet…

    That’s correct!
    Thank you so much and Happy Birthday too. ♡

  21. Happy Birthday sweet Akemi! What day is it? I’m sure Joe is celebrating all week long like he does for Carl and himself.

    @ das – sorry about the loss of your friend. Even more heartwrenching to have been there.

  22. @Akemi:

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend. It sounds like he led a happy life. I hope you and Vicki get a chance to remember and heal. I’ll be praying for you all.

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