Poor Jelly.  She went in for her dental today.  She certainly knew something was up the moment I buckled her into the car.  Check out how nervous she was…

It’s always same thing when we visit the vet.  She’ll tremble all the way there and in the waiting room.  Then, once I’ve checked in with the front desk, she inevitably pulls the “Well, I guess we’re done here” strategy and casually walks over to the door, waits, then throws me a look, part annoyed, part impatient, that seems to ask: “You coming already?”.  At which point I invariably scoop her up and redirect her back into the waiting area.

After having another eight extracted on this latest visit, her tooth count now stands at 12!  As a result, as of today, in the event she attacks, Jelly is officially more likely to gum you to death.

Big day tomorrow.  I have a conference call in the morning about that horror series I mentioned a couple of posts back (a preliminary call to gauge everyone’s interest and make sure we’re all on the same page), and one in the afternoon about Dark Matter (in which we dial in another player on the increasingly widening game plan).  Also tomorrow, I’ve got to start thinking about the rewrite of the horror script.  I got Paul’s notes and, while I don’t disagree with any of his concerns, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to address all of them. Suggestions? Ivon, meanwhile, is hard at work on the trailer, assembling some great footage and appropriately ominous audio.   We’re getting together for lunch to discuss what we’ve got so far – and celebrate his birthday over tacos and Mexican rice milk!

Well, the news that House is about to wrap up its final season means one less show on my regular viewing rotation currently made up of: House, Spartacus, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones, The Office, 30 Rock, The Walking Dead, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.  That seems like a lot and yet I know people (Martin Gero, SGU VFX Supervisor Mark Savela) who seem to find time to watch everything.  On the other hand, you have someone like Akemi who limits her t.v. viewing to a couple of show on dvd (lately, she’s been doing marathon sessions of South Park and Sex and the City).

Which brings me a little game I’m going to call: “It may surprise you to know…”.  In today’s version of the game, let’s focus on t.v.  I want to know what show it may surprise everyone to hear you actually enjoy. Are you a closet Teen Mom fan?  Is your DVR set to record Toddlers and Tiaras?  Are you still bemoaning the premature cancellation of Cavemen?  I want to hear all about it.  As for me: It may surprise you to know that I don’t hate Sex and the City.  I actually think it’s a clever, amusing, well-written series (although I hear the franchise went off the rails with the movies).  It’s not a show I actually ever sat down to watch but one that has always been on, like background music, enjoyed by the women in my life.  While Ibusy doing other things around the house, I somehow managed to acquire an understanding and appreciation of the series through osmosis.  Big is all wrong for Carrie!  How could she have dumped Aidan?  And is Charlotte just adorable?

70 thoughts on “March 7, 2012: And you thought YOU hated visiting the dentist! It may surprise you to know (t.v. edition)…!

  1. It may surprise you to know…I love Dexter. Rooting for a serial killer is just a weird thought for me, someone who is quite the pacifist.

    It may surprise you to know….I’ve gotten hooked on a Canadian show that is now playing on DirecTV that Kathleen Munroe (Dr. Amanda Perry of SGU) was in called “Call Me Fitz.” And now my husband is hooked. I laugh the entire 30 minutes it is on.

    It may surprise you to know…I’ve never watched even 1 episode of Seinfeld, or Friends for that matter.

    It may surprise you to know…I think Tom Drexler (Patrick Gilmore) killed Rosie on The Killing.

    Poor Jelly. I would love to be gummed by her, she is so sweet.

  2. Ok I have never watched those adorable gals on the city, but I have played their slot machine in the casino, not the same, well probably more fun for me.
    Poor Jelly, shiver and shake, bless her heart and teeth..
    Happy bd to Ivon, hope it is a great one with good news for all, and did Lulu know its his bd, she probably has a surprise in store for him.
    Mexican rice milk,,no really, is it tequila in disguise??

  3. South Park is cool and among other things, Shameless USA version is also neat, so is the UK version. 🙂

    As for any surprises from me, don’t think there are any: if you know me then you will already know the things I’d probably like. And if you don’t know me, then you might be surprised at anything I do like to watch, LoL. 🙂

    Btw, Terra Nova’s been cancelled although they are trying to shop it to another network (note: if you do get a second season Terra, next time don’t include so much teenage love stories garbage in a series which was advertised as a Going-back-in-time-Dinosuar-adventure-movie, LoL).

  4. *sing-song*. Somebody has a man-crush on John Corbett…

    As for “it may surprise you…”, the first to come to mind is “Storage Wars”. After clearing out two parental households in last five years, and with much de-cluttering to do at our house, watching others hunt treasures in abandoned units shouldn’t be so fascinating.

  5. Sadly, dogs need their teeth brushed often, just like humans. While Jelly is old, brushing the remaining teeth might help hold onto the few left. I have a dog with CUPS disease, an autoimmune that causes reaction to plaque. She started losing teeth at 4, by 6 finally got DX (was having cleaned every 6 mos, and still losing them). We now clean every 3 mos, and I brush them every night. I hate it, hate did I mention I hate it? But having seen dogs with their tongue out their mouths from no teeth, I want her quality as high as possible. Glad to say she has NOT lost any more teeth since she was six, and she is 9 1/2 now. I also have to admit that the idea of brushing her teeth for the next 5 to 6 yrs does not make me thrilled, but I do it. Btw, my other dog is like Jelly, wants to leave as soon as we get there. Arwen quite likes the vet.

    Quote from UCDavis: According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats develop gum disease by the age of three years. Periodontal disease is the most common dental condition affecting dogs and cats. Infection and inflammation of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth are caused by bacteria present in plaque and calculus (tartar).

    Do you wish I would shut up about dogs and health? Having bred, rescued, rehab and trained for 30 yrs, it’s kind of hard for me to shut up, but I will if I annoy you.

  6. It may surprise you to know…

    I like Glee.

    At the start of each episode I say to myself “Please don’t suck this time…” and 2 out of every 3 times it doesn’t suck. Unfortunately that 1 time out of every 3 is often /really/ terrible. I guess I like the comedy parts of it, even if the soapy drama of some of the characters holds no real interest for me. And I love music.

    Clone Wars is my other guilty pleasure.


  7. Umm, I meant tv series, not “movie”, LoL. When are we going to be able to edit our own posts? 🙂

  8. Oh, and I’ll echo the comment above about Shameless US. I’m a big fan of Shameless UK (even of that show has gone on a few seasons too long), so I was dreading the idea of an American remake.

    However the US remake is not only decent, it’s fantastic. No one was more surprised than me to see it turn out that way, and it has distinguished itself from its UK counterpart in every way.

    So replace House with US Shameless. They’re nearing the end of their second season, and they’ve been renewed for a third.

    Failing that, just watch Community. It’s hilarious. 🙂


  9. Good luck with your Dark Matter/Horror script stuff Joe.

    And lol, I’m guessing Jelly will need a change in diet soon if she loses more teeth? I’m not much of a dog expert but guessing softer foods exist which require less chewing and just plain swallowing for dogs?

    But speaking of TV stuff.

    Of all the stuff currently airing, my TV watching time is mostly directed to, Once Upon a Time, Amazing Race, Survivor, House, and soon to be Touch.

  10. Okay, it may surprise you to know, a must see for me every week is The Suze Orman Show on CNBC. Love that show! Help me retire at 55 Suze! My favorite segment on the show is “Can I Afford It?”. I deny more people than she does. I’m mean.

    A few years ago, I consistantly shocked everyone when I told them my favorite show was MTV’s The Ozzy Osborne Show. “You?” “You like that show??” “You?” Yes I did. And I thought Ozzy and Sharon were great parents (even though all their kids go to re-hab regularly). They never let the kids pit one parent against the other. Ozzy and Sharon were always together on raising their kids. And Ozzy was naturally hilarious.

    Poor Jelly is right! Just keep thinking it is for her own good. I too get really tense when I go to the dentist.

  11. Oh, I like this game. It may surprise you to know, I like Good Luck Charlie on Disney. Started watching it with my kids, and now, I actually laugh at a lot of the jokes. I know, I know, I’m pitiful. 🙂

    And, in case you were breathlessly wondering, LOL, my older son WON his first baseball game tonight!!!!!!

    Have a great night!!!!!

  12. There are no tv shows that I like that will surprise you. None at all. I think I’ve already said what shows I watch, like…a bazillion times here…so nothing for me to wow you wi…with which to wow you.

    The only thing that might surprise you, especially since I’m not a voter, is that I love the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report – both of which strongly reinforce my politically neutral stance. 🙂 But those are both really good shows, so it should be no surprise that someone with my superior tastes would like them. 😀


  13. When I was much younger I used to love The Greatest American Hero. It was so silly and stupid that it was funny. Just checked Netflix and it is not available for online viewing, otherwise I would have tried to watch it. (What was with us in the 80’s? I actually enjoyed V back then, tried watching it a few months ago and wished I had a time machine so that I could go slap myself)

  14. Guh…How could I forget Jelly! Poor girl, so ascareded of the vet. 🙁 Give her hugs and kisses for me!


  15. Dance Moms is my secret show…
    We lived in Houston, TX while my daughter attended high school and she was on the dance team. Unfortunately, I worked full time and could not
    devote myself to being a “dance mom” and absolutely refused to devote myself to big hair……..
    The Moms on this show are pikers compaired to real Texas Dance Moms.

  16. My dog will start shaking when I turn the corner to go into the parking lot at the vet, refuse to get out of the car, then tries to jump from my arms when inside. One time i let her sit on the couch by herself and the door opened and she jumped down and got outside before I could get to her. Once outside I am running all around to get her and she refused to come to me, knowing where we would be going next: inside. I finally opened the car door and she jumped in, thinking we would go back home now. The vets are really kind and gentle so that isn’t the issue.

    Congrats on the action on your projects. i tell you, you just need to declare that you will NOT EVER write or produce anything anymore and you will have them lining up to get to you. Once you become unavailable then you become a hot property. I will never understand how that works.

    You might be surprised to know I like to watch Top Shot. I detest guns, even the sight of a gun. I know they are necessary evil and admire those people who are trained to use them. not me. The show is done so well, and emphasizes the training required to use the guns properly,the competition is unique, and I love to see how men interact. Last night one man wears bandanas on his wrist and gives them to the select men he declares as his friends to wear them as well. So the eliminated man got a bandana tied on around his wrist as his teammate said, “Are we in 3rd grade and giving each other friendship bracelets?” too funny.

  17. @das – I thought they’d made a truly beautiful landscape.

    @arnk2u – Yay! Dance Mom’s. It’s the first dance show I’ve seen that really reflects dance at that level. 18 years of my life was spent like those girls. My Mum was an unusually calm Dance Mum however. As much as the media complain about the teaching methods, I get all teary when I see them perform, they know it’s worth it and that’s life at any sport where you’re trying to be the best. It’s a short term career, it gets tough a lot younger than any other career. Cathy cracks me up the most because we used to see that type of character a lot. For all of my aches and pains now, I still don’t regret a day. I was calling my Mum the day she died to say I’d just found a dance show she’d like. Never got to tell her so I sat her ashes on the coffee table one night while watching 🙂

    @Joe – Hope Jelly feels better.

  18. Oh wow. The horse I ride right now is sick and apparently raced off at the sight of the vet along with the helper who was supposed to hold him, lol. They had to sedate him so he wouldn’t hurt someone. He was shaking too, but of anger ^^
    Because he was sick we switched horses and the one I rode isn’t really used to strangers so she was nervous the whole track into the forest and back.
    It’s just how they are.

    About the series. No surprises except Jersey Shore.The people are so incredibly dumb, it’s quite fun sometimes. But I don’t really watch it much. South Park is much better.


  19. I’m kind of bummed to see House end. I’m just used to watching it every week. And if one looks around carefully on the networks, he’s the last non-PC doctor on air. He’s not pussy-whipped and doesn’t allow himself to be emasculated, which cannot be said for many other male characters on other shows (Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead is a good example of that).

  20. It may surprise you to know… that I am a HUGE Dancing With the Stars fan. Like I go on forums ‘n’ shit — and I’m not a mere lurker on them.

    Last May I was on a 2-week trip to Western Australia with a bunch of fellow geologists, and one of the last nights we were there, I made everyone in our rental cottage (all 6 women on the trip) watch DWTS Australia, which had just started its season there. (I had hacked into the rental unit’s internet service so we could finally check our email, so my fellow travelers humored me by letting me choose the TV program for the evening.) It was only the second episode, and they hadn’t eliminated anyone yet, so some of the dancing was positively atrocious. Which of course made for high comedy. We didn’t know one single celebrity on the show, but by the end, we had Googled the ones with more questionable (read, non-celebrity, and/or American) backgrounds, to find out how they ever ended up on the show.

    Well, needless to say, I came home to Canada and found that my one-night exposure to DWTS Australia had hooked me. I had to know how it turned out! So I continued watching it, via torrents, for the remainder of the season. Let me emphasize this: I knew NONE of the celebrities on the show. They were totally random schmoes to me, and I was still invested in the competition. That’s how pathetic my addiction to this show is.

    In other, maybe not-as-surprise-y news, I’m a big fan of Community. It’s the funniest show on television. If you’ve never seen it, find Season 2, Episode 4: “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.” Funniest 22 minutes I’ve ever seen.

    And I truly despise “Big Bang Theory.” My boyfriend (oops, he’s my fiancé now) watches that one, but he’s such a sweetie that he makes sure to watch it when I’m not around, because he knows how much I hate it. I don’t understand how a show with such roundly loathsome characters could become so popular. And the basic premise doesn’t make sense to me: Why would Johnny Galecki’s character (my brain has mercifully let me forget some details of the show, like his name — sort of a PTSD coping mechanism) continue to be roommates with Sheldon, when Sheldon’s such an ass? They work as engineers at JPL, for crying out loud! Why does any of them even need a roommate? I can’t get past that idiotic premise. Which is good, because getting past it would require me to sit there and endure 22 minutes of tired, completely unfunny, sterotype-laden, clunky “comedy.”

    Okay, I’m done venting now. Thank you for this outlet for my catharsis.

  21. oookay. computer has eaten last 2 attempts to post. so I’ll keep it short. loved the post, had many unimportant comments, a few nice coompliments, and a birthday wish for Ivon in them. Will try again later when my coputer decides to behave, or I get over the sleep deprivation and quit somehow deleting the posts. Thanks for the daily post.

  22. Poor Jelly! But it is in the cause of better dental health for her. Too many owners ignore their dog’s dental care, I’m afraid.

    Say Happy Birthday to Ivon for us!!

    I don’t actually watch that much TV anymore, but I do still make a point to watch The Amazing Race and Survivor still. Although this season Survivor is trying my patience. “Survivor: One Stupid World” What was up with last night? Dumbest move ever or what?

    One thing about me that is at least TV related that most of my friends don’t actually know is that I don’t know if I can say if I’m an actual “fan” of the show, I DO co-administer a live feed recapping/discussion web site for Big Brother. It’s really kind of an awful show, but it is fascinating in a train wreck kind of way.

    I’m actually off for a couple of days to New Hampshire to (hopefully) do some snow shoeing/hiking and relaxing! Looking forward to it.

  23. I don’t have cable anymore, but when I did I enjoyed many hours of Home Shopping Club (named something else now, I think) and ShopNBC. I must like the yammering of jewelry sales people. I didn’t buy much, but I would often stop and watch while channel surfing. Weird, surprising and true.

  24. Happy Birthday Ivon!

    @Joe, best of luck with the continuing projects! It would be so good to finally see some entertaining horror rather than the landslide of cash-in on a hot genre junk. What are some possible tag-lines?

    It may surprise you to know…a current show on IFC I enjoy is Portlandia, it seemed too offbeat and then suddenly mesmerized me with its uber-offbeatness.

    & The Sopranos-I still feel conflicted enjoying watching this menagerie of scum of the earth anti-heroes, yet I do. If the “internets” here had netflix speed I’d be checking out the pseudo-reincarnation of Silvio in Lillyhammer…

    @general question & comment to any homeschoolers – Are the kids able to compete in Spelling Bees? Recommended read “Hard Times in Paradise” by David and Miki(Micki?) Colfax


  25. My oldest son has gotten hooked on Shaun the Sheep via Netflix, and when he fires it up, the whole family comes running. Well, except my husband, who comes in at more of an amble. Love that Bitzer!

    Lisa R, congrats to your son on winning his first bb game. As a soccer mom who sat through an entire season of losses two years ago, I totally “get” how excited he is.

    1. @noellam: Thanks. When we got home, hubby said that the coach had told him (hubby is doing scoring this year) that he hadn’t had very big expectations for this year (The team is a young team in our local rec league) so that made the win all the more fantastic.

  26. Awww … poor Jelly. I just watched the video. I used to have a cat that would shake and shed and leave behind enough hair for a whole other animal.

  27. Poor baby Jelly. We understand the fear sweetie. Both Basil and Stash howl in upset just getting into their carriers, continuing the chorus all the long car ride to the vet’s office. Oddly enough, once they’re with me in the waiting room, both quietly survey their surroundings, glad to be in the carriers, for safety. Then, visit complete, each docilely strolls into their carrier and we go home, in peaceful quiet. A bit of overreaction to start, ending with calm.

    You may be surprised to know I watch Cops and Alaska State Troopers. Always interesting to see well trained, competent officers handle the strange.
    Not surprised to hear of Terra Nova cancellation. Agree with sg1efc, too much teenage angst for a good sci-fi show.


  28. Sweet little Jelly. When they start shivering like that I just want to hold them close. Sending hugs to her!

    I’m surprised Dr. Who wasn’t on your list. You can always stream them and catch up. Dr Who is AWESOME!

    On my list… (please don’t tell anyone) is …..Bridezilla (hangs head in shame). I dropped that channel but sometimes they give me a free preview week. I realize they probably play up the crazy for the cameras but…those brides are seriously bipolar. I always pray they don’t procreate but a lot of them have already have a kid(s) or are pregnant. Poor kids……

    My late father had a favorite show he watched that really surprised me. My dad was very religious/conservative but I found out that he loved the show Charmed. That was a big shocker for me but he did have COPD which made his Oxygen levels low. That is the only logical conclusion, he was loopy from O2 deprivation.

  29. Like gilder, the first tv show that came to my mind was Storage Wars. It’s strangely fascinating. Storage Wars Texas however, not so much.

    Another surprisingly great show is Phineas and Ferb. While it’s a show for kids, and my kids love it, it’s extremely well written and funny for adults and it has some great music to boot.
    Damon Lindelof, creator of Lost occasionally praises it on Twitter.

  30. Poor Jelly. Looks she needs a hug and a belly rub. 🙂 I don’t think any dog likes going to the vet. I remember my dog (Yorkie -“Perky”) always knew when he was going to the vet. He even knew the direction, and as soon as we would make that turn toward the vet. He would start shaking and wimpering. It was so heartbreaking.

    As for TV, here are the shows that I’m currently hooked on…

    Top Shot (History Channel), Top Gear (History Channel), Alcatraz (FOX), Psych (USA), Worst Cooks In America (Food Network), House (FOX), NCIS (CBS), American Pickers (History Channel)

  31. Jeez, I’m sad to say that I don’t really watch any shows that would prove all that surprising. Save maybe a few reality shows (because I hate reality shows as a rule). But I enjoy some of the more manly and sciency shows: “Sons of Guns”, “American Guns”, “Mythbusters”. I’m mostly there for the explosions and could not care less about the drama.

  32. Poor Jelly girl, we send you love and kisses. 🙂 Elway spent the day at the vet’s yesterday so I could get out for a day. He’s watched there all day and then one of the techs comes to my house at lunch time to feed Molly and Gumbo and let them out to pee/poop. Then, in the evening, said tech will drive Elway home and stay with all of them until we get home. So, we went to Tampa for my birthday lunch with my son and some friends and spent a very needed day away from here. I’ve noticed recently that Elway’s had a big problem with weakness in his hind legs, but from previous experience, I think it’s the potassium bromide that’s causing this. Whatever the case, we’re off to the neurologist next week to see what’s up. It’s not an emergency at this point, but I think he does need his meds tweaked.

    As to the “what may surprise you” thing, I love “Army Wives” and “The Big Bang Theory”, and always HATED “Seinfeld”. “Sex and the City” was wonderful, but the last movie was a huge letdown.

  33. It may surprise you to know ….. that I like to watch Top Gear (UK) and a campy Canadian comedy called InSecurity. I found that show by looking up Natalie Lisinska on IMDB after seeing her in YPF. (written and directed by Golden Boy Martin Gero)

    In a slight aside, it may also surprise you to know that I read your blog every day despite the facts that 1. I don’t eat/live in Vancouver 2. I don’t have pets due to allergies and 3. I don’t read comic books.

  34. It’s pretty far from what I’d usually watch, but I’m really into Hart of Dixie. Of course, having Scott Porter and Cress Williams from Friday Night Lights, one of my favourite shows, really doesn’t hurt…

  35. I watch everything. Shameless U.S. is fantastic, so is Community, and I’ve just started watching Up All Night.

    We’ve talked about this before, but my guilty pleasure show is anything from the Top Model franchise. I’m watching season 7 of Australia’s Next Top Model right now…

    Good luck with the conference call.

  36. OMG poor Jelly, that was so sad. Hope she is feeling better.
    It might surprise you to know… I love watching reruns of That Girl. How did she and Donald communicate without a cell phone,email or FB??? And it must be so great to wake up every morning with not a hair out of place and not an inch of make up smeared anywhere. Certainly wasn’t the typical 60’s and 70’s era that I had heard about. I do have all 5 seasons on DVD and I somehow have lost season 5 since the move. One of three things I have lost, or missed placed. “Diamonds,daisies, snowflakes, That Girl … “

  37. Most of the shows I watch have either already been mentioned or are not that surprising. Except for one: Whitney. Between that show and Are You There, Chelsea?, they really just churn up the old sitcom stew and regurgitate the same stuff that’s been done for decades on TV. But for some reason, the boyfriend Whitney gets the best lines and has the best delivery! He gets me laughing every time! Other than that, the show is worthless.

    I do still enjoy The Office, but it’s a different beast now, post-Michael. Parks & Recreation is more The Office of old than The Office is currently, if that makes sense. I absolutely love Parks & Rec! I am an honorary Swanson. I could go on for a while about everything that’s right with this show, but I won’t. I can’t wait for Community to come back. That show can be epic sometimes. But it’s always funny. 30 Rock almost never fails to impress me. Tina Fey is fantastic.

    I’m currently enjoying Lost Girl, even though we in the states are a year or so behind you northerners. Could do without the sex and cussing, though. Enough already, I get it. You’re edgey and adult. If it doesn’t affect the story, it’s fluff, lose it.

    And yes, Joe, I agree, Charlotte is adorable. I plan to marry a “Charlotte”. I can’t believe her husband had those problems. As a plot point, it didn’t hold water with me. Ridiculous.

    -Mike A.

  38. Ru Paul’s Drag Race. How do they do that!?

    My husband will watch America’s Top Model marathons if I leave it on. He makes comment on hair and make up, how they should walk and pose, and he remembers their names. The man is a trucker, but he knows his models. He knows all the names of the Victoria Secret Angels too.

  39. It may surprise you to know…”.

    We discovered recently “Deadwood” a western drama in three season;

    And still cry at the end of Firefly, Farescape and Stargate SG1

  40. Despite the fact that most of my TV watching is made up of scifi and comedies, I LOVE E!’s Fashion Wrap with Joan Rivers and co., especially the awards shows ones.

  41. Much as I adore Archer, Family Guy and American Horror Story the show that I find myself getting up early for on weekends is Horseland. An animated trifle about horsies, a cute pig, a sassy cat and a collie who talks like Sean Connery.

    But my fave new show is Archer, just love that show to bits. I loved Falling Skies and Homeland too. But I still can’t bring myself to watch Walking Dead after having that bad zombie nightmare long long ago. I’ve actually started watching Switched At Birth, another sweet trifle of a show. Maybe I’m going soft.

  42. “Big is all wrong for Carrie! How could she have dumped Aidan? And is Charlotte just adorable?”

    Your Man Card. Turn it in please…


  43. Hi Joe.

    What are your actual plans for Dark Matter? A film or tv series?

    I’d love to give you suggestions for your horror story too, but is it a more traditional type of horror, (ghosts, demons, etc) or more sci-fi orientated (Event Horizon, etc)? But to be honest, I’ve not even got a tiny fraction of your writing talent anyway. I’m a good reader though 🙂

  44. @FargateOne

    I too was hoping for one final Farscape, but I think that is yet another great sci-fi show gone for good. At least Star Trek has come back. I hope that Stargate can make a reappearance too one day, like Star Trek originally did with The Motion Picture (but hopefully better than that film).

  45. @Das I knew there was a great reason why I liked you besides our love of Stargate and Joe, but The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I never miss an episode.

  46. I can listen to talk radio or expose myself to other statist media without my eyes popping out of my head. I’ve reached a nirvana of low expectations so that the antics of the left/right paradigm can’t touch me anymore. It used to enrage me that so many’s emotional energy is spent on loyalties, draining the capacity to consider a full range of perspectives. I have mourned and grieved that already.

    I’ll watch iCarly. I’m not sure what’s appealing about it other than the Disney channel just putting the quality into the stories.

  47. Poor Jelly! I want to give her a gentle hug and tell her it’ll be okay. My ragdoll trembles like that, too, when he goes to the vet, but then he hides under the couch and does that when visitors come to the house. Not a brave boy.

    I share your frustration, Joe, about Eat St. If only… My cousin wants to tour North American delicatessens and see which gives out first, his stomach or his bank account.

    Mike A.: Triple D has the same effect on me, especially because of my pathetic attempts to re-create those dishes later. I keep hoping some of the talent will rub off on me. Sadly, not yet.

    Surprising tv show — Dexter, perhaps, only after this past season’s terrible writing I might not ever watch it again. Not a surprise but rather a really good series is Awake. So far, anyway. Great writing and acting and the premise with the two realities (if that’s what they are) is very compelling. A must see.

  48. P.S. Thanks for explaining Iron Chef America. It makes sense now! Love The Chairman with his charming smile and that little twinkle in his eye. Mark is really good as Wo Fat too. 😉

  49. I don’t like reality shows at all. I have a hard time watching them since they are often very biased. As an anthropologist I want to maintain some form of unbiased perspective while observing other people and reality shows take that completely away…. That being said…I enjoy watching that TLC show Hoarders. I’m a little bit of a clean freak so when ever i watch it I end up cleaning out a box or two from my basement or a drawer or two from my bedroom. I find it motivational!

    Can’t wait to hear more on the Dark Matter front!!! I love it so far and I really hope to see it on tv soon!!! 🙂

  50. Awwwwww. Poor Jelly. Aisha, my 80 lb 8-year-old lab shakes the same way when we go to the vet. She had a full dental exam last year; her gums were fine, but she had a broken tooth and ended up getting the root extracted so it wouldn’t cause trouble later.

    Yum! Tacos and horchata!

    TV? I don’t watch much TV but I make time for: Dr. Who, Merlin, Castle, Supernatural, Game of Thrones (when it comes back). Oh, and I never miss Bleach. No surprises there. I love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but don’t watch them regularly.

    Love Iron Chef. I know I should be embarrassed but I like Worst Cooks in America.

    What surprises people is that I hate medical dramas, especially House. Soap operas with pseudo-medical trappings. How about all the rest of you medical and paramedical type bloggites? Do those shows make you crazy or do you love them?

  51. @TeesterX

    Call my thinking creatively dull but I doubt anyone could top Stargate SG1, now and in the long distant future. Infact I can’t imagine a better idea that could last half as long to act as a springboard for future spinoffs in the distant future when Stargate comes back.

    Whoever takes over the Stargate name in the future will have huge, universe sized boots to fill left over by the previous shows, that is for sure.

    Speaking of Stargate, I miss Stargate in general. So sad we didn’t get anything more. I wanted SGU Season 3 personally.

  52. Oh! I forgot to add, I’ve also been watching L.A. Complex. I really expected it to be a cheese-ball, Degrassi rip-off, but I actually really love it! Although, I’m irritated that there’s only been 6 episodes.

  53. Joe, you should really explain Mexican rice milk. It’s called horchata and it is made with rice and cinnamon and sometimes vanilla. Non-alcoholic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horchata I learned about it from a Guatemalan friend. Kind of like a rice milk shake. Just the thing to put out the fire when you are eating really spicy food. Yum!

  54. i don’t think i watch anything “surprising” unless you count ax men & top shot as they seem to be aimed at a male audience.

    i’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my brother watches grey’s anatomy because i got the feeling that it was aimed aw a female audience.

  55. “Jelly!”

    (First thing I said when I saw the blog.) Seeing her made me smile, and she looks so good. I want to reach through the monitor and pick her up. Beautiful picture, and, did you get a new camera?

    I don’t blame Jelly for shaking like a leaf! I do too whenever going to the dentist. There have only been two dentists that I ever felt completely safe with. One was like my dad in the dental world, and the other was a friend and super cute. I agree, Akemi. “Hansamu!” does help a lot. 😀

    How is Jelly’s mouth? Did they give her something for pain? Poor sweet thing. *cuddles*

    Funny you should mention TV shows. Was just talking about them w/ friends this week. Finally have nights off for the first time in 4 years, since switching to day shift. So, TV-palooza! Much has been okay, but I kill more time surfing for something to watch.

    LOVE — The Voice. Mind-blowing talent on that show, especially the battle round between Jesse and Anthony. Go watch that clip online, I’m serious. Awsome music. Four judges/team captains currently working in music industry. Their guest coaches are very high profile, too.

    Others — Downton Abbey (again, incredible), Masterpiece Theater.

    Guilty Pleasures — Castle, Pan Am.

    Surprise! — COPS.
    Yeah… But it’s really for the police dogs. This one K-9 officer had a perp cornered, and even then continued to bark at him while his human partner cuffed the guy. The dog was yelling at him in dog language! He barked the same pattern, pitch, and phrase, over and over again in a loop. Low – low – HIGH – low – low. It was hysterical. Would loved to have known what the dog was really saying.

    Deni! Happy Birthday! When was it? Am glad that you got to go out and play for a day. Where did you eat for lunch? Hope your birthday week continues with time w/ friends, etc.

    Ivon, Happy Belated Birthday to you, too. Did Joe mix you up a Moscow Mule for the occasion? Say “Hi” to Paul McGillion for us Beckett fans here. Are you pitching Captain Starship to the U.S. market?

    Joe, how did your Dark Matter conference call go today? Crossing our fingers. 🙂

  56. Aww, poor Jelly, indeed! How does she eat? 🙁

    Eh, I don’t think anything I watch would surprise anyone. I love home design and cooking so HGTV and Food Network make sense. I love sci-fi, so it’s usually a bigger shock if I *don’t* like something in that genre (i.e. all those reality ghost shows and True Blood). And no one has acted surprised that I recently starting watching Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the old X-Men animated series’.

    The only thing I can think of is that last week I tuned into GCB and liked it. I loathe nighttime soaps like that. I mainly watched for Kristin Chenoweth (being a musical fan), but was surprised that, while cheesy, the pilot was at least more interesting and funny than most other dramas like that.

    And maybe NCIS. Just because I’m not in their typical age demographic of 40+.lol

  57. @Joe:

    I want to know what show it may surprise everyone to hear you actually enjoy.

    No surprises (which is pretty boring I know). I’m an Electronics Engineer whose is mechanically inclined and a Private Pilot; I’ve rebuilt Ford and Chevy V8’s, designed and built parallel processing arrays, and I’m building an airplane in my garage. And like JimFromJersey, I don’t really care for alle inter-personal drama that you seem to find everywhere on TV these days.

    So, the shows I watch should come as no surprise:

    Stargate reruns
    Warehouse 13
    American Restoration
    Pawn Stars
    Flying Wild Alaska (a friend of ours now works for ERA)
    Top Gear (the american one)
    Various documentaries

    Poor Jelly…my dog doesn’t seem to mind the vet’s (she gets treats!); it’s the groomers she hates. At the sound of the clippers she’ll glue her tail between her legs and collapse into a ball (this is in the parking lot at the groomers). When picking her up, she runs for the car like a prisoner making a jailbreak.

  58. And I’m obviously having a problem with grammar tonight..I blame it on the Android Tablet auto-complete. 😉

  59. Hi Joe, horchata is delicious icy cold, yum! You can buy a powdered version at any Latin market that is actually decent (just make sure you get the Guatemalan stuff, the others I’ve had are not so good).

    @for the love of Beckett: Thank you! My birthday was on Monday, but I wanted to get my hair cut (I only get it cut in Tampa) and couldn’t get an appointment until yesterday. We had Mexican food – guacamole, taquitos, sweet corn tamales,the works. Then it was off to my son’s house for dessert, all of it lovely.

    @Ivon: Happy Birthday! 😉

  60. @Deni Wait? Did I miss a birthday???? I’m so sorry. Happy Birthday!

    Also Happy Birthday to Ivon. Lots of Pisces here.

  61. It may surprise you to know…I watch Finding Bigfoot. LOL Stupid show, but can’t miss it when it comes on. Every sound, track, broken branch is from a “squatch” – I would love to know how they know all that! Hee hee

  62. @Randomness

    You’re probably right, but still hoping anyway, and I’ll judge any new show/film on it’s respective merits and failings.

  63. Most people are shocked to know that I both know and adore the old school “Avengers” Brit TV show (the one where Emma Peel was played by Diana Rigg), otherwise known as the show that truly perfected the sex kitten catsuit. Being 28 yrs old, people don’t figure I would have ever seen this show let alone known that it ever existed in the first place. But I grew up with it and totally kicks ass! I love it!

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