Whew!  I spent much of the day working on the series overview for my SF space opera comic book (hopefully soon-to-be-television series) Dark Matter.  I covered the major story arcs, from the individual backstories to the end of their respective journeys.  I also included various images from the comic book to compliment the fifteen page document.  Only problem now is that the file is a hefty 37.5 mb and not exactly easy to email.  Looks like FedEx might be the way to go.

I sent it Paul’s way so he could do a quick pass on it before I send it out and he informed me that he is two thirds of the way through the pilot script he pitched me a couple of months ago.  Damn.  In order to get in all the projects we want to pitch, next time we’re in L.A. we may have to stay the whole week.  That’s a lot of Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet ice cream!

Also received notes from Ivon on the script for the horror trailer.  Will work on incorporating his thoughts into a revised version.  I’ll also have to give that last scene so more thought.  I want that build up and payoff to that final image to leave a lasting impression.  A lasting, unsettling impression.  By the way, Ivon informed me of his purchase of our very first prop: a baseball cap.  Exciting, no?

So I went to the bank yesterday and withdrew some cash.  Among the bills I received was the new Canadian $100 bill and my first impression upon feeling it blindly in my pocket was: “This can’t be right.  It must be counterfeit.”  As it turns out, the bill’s unique qualities are intended to thwart counterfeiters.  It’s composed of a polypropelyne substrate and includes some raised ink, transparent text, a metallic portrait, hidden numbers, and two transparent windows (once of which contains a hologram of what I believe is the Millennium Falcon).  Not only is the new polymer bill more durable than the old banknote, but it is apparently far tastier…

Here, buddy. I'm gonna help myself to the contents of the pantry. You didn't see nothing. (P.S. I've trained her to stuff 100 bills into g-strings. The strippers love it!)

Tonight, we’re off to have dinner at the Cooper’s where we’ll watch the final two episodes of Top Chef Texas.  Go, Paul!

Continuing our preview of Dark Matter, here is a sneak peek at the first four pages of issue #3.  The crew reacts to last issue’s shocking revelation…

More previews (Secret Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, The Strain) ici: http://www.comicbookresources.com/previews

27 thoughts on “March 3, 2012: At this rate, I may need some time off from my time off!

  1. Joe, I think the next time you want time off, you shouldn’t tell anyone. That way people wouldn’t know you were available. 🙂

    Thanks for the preview. I’m really hoping your pitch for Dark Matter works out. I would watch it, and I could probably talk the rest of my family into watching it too.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  2. I can’t complain, though. Far as I know, it was a closed set while they were here in SAT, and I haven’t watched any of the eps. Also, The “Pee Wee Herman” reprise just didn’t strike me as being representative of San Antonio. Now, if I’d heard that my former samba school was featured…!

  3. I’ve read the 1st 2 and i like it alot! i’m very interested to see where you go with it, hope it goes either TV or Movie treatment

  4. Great to read how stuff is coming together for you! I really hope to see Dark Matter come to fruition, but I’m equally intrigued by this horror script. If all goes according to plan, when do you think an actual trailer would be finished? I would think there’s a fair bit of coordination and work involved even for that. I was hoping to see something for Echoes soon, but I haven’t heard that’s done yet.

    Hey, one of the new “plastic” $100’s! Cool!

    Just finished watching Superman III. Um, yeah. Can’t wait to discuss that one.

  5. What I do with large files like that is upload them to the server of my website and then email people a link so they can download them. Here’s an example: http://www.shadowdogproductions.com/creepydoll.jpg (they just have to right click on the link to download it, or they can view it in a browser)

    That’s just a 4meg jpg, but this works with audio files, movie clips, zip files, whatever and they can be gigs large if you want. Of course, you have to have access to a website server, but this allows me to skip the “usendit” and “dropbox” crap and instantly send files of whatever size to whoever via email.

    Just another option to think about!

  6. Millenium Falcon ??
    Wow, we only get dead presidents down here……..

    Very sad day for me, Continental Airlines no longer exists. A merger with United and poof, we’re like Cabbage Patch dolls.
    I, personally, am very proud to be an ExCon……

  7. Yes, I love the new Canadian $100 bill… very cool looking. Hopefully, with the new anti-counterfeit design, you were actually able to use it when shopping. Some retailers in Ontario refused to accept the old bill, so I always made sure that the bank gave me smaller bills. Haven’t tried using the new one, though.

  8. Ya know, Joe, if you’re just gonna be throwing $100 bills around…how’s ’bout tossin’ some of ’em my way! 😀


  9. Just what does she have to do to earn those $100 bills? Cute picture, a keeper. It’s going to be fun watching your various projects unfold, hopefully to full financial and critical success. Thanks for bringing us for the ride.

  10. Hopefully Dark Matter gets picked up, but what studio/network are you pitching it to? While TV right now needs a true space epic SciFi (not science fantasy) back on the air have you thought about trying online only? Netflix?

    Stay away from SyFy they broke our hearts and will do it again!

    Also, any word on SGU being continued via comics or novels? Can us fans just call the Stargate we knew dead and hope for a decent reboot?

  11. Please do let us know the results of the taste test.
    Hope you don’t waste too many of those bills…that can be a very expensive snack.

  12. It’s 2012, surely every e-mail account can handle 37 mb… right?

    Just read DM #2, nice twist, looking forward to #3. This far, I can totally see the comic as a movie or as a mini-series.

  13. 👋Hey Joe,

    🎥THAT📝💻is a lot to be dealing with at one time. You indeed 🈶ROCK🈂

    I’m still waiting for my comic to 📫arrive. Maybe they are all sold out.💁🔫 I try to buy in my 🏫town to support the economy.

    ⚾Baseball cap? I mean between you🏃 and all you 👫👫friends👫👫 wouldn’t you have over a 👉thousand👈 to choose from? 💢OMG!💢 Or was this 😨Ivon’s way of getting something 👿he wanted and is charging it off as a business 🎫expense. *giggles*😜

    I 💚LOVE💚 that you always fill your 👍blog with such great pictures🐶🐒👔🍵🍺🍔🍳!! You have to realize by now…I’m a BIG 👏fan of 📷show-in-tell!

    🍀Best to you Joe🍀

  14. Well, if you need to decompress a little and also practice listening to some Japanese, G4TV is airing marathons of Ninja Warrior(Sasuke, Mt. Midoryama) and the girl’s version Kunoichi, all this weekend. Thankfully they use the original announcers and their commentaries. However, I’m sure their translations are woeful at best. I hear a lot of English words they use in the midst of the Japanese and those words aren’t in the subtitles.

    Plus, it’s just downright entertaining stuff. Especially when they have the girls running the course, it’s just a parade of cute.


  15. Those new $100 bills might not be around long. Apparently one of the anti-counterfeited feature is for the bill to self-destruct if there are any nits on the edges of the bills. Don’t have creases on these bills. A similar monetary bills was issued and quickly withdrawn afterwards several years ago in Thailand.

  16. Did the new $100 bill pass the dog test? No little dog-tooth dents or tears?

    Ooooh. More preview. Could you remind us when Volume 3 of Dark Matter will be released?

  17. So, Mister, did you bring enough $100 bills for the entire class? Did you!?

  18. @Brandon Ess

    It wasn’t Syfys fault that SGU wasn’t popular. Besides, Syfy are like the only network that would give a show like Joes a chance.

    Nothing against the show personally, but It’s not like other networks are clambering over each other to pick up Scifi shows.

  19. By the way, I hope someone does pick up your show Joe. I must admit I’m missing Scifi too. Too much drama, fairy tail stuff, and action stuff on TV these days. We need something different lol

  20. Hey Joe, you might want to consider using Dropbox for the file you need to send…free webspace (2 gb), easy program to use, you can authorise others to see certain files (or not) etc.



  21. ok, thought someone might say the date was the 3rd, and today is the 4th? I am easily confused anyway. The comics should be here soon,…and then I guess they ship the preorders as soon as they get them in. Looking forward to seeing them, have been avoiding spoilery type stuff… I will hold that 100 if you are not sure about it.dog slobbers and all,.Just trying to be helpful. Have a great day!

  22. You taught your doggies well to fetch not only money but hundred dollar bills. See you are a good teacher .
    Y’know I ordered Dark Matter from a local comic book store here about 3 weeks ago, I stopped in about a week ago to see if it arrived, even though I didn’t a phone call. It still hasn’t arrived. I’m just gonna go to Amazon and order one and two.

  23. I bet Ashleigh would know how to email your big file. Why don’t you ask her? She could do anything.

  24. Success will always land when you least expect it! Or maybe its because you had some time off to recharge your creative powers and now finally have the chance to put them to good use now that you are a big player 🙂

    As for the new bills, they do look good. Australia has had plastic money for years now and seems to work well there. And they are supposed to last significantly longer before degrading than paper money, with the added benefit is that they are washing machine proof, and supposedly dryer proof but I’ve heard that may not always be true.

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