Last night, a bunch of us gathered at Refuel for a dinner in honor of Golden Boy Martin Gero who happened to be in town.  There were eight of us in all.  Rather than choose individual dishes from the menu, we elected to leave our culinary fates in the hands of the infinitely capable Chef Jane Cornborough who has really impressed since taking the creative reins at the restaurant.  We ended up enjoying about a dozen delicious creations, served a la famiglia

Marty G. thrilled to be back on the blog. And revisit with old friends. That's YOU guys!
The mushroom soup.
Herb risotto with tuna tartar.
The Cure's Salumi Platter.
Crispy Pork Cheek Terrine. I didn't snap the picture fast enough. By the time I reached for my camera, it was half gone. It's a new version of the terrine and was one of my favorite plates of the night.
Rob Cooper asks: "Really? Really?!"
Seared rare albacore tuna with a salad of winter vegetables and garlic confit.
Roasted bone marrow.
Jewel and Chelan
Steak! An all-around favorite.
Stuffed trotters!
Don't recall the feature fish. I believe it was ling cod.
Sloping Hill pork with brussel sprouts, white navy beans, and dijon.
At one point in the meal, Martin made us all put our utensils down so he could demonstrate this trick he was working on. Impressive, no?
The crispy duck! Delicious but by the time we got it, we were stuffed!
The special mashed potatoes...
...with cheese curds!

And then for dessert…

The peanut and chocolate parfait. Very popular with the boys.
The apple strudel with maple sorbet. Popular with the girls (I was a big fan of the sorbet).
The creme brulee.

The blood-chocolate ice cream. No, that isn't a misprint. Some loved it. Some weren't so sure.

Yet another terrific meal at Refuel.

Today, the guys came over for some football – and, of course, to cheer on my Snow Monkeys.  As I write this blog entry, they are down to their playoff opponent.  Their survival will all come down to Monday Night Football and the Seattle Defense.  Let’s hope for plenty of sacks, fumble recoveries, and interception returns for touchdowns!

32 thoughts on “December 11, 2011: Dinner at Refuel!

  1. That does look like another great meal!! Glad y’all had a great time. And good luck to your Snow Monkeys too.

    We are preparing to move out of this corporate apt. in the next two weeks. Yeah!!! Will finally have all of our stuff again!! Yeah!!!! Can you tell I’m excited??

    Have a great night!!!!

  2. Why do we even eat other foods when desserts is what life is all about, yum! Marty G, Jewel, Rob they all look great. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ya know, Joe…I’ll stick with normal food, thankyouverymuch. 😉

    Also, I can outdo Marty’s trick. Not only do I balance a spoon on my nose, but also on my chin, forehead, and cheeks (the ones on my face)! Top that, Golden Boy! 😀


  4. Good food and good friends! Looks like a fabulous evening.

    Hey, at our Christmas gathering last year I taught a bunch of young second cousins once removed (I think – I get confused with the relationship tree) how to hang a spoon on their respective noses! But das has me beat; I can’t do chin, forehead or cheeks – either of them.

  5. The food looks amazing!! Not so sure I’d even try the Roasted bone marrow, blood-chocolate ice cream, or Stuffed trotters (what is that?! It looks like a hoof). The mashed potatoes look wonderful, I think. Martin and Jewel look fabulous, as does Mr. Cooper, of course. And yes, please pass me an apple strudel. 🙂

  6. Das wrote, “Also, I can outdo Marty’s trick. Not only do I balance a spoon on my nose, but also on my chin, forehead, and cheeks (the ones on my face)! Top that, Golden Boy!”

    If Marty tries anything else, please get pictures! Lots!!

  7. It would be awsome if Mr Cooper could sit down to a little q&a for the blog dinner looked awsome haven’t had a update on Maximus in awhile how’s his cancer doing is it still ongoing

  8. Great to see part of the old gang back together! I miss hearing about what they’re up to. Any chance for a Q & A with Martin and Rob?

    Um, what the heck was the blood ice cream? I never thought anything could stand in the way of me and any chocolatey delight, but now I’m not so sure.

    I’ve finally had some good medical news. The brain tumor I have is called a meningioma. It’s in the lining between the skull and brain. People can have
    these types of tumors all their lives and it may never affect them. Mine is very small and not causing the other problems I’ve been having. I’m going to have another MRI in a few months to see if it’s growing. I’ve been told that the chance of it being cancer is very small. If I have surgery, it’s only one day in the hospital and one to two weeks recovery. So the brain thing is off my main plate, and is now a side dish. This week I’m hoping my luck holds up for the vestibular problems I’m going to be tested for.

    And hoping to hear good news about your Snow Monkeys!

  9. Blood chocolate? That had better not be a Twilight thing.

    I had red cabbage soup for lunch, secret ingredient: tamarind concentrate. Mmm, tart.

  10. @Paloosa: Great news!

    @JimfromNewJersey: Because of Patrick’s autism, we had to scale down Christmas. He gets 1 present. That’s it. And it has to be under $50. Same thing with gifts Jeff & I exchange. We agree to give each other $50 or less worth of gifts, although we might raise that a little bit. His birthday is Dec 17 so we get him 1 gift on that day as well. Whether he will enjoy the gifts we’ve got him is anyone’s guess. I stopped being upset about it a long time ago. He is going to be 16 on the 17th.

    We went to see “Hugo” today in 3-D. It was nice. Loved the premise of the movie, loved the Steampunk look, it moved a bit slow at the beginning.

    And, I had my first macaron today. I’m not sure I like them–unless I got some really stale ones.

  11. @paloosa: That’s indeed great news! Fingers crossed that a cause & effective treatment are found.

  12. @paloosa: That’s good news!

    The meal and the company look great, although I agree with the others about the blood chocolate. Not sure about that! I’ve got to try Refuel next time I’m out there.

  13. Hey Joe – when do you think enough time will have passed that we will be allowed a glimpse into what the future held for the intrepid crew of the Destiny? Or will I be forever curious as to what the mysterious background radiation was?

  14. paloosa: I hope you can put all your health problems to the side soon.

    That apple strudel looks scrumptious. The blood chocolate ice cream sounds interesting. What is a trotter and what did they stuff it with?

    I watched Breaking Bad this weekend. It was a good show but I’m having a hard time getting past the crack making. I’ve seen families decimated by crack. My mom’s small town in Tennessee is fast becoming the crack capitol of the south. Parents on crack sell their food to buy the stuff. Their kids have to go begging to the neighbors to feed them. The local humane services are overwhelmed. It’s pretty bad. Did you know when a crack addict comes off a bender they go into rages? Or when the parents are cooking crack up in the kitchen, the kids are in the other room asleep most of the time? It’s hard for me to find it totally entertaining when I’ve seen, first hand, what happens with the product. I don’t know if I can watch episode 2 but I do hope the writers address what is happening to families because of crack in upcoming episodes.

    JeffW: We are all hoping for the best. Das, of course, had some great insight on the situation. I find it always best to listen to those who have been there.

  15. oops sorry, I thought it was JeffW but I meant JImfromJersey! I’m terrible with names.

  16. Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words and for the dedication Joe. I just now had the opportunity to revisit.

    I panicked the first day. But I’m good to go now. We’ve circled the wagons, cut a lot of expenses. She has already applied for unemployment, and has a few job leads. The only upside to this is that she now has the time to volunteer at our local animal shelter. Something we’ve both wanted to do for years but were never able to.

  17. Another fabulous-looking meal…wow. The spoon picture (and Das’s comment) had me laughing — for many years running, at Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws, there was a contest to see who could hang the most spoons from his/her face.
    Hope your pups (esp. Max) are all doing well.

  18. Dizzy from all that beautiful food. The crisy duck and lovely pork, the navy beans; it all looks delicious. Loved that parfait; chocolate!

    Nice to see Rob, Jewel and Martin! Yay Vancouver! I brought a not so great salad for lunch but I’m off to try to supplement it with something tasty; yet again I read the blog before lunch and come away famished.

    BTW what is your take on the latest AHS episode? It was beautiful but so sad. Did anyone get to see the partial lunar eclipse this weekend? It was too cloudy by me to see.

  19. @paloosa: Excellent news!

    The photos are great. I love chocolate; I do not like chocolate ice cream, though. I might try a blood chocolate candy of some sort. I’ve almost got my social skills back up to pre-NaNoWriMo levels. I’m also trying to figure out how my cats know when I am working while using the computer (they are relatively quiet), and when I am not working while using the computer (they are loud, demand my attention, and squabble with each other).

    I hope everyone is doing well.

  20. JimFromJersey: yay on volunteering at the animal shelter! The economy has made all the shelters around here very crowded and understaffed. Even just a little volunteered time, like walking the dogs, combing the cats, etc… is appreciated. I just hope your wife can resist taking home a cute puppy or kitten. (Hey, got your name right this time 😉 )

    A friend posted this picture from his travels.

    Mr. M.: yes, I know it was meth instead of crack. Had a migraine coming on this morning and my brain kept freezing up. Aleve to the rescue!
    So do the writer’s address the other side of the meth problem in later shows? I’ve heard there is a new way of making meth that is easier and less dangerous. Something called the “Shake and Bake”. (Hubby thinks it’s distrubing that I know that. )

  21. @Tam Dixon:

    I’m glad you clarified! I just got back from Detroit and having spent four days on the road, I thought I missed something (like did my doctor post something I should know about? 😯 )

    Glad to hear there was a more mundane explaination…


    Glad to hear that the panic has subsided…I’m praying you all have a Merry Christmas!

  22. @ paloosa – What a relief!! Merry Christmas! So far, you’ve had the best gift!!

    @ JimFromJersey – Yes,really! 🙂

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