The gang cleans pretty nice.  They’re all presentable now and ready to put in an appearance at your special occasion, be it a birthday party, anniversary, or wedding.  Book now to avoid disappointment.

Speaking of disappointment – tomorrow will be a HUGE day for my Snow Monkeys who are clinging to the last playoff spot in our Stargate fantasy football league.  This weekend, the second to last week of play, sees my 6-5 Monkeys playing the 5-6 Autodrafts.  Plenty of permutations to consider but, suffice it to say a win this weekend secures that playoff spot.  A loss puts me on very unsteady ground.  In an all-out bid to get that win, I traded injured star RB Adrian Peterson for RB Rashad Mendenhall (who has a nice match-up against the hapless KC Chiefs) and QB Cam Newton who I’ll be starting ahead of Tony Romo (and good thing too given Romo’s performance on Thursday).

Hanging on to that final playoff spot!

Hey, head on over to Tara Yelland’s blog and check out THIS entry (Headshots! Survivor!) where she talks Survivor and asks her readers to weigh in on the dozen or so headshots she took the other day.  Help a gal out.

Continuing my quest to get back into comic books by reading every title out there…


I’ve always found the Green Lantern a hard character to like.  I mean, he’s a character I really want to like.  I love the idea of a hero’s powers being contained in a ring, a portable device capable of being taken, lost, or exploited. In this case, the ring’s power manifests itself as “hard light constructs” originating from the wearer’s imagination – anything from the good (cool alien weaponry), the bad (a giant boxing glove), to the inane (a giant baseball mitt for catching plummeting allies).  Oh, and all said manifestations are green.  So you can see the potential for cartoon silliness.  As a result, I approached this latest incarnation of Green Lantern as I approached past incarnations – with muted expectations and a certain sense of trepidation.  But again, like the new Green Lantern Corps series, I came away pleasantly impressed.  It’s surprisingly dark in comparison to past GL stories I’ve read, with longtime arch-villain Sinestro joining the corps and enlisting a recently deactivated Hal Jordan to help him rescue his homeworld – by taking on his former allies, the Sinestro Corps.  The story moves at a rapid pace with plenty of action, but also offers up some terrific little character moments for not only Hal but Sinestro as well.  P.S. What happened to Kyle Rayner?

Verdict: Finally, a Green Lantern series with dark potential.  So far, so hooked.

FF #9-11

I always enjoyed reading the Fantastic Four for its mix of superheroics and super scifi.  Their origin and their powers have SF roots (their doomed spaceflight), they’ve battled cosmic entities (Galactus, Blastaar, Annihulus), and their leader is a brilliant scientist and inventor.  Of course, the mix of the more complex SF and superhero elements has its drawbacks for the casual reader as well as I soon discovered when I checked out #9 to #11 of FF.  Despite the handy paragraph-long intros that provide the backstory to the individual issues, I had no idea what was going on.  I mean, I sort of got the gist, but I didn’t recognize quite a few of the characters, couldn’t figure out their motivations, nor could I track the mythology-heavy backstory. Bentley, Alex Powers, Nathaniel Richards, Leech, the Supremor – all, no doubt, would make for a most intricate and satisfying narrative provided I’d been following the series and not hopping on its ninth issue.

Verdict: Unfortunately, way too confusing for me.  Will give the longer running Fantastic Four title a shot instead.


When I first started reading comics, my titles of choice were the superteams: the Avengers, the X-Men and, occasionally, the Defenders and Champions.  I loved the team dynamics, the sometimes rocky but ever-supportive relations that typified these books.  Although I didn’t grow up with the Justice League, it’s a title I’ve checked out over the years.  And so, I was interested to see how this latest incarnation of the team would fare.  Alas, while I was expecting a new team and new team dynamics, I was not expecting a total reboot.  With Justice League #1, we are back at square #1 as we explore the very first meeting of the super-powered individuals who will subsequently form the JLA.  My reader response here was the exact opposite to my FF experience.  Whereas I found the latter too confusing, I found the former too straightforward, covering ground I was well familiar with. Not bad for those looking to get in on the ground floor, but a little slow for this reader.

Verdict: I fee like we’re covering well-trodden ground.  I’ll shift my focus to Justice League Dark.


Hmmm.  Mixed feelings on this one.  On the one hand, we’ve got a great character in Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman), a loner with a criminal bent, but possessed of a professionalism and allure that makes her altogether fascinating.  She’s cool and collected under fire, yet there are moments in which we glimpse her vulnerabilities, the most interesting of which comes to fore in her surprisingly carnal relationship with Batman.  All great and there’s even the bonus of a wonderful supporting player through whom we’ll be able to gain a better understanding of our heroine.  On the other hand, there’s a fairly straightforward story driving the narrative, the action feels at times gratuitously violent, and that supporting player with some much promise gets offed pretty early on in gruesome fashion.  This version of Selina Kyle is, for some reason, struggling to survive, a vagabond who must rely on the generosity of a friend to get by.  It’s a far cry from past versions of Selina who’ve used the money they’ve made fleecing big targets to set themselves up quite nicely – living in penthouse suites, running in high society social circles, and demonstrating intelligence and resourcefulness in staying steps ahead of both her enemies and Batman.

Verdict: Alas, too far removed from the Catwoman I knew.  Not a title I’ll continue with.

Hmmm.  Batting a little over 500 on the new comics – 6 yeas and 5 nays.  So what about all the other comic fans out there.  What are you reading and enjoying?

25 thoughts on “November 26, 2011: Bath time! Tara needs your help! Snow Monkeys need a win! And more comic book thoughts!

  1. For backstory of Alex Powers and Leech you have to go back to the comic “Power Pack” about 4 super-powered siblings. They encountered Franklin Richards in their adventures and incorporated him into their team. Alex was the older brother. A cute comic with potential that was never realized. It could have matured with it’s fans ala Harry Potter.

    Leech was a Morlock (x-men) the Power kids dealt with from time to time as an ally. He had the same powers as the power-sapping kid from the 3rd X-MEN movie…but looked like a sad pickle…

  2. You’re a brave man, Joecito! I clipped and bathed one little Cocker Spaniel tonight (Molly) and I AM DONE WITH DOGS FOR THE DAY! Gumbo’s turn tomorrow. Elway just jumps in the shower with me whenever he feels like it, so he always looks and smells lovely. 🙂 Have a good night!

  3. I’ve been really busy the last few days. Well, Thursday and Friday I basically did nothing – at all – which means I was very busy NOT being busy. In fact, yesterday I sat in all day, watching tv and sleeping. It was a hormonal thing, I suspect. I did watch The Prince of Persia, and the new Karate Kid – which was surprisingly excellent – and took about 5 minutes to order 5 boxsets of Charlie Chan movies (I love Charlie!), and the complete collection of Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes flicks. That was the extent of my ‘Black Friday’ shopping, and my way of treating myself because the chocolate just wasn’t cutting it.** (**see comment about hormones)

    Today I made up for two days of inactivity by cleaning all the windows in our house, along with Mr. Das’ help, of course. We cleaned 20 windows (40 if you count both sides), and 6 of those windows have two storms each, so that’s another 12 windows, 24 if you count both sides. Also vacuumed and washed down the window sills and frames, cleaned the screens (we keep some up for fresh air in the winter), and tossed all the curtains in the dryer for a fluff and tumble (they were just dusty, not dirty…I only use toppers, not drapes or any heavy window treatment because it makes me claust…feel shut in). Oh, and dusted down the miniblinds. Needless to say, my shoulders are shot to hell. 😛

    Hmmm…comics. Well, you know I really enjoy Uncanny X-Force, and Elric, of course. The latter is good, but very much a multiverse story as it is an Elric story, and I do miss Moorcock’s touch, especially where it comes to fleshing out Elric himself. Still, it’s an entertaining read. Also started reading the Drizzt stories in comic book format instead of the novels. I like the character, and the books are easily translated into graphic format without losing a thing…in fact, I think the art actually enhances the story as told in the novels.

    I have a few other things to catch up on – Mystery Men from Marvel, which is supposed to be very good, and Sherlock Holmes Year One. I have all the issues of both, just need to find the time to read them. I’m returning to my old love – the detective-style mystery – both in film and in books. I hate to say it, but I’ve grown weary of the capes.


  4. Pugs in a tub, pugs in a tub! Seems impossible that they can get cuter then they go an take the cutest bath ever.

    No, Tara. Tara no. Survivor isn’t the ticket; the people there are so stressed and cloistered and angry, plus with the starvation it’s just not a fun show. Tara seems more like an Amazing Race gal, it’s fun, fast and the people are much nicer.

    I’m taking a break from writing aka procrastinating, it’ll be another 9 months before I can write full time (I hope!) so this long vacation was a good chance for me to try to write during the day, tho I did do a couple 2 am jags.

    The Simpsons did a terrific ep about the writing life with Lisa procrastinating last week that was spot on. Now I will goof off a bit and watch “Spy” on Hulu before going back to writing, for reals.

  5. Thanks to being lured into a comic book store not too long ago, I find myself following Green Lantern, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Green Lantern Corps and Green Arrow. I’m also testing put Doctor Who, which seems to be a keeper. Last time I was in, I picked up Iron Man and Flash, but the jury’s still put on them — I haven’t read enough of them to make a decision.

    The various Green Lanterns all seem quite good. I’m reading a TP version of some GLs that may shed seem light on what became of Kyle Rayner.

    I wasn’t a huge comic book reader as a kid, but I do recall one issue of Green Arrow in which he accidentally killed someone because someone messed with the pips he uses to tell his arrows apart. The current GA seems pretty good.

  6. Not sure if I mentioned Rachel Lutrrell on NCIS this week!! I didn’t have my glasses on so I sat there knowing I knew the voice but not able to place the face of the young JAG officer, then my sis called to say it was our Teyla!

    It was fun wondering if Rachel was in fact the killer, won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it but it was awesome, hope she’ll do more NCIS.

  7. Go Snow Monkeys!

    Love the pups in the tub. They are so cute. But every picture you take of them is cute. This is my problem with Tara’s pictures. I like them all. I’d have to print them out and study them for awhile to choose a favorite. The fact that she has narrowed it to 16 from 250 is remarkable.

    Whew, BUSY day for us. Besides for the usual chores, the Christmas tree is up: Complete with the only Stargate ornament MGM ever allowed to be made. As well as some minor house decorations. We have no time to decorate outside (the sacrifices we’ve had to make). Also, my Christmas letter has FINALLY been written and kept to the front & back of 1 page (with not a margin to spare). The new printer I had to buy for my work computer, which happens to have my address book program, which is now not compatible with my Windows 7 and there are no patches available, is now set up and ready to print labels (I could not imagine having to hand-write all those addresses. Also, a good portion of the day was spent on making props for the book fair that begins next Saturday at Patrick’s school (which I’m in charge of). The theme is Aliens and Outer Space (Scholastic chose it, not me), but it is right up my alley. You should see the goal chart I made. I’ll take a picture of it when it’s done. It is complete with rope lighting and a shuttle going straight to Saturn, which I found out later is really not an orange planet. I have to wait for the rings of Saturn to dry before I can complete the board. I’m also hanging stars from the ceiling, spaceships made from paper plates & bowls spray painted with silver and gold. Blow up aliens, star charts, a mobile of our solar system. Mind you, we don’t make that much on this (in fact, we make so little that we only get “Scholastic Dollars” from it, but I really got into the theme and my creative side of my brain went a little wild. My goal chart was actually a modification of the chart they recommended. Then printing off invitations, printing off posters to put in store windows in the same strip shopping center that the school is at. Tuesday we have our first chairpersons meeting for our Boots & Bling Gala 2012 and I’m still freaked out about being in charge of something so massive.

    Tomorrow Jeff and I are going to the King Tut exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. It should be fun, but it takes a full day away from the things I need to get done. Tick, tick, tick goes the clock. Guess I need to go to bed. We need to put stuff away & vacuum before the babysitter comes at 10:30 a.m. (besides getting dressed & putting on make-up). Another long day tomorrow. After I get home, I have to spray paint those alien ships & glue them together.

  8. Special occasion? Hmmmm….

    I’ll create a special occasion if those four will show up!!!!

    Let me know the next time you’re on the Central Coast of California! 😉

  9. NCIS has had a lot of Stargate (and Star Trek) actors appear over the years
    …just one more reason to like that show!

  10. Hey, Joe!

    Kyle Rayner is still a GL, in fact he is one of the highest ranking members of the Green Lantern Corps and isn’t bound to a specific sector but pretty much has free reign and had been living on OA with Guy Gardner (this was all chronicled in the Green Lantern Corps title pre-New 52) … however in the current storyline all of that looks to be changing. He headlines the new comic title “NEW GUARDIANS” which features him and lanterns from the other color spectrums. Lantern rings from the various other colors have attached themselves to Kyle and he is now a “multi-colored” Lantern being hunted down by the Guardians (those pesky little blue guys that control the Green Lanterns). It has yet to be explained why the rings attached themselves to Kyle or what the extent of his capabilities will be, or even why the Guardians are suddenly after him… it looks interesting though, especially considering in the Green Lantern title Sinestro has been showing Hal Jordan various powers the ring held that Hal (let alone GL readers) never knew possible. I think we’re getting ready to find out that the rings can do a whole lot more than what has ever been shown before, which will be interesting to see what all that entails.

    PS- My German Sheppard is looking for a doggy-style entertainment act for her Sweet 16 party, and she wanted me to ask if they knew any dance routines? Musical numbers? Puppets even?

  11. @2cats
    So cute 🙂
    Cat : ( =①ω①=)
    Monkey : @(・(ェ)・ )@

    These are Japanese style Smiley.

    I like rose:)

    You are very skilled!


  12. As I said in the comments on your last blog, Batwoman, Aquaman and Demon Knights are at the top of my reading list right now. Also enjoying Teen Titans (though the dialogue could use work in some places), Superboy, Justice League Dark, Batman and Action Comics. I’m a fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but the art in that book right now does absolutely nothing for me, and it’s sister book, Legion Lost, has great art but the story is a mess. So far Legion: Secret Origin is the best of the LoSH books. Shame that it’s only a mini-series.
    Also, I’ve heard good things about the new Wonder Woman series, but haven’t been able to find a copy of the first three issues. I’ve heard a lot of very negative things about Suicide Squad though (which was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Gail Simone’s “Secret Six” book but apparently is far from it) so you may want to avoid that one.

  13. Green Lantern: New Guardians. so far has been really good and the book store in my area finally got a justice league dark issue and it did not disappoint. though I read issue 3 so it was a little confusing.

  14. LOL cute pic with dogs in tub. They don’t even look all that pissed off either.

    I wish I could get into comics. Well maybe not. My love of literature focuses on well written descriptions, narratives… I’d take too wordy over too sparse any day. Although I have read every single play by Shakespeare, most plays don’t do it for me either– leaving me enjoying probably only the top 10 percent. When you par a story down to pictures and minimal words, I just don’t get hooked. Which is all to say that I am and will never be of any help as far as ideas, suggestions or even opinions go on comics. Of course, I don’t give a fig about superheroes either. So there you have it—a failure at comic appreciation.

  15. I don’t know how to critique head shots. They all have her head in them. Check?

    Now, witty yet emotionally guarded comments. That I can do, but somebody beat me to the punch.

  16. Hmmm, that’s some pretty clean bath water.
    I’ve got to find a comic book store here. You make me miss them. Plus, I have to order yours upcoming release.

    Das: you made me so tired after I read about your day, that I had to take a nap. It was nice, you would have liked it. 😉

  17. My daughter won a gold medal at the English Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships! Heh, cool kid. 🙂

  18. i agree with Shiny, tara needs to get on the amazing race. it’s more fun & you get to see something of the world. but then she needs to find a race partner that she can work well with.
    however i think they only take US people. unless there’s one in canada i don’t know about.

  19. @ Tam Dixon…Ha! You and I think alike. I too napped after reading about das & Mr. das’s amazing exploits in window cleaning. Personally, I like mine slightly dingy, keeps the riffraff from peering in 😀

    @ PBMom – lovely tree! Quite festive.

    @ Akemi – thank you! I like the monkey!

    @ Deni – congrats to your martial arts daughter!

    @ Tara Yelland – I like them all – you are a beautiful young lady.


  20. @ Tam Dixon – Well, it all caught up with me today and I took a nap, too. Missed services because the in-laws were making a surprise visit, so I had to do a quick dust and vacuum and mop the kitchen floor (quick in that it took about an hour, hour and a half, instead of the normal 4 or 5 hours). I really needed to do it because the house was a mess after cleaning all the windows – we tracked in leaves, dust was everywhere, bits of papertowels here and there – and I just can’t let the in-laws see that we live like normal people. 😉 Got all done, and find out that they hadn’t planned on actually stopping by the house. So, I insisted that they did. 🙂 Spent about an hour with them, but then opted out of going down to the beach for fishing (it was about 67 degrees F. here today!). Instead I took a nap – I was just sooo exhausted, and my folks were having us and a few others over for dinner. I feel great now, though…so hopefully I’ll feel good tomorrow and get some more stuff done.

    Or not. 😛


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