I’m pleased to report that my boy Maximus is on the road to short-term recovery.  I dropped him off at the vet’s this morning where he underwent surgery to remove part of the melanoma on the inside of his cheek, something that has clearly made him very uncomfortable lately as he’s struggled to eat.  According to Dr. Clark, he was able to remove eighty percent of the tumor and Max displayed great courage and toughness, rebounding quite nicely after the procedure.  When we went to pick him up this afternoon, he was very excited to see us, animated, tail wagging, demonstrating better spirits than he has in months.  Now he’s at home convalescing – sitting at my feet as I write today’s entry.

In case you suspect I’ve forgotten – no, I’m still working my way through the best (and worst) Vancouver has to offer in my very first Macaron-Off (or Smacaron-Off, if you prefer).  I’ve visited a little over a dozen places and I’m sorry to report that, for the most part, they’ve been major disappointments.  There have, however, been a few bright spots.  Nothing to compare to Pierre Hermes or Jean-Paul Hevin or even Laduree, but some nice Canadian contenders nevertheless.  The shop we visited today, unfortunately, was not among them.  I’m of the personal opinion that one should throw out rather than sell stale or overbaked macarons – but maybe that’s just me.  No, clearly that’s not just me as evidenced by this afternoon’s experience.  As a rule of thumb, if you can’t break a macaron apart with your fingers or easily cut it in half with a knife, then you shouldn’t be selling it, much less eating it.  Akemi enjoyed her giant meringue though –

Just finishing up my fourth interview for my upcoming comic book series, Dark Matter.  The first two were for Comic Book Resources and Newsarama; these last two for Pop Culture Zoo and Multiverse UK.  The challenge I faced was two-fold: 1) offering up enough information to intrigue potential readers without giving too much away since the entire series is driven by plot twists and surprise revelations, and 2) giving each interviewer unique insight into the series and its characters.  I believe I succeeded on all counts.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the interviews.  When they come out.

Oh, and speaking of coming out – in case you forgot, Dark Matter #1 (of 4) hits the stands on January 11, 2012.

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog (more than) regular Das!

37 thoughts on “November 16, 2011: Maximus on the mend! Smacaron-Off! Dark Matter!

  1. So nice to hear Maximus is doing alright.

    Boy, I tell ya, there’s very little to compare with the great feeling of picking up the dog from the vet and seeing them be animated and excited with the tail wagging. It’s just such a relief to see that, and you can’t help to think how cool it is that the tail-wagging is a built-in happyometer.

  2. Aw man. Sorry to hear about Marbles das.

    Glad to hear Max is recovering well Joe.

    And Ralphy’s overseas cousin Elway is on the mend I see too Deni 🙂

    Tam – Glad I’m not the only one that says “Que?” when thinking an object has a gender. And if there’s only male tables, how are new tables made?! 😉

    crazymom1 – It was a good friend who gave me that mug. I think he was trying to tell me something.

    Take care everyone. Hug those close to you and don’t ever be afraid to say how much you care. **Cue cheesy, yet appropriate Lionel Richie song**

  3. Hey Joe,

    I have SG-1 on at the moment and I had no idea that Peter DeLuise wrote episodes too. Fun still to see your name roll by.

    So happy to hear Maximus is doing so well. I love hearing about the pups.

    Still reading your blog but leaving less notes. I keep thinking I’ll be back on my laptop…that maybe my health will level out. 🙁

    I am looking forward to my first comic book purchase. It is coming up fast and I can’t wait. I know…terribly disappointing that I don’t read comics or watch anime (did I spell that right? Oh well).

    Best to you Joe…your pups and cutie “A”!!!

    Best always,

  4. Arrghh! I HATE jet-lag! Up at 3am and I haven’t been able to get back to sleep.

    Still, I’m glad to hear of maximus’ surgery (do you ever call him “Max” for short?) Good job little guy!

    Maybe a question for the (foodie) mailbag:

    Have you ever tried Black (i.e. Blood) Pudding? I’m enjoying some now with my breakfast (I’ve loved it since I first tried some about 20 years ago). Just wondering what your take was. I don’t like mine crispy; about the consistancy of lightly-cooked scrapple is best for me (guess my US-east coast Irish-descendent roots are showing).

  5. Good to hear that Maximus is doing so well. That meringue looks big enough for three! Looking forward to the Dark Matter interviews – and the comic’s release too, of course.

  6. Thanks for sharing the good Maximus news, Hugs to the little guy!
    Stale macarons,ick, no amount of coffee dunking can fix that.
    Off with their heads!! (heard that somewhere).
    Are you ready for your company? Linen closet ready.? They will have a good time coz you all know all the great food places. trucks, and now macarons.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  7. Aww, good to hear that Maximus is doing okay.

    So sorry to hear about Marbles, Das. I’m sure she had a good life with a very caring owner.

    I’m actually in Vegas right now, but off today to the Grand Canyon to do some hiking! Hiked there lots before but I always love going back there.

  8. So excited to hear Maximus did well.

    This might be a stupid question, but is there a difference between a macaron and a macaroon besides a difference in spelling?

    Glad to see Cheryl back on here!

    @Fortheloveofbeckett I must have missed the post about your friend and their suicide. I am so sorry for your loss. My friend’s son, who had autism and had just graduated from college in June, killed himself in August. No reason other than the father, my friend, suspected that his son was depressed about not having friends or being able to get a job because people with autism do not interview well. The economy is bad enough, so the interview is more crucial than ever. I have another friend whose daughter committed suicide after suffering many years of mental illness. It’s been almost 20 years I guess now and she still feels responsible. If you are on Facebook, there is a closed Facebook group for people who have been grieving a loss due to suicide. Let me know if you’d like a referral there.

    I have to go in to Patrick’s school today for the 1st meeting of our Boots & Bling Gala April 2012 but I need to go back to sleep for another hour before popping in the shower. Tomorrow is the appointment with the nephrologist.

  9. More than regular, Joe? Howdya know I increased my fiber intake? 😉

    Just want to say thanks to everyone again. Better today, not nearly as emotional. Just not feeling very chatty. Maybe in a day or two.


  10. Das, so sorry for your loss of sweet Marbles.

    Joe, give Maximus a hug for us. We’re glad he is feeling more chipper.

    Fortheloveofbeckett, no words are adequate, but we are thinking of you and your office. May God bring you peace and comfort.

  11. Narelle: I wonder if there is a committee in each country to determine gender in new tech./devices? Who determines if it’s “la ipad or el ipad”?

    Sending more hugs for Max!

    I would love to try a macaron but…I’m in Mississippi, so enough said.

  12. Oh Das, I’ve read up now!
    I’m so sorry, I know how it is to put your pet down. It always hurts, even if you know it’s coming.
    Always remember you did the right thing!

  13. That’s a relief, so glad to hear Maxie is on the mend.

    I’m guessing you didn’t bring home any of those rock-macarons, but if you did maybe you can soften them up by sealing them in a baggie with a slice of bread. I’m using the bread slice trick right now on my oatmeal pecan golden raisin cookies.

    Can’t wait to go home and watch American Horror Story. Oh, if any one is looking for work on video games check out Phoenix Online Studios, they do point and click video games, they’re working with Jane Jensen on a new game and need volunteers:


  14. I’m glad Maximus is doing well!

    Sorry about the macarons. Hey, another reason to go back to visit Tokyo!
    I wish I could find a bakery that makes them here in the western Chicago suburbs. But no luck so far.

    @das: Nice to see that you have retained your delicate sense of humor. 😉

  15. @PBMom
    ‘…is there a difference between a macaron and a macaroon besides a difference in spelling?’

    A macaroon is what your mum made at home 20 years ago; a macaron is what a pastry chef makes in a restaurant today, replacing the cupcake as the trendy ‘cake du jour.’ 😉
    Seriously, though, apparently ‘macaroon’ is generally used to refer to the little meringue-y cakes made with shredded coconut, while ‘macaron’ refers to the little meringue-y cakes made with ground almond. The posh macarons that are so trendy at the moment are generally 2 biscuits sandwiched together with ganache or some other filling, and often coloured in rather startling pastel shades.

    I always get Zumbo (the chef Adriano Zumbo, who specialises in the macaron) confused with Zumba – which is what I suspect one will need after indulging in too many macarons/macaroons. 😀

    @Tam Dixon
    ‘I wonder if there is a committee in each country to determine gender in new tech./devices? Who determines if it’s “la ipad or el ipad”?’

    You’re right, there is! In France, anyway. They have L’Académie française, who decide which new words are allowed into the official French dictionary, and what gender they should be. L’Académie française is notorious for its conservatism and obsession with preserving the ‘purity’ of the French language.

    English, on the other hand, has always been rather more laissez-faire about the whole ‘purity’ thing. 😉

    Thinking about you. And everyone who is having a hard time at the moment. Best wishes.

    Mr. M, so glad to here Maximus is doing well! 😀

    1. @Zen Ahhhh. Thanks for the explanation. I thought the macaroon just grew up or something. In that case, I have never had one. Certainly there is some place in my area that has these things. We have fancy cupcake places, but I’ve never been in them yet.

  16. ‘Mr. M, so glad to here Maximus is doing well!’

    OH MY GOD!
    *scourges self in shame*

    Mr. M, I am glad to hear – HEAR – that Maximus is doing well. Best wishes for his continued recovery. 😀

  17. glad that maximus is doing better.

    sorry that the macarons-off is producing less than stellar results.

    that giant meringue looks good.

  18. @ Anon – “TYPO!”

    You and everybody else hear!
    Ooooops….here. I meant here. 🙂

  19. Joe did you get your deck done? Let’s see… Did you have them make it non-slippery? Did you get a roof over it? Then your babies could go outside after a snow or when it’s raining and the porch would be dry. No roof? Call them back!

  20. I’m hearing so much about macarons, I’ll have to find a place to get them in Ottawa – if not, then the next time I’m in Montreal I’ll have to go macaron hunting.

    Glad to hear that Maximus is quite a bit more comfortable again. What a sweetheart!

  21. Joe, so glad that your baby boy was at your feet and back home safe! Hurray, Maximus! How is he today, and the rest of the Frisky Four? Have you ever made dog biscuits for them?

    Thanks to PBMom, noellam, and Zed of Earth, for your thoughts and prayers.

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