Well, damn.  Here I was, all ready to set out on the next leg of the Vancouver Food Truck Tour only to discover that the food trucks I planned on hitting had taken the day off.  What do food trucks do on their day off?  Hit the car wash?  Lounge about the garage?  Okay, I know today is Remembrance Day and it is a holiday, but my handy Food Truck app clearly specified which trucks were up and running and which trucks were not. Both Roaming Dragon and Mangal Kiss WERE up and running – according to my app.  Interestingly, these were the same two food trucks that were supposed to be up and running last week too but were nowhere to be found.  Oh, well.  Clearly, the fates are going to a lot of trouble to steer me clear of both Mangal Kiss and Roaming Dragon, so maybe I should listen. Next week, instead, I think I’ll head on over to Nostradmus for some lomito and churrasco Chilean-style hot sandwiches, Varinicey for pakoras, Fattrac for teriyaki subs, and Taser Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for…what else?

Whew!  Spent the last hour or so organizing a very small portion of my old comic book collection.  Double damn!  Who knew how many X-Men titles were out there?  Want to guess?  The answer is: a lot, especially when you factor in all those limited series and one-shots.  Anyway, the point of all this organizing – beside the whole neat and tidy thing – is this:

I figure “Why by trade paperbacks if I already have the collected issues?”.  And: “Why not assemble those collected issues in a nice, handsome binding?”.  I mean, could you imagine toting the 600+ Mighty Thor collection up to your bedroom?  Light reading, it aint – but it’ll certainly keep you busy.

Hey, someone mind answering a comic book-related question.  Specifically, a Daredevil-related question.  Yes?  Okay, I’ll ask anyway: I’ve got almost the entire run of the new series starting with the Kevin Smith/Joe Quesada first volume through to most recent trade paper release.  For some reason, I’m missing issues #20-25.  Now the interesting thing is I haven’t missed any volumes.  Volume 3 collects Daredevil #16-19 and volume 4 collects Daredevil #26-31.  There is no volume 3.5.  What gives?  Das, ask you’re buddy Bendis what’s up with that.  It was during his run (#16-81).

Spoke to Paul today.  He’s back in town and much relieved.  We talked Dark Matter and some of the projects sent our way.  Our agent called last week, suggesting we have a conference call to discuss 2012 and beyond.  One of the first things he asked was: “Would you be willing to move to L.A.?”.  My initial response was: “But I just got back.”  My second response was: “I suppose it depends on the project.”  If nothing else, accepting a job there will mean I’ll be that much closer to my buddy Carl – mainly because Akemi, the dogs and I will be moving into his guest room.

On the book front, I switched gears and read a suspense novel, Deep Water.  It was my first Patricia Highsmith read and I quite enjoyed it.  So much so that I picked up Strangers on a Train yesterday.  On the anime front, I’m on the last disc of Coyote Ragtime Show.  How is this series not on more of your radars?  Lots of fun and plenty of SF action!

Today’s entry is dedicated to our friend Deni.  Condolences.

28 thoughts on “November 11, 2011: The Vancouver Food Truck Tour on Pause! Organizing my Comic Book Collection! Reading! Watching!

  1. Hey Joe, long time reader, first time poster. . .

    Issues 20 through 25 of Daredevil are from Bob Gale’s short tenure and I guess aren’t really considered re-printable for some reason. Why? I don’t know. I haven’t read ’em.

  2. @ Deni – so sorry about Summer. I’ll miss hearing stories about her. Just know that many here have been through the same loss and sadness. Best friends ’til the end!

  3. Whoa. Bendis ain’t my buddy, buddy. He barely puts up with me. 😛

    However, on line I found this statement: Daredevil volume 2, issues 20-25: Issues #20-25 (Playing to the Camera), by Bob Gale have not been collected, and it doesn’t look like they will be any time soon (if ever).

    I dunno why, but there ya go anyway. Took me 3.3 seconds to find that out. (You really need to work on your googleninja skills, Joeysan. 😉 )


  4. Oh @deni I’m so sorry. We’re all thinking of you here, furry ones close.

  5. Best of luck to Maximus Joe

    Sorry to hear that Deni. I remember when I had to have my cat Pete put down, it was a decision that was so hard, but he had suddenly gotten very sick, had fluid on his lungs (they removed half a pint which was lots for a cat) I went in to see him and he didn’t recognise me, was simply on the bench panting, unmoving. You have to make that tough choice, he seemed in so much pain.

    Anyway, afterwards its still not easy, remember the good times , thats what I tried to, and still do

  6. @ Deni – sorry to hear about that news. My sincere condolences.

    Joe, would living outside the country for an extended period of time affect Akemi’s immigration application? I don’t know one way or the other, but it might be somethIng to check out.

  7. @Deni: I’m sorry about Summer.

    Joe, I really ought to hook you up with my brother. He’s been collecting comics since he was eight, and he’s in his forties now. He actually has a storage unit with the vast majority of his collection in it–climate controlled and everything. I told him about Dark Matter, and he’s planning to get it when it comes out.

    Have a great day!!!!

  8. @ Deni

    So sorry to hear about Summer. She had a long life with much love, and passed on peacefully and with love. No one can do more for a loved one.
    My condolences.

    @ Joan001

    They call workplace bullies ‘office sociopaths’ these days, don’t they, because studies have shown they have many of the attributes of sociopaths. Well, colour me surprised! And they’re always the type that get promoted, either to get them out of the way, or because they show one face to superiors and another to everyone else. 🙁
    Sorry to hear about your bad news. Take care of yourself, and I hope things get better for you soon.

    Mr. M, it’s none of my business (obviously) and I’ve never lived in L.A., but it sounds like a bit of a rat race. I guess if the project was promising enough it’d be worth the upheaval. But isn’t everyone cyber-commuting these days?! 🙂

    Best wishes to Max and Marbles.

  9. @deni … much love and many hugs. Too many of us have been there with our furry family.

    @das… something in the water indeed. I rolled my ankle on a rock two weeks ago, landed hard on my hands and right knee. I was off the sidewalk, going around construction, literally fell in the street and no one would help me up. A nice man finally stopped his car and got out to get me back on my feet. Knee still hurts. I was on my way to the gym, HA! So much for fitness.

  10. @deni I am so sorry. But good owners don’t let their dogs suffer because they can’t bear to let go. You will do the right thing. ((hugs))

    LOL at moving into Carl’s. Does Carl know it yet?

  11. Hey Joe; I’ve only just found your blog, so pardon my two cents here as we are complete strangers, but my dog-lover side must comment. A change of venue can be very difficult for healthy dogs; it takes six weeks to adjust to the change and six months to fully adapt to new surroundings. Older dogs are more easily stressed; producing nightmares and confusion upon waking up, digestion troubles, and separation anxiety. I understand that Maximus is not in the best of health, and I would be very concerned with his relocating. I understand this is work related and important for you, but please think carefully about your little buddy.

  12. @Deni – So sorry for your loss. I had to put down my baby yorkie of 15 years about 3 years ago and it took me a year before I was over my grief enough to get another puppy. Thor (another yorkie, naturally) is now two and a half and living up to his name!

  13. @ Zed of Earth – You would probably enjoy Wilmot’s entire Satyr Against Mankind:


    That may be the only thing by Wilmot that is readable without blushing. Most of his writings were pornographic in nature, though many of those were destroyed as he lay upon his deathbed, syphilis eating away at his body. Seems the man who had rejected God to live a life of wantonness accepted Him back into his life at the end. An interesting story there (and no, I have not seen the The Libertine starring Johnny Depp as Wilmot, but I have read up on the man, his writings, and his horrible death).

    @ Deni – I hope you’re doing well today, and just want you to know that you’re still in my thoughts and prayers. {{{hugs}}}

    @ Maggiemayday – Doncha just hate when everyone leaves you there on the ground, looking at you like maybe you’re a bomb, ready to go off? Folks, it won’t hurt you to help the old lady back up on her feet! (I’m talking about me being old, not you.)

    @ Joey – Does Akemi have any pictures of herself as a baby or young child? I betcha she’ll totally beat out your baby pictures on the cuteness meter! (And that is quite a feat, considering that you were an adorable little boy.)

    Have a good day/afternoon/evening, everyone!


  14. Thank you, everybody, for your kind thoughts and words. And Joe, thank you so much for the dedication. Today has been sad, too quiet and a bit confusing. My morning pee, for almost 15 years, has always been accompanied by Summer, a good morning, did you sleep well, what’s for breakfast, but not today. I keep looking for her instinctively, and when lunch time came around, I heated some chicken for her without thinking. I know it gets better with time, it’s just so tough. 🙂

  15. For the mailbag:

    Are you going to share commentary, similar to your memory lane, about the episodes from the first few seasons of Stargate SG-1?

  16. Everyone, today my dear Scooter cat was put to sleep. He went gently with me holding him and telling him how much he was loved. He was 16 yrs, 9 mos. old and the sweetest little soul in cat form, ever. His face is in my WordPress icon, (right) the silver/brown tabby, next to Basil cat, the calico. I’ve had him in my life since he was 12 weeks of age. A sudden mystery illness left him too weak to continue and struggling to breathe. The kindest act was relief.

    @Deni – my sincere condolences to you. It is really rough when we have to say goodbye to our furry family members. They hold our hearts.

    (2 cats)

  17. @ 2cats Carol – Oh, geez…this is just not the week for our dear babies. 🙁 So very sorry about your pretty kitty. {{{hugs}}} Thoughts and prayers are with you.


  18. @ 2cats – looks like a sad time for you and some of our other blog friends. Very sorry to hear about your baby “Scooter”. Keeping you and family in my thoughts.

  19. @2cats: Thank you so much. I’m so sorry to hear about Scooter, as well.

    Sheryl (from this blog once in a while) had to put her kitty, Pumpkin, down today, too. So sad.

  20. @Zed of Earth
    Thanks for your thoughts. We had 2 such people, one after the other as supervisors. If you read the Preface of a book called, “Snakes in Suits” – that’ll give you a good description. The general population would not believe the havoc that these personalities can cause – and you’re right – two faces… they get promoted.

    Makes you wonder just how many are politicians, doesn’t it?

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