Okay.  Now that things are a little more relaxed, I finally have time to finish up my reminiscing on SG-1’s final season.  Although work on the franchise continued with Atlantis and, later, Universe, SG-1 will always hold a special place in my heart – especially those last two seasons.  The show’s 9th and 10th year were the most fun I’ve had writing – ever – partly owing to the talent in front of and behind the camera, and partly owing to the upbeat and positive mood that resonated throughout the entire production.  Making things all that more gratifying was the input we received from the studio in the form of Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Charlie Cohen, and from SciFi in the form of the late Nora O’Brien, both incredibly gifted and kind individuals whose support helped ensure Stargate: SG-1 went out on a creative high.


A crossover fan favorite that I constantly get confused with Beachhead, another crossover fan favorite.  THIS was the episode in which Mitchell threatens McKay with a lemon – an adlib on the day that seemed altogether weird in dailies but, ultimately, ended up making the final cut.  McKay’s citrus allergy was apparently inspired by a staff writer in the show’s early days (before my time anyway) who would always make it a point to proclaim his unique hypersensitivity to anyone who would listen.  Whenever they’d go out for lunch, said writer would be very careful to clear all menu items with the server.  “I’m very allergic to citrus,”he would inform them.  “A single drop and I could die!”  It wasn’t until the end of the season that they discovered the rib sauce their afflicted co-worker had so enjoyed on his bi-weekly lunches at a local rotisserie joint was, in fact, mostly molasses and lemon juice.  And Rodney McKay’s citrus allergy was born.

It was also great to FINALLY get Daniel Jackson to Atlantis.  In fact, following SGA’s fourth season, there had even been some talk of having Daniel join the Atlantis crew for its fifth season, an idea we unfortunately had to abandon for financial reasons.



Of all the enemies SG-1 faced over the course of their many adventures, Baal remains my favorite.  I appreciated his sense of style, his sense of humor, and a megalomania that was at terms outrageous and endearing.  Cloning him was probably one of the best ideas we’ve ever had – and by “we” I mean Robert Cooper who pitched out the final clone reveal in an earlier episode.  Suddenly, we had the luxury of multiple Baals, a host of new storylines and, in the case of Brad and Robert, endless pun possibilities.  Cliff Simon, who played the conniving goa’uld system lord, was always a pleasure to talk with.  He’d swing by the writers’ room after his costume fittings and thank us for the work – or, on one occasion, chortle over the “corny lines”.  So delighted was he by his character’s comfortable position on Earth that he often pitched out the merits of a possible spin-off centered on – who else? – Baal.


Sadly, this episode will be remembered not for the fun dialogue between host Landry and his unwilling cabin guest Mitchell, or the off-world op involving the rest of the team, but the unintentionally hilarious creature that is revealed at episode’s end.  Ooof.  As far as CG monsters go, it doesn’t get much goofier than the things that comes staggering out of the woods after being shot and expires in spectacular “Ugh, ya got me!” fashion.  Without a doubt, the hammiest performance by a computer-generated alien in Stargate history.

I was going to roll right into 200 (not coincidentally, our 200th episode) when I realized I had a lot to say on that particular entry and decided it deserves it’s own dedicated post.  So, my memories of that episode will have to wait.

Swung by my local comic shop today and picked up this –

…this –

…and this –

Will be jumping on them once I’ve finished the immensely enjoyable Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.

So, what are you all reading (beside this blog)?

47 thoughts on “September 30, 2011: SG-1 Memories…

  1. Thanks for more Stargate memories, I love reading them. I’m kind of glad the Daniel Jackson being a regular on SGA didn’t pan out, while I really enjoyed him in guest spots on the show there were already enough regulars that needed screen time. I’d be afraid Daniel being the “star” he is would have chopped into the others time significantly. I really wish SG1 had gone on for another season or so, thats where I’d like to see more Daniel! Or the SG1 movie.

  2. Hi thanks for the memories. I’m glad to hear the visa stuff is getting sorted.

    Here’s a little something I did with my visa application, don’t just do the minimum.

    Get the best 3 friend statements on your relationship on their forms. Then, have anyone who’s willing & knows the two of you really well, write them up as well on just extra paper.

    Also, if you stayed with anyone on your trip home to Montreal, get them to write up a statement stating that the two of you stayed together from x dates.

    Every little bit helps. I think I had 2 or 3 additional friend relationship statements and a statement from the manager at a cricket center that she saw us together every week, and I cheered on his games.

    I just thought I’d share some things that helped me. Good luck. (I know it’s all a complete pain in the a..) Wouldn’t it be better if we all had one leader in the world? We could live where we wanted, and the criminals would be sent to weed and farm to make enough food for our growing world rather than lock them up in cells with tv sets? haha..might make for a good science fiction novel. Anyway, please tell Akemi that I wish her all the best in her immigration process. It seems to take forever, but it will all be behind her someday soon and she’ll forever be a happy rabbit.

  3. @ Ponytail. You know I love the internet. I do. But gawd almighty there are so many things I learned as true that I have found (or worse, my DAUGHTER has found and informed me I have been had by a pre-internet hoax) untrue. Just sad to see those old memories torn asunder. That aside, subliminals are used. LOL just not on Ritz crackers. Why the hell would they need to? Even if you are blind they are addicting!
    LOL on the horrible CGI. Yeah it was not good, but it doesn’t make the top 100 bad.
    OH, don’t forget, Walking Dead returns in a week!

  4. Hmmm. I wonder why you picked up Morning Glories. 😉

    Past, present, and future reading. :


    Recently finished: Locked In (murder-mystery, picked it up because it was self-published by Kerry Wilkinson, a fellow poster on the Benbo – not a perfect book, but an entertaining read nonetheless.)

    Currently reading: Homeland (a Drizzt novel, courtesy of Sparrowhawk – enjoying it very much!)

    Future reading: The latest Pendergast book, Cold Vengeance, Black Sun Rising (thanks, Sparrow!), and Ghosts of War by George Mann.

    Graphic Novels:

    Recently finished: Petrograd (Excellent read – http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/08/03/petrograd-preview-rasputin/)

    Currently reading: Mice Templar Destiny Pt. 1 by Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming. I really enjoy this book, but keep putting it on the back burner for dudes with long white hair. 😛

    Future Reading: Sweets by Kody Chamberlain. I read it in single issues, and loved it so much I picked up the trade because this one’s a keeper. Also in the wings is The Adventures of Luther Arkwright by Brian Talbot, a book strongly influenced by Moorcock’s work, especially his Jerry Cornelius.


    Recently finished: The new 4-ish Ruse mini by Mark Waid – what a fun read! Victorian crime/mystery story that was both entertaining, and a refreshing break from overly dark comics.

    Currently reading: I must admit that I’m a bit behind. I am switching to trades for most of my books, so the only two I am still getting regularly in individual issues are Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender, and Elric – The Balance Lost from BOOM! Studios.

    Future reading: I have about 6 issues of Sherlock Holmes: Year One to catch up on, as well as several Wolverine books, and a couple other things. Also going to try Resurrection Man on the recommendation of my comic book guy. We’ll see if that tickles my fancy. I’m going to be cutting out a lot of books because, honestly, I’ve lost interest, and I really can’t afford keeping up with it all right now.

    Joe – I’ve mentioned it before, but Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender is just about the best book I’ve read in like…forever. The first arc is now available in trade: Uncanny X-Force: Apocalypse Solution. Go. Get it. Now.



  5. i’m reading fanfiction. it’s a wonderful way of continuing sg1 for me. 🙂

    even though a movie would be better! 😛

  6. Right now, I’m just reading this blog. Isn’t that enough?

    I too wonder if Daniel Jackson’s full time status on SGA would have meant someone else’s demise.

    If I had gotten a little boy beagle, I was going to name him Jackson.

  7. About halfway through Scott Westerfeld’s Goliath, and absolutely loving this 3rd book of the Leviathan trilogy (not surprisingly). I’m always amazed when authors are so adept at storytelling and character making that they can create 2 entirely separate, complex, *believable* worlds and you’d be none the wiser to know it was the same writer unless it said so on the jacket. His Leviathan world and Uglies world are, well, universes apart and I love each of them to no end. Simply brilliant. Just not sure which to start into next, Pettigrew or Ready Player One. Decisions, decisions….

  8. Since I only have “work” items to look forward to in the reading department, I got th Kindle version of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. Now to read it cause you all make it sound good.

    Thanks for more SG memories.

  9. Reading? For pleasure – cookbooks, lots of cookbooks, “Jonathan Strange,” though it’s not a fast read, and Camus’ “The Plague” – again.

    Constant spot research for work – freelance fact-checker and sourcing for one of the major news feeds.

    And random research for my webcomic – anatomy, seagull migration studies, CIDRAP articles on 1918 influenza waves – stuff like that.

  10. @ Debra – guess I can stop examining all my Ritz Crackers now. Too bad Al Gore did not invent the internet sooner. 🙂

  11. Dark Matter is looking AWESOME and I just love the idea of it as a TV show. I don’t quite recall all the specifics of the characters, but based on those recent sketches, it looks like you’ve already got Chris Judge and Rachel Luttrell suitable characters. 😀

    Glad to hear you’re home in Vancouver and that Maximus seems to be doing a little better!

    Oh, The Pegasus Project. Definitely one of my favorites. Cam and Shep bonding over the lemon thing was quite amusing. And yes, Ba’al has always been my favorite Goa’uld. The snark between him and Carter in The Quest I/II makes me crack up every time.

    What am I reading? Currently, The Alchemy of Race and Rights by Patricia J Williams for class (very good!), but I’m also (slowly) reading Dune Messiah and The Star Scroll (second book in Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince series). I have Gaiman’s Anansi Boys on tap.

  12. Personally I did prefer Stargate Universe of the 3 shows. The seriousness and the drama only made me more attached to the characters. Oh it doesn’t mean I didn’t love SG1 🙂
    My favorite scene of all Stargate episodes (SG1/SGA/SGU) is the scene where O’Neil and Rush come pick up Eli at his home (and after that Eli beamed up in Pajamas). I loved it because it’s the best crossroad of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ shows. Richard Dean Anderson is at his best ever. Carlyle is already being Rush and David Blue would like to call his mom from orbit.
    If you ever bring back Stargate on TV, you need to find a way to keep the old and the new together, with the perfect dosage that ‘beam me up’ scene had.

    Last word: I miss Stargate Universe, I miss the cast, THAT band so much.
    Whenever I see pictures containing @PatrickGilmore and @PeterKelamis on Twitter, I know I am going to laugh my ass out.
    And this is also why I loved their SGU characters so much, because the complicity caught on camera is actually really there. It’s not acted, not faked but genuine. And this could be extended to the full cast and crew.
    I hope you’ll be successful to bring back the band together, even if its not for Stargate but Dark matter.


  13. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on “200”. That has to be one of the best hours of television ever produced. Just brilliant. I love hearing your recollections of SG1 – although it does make me a wistful for the series all over again.

    I can’t remember if you said you’re going to continue with the 5 SGA seasons. Hopefully, yes?

  14. Thanks for your memories!

    Just finished reading Vortex, by Robert Charles Wilson (third in series after Spin and Axis). Really liked this one–not as much as Spin, but more than Axis. Set in the future and the present, looks at faith and identity. Somewhat similar themes to SGU, now that I think about it.

    Before that read State of Wonder, by Ann Patchett. Highly recommended. Beautifully written literature about a trip into the Amazon jungle, secret medical research, poison arrows, a snake attack, has some sly humor–plus Patchett is one of my favorite writers.

    Haven’t decided what to read next–I’m about to leave for a 2-week visit to family, so need to choose books that I can travel with. Luckly I have several hundred to choose from . . . .

  15. Thanks for the SG memories! It was cool to read some more about the final season. I’m mainly reading things for the boys’ school right now, but I’m thinking of getting Last Stand when we’re at the library this weekend.

    Have a great day!!!!

  16. Just finished reading _Water for Elephants_ by Sara Gruen. Excellent book and very well written.

    For the mailbag: Joe, I’d love to visit Vancouver. Can you recommend the top five restaurants that I should patronize during my visit?

  17. The Pegasus Project was a fun episode! 🙂 I’ve always said that Daniel sooo belongs in Altantis. That’s his baby. He reads and understands Ancient. And…he studies Ancient culture. Everytime there’s Ancient text that needs to be translated in Atlantis, I think, Daniel needs to be there. Love the Rodney/Cam interaction! So funny! Cam treatening Rodney with the lemon was just sinisterly funny. 🙂

  18. What am I reading? 🙂

    I’m reading a book called “Dry Ice” by Bill Evans (a local NYC area meteorologist turned author) It’s about this piece of technology (TESLA) down in the Antarctica that is used to study weather and atmospheric activity. Then, some nut job decides to use if for evil and reeks havoc all across the world. It’s REALLY GOOD! 🙂

  19. Welcome back to Vancouver Joe, Akemi, Maximus, Jelly, Bubba, Lulu…oh God am I forgetting anyone?

    I hope your trip back was uneventful, unlike the trip over to Toronto.

    Looks like I’ve got a few things to catch up on…will take a while to read….

    To catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to….working hard…so happy to have a week off…yay….lots of relaxation planned….niece & nephew might have other plans…haha

    Mum’s been in hospital….nasty cut on her leg that needed a plastic surgeon to stitch….was in for a few days and I was pretty worried about her….she’s back home and doing well….leg looks good.

    Someone smashed into my car and didn’t leave a note…took several weeks to get it accessed and will take another 3 weeks before it can be fixed…and they’ll have it 5 days….here’s a pic of the damage.

    I went to a Stargate Convention in Adelaide and met Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith & Cliff Simon. All were incredible…and let’s see…I got a hug, my arse grabbed, got choked, faked out on a high five….all by the mischievous & adorable Kavan Smith…was an awesome weekend…couldn’t wipe the smile off my face…here’s a photo op of me and Paul.

    Fading fast here…hope everyone here is well.

    Cheers, Chev

  20. Just gotta say that Ba’al was my all-time fave Goa’uld. He had flair..and my least fave? Anubis – no personality

    Loved the lemon bit in Pegasus Project…hehe

    Cheers, Chev

  21. The big problem with Seasons 9 and 10 is that they left us all wanting more. 🙂 “The Pegasus Project” was one of my favorites and I enjoyed “Insiders”. If not for the monster thingie on “Uninvited”, it was a good episode, and I really did enjoy the funny dialogue. Still, when the thing jumped out at the sheriff from the woods, I about shit myself. 🙂 I ended up feeling sorry for him/it, go figure. Oooh, my favorite, “The Quest” is coming up soon! Loved the bit about the dragon’s underbelly. Actually, I loved everything about these two episodes. Genius writing, beautifully delivered by the cast. Then again, there’s “Memento Mori”, too. See? We need more.

  22. i still missing SGU,this show have great potential 1 season start little slow but 2 season amazing i hope in future i see again SGU,maybe in theater.. thanks joseph…

  23. The only thing i remember from uninvited was reference to socom3, you guys did a lot of product placement for sony didnt you? Whats weird is why hasnt MGM ever thought of making a cinematic movie out of SG-1 during its hayday? I say that because it was already a movie before and usually with these kind of tv adaptations when successful they end up back in the big screen.

  24. @Ponytail – That’s exactly as I plan to do! My next beagle will be a boy(one of my best friends has a girl) and his name WILL be Jackson! But mine is for a different reason, but I can make it a dual meaning to his name!

    One thing I really enjoyed about Stargate as it pertains to it’s main premise and source for storylines and villains was it’s basis in mythologies and histories from around the world and all throughout time. It added an air of “explanation” to certain stories that made things “plausible” in a very fun way.

    Reading your post here about Ba’al, who is also my favorite villain on the show(I was almost sad to see him die in Continuum!), I wonder if you or Brad knew that there actually were multiple Ba’als referenced in the Bible? In ancient Jewish culture at the time, they were adopting the religious practices of the other religions around them, much to God’s disapproval of course, and that included the worship of the many different Ba’als for all the different things they created Ba’al idols for. I really enjoyed Cliff Simon’s work on the show. You can see he really enjoyed playing such a self-indulgent character. Who wouldn’t!

    Can’t wait for 200’s memories!!!


  25. After reading the many posts thus far, I regret to say I am reading nothing for pleasure. And, yes, that bothers me. I have always read books over the years and just do not have the strength of late.
    I am interested in Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and Old Man’s War. Maybe someday…
    I have been chin deep in writing, editing and otherwise mothering a small team that has been developing an entire new curriculum at work. Usually my eyes are ready to close shut by the time I get home. Most new TV shows I have “watched” have been via audio, as my eyes rest. Often, I just fall sleep, cat on lap.

    I miss adventuring into other realms, discovering other possibilities and feeling totally drawn into a well written good story. That is true magic. Well, hopefully, the curriculum will soon launch and I will again find the energy to enjoy and relax with a good book in hand. My stack of unread books is quite high. Sigh…


  26. I got to see Louis, David & Patrick at Dragon*con. They were so much fun. It was great to be able to tell them in person how much I loved their work. Louis was definitely the most lively one of the bunch. He looked like he was having a really good time.

    As for Baal, I never cared for the clone storyline. I didn’t cared for Adria either. My fave Villian/Gouald was Osiris.

    You mentioned before that you thought that Daniel & Vala are now together as a couple so I was wondering when do you think they finally consummated their relationship? I would have love to have seen Jack and Vala share some quality screen time together. Just think how crazy that would have driven Daniel. : )

  27. So, what are you all reading (beside this blog)?

    the buccaneers by edith wharton and finished by marion mainwaring. it’s pretty good. i saw the PBS (originally on the BBC, i think) mini series in 1995.

    if you read the buccaneers, i recommend reading to marry an english lord: victorian and edwardian experience by gail maccoll and carol wallace, which explains the whole “new money girls going to england for men with titles” thing. and talks about the real-life inspirations for the buccaneers.

  28. Let’s see — On my Kindle I’m reading: ‘Cast in Ruin’ by Michelle Sagara, ‘Bluegate Fields’ by Anne Perry, ‘The Wayward Apprentice’ by Jason Vail’ and ‘Martyr: A Novel of Tudor Intrigue’ by Rory Clements. It’s way too easy to find things to read on my Kindle!!

    Actual books — ‘A Lesson in Secrets’ by Jacqueline Winspear and ‘Dreamers of the Day’ by Mary Doria Russell

    Books I’ve started and am trying to finish but keep being distracted by all the hype — ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and ‘The Help’

    And books I’m waiting impatiently for — ‘Snuff’ by Terry Pratchett (Hurray only a couple more weeks!!) and ‘The Immorality Engine’ by George Mann. Oh and “The Son of Neptune’ by Rick Riordan because if it’s based in myth and legends I’m there; one of the reasons I got sucked into Stargate.;) Unsurprisingly this is one of my favorite quotes: “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” — Eramus


  29. Hey joe.how are you?
    Thank you for the mention . Was always a pleasure to work with you all.lets bring BAAL back. Regards to all and hope we work together again soon. Best wishes. Cliff simon.

  30. …and I’m currently reading books that you’d probably find to be boring reads. 😉 Academic stuff involving careers as faculty members at universities and colleges. Though, I really need to get back into some fiction! I’m missing it.

  31. Congratulations on getting back home in one piece!
    Baal was awesome, I was thrilled every time he appeared in an episode, there was something wonderfully villainous about him, but such charm, too.
    I noticed ‘Wise Man’s Fear’ has moved from ‘currently reading’ to ‘recently read’ what did you think of it, especially compared to ‘Name of the Wind’?
    Wonderful books I’ve just read: Heartless by Gail Carriger
    A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
    Gilfreather by Glenda Larke
    I am hoping to start a Henry Turtledove soon and plan to read Rick Riordan’s ‘Son of Neptune’ as soon as it comes out.
    On a non Sci-Fi front,
    waiting for ‘Bonnie’ by Iris Johansen, the conclusion to the trilogy with ‘Eve’ and ‘Quinn’ which I both just read

  32. Reading: Addicted to the Liaden Universe series by Sharon Lee. I won’t pretend superb writing, but the characters are so damned appealing.
    Terry Goodkind– one of my all time faves. Just finished his latest which I felt rushed the ending. 🙁
    Getting ready to read the damned Game of Thrones series when I get in the mood.
    Not opposed to POP (porn with plot) with vampires and immortals and such. One day in the book store I blanked on a name and asked my dear smart-mouth daughter what the author was. Rolling her eyes she said “think of MOANING and you’ll remember Moning.” (as in Karen Moning). Bite me of puritanical child.

  33. Talking about your memories started me thinking of watching SG1 and Atlantis again. Watched the premiere of Atlantis for the 1st time in at least 6 years. The humour, excitment of a new place, the wraith looked terrifying, meeting the new charactors and seeing familiar ones and the possibilities were endless.
    Makes me miss Stargate even more. Thank you again for all your contributions
    to the Stargate franchise.

  34. On second thought, I would advise you to not get that PO Box, not advertise the address on this blog, and retain your privacy. In the future, when you get hooked up with another studio, gifts for you can be sent there.

  35. So delighted was he by his character’s comfortable position on Earth that he often pitched out the merits of a possible spin-off centered on – who else? – Baal.


    I’d love to have seen him adapting to life on Earth and dealing with the foibles of humanity. Just learning to do things like microwave a meal. Or date.

  36. Although SG-1 will always produce fond memories of my induction into the SG world, I think Atlantis is possibly my favorite of the shows. The snark, the arrogance, and the fun plus an overarching story line that felt so much more cohesive than SG-1 ever did really makes it the #1 for me. SGU just wound up being so intense that I never quite saw the humor and I couldn’t do the show’s angst plus school/work all at the same time. I needed humor in my life and SGU just didn’t do that for me. Atlantis, on the other hand did.

    As far as what I’m reading . . . I’m going back and revisiting Lord of the Rings for a second time around now that I’m a bit older than when I first attempted to tackle it. Interesting what I remember, unique what I forgot. Overall, enjoying it.

  37. I loved seasons 9 and 10. Pegasus Project brought my two favorite leads: Ben Browder & Joe Flanigan in the same screen shot. Always a plus.

    Loved Ba’al. Definitely my favorite, too. And if we didn’t have the clones, we would not have had Continuum, so bring in the clones.

    @imwebgurl Didn’t know you’ve had that rough of a time lately. Sorry to hear. Hope everything straightens out soon. Enjoyed the picture.

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