Great.  I’m working on The Transporter at the office.  I’m working on The Transporter at home.  Now, I’m working on The Transporter in my dreams.  Last night, I dreamt I was on set, producing episode #102 (12 Hours) when we ran into a mini emergency of sorts.  One of the actors playing the part of Thug #2 had failed to show.  Fortunately, series Fight Choreographer Cyril Raffaelli had a solution.  Who better to fill in than the guy responsible for producing the episode. All I had to do was hit my mark, deliver a handful of lines, then remember to dodge five successive axe blows aimed at my head – left, left, right, left, right.  I don’t know how it happened, by ended up agreeing and, then next thing I knew, I was stumbling through the scene, struggling to remember my dialogue, all the while eyeing that big red axe.  What was it again?  Left, right, left, right, fight?  Left, left, right, right, left?  Oh, shit.

I woke up somewhere between the second and third axe strike.  From what I can recall, I think I was doing okay.

Speaking of spectacular stunts, I had my meeting with the series fight choreographers, Cyril Raffaelli and his assistant Mohammed “Momo” Elachi (pictured above) yesterday for 12 Hours.  We went through the script and highlighted the various fight sequences.  Cyril and Momo asked me where the fight was to take place, how many opponents are our hero was going to face off against and, most importantly, how long I wanted the fight to last.  Ten seconds?  Twenty seconds?  Thirty? Answers in hand, they’re now off to study the script, visit the locations, and then craft the most spectacular fight sequences possible.  Next week, we’ll regather, discuss what they have in mind, tweak and then it’ll be smoooooooooth sailing.  I’ve made sure to set aside an entire day for the BIG fight sequence at episode’s end in addition to a half day for the episode’s hair-raising climactic stunt.

It’s been very busy on the work front between prep and script revisions but these past two weeks are going to seem like a holiday compared to the next two.  Two huge final days of prep to kick off the week and then I’m into production, eight days on set producing episode two.  Oh, and while I’m at it, tweaking Sharks and rewriting Payback.

And if I have time, I really should get around to filing my quarterly tax installment.

So, took my pug Maximus to the vet today.  As I reported in yesterday’s entry, he’s been an uncharacteristically unenthusiastic eater of late.  Was it the heat?  A stomach issue?  Or something much more ominous?  Well, apparently, it’s none of the above.  It seems he broke a tooth and an abscess developed as a result, making meal time a bit of a nightmare for the (big) little guy.  Anyway, he’s on pain medication for now and guess in for dental surgery on Monday.  Wish him luck!

29 thoughts on “July 23, 2011: Working on The Transporter 24/7! Cyril Raffaelli and Mohammed “Momo” Elachi! Maximus on the mend?

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  2. Awwwww, poor baby Max.
    And to Max’s daddy…awwww – gads you are so busy.
    But you better make time for the taxes!
    and get some sleep.

  3. Ouch – a broken tooth. Wasn’t Maximus very brave (especially for a male) – I hope that the surgery goes well.


    In the UK we pay PAYE tax – it is taken off our income and there is no need to file tax returns. Most employed (not self-employed) people pay this way. 🙂

  4. “Oh, and while I’m at it, tweaking Sharks…”

    Joe, I totally read that as ‘tweaking Shanks’, and thought that maybe you were…



    …ya know, maybe it’s best not to know what I was thinking. 😛

    All my best to Maximus! Have a good night sir, and sweet dreams! 😀


  5. Good luck little Maximus! An abscessed tooth can be very painful. No wonder he looked so pitiful in his pictures yesterday. Give him a hug that lasts at least 10 minutes and kiss his little nose for me.

    Today was 22 days in a row of 100+ temperatures this summer. The 7 day forecast for drought ridden Dallas/Fort Worth:

    103 103 103 102 101 100 101

    Some heat records are going down!

  6. Oh, but Joe, I’ll take 100 degree heat over your leg-breaking ice and snow any day.

  7. “Momo”. Shoot! Why didn’t someone think of that name for Trevor’s baby?!

  8. Awww, Maximus, sweet boy! Glad it wasn’t anything serious and that he’ll be chowing down again in no time. 😉

  9. I somehow missed the word “dreamt” and for a minute there thought you had actually jumped in to choreograph an axe fight. I was expecting photos. Possibly from the hospital.

    Good luck to Maximus for his surgery!

    – KB

    P.S. to Das: Get your mind out of the — oh, never mind. It’s probably more fun there anyway. 🙂

  10. Joe, I remember Cyril from the French movie District B13. I hope we see a lot of parkour (?) in the Transporter series like the movies.

  11. Ahh its only a tooth, its OK.
    I was fearing worst for the poor doggy, he’s going to be fine in a few days.
    Please Joe, do you have an ETA on the Transporter for Canada? Beginning of 2012 ? earlier ?
    Can’t wait.
    Thanks and take care

  12. Oh, poor Max! I even hate the thought of that,

    BTW, I’m still laughing at your dream/nightmare – have you ever stood in for missing performer? (Although unless it was someone in a restaurant/ice cream/chocolate shop scene, I think I may already know the answer!)

  13. Sounds like your working hard there, Joe. Your eating…sleeping…breathing…Transporter:The Series. Well…all the hard work will pay off when the series is up and running. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

    Poor Maximus. 🙁 It’s could be the heat. Sometimes, dogs (especially older dogs) don’t respond well to the heat and humidity. Hope he feels better soon.

    Here in NJ, it got to 104 F yesterday. Last night around 9:00 PM ET, it was 99 F at NIGHT. The air was just so thick and muggy. I don’t what we would do without A/C.

  14. Max! You’ll feel much better soon, little guy! Pats and hugs!

    I had a bizarre dream about being dressed as an Aztec peon for a high school pageant and chatting with Queen Elizabeth over recent events in the paper. Huh?

  15. Aw-w-w-w poor baby, Max. Both Scooter and Basil cat wish you well with your dental surgery. Be brave and tell Joe you demand vanilla soft swirl following. You will feel much better after it’s all done Max, that’s a promise.

    Joe – make sure he doesn’t eat or drink anything at least 6-8 hours before the anesthesia! As to your work schedule — pace yourself man! Life is too short to die from overworking.

    @ Sue JacksonI was attending a company picnic in Millstone NJ yesterday, in the 104’F heat. Not only am I sunburned, muscle sore and still exhausted, but can’t believe that I went to it in the first place, knowing I’d get sunburned, etc. Must be senility setting in.
    At least it’s a bit cooler today with lesser humidity, 94’F with 47% H, and I’m near the shore.

    @ PonytailYikes! I shouldn’t complain about a few days of discomfort compared to the extreme drought & heat you’ve been experiencing. Such a great swath of the US has been affected. I wonder how long these conditions will last and if this signals a truly dangerous swing in climate, nationally? Hang in there!


  16. It is possible to get your dreams to work for your writing. You study the weaknesses of your outlines right before you drift off, and, whamo, you wake up with the solution. If you want very vivid dreams with clear, interesting narratives, get pregnant.

  17. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from (unusually) Sunny Ireland. Thanks to all the regulars for checking in on my recently launched and shiny blog.

    As the clock strikes midnight into 25th July, I celebrate my birthday!!

    This is my 1st birthday in years where I haven’t had some SG to look forward to…..

    Hope all well in Canada, best (as always) to all!!


  18. Maxie, the Seal-faced Pug! He’s soooo little and cute, as my niece likes to say. Glad to hear it’s not something more serious but hell, nothin’ is worse than tooth pain. I’ll give up the satellite coordinates and the location of my super secret lair if you threaten me with dental pain, youch.

    The grub looks fabulous, I managed to overspend this month so I’m on an austerity plan until payday. That deep fried mars bar looks yummy. But I think I have change for the candy machine…mmm, mars bars…!

  19. “Anyway, he’s on pain medication for now and guess in for dental surgery on Monday. Wish him luck!”

    That’s awesome, should make him back to his old self real soon. 🙂

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