Akemi is all about the cute accessories - in this case, Ralakkuma (Relaxed Bear). I envy that damn bear.
This is the face Akemi makes when she realizes she's done something wrong like failed to communicate effectively in English or finished the last of avocado.
She makes THIS face about every tenth picture, signaling the fact that she's getting tired of my taking her photo. I guess she assumes I'll think they're too goofy to post. Quite the opposite!
Don't recall what she was reaching for here. My hand? The camera? My Star Trek insignia?
Oooh, this one I love. She's like an anime character come to life. One who has apparently waited much too long for her dinner.
Occasionally, she'll do this thing where she'll eat something like a squirrel or chipmunk. To wit...
She makes creative use of beet juice residue, leftover mushrooms from the cheese pizza, and the sprouts I picked off my cole slaw to create her own petit plat. Joel Robuchon would be proud. Well, maybe not Joel Robuchon but the guy who plates his stuff.
Akemi after trying the habanero sauce at Rodney's Oyster House - and then polishing off the entire bread basket in an attempt to put out the fire.

Another exhausting day.  Got in at 8:00 this morning, made some more tweaks to episode 102, attended the costume meeting for the episode, then headed off to lovely Hamilton for a location scout, got back late this afternoon, worked on the rewrites of episodes 104 and 105, attended a way-too-long props meeting, rushed to pick up the dog, ate dinner in fifteen minutes, then capped my day with an hour-long conference call.  It’s a wonder I still have time for this blog. Seriously.

Tomorrow – picks from lovely Hamilton!

26 thoughts on “July 18, 2011: My Akemi pictorial!

  1. Akemi is adorable…but…ummm…ahhhh…yeah, who’s the hot guy in the background of picture #2 zippin’ up his fly??! 😀


  2. Those pictures of Akemi are too cute. She is a good sport. I am right there with you on the exhausted bit. Moving is not my favorite thing to do. One good thing though—we are really purging all of our stuff.

    Six days until we leave for the West Coast.

  3. one day we’re going to see an awkward picture of you as Akemi takes the camera and places in an an embarrassing place as it snaps its photo. Still, since you’re the one taking all the risk, we thank you. the pics and even the few words you manage each day are appreciated as well.

  4. @Das “who’s the hot guy in the background of picture #2 zippin’ up his fly??!”

    Hopefully not the waiter…


  5. I can always count on you, das.

    Yes, Joe, it is a wonder you have time for this blog. Go spend more time with Akemi.

    You heard me.

    Get movin’!

    Oh… since you’re still here – thanks for that little teaser about the SGA movie. It would be great to see it as a graphic novel some day.

  6. Don’t take this wrong but, pictures of Akemi rate right up there with pictures of your dogs. Anytime you want to keep us happy and content, either post pictures of your cute dogs or your cute Akemi. She is very pretty.

    @ das – I thought that was the waiter/bartender and he was just putting something in his apron pocket (pencil and order pad).

  7. It’s a wonder I still have time for this blog. Seriously.
    yes, it’s a wonder.

    to dasndanger–didn’t see that the first time.

    to Kymm–luckily i don’t drink anything while on the computer, because it would’ve come out through my nose after reading that.

  8. Joe…Akemi is beautiful and you need to share more pix of her.

    @archersangel…ditto! LOL.
    @sparrow hawk … ditto that tooo! LOL.
    @Joe, please be spending more time with your girlfriend Akemi and also, please fix the situation.
    I know I/we do not have a vote in your personal life or Akemi’s, but we love you both. So…please fix it, Joe San!
    Thanks for the pix…love them!

  9. She is so beautifull you are a lucky man mary her so she doesn’t have you worry about her visa expiring this blog is proof of your love for one another ps if they ever get around to making the live action robotech movie she would be perfect to play lynn minmei.

  10. No pressure Joseph.
    The pilot episode might be very important..but everyone
    knows that it’s the second episode that tends to make
    it or break it with the launch of a new series.

    No no…I’m just joking around with you.

    Good luck with everything!

    Move fast. Drive faster. Live a little longer.
    Transporter: The Series.

  11. Ah, practice plating, Akemi is just keeping in practice for those cute(and healthy) bento boxes. You are very photogenic Akemi, so cute. Joe did you get the new camera you spoke of yet? these are nice shots. hot sauce, do things like celery or lettuce help stop the burn or maybe you can have ice cream, always a wise choice.

  12. Thanks for nice comments.

    All your comments make me happy.
    Especially das-san, you are funny.lol (Omoshiroi desu yo! www)

  13. You clearly love Akemi Joe, marry the woman!

    We’re all waiting for wedding pics. lol

  14. I contacted Peter Williams on facebook regarding his brother directing the pilot of T:the series and I asked him if we might see him in one of the episodes. He replied back – anything is possible…start the petitioning. So, I’m officially petitioning. Pleeeeeeese!!! 😀

  15. And why haven’t you married this girl yet?

    Don’t wait to ask. That stuff in The Office about Jim waiting for the right moment to ask Pam was a load of crap. Once you know she’s the one, the right time to ask is *now*.

  16. @Das: It never fails I put something in my mouth (now don’t go thinking all dirty) and I read on of your comments and laugh it out… Your awesome and always put a smile on my face and food on my monitor 🙂

    @Akemi: loved your pictorial. Maybe you should take over for Joe for a day and do a pictorial of him!!

  17. Joe wrote:
    It’s a wonder I still have time for this blog. Seriously.

    Joe-san, we lot here on the blog are expendable. Sweet Akemi is not. Your job is not. Ask Akemi to marry you, already, and get married in January when production & post are over. Don’t lose that adorable girl! Hang onto your life. If need be, let us go.

    We love you both & love being here. You love us & the uninterrupted streak on the blog, like some other authors. *cough-Scalzi-cough* We get that. You could trim the blog into a more svelte version until a saner form of abnormal returns. (Also like other authors did this week. *cough*) 🙂 Why not just take photos over the weekends, and parcel them out, one a day, with a good caption? Even people-on-the-street pictures, ala Tokyo. Like someone else suggested, consider letting Akemi or other guests blog for you.

    If you decide to keep things going, think of the blog as your beach house that you’re letting your crazy friends house-sit for you. Toss us the keys, leave the lights on, and the doors open. We’ll come and go every day, stay in touch with each other, share links & photos, and comment on the daily offering.

    We do love “our daily Joe,” but not at the expense of the most important parts of your life. Go live it!

    We’ll still be here.


  18. Akemi is a beautiful person and much talented. She should definitely stay in Canda.

  19. Agree with all of the above comments (especially for the love of Beckett’s). With the Akemi pictorial, and the recent blog proclamation that she is your girlfriend, good grief, you are so in love.

    @Das You are so funny. The fact that I missed the guy in the background in picture 2 must attest to my exhaustion still.

  20. Oh, my…my innocent observation seems to have created quite a stir… *adjusts halo and assumes a most pious pose*

    And Joey, that Akemi? She’s a keeper ’cause she laughs at my jokes…unlike SOME people I know… 🙄


  21. @ das, good eyes on the zipper dude, would never have caught that!

    It looks like pics of 8 different ladies, all adorable!! My fave is the Angry Akemi pounding the table.

    I just bought DHC blotting paper that dispenses from a lovely little oragami-ish tissue box. I just love Japanese packaging, it’s almost too pretty to use.

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