Pictured above: the chocolate souffle at MBCo in Yorkvile.  It’s just one of the many things I’ll miss about Toronto when I move back to Vancouver in December along with Scarpetta restaurant and, uh, the chocolate souffle at MBCo.

A somewhat relaxing long weekend.  I kicked back by making some major progress on the fourth issue of my comic book series, Dark Matter, hitting the 17 page mark before running out of steam (which puts me well ahead of schedule for my July 12th delivery date).  I also did the late network notes on episode #2, addressing all but one mini-major issue (not because I vehemently disagreed with it but because incorporating the note would raise some logic questions and several production concerns).

A very big week ahead on the Transporter: The Series prep and production front.  The broadcasters head back into town as the cast convenes for our very first read-thru.  My writing partner Paul finishes up prep as episode #1 (Pilot) goes to camera.  Meanwhile, I wade into a rising tide of script rewrites as prep on episode #2 looms.

Late today, series director Andy Mikita forwarded me the mood board Technicolor put together in a bid to get the ball rolling on the opening title sequence. Yeah, I didn’t know what a mood board was either but, now that I know, I have to admit it’s very cool.  Andy also sent me the sizzle reel David put together in advance of the big week ahead.  A lot of dynamic footage from the Europe shoot makes for a very exciting teaser.  Don’t want to get ahead of myself (our first completed episode is a ways off) but everything I’m seeing suggests a pretty awesome show.

Maximus and Jelly make the most of their Sunday.

Dinner with Michael Shanks rescheduled to Tuesday night and it’s looking like a mini Stargate reunion.  Again, he left it up to me to choose the restaurant.  Of course, I told him it would have to be somewhere special because, damnit, HE’S special!  Hey, what’s that place where you can eat a medieval feast while knights do battle for your entertainment?

Finish up the last few pages of Sweet Tooth volume 1, you stragglers!  Discussion on the July Book of the Month Club begins tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “July 3, 2011: So much for the long weekend!

  1. Nice pictures to end the weekend with!! We were busy ourselves as we started cleaning and sorting things for our yard sale.

    Have a good night!!!

  2. >Hey, what’s that place where you can eat a medieval feast while knights do battle for your entertainment?

    Reminds of the movie *The Cable guy* they had a scene in a place like that lol

    If you’re being serious with that question here Joe


    Address being
    10 Dufferin St., Exhibition Place
    Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3

    Seems awfully expensive for what it is =/
    Judging by the website, you can’t miss the place.

  3. Oh my goodness. I’d love to see your review of Medieval Times. Complete with requisite picture taken with the king and queen, souveneir cup(I am fond of the knight’s helmet myself). Be fun to see where you finally do manage to dine at. And you are definitely sounding happier. 2 places on the things you’ll miss about Toronto now, AND you are hip deep in work and loving it. Thanks for takig the time to post, and have a great week.

  4. Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament,
    probably need to call for a reservation.
    10 Dufferin St., Exhibition Place
    Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3
    Have fun!!

  5. I see Trevor’s wife voted for Muff. I think that is a cute first name since their last name is Finn. Muff Finn would be a big hit in school, or at least up until the court date to get it legally changed later in life. But if it’s a girl, she can just change it when she gets married. See, no problems.

    Company came Friday as I got off work. I am very tired now. They will be leaving tomorrow night…just in time for me to go back to work. Some “holiday”. I’m too old for this.

  6. LOL I suspect Joe was joking about really wanting to eat at Medieval Times, however we really enjoyed them!
    WOW news from Peter Wingfield! He is retiring from acting and has been accepted into med school in Vermont!

  7. It’s just one of the many things I’ll miss about Toronto when I move back to Vancouver in December along with Scarpetta restaurant and, uh, the chocolate souffle at MBCo.
    what about that chocolate shop you discovered?

    checked out that medieval times site & Randomness is right, seems very expensive for what it is. maybe just take shanks to tim horton’s instead.

  8. @archersangel

    Yup, however I guess if people were to go somewhere like this they may as well go all in. They have something called *Kings Royalty* package on the website, comes with all the gimmicky stuff to make the event fun to people, and incs a framed group photo, banners etc. All for $20 more per person. I guess a plus to that being you can sit anywhere inc on the front row.

    Looks like they’ve structured the whole thing to get as much money out of people as possible. Still it sounds like a fun night out for people.

  9. that choccie souffle looks lie something to die for…mmm

    Looking forward to going back to Vancouver??

  10. Bonjour comment allez vous? Votre week end c’est bien passé?

    Moi super, j’ai bien mangé, bien bu et j’ai joué à la pétanque lol !

    Je me pose une question, pensez vous venir un jour en France ou vraiment jamais jamais? Si je viens au Canada vous serez d’accord pour qu’on se rencontre?

    Bonne semaine:)
    Gros gros bisou!

  11. i sure hell need a mood board right about now. whats a mood board again?

    about another thing, will Transporter have any kind of CGI action? Or will it be more down to earth kind of car chases different from what the movie had?

  12. Had to look up *Mood board* wasn’t entirely sure what it was either.


    Little part that applys to writing *mood boards can also be used to visually explain a certain style of writing, or an imaginary setting for a storyline*

    Sounds like mood boards serve to complicate things lol


  13. That souffle looks delicious, it almost makes me want to go out in the heat and hunt down a brownie (closest thing to souffle I can find in this town).

    @Matt : the sad panda t-shirts are very cute, I like the blue ones.

  14. So, what’s a mood board?

    By the way, a bit late with this, but apparently my porn name is Smokey Queensbury.

    – KB

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