Akemi’s latest bento breakfast gives me the strength to field the day’s explosive issue.  I borrow Bobby C.’s shades to keep the shrapnel out of my eyes.

Alexander gives me the “Yes, it CAN get any worse” look.

Steve demonstrates patience and perseverance, coming in to the conference and settling in, fully prepared to work on his episode – only to have us called away to deal with prep-related business.  Over and over and over again.  Despite it all, he’s all smiles.  Understanding or one more interruption away from a laptop-wielding bludgeoning spree?

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Sue Murdoch is camera shy (I can only assume it’s because she has an outstanding warrant for her arrest somewhere in the United States).

When NOT spinning Steve’s story today, we were checking out the auditions for the pilot (I believe we have our Fiona, General Weigart and, possibly, Berne. And we should have our Frieder buy tomorrow), chatting with Stephen, our pilot director, who looks A LOT like his brother (He’s an incredibly smart guy with great creative vision.  I’ve already lined him up for a future Q&A), missing out on the Audi test,  perusing costume suggestions coming in for Frank, Delia, Carla, and Tarconi, preparing the supporting materials (preliminary boards, timings, notes) for my next four rewrites, and sitting in on a grueling conference call.  And I’m not even in prep on MY episode yet!

Grabbing a matcha, then off to dinner with Shanks.  I’ll tell him you guys say hi!

31 thoughts on “June 28, 2011: Picking up speed on prep…

  1. Joe, do you guys only cast local / Canadian actors for guest spots, or will you cast people from L.A. etc.?

    I can’t believe you missed the Audi test!

  2. “Akemi’s latest bento breakfast gives me the strength to field the day’s explosive issue.”

    Why do I get the feeling you’re baiting me here? 😉


  3. I was just doing some research on the basis of your series. In watching the movie trailer, Qi Shu – OMG, is she hot or what! Having just watch Vegas recently, Joe Flanigan is not available, or Ben? But with Ben you would need to send him out to surf every day for a month to build up those deltoids. Yet, I am sure you have the right action packed explosive actor and smart co stars already in mind.

  4. Akemi did a good job on that one. That was cute. Hope you’re getting pictures of the dinner with Shanks.

    Have a great evening!!!!

  5. After visiting Trevor’s blog, I have these final submissions for his baby’s name:
    Boy: Dolph, Griff, Hye
    Girl: Sera, Muff

  6. Hello Joe.

    Speaking of “Picking Up Speed,” I hope Jelly is doing better.

    Speaking of Tarconi and costumes, might I suggest a hula shirt? It fit in the second film, and I’ll bet he and Frank do not (initially) meet in the Pilot under (shall we say…) “more formal” circumstances… (example: vacation or a fishing trip interrupted…) hehehe. 😉

    Best wishes,


  7. Hey Joe:

    Tell Shanks Canadian television rocks and the Canucks suck. He’ll understand.

    I have one more thought on names for Trevor’s little one. What about a nod to the Asterix and Obelix series of books you love so much and call the kid, “Tragicomix”? I always loved that name.


  8. Hello Joe,

    Forgot to mention: sorry you missed the Audi test. I’ll bet the stunt guys had a lot of fun tearing up the cars (I assume, though I have no knowledge of “tests” in motion picture, that they put those cars through their paces in the same manner as they plan on abusing the during production)??? (I type that with a reeeaaallly wicked smile, as I can imagine the stunt guys pretending they are the Transporter, the Hire, or Jason Bourne)…

    Speaking of which, a crossover between “The Transporter”, and Clive Owen reprising his role as “The Hire” would be pretty cool. Have you seen any of the short films in “The Hire” film series?

    They starred Clive Owen as a former mafia (implied) driver for hire who put his skills to use when people needed transportation “no questions asked”. Each short film was either directed or produced by some of the top guys in Hollywood, including John Woo, Ridley and Tony Scott, David Fincher, Guy Richie, Joe Carnahan, Ang Lee, and John Frankenheimer (among others).

    John Woo’s film “Hostage” was the best of the series, with “Beat The Devil” with Gary Goldman playing a Mick Jagger version of Satan himself a close second. I died laughing when shock rocker Marylin Manson told the Devil to turn down his music, and Gary broke the fourth wall and said, “complaining about the noise, have you heard the racket he makes?”

    You might be able to find the films on line still. I think the dvd was discontinued. Even if a crossover is out of the question, still well worth seeing. 😉

    Best wishes,


  9. The bento breakfasts just keep getting more and more cute. Have a great time at dinner. Definitely tell him we all say hello. The shades look great on you; you should buy a pair.

  10. I’m not a very squeamish person but I think the anthropomorphized food would get to me after awhile. It could be a new horror flick, “The Eggs Have Eyes.”

    I don’t know if you’ve caught it yet but Janina Gavankar has a new Funny or Die skit out. It’s pretty awesome. Here’s the link and hopefully it won’t get marked as spam. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/1a77167e31/method-shapeshifting-with-janina-gavankar?rel=player

  11. You sound happier when you are super busy…and let Akemi know, she’s a bento breakfast genius.

  12. And, please sir, may we have pictures?
    The bento box meals are turning you into Neo of the Matrix.
    Complete with the shades.
    Pretty cool.

  13. @Sue Murdoch is camera shy

    If i were to guess, she probably isn’t a fan of people taking her picture.

    Anyway, Alexander really has those poses down, he’s like a natural infront of the camera.

  14. Oooh! Dinner with the Shanks 🙂 Give him hugs for us, too! Looking forward to the pictures which I’m sure you will provide 🙂

  15. Grabbing a matcha, then off to dinner with Shanks. I’ll tell him you guys say hi!

    you do that & remind him that the lady (ladies?) that runs his site had people send in questions ages ago that he never answered. he doesn’t need to do them all at once. 4 or 5 a week would be nice.

  16. Wow, Akemi, your creations make me interested in eating breakfast again! (I usually skip it.)

    Sounds like things are getting hot in T-town! Now, don’t hurt anybody, Joe. 🙂

    How is Jelly girl??? Give her a gentle hug for me.

    Happy Birthday, profmadmax! Hope it was a good one, and that the coming year will be full of your favorite things. 🙂

  17. I have a confession to make. All this “talk” about Transporter? I’ve never seen it, or them, since it appears there’s more than one film. So . . . I look forward to being blown away with your scintillating scripts, production, etc. since I have no preconceptions about the show.

  18. I’ve gotta say I’m hooked to your blog started reading after the anouncement of sgu being cancelled to get info on a possible save for the show but even after all the bad news I’m still hanging on your every word and am enjoying learning through your updates what it takes to get a series of the ground very cool your a great guy and one hell of a writer looking forward to the years ahead reading this blog

  19. Please do say “hi” to Michael – I for one was devastated that the Canucks lost and will continue to support them through next season and beyond – it’s still the most exciting live sport I’ve ever seen in my life!…in fact I’ve just washed my Sedin shirt and it’s hanging proudly on my line drying..*g*

    Also wish him luck with this new pilot..he so deserves a really decent regular spot on a regular series, preferably one where he doesn’t die this time!!…

    And pics of the man himself wouldn’t go amiss, as always!..


  20. Das: Your family history was very interesting. It would be an interesting past time to document it.
    Most of my family from dad’s side was Irish, English and my great grandmother was French. My mom’s side was mostly the same but my grandmother was American Indian. I’m a mutt as well.
    My hubby recently got a copy of researched family history dating back before the civil war. His people are mostly Scots-Irish, German and American Indian (like everyone in the South). What amazed me about hubby’s family was the number of his relatives certified Insane. Maybe, I should have read his family history BEFORE I had kids with him 😉 .

    Mr. M.: Beautiful breakfast! How could you possibly eat lunch after that feast?
    I hope your dinner with M. S. with great. I saw him in Burn Notice, he rocked!!!!
    How is Jelly Feeling?
    I saw a yummy looking (easy) recipe for Madeleines and I even ordered a pan to make them: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/honey-almond-madeleines-recipe/index.html

  21. ‘Understanding or one more interruption away from a laptop-wielding bludgeoning spree?’

    hmm he did used to work as a writer on a police show…it might mean he’s had years of thinking about ways criminals could get away with crimes…maybe give some personal time Joe.

    Please say hi to Mr Shanks and photo would be lovely! 😀

  22. What a cute breakfast; what is that orange fruit on the right? I want to see pink grapefruit, but I can’t quite figure out how Akemi makes heart shapes out of it; I’m guessing you cut off the rind. That’s all I got, no idea what comes next but it’s very lovely.

    Not sure if I sent before but this Time Mag story about a Marine stealing a load of cash that the US had marked for Afghan bribes is still bugging me; I totally don’t blame the Marine, at least he’s spending the cash in the US and not wasting it on bribes for corrupt Afghan officials. This is why the US is broke nation:


  23. Hope Shanks’ new series gets picked up but dang, he needs to do a show his US fans get to see.
    Tell Akemi she is wonderful. Love the shades!

  24. @cat4444

    I wasn’t really a fan of the Transporter films before Joe started working on the series either, if anything I checked them out a little before I started discussing the fact Joe was working on the Transporter series before he announced on here lol

    The rules Frank has for his car are kinda funny. Yet kinda cool

    (Copying this from WIkipedia but anyway)

    Frank’s breaking of his own rules is the central theme in The Transporter.

    Rules of the car:

    “Respect a man’s car, and the man will respect you”
    “Greet the Man”
    “Seat belt”

    I wonder if these rules will be in the TV series?

  25. @Randomness: Those aren’t the real rules for Frank. Those are the cute ones he made up for the young boy he was transporting in the 2nd Transporter episode.

  26. Dinner with Shanks? We’d best have a picture. Or at least some mention of inappropriate touching.

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