Today’s breakfast, compliments of Akemi.  In my Happy Panda bentox box = a happy panda fashioned out of steelcut Irish oatmeal and nutella.  Also includes various fruit and one of the nutella mini-cupcakes Dede made yesterday –

The other night, she texted me a picture of the above.  I texted her back.  Although I wrote “Oooooo!”, for some reason, my iPhone’s auto-correct changed by response to “Poopy!” Needless to say, I scrambled to correct the auto-correct.  Reminds me of the time I was supposed to meet Ivon for lunch only to discover our first choice, Chronic Tacos, closed.  So, I suggested Romer’s Burger Bar instead:

Hmmmm.  Chronic Tacos is closed.  Timers?



Ficking auto correct.


Anyway, it wasn’t until some twenty minutes after I’d finished my breakfast that I noticed the Happy Panda bento box contained a hidden compartment.

What treasures lie within?

Another nutella cupcake!  And pepto bismol!!

All sorts of weird dog-related dreams of late.  The other night, I dreamt that I was informed I did not, in fact, own my pug, Jelly – that she was actually a dog actor I had mistakenly picked up off some set and now her original trainer wanted her back.  Then, Maximus and Bubba were eaten by sharks.  And finally, last night, I dreamt  I was back in Montreal checking on my neighbor’s old, decrepit house.  My walkthrough complete, I hit the remote to close the garage door.  It groaned and squeaked as it slowly came down behind me but, as I turned to head back down the driveway, I heard it groan and squeak again as it slowly rose back up. Curious, I approached to see whether something was interfering with the door – when Jelly raced by me and started barking at something.  As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I spotted it, right next to the garage door opener: a person standing on a chair, perfectly still, his face obscured by the garden pail covering his face. Which is about when I woke up.  Freaky – and a perfect image for my future horror flick!


Debra writes: “I didn’t say all the women, but the strong kick butt woman you wrote was intended to be lesbian.”

Answer: Actually, no.  The two kick-butt female members of the team in Whispers – Major Teldy and Dusty – weren’t.  Vega may have been, but it was never canon.  SGU’s Camile Wray was gay and, I thought, a character with a lot of depth and strength.

Debra also writes: “T.J… puleeeze… she was not strong, screwing a married man, let him force her to return to the ship, etc. I don’t see her as strong. She coped, she survived, but she was not what I call strong.”

Answer: There are two sides to the coin.  One could argue that Young was just as weak for having the affair.  Also, one of the aspects of the T.J. character I liked a lot were her strength as displayed in episodes like Water and Divided – which is why I enjoyed seeing her demonstrate the resolve and toughness in The Hunt.

Debra also writes: “Carter…Again, after the first few seasons she certainly got strong. But the fawning “sir” crap…and the indecision over men.”

Answer: Not sure what the fawning “sir” crap refers to.  As her commanding officer, she would refer to him as “sir”.  I saw no fawning.  Indecisive?  Besides the relationship with Pete, I didn’t see any other instances.  And even then – so what?  People (men and women) are indecisive.  Given the show ran for ten years, why not explore Sam’s personal life?  We did so with Teal’c and Daniel after all.

Debra also writes: “Vala is one of my fave characters, and I enjoy her “out there” ness. :)But a lot of that is the actress. “

Answer: No, actually – it may surprise you to learn that, while Claudia was fantastic, her character was scripted.  All those funny lines were written, not improvised.

Bryan M. White writes: “What has Rob been up to lately?”

Answer: In addition to his work on Transporter: The Series, Rob Cooper is busy on a host of other exciting projects.  Once he gives me the green light, I’ll tell you about them.

Elliott writes: “

Some questions: 1.) Is it still technically a pilot episode if a full season has already been ordered?”

Answer: It was the series pilot prior to the show being ordered so, internally, we’re still calling it “The pilot episode”.

“2.) Why is “Dark Matter” called “Dark Matter”? What is the significance of the title? It’s probably a spoiler… :P

Answer: Yep.  Spoiler.  All will be revealed January of 2012.  Well, maybe not all – but a lot.

“3.) How come in “Divided” Rush can transfer control of the ship away from the control interface room remotely, and yet Telford has to do it from the gate room in “Incursion”?”

Answer: To avoid a scenario similar to the one in Divided, Young put safeguards in place to ensure it wouldn’t be so easy.  Of course, Rush may have foreseen the implementation of said safeguards and hidden a workaround program in the event the opportunity presented itself.

“4.) What scholarship did Greer apply for, but not get?”

Answer: Sorry, don’t recall.

“5.) Why did you pick Greer shooting a spider as the reason for the tunnel collapsing in “Human”? Wouldn’t it have been more realistic and a little less… “silly” if the tunnel had already been unstable and it just collapsed on them?”

Answer: But there had to be a reason for the tunnel to collapse otherwise it would have felt contrived for the ceiling to suddenly, and conveniently, come down.

48 thoughts on “June 7, 2011: Breakfast! Nightmares! And mailbag!

  1. Ooh, a new comments box…very snazzy!

    Debra – Do you not think a person can be considered strong just becasue they have character flaws?

    TJ was shown a number of times as keeping things together even while other people around her…men, specifically…were losing it.

    And how many times did Carter “save the day” on SG1?

    I also don’t understand your “fawning”, “sir” or “indecisive” comments.

    Cuz, you know, in real life, people NEVER date/marryhave sex with somebody even though they have feelings for somebody else. Nope. Never happens. That’s probably why it’s never been the subject of any form of entertainment.

  2. Just practicing with the new comment box. Loved the Panda Faced Oatmeal. 🙂

  3. how was the panda face oatmeal achieved? was nutella mixed with oatmeal and then arranged to make the face? or was the nutella carefully applied after the oatmeal was in place? inquiring minds want to know.

    BTW like the new comment box.

  4. Yum, what a great breakfast! Very sweet!

    Interesting dream. At least you are sleeping now.

    I didn’t think T. J. was a weak character. Flawed maybe but not weak. She didn’t try to continue the affair once she realized he wasn’t going to leave his wife. She was prepared to raise the baby alone, without using the child to reconcile.
    I found Young weak for pursuing his wife after she had given up on the marriage. It seems like if he was interested in saving the marriage that he wouldn’t have been having an affair. Men are weird (just look at Arnold). 😉

    As Aeryn Sun, Claudia was kick ass! As Vala, Claudia “could” kick ass but she was more likely to flirt her way out of trouble. So what is Claudia Black like in real life?

  5. Pailhead is going to give me nightmares. Btw my autocorrect turned ‘pailhead’ into ‘painter’

  6. Your dream. That’s cool Joe! You are dreaming about weird houses and the dogs because of your house hunt. You just want to make sure everything about the house is what you are looking for (you must be a little picky), and a safe invironment for the dogs.

    And could you go back to sleep and get more on that old decrepit house with the groaning squeaky garage door and the person standing on a chair, perfectly still, whose face is obscured by the garden pail covering it. I love haunted house/scarey books and I definately want to hear more! You could write a book!! (Right after you finish “Travels with Joe”, “Jelly the Talking Dog”, the endings for SG-1, SGA, and SGU, and of course “Dark Matter”. Then write me a haunted house book.)

    Can’t wait to hear more about what else Robert Cooper is up to!

    btw – I think Teyla and Carter are the perfect picture of a strong woman in my book. And absolutely beautiful on top of everything else.

  7. Too cute on the food pictures, and I like the comment box too. The icon picture (Is that what it’s called?) reflects my mood tonight. I am getting so tired of 100 degree weather, and it’s only June. Waaah!!!!!

  8. Just watching season 9’s Pegasus project episode and wondered was Morgan la fey posing as a hologram the entire time (I.e even for the countless Atlantis personnel that used the database room) or was there an actual hologram that she hijacked just to speak to Daniel Jackson?

  9. Akemi must tell us how she got that panda on your oatmeal – too cute!

    Hey Joe? Whatever happened to the Q&A with Joel? Did he just forget about us?

  10. Just an observation… Wasn’t Debra’s original complaint directed at “you”, whereas later she said that “Carter…Again, after the first few seasons she certainly got strong…” Wouldn’t that actually be a credit to you if anything, who came on only after the first few seasons?

  11. I didn’t get a chance to comment on this yesterday: ” In my mind, Jack is retired and has settled down with Carter who is head of all off-world-related R&D.”

    Just wanted to say, thanks for saying that, and I like the way you think! I’d like to think that they’re married and have a couple of babies by now 🙂

    Also, the comment about Carter being fawning while saying “sir’ and being indecisive over men. I agree with you, in that I also never saw Carter as saying “sir” in a fawning way. I thought she was very professional, and as she was in the military, it seemed appropriate for her to say “sir”. As for being indecisive over men… well, it was really just that one time with Pete that we saw, but truth be told, I know a lot of very capable, intelligent, professional women who are completely competent at work, but when it comes to their own personal lives, there may be some aspects where they have some human failings, just like the rest of us do.

    Not too many people are rock-solid perfect in both their professional and personal lives, and I think that’s what was being portrayed here… that Carter isn’t entirely perfect in all aspects of her life. Really, who is? As Lou Zucaro said, that doesn’t make her weak… just human.

  12. To Joe: I don’t consider Young to be strong. I consider him to be TRYING, and of good hear. But strong, no.

    To: Lou Zucaro
    Debra – Do you not think a person can be considered strong just becasue they have character flaws?

    TJ was shown a number of times as keeping things together even while other people around her…men, specifically…were losing it.

    And how many times did Carter “save the day” on SG1?

    I also don’t understand your “fawning”, “sir” or “indecisive” comments.

    Cuz, you know, in real life, people NEVER date/marryhave sex with somebody even though they have feelings for somebody else. Nope. Never happens. That’s probably why it’s never been the subject of any form of entertainment.<<<<<

    People can have massive character flaws and still be strong. People cannot have a lack of moral center and be indecisive or a sheep and be strong. TJ, when it came to her role in helping people, was strong. But her personal life and decisions a mess.

    And Carter saved the day with her brain mostly. Maybe that's what bothers me. She was allowed in the early shows to be brilliant, just not in charge. And she should have led the team when Jack left. The writers simply wrote her out of that position. As for saying only Pete and Jack… um, no. How about Hanson, Martouf, and the ambassador guy. I started to write a book but no reason. Obviously there are many of us who have a very different view on her character in the early seasons and we will just have to disagree.

    Not sure what your comment about date/marry has to do with anything. But now that you mention it… Jack, Daniel, Cam, Teal'q.. they could all have sex off world at the drop of a hat (or if given a wife or turned into caveman in Daniel's case), but Carter had to be emotionally involved. Sex on SGU… yep uncommitted sex first show and the chick gets dumped like a hot potato, or maybe cold one. And yep, she is the one shown to carry some issues over it as if it never occurred to the writers they could have made it JUST SEX for her too.

  13. I have been a victim of my email at work “correcting” a word for me and I didn’t realize it before sending it. (I think I was in a hurry.)

    I ended the email:

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    But I spelled it wrong and freak’in! spell check changed it to:

    Sorry for the incontinence.

  14. Oh, How lucky you are! To have an Asian girlfriend who is willing to make you such morning treats, or at least be able to cook.

  15. Ah, the dangers of auto-correct: Recently one of my bosses sent an email to a colleague that began with, “I kissy left a message on your voicemail.” I’m fairly sure he meant to write “just”, but the damn tiny keys on the Blackberry combined with auto-correct to push him very near to being made to retake the University’s anti-harassment course.

    And one quick note on TJ (and maybe more generally): Debra wrote, “She coped, she survived, but she was not what I call strong.”
    Coping, surviving, and doing her job with all that had happened was pretty damn strong if you ask me.

    And Carter was and is a great strong female character. And the fact that she also had relationships — occasionally complicated — with other human beings helped to make a her a fully-realized and *believable* strong character, rather than a one- (or even two-) dimensional caricature. Something I appreciate both from an artistic and a feminist standpoint. (And speaking of auto-correct, I could really have used it just now. “Caricature” is a really hard word to sound out.)

    – KB

    P.S. Akemi is a culinary artist! My lunch never has hidden compartments.

  16. Ah. I can’t recall how many discussions I’ve been in on GW where I’ve wondered if we were actually watching the same show. It’s sort of the phenomenom of “eye witnesses” who give conflicting facts even though they all saw the exact same incident. I’m sure someone’s done a study on it….

    Personally, I always saw Sam as very self-assured when it came to her military and scientific sides, but insecure in her personal life. Which is entirely realistic. The best part, though, was that her character actually grew and developed over time, and as various aspects in her personal life were worked through (her relationship with her dad being a big one…), then her personal life became something she took much more control over, finally getting (at least according to Joe…bless him!), what (or more accurately, who…) she wanted most.

    Imho the character integrity on all the Stargate shows has always been phenomenal (unlike other shows I could name…*shudder*) and I think the writers and actors did an incredible job of giving us complex characters who, while they may have been the square-jawed heroes much of the time, nevertheless were flawed and real and who also evolved organically over time, as–hopefully–most of us do. Kudos, Joe, to you and everyone else for making that happen.


  17. Hi. Just a request… Will you be continuing with the what-would-have-been on Stargate: Extinction? Please? Pretty please? *trying for puppydog eyes here*


  18. Debra, I disagree with you 100%. First off, morality is subjective, so you can’t define what is “morally weak” universally.

    With that said, while most people in our society would probably agree that sleeping with a married person (or cheating on your spouse) is immoral, it doesn’t thusly define the person as weak in all aspects.

    Apply whatever analogy you like…you can be a good team leader, a good boss, a good this or that or whatever and still make stupid, and sometimes even immoral, decisions. One doesn’t negate the other by definition. They can, sure, but it’s not always that black and white.

    You’re right that we’ll have to agree to disagree, but Carter was always a strong presence, not just “the brains of the operation”. She wasn’t prone to giving up, leaving her teammates behind, OR just following orders.

    Again, just because somebody isn’t in charge, it doesn’t mean they’re portrayed as weak. You can take it that way if you like, but it doesn’t seem like you like 😉

    (I do agree that I’d rather have seen her in charge after Jack left, though, especially because it seems like that’s what would’ve happened)

    Finally, maybe the writers could have had it be “just sex” for James, too, but on the flipside of that, there was Eli, who was pretty much an emotional wreck (where affairs of the heart were concerned) and he’s a guy.

  19. @Debra
    Were you watching the same show I was watching? I understand different opinions, but Stargate was always pretty straightforward when it came to character development. I don’t know how you seem to have such different views on the characters’ motivations. Carter’s storyline for leading/not leading the team made sense. In addition, why is it a bad thing that she saved the day with intelligence, not leadership? Is that such a horrible character trait?

    Another note: the difference between female characters having sex and male characters having sex is based on societal norms. Society tends to be okay with men having random hook-ups, but females are not supposed to do those things. Females are the emotional centers of any relationship, even hook-ups in a closet. The writing of the show simply reflected society; it was not a blatant attempt to have weak female characters.

    Sorry, got on a rant there. I majored in sociology and sometimes get … passionate. I’ll just go and put my soapbox back in my closet.

  20. Oo! Oo! Can I blame all my screw-ups here on WP auto-correcting me?? 🙂

    Also, Joe, no wonder you’ve been having nightmares, you ATE THE FACE OFF A PANDA!!! 😮 Freakin’ zombii.

    (Dropped you an e-mail, too, sir. 🙂 )


  21. @ Ponytail – 😆

    Joe, don’t mind the rest of this…I’m trying to see what happens when I get to the bottom of the box again, see whether or not it the words scroll up, or if – like yesterday – the words don’t scroll up, and instead the bottom of the box starts ‘jumping up’ and the log in buttons cover my typing…which makes it nearly impossible to comment.


    Ugh – yes – the words are not scrolling up and the bottom of the box is jumping up with each keystroke, covering my type! Is there anything you or I can do to fix this problem?? It’s driving me nuts!



  22. glad to see Akemi has you eating healthy in your Happy Panda bentox box. food pictures, thanks. will have to try this nutella stuff. now that I know you can make muffins from it. yum.good thing my hips love me. Do you add milk or anything to the steel cut oatmeal? thanks for sharing.

  23. This “weak female characters” crap gets old fast. Wray had a set of huge brass balls on her. TJ was tough, but young, and in an awful position. James, also tough as nails, but in a place she didn’t want to be. Being women doesn’t make these characters “weak” – people PEOPLE does, just like it made all the men weak, and just like it makes all of us weak. Hell, the biggest damsel in SGU turned out to be a guy – Riley – who was always being put in peril of some sort. As for Carter and the “sir’s”, she was in the military. Sir is expected. If she didn’t address superiors as sir, she wouldn’t have made it out of boot camp. All of the characters in SGU had weak, human moments, just like all of us do. Even the guys. That the characters were written as people and not caricatures is one of the more endearing things about them and what made it possible for me to truly enjoy them as characters, as opposed to wish fulfillment objects.

  24. Sorry I haven’t been around for a week..been a bit distracted of late..and I still can’t get used to the time difference in Toronto.

    Joe, I sat down and watched the #SGU special features Pitches last night….awesome performance you put in there. Now there may have been an almighty squee from me when I saw the calendar in your office…yay it made the cut. That mockumentary was so freaking funny…have you seen the whole thing? Brad keeps surprising me…he’s really funny and he looked really good – haven’t seen him for ages. What is he up to these days? Have I missed any announcements?

    You have the freakiest dreams. Mine haven’t been freaky, but have you ever had someone invade your dreams and talk to you like it was real life?

    Cheers, Chev

  25. You might already know about this ( but I came across a short write-up on it and if I was still in TO, I’d be sure to check it out with my pooches. The ad said it’s an outdoor festival for dogs (June 11/12) and mentioned a “running of the pugs”. Perhaps your gang has remained fit enough to partake?

  26. Not to be a harbinger of possible bad news, but SyFy’s schedule “appears” to be trending towards replacing “SGA” with “Ghost Whisperer” in the 4-5 pm eastern weekday slot. I hope that doesn’t signal more…more ruminations about V getting picked up by SyFy, anyone have any news on that? I found “Red Faction-Origins” pretty entertaining, watched it twice. For the mailbag-was ordinance carried a big factor in how stories played out in the various SG incarnations you have worked in Joe? My point being zats seemed like obvious standard issue (sidearm at least, replicators notwithstanding) giving an easy choice of stun/kill/disintegrate foes, plus disabling technology when necessary…SG-1 ep “Touchstone” for example, zats would have made defending against fellow servicemen without harming them a non-issue pretty much. Thanks!

  27. I am a kick-butt female who is not a lesbian. Though I am sooooooo kick-butt that the assumption has been made. Or maybe it’s because I’m out there? Dunno’, I get confused on the topic of what collections of traits are supposed to correlate with lesbian or acceptable for a female – I’m just not either.

    Oh, wait, lesbians are attracted to females. There you go, if you need to know if a character is a lesbian, look for that trait and you can’t go wrong.

    I didn’t think Wray was kick-butt. She was ordinary. I thought that was the point – fish out of water.


    I agree with Debra that Carter not being the leader of the team was a scenario that made sense through the magic of writing. If clout was the in-story reason a colonel should lead SG-1, Carter, colonel or not, had it in spades. That she solves tech problems and making her leader puts too many roles in one character for a team show can be solved through the magic of writing as well: Ben Browder as tech guy. Exposition becomes about a suspenseful potential for conflict and Ben Browder’s punchy one-liners instead of lead character rushing tech character to finish the point. It’d be worth doing that on purpose with a new show just to put some pizazz in the exposition.

    I do believe that the network’s preference for a male lead was given huge weighting in the decision not to make Carter leader. The motivation was there to make the decision make sense. In-story, it wasn’t justified by the options left with O’Neill missing. There might not have been a season 9 or any Stargate at all if Stargate weren’t willing to play ball with networks. (And I’m guilty of designating characters, including a lead, as male for the same reason I’m assigning to Stargate, playing ball.)


    Debra, I love that you are so cool about engaging the forum in a controversial way. That makes you kick-butt.

  28. I have a question do you see Daniel & Vala as a couple for the long term you had them separated in your mind with Daniel in Atlantis and Vala on SG-1? The only reason I ask is because you have written some great moments for them that us shippers (Fruitcakes) love like The Ties That Bind and Memento Mori. I also like how you had Sam & Vala friends in eps because I don’t know if you know but there is some tension in the SG fandom between fans of Sam and fans of Vala it makes it hard for fans of both like me.

  29. @ StallaByStargate… No joke. Of course there is a chick on a board who rants that not only was Carter fawning, but that Jack was abusive. I saw him treat her exactly like the others. So yeah, it does seem we watch different shows! 🙂


    Just an observation… Wasn’t Debra’s original complaint directed at “you”, whereas later she said that “Carter…Again, after the first few seasons she certainly got strong…” Wouldn’t that actually be a credit to you if anything, who came on only after the first few seasons?::::

    I once sat and looked at episodes by writers, but then gave it up. Who made her character more strong, probably maturing writing of many of the writers. And from listening to the many complaints of fans, maybe? Or the realization that like Daniel, people grow up and change. I know many who quit watching because Daniel became “jaded” and even, they saw it, mean spirited. I never saw either… I think he realistically could not have stayed the same Daniel he was in the movie.

    @ Lou… I am totally okay we disagree. But your comment about Eli… another nebbishy nerd, another stereotype.

    @ jreeths

    :::::I don’t know how you seem to have such different views on the characters’ motivations. Carter’s storyline for leading/not leading the team made sense. ::::

    LOL read forums much? Guess not or you’d know on any given character or topic there are 10000 views and interpretations. I am not alone in mine, but you aren’t in yours either. Not that it matters.

    :::::Another note: the difference between female characters having sex and male characters having sex is based on societal norms. Society tends to be okay with men having random hook-ups, but females are not supposed to do those things. :::
    Whose norms? Whose imposed rules? Yeah I know, we label in-charge men as leaders and women as bitches. Did you miss the part where I wished for better out of Stargate? So you majored in sociology. I have a degree and worked in psychology. So? Makes neither of our views any more valid than the high school drop out or person who majored in food science. They are all just views, not facts. Hell, like norms? 60 percent of Spanish COLLEGE STUDENTS say they do not want Jews in their class rooms. Tough. My Jewish child is going to Spain to study abroad one semester. Forget norms, shoot for what is right. 🙂

    @ DP, lol thanks. It probably helps that I think or hope everyone knows I respect and adore Mallozzi. 🙂 And I try not to rant often.

    RE: Akemi … here is a thought. Since Joe isn’t keeping her, can’t we pass her around? She can visit each of us for a month, teach us Japanese cooking and stay here. AKEMI DON’T GO BACK TO JAPAN! WE’LL MISS YOU! 🙁 WAHHHHHHHHHHH.

  30. OOPS forgot:
    @ jreeths

    :::::I don’t know how you seem to have such different views on the characters’ motivations. Carter’s storyline for leading/not leading the team made sense. ::::

    No one said it didn’t “make sense.” My complaint is they wrote it to remove her from lead. They had a choice, and they MADE UP a logical reason to not have her lead. I for one am glad to see Tapping as leader in a kick butt fashion on Sanctuary.

    And yes, I understand networks want male leaders. They also don’t want blacks, jews, asians or anything off their target population other than as side kicks. Doesn’t make it right.

  31. TJ isn’t strong?! WTF, she’s tougher than steel cut oats! She not only got stuck with her ex on a ship lost in space but she carried his child, lost his child and also took a bullet, all while saving other people’s lifes on that ship. Tough isn’t about just karate chops and Jean Claude Van Damme splits. Hell yeah TJ is tough.

    Let me interpret that dream for ya; well the first part at least. You’ve dreamed before that your pugs were peril if I recall; other people might dream about their babies, or their kittens–the pugs symbolize your duties aka your “babies” and how you interact in your dream usually parallels how you feel about your duties in real life. Sounds like you’ve lots of duties to look after, and worry about keeping your “babies” safe from sharks and from people who would claim your “baby” as their own.

    Been getting a lot of notes lately? Worried that one of your projects is now going to be in someone else’s hands?

    Buckethead on the other hand is just damn creepy, shudder!

  32. @Debra, the thing is, a lot of those stereotypes are extremely accurate. I’d consider Eli much more of a geek (with a little dork thrown in) than a nerd, but I know many people like him. I’ve worked with many people like him!

    You may consider that type of character a stereotype, but it’s also a very real character.

    In fact, just about every stereotype you can think of is backed up by a great many real-life people who are just like that.

    I think your comment about who networks want / don’t want is, frankly, sensationalistically obnoxious and also either misinformed or short-sighted (or both). Networks want to make money. Tons and tons of money. They’ll put ANYthing on TV that they think will make them tons and tons of money (as evidence, I would like to point to Jersey Shore). And they’ll take anything OFF of TV that they think is going to cost them more money than they can bring in in advertising dollars (SGU).

    Perhaps you’ve heard of this system…it’s called “ratings”.

    Your argument about gender, race & religion would only hold water if shows about white people or shows with male leads were never cancelled.

  33. @ Debra – regarding James’ hurt feelings about Scott moving on with Chloe, I imagined that their ‘hookups’ in the closets had been an on-going thing, and that their FWB situation for her was migrating towards wanting more. Plus, the writers had a ‘love-quad-rangle” with the whole “James-Scott-Chole-Eli” combo. Personally I thought it would have been a neat plot twist if Eli and James had hooked up in the “Alternate” timeline as a resolution to that romantic situation. I think SGU was pretty good on showing a balance that sex can be sex even for women by showing Park as someone with different suitors. That she settled with Greer works in that he is her opposite – very strong in his profession, but weaker in personal relations and she is the reverse (though I feel bad for Volker – would have like that my name-sake could have won out). At least that is how I saw it. As for long-running characters, I think the writers were good at showing that divide of personality and how it can grow to balance out. I think the only character that didn’t get as much attention in that regard as he could have was Jack. For me, his character remained the stoic loner with only a few touching moments in his character arc (the time he was trapped off world, when he and Carter were stuck on either side of the force field & lie-detector episodes…).

  34. Now I don’t want to go look in my garage.

    Our neighbors in Shioiri gave us wonderful bento boxes as a farewell gift. I should get them out, pack something cute and tasty, and go on a picnic. The boxes, not the neighbors.

  35. @Sean: Thanks for the link, it had me and a few others laughing till we cried this morning. My daughter was sending something regarding “SRC” to her boss and wrote “we must have SRC”. It showed up as “we must have SEX”.
    Good thing her boss is an understanding woman!

  36. Tec’ma’te

    I wanted to ask whether now or a season 3 of Stargate universe is shot I’ve watched all the staff and even Stargate Atlantis, SG1 STARGET I am a very loyal fan
    Kind regards

  37. Is there anywhere that we can find the 90 minute version of threads from season 8?

  38. Wayyy off topic but…here goes: Hubby is looking for the music to Grim, Grinning Ghost. The original version please. The man can’t remember to put his things away but he will memorize all the lyrics/music to this song in an hour 😉 .

  39. Is everyone involved happy with “Transporter: The Series” as a title? The ‘the series’ modifier sounds so 80’s to me, a bit tacky if I’m honest :/

  40. Love Marty, but tell him the beard has to go. He looks like a young Santa Claus on vacation in that photo!

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