Over the course of my 11+ years on Stargate, I have almost always been surprised by the annual pick-up/cancellation announcements.  I was shocked to hear that we’d be doing a sixth season of SG-1, then stunned by the announcement that we would be coming back for a seventh.  I was astounded to learn SG-1 would be doing an eight year, gobsmacked to find out we’d doing a ninth, then utterly flabbergasted by the news that there would  be a tenth.  Finally, by that tenth season, I’d grown so accustomed to being surprised that I figured there was no way I could ever be taken unawares again.  An eleventh season was unheard of but, given our situation – the fact that both SG-1 and Atlantis benefited tremendously from the dual production scenario – it was not all that unlikely.  And, the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that we WOULD be coming back.

Of course, we ended up being cancelled and, like previous years, I was surprised – but this time, not in a good way.

In the case of Stargate: Atlantis, I wasn’t at all sure we’d be coming back for that fifth season and, when we finally received word, I was not so much surprised as I was relieved.  Having said all that, I was somewhat more confident about a sixth season pick-up.  Why? Because, again, I was relying on logic (in hindsight, a big mistake).  IF the franchise were to end with Atlantis, then season five would have assuredly been its last.  From a financial bottom line, it didn’t make sense to produce a sixth season.  UNLESS it served to keep the franchise alive while a new series was in the works.  OR, like SG-1 before it, helped build support for the new spinoff by acting as its lead-in.  Now THAT would have made sense.

But alas, as I discovered when SG-1 season eleven failed to materialize, a lot of the times, you shouldn’t count on things making sense.

As most of you may be aware by now, Atlantis was cancelled after its fifth season and production on Stargate: Universe commenced. What I found particularly ironic at the time was the assertion by some that Universe had killed Atlantis and that if SGU hadn’t come along, we’d no doubt be moving forward on a sixth season of SGA (and beyond).  The opposite is true.  At the time, SGU made it more likely for Atlantis to come back and, when it didn’t – well, I was surprised.

The second season pick-up of Stargate: Universe was a foregone conclusion once we hit the rating average required for the second year component of the deal to kick in.  But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about a third season pick-up.  The show’s ratings started to falter and, in a bid to boost viewership, the decision was made to move Universe to Tuesday nights.  Granted, other SyFy shows had done quite well on Tuesday nights – but that was during the summer, not the more competitive fall.  Interestingly, SGU was originally scheduled to air in the summer but moved before its premiere.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Like our show.  And, yet again, I was surprised.

So what happened?  How the hell could I have possibly been surprised this time?  Well, I was surprised because I honestly thought we’d be back. Several individuals either strongly hinted or outright assured us as much (scenarios included returning with a lower budget and/or the understanding that it would be our final season). And so, rather than bemoan the show’s fate, I looked forward to the opportunity to go that third and final season where we would be afforded the opportunity to wrap up our story in spectacular fashion. We started discussing potential scenarios, character developments…

And then we received word that we had been cancelled.  End of discussion.  We were done.

Some claimed they weren’t that surprised by the news.  But me?  Yes, one last time – really, really surprised.

All this to say that, this week, Stargate: Universe ends in a heartbreaker of a finale.  If you have a chance, prepare yourself for Gauntlet by re-watching SGU’s first episode (Air I) – or, at the very least, its first five minutes.

Those of you in Canada, stay turned after Gauntlet airs for a special Stargate-themed episode of Inner Space that will include interviews with a host of Stargate vets.  Check out the sneak peek here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuM0ZaK3HY4

And a spoilerific review of the series finale here: http://popculturezoo.com/2011/05/gauntlet-is-a-bittersweet-end-to-stargate-universe/

246 thoughts on “May 9, 2011: Farewell, Destiny!

  1. Any chance of ever finding out the resolution to certain finale cliffhangers, be it books, movies or just good old fashioned producer/director/writing reminiscing, like certain shows have gotten where we learned what would have happened had the story continued?

  2. HI it’s sad to here that there will not be another season. i think you should ask Oprah Winfrey she has her own network now and she might just pick the show up. I would seriously ask her she likes helping people and i for one would love to see it picked up by another network. god bless you sir and thanks for a awesome show.

  3. I found the situation with Stargate Universe strange more than anything else, I mean if you look at the Live + 7 numbers, you’d see from the move on Fridays the show lost 500,000 viewers, but kept 500,000 viewers DVRing the show, so when it was dropping to 800,000 or so viewers, it was getting a good half million DVRing.

    Those that loved watching on Friday stopped watching, and some of those just had the show on DVR whilst watching something else.

    So when you look at Sanctuary, Sanctuary lost a good half million people too, well a little more, and likely has a good amount DVRing too.

    It would of made more sense, to have the show on Friday with WWE as a lead in, no idea how well that would of done, but shows with WWE as a lead in were getting the same numbers as SGU in the back half of Season 1, so surely adding some extra people would of gave the chance for Season 3.

  4. Sorry Joe, I am not going to watch the finale. I don’t need the torture of an unresolved cliffhanger. SGU will live on forever as long as I leave that one last episode on my DVR!

  5. Anyway, I’m going to miss this show.

    And I can imagine people being both upset and angry after seeing the ending, angry more at Syfy for ending the show.

    People should, and stay respectful aim a comment at Syfy on twitter after watching the show.

    It’d be a nice way to send the show off. Make tons of twitter noise lol

  6. If anybody wants to read my blog Farewell Stargate: http://wp.me/p126ES-4p

    The post was running long, so I decided to wait and share my favorite episodes for each of the actors in another post (for SGU).

    I am a bundle of mixed emotions. I can’t wait to see tonight’s episode, but I want to savor it because it is the last.

    And I’m on a huge high because I won tickets to the American Idol Season Finale results show (and the airfare, hotel and gift card). That is going to be sooo much fun. Sorry Carl! I’ll think of you while I’m there.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful years! It’s finally starting to sink in. That after tonight, there won’t be any new SG as we know it…

    It’s been one helluva ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I grew up with SG-1, then spent time with SGA and finally were mature enough for SGU. And I had this great plan to graduate as SGU was reaching its final episode of season 5.

    *goes back to crying buckets, and thinking all the ‘what if’-s*

  8. I still cant believe its over.
    And Joe… are there any possibility that mgm would consider making an ending, maybe a book. Just some sort of ending. lol dont demand a movie or series;)
    thanks for all the wonderful years of stargate

  9. Saying goodbye is important, and being able to craft an emotional frame to hold and carry hopes and hearts is such a deep talent… and more. I look forward to watching the end that the team of writers – and everyone – has brought to the tales.

    A the wave is about to break, Joe, how are you feeling? Thanks to Paul, too!


  10. Bonjour, un petit message avant d’aller au lit..

    Et oui c’est FINIT…definitivement!?..seul l’avenir nous le dira..

    J’ai beaucoup aimé ce que vous avez écrit aujourd’hui, personnellement j’aurai vraiment aimé avoir une saison 6 à sga et j’ai vraiment été surprise qu’il y ai eu une saison 2 pour SGU…puis-je vous posez une question?

    Pourquoi ne pas avoir réagit plus tôt? vous aviez vu que la saison 1 ne plaisait pas beaucoup au public …pourquoi ne pas avoir changé plus de choses dans la saison 2?

    Avez vous des regrets?

    Même si je ne regarde plus sgu, je me dois de regarder sa fin…

    Je tiens juste à vous dire MERCI pour tout ce que vous avez apporté à la franchise! ça m’a permis de rencontrer une personne extraordinaire que j’apprecierai tout ma vie……….4 YEARS THAT I FOLLOW YOU AND STOP STARGATE CHANGE NOTHING!
    Je vous aime Joseph ♥

  11. I really want to thank you (and everyone involved with Stargate) for providing 3 amazing shows that I started watching when I was 7. As a 21 year old, I suppose I’m lucky that my favorite franchise of all time has been with me so long continuously, but I can’t help but be sad.

    Though we won’t get the third season, I’m at least glad that I have some 350 episodes, plus movies, to enjoy into the great unknown.

    You said that you’d answer some questions about where the franchise would’ve gone. Though I’m sure you’re planning on discussing it, I’m just posting some questions that I’ve been curious about, such as (*deep breath*)…

    What was the plan for Stargate: Extinction?
    Same, but for Revolution?
    What about the SGU movie/super movie?
    What plans were made for the 3rd season of SGU?

    And of course, any other interesting things that I’m sure are out there.

    Again, thanks. This blog has been a great source of information about Stargate (and pictures of delicious foods), and I look forward to it even post-Stargate.

  12. Okay, I just watched the first 5 mins of ‘Air Part I’ again while I was playing an online poker tournament (my 2nd job).

    The only things I gleaned from this that might relate to the finale were the following (btw I haven’t seen the finale yet).

    – The camera panning thru sections of Destiny, implying that maybe there’s an important section that will be revealed.

    – Rush having an obvious smile on his face, implying ‘what’, I don’t know.

    – After Scott comes thru the stargate, he is followed by a box by itself. During the latter part of the episode, there is clearly no items being tossed thru the gate separate of people. Dunno if the timing means anything, I’m guessing no.

    Or maybe i’m just reading your first minutes of Air comment too literally…I guess i’ll find out tomorrow 🙂

  13. End of an era.

    While I haven’t been watching SGU, I feel for those who are and bemoan the loss of a franchise I loved.

    I do think things would have been vastly different if SGA had, in fact, been allowed that final season to introduce SGU to the SG fans. Hindsight’s 20:20, however.


  14. It was great working with you Joe! Even though I was only there for one season, it felt like I was part of the SG family. One of my best (and worst) memories was driving to Delta to pickup Krispy Kreme donuts for our Triple Downs. So much sodium….

    Good luck on The Transporter!


  15. Joe,

    I haven’t seen the finale, but I am looking forward to it. All this time I haven’t “cared” for the so, to much character interaction for my blood, but I’ve watched every single episode. The last half of season two was in my opinion, the best. It’s gonna be hard not seeing Stargate on after so many years.

    Question for ya: How pissed do you think MGM would be if the fans produced their own webisodes to make up for the loss? Change the name, but make it something like “Destiny”…

  16. I’m struggling with whether or not to watch this last episode. I know I probably will, but I find myself wanting to put it off, as though the denial makes it any less true.

    Some say it’s silly, because it’s just a television show. There will always be good and bad tv, there will always be renewals and cancellations. For me, though, Stargate is more than just the television show. I’ve made real friends through this common interest, I’m active in communities online (having fun!) because of this particular show.

    Vibrant, brilliant storytelling makes its mark. Stargate has that quality and I look forward to sharing it with my son when he gets older (just like my parents shared Star Trek with me).

    So forgive my fangurlishness one more time. Thank you for a great series (or rather a trilogy of great series) – and thank you for being accessible to the fans. It’s definitely made the SG experience memorable and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the series.

    I think television is losing something today, even if not everyone realizes it.

  17. The final episode isn’t on until tomorrow here, but I already feel both anxious to see it and yet wanting to put it off, like those posting above. Dang, it’s just so sad.

    I guess it’s just that much more upsetting that television is sinking lower and lower and quality TV is getting more and more scarce. Here’s hoping the best for Transporter, and I really hope Echoes gets picked up. That would make the situation a little easier to bear!

  18. i really thin k they should ask Oprah Winfrey she has picked up quite a few shows and she dose own HARPO Studios and has her network called OWN. and i think she owns another network as well. i bet if they asked her she would pick up the show. she seams to do allot for people.

  19. I’ll save my farewell, thanks, and tears for tomorrow, when I watch it on Space. But, I’m feeling sad already….

    Are you going to start accepting questions tomorrow, after it airs in Canada? I think you said earlier that we could post any questions after the series finale.

  20. I’ve always had a question about the first few episodes of S1. What was the reasoning for the gratuitous sex scene of the week? In his commentary for the recut “Children of the Gods”, Brad W talked at some length about Stargate being a family franchise and how happy he was to eliminate the nude scene in the recut DVD. Wasn’t anyone concerned about families checking out Universe and their children seeing the sex scenes?

  21. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the last 11 years Joe. To the entire cast and crew, you all changed my life. Thank you.

  22. I’d like to Thank everyone who made the StarGate franchise possible. Hopefully it will return in one form or another and sooner than we think.

  23. Too avoide spoilers below I won’t say any specifics

    I hope You know who was able to fix the problem a see the others on the other side. please tell me he was.

  24. dammit. you had to go and come up with an ending that left my eyes irritated by something and watering. On the plus side, I have about 3 years to become a multi billionaire, buy out the rights to the show, and hire everyone to produce some tv movies to resolve various story lines. Better yet, produce the movies and keep them to myself. to be shared with only a few privileged discenrning fans….hey, I can dream. Destiny, and the people who brought her to life, will be missed.

  25. Just one question, Was it your intention to bring back all the main characters for all of season 3 or was a certain cliff hanger a way to allow a character to exit the show? I’m trying to write this in a way that those who havent seen it yet wont know what happened ahead of time.

    Other than that it was a beautiful episode and almost a perfect season ender except for the gaping cliff hanger ending.

    I feel like when farscape was cheated out of their last season all those years ago… *sigh* syfy did not know what they had then nor now. 🙁

  26. *standing ovation*


    I’m so sad, Joe. Yet oddly satisfied with the ending. And vaguely hopeful. Three years. A lot can happen in three years….

    Thank you, Joe, for taking us out in such a moving and profound way.


  27. The final episode of Stargate Universe was not the heart-wrenching cliffhanger I feared. It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I hope one day you can tell us what would have been, or perhaps hint at their future through the next franchise installment.

  28. A good way to end it.

    Whatever happens to Stargate in the future, it was a great run. Thanks for helping to make it a fun one.

  29. It’s over, it’s done, it’s gone, it’s finished. And it ended beautifully. That is by far, the greatest season finale ever. As a matter of a fact, I’ve seen, probably, dozens, if not, more than a whole lot, season ending bits, and that one right there, was the best. Had I two million I’d give away a million for another hour, at least. That’s how good it was. But alas, though short, all of it, was memorable. And with this spark, let’s set the sky afire with inspirational reasoning and creations, in the spirit of Stargate Universe. I salute all of you, and I salute the creators and writers, the shakers and makers, and even though, I could smear crap on the teeth of those bastards at syfy, I have to thank them, because they agreed to allow the show enough time, to wow me. Even if, I detest syfy with a passion that surpasses hatred.

  30. I can’t believe they cancelled Stargate completely. I’ve spent the past 14 years growing up with Stargate always being on, now that its over I don’t plan to watch SyFy ever again.
    Thanks for the memories.

  31. Joe, there are no words. Hubby and I just finished toasting Stargate, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. There has never been a show/franchise that has touched my heart the way everything Stargate has, and there probably never will be again. Congratulations to everyone on the Stargate Universe cast and crew for a job well done!!! I will be purchasing the final season dvd when it is available.

    To Stargate: ***lifting a glass*** (said with tears rolling down my face)

  32. The finale gives me a certain (probably unfounded) hope that the series will continue sometime in the future. It was a great way to end the season/series.

  33. “The willing, Destiny guides them; the unwilling, Destiny drags them”–Seneca.

    I feel lucky to have been guided by this series, and this franchise. And the lovely symmetry it ended with was, I guess, as good an end as we can hope for. But I’m going to miss that reality. I’ll miss the people that populated it.

    Glad I got to see Rodney one last time… in the end he was my favorite Stargate character. That a character who could have been fundamentally unlikeable and insufferable, but that the Stargate franchise took that guy and made him someone we’d like and care about is a rare accomplishment.

    Goodbye, Stargate. You go too soon.

    I await the chance to ask questions as you said.

  34. Dear Joe,

    I just watched Gauntlet and I cant believe that it all ended like this. What a beautiful soundtrack by Joel Goldsmith, again! It made me cry.

    It is so sad and so terrible that this has happened. SGU deserved a better end and I cant believe that you weren’t given an opportunity to finish the show properly.

    I will be forever sad at this outcome and can only hope that you all will be given another chance.

    If MGM/Syfy does agree to resurrect the franchise, would you be a part of it?

    A loyal and devoted fan of all 14 years of Stargate,

  35. Gauntlet was amazing and it broke my heart. The writers did an amazing job on the series and I wanted to say thank you. This Stargate series gave my mom and I something to watch together and the end had us both reduced tears. For you the cast and crew I would like to leave you with “The finer part of mankind will, in all likelihood, never perish-they will migrate from sun to sun as they go out. And so there is no end to life, to intellect and the perfection of humanity. Its progress is everlasting” great words and my hope for the future of the franchise spoken by Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky, the father of rocketry.

  36. Dear Joe,

    In a word: magnificent.

    That was a wonderfully beautiful, touching, hopeful ending – all the more so because it wasn’t intended as such. But those final, quiet images were a lovely, nigh-perfect grace note to end things on (given the circumstances), and I found it surprisingly satisfying (again, given the circumstances), as it left me thinking the exact same two things I read on [REDACTED]’s face…

    “Wow, what a ride.”


    “We’re going to make it.”

    I’ve seen every Stargate episode (and movie) ever made. My hat’s off to you, Paul, Robert, Brad, Carl and the entire cast and crew. What an achievement. And wow, what a ride.

    I salute you from afar.

    – The Other Paul (in Austin)

    P.S.: Have you had a chance to check out Riding Bean yet? I promise it’ll cheer you up.

  37. I think it is sad that Universe was canned after only 2 seasons. remeber the original Star Trek?? it was cancelled and look what happened there. Universe had alot of viewers, but not enough for the big wigs . I hope this at least ends with a movie. The final show was insulting.

  38. Hello Joe.

    I am upset. Not only do I not get to see how the series ends, I am robbed of the experience of reliving the second season since it is not released in blu-ray. Asking a blu-ray owner to buy a standard def DVD is like asking a consumer to buy laserdisc or BETA. DVD is a dying format.

    Not to mention (several series have been saved by DVD sales in the past, but not releasing the series in Blu-ray might hurt sales for SGU. Who does the marketing focus groups for this? Seriously? Well… at least I heard SGA is getting a complete series release in July in Blu-ray. Can you confirm?

    Now that I have got the venting out of my system… I feel let down by the series finale. Don’t get me wrong… it was GREAT, and VERY emotional!!! But I am upset because tptb left us hanging like that.

    When you do your final Q&A, can you tell us how you planned to resolve this storyline? And maybe reassure us about a future blu-ray release so I can complete the series and help prove to the studio that there is still interest/money in the franchise?

    Best wishes,


  39. me and my buddies watched tonites finale…..gotta say, we think you guys had to suspect a 3rd season pick up was not in the cards, and i will say, whether you knew or not, you wrapped up the season, (series) nicely…………and left the door open.

    heres hoping a mini series or something in 3 years!!!!!!

  40. Thanks for so many great years of Stargate Joe. Even though it was a cliffhanger, that was a great way to go out. Loved the shot of the lights going out on the Gate. And the end scene with Eli was beautiful. I know what I want to happen to the Destiny, so I’ll just go with that. Thanks again.

  41. Sad to see SGU go, but the finale, it was a nice way for the show to go out. It sucks we didn’t get to see Destiny’s mission to the end, this was a bittersweet, and it worked for me.

  42. You know, my eyes are barely dry after just watching Gauntlet (which was really really really good by the way), and now you got them all moist again. It’s just so hard to say goodbye to the Stargate franchise. 🙁 This Stargate ride was true BLAST! I’ve never in my life devoted myself in a series, let alone a franchise. 🙂 Through SG-1, SGA, and SGU, it’s just been soooo much fun. All the wonderful stories and adventures told through the Stargate! 🙂 And, the loveable and memorable characters that we all have grown to love, or hate.

    Thank you, Joe, for being apart of that wonderful celebration of the Stargate franchise. 😉

  43. Well done Joe. Very well done. Sad that it is the end of a show I look forward to and watch every Monday. I took your advice and watched Air Pt 1 prior to Gauntlet. Great ending to an episode. Sad that it had to be the series ender.

  44. That was a beautiful episode, Joe.

    It leaves us with the hope that even though we may not see it, the adventure for the crew, now family, of the Destiny is not over, just taking a brief pause.

  45. That was a beautifully written episode. Everyone was getting along and cooperating with each other, and showing emotion and concern for each other. That was nice to see finally. The ending was so sad, it made me cry. If I knew there was a season 3, it would not have been so sad. It would have been interesting to see what Eli would do. But as it was, the ending was quite and poignant. Very well written.

  46. wow – what can i say what a sacrifice for eli… im left wanting more!!! if you are allowed what kind of developments would you have done for season 3?? would they come out of stasis early, 3 years, or later??? just so many things that could be done!!!! i hope there is a movie.

  47. Well, looks like a couple of Goa’uld motherships will be at our doorstep in, IDK, two weeks?

    LOL JK but that is what happened in the series when the program was shut down.

    I can still see Jack’s face at the thought of losing the Stargate forever.

    Oh well. While the crew may never reach home, rest assured that Destiny, and Stargate, will be remembered.

    Thanks again, for seventeen seasons of epic win… and here’s to the future.

    Goodbye, Stargate. Tak mal arik tiak.

  48. Loved it, just simply loved it….what a journey and it was so nice to end it on that character…because much of the journey was spent looking through his eyes…bittersweet…

  49. Thank you Joe,

    Your ending was a master class in how to end a season and/or a series. What an amazing, poignant conclusion. THANK YOU!

    STANDING OVATION from all Stargate fans… raising a glass of bubbly to all the writers, cast, crew and the SG Families, one and all!


  50. That was a horrible way to end sgu!!! That was a season finale not a Series finalle!! How lame 🙁

  51. I just watched the final episode – sounds strange to say that. I thought it was a curiously satisfying ending for the series. Yeah, I know, it leaves things unresolved, but I’m okay with that. Maybe it’s my many years of watching Japanese anime, but I kind of like endings that leave me with things to think about. It was beautifully written, the soundtrack was poignant, and the acting was superb. And the final scene was perfect – things came full circle. Kudos to you and Paul. And my thanks.

    So Stargate fans, I encourage ALL of you to watch this episode.

    I’ve got to ask – when the filming was going on, did the actors know it was the final episode? Were any little tweaks made to the episode in the editing phase to make it a bit more – final?

  52. It was a great series finale and not as huge a cliffhanger as I was expecting after hearing it was a cliffhanger.

    I was quite sad since this is the end of the stargate franchise for now, since it has been a part of my life since since I was 12 years old and now 14 years later hard to imagine a tv world without stargate in it. It certainly has been a great ride, and hopefully not the end.

  53. Well thats it… (I thought to myself)…
    after watching all these shows this is how it will end….

    I had dreaded this night and to be honest deep down reading from all the weird comments from viewers I thought- Syfy, MGM, Brad or you would come in on the eleventh hour to prevent the light from being turned off forever. Even after reading about the announcement at the comic convention.

    What I saw tonight was not what I was hoping for but it was nowhere of a cliff hanger that I thought it was going to be. And to all this I say- thank you Joe. Thank you guys for pulling something out of this horrible lurch this was left in by (what do you call it again?) o yeah by the powers that be. I would love to see the journeys ahead but it ended with a calming and bitter sweet effect. It ended with me thinking this story could go on some way- even if only in our imaginations. What a fantastic series to close this chapter in the franchise. SGU- gone way before its time.

    I have questions along with others but they can wait till later. But I have to say at this point job well done Joseph and all the people that worked hard on bringing this story!
    Thank you for all the Stargate series and episodes. All of them- fantastic!

    Thank you again

  54. Gauntlet was a beautiful episode. I’m so sad its over. This show was the most intelligent and entertaining sci fi show on TV. Thanks for a wonderful show.

    Monday nights will be boring again.

    I’d love it if you would answer some questions about Destiny and her crew:



    1. What is Destiny’s big mission?
    2. Would Destiny make the trip in 3 years or closer to1000?
    3. Would Eli have survived?
    4. Would Lisa ever have gotten her sight back?
    5. Where’s Franklin?!

    And then I’ve got some character relationship questions (I hope this isn’t too many) 🙂 :

    6. TJ and Varro were getting closer. Were they going to be a couple?

    7. With Rush and Mandy, was Mandy right in believing Rush never loved her or was there some glitch in the program.

    8. Would Lisa have stayed close to Greer or would she have wound up with the scientist? (my mind’s gone blank on his name.)

    9.Would Eli’s dream of a relationship with Chloe have ever come true?

    Thanks for entertaining us for so many years with the Stargate franchise. I’m gonna miss this show. 🙁

  55. Final episode of SG:U was excellent. It will do as a series ending. Love the final moments between the characters. Very touching.

  56. Thank you for everything!

    Please consider writing a novel to tie up loose ends…

  57. Thank you for all of your work & dedication to the Stargate shows. I for one loved all of them, and just recently rewatched all 10 seasons of SG1 on Hulu.

    I absolutely loved SGU from the start, I knew it was a little rough in the beginning but what show isn’t. Second season was spectacular and I love the characters, I’m going to miss not having any stargate to watch. I hated the move from Friday. IMO it’s a death sentence to any show that gets moved so many times… Friday to Tuesday then to Monday – that’s where I got lost.

    I would love to see a proper ending for the series.

  58. Hey Joe,

    Would like to thank you for all your work over the years, hopefully one day it returns.

    Thanks for all the awesome entertainment over the years!

  59. Amazing episode. Oodles of tears. After seeing this, I’m thinking that Epilogue would have been a terrible way to end the show (even though the writing was superb) because that was Novus’ journey, not Destiny’s.

    I won’t post anything remotely to a spoiler and will discuss more tomorrow.

    I raise my glass in gratitude to all. Oops, I’m crying again.

  60. This is a first post from a longtime reader:

    I watched the first episode of Stargate when I was 7 years old and since then I have never missed an episode. All off the “what if’s”, criticism, and blame matter not. Stargate ( ALL of them, especially SG:U) was a wonderful show. I would like to say thank you.

    Thank you Joe, for introducing us to a wonderful universe.
    Thank you to all of the actors whose talent brought life to the characters.
    Thank you to all those whose hard work truly made Stargate something to remember.

    Though I am saddened by what appears to be the end of Stargate, I doubt it is so. Something which has run so long and has so many loyal fans will not stay dead for long. It may be denial, but I truly expect more Stargate, and soon. Though if it is true, and the gate stays closed, well… that which is ended before its time is always remembered most fondly.

    Best of luck in what ever may come,

  61. I hesitate to call that a cliffhanger. It’s “and the adventure continues” ending, and quite possibly, thanks to the echoing shots to Air part 1, the best ending out of all three Stargates. Unending was great, sure, and Enemy of the Gate was fun until the wormhole drive came out of nowhere, but Gauntlet was just pure class and the best combination of SGU’s best action, suspense and character moments.


  62. Joe-

    I just wanted to jump on and say thank you for a wonderfully written episode. The second airing is on right now and I’m watching it again. I loved all of the character development throughout the series and wish that it could continue.

    Of course I want to echo everyone’s request for any info that can be shared about plans for S3 and the arch for S4 and S5. Give everyone on the cast and crew a big thank you from me for a wonderful 14 years. BTW the piano music at the end of the episode… beautiful!!!


  63. Speaking about twitter, Stargate Universe clearly has the best fanbase on TV. 1000s of tweets in such a short space of time, I think it’s safe to say everyone has done themselves proud by drawing attention to this day, this event.

    Incredible effort by everyone, I was amazed by the sheer volume of tweets being done, simply put even if Syfy didn’t give the show a proper sendoff, the fans sure as heck did.

  64. Hopefully in about three years time (so it’ll fall in line with the script) MGM or who ever owns rights to SG will reboot the show… But of course i’d tune in sooner if possible 🙂

  65. Thank you Joe for a beautifully written episode..

    And thank you for sharing part of your Stargate experiences with us. As a fan, I know that I have been grateful and appreciative of everything you, the actors and the production staff have done to provide us with amazing stories, engaging characters and marvelous entertainment.


  66. First off:

    Awesome episode.
    Superb Season Finally.
    Bittersweet Series Finally.

    Now the big question: When will you tell us what was supposed to happen; for the series, the characters, anything you can tell us.

  67. The ending still worked though from the perspective of the whole stargate franchise ending. Destiny is basically out there traveling the stars….

    Although, I was kind of hoping for a season 3 teaser. Like everyone wakes up from stasis and now they’re in some deep completely show changing mess that ends season 2 with a bang.

    Can’t wait for some of Joe’s wrap up Q&As. Will at least give some nice closure to the franchise so we can move onto the Transporter.

  68. 3 years from now we’ll know …
    and I have tears in my eyes

    good thanks to say to the cast and crew for that fantastic scifi trip on Destinity.
    take care all and thank you for the dreams and the laughs

  69. So heartbroken, but grateful for the ride these past few years. You’ve been sharing all your memories of Stargate, which have been quite entertaining, and for what it’s worth, here’s mine. I came into the game quite a bit late (SG1 was airing season 9) and a bit reluctantly to be quite honest, but once I fell, I fell hard. I can’t tell you which series I like best, I truly loved them all. I approached Atlantis and Universe the same way I approached comparing books to movie adaptions-appreciate each for their own merits, independently from one another.

    I loved the way the main character’s interacted, the extensive supporting roles that added extra charm, and most importantly, the many strong female characters spread throughout. It wasn’t just that there were many strong, intelligent characters, but that the writers never deemed it necessary to create an explanation or apology for this-they just were. I found that quite refreshing.

    Thank you, the cast, writers, and anyone else involved in Stargate productions for keeping me entertained these past few years. I’ll keep myself busy re-watching DVD’s and hoping for the next installation.

  70. Stargate Universe aires every Saturday afternoon in my city, folks are discovering season one. The show may be over but it will last forever. Cheers to the cast and crew on a great experience.

  71. Just finished watching the finale and can’t believe I’m trolling the internet now because of a need to commiserate. I’m no fangirl, & i’m the antithesis of a blogging FB…what-ever. Not really compelled so much to post. In this case I just have to say how deeply impressed i’ve been by the smart science fiction storytelling in this show. I was riveted every week! There is nothing like this out there…which I suppose means no one is willing to risk their necks for an unknown quantity without obvious pre-marketing 😛 Kudos for an amazing, heart-rending finale and a really intelligent and entertaining series! I wish there were smarter execs who were willing to believe in a show that had something of substance to say.

  72. you said we could ask questions about the future of the show after gauntlet. And so here I go:

    1. Was the show edited specially when you knew it was the end? Like filmed the lights being shut down to add closure? Or added that last little bit with eli? Or anything?

    2. Was this episode written specifically to be less cliffhanger in the event the show did not return, but leaving enough to where it certainly could return?

    3. What was the end mission of Destiny?

  73. Amazing episode.

    Please make it obvious in the title of the blog you post details on how the story was suppose to go. I want to keep the faintest hope alive that a couple years down the road SGU can have proper ending from some kind of miracle.

  74. Joe,

    Thanks for a great run! SGU has been my favorite show over the last two years and I’m sad to see it go. What I’ll miss most are the characters as they are the element that made SGU stand apart from SG1 and SGA. Both those shows were about the adventure of the week, where as SGU was about the characters, their relationships and how they all get along. The “adventure” element just supported the character relationships, rather than drive the story.

    Greer was my favorite character. The beats were always timed just right and he’s the one that had me laughing the most. Telford was a favorite too, although I was sad to see him revert back to arse hole mode after returning to Earth. I was hoping one day he’d step foot on Destiny again. Sad for Wray, as she seemed to be the only one who had a loving relationship back home. Glad Eli got that moment with his mom. And Rush… the most interesting of all. You never knew if he was going to be selfish… or selfless.

    Part of me wishes we got another season and a chance to see how the show was intended to end. But then again, this bittersweet ending really is satisfying. SGU finally hit it’s stride. Battlestar did the same in it’s second season, widely held to be it at it’s best… but then it started to slip and the ending was somewhat unsatisfying. With SGU, there is no chance for disapointment or let down. Just a satisfaction that eventually, the mission will go on and our crew will continue to live on.

    That said, I’d still love to know what the writers had in mind for season 3 and what the 5 year arc would have looked like. Thanks again Joe!

  75. What an absolutely fantastic episode, and one of the best season finale’s I’ve seen in recent memory from any show out there. And I’m amazed at how well it serves as a series finale as well, given the sudden cancellation notice and how little time there was to work something out. I loved everything about this series. The whole premise and concept of SGU, the mythology and backstory you developed behind it in such a short time, the characters; common, relatable, but each unique in their own way. Thank you for 2 great seasons, especially this last half of season 2, each episode kept raising the bar. If they don’t give this show new life somewhere down the road via a movie or additional episodes, you guys really need to get together and write a novel or 2.

    SGU: Just like my favorite roller coaster. Over wayyyy before you’re ready for it to be, but I’ll be d**ned if you don’t have a smile on your face when you come back around full circle.

  76. Gauntlet…What more can be said. This would have made a frustrating cliffhanger to talk about for 3-4 months until Season 3. Now we can be royally pissed that we have one of the best Stargate cliffhangers with no resolution.







    Amazing performances by all, especially D. Blue. Eli has gone from the naive “math boy” to the smartest person in the room, from someone who hadn’t been in a space battle or fought aliens to a man who is willing to sacrifice his life to save his friends. This was truly an Eli episode, he finally(at least out loud) admits what everyone already knew: he is smarter than Rush, and is trusted by both the military and civilians aboard the ship. Nice to see that the stasis pods weren’t just good for a joke, they served a vital purpose. I know a lot of shows recently have gone with a jump forward in time, but it is daring for a show in it’s second season which is probably going to be a year-by-year renewal.
    It was nice to see Park making a major contribution despite her recent handicap. She doesn’t need her eyes when her mind is so keen. I wished you could have had RDA in that last scene on Earth, although it is nice to see LDP again.

    I would like to thank all the actors, producers, writers, FX specialists, and everyone else that was involved in SG1, Atlantis, and SGU(with the exception of the SyFy channel). We have been blessed and spoiled with all these years of thought provoking, cutting edge sci-fi that should have been on a major network. Now sci-fi is dying. Next season, baring a surprise from the networks, all we have is Sanctuary, Dr. Who, and the animated Star Wars The Clone Wars, and to a lesser extent the Fantasy with a hint of sci-fi Warehouse 13 and Eureka. That is it. So many shows have died in recent years and with the networks so unwilling to give shows time to develop and the fact that they use the primitive and antiqated Nielsens to measure viewers, there could come a time soon where it is gone for good.

    I do have a bunch of questions, that hopefully your will be able to answer once everyone in the various countries have viewed Gauntlet:
    1. What is the resolution to the cliffhanger? Does Eli survive? Does the crew wake up 3 years later or is it much longer?
    2. Does Park get her eyesight back? Do they find a cure for T.J.’s ALS?
    3. What would the Arc of the 3rd season have been? Would there have been a big bad alien threat or would there have been a more human threat/problem?
    4. Would we have explored more of Destiny? Would we have found more surprises like the stasis pods?
    5. Would we have discovered what the signal that Destiny was searching for was? Is it related to the Faith aliens? If not, what is the story with them?
    6. Would Homeworld Command have found a way to dial Destiny and send them supplies/personel?
    7. Will you finally tell us how many people came aboard Destiny in the pilot, and how many entered the pods in the finale?
    So now we can only hope that some miracle happens, and the Stargate franchise is able to either continue with SGU, or with direct-to-DVD movies of all 3 series, or comes back in the present of Stargate time(NOT a prequel like Enterprise was for Star Trek!). We need shows that make us think and have the lively discussions that we have here on Mr. M’s blog. Thank you Joe for all the extras that you have given us over the years that have enhanced our enjoyment of this wonderful franchise. Keep Stargate alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Thanks Joe, for another excellent episode!

    May I ask when this last episode was filmed, which month of last year if possible? Tying up loose ends in my mind 😀

  78. Joe,

    I just finished watching, and indeed it was an amazing episode that left me very disheartened and upset and unsatisfied. I’ve been watching the Stargate franchise since the beginning, because I LOVED the movie and RDA, so I started SG-1 from the beginning. I fell in love with the show from the first episode.

    It is truly a shame to see the franchise conclude this way, and while I appreciate you and the rest of the Stargate crew and cast for the very fond memories of the show and times I spent watching the show with family and friends, I also feel extreme frustration that more hasn’t been done to find a means of continuation. I’m certain you all feel the same, however.

    Perhaps in 3 years there will be better conditions for a possible return. I won’t hold my breath, but I will hope for it. Just do me a favor… and don’t allow the franchise to be “reinvented” by JJ Abrams, eh?

  79. I guess I’ll add that I thought they missed a solution. Why not just upload the consciousness of whoever was left behind into the ship? I would think Rush would love doing that, then he survives as long as the ship survives and no one has to suicide. He might also be able to be with Perry.

    Or I guess Eli with Gin.

  80. Forgot to add…loved the scene in the mess hall with the main cast members and Young’s toast. It reminded me of the last scene in Star Trek TNG where the main cast members were playing poker, and the Captain, who never played with them, came in and joined them for the game. The chemistry and friendship of the cast was evident there, as it was with the SGU cast. You could tell that they were happy to be with each other and enjoyed each other’s company. So rare to see that in a cast these days.

  81. Joe,

    I have to admit, I’ve only been reading your blog since I learned of SGU’s cancellation. I have been a fan of the franchise since it’s inception on Showtime and was thrilled when I learned it would be saved by SciFi. I’ve never been a part of the online community of fandom. In fact, this constitutes my first online post in any form regarding my opinions of the show, the franchise, or anything Stargate related. But, today is kind of a big day in a lot of respects, so I thought it worthy of a post to your blog since I’ve become an avid reader of it and you were such an integral part of the shows for so long. So, this goes for you and all involved in the franchise for so many years.

    Thank you. Thank you for all the adventure, humor, science, humor, suspense, humor, beautiful sets and scenery, humor, imaginative use of different mythologies, and of course humor. SG1 and SGA were thoroughly enjoyable shows and it seemed they never took themselves too seriously. It should be no surprise then that some of my favorite episodes include Window of Opportunity and the Wormhole Extreme episodes. SGU took a while to grow on me, but it did. I understood that it was a different spin (pardon the pun) on the franchise and while I feel it took a little long to establish the characters, it was setting itself up to be an epic series with limitless bounds. I got it. Also, it was visually beautiful, James Robbins is a master. As if SGA wasn’t proof enough, when this man has a clean slate, look out!

    I must say, too, for me, SGU ended perfectly. Both SG1 and SGA’s series enders were a type of cliffhanger. We know the hero’s lives go on and they go on further adventures, we just don’t get to see them. Over the past few weeks I’ve been realizing that over the course of the series, it’s been Eli’s story, at the core of it all. Much like with the show Friends, while it was an ensemble show, it was Rachel that got a majority of the big story arcs and changed and grew the most as a person over the course of the series. The same could be said of Eli, I think. We kind of saw the outcome of that in Epilogue(a brilliant episode, by the way!). So naturally, I felt it very fitting that Eli is the last person we see. The show was his journey from a dropout genius nobody to, well, take your pick of astounding achievements you’ve written for him. I think his role represnted what it would be like if a fan was able to have a recurring role on a Stargate show(I thought that was overly obvious by his “You Are Here” shirt).

    So, again, that you for everything. I always knew when I saw Joseph and Paul or Brad or Peter’s name in the writing credits, I was in for a good time. While I’d love to ask you many questions about the shows, I know you’re going to answer many of them in your continuing reminisces that have been a blast to read! But, my one question that I don’t think anyone has asked or addressed is this:

    Who came up with/designed all of the computer “programs”, displays, “operating systems”, and the like? While I know they were made to make things more believable, I ALWAYS stopped and marvelled at their detail, completeness, and beauty. I KNOW that stuff is hard to do and your guys made that stuff look like a foregone conclusion, so to speak. I’ll never get over the amount of attention to detail that was prevalent over the course of the franchise. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to purchase a few items and costumes from SGA and SG1 via the Propworx auctions and hope they get the lion share of the SGU stuff so I can own a piece of that series, too.

    I wish you well with your new series. I’ve enjoyed your stories for many years and now a new kind of audience will get to enjoy them as well.

    Thanks for everything,

    PS. When i was growing up, my mom sent me to a day care at a friend’s house who, for the 7 years I went there, had two Pugs. One skinny one and one chubby one, both buff(or blonde), named Winky and Wonka, respectively. While I am a dog person already, and have typically gravitated toward Beagles, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Pugs.

  82. For the show ending in a clifhanger I would have to say it was done in excellent tase. It almost seemed as if it was meant to end that way as a series finale.
    There have been so many movies I have seen in the past the when it ending I was asking myself all kinds of question about how things would have continued.
    It almost seems that you guys were able to change thngs a bit in post production to make it more of a series ender than a season ender.
    There were no actors in the end except for the shot pf Eli looking out the observation deck. Besides that it all could have been fimed on ts own after the show had been cancelled and they way you guys did it with the lights slowly going out and the ship shutting down was a perfect ending to me.
    so was this added after the cancellation ?
    It sure seems like it because I am very sad to see the show go, but I tought the episode was great. And to me it ending in a wonderful way. and sure enough 3 years ????
    that seems like the perfect time for a new show to put together!

    Is this a coincidence ?
    I dont think so !!!!
    Thank you so much Joe !
    I love Stargate and always will !
    Thank you for making SGU it was a wonderful show !

  83. I just can’t watch it, yet. I guess I’m in denial. Damn SciFi. I’ll have a marathon soon and watch the last few episodes at once so it’ll lessen the blow. The end of SG-1 didn’t suck as much as this does.

    I truly do not believe that the franchise is dead. Like Star Trek, someone in the near future (ten years give or take) will revive the franchise. It’s just too valuable to let go. Too many people have made lots of money on this franchise. Who knew that after 1969, we’d ever see Captain Kirk again. Look what happened with that. So I will say to whomever picks it up or revives it or revamps it, good luck. Do it soon.

  84. Hey Joe,
    this Ep was amazing and the Cliffhanger was epic,I loved the last scenes, they were fitting perfect for the situation the franchise is in,the crew frozen in the middle of their mission,the lights went out,and Eli is left alone not knowing how it all will turn out.
    To complete the puzzle, a Movie or a mini-series would have been enough, because the finale was very well written for a solution of this kind.
    But okay that´s it,maybe someday there will be a new Gate to go through, farewell Stargate.

  85. I’ve enjoyed following all three series and am sad to see SGU end. You’ve brought us years of great shows and deserve nothing but praise. To you, Paul, and all the folks over the years that have cranked out hundreds of episodes, we lift our glasses in thanks. I can’t wait to see where the future takes you.

  86. Wow thanks Joseph this series was totally amazing…thank you for giving us an ending that was so beautifully done. It was not a massive annoying cliffhanger and it had amazingly well done character moments, action and more

    Thank you thank you for all your work with stargate…its a shame destinys mission was never finished

  87. WOW! AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! Not what I was expecting, but oh so much more. I was totally surprised by my emotions that took over at the end. A terrific finale`. So, who knows. Maybe in 3 years……

    Thanks Joe 🙂

  88. I just watched Gauntlet, and it was sad to see Destiny fly off into the unknown. Thank you, Joe, for giving us so many years of Stargate.

  89. Joe, I cannot thank you and everyone else who made SGU, Atlantis and SG1 so amazing. It is truly a fantastic franchise and I’m so glad I’ve been able to watch it year after year, adventure after adventure. Although the ending was incredible heartbreaking (I’m not ashamed I was in tears) it was really a spectacular way to end it all. Eli’s choice was nothing less that heroic and has shown the immense growth of his character and of many of the other characters for that matter. Again thank you for all that you did for Stargate.


  90. Hey Joe,

    Now that Stargate is officially over let me congratulate you on all that you have done for the franchise and achieved professionally over the last decade. I would like to ask some questions which I think are relevant and will provide closure to many fans. I hope you can answer these questions honestly and without feeling biased by the studio and the network behind Stargate.
    Do you think Stargate suffered a franchise fatigue at the end, similar to Star Trek when Enterprise ended in 2005? Beside the standard “low ratings”, “expensive to produce”, what do you feel led to the cancelation of SGU? Apparently, MGM and SyFy were not happy with the show, since they don’t want to offer 90 minute TV movie to provide proper ending. In the same time they seem to find money and talent to produce, let’s not kid ourselves, crappy “original” movies like Earthsea, Sharktopus, Lake Placid, etc. Somehow, putting the SG franchise on ice feels like a business decision.
    People, involved in TV and Film today know that movies and series are made in order to make money and less for viewers’ pleasure. Studios get new lines of credit every few years and the pressure on new series to perform well is huge. However in today’s competitive TV market, they don’t actually give a chance to these series to grow and build an audience. They put so much efforts in developing, writing, casting and producing a pilot and at least first half of a season, and then decide that all of this is not worth it. This is kind of silly and annoying to the viewer who’s interested and invest time to watch, even not live. Those networks and studios should really be made aware that people have busy lives and don’t live 24/7 in their living rooms in front of their TVs. In fact, even if you did want to watch your favorite shows live you still won’t be able to do so for at least 50% of them.
    Do you think the recent restructuring in MGM and its debt played their part in the demise of Stargate? After all, if they really wanted, there quite a few options nowadays – webisodes, a TV movie, shorter season – a 10 episode third season would have been enough to conclude most of the story lines, left open. It doesn’t sound like they were losing money on the show. They would make big bucks offering it to syndication and the international market. Surely, all major networks are still figuring out how to count the ratings – with or without DRV, digital downloads, pirated downloads, etc. A lot of good shows were sacrifices over the last few years, including SGA and BSG, because of this. The cancelation of SGU is the next big blow for The SyFy channel. I read your blog on daily basis and know that you are grateful and the studio and network were so supportive over the years, but now when you need them to give one last chance to end it as you planned?!
    Can you honestly say that network and studio are not to blame for not wanting a third season of SGU? Aren’t you (and most of the producers) a little angry and insulted because you are denied the right to bring the adventure of the Destiny to an end? If I was in Brad’s place, been with the franchise for 15 years, made them so much money, being responsible for all those great characters and adventures, I would be simply furious. It’s sad that Hollywood has become a slave to the corporate money machine and all that matters about a series or film is how well it performs in the box office or how high the ratings are, and not how interesting, unique and creative the subject matter is.
    A lot of people think they (the corporate guys) decided to milk the franchise dry, so dry that at the end it is best to cut and run, than to go with a proper ending and a bang. I deeply respect Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner’s bravery and vision when they decided to bring Stargate to the small screen, Robert Cooper’s audacity and creativity in leading the franchise, the amazing stories and unforgettable characters that you, Paul, Carl, Martin and the rest of the writers gave us over the years. Surely, the franchise will find its way back to the small or big screen in the future, but still it would be nice if you guys had the chance to finish what you started.

  91. I’ve watched every episode of all three series, and SGU very quickly became my favorite of the franchise. This show certainly deserved several more seasons so the story could be told in full.

    The day the cancelation announcement was made, SyFy received a letter from me saying that I’d no longer be watching their channel. Even as a long time wrestling fan, I will not watch Smackdown! while it is on that network.

    The finale tonight was fantastic. I am anxious to hear your answers for all the questions that people are posting. You and your fellow writers did an awesome job on the series (and the entire franchise). The actors all did great at making their characters either likable or hatable, whichever they were meant to be.

    Lastly, to the people who called themselves Stargate fans, then boycotted SGU because it wasn’t SGA and they wrongly assumed that SGA was canceled so SGU could be produced… thanks for causing the death of the best SCI-FI franchise in recent history.

  92. As a fan of the franchise since I was 7 years old with the original movie, and a loyal follower every step of the way, I salute you Mr.Mallozzi.

    I take my hat off for every cast and crew member to ever work on the Stargate franchise. You have created one of the greatest stories ever told and I will truly miss it.

    I wept tonight, not simply because of the end, but from the episode…. it was beautiful and given the circumstances could not have been done any better.

    Bravo! 🙁 🙁 …….. :(…. 🙁

  93. I am going to ask some hard questions but it is what I want to know. How were you going to bring them home in five years? Are there ancients that far out if so could they help the crew? Any idea as to whether any canon true books could be written, I am willing to get my gate “fix” in whatever manner you prepare it? Thank you for the past 11 years, I have seen every episode of every show and the movies and SGU offered the most hope to me. I was a history major in college and I loved all the history I didn’t care about the random races we met but the long story line with the asgard, ancients and the aliance of the 4 races.

  94. First off I have to say the writing in SGA well you know. SGU took it to a new level. There just has to be a way to finish the story or continue it in some form. What about books?

  95. Full circle, bookended, and RIGHT. One unfamiliar with the background would swear “Gauntlet” was written as a series finale.

  96. Sorry to say but while the episode itself was great, that was a horrible ending to a series finale, which btw was shown by Syfy as the season finale (false advertising, sort of). How can you end a show like that? I mean seriously, why not just blow the d*mn thing up and be done with it, at least that would have been something. I deeply hope that what this ending means is that it’s going to be renewed for a 3rd season, if not then I’d have to bet that a lot of fans are going to be heading for the door, so to speak.

  97. Thank you Mr. Mallozzi for this amazingly written season finale.
    At the end, I wasn’t crying, the finale didn’t break my heart… I was smiling, because I KNOW we will see Destiny again. God knows when, but that was the best stargate season finale of all!
    Thank you for all these amazing years!

  98. I saw the series finale of SG: U. I just wanted to say that it was such a fantastic and satisfying way to end a series that has been as wonderful as its cancellation was abrupt. I feel a great sense of closure and satisfaction with that beautifully orchestrated finale. Thanks.

  99. Joe, thank you very much for great work.

    And one thing i can say: Universe is the best Stargate show i’ve ever seen.

    Hope it will return someday with the same cast…Sad day

  100. Thoughts of SGU season 3 “possibilties” have me thinking that maybe we
    might need to go back and view that whole shuttle going critical
    scene one more time.

    ..it’s too easy to forget that neither one of those shuttles “belonged”
    to Destiny.

  101. ….pffff tout le monde me prend pour vous sur facebook =( j’ai pourtant bien dit que c’étais un groupe de fan!!! …Pourquoi ne pas vous inscrir sur facebook?? je suis sure que vous aurez pleins de fans!!!!!!!

  102. I will admit, I didn’t much care for SGU at first. Too many musical interludes, a little too slow. But it grew on me and I have become a die-hard fan of this show. To see it end so abruptly speaks volumes about the character and content of the former “SciFi” network.

    There was a time that SciFi was the place to go for good original content, but that time has passed and like their moniker they’ve become a watered-down shell. BSG and SG-1, being early, got good runs in. SGA, not as much, as SciFi became better known for Mansquitoes and other schlock. Caprica was foreshortened (it required too much thinking perhaps) and SGU was just plain chopped in the middle, right when it was hitting its stride. Volumes.

    And so, short of another good show that would defy the laws of cheap economics, demographic pandering and plot dilution I can say goodbye to the aptly renamed SyFy: like its new name it’s just a sad parody of its former glory.

  103. I agree with most of the above Cliffhanger remarks. You’d made SUCH a big deal out of the cliffy-ness that I was expecting the drones to suddenly pop up.
    … I think that kinda ruined it a bit, Joe! Shame on you!!

    As it was, it was actually a lovely bookending of the show, and I loved it as such.

    A nice simple heartwarming end to a fantastic set of shows.

  104. a bittersweet ending. but it also means, that you now have 3 years to bring it back…

  105. ***Small spoiler alert***

    Very, very well writen episode. I was afraid of a final episode with too many cliffhangers; a battle, someone dieing in the infirmary….But this is bearable. Still curious if Eli will fix it in time and if everything goes well untill they get on their destination.

    At least you guys got three years too find a solution for our favorite show to come back 🙂

  106. While I still want to discover SGU mysteries and character arcs and I really hope that Brad will work something out with MGM to put them in several books at least, I really loved this kind of closure. Thanks Joseph for writing this. Thank you all Startgate team for clever, soulful sci-fi for so many years. Thank you.

  107. Hey Joe, Just wanted to say thanks to yourself and the rest of the crew that have collectively given us 14 years of fantastic television.

    I have to say, as far as open-ended to-be-continued endings go, you guys did a wonderful job setting the tone and letting us say goodbye to the characters. It’s never an easy thing to write an episode that serves equally well as cliffhanger and a fall-back series finale. You guys pulled it off.

    The show ended on a positive note with most of the characters in some way growing and moving on as much as they could. It was nice to see them all getting along too.

    We got to say goodbye to them in a meaningful way if nothing else. Well done, and cheers!

  108. Salut Joseph, aujourd’hui je me permet de t’écrire en français car j’ai trop de chose à te dire.

    Stargate Universe à eu quelques déboire à ses début, mais je ne regrette en rien l’avoir suivi.
    Cette deuxième saison était tout bonnement géniale, ce dernier épisode sera gravé dans ma mémoire pour très longtemps, un des meilleurs de la franchise…

    Je ne comprend pas pourquoi nous n’avons pas pu avoir de fin, cette série s’était amélioré d’épisode en épisode…. ce dernier cliffhanger nous donne l’envie de savoir ce qu’il se passe après… c’est une fin beaucoup trop triste à mon gout…. l’histoire restera inachevée…

    J’aimerai vous remercier pour le travail que vous avez fourni durant toutes ces années pour la franchise, mais c’est avec le coeur lourd que je me rend compte qu’il n’y aura plus rien après Stargate Universe. Enfin, j’ai toujours espoir. À mon avis, toi aussi tu as envie de rejoindre cet univers si poignant je me trompe ?

    Dans tout les cas, merci Joseph, remercie toute l’équipe Stargate depuis 14 ans pour nous tous, vos fans, les fans de cette magnifique franchise.

    En espérant te revoir sur un projet SG…. bientôt…

    Lloyd. France.

  109. Considering that the cliffhanger is the end of the show, it is not as painful as I thought it might be to watch and actually ended the franchise rather nicely.

    I like the galaxy they are in now since all the problems and potential it has is known, so the questions that the final episode leaves us with is really good. New possibilities coupled with the what if since it is the end of the series.

    So questions that I request if you could answer them I would greatly appreciate it:

    *SPOILER ALERT BELOW for those who have yet to see the final episode*

    1-what happens, do they make it to the next galaxy, and when do they come out of stasis?
    2-what happens to Eli?
    3-are the first aliens (from the first galaxy) able to track them still?
    4-are the automated aliens able to still find them?
    5-any cure to ALS found for TJ?
    6-your timeline for destiny going through a galaxy from start to end is 3 years or less/more (assuming it of course it is not impeded by doing what it is doing now)
    7-was this episode (the final one) in anyway created in anticipation that the show might be canceled?

    Thank you for creating the only show I have tuned into regularly in a few years now. A lot of great ideas that made this show a favourite for a lot of fans, cheers.

  110. What i want to say have already been said by a lot of people here so i’ll make mine short.

    Thank You for a wonderful series and tell the cast and crew of Stargate;

    We can wait 3 years! Shorter if possible. I dare say some people will wait 1000 if they could.

    This last episode really gave me a sense of hope that Stargate will return. And i’m sure it will some way or another.

  111. Amazing, very touching, heartbreaking final.

    In my opinion, it is the best possible ending for the series, given the circumstances. The door will always be opened, at least in my mind.
    I don’t have the feeling that it really ends with a cliffhanger, I’m in a way satisfied.

    Thanks for all the cast and crew of SGU for these two beautiful years, and wider for all these 17 seasons of the entire, always belowed franchise.

    Thanks STARGATE.

  112. That was a fantastic season/series finale.
    Through the whole episode it was playing in my mind, last time i see this, or last time i hear that.
    The whole episode was a wonderful wonderful goodbye. Even the questions left, the “what if”‘s, they were all delt with in what seemed to me a very positive way. The whole “no matter what”. The cast portrayed a beautiful sense of togetherness and understanding that had not been reached within the series.
    The final moments were very satisfying and although i was left wishing and hoping for “next weeks episode” I felt “Gauntlet” was something that i could say “Hey, if this was it, then thats okay”

    So my hat is off, to Joe and all the people today and in the past who helped “Stargate” become what it was.
    Well done everyone, well done indeed.

  113. Thank you Joe for amazing episode and amazing show!
    Questions from Russian community
    1) Can you write a novel Stargate Universe ,if fans gather money for it?
    2) Is Atlantis on Earth?
    3) How many space ships have Earth?
    4) Is SGC in Pentagon or still in Cheyenne Mountain?
    5) Have Homeworld Command a Space Base on Moon?
    6) Destiny is older than Atlantis? Destiny launched before Atlantis? Because Rush said “Destiny Launched hundreds of thousands of years ago…” ? but we khow that the age of Stargate on Destiny is more than 50 millions years, and all technology on Destiny was a prototype…

  114. Its a shame that the show has ended, it was actually starting to do well.

    I never really enjoyed the first season so much, but i did get in to the second alot more, here in the uk were on episode 15 which i watched last night.

    I thought it would of been quite cool if they could of taken over destiny and found things to fix etc, possible replicator help the possiblities were endless.

    I must admit though i very much preffered Atlantis, it was kind of a you could do anything with that show as it could be put in the ancients did it so this is why etc.

    I will miss all things Stargate and its sad that after 15 years the franchise is coming to its end.

    Hopefully all of the dedicated fansites will remain open, i know that i am keeping mine open the stargate archive.

    Big thankyou to everyone over the years.

  115. so bummed that not only SGU finishing, but SG as a whole, can’t believe SyFy would throw away so many years of establishing a whole universe just because of one half of a series’ ratings.
    i really hope it doesn’t get rebooted in a few years time, and whoever tries to get it back actually starts where the universe left off, even if it isn’t SGU series 3

  116. Sad to see the end of SGU. But given the circumstances i think it was quite a fantastic episode and a fitting farewell.

  117. I have watched Stargate ever since I was 4 and since then I have been impressed by the quality of the storyline, design and acting – it has never ceased to amaze me and still inspires me today. And then I saw the pilot of SGU and I was blown away, great acting, design and storyline and multiply it by 100. But the only mistake I can see is that out of all the best networks in Canada, such as Space, Sy Fy was chosen. I understand if none had the funding, but these guys are cut throat American corporates who would toss you to the curb in an instant if they thought they could advantage out of it. And many of these American networks feel threatened by top quality shows and their crew – take Firefly for example, a show that could go onto a 6th season and it only had one and an awesome movie. Plus, Wrestling… on Friday, on a Science Fiction channel, it has nothing to do with Sci Fi or Fantasy at all, which really did screw over the schedule, it really pissed me off when I heard about that.

    I have been thrilled by season 2 of SGU as the story gets more interesting – new aliens such as the Ursini and the cool concepts for their ships, killer drones determined on exterminating all tech except for their own, new character situation… and it all comes to an end in ‘Gauntlet’ :(.
    My best wishes to the cast and crew of the Destiny, I will miss Stargate dearly and I’ll cross my fingers that it returns… under a different network of course.

  118. please mr Malozzi can you save your fan, by publishing the end of the story on another media: webserie, cartoon movie or book, i am sure, your public goes to show and buy it….


    your french fan

  119. Me revoila!

    Mon meilleur ami m’a demandé de vous transmettre ce message:

    Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    Firstly I want to congratulate you for all your work which I care a lot for many years. I am the president of On AirMS, the radio of Reims Management School (capital of French Champagne and member of the French “Ivy League”), which among other things trains us in the management of film and television production. Would you be kind enough to grant us an interview to explain your business and share your experience to help those who want to follow your footsteps?
    Thanking you again for giving us so much dreaming, I wish you a pleasant day.

  120. Well after seeing the finalie I thought it was not too bad. True, if left a lot of unanswered questions but, in a fashion, it left Destiny the same way she was before they gated into her. Solemn and sad but if the series had stopped after the first season, that would have been a crappy ending. If anything, I will take this as a mystery of what happened and hopefully someone will pick it up (books, comics…god forbid a DVD [superlong shot]) and finish the story. Otherwise we will just have to leave it up to our imaginations. Thank you Joe for your creative input and hard work on the franchise

  121. Wow that was amazing Joe. I already miss it and NOW I will not watch another show on SYFY… I’ll download it off of Itunes. Which I have done with SGU.

    Hopefully you and Brad will let us know what the plans for the show were, especially if we arent’ getting any more movies. 🙁

  122. I am so sorry to see universe go, i thought it the best of all the franchise. and now Stargate is no more!

    SYFY should be ashamed!

  123. Hello Joe

    Please thank everyon who worked on the franchise for entertaining me these past 2 years w/ SGU, and the five years before that w/ SGA!

    Can you fill us in on the character’s destiny?

    Best wishes,


  124. Joe, I’m assuming you all didn’t realize the show would not be picked up for a third season when you shot the final scenes of this episode, making it all the more poignant and a little eerie as the lights and power go down all over Destiny. –This wonderful “season-ender” was actually not as bad a series-ender as I thought it might be, but what a heart-render to leave it like that.
    The parting shot at the window brought tears to my eyes. I will continue to hope that in some way, shape or form, the rest of the story can be told.
    And for those of you reluctant to watch the episode, watch it! Despite the bittersweet, it’s well worth it.

  125. A sad day, my heart can´t except the way it ended, not now. I was hoping at least for a movie or two. Stargate deserved it.

    With SGU, so many questions left unanswered. 🙁

    Great franchise! Thank you guys for all the work and the joy a lot of us had with it! I will always be a supporter of SG1, SGA and SGU.

  126. Joe,

    I think that was an awesome ending for SGU! Even though it was a cliff-hanger, it wasn’t the kind that keeps me on the edge of my seat all summer dying to know the resolution. Thanks for all the great stories! I only started watching the franchise during SGA S2, but still feel like it’s the end of an era.

  127. Farewell, Destiny! Until next time you drop out from FTL!
    3years from today hopefully it will drop out! 😀

  128. Having had the chance to re-watch Gauntlet a second time, I really stand by my comments I posted last evening. What a ride. Just like my favorite roller-coaster. Over wayyyy before you’re ready for it to be, but I’ll be d**ned if you don’t have a smile on your face when you come back around full circle.

    Now that I’ve had one very sleepless night spent pondering all the cliffhangers and unresolved plot lines, hopefully you can provide us with some answers, without spoiling absolutely everything in case the show does come back to life *fingers crossed*

    – What was the future plan with Ginn, Dr. Perry, and even Franklin? Would the 2 of them ever be let out of the quarantined section of the ships systems? and would Franklin ever make another appearance?

    – What could you tell us about season 3 without going into too many specifics. I would like to know what happens to Eli though, that’s 1 thing I can’t stand not knowing >.<

    – Do you feel that not having a purely identifiable enemy introduced right off the bat hurt the show?

    – What other crazy discoveries would the crew have made while exploring more of the ship? I always guessed that they had really only occupied / explored maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the ship so far, would that be an accurate guess?

    – Do you think the show would've benefited from shorter seasons to cut down on filler?

    Best of luck on the Transporter series you're involved with currently, and hopefully by the end of the year you're back working on some more Stargate with the rest of the crew where you guys belong 🙂

  129. Thanks for everything, all Stargate shows are fantastic. I’m going to pray for Sanctuary, because it’s only good scifi series now and I’m not sure if I will be able to turn Syfy on.

  130. I’m not an english speaker, so I’m apologising about my english. (I’m from Spain, Catalonia).

    Then, I only want to say one thing: Thanks, thanks for all the years. When the life was not so good for me I could support in Stargate series. I’m very blue… I have some seasons in DVD’s and I’m trying to keep all the seasons to all the series!

    I wish you have another surprise! (You understand me… ^^).

    I’ve watcher SG1 twice all the episodes…etc, etc… I really like these series and I will study Phisics! 🙂 You and your partners are very important to me.

    To end: Thanks, again.

  131. Joe,
    I also forgot to mention that I appreciate a SOFT cliffhanger and not leaving us with a cliffhanger like season 1. That would be cruel to us, although it’s still SYFY’s fault in my opinion.

    Also if you have any influence with the composer. Could you tell him that LOTS of us want a soundtrack for SGU, and another for SGA at the very least.

    Thanks again for all the work. You and the rest of the cast and crew for all of the Stargate life action shows has been amazing.

  132. Dont no whats worse, the Steelers getting beat by Green Bay at the Super Bowl, the Penguins knocked out of the first round, the Canucks in Conf finals, using my hometown of Pittsburgh as a joke in Blockade or SGU being cancelled.

    Very sad indeed.

    Question: If us fans could raise enough money, do you think mgm would make either a movie or a few episodes and how much you think it would cost?

  133. Hello Joe,
    That was a beautiful and amazing episode. I also appreciated the soft cliffhanger – I was worried it was going to be more like last season’s cliffhanger, with all the major characters facing uncertain doom. I can live with the ending. The character moments as everyone was shaking hands getting into their pods were beautiful, and provided a sense of closure, seeing these people come together as a family. And the cinematography going through the halls like the first few minutes of the premiere was a nice full circle. Though I really want to know what happens to everyone next, I think this was one of the best Stargate series finales.

    Thank you to you, all the cast, and all the crew who’ve worked on Stargate, these many years. I can never say enough thanks for the amazing work that you all have done.

  134. have to say i think its disgusting to end SGU this way especially for avid fans of the franchise i have followed stargate since the first movie then the SG1 and SGA i have to say i feel robbed what a terrible way to end it all when we just wish they would give us at least one last season to properly wrap up the end but no thanks to syfy were left here never knowing if they even make it to the new galaxy in three years or never getting the answer of destiny’s true mission to treat fans that have been loyal to the show for over 15 years this way is the worst thing that could be done i will never watch another syfy program again thats just how mad i am so i’d just like to thank you SYFY for crapping on your once loyal fans

  135. I’ve followed this blog since the beginning of SGU, but this is the first time I’m posting something.

    I really loved the final episode, it was very, very emotional. Believe it or not, but SGU was something I was looking forward to every week and even now, after this amazing second season, I just can’t believe that it has been canceled.
    Still, there is some hope left SGU will return, but its like Eli standing on the bridge watching the FTL lights – who knows.

    Thank you guys for all the work you put into it! I really had a great time.

    Best regards from Germany.

  136. Incredible journey; incredible finale! Well done.
    Godspeed in your travel Destiny, until we can meet again.

  137. Joe,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I wanted to say that I thought the finale was very touching, and fitting end to the Stargate franchise. While I would love more than anything to see more SGU, even if we don’t get more… it was my favorite series.

    Thank you very much, to you and the rest of the crew and actors.

    Eric B.

  138. Wonderful ending. Maybe the fans should buy mass quantities of the SGU advert products, then write the sponsors (advertisers) saying they are ecstatic over said company supporting quality programming. OH well.

    The finale ended perfectly with an eye to be reopened. Congrats to the Actors and staff of the show. To the writers and produces….stick with what you guys are excellent at and leave the slobbering and back biting for the soaps and housewives shows.
    PS…Support our troops…they aren’t perfect but they are the best this universe has to offer.

  139. Now that SGU is done, I think it’s time for me to write one last “review” of the series as a whole, because I think that the seeds of SGU’s demise were planted very early on in Season 1.

    “Air Part 1 and 2” I liked this(these) episode(s) a lot. The non-linear story-telling was an inspired creative decision, it helped in introducing us to these characters and their situation better than the traditional a to b to c could have. Grade A

    The problems(as I see it) began in “Air Part 3” with the (over)use of the communication stones and continued through “Darkness” and “Light”.

    My issue was this: We’re asked(in Air Part 1 and 2) to care about these people who are stranded on an Alien ship a million light years from Earth, they may never see their loved ones again, and yet a few episodes in we see Chloe comforting her Mother, and partying with her friends,Young and Wray getting some serious “action” from their respective spouses and Eli getting to enjoy some of Mom’s Home Cooking’.

    I’m not even going to get into the whole Young vs Mrs Young or Scott’s son.

    Moving on: It took too long to actually develop major characters. Chloe who developed quite nicely in Season 2 literally added nothing to the show in Season 1, she was the damsel in distress, and Scott’s sex toy, period.

  140. i really enjoyed the finale. There was that sense of family and “the journey is just ahead of us” feeling, which, for a finale, is great. It’s sad that Stargate is over, but it’ll live in our hearts til we all die, and, im pretty sure one day, a stargate fan is going to try to revive the show. Thank you and the rest of the production crew for the amazings years of Stargate…all three shows.

  141. I see what you meant about the first 5/last 5 minutes contrast… it was simply beautiful. The first 5 gave me chills upon first viewing. The last 5 left me in tears. As someone obsessed with structural symmetries (and asymmetries) in fiction, I loved what this accomplished. I’ve always felt Eli was the everyman – the avatar we, as viewers, uploaded ourselves into so we could be out there, in deep space (he played video games; he had an iPhone; he wore t-shirts and a hoodie… who didn’t identify with some dimension of Eli, regardless of his gender?). So to see him alone, at the end, in a dire situation but awed by his place in the cosmos … that was amazing and inspiring. SGU always did deep space so well, too. The grandeur of the cosmos was handled exceptionally well in this series, and the score, so infused with electronics, was perfect. Thank you for taking SG in this direction. Thank you.

  142. I am from Austria (middle Europe)!
    Me and my friends are very very sad that SGU is ending!!!
    It was an awesome show, we realy loved it!
    Maybe someone will pick up the franchise again and we can continue with this great show!!
    I will miss this show so much, I was often daydreaming about Destiny and its wonders, it was awesome!!!
    Thanks to all of you who worked on this franchise!

    Best wishes from AUSTRIA!!!!

  143. I have not watched any of the shows since Twin Destinies, as I watch on Hulu and they haven’t been posted there yet. But I did want to say, thanks for the ride, it’s been great! And I look forward to one, long SGU binge sometime in the near future.

  144. Mr. Mallozzi you were right. It was a bitter sweet finale.

    I read on TV.com that Brad Wright had it set up in a way that would allow it to function as series finale and in some way it did. It is just very sad that we will probably never see what becomes of them but hey, maybe sometime down the line MGM will pick up where we left. And maybe that pickup will reveal what happened to them. Maybe in about 3 years?

    Anyway, thank you for 2 wonderful years of SGU. It is sad to see it go but it’s better then if it never were around.

    Also thank you for those wonderul years with SG-1 and SG-A.

    If and when Stargate returns I hope they don’t do a reboot and I hope they get some of the old people back into the new team. You for instance.

  145. Finale realization…

    I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on this sooner, but it seems to me that Eli is us (the viewers). The wink at the supposed demographic of a 20 something techie/video gaming slacker living at home (even though we all know the demo is much richer than that). The wonder we experienced looking through his eyes as he was introduced to a world that most of the others had training/experience with. The growing we did with him as he matured from a wide-eyed outsider to a fully respected part of the crew. Need I mention the ‘You Are Here’ shirt?

    How fitting then, that the series ended with him turning everything off and staring at the wonders that lay ahead while remembering the joys and experiences that the Stargate program had given him. How fitting that the future of Stargate, it’s Destiny if you will, now lay in his hands alone.

    At first I was a little disappointed in the ending, but once it hit me, I thought it was a great piece of writing…and a winking nod worthy of the Stargate franchise.

    Fingers crossed for a movie…

  146. If SGU dosent come arround in 3 years I will suspect they ran short of power and got stranded forever.

  147. Joe, thanks for all your hard work over the years!! I’ve been an SG fan since 1999 and have seen all the episodes of all the shows…can’t get enough!

    I, like MANY, am PISSED that the show is coming to an end. It’s just not fair…

    I tell others that I wish I were a billionaire because I’d hire all the crew, writers, actors – everyone, and pay for the show to finish out of my own pocket…then release it on iTunes (who needs MGM or SyFy)

    I’m also NOT sad about the ending of the show. It gives me HOPE that it can (and will) be picked up somewhere else. If there was some glorius conclusion, all hope would be lost.

    I enjoyed this new addition to the franchise. Though I liked traveling to different worlds and new adventures, you can only do that for so long. Being stranded on a spaceship gave a great opportunity for better character development. I enjoyed watching Eli become a man, and Rush grow a heart (although my favorite character was Greer). SGU gave a great dynamic to the franchise and stretched its limits.

    I’m going to miss The Gate. I have Faith it will return to us and when it does, I hope you’re on board Joe!


  148. Hope SG comes back in one form or another, otherwise Science Fiction on TV will be a lonely landscape indeed…

  149. Just watched Gauntlet – what a moving, dramatic hour of television. I’m glad the episode did not end on a cliffhanger – I can accept that ending as a series ending. Destiny is still out there, in continuous FTL, moving towards the next galaxy. Again the writing, acting, directing and score were all exemplary. Science fiction as we so rarely see it on television. Well done to everyone involved.

  150. Watched the Finale. Best episode ever much? Man, if the Stargate franchise is ever brought back, you could just start up SGU right at the end there. Just pick up 3 years later when they all wake up.

    It’d be hilarious if Stargate is brought back in 3 years. We’d be waiting for them to wake up in real-time.

    I wish there was a way I could thank everyone involved in the franchise for their hard work these past 15 years.

  151. Hi I wanted to congratulate you on the Stargate series but I have an idea to end all series with a great film that connects them.
    But I need your help I could give him?

  152. Just so awesome ending i dont know what to say. I started to get shivers and goosebumps half way thru the episode when you started to feel the showfinale-wibe setting in. I think i looked at my watch 20 times during last half thinking..no only 10min left..no only 5!..damn..2min left of SG!!!! I think i held my breath after that.

    This is so much better tv entertainment than ANYTHING els atm. Why cant the world be fair and let that kind of epic stotytelling live on. Im just sad for all the ppl who cant enjoy this as i have.

    Stockholm, Sweden

  153. Danke für diese fantastische Show.
    Möge es in Zukunft Verantwortliche geben die Potential nicht nur an Einschaltquoten festmachen.


  154. Thinking about it, if someone does pick up Stargate again within 3 years, it would make realistic sense to mention Destiny if they’re still in stasis, just saying.

    One of those symbolic things, as Destinys crew will be sleeping for 3 years, that gives someone a perfect chance to revive Stargate in that time, assuming it won’t be rebooted.

    Won’t happen but it’s a nice thought if it ever does happen.

  155. that’s it.. the end of one of most exciting and wonderful science fiction is come.. i’m so sad! i wanna cry but i’ll try to resist..
    thank you for all you have done JM..
    Stargate in my heart..

  156. I just thought of one more question: You mentioned that the window of opportunity for the SGU/SGA/SG1 movie Brad suggested to MGM had closed. What exactly was that window? People getting involved with other shows?

    Is there a snowballs chance in hell that MGM and/or SyFy could reconsider at this point? I know that with the Sets being struck it would be more expensive to do but why not usa a Sanctuary/V approach and do the backdrops in CGI and greenscreen the stuff.
    If say a Bill Gates or Richard Branson were to step in and put some cash on the table, would it be possible or is Stargate definitly 100% dead at this time.

  157. Hi,

    I have to say, all things considered (it wasn’t planned as a series finale), it was the best possible ending for SGU. Great work. All of you, everyone involved. You’ve done an amazing job. It’s a shame that SyFy cancels the last real Science Fiction show. Those last four episodes, Common Descent, Epilogue, Blockade and Gauntlet were the best episodes of SGU, even better than the pilot.

    Honestly, I find Gauntlet to be the best episode of all SGU episodes.
    It was a much better finale than Enemy at the Gate (Stargate Atlantis), because there was a real sense of closure with many goodbye scenes, and the crew finally became a family.

    I would LOVE to hear what your plans for season 3 would’ve been.
    You could have literally done ANYTHING in season 3. You could’ve started season 3 three years later, or if Eli’s calculations were off, then it could’ve been 10 or 50 years later.

    They could be in an entirely new galaxy with new enemies.
    The possibilities are endless.

    There just has to be a DVD movie to tie everything up, but preferably more than one movie.

    I cannot believe SyFy cancelled this show. The last 4 episodes were really mind-blowing. The effects were great.

    Damn, I’m sure Season 3 would’ve been even more amazing.

    Please, convince MGM or another network to let you make a DVD film in a few years. I’m sure the actors are busy with other projects now, but in a few years (3 years?), there HAS TO be a movie (or a new season).

    It was a bittersweet, and surprisingly fitting, ending, but I just need more. There is so much potential in the SGU universe. Those great characters… damn, I miss this show already.

    Maybe SHOWTIME would pick SGU up for a third season and/or movie? Or what about FOX? SGU was the last real Sci Fi show…

    Thanks to everyone involved for making SGU!

  158. Wow! Despite it had never having been intended as a series finale, that ending was incredible. Very sad to think that we will likely never see what will happen next but it managed to be poignant and beautiful. Thanks so much for all the entertainment you all have provided over the many years!

  159. Oh, by the way, can you please explain what the title “Gauntlet” refers to in regards to this episode? Cheers~

  160. Beautiful, that is the best description I can come up with for the last episode without blathering on.


    I began watching Gauntlet with the fear that I would be very unsatisfied after 45 minutes, knowing there would be no ‘next week;’ the episode went on and Eli came up with his brilliant plan. That’s when I began to think, t his could be a really good ending. Then problems arose, I got nervous that not everyone would have a pod, but the problems got [mostly] solved. In the end Eli looks out with a smile and though I cried (I always do) I loved the ending. Some cry out against it as a cliffhanger, I ended feeling confident that Destiny, it’s mission, and it’s crew live and go on.
    In fact, I would agree that it is the best of the Stargate series finales. ‘Unending’ was alright, but it wasn’t near my favorite SG-1 episodes, I was never the greatest Daniel-Vala fan (I thought she’d be better with Cam, this before I ever saw Farscape…), Sam wasn’t with Jack (or Martouf or Narim…any of those would have been nice) and it got a bit long in between for me. ‘Enemy at the Gate’ was my least favorite end, because it was much more of a cliffhanger, in my opinion. Destiny itself is still on its mission, but Atlantis ended up in the wrong galaxy, leaving a home at war and in danger. Eli had Gin, T.J. and Varro were starting happen – or appeared to be, – Chloe and Scott were together, Park and Greer were growing stronger, and Camile never failed (I loved, absolutely loved her ‘I have a soul-mate, I don’t need another’ line); in Atlantis most of the relationships feel less resolved, yes McKay and Keller are together (and I like to think they stayed that way!), but what about Ronon and his new girlfriend (was she really that?) and of course Teyla and John (the chemistry was there from the start, it grew, it evolved, it never came to fruition). But worse really was not knowing about Pegasus. Anyway, to get to my point, ‘Gauntlet’ didn’t have the same torturous effect on me, it was a calm ending, with a knowing sort of feeling and best of all you had just seen the wonderful moments with the crew who had become a family.
    I’ll echo most everyone on here: thank you!

  161. Stargate Universe could do what Farscape did and make a movie to wrap up what really happened to the crew of destiny….I would love that!

  162. also proof that Nielson ratings are complete b.s.

    the real viewers are higher than anything the ratings will show. Tons of us have watched every stargate series and episodes religiously but we don’t get counted.

    If ratings were based on real viewers then it wouldn’t have been cancelled

  163. Ive been following your blog for a while. Its great to see you engage with fans the way you do…Ive always respected the way you deal with criticism and your appeal for an open mind.

    I went into SGU like you asked with an open mind and a recognition that this was not stargate as we know it.

    It was great to see such a unique way of continuing the series, not just SG:Alpha site or SG in the ori galaxy but something really Out There.
    It was really different, taking your advice i watched the start of Air again and just really appreciated the atmosphere you guys were creating right from the begining.
    Echoing previous comments, that music (soundrack?!!) really was special.
    Then to see it come full circle (no pun) with the ending…
    I notice up the top someone posted before the saw the finale;

    – Rush having an obvious smile on his face
    and realised that Eli also has a smile on his face at the end!

    The other thing i noticed (comparing the 2 eps) was Youngs hair, he has it nice and short/tight in season 1, but by this ep its longer and scruffy lol!!

    That was just an amazing piece of television. I defintly undoubtable preferred that ending to the series than epilogue.

    I also love the stasis. In Sci its always our heroes coming upon people in stasis (in stargate and star trek anyway), but now our heroes are those people! As soon as they were mentioned I got to thinking that if it ends with them all inside wouldnt that just be great. As all the characters went in and said their “last goodbyes” it really did feel like we/they were saying goodbye to each other and us…

    Not much else to say as regards the episode other than it was a masterpiece and its defintly up there with the best of SG episodes.
    So thank you and congradualtions again, I wont repeat questions being asked.

    As an irish SG fan I havent always had fll access to stargate on tv and have spent all of time watching it online… I love SG1 (as do all my brothers) and it has some great great moments however i would actually prefer to buy SGU as a dvd box set and just watch the whole thing start to finish (which cant realistically be done with SG1 given how much hours it would actually take and that so many of them are “bottle” episodes that its not necessary lol) because its just a great masterpiece of story telling.

    The burden of preserving stargate is no longer on your shoulders. We have to take responsibility too.
    Fans have resurrected Firefly. Fans have written amazing canocial books for star wars (which were then incorparated into the prequel film series’). This is what we must do and prove to the world how great SG is.

  164. Any chance of SGU being continued in comic form, like the way Farscape, Firefly, Angel, and Buffy were?
    I think that comic form is ideal for the kind of story SGU tells. No worries about actor availability, expensive sfx, expensive sets and actors, and more story freedom.
    It would also be really cool to see some side comic stories for SG-1 and SGA so they could finally get Revolution and Extinction, while SGU has it’s ongoing comic series.

  165. Hi,

    SGU got better from episode to episode during the last season, so you actually made the cancellation worth to us. (Enterprise was the same way btw.)

    Get a commitment from MGM: If you sell enough blurays of SGU, they will have to do a movie…

    I would have loved 5 more seasons!



    ps: There are no more SciFi Series on SyFy worth watching.

  166. I have to say that I wasn´t too happy with parts of the first season. But it really grew with the second season and got really great.

    My question is, was the series finale written and shot after they knew they got canceled or was this originally written as the second season finale no matter what happens to the show?

  167. I just wanted to say thank you to all who made Stargate possible for the last 14 years. Gauntlet was the most fitting way to end the series and the tv franchise (for now) under the circumstances. I won’t say I cried like a baby when it was over 🙂 but it was a satisfying ending while still leaving room to continue in some form in the future. Thanks again for all your work to keep the franchise alive. The gate won’t stay buried forever. After all as Rush said, “She was named Destiny for a reason.”

  168. A friend of mine got me into Stargate a looooong time ago. Since then I’ve watched 95% of SG-1, 80% of Atlantis and everything SGU, as well as all the movies (well, there are only three if I can count, but still).

    End of Universe is for many of us around an end of an era in science fiction in TV. After about 15 years one of largest and most impressive sci-fi franchises is dead. That is sad, way too sad to simply ignore.

    You (everyone behind the SG) left us with many questions that will not be answered in the right way. People will ask you to reveal the secrets, people will create their own answers as fanfics of all sorts, but it just won’t be what it should be.
    Please, do not tell us what would happen if everything went as it should have. It is better that way, I think.

    And one more important thing: thank you. Thank you all for the amazing job you’ve done, it is a shame it met with such lack of appreciation from Syfy and MGM and many others. We will remember SG as it was, with all of you as its makers.

  169. Thank you, Joe. It was a real privilage to watch this franchise and I can hope a third spin-off will be done in the future.

  170. Thanks Joseph for everything! This is sad, I’ love SGU. You and the rest of the SGU team make a wonderfull show but people don’t accept the change and SYFY Channel kill the show ( changing the day and more)
    I’ really love the final episode, but it was as you say “Universe ends in a heartbreaker of a finale”
    It is a sad day, SYFY Channel su..ks but thanks for entertain me and the rest of the fans for many years!
    I hope some day the STARGATE franchise will be on the air again!

  171. Thank you so much for your work on SGU.

    I might be nearly alone on this, but I couldn’t have imagined a more fitting end to this series than the one you made. Yes, cliff-hanger, unresolved, what the hell, etc. Only it worked so *well*.

    The finale — scrabbled together or no — made the strongest argument for SGU’s concept yet. A lonely, at times uneasy, family cut off from everyone and everything they’ve known, no one but themselves to rely on, halfway to the edge of the universe.

    And just as Destiny’s mission was the journey itself, not the destination, so too did SGU fly on past our knowledge of it, that family still together, stronger than ever, all by their lonesomes with no certainty but each other.

    P.S. The music throughout the series has been wonderful, but the finale’s score was truly remarkable. Any chance of a soundtrack release?

  172. I can’t bring myself to believe this is the end of SGU. To me it was the greatest show on television for the past 6 or so years. Why is it that brilliant TV must be stifled and snuffed out? You’ve out done yourself with this amazing show Joseph. Whether or not it comes back, I will refuse to give up the fight.

  173. Oh, by the way, can you please explain what the title “Gauntlet” refers to in regards to this episode? Cheers

    “Gauntlet” refers to “running the gauntlet.”

    3) How many space ships have Earth?

    Odyssey, Daedalus, Apollo, Sun Tzu, George Hammond. They seem to put out roughly one every 18 months, depending on other things they are doing.

  174. You can see the ratings of all episodes here:


    It’s really too bad it was cancelled. I’m sure Season Three would’ve been just as amazing as Seasons One and Two. I’ll miss this show. Great finale. Loved Gauntlet. Cried even…

    This series ended way too soon. We need closure. Please make a movie in a few years! Also an Atlantis movie, please.

  175. And I forgot to mention earlier – Joel Goldsmith’s amazing work. I feel like I say this every week, but he sure deserves it! A great musical moment at the end when a smile creeps on Eli’s face. The music throughout the whole episode was amazing!

  176. See you in 3 years … thats obviously when the show will be picked up again!
    I dont know it its been mentioned previously but there wasnt any discussion over thestargate. We know the Lucian Alliance are still trying to get there. SO what happens if they dial Destiny’s gate? Will that effect the trip across galaxies? Was this discussed around the writers room at all?

  177. Joe, you should have seen me as the ship as flying off into the horizion… I was bawling my eyes out, I was crying in some capacity for like 15 minutes afterwards…

    I know it sounds lame, but its true. Stargate has been such a huge part of my life.. when I think of my childhood/teenhood I think of my several years with the fandom of the stargate franchise.. I think of the campaigns I’ve worked on, and the countless hours I’ve spent online…

    To think its coming to an end is so sad… But at the time I was crying.. it was truly tears of joy and amazement… the finale was so touching.. especially the last 5 minutes. To be honest, this was a WAY better series ender than Unending or Enemy at the Gate could ever have hoped to be…. though It would be nice to know what happens to the crew.

  178. i’m in denial about stargate’s end.

    end of story.

    i mean NOT end.

    ~waits for news on stargate continuation. with sam/jack marriage of course~

    ♥ (((ALL Stargate!!))) ♥

  179. I am one of those people who grew up with the series. I was only 9 when I started watching SG1 (and 7 when I watched the movie Stargate in TV), but SGA wasn’t my cup of tea and was to repetitive for me (with exceptions) and stopped watching after S2 or S3. But SGU was different than SG1 and SGA but still in the same universe even though that Atlantis and Destiny are actually both two spaceships..
    I loved that difference. It gave Stargate the possibility to show us another perspective of it. That was great! SGU had his high ups and deep downs but all in all it was much better than a lot of SG1 episodes. (especially the first season in retrospective^^)
    As I already said on twitter: “1994 everything began with just a legendialy movie. 17! years ago.” (pay attention to the great pun!^^)
    It’s a shame that it ended with such a cliffhanger that kills me in what would/could happen now but we had still 17 years of Stargate. That is an incredibly long time! I am 23 now and it’s weird to see a show that attended me for so long ended just like that. Next week no new episode.. really sad.
    It’s like the moment when your parents release your hand so that you walk your very own steps by all yourself.
    It’s frightening on the one side but on the other side you can’t just go back to that. We just have to deal with the most likely possibility that SG will never be anymore no matter what.. :'(

    A lot of my questions were already asked, so I have only a few left, some general, some future related:
    Are Perry/Ginn meant to appear sometime again? Maybe even in “new” persons or in a copy of their own body? And/or will Eli/Rush be able to be with them?
    Will Lisa ever be able to see again? If not will she be able to handle it? I think Greer is fine if he has to help her as he does whatever he can to help anyone, right?
    Will there ever be anything between Chloe/Eli, will he ever say her that he likes(ed?) her that way when she’s conscious?
    Will they ever get home?
    What happened to Franklin exactly? Did he ascend? That was never addressed..

    And finally from me too:
    Thank you all you where part of Stargate for walking beside me for all those years providing the best entertainment I’ve ever seen.
    I’ll miss it for sure.

    A fan from Germany

  180. What a great way to end SGU. Loved “Gauntlet”.
    It’s unfortunate the show was cancelled, but if there won’t be a Season 3, then maybe you could make a DVD film, like you did with SG-1?

    If that doesn’t pan out, then how about making a video game that takes place after Season 2? Games these days are really advanced, graphics wise.

    Also, the PlayStation 3 uses dual-layered Blu-ray discs to store its games, so there is lots of space for a great story.

    You’d only have to get the actors to come in and do the voices for the characters, but besides that you could do whatever you had originally envisioned for Stargate Universe. You can continue the story the way you want to.

    There is a game named Mass Effect 2, that is very similar to SGU. A guy named Shepard is on a space ship, titled Normandy, and he puts together a crew that’s going to help him defeat an enemy race, they call Reapers. Shepard lands on planets, takes on quests/missions and recruits new crew members.

    A Stargate Universe game could be like that.

    The story could pick up where you want to, say 3 years after Season 2 – like intended by Eli. The crew awakes and continues the mission in a new galaxy with new enemies. You control different characters throughout the game. Like certain missions/quest require the player to play as Eli, while other missions put the player in the shoes of Greer, Rush or Young.

    There could be quests where you have to hack terminals as Eli or Rush and other quests where you are involved in shootouts on other planets.

    There was a game to the tv show “24” five years ago, which was quite good. It was also a singleplayer game where you control different characters, like Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer or Carlos Bernard’s Tony Almeida. The possibilities in games have improved since then.
    There has also been a LOST video game.

    PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are capable of amazing graphics.
    The Xbox only uses DVDs to store games, but that’s no problem. There are games, such as Final Fantasy XIII that come out on several discs on Xbox 360, and you switch discs half way through the game.

    I believe, that a really good singleplayer Stargate game would be epic. I know there have been attempts to make online games set in the Stargate universe, but seriously, all the fans want is to experience more stories set in the Stargate universe, namely singleplayer experiences.

    Of course comics would also be a way to continue SGU, however a video game is so much closer to feeling like the actual TV series.

    So, my suggestion, if MGM refuses to make movies, is to simply make an SGU singleplayer video game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
    It’s the perfect way to continue the franchise, because it will look and feel just like the show, without having to rebuild the actual sets. You’d only have to get the actors to do the voices.

    I suggest maybe taking a look at the wikipedia page for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Just to get an idea of what is possible nowadays.


    Here is a video, showing the space ship Normandy, so you get an idea of the graphics possible nowadays.

    It would be epic, playing an SGU game that would serve as a third season. Walking around the Destiny, doing missions, watching cutscenes with the real voice actors… It would be a dream for every SGU fan.

  181. Oh, my, stars.

    That was a fabulous episode and works perfectly for a series end(though I wish I wasn’t saying that).

    I do have one question though, now the series has ended, and I would love it if you could answer.

    The drones – were they built by either the Futurans or the Tenarans?

    Anyway, Stargate has been in my life since the movie so its really sad for me now its the last of the current run, and potentially the last ever:(


  182. I couldn’t get into SGU. I looked forward to the new series after SGA’s cancellation and after watching the first episode I ended up turning the channel. I found it slow, the characters unlikeable, and generally not very interesting.

    I don’t like when something is introduced and never resolved. For example, the blue aliens. You never find out what they want destiny for ? Why’d they want to turn Chloe into one of them ? Perhaps it was covered I just didn’t see it ? What was with that whole equation thing Rush babbles about after getting his ass kicked by Young ? Never even mentioned after that.

    I see it mentioned the series will end on a cliff hanger. To me almost every episode ended like that with no resolution to anything. The usual resolution was running away constantly.

    Oh no ships about to blow up and theres a million bluebie alien ships attacking. Jump to FTL and get away. Oh no drones are attacking. Guess what, we’ll jump to FTL and get away.

    Guess one can refer to Gateworlds forums for all the rampant speculation on what was really going on. No offense if I sound overly negative and no I’m not trying to troll anyone here I’m just offering my opinion on the series.

    I haven’t watched the final episode yet so we’ll see how that goes.

  183. Joe, you and the SGU team don’t need to apologize to anyone. You can hold your heads up high for producing a very good show that continued to get better and better and better. You guys were at your peak when the plug was pulled. That may not be any consolation but it’s something you can hang your hat on.

    I see there are some trolls appearing on this blog who still want to dismiss the childish behavior of their brethren (excusing the insults tossed at Brian Smith’s mother for example). And blame the ratings failure of SGU on you writers. Don’t give people like that the time of day. You guys put out a well-written show, you did it YOUR way and you didn’t compromise. Sure, your show wasn’t perfect but what show is. Your show had to find its way but there is no shame in that either. You guys had the guts and the artistic integrity to not give Stargate fans the same, old show. You tried something different and many fans became irrational and hated the series for it. Of course those same folks would say that it wasn’t about that; that they hated SGU because it was no good, it sucked, it was boring, etc. To be fair everyone is entitled to their opinion and if that’s how they legitimately feel then so be it. But I myself am of the opinion that the majority of those naysayers hated SGU before they ever saw it. They wanted to hate it and they looked for every reason to justify their hatred. I don’t trust their objectivity enough to think they could be unbiased enough to be fair. But again that’s my opinion. I am not at war with them and I don’t blame them for SGU’s demise. At the same time I don’t blame bad writing or bad acting for the show’s cancellation. Good shows often don’t find an audience. And plenty of bad shows (reality TV) do. Of course it can go in reverse as well. However the point is that quality can’t be determined exclusively by ratings.

    I am going to miss these characters, Joe. They have become one of my favorite cast of characters and easily my fave Stargate cast. They brought their characters to life beautifully and probably deserved more respect, loyalty and graciousness from the hardcore SGU haters who acted as if the actors were tainted just by being associated with SGU. That’s a shame. But back to the final episode….it was indeed bittersweet. It was touching and heartbreaking. And everyone in the cast got a moment to shine.

    Now knowing me you must understand I am going to have my gripes about Greer. I wish he had one or two more scenes. I thought he didn’t get enough to do or say. I understand it is possible scenes were written and filmed that could have been cut, but still Greer deserved better. I loved how Eli got a chance to shine in the final ep and I know how the well-being of his mother was one of the more important subplots of the overall arc. Still Eli had more than enough material this episode so instead of showing another meeting between him and his mom what about Greer getting a chance to see his mother as he mentioned to Camille at the end of “Alliances”? Or how about at least a mention of his mom? Another r thing that annoys me are those scenes (and there was like three of them last night) in which Greer participates in but doesn’t get a single line of dialogue. There was too much of that last season and I thought you guys had a done a god job of avoiding that this season until these final four episodes. That was rather disappointing. But I won’t hold it against you because second season Greer was more fleshed out and had much more to do that first season Greer. And I can’t ask for much more than that. The one thing I would like to point out, however, is that the writers of the show were so up to the task at spreading out the wealth amongst the science-leaning part of the crew (Rush, Eli, Volker, Brody, Park and now even Chloe) when it cames to allowing characters to come up with ideas to save the day, that I wish you had applied that same generosity towards military folks like Greer and James rather than having Young and Scott come up with every strategic plan. But what’s done is done.

    I wish you god fortune in your future endeavors, Joe. Thanks for taking the time over the years to patient answer the questions and put up with nagging fans like myself. Take a bow. It is well earned.

  184. Tears are still falling as I write this for the loss of SGU and the Stargate franchise. I’ve watched SG since it premiered on Showtime in 1997. With last night’s finale of SGU, a huge chapter has closed in my life. It represented to me getting together with friends on Friday nights, watching and discusssing episodes until after midnight. Good times those. Sadly when SyFy moved SGU from it’s rightful places (summer & Fridays), it felt like they were delibritly trying to kill it. It felt wrong in so many ways.

    Like many other people commenting here, I wish to express my heart-felt compliments to everyone involved in the production of this fantastic franchise.

    SGU for me has been a treat – intelligent story telling in an age of dysfunctional reality clap-trap. It took me a while to catch on to how wonderful this series arc was intricately woven into each episode, to like the characters (I’d follow Young anywhere), to marvel at Joel Goldsmith’s music, to see the rust on the stairs in the Gate room and to wow-golly-gee-whiz at Mark Savela’s VFX treats. I miss Destiny already and know their journey continues …

    Farewell for now Stargate, don’t stay away long!

  185. Ratings for the final episode

    Stargate Universe (SYFY, 9pm)
    – 1.134 million viewers
    – 0.8/1 HH
    – 0.5/1 A18-49

    Sanctuary (SYFY)
    – 0.756 million viewers
    – 0.5/1 HH
    – 0.2/1 A18-49

    Oddly enough the 18-49 is in line with what most shows on Syfy that draw around 1.5 million viewers get.

    Anyway sad to see it didnt get a huge increase but it did in some ways in the area that counts (18-49)

    Also poor Sanctuary, the show is doing the limbo, how low can it go? I think its lower than Caprica was on Syfy.

  186. I hope in an alternate reality we are all saying that we are delighted with Gauntlet and that if SGU had to end with this season we would have been satisfied with this episode as the finale.

  187. It was a good run. I wish it could have ended better, but you did the best you could.

    Random questions!
    – What happened to the Athosians after they were rescued? Did they go back to New Athos? Or did they stay on the new planet?
    – Can you give us any information on what the plans were for SGU’s third season? I understand if you’re saving the “premiere” for a possible novel adaptation, but perhaps you could share some episode ideas.
    – I’d like to hear more about episode or storyline ideas you had that never came to fruition, such as the third Aschen episode involving an attack on Earth.

  188. I’ve been watching since the start of SG-1, and can’t believe its over. I love you SG.

  189. I liked SGU; I watched the other SG series off and on sporadically, but there was something rough, difficult, and survivalist about SGU that made it very engaging. The series’ pilot was so packed with intensity that I was hooked from the get-go.

    The finale was satisfactory to me. It brought sufficient closure without a mess of hastily ended storylines. It does leave room to pick it up someday, if ever, and while I would love to have it continued, I am content.

    The music at the end was so wonderful. So glad I had it on DVR to listen to over and over again. The character was “good”, hopeful, peaceful with a hint of uncertainty and bleakness. That music with the great ending visuals really was something.

  190. there is no better sci fi show now or before….the characters drove this show…im very unhappy…the places sgu could have taken its fans…we have lost out on countless worlds…is there no hope?

  191. Thanks for all your hard work over the years Joe. It may sound corny, but the Stargate franchise which you helped to build has given me many moments of laughter and joy and I am very grateful.

    I look forward to checking out your next project when it goes live.

  192. so you’re taking questions?

    do you know if the new makers of some future stargate project will include the mythology and history of our stargate shows? (still working on that s/j confirmation :p)

    it doesn’t have to be visual, with the sg1/atlantis/sgu casts present and such, just that everything that’s already happened will be canon and acknowledged within this new stargate.

    damn… there’s still sooo much life left in stargate.


    ps – it could take place in the future, like 50 years. ~acknowledge and respect our stargate!~

  193. You can see the ratings of all episodes here:


    It’s really too bad it was cancelled. I’m sure Season Three would’ve been just as amazing as Seasons One and Two. I’ll miss this show. Great finale. Loved Gauntlet. Cried even… This series ended way too soon. We need closure. Please make a movie in a few years! Also an Atlantis movie, please. Or like someone else mentioned, a video game for ps3 and xbox and pc.

  194. Joe, out of curiousity, do you believe that Amanda Tapping suspected that Atlantis would be cancelled, thus leaving to star and produce in the non-stargate series that is still running?

  195. Hi Joe, haven’t commented on anything related to SGU because I’m waiting to watch it all on DVD. I have Season 1 and watched most of Season 2, but figured I’d rather watch it over a weekend. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for it to be available in DVD. That said, Stargate in any incarnation will be sorely missed at my house!

    Otherwise, my cat Todd turned out to be a girl. She/he/it
    is one of my strays that lives outside, has a nice house and all the food she/he/it wants, and the only reason she’s still outside is because I’m terribly allergic to cats. I had the vet come to the house to vaccinate them and give them checkups, and he was carrying on about what a big boy Todd is, etc. I asked him to make sure he was a boy and we were both really surprised to find out that he is a she. She’s huge! At least she was spayed prior to arriving here! 🙂 Now I know how to tell the difference between boy and girl cats, as well! Eww.

    Hope your mom had a great Mother’s Day, please tell her we send hugs. 🙂

  196. NO….NO…..DOES NOT COMPUTE…DOES NOT COMPUTE!!! *Quoting the Nostalgia Critic. I’m so pissed that this is over. I grew up watching Stargate. From sg-1 to Universe, all three movies, and admittedly one episode of Infinity.

  197. What an amazing final episode! Noting all the parallels between this episode and Air part I, I can’t believe you didn’t know this would be the series finale-down to the opening and closing shots of the Destiny in space. An amazing close to a wonderful series.

  198. The cancellation of SGU is a tragedy. I’ve been watching the series since episode 1 and I admit, at first it felt slow and almost lost interest. But episode by episode it has won my heart. By Mid-season 2 it had become a favorite of mine, and the closing episodes of the season have just been outstanding.

    Tell Syfy to stick its antiquated Neilson box where the sun doesn’t shine and go with another network, this show cannot end like this, it has only just begun in its potential!

  199. Thanks so very much, Joe, for sharing with us all of these years. And thanks to everyone involved with the franchise.



  200. The last episode could have a different ending something like…after 300 years(more or less:D) one capsule opening up …. and then some shocking scenes . THE END 😀
    so the world would become more curious and eager for more :p
    ..maybe a new show, STARGETE FAR IN TO THE FUTURE
    cya 😀

  201. There are just too many loose ends I wanted tied up. Are the Nox dead, what happened to them? Whatever happened to Jack’s clone? How were you going to get them home in 5 seasons when they were further away than that? Was there ever any discussion to talk about any of the other planets in our solar systems? Ever since “5th Race” I wanted to see the furlings. How many gates did the seed ships seed? Did it actually build them if so it could have eventually seeded all the way into known space right? When did the Ori/Ancient split occur (years ago?) When did the ancients first arrive in the Milky Way? Did they go to earth or Talnos first?

  202. I’ve never written anything to anyone about a show before, but I’ve got to now. SGU was my favourite flavour of the franchise, although I am a fan of them all. From the dark, gritty look and feel to the music and special effects and the great actors and the characters they portrayed… so good that it is so hard to accept that it’s over. So much so that I am confident that it will return. The ending was poetic and did tie in perfectly with how it began; very clever, that. I look forward to the next chapter eagerly!

  203. Who composed the piano music that was played toward the end of “Gauntlet”? It was very haunting and quite lovely.

  204. This is so terrible, Just as the series had come into its own and really begun to shine…… Its even worse to think this could be the end for the franchise. Its eating me from the inside thinking of all the potential there was and still could be.

    The finale itself was fantastic. I don’t think it could have ended any better considering the circumstances.

    I guess all I can say is….. there goes the last bit of quality programming on SyFy, and there goes the channel off of my programmed favorites.

  205. Joe,

    This is to you and to all those who have contributed to SGU over the past few years. WELL DONE!!!

    With the final episode airing last night in Canada, I watched in sadness at the end of an era and one of the best damn shows

    on TV. But as you’ve all done so masterfully with this franchise, you sucked me in emotionally with the writing and

    performances of the actors, the final scene left me feeling the way Eli did, with a smile on my face. What an ending (you

    can’t see right now, but I’m giving you all a standing O).

    Congratulations on a job well done, storytelling as it should be. The final scene between Eli and Rush, Wow, great

    writing!! The Last Diner, even more emotional, just shows how successful the call at taking the SG franchise in a

    story/character driven direction truly was.

    I Can’t wait to see what the future brings for all.

    Best Regards.

    Shawn Cassidy.

    P.S. If you were lucky enough to watch in Canada, Kudos to SPACE for their “Inner Space” follow up. Capped the evening off

    great with notes from the cast and crew to us fans! Never seen anything like that before from a TV show. Makes it feel very

    family like. Way to go SPACE!

  206. Thanks Joe,

    thanks for the adventures, thanks for the imagination, and thanks for the journey so far…

    Don’t give up… who knows how many gates are still out there to discover.

    – Craig.

  207. I guess I just add my thanks to this.
    Thank you Joe. Not only for writing many of my favorite episodes and being responsible for one of the best sci-fi series,
    but for taking us behind the scenes, making it a fun ride and lastly thank you for having always picture of delicious cake, when I needed it.

    While part of me wants to side with the people here that try to bring up elaborate schemes to continue stargate. I really think you should go your way and I look forward to your new project (though I failed at watching the third movie. 15 Minutes in I couldn’t bring myself to watch on).

    Gauntlet was an amazing episode and, at least for me, the best final episode of the three series. Even slightly better than Unending.
    I can’t even say this was a cliffhanger. This Episode wrapped up nicely. Sure, we don’t know if Lisa will regain here eyesight but Greer will be there for her. We don’t know when they wake up or what they find, but their quest for destiny’s mission will go on.
    The only open thread is: What about Corporal Barnes, when Eli dies?

    While Stargate Universe was more about a group of people, than a single individual or a small team doing stuff. In the end it was all about Elis journey. And I like to believe he gave his life for the others. Knowingly. He knew he couldn’t fix the stasis pod. In the end he stands there on destiny. Knowing that this was the time of his live.

    But back to elaborate plans to save stargate universe:
    You now have three years to take control of this planet and make it your second order in office, that stargate universe shall be produced again. (first order will have something to do with chocolate, ice cream and a law that forbids fruits as deserts.)

  208. Thanks, Joe.

    My wife and I just finished watching SG1 for the first time, 2 episodes each night. We just started Atlantis.

    We started at the beginning because we loved SGU so much. Can’t believe they didn’t renew what I consider to be the best scifi I’ve ever seen, anywhere.

    Good luck on your next project, and here’s hoping for a return of Stargate in some new form!

  209. Thanks for every single episode!
    Stargate is and always will be my favourite Series and SGU finally comes to its best.

    I´m still hoping for an ending- (DVD-Movie or something else) and for another season of SGU…maybe in 3 Years!

    Greetings from Germany

  210. hey,
    i just saw the last episode of sgu season 2, then i looked throu google for the third season but what i read there was shocking!
    what the hell do these idiots who think they can just cut off one of the best series ever think?!
    i was nearly crying!
    why do american series so oft end with just…. no end at all?
    can someone please beat some brain into their heads?
    just because some people are to dumb to see that sgu is the best stargate series at all, because you can feel with it’s charecters and (even if i love all stargate series) it’s the most fascinating and thrilling one in the stargate universe!
    i really pray that someone is intelligent enough to give sgu a chance so there can be a final season.
    i really hope for it to end in a way it deserves!

    and to mr. mallozzi:
    thank you for stargate and most for sgu!

    yous sam

  211. I was probably the opposite of the angry internet “fans”. After SG-1 was canceled, I drifted away from Stargate and largely missed the last two seasons of Atlantis. However, I made a point to watch the series premiere for Universe and was hooked. True, it was very different from what had come before, but the creative risks were surely worth it from my point of view. Universe wasn’t just a remarkable science-fiction show, it was a remarkable show, period. SF often leaves characters and relationships behind in service of plot, but Universe wove both into a rich, deep, tense story that I am truly sad I will not get to see resolved.

    That being said, the season finale that turned into a series (and franchise) finale was beautiful. Perhaps the fact that it was not meant to be an absolute ending was what leant it such power. Given the circumstances, both in-story and in the real world, it seems unlikely that the Destiny crew survived their last-ditch effort. Still, each character was given a chance t make peace with their lives, although they didn’t always find it. Happy endings are not a guarantee. In this way, and despite its setting on a starship in a distant galaxy, Universe was always very real.

    The last minutes of the show were riveting. The various sets going dark, the last few people freezing into motionlessness, and Eli faced with his great moment of crisis, rising t the challenge. He proved his maturity and courage. There could not have been a better final moment than the one chosen. Facing the likelihood of his death, Eli gazes at the majesty of the Universe and still experiences wonder and joy. That is the humanity’s Destiny: to take hold of the little bit of time we get and make the most of it we possibly can.

    My friends and I gathered together for Monday’s episode. (The four of us watching a single TV, does that reduce ratings to 1/4th?) and boy did we have a discussion afterwards. Since no resolution will be aired, we were left with what we saw onscreen. To us, the most fitting ending is that the effort was a failure. The crew was lost. And yet, they faced their end with dignity and courage. The Universe takes back all of us eventually. Despite their genius, despite their courage, nobody can cheat death forever. Forces they could not control, could not reason with, and might not even be able to understand, finally brought them low. It’s very dark for a series finale, but its also very powerful. And frankly, it is a perfect metaphor for the show itself and its fate at the hands of the network. (I can’t take credit for that theory. My buddy Jeff came up with it, but I think it works.)

    Universe was tremendous. I mourn its loss.


    How long ago was SG Universe conceived? I had heard that Brad Wright and Robert Cooper had actually developed the premise years ago, but it didn’t get made right away because SG-1 kept getting renewed. If that’s true, do you think SGU would have had a longer lifespan if it had premiered 2-3 years earlier?

    Was there ever a real plan to make a theatrical SG-1 movie (specifically what became the season 7 finale Lost City) to end the series (and kickstart Atlantis) or was that just internet chatter?

    Are there any unresolved plot threads (from all three series) that you wish you had a chance to resolve? Are there any that you wish people would just forget?

  212. There’s only a word to describe how the SGU and many Stargate franchise fans feel today: gutted.

    There are many words to describe how sci-fi fans feel today about MGM and the so-called syfy channel, and none of them would completely reflect how letdown and disappointed we feel with the rebranding of a former premium sci-fi medium into a low budget broadcaster of reality crap shows.

  213. Hey Joseph, love ur blolg since ur the only one who can talk to MGM….could you please ask them if they would be interested in signing a contract with CHANNEL 11 [AUSTRALIA], they recently bought the second season and ratings are good….it would also mean you working for SGU again!!
    looking for a reply soon

  214. Im just plain old angry at syfy, thats about all I can say. Iv been an AVID stargate fan since I was a young boy watching the original movie right through to the final episode of SG:U, I suppose Ill just keep hoping that *someone* will pick the series up and it can be finished like it should have been. Ill have many sleepless nights wondering what the fate of the destiny crew is.

  215. I recon we will see some wrapping up of the storyline in one way or another in the next 10 years. The hope is still there

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