Taking a little break from my Stargate ponderings to shift focus to the new show, Transporter: The Series.  This morning, we welcomed our new continuity director…

Look at the fear in his eyes! We whisked him out of Vancouver late last night and he woke up to find himself in Toronto this morning. This weekend, we ship him off to Europe! From there, he's off to North Korea to shoot some propaganda videos for Kim Jong-Il's upcoming birthday celebrations - and get some cool 2nd unit car driving sequences.

Then, it was three successive interviews with some potential Directors of Photography, THIS massive lunch sandwich –

And a futile attempt to get some work done on my latest script, episode 5.  I’ve stalled out on page 30, the sudden halt to my creative flow uncoincidentally coinciding with my return to the production offices.  Well, hopefully I’ll be able to get some work done tonight on the flight to L.A.

Right after I finish watching the last two episodes of The League’s second season of course.

Well, while I maintain a constant Defcon 1 status, my dogs have settled in quite nicely.  I’m sure they miss the backyard, their awesome Vancouver daycare, and all the extra room, but they seem to be doing okay…

Hey, I ran into the lovely Erika Kennair (our former SyFy Stargate: Universe point person) while out walking the dogs this morning.  She’s in town for a week, so we’re going to get together and relive old times.

Akemi celebrated her birthday the other day.  Since I won’t be hosting my annual chocolate party this year, we decided to have a smaller little chocolate-themed get-together, just the three of us: Akemi, me, and La Maison du Chocolat.

I believe I already mentioned that Fondy was kind enough to invite us over for dinner last weekend.  For dessert, she pulled out all the stops…

Macarons! My favorites!
She even picked up red velvet cupcakes (Akemi's favorites!) so we could sing a happy birthday.
Me and Stewie

Busy, BUSY day tomorrow, but will squeeze in an entry before boarding the red-eye back to Toronto.

P.S. Just received word the Audi’s have touched down in Paris!


46 thoughts on “April 28, 2011: Maintaining my constant Defcon 1 status!

  1. Love the pup pictures! That sandwich looks pretty good. I hope your trip goes well.

    Wowzer, what a week here in Mississippi. Tornado sirens were going off constantly and the rain/wind were awful! Water flowing over the streets nearly stalled my little Honda several times. I learned to park my compact car and take hubby’s pickup. After seeing several houses with the water inching up to their front door, I’m feeling pretty lucky. The last body count for this storm is at 173.
    Today is beautiful. I hope it last.

  2. Hey Joe,

    I’m sitting here with an IV in my arm…and you are my entertaiment. I’ve been avoiding Stargate blogs for now…I cry so easy these days…and I feel such sorrow it is soon to end. So much for that…I am now crying and people are looking at me.

    I love hearing about the pups and what is going on with the new show. Your pictures are always fabulous. Love every one of them.

    Oh…the IV…is an attempt to stave off the destruction of my bones. Apparently it is true…if cancer doesn’t kill you the treatment will. The new med I have to take daily for the rest of my life…has so far given me arthritis in every bone…my hands are taking it the worst. It requires regular IVs.

    I may have to move…my doctors want me closer. I think I shall be far more grumpy than you about it.

    You are a lovely bright spot in my life Joe,
    Cheryl 🙁

    PS – sorry for misspelled words..my phone has mind of it’s own andy thumb is terrible at typing.

  3. ╔♫╗────────╔═╦╗─♫╗╔╗─╔╗─♥──
    ———-ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Akemi ஜ۩۞۩ஜ———

    Have a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday Akemi!

    Liked the food pictures, dog pictures, and the Audi pictures. Audi has always been my parents car of choice. Good luck on the flight tonight.

    @cherluyva: (((hugs))) Just wanted to let you know you were in my thoughts.

  5. Feliz cumpleaños and su gimimo diena to Akemi!

    So many pretty cars; I hope there will be an after picture of the cars once they’ve seen some action.

    Jealous of your sandwich; due to the bad influence of healthy friends I did a salad for lunch. Trying to be good. Whatever that means. Dieting = cranky.

    Brie is tremendous! Was her dad a Russian golden glove champ? She’s such a big grown up girl!

    I’m full of V1 Jet style loathing for UPS at the moment. I made the mistake of using their “Next Day Saver” to save a few bucks; so not worth it. I called desperate to know where my nephew’s package had gone to. The rep cheerfully answered that they’d throw the package out of the back of the truck only after his school is closed, making it that more likely that his precious Flat Stanley and toy velociraptor will be lost forever. I’m glad too, it only took me weeks to take all the pictures and prepare the story book for him of Stanley’s adventures with me. Now I totally suck as an aunt and I have UPS to thank for it.

  6. @Akemi – Happy Birthday!

    @cherluvya – *hugs*

    @Joe – Have I said this before? Fondy keeps a super clean house. So shiny.

  7. Happy Birthday Akemi! yummy on the red velvet cupcakes. Hope you had a great birthday~!
    Safe journey Joe. Stewie and Brie recognize dog people for sure. Maybe you can swap your car out for one of their Audi’s, think they would notice?

  8. Birthday wishes to Akemi.

    Speaking of which, cute dog pictures Joe.


    I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you on Joes blog before, but I hope you get better soon.

    As for IVs I had one in me for 8 days last December, as I couldn’t eat anything, they’re such a pain but in the end, they help ya, so I hope things work out for you.

    Best wishes.

  9. joe thanks for taking care of the audi cars for me ill be receiving them soon. wait i asked for blue not black!

    Can you do the SGU comics on the side??

  10. 1. How old is the lovely Akemi now? 19?

    2. Did the chocolate party include spicy chocolate sucky fingers?

    3. Either Fondy is just about the most forgiving ex a man could ever have, or you’re starting your very own harem. Maybe it’s a good thing Ashleigh stayed put in Vancouver. 😉

    4. Bah! Macarons are okay (the ones I’ve had are a bit too sweet for my tastes)…but what else do I spy??! CANNOLI!! NOW we’re talkin’ buddy, now we’re talkin’. Cannoli, along with carrot cake and pumpkin pie, are – when well-made and fresh – about the only desserts that can beat out a chocolate-y treat in my book.

    4. PUPPIES!!! 😀

    Have a good evening, sir!


  11. Couple thoughts:

    1. Happy Birthday, Akemi!

    2. Stewie is HUGE!!!

    3. Fondy is the single, nicest, most gracious former wife on the planet – wow!! Joe, you are all-sorts of fortunate 🙂

    Have a great trip to La-La Land – watch out for the super friendly TSA Agents on your way home.

  12. Joe,

    Your wee doggy’s are hilarious, Brilliant! More doggy vids please.
    Awe Nice Cars and living pad, cushty.

    Happy belated Birthday wishes to Akemi 🙂 Is Akemi your little lady around the house? lol


  13. @Cherluvya

    Have spent too many hours myself visiting with the IV Therapy nurses….sending you many, many hugs and warm thoughts. Wishing for you something to cross your path today that makes your heart smile. <3

  14. i just can’t believe that the stargate franchise is going to be over in two weeks time. it’s not done, there’s still *so* much to tell and show! 🙁

    get mgm to sell the stargate rights to nbc/universal (who owns the syfy channel, right?).

    {commercial} what fate sam/jack? tell on sgu {/commercial}


  15. Just thought you might like to know it snowed in Vancouver yesterday Joe…the North Shore mountains are covered in fresh fine stuff…it’s bloody cold still too…figures that I choose to leave the UK as it starts one of the longest Spring heatwaves it has ever had and come to Vancouver which is experiencing one of it’s coldest….

    Still, nothing like the weather in the US and I have nothing to complain about…my heart goes out to all those families who have lost loved ones, their homes and been devastated by the storms…

    I can put up with a little cold weather when I can at least see Stanley Park looking green and beautiful in the late afternoon sun….and I have a table for two booked at the Bluewater Cafe tonight…time to spend a little romance time with my hubby I think!…

    As for Stargate reminiscences I’m looking forward to seeing RDA at Chevron 7.6 just 4 days after I arrive back in the UK….can’t wait to see the man on stage again…

  16. By the way Joe, have you had a chance to unwind and watch some anime lately? Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood deserves a look, I know you said you bought the first boxset, unsure about the rest?

  17. @ Akemi – Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

    @ cherluvya – Sometimes crying is good medicine. Go ahead and move. We’ll all still be here for you. Hope you get to feeling better. I’ll put you in my prayers.

    @ Joe – have a great trip and tell us all about it!

    @ Lulu – what in the world are you doing? What is that noise you’re making? My dog runs to the window looking for you when I play it.

    To all my fellow “Tornado Alley” residents and those areas tonados have hit outside the “Alley”, God bless you all. Texas had several evenings in a row this week of tornado weather. It’s so bad, yesterday I asked at work “Is it suppose to tornado tonight?” instead of “Is it suppose to rain tonight”. Pretty harrowing this time of year. Hope everyone stays safe.

  18. @ Akemi… very very happy (if belated) birthday. I love macaroons but red velvet is wonderful.

    @ cherluvya I am so sorry. I wish there were words anyone could send to help you feel better, but just know you have your own cheering squad.

    @ Joe.. Of course, I still want you to reunite with Fondy. But I have to say when people divorce and are able to continue as friends, its says things about who they are and how they are that not much else can do… to value the friendship more than avoiding the pain.

    Those pups are so cute. 🙂

  19. Coucou!!

    Tout d’abord je souhaite un très bon anniversaire à Akemi 🙂

    Les éclairs au chocolat de “la maison du chocolat” sont délicieuses!!

    C’est bien beau de faire venir pleins de choses de France, mais quand allez vous VENIR à PARIS??

    Jolie votre chemise fleurie, vive le printemps ;)!

    ..en effet, MAGNIFIQUE voitures!

    Groq bisou!
    A bientôt!

  20. @Akemi Congrats Akemi! happy birthday!

    does La Maison du Chocolat ship worldwide?!
    those chocolates look to die for!

    Good to see that your doggies are starting getting used to torronto.
    What is (i guess) lulu chewing on in that movieclip?

    Unfortunatly we had to put our dog to sleep this week.
    she was 17,5 years, witch is quite old for a Jack Russel.
    The vet said she didnt see mutch dogs that where that old.

    She had a verry weak hart and started having hartattacks/fainting a couple of weeks ago and it kept getting worse, allso she didnt eat anymore and it sounded like she didnt get any oxigen and started real heavy breathing. i personally know how terrible it is if you cant breath right so the desission was made..:(
    it was a sad day but i was allso a bit releaved that her suffering was over.
    i hope this will not come on your way for a long time!

  21. Hmm, does Erika still have that SGU shirt? That was a pretty cool shirt, kind of want it for myself.

  22. north korea seriously? to make propaganda videos? i dont think you should be doing business with this guy….

  23. @ cherluvya – I had no idea what you were going through – sending good vibes and big hugs your way! {{{hugs}}}

    (Side note – when I first typed that, I typed ‘sending…bug hugs your way’…good thing I caught it! I’m sure, coming from me, you woulda thought, ‘Lord, NO! NO hugs from das’ Wraithy bugmen!….well, okay…maybe Todd.’ 😛 😉 )


  24. @cherluvya – all good thoughts and prayers for you.

    @das – yes, very funny

    @Akemi – a belated, yet very happy birthday wish to you!

    @Lulu – my little kitty girl Basil also likes to nurse with her toys and sometimes on my shirt! You are adorable sweetie!

    @Joe – safe journeys to LA and back, and nosy me asks, why are you traveling there?

    Blessings to the crew aboard space shuttle Endeavour, may your journey be safe, fabulous and exciting. Go well Navy Capt. Mark Kelly.


  25. Happy birthday to Akemi! 😀 Man…that’s a huge sandwich! You need a big mouth to eat that thing. 😉 Mmmmm! All those goodies look so scrumptious. You’re making my mouth water. 🙂

    Is that Andy Mikita? That would be so cool if you could get him to direct your new series. He’s always been one of my favorite Stargate directors. Now, I’m really excited to see Transporter: The Series. Can’t wait! 🙂

    The doggies always look so sweet! They really do have the best life. 🙂

  26. Tanjoubi omedetou Akemi

    Are those A8s (or A6s)? Couldn’t get the production to spring for R8s? 😉

  27. ==Question==

    I run a Stargate wiki http://stargate-wiki.org/ and i recently underwent some serious vandalism by the guy who runs the Stargate wiki on Wikia. Basically he replaced several images with some homosexual porn and thought he was all clever because apparently the images were “his” (images taken from Stargate etc).

    Now i understand that MGM owns those images? His statement that he owns the images is actually illegal to do within copyrights? Do you have some sort of quote i can use to shove into his face?

  28. @Jay

    Another way you could say Happy Birthday to someone is お誕生日おめでとうございます.
    Yeah I was bored.

  29. Andy Mikita rocks. The sandwich, whoa. The dog pics and video are priceless. Love the chocolate. Prefer the cannoli. Happy Belated Birthday to Akemi. Fondy rocks. Cupcake looks wonderful. Great picture of you & Stewie (Stewie got BIG). Brie got BIG. Love the cars. Have a wonderful trip.

    @Cherluvya — Sent you a FB message.

    @Jasper: Sorry to hear about your dog. We all know the pain of that here.

    @Ponytail: Glad you are safe.

  30. So, Peter Woeste has made himself unavailable to be your DoP? While traveling this last month, my girlfriend met quite a few traveling dog from pocket puppies to those traveling in the soft suit case on the plane. She really has a big heart for those cuties. Glad to hear your dogs are settling in, K-9s are a very adaptable animal: food, water, shelter, and a caring Alpha.

  31. Ahhh Joe, once more I come for Stargate and leave fixated by macarons 😉 Pierre Herme’s international delivery service will be in action again by the time you read this, there’s something truly magical about watching the transit of an order from Paris to Belfast!

    Equally fixated by those black Audis, it must also be said (as unbelievably impractical as black any-kind-of-cars are!), thanks for bringing me many, many happy years of Stargate, looking forward to joining you on Transporter 🙂

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