I spent the weekend incorporating five different sets of notes into my rewrite of (what was formerly episode #2 but is now) episode #3.  It now comes in at a robust 62 pages.  On the one hand, the longer page count makes it more challenging to schedule; on the other hand, a couple of more rounds of notes and we may not have to write another script this season!

I kid of course.  One of the great things about this show is that we can go long.  There’s no set running time to hit so, although the episodes will be tight, we won’t be forced to make painful cuts in editing.  Our viewers will not be denied!

This series is also unique in that act lengths are no longer a concern either.  Our American and Canadian broadcasters will be running the show uninterrupted while our European broadcasters have informed us that, as much as they appreciate our designated act breaks, they’ll be considered more suggestions than set in stone when the series airs overseas.  And so, we’ve decided to go with a four act structure as opposed to the trickier five act structure of shows like, say, Stargate.  Breaking the episodes down to five acts was, to put it mildly, a pain in the ass.  Whenever we would break a story, we would always end up one act short.  I can’t recall how many times we’d be sitting in the room, staring up at the white board trying to figure out how we could come up with an additional  late act end, when Paul would invariably say: “If this was a four act show, we’d be done now.”.   Remi held particular disdain for the five act structure, proclaiming “It’s unnatural!” with such vehemence you’d think he was discussing sibling marriage.

Read Carl’s first draft of his script last night and am very, very pleased.  It’s touching, funny, fast-pace, and full of great action.  A home run.  Also read Alexander’s outline for his next script and thought he did a great job as well.  Can’t wait to read the script.  It’s going to be a terrific episode.

Speaking of Alexander – while there have been plenty of things to complain about with regard to Toronto (most recently, the early morning snow that greeted me yesterday), Alex has been one bright and hugely entertaining balancing plus.  Yesterday, I received the following panicked email from him: “My toilet is backed up, there are no towels and I can’t get the washing machine going.”  And then, two hours later: ” I was able to un-clog my toilet! And I have found out that the washing machine is not really the washing machine, but the dryer! It’s all starting to make sense now – slowly, but surely. Haven’t figured out the heating system yet, but I will get there.”  I was almost expecting to receive a third message from him, something along the lines of: “I have now found out that the toilet is not really the toilet but the garburator!”.  Once we finish up production on Transporter: The Series, I suggest we move on to Alexander: The Series or, even better My Favorite Germans starring Alexander Ruemelin and Carl Binder.

Vas ist slos, baby?

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment on the closing of this chapter of the Stargate franchise. Feel free to post any questions you may have, but be advised I won’t be fielding them until after the series finale airs.  To increase the chances that your question will be answered, please ensure it’s a question I haven’t already responded to (ie. Did you cancel Atlantis?) or a question I actually can answer (I’m out of the loop on dvd release dates and anything related to the game).  Also, questions posed in a douchebag manner won’t be answered, much less make it through moderation (Hello and Goodbye, Hyperion).

Hey, our new Script Coordinator/Exec. Producers’ Assistant/Baboon Wrangler started today.

All smiles now. Give it a few weeks.

Trevor stopped by my office this morning to discuss what kind of office routine he could expect.  I informed him that we were still establishing ourselves on this new production, but if Stargate was anything to go by, the daily routine would consist of:

First thing in the morning, the writer/producers gather.  The golfers discuss their recent scores and how well/poorly they played over the weekend.

The conversation then shifts to t.v. and recent episodes of our favorite shows (I informed Trevor that he would need to start watching The Office and 30 Rock to keep up. Since Carl is only on as a freelancer, Survivor, American Idol, and The Amazing Race are optional).

We then move on to recent films, most of which have either failed to impress or otherwise offended our writerly sensibilities in some way.

By this point, we should be well into late morning and talk will turn to lunch.  Following an animated discussion, I will override someone’s suggestion that we order from Swiss Chalet and we’ll end up ordering either sandwiches, burritos, or Jamaican so I can have the ox-tail and curried goat combo.

We’ll go our separate ways, back to our offices where we’ll field any outstanding issues (ie. script rewrites, production concerns, tracking that chocolate shipment, etc.), then re-gather for lunch and exchange amusing anecdotes.  Again, with Carl only with us on a freelance basis, there will be a dearth of hilarious weird family stories – but I assume Alexander will pick up the slack.

Post-lunch logyness will, of course, give way to the beloved afternoon nap, and that should take us to the end of the day.

Did I miss anything?

So, last weekend, I visited St. Lawrence Market and came across this little specialty shop that sold tinned caviar and truffle-related products.  While purchasing a small bottle of white truffle oil, I started talking to the owner and he suggested I give him my business card so that he could keep me updated on new products.  Well, today, I received the following email from him:

“HiJoseph, [In traditional correspondence, one usually leaves a space between the greeting and the recipient’s name.  Communication Rebel of Lazy Ass?  I was dying to know.]

It was nice meeting you.Hope all is well? [It’s also customary to leave a space between sentences.  Clearly, this guy doesn’t have time for spaces.  Also, I’m not sure what is being implied by placing a question mark at the end of “Hope all is well”.  Rather than hoping I am well, he seems to either be asking me whether I’m hoping all is well or asking me to wonder whether he is hoping is well.  In both cases, I’m going to have to go with “No.”.]
I was content with life not seeking any new adventures,but  this new wellness technology stopped me in my tracks!  I believe it is the most profound technology in self care that has ever hit the planet!I invite you to listen to the recorded conference call at [I’ll spare you the temptation and edit out the link] and call me back with any of your questions at [edit].”
WTF?  Did he accidentally paste a section of some spam email he received into the body of his message?  Out of curiosity, I did an internet search and came up with a website for a company that provides sells, among other things, a “health wand” that makes use of “zero point scaler energy” to speed up the healing process.  One testimonial revealed how the wand had helped stop the pain associated with a knee injury.  I’m not sure how it works, but I would imagine you would simply wave the “health wand” over the affected area, say the magic words “”Knee-O Repair-O!” and – presto! – you’ll be back to shooting hoops in no time.  Help the healing process!  Rejuvenate your skin!  Ward off ogres!  Make two hundred dollars disappear form your wallet!
Seriously, dude.  Way to make sure I never frequent your kook shop again.

64 thoughts on “April 18, 2011: Pre-Production Update! My Favorite Germans! The Office Routine! And Magic Wands!

  1. LOL…I totally repeated myself there. I must REALLY be ready to move on… 😛


  2. Good luck with your script stuff Joe, I was going to aim a question like, When will Transporter start filming? but as it’s 12 episodes in length I guess there’s more flexability there.

  3. Wish you must success on your future endeavor’s ! One last question regarding SGU. Any chance you can put a bug in someone’s ear about the SGU ballcaps? I’m a 57 year old bald photographer that soon….will be in desperate need of a hat. It’s gonna get hot and sunny here in central Missouri.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    have a great day

  4. Since Carl is freelancing, is there any chance you will be able to convince him to try and get a spot writing for The Walking Dead? Though, I would imagine they already have everything slated out by now. Damn you Carl, you could have had “Pocahontas vs. The Undead” as an working title.

    Have you guys settled on a U.S. broadcaster yet? Network, Cable, Pay Access?

    Have a good one.

  5. Only by the way: the text beneath the first picture seems that it should be german (my foreign language) – if it is true, than it must be: “was ist los, baby ?“ 😉

  6. a “health wand” that makes use of “zero point scaler energy” to speed up the healing process.

    Oh, so that’s how the Goa’uld healing devices work! They’re really tiny ZPM-powered devices.

    It all makes sense now.

  7. Hi joe:
    I have a question regarding the final end to Stargate for now…
    Is there any way you can tell us all the avenues Brad had explored to tey to get any of thwe movies or a continuation ? This would include trying to get it finaced or maybe have the show picked up by another network.

    Thanks so much for all the great entertainment over the years…
    Yesterday was a very sad day for me, and it still is.
    Hopefully at somepoint the will get the show back on the air !

  8. You know Joe, thats why I love your blog, your scarcasm is hillarious!

    As for the franchise – well it is sad, but I think its time everyone moves on. I would love for the SGA film to be made, but I accept now that it’s probably unlikely.

    I am however looking forward to your new show, as I love the transporter movies, so hope the powers that be cast it correctly. The writing is important and they already have that cracked with your team, but without the right leading man, well lets just say I hope they take a leaf out of H50!

    Personally I don’t think some of their storylines have been that great, but with Alex O in the lead role, it couldnt miss. The reality is with the right guy, and good snappy stories, your series will be a surefire success.

  9. I am german! I AM GERMAN! (As you could probably tell by my name. Although it’s not german, it sounds kind of european, doesn’t it?)

    And yes, it has to be “Was ist los, baby?”, but thanks for making me smile, Joe!

    If you want, I’ll give you German lessons 😀

  10. Great blog today, really made me laugh. Thanks!


    Can you tell anything about how you guy’s were gonna end the SGA storyline with the wraith? Or SGA all together? (Extinction) Too much info? No? Please? 😀

    Same question goes for SGU…(Unless its in the next 4 episodes, which I doubt!) I’m really curious about the ‘Destiny’s Mission’…What is the ‘structure’ they discovered? Build by the aliens that made the planet/needle structure/returned the shuttle to Destiny? Is it somehow connected to the Ancients?

    Thanks in advance…Cheers, Spidy.

  11. joe, here’s an idea you *must* make happen (or earthquakes, volcanoes, and ice cream descruction will take place)…

    re-edit the last ep of SGU, to include the sam/jack confirmation. (ex: someone mentions general o’neill, and the other person says he’s on his honeymoon with colonel carter).

    😀 @ idea, but 🙁

  12. Hey Joe! Congratulations on being brought on to The Transporter TV series, I cannot WAIT to see it! And thank you for so many fantastic years of SG-1, Atlantis and SGU, and even though it will never happen, thank you for writing Extinction.

    Here are my post-“Gauntlet” questions. If you can’t answer them for whatever reason, that’s okay. 🙂

    What were the plots of Extinction and Revolution? How would they have ended?

    What is the message/signal hidden in the cosmic microwave background radiation and what does it mean? What was Destiny’s part in gathering the data to interpret the message? How did Brad and Robert come up with the idea?

    What would have happened to Destiny and her crew at the end of SGU? Where would the characters have ended up?

    How would SGU’s various other storylines have concluded? This includes the Lucian Alliance, blue aliens, Ursini, drones, “Faith”/”Visitation” aliens, the ship projecting visions into the crew’s head, and the fate of the various consciousnesses in the ship’s database (Franklin, Ginn, Mandy and the other Rush).

    Thank you! Good luck on Transporter, your comic book project and whatever else comes your way! 😀

  13. I gotcher “health wand” right here, baby.

    (except I don’t)

    ((being a girl and all that))

    (((but I do have health wand associated knee pain)))

  14. @das: 😀 Zenith!!!!! woohoo!!!!!! Thanks!

    (joins you in happy dance)

    Oh, Joe. I didn’t mean to ignore you. I love reading your little behind the scenes blogs.

    And on the subject of anime: do you recommend Eden of the East? I saw a preview for it and it looked interesting. I’m finishing up Needless (kinda light and goofy, but fun) and in the middle of season 2 of D-Gray Man

  15. So you say that there are no time constraints, that makes me think that The Transporter will be on HBO or Showtime, or something. Damn, I don’t have any of those…

  16. “Did he accidentally paste a section of some spam email he received into the body of his message?”

    His computer may be infected with a trojan or virus that automatically inserted that content into the email he sent to you. It’s even possible that he did not even send you the email, as the virus/trojan could have forwarded such an email to all of the contacts he has in his contact book.

    The best thing people can do to help protect themselves from computer identity fraud, viruses, trojans and a lot of other nasty things, is to switch from a Windows based operating system, to a Linux based operating system. I switched to the Linux distribution (version) called Ubuntu a few years ago and it is simply amazing. 🙂

  17. Just a note for those who might not have been watching their cable guide carefully: apparently with the ending of Being Human Syfy has fiddled their schedule *again*, so that SGU is on tonight at 9pm EDT(8pm CDT), not last week’s slot at 10pm EDT/9pm CDT.

  18. @ Tammy Dixon – No. What I’m saying is that I am ready to move…

    There, I moved on from up there to down here. 🙂 😛

    @ Sparrowhawk – Joe who? 😉

    @ Joe Who – Who said the following:

    “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.”

    ““I’ve got a 10,000 year old brain and the boogers of a 7 year old.”

    “Dying is for fools, amateurs.”

    Todd, or Charlie Sheen? 😉


  19. I don’t know if these have to wait until post-Gauntlet or not, but here goes nothing:

    1. Was there a definitive backstory to the TJ/Young no-longer-relationship that would have been incorporated at a later date? If so, what was it?

    2. Beyond the obvious (as in, the rest of the show), was there a particular point you wish you’d had a chance to address in the short life of SGU? (For example, TJ’s history or Scott’s son, etc).

    3. As far as fan campaigns go, what do you think makes them successful and what type of realistic goals do you think they can set? Fans have done extraordinary things (A Firefly theatrical movie comes to mind), but there are a ton of variables. I would think a unified purpose would be one (instead of such fractured positions such as “SGA but not SGU” or SGU but nothing else…) – but should would it be effective if fans wanted to push for like novelization of the scripts for the movies? Or script releases? Or graphic novels? (And I mean effective in that perhaps pushing for the movies may not be realistic).

    Now a Transporter question…

    I confess, I tried to make it through the first movie and struggled with it. I love action flicks but the movie itself seemed subpar (I will say that I felt much the same way about Stargate the movie – I found it rather forgettable and then my husband introduced me to the series and I fell in love). That said, I know from experience that American remakes don’t always do justice to the film. Is it recommended that I go an try to catch the French version? The premise itself was intriguing which is why I look forward to catching the television show (if it’s on a network I have, if not, I’ll catch on DVDs or something).

    Thanks for reading my rambling comment. Stargate was (and is) a top-notch franchise in my book. I enjoyed all three series and I hope (fingers crossed) that this is just a pause and that we’ll see more some day (my four year old already can identify Stargate…)

  20. Okay just following up my last comment. I must have mis-read what I found on the internet about Transporter. I thought it was a remake of a French film, but it was just a French film. :: headdesk :: Sorry for my ignorance, I’d never encountered the franchise before your blog :S

  21. @ maggiemayday – Oh, myyyyyy… 😳 Usually health wands just make me really sleepy. 😛

    @ Joey – So, SyFy is airing Universe at 9 tonight rather than 10? Glad I caught that.


  22. Hello Joe

    Will there be any Extended Universe stuff for Stargate. A comic book of each series, I imagine would sell extremely well, and you wouldn’t need to worry about pesky things like SFX budgets and paying actors 😉

    Truly as good as the acting was, it was the story and plot that brought me to Universe and it was the story that kept me there.

    So any chance of that?


  23. I guess we should be grateful that SyFy is even showing the rest of SGU, but could they pleeeeaase quit moving it around!!! What’s it gonna be, Monday or Tuesday, 8 o’clock, or 9 o’clock, or 8 o’clock?? Jesus crisis!!

  24. Wow. Wow. WOW

    Just viewed “Common Descent”.


    Syfy are idiots to cancel this fabulous story. I am now rejuvenated for next Monday’s continuation. My God, what a great storyline.

    I’ll say it again Joe and company — thank you for writing and producing Stargate Universe — the capper to absolutely tremendous, quality science fiction.


  25. Didn’t Stargate start out on Showtime (i.e., no commercial breaks)? But, hey, you can’t be aiming for a sleeker product for syndication, it’s about making it the best you can now or there won’t be a later.

    So, for pilot spec writers, would you recommend the four act structure or splitting it out to five to prove one can pull it off?

    I don’t understand how a show can have no set running time. Could you expound on that, please?

    “Zero point scalar energy” – for nonsensical, tech-sounding terms, that’s not even trying. But I guess this guy fell short in lots of ways.

  26. Loved tonight’s episode…those attacks by the drones were so reminiscent of the Goald Al’kesh attacks in SG1…

    What a storyline…can’t wait to see where it leads…or at least where it takes us until the end…

  27. just so you know, i’d take the sam/jack confirmation on sgu.

    (i know, i know, i’ve already said it, but i’m just re-saying it, just in case you’re gong senile. :p )

  28. I’m sad that Stargate franchise has come to a close. It has been the most amazing ride…EVER! 😀 I have never devoted myself so much to a TV series before let alone a whole franchise. I want to thank you Joe for being our eyes and ears of Stargate information that you were able to give us over the years. Thank you also for contributing you writing talents to Stargate. Always loved your episodes. 🙂

    I wish you all the best on your new show, Transporter: The Series. I do look forward to watching it. I’m sure it will do well with you contributing you writing talents. 🙂

    Hope all is going well in your new place. Have your doggies adjusted to their new home?

  29. Common Descent…great first part of the two-parter. Great work by the whole cast, especially A. Huffman.








    Loved the kino footage of the “other” Destiny crew trying to build a new civilization on the planet. I guess from seeing T.J. and Young having a baby, that Varro either didn’t make it thru the gate or due to the situation it was more comfortable for her to stay with Young. Very touching scene watching T.J. watch her “other” self have the baby that she had lost. I thought she wouldn’t want to see it, but the silent way that she thanked Eli showed that she seemed happy that in another life she found the happiness that she had lost. Great work on “aging” Young, how long did it take and did he have any complaints about it?
    I thought the “cracking” of the gate was a great way to have something different that the standard “either the gate is buried, or destroyed, or falls to the ground.” That picture of the gate with a big frakin’ crack in it was really cool. As was Eli’s way to contact Destiny. Really nice to see the excitement they all felt when they were rescued, though surprised to see Wray and Greer hug since their trip to Earth with the stones hadn’t happened yet.
    As great as the story was, did you have any trepedation about it since so many scifi shows have done similar stories, such as DS9’s Children of Time?
    Looking at next week’s previews, it looks like we will see a lot of what if’s regarding the crew, such as Chloe and Scott getting married. Did you have a list of things you wanted to do, but without the consequences to the “real” Destiny crew.
    Nice to see that, even though Young and Rush were on the same page most of the episode, other like Park weren’t happy with all the decisions. I suppose stuff like that lead to some of the divisions between the camps of the “other” crew.
    All in all, a great start to the two-parter, can’t wait until next week. And like everyone else, really sad that only three episodes remain in the TV life of the great Stargate franchise. Bring on Epilogue!!!

  30. So…would that be a Zed-P-M wand?? Sounds like something McKay would cook up. To…fix…rifts in the space-time continuum. o.O
    Burritos, eh? Have you tried Burrito Boyz? It’s a must have for me nearly every time I’m in Toronto. Not fine dining…just a tiny little operation, but oooh soo yummy.
    Also, when are we going to have some word on macarons/patisseries in the city? I’m anxiously awaiting your opinion!

  31. Hello Joe :
    Sorry to post twice in 1 blog, but I did post it on 2 seperate days!

    One more Stargate question:
    I keeo seeing little snippets of a new show coming out that either is being done by ex stargate writers or actors ?
    Do you know anything about this ?
    I know it is not Sanctuary, but I keep seeing talk of some new show.
    thanks Joe !

  32. A question for the mailbag:
    Joe, did you plant some hooks in season 2 that you planned to recall once in season 3 ?
    Did you have some plots already in place for the next season and if so are you willing to discuss them? (I understand you might want to wait after the end of SGU S2 to do so).

    That would be a nice insight on how writers lay down things between seasons 🙂
    Thank you

  33. I have an odd little technical question about SGU that you may or may not be able to answer. But I thought I might as well ask anyway since it’s probably my last chance to do so:

    It’s very clearly established that Destiny uses an FTL drive that is different to the hyperspace engines of nearly every other interstellar ship we’ve seen in Stargate (even the blue aliens use hyperspace). Was there a particular reason for this choice? Did it facilitate something in the plot that couldn’t have otherwise come about if Destiny used hyperspace? Or, perhaps, was it going to play a bigger role at a later stage?

    I know it’s oddly specific, but it’s something I noticed in Episode 1 and it’s been a little niggling thing at the back of my head since.

    Thanks, again, for taking the time out to answer these questions. It’s really great to know that you care about the SGU fans enough to answer our questions (especially considering all the crap that’s been flung at the writing staff by some less-than-entirely-nice members of the Stargate community). I’ll certainly keep coming back to follow you and your future projects.

  34. Hi Joe

    just want to say thank you for all the work you have put into the Stargate franchise. I’m sad to see it go, but like the title of another final episode of a sci-fi franchise, I can say : “All good things…”.
    Or like George Harrison once sang : “All things must pass”.

    I do hope that someday, somebody will take a look again at the stargate franchise and start something new. I must admit that Richard Dean Anderson was the factor that initially made me watch Stargate, so I longed for the third SG1 movie more than anything else.

    A question I have : do you know if RDA was really wanting to do this third SGA movie, and any idea how his reaction is on the (hopefully temporary) end of the franchise?

    Another question : if you would know what you know now, would you have done anything different with the Stargate franchise to avoid cancellation?

    Over the years it was much more than RDA’s presence alone that kept me hooked to the Stargate franchise. I also loved SGA starting from season 2. I have not seen SGU yet, it’s not on television yet in Belgium.

    I’m certainly going to check out the Transporter series, although it’s not really my genre. But I want to give it a shot, and at the same time see if I can spot the Mallozzi-stuff in it 😉


  35. Hey Joe,

    I am really looking forward to your new show. It sounds like my kind of show. Make sure when you do casting that we get plenty of eye candy for us girls. The cars will be quite the bonus.

    Happy times..can’t wait.

    Best to you Joe,

    Cheryl. 🙂

    Sorry for any weirdness in my post..it is ever so difficult to stop it from predicting what I am trying to say. *smiles*

  36. @Tim: Destiny was build hundreds of years ago, at this point the ancients weren´t able to reach hyperspace, and now years after Destinys launch, species like the BLUE Aliens have that technology.I think that´s the only reason “TIME” and no specific plot or storyline. Destiny is an old and slow ancient ship, the rest of the species in the universe are more advanced because of time passing by.
    Best regards…

  37. Hello Mr Mallozzi,

    I’m very sad about the total cancelation, it’s been a really great Show, as Atlantis and SG1 was!

    Well I know this will be asked hundret times, but maybe you know what was Extinction an Revolution (I think that was the name of the SG1 Movie?) about?

    So what I also wanted to say is thank you, you have made great episodes and a really great shows! Maybe is it possible to thank everyone of the franchise via you?

    So i wish you will have a nice day!

    Best Regards,

  38. You’re so silly, Joe. Everyone knows that the proper spell for eliminating pain and curing physical ills is: “chickimaha tassa bundee-o, plain icky dicky okie ama osa”. And it doesn’t require a wand, though a small contribution to my paypal account is encouraged.

  39. Stargate: Never Say Never.

    Anyway, I took this news as the go-ahead to get the MGM sanctioned Fandemonium Stargate Atlantis continuity novels that are available, which directly pick up where season 5 left off. I guess you were hoping Extinction could end up on this route, but apparently MGM had made up mind & prepared well in advance for this sad decision, so it’s no surprise to me.

    Thanks again for everything Stargate TV to date, regardless of my individual like/dislike still one of the best damn scifi franchises EVER.

    Oh, and I ain’t going anywhere since your non-Stargate life docu’ed here is too interesting to not keep looking…

  40. Ah, confusing the dryer with the washing machine! It’s right up there with plugging your pc into the wrong adapter-prongy thing, but slighter better than trying to master an ancient hostel washing machine. Hope you guys can all find a great laundry that charges by the pound where you can drop off and pick up lovely pressed thingies.

    Glad you guys found a script coordinator. Trevor seems deceptively sweet with hidden resevoirs of trickery; I suspect he’s already on a first name basis with Ash and is exchanging tips on how to drive Joe nuts. Just wait til that first vegan sandwich “accidently” slips into your lunch order, mwa ha ha. I’m officially a Trader Joe Sweet and Spicy Pecans junkie; one nibble and I wanted a whole pie made out of those suckers. Once I get hold of more I will try to make a pie out of them; it will be the zingiest pecan ever.

    I’m question free on the SG; I’m wondering if any of you have seen Hanna? I wanted to go but the weekend weather has been horrific. My new fave movie preview is Rise of the Planet of the Apes. All I can say is Rock Me Dr. Zaius:

  41. Joe,

    If fans were interested in having seasons 3, 4, & 5 translated into book format, what would be the chances of that happening in your humble opinion? Pretty good, good, 50/50, probably not, no way?


  42. Question?:

    During Last Nights Episode “Common Descent” a Drone took out the Gate by Disentregrating a piece of it. People online are going crazy and asking how? Am I right in saying the SGU isn’t made of Naquadah? Can you give some details on this.


  43. @maggiemayday My sister had a magic wand related rib injury. . . the imagery of which is less disturbing than you and yourlarry creating a knee one. Thanks for that, lol. Oh she also shared with the world.

    Joe, glad to hear the American market getting it! NOW I CAN GET REALLY EXCITED! WOHOO.

    Did you watch Game of Thrones? Wow could they have made Jason look more gosh-awful? But looks like great (albeit violent max) series. I thought of it due to your sibling marriage comment, lol.

  44. Anyway with episodes like these, it’s sad that all the lifelines supporting the show have been pulled. Just like how MGM can’t find 8 or so million to give Stargate fans an end to a long running francise.

    I remember that Sim City line from Common Decent, I used to love that game as a kid, the graphics were horrible but I remember it coming with the computer when we bought. I always used to start out well making a city then somehow I’ld run out of money and everyone would leave and the roads would go into disrepair.. Kinda funny.

  45. @hal ehrlich

    The show is called Echoes, and it’s not done by ex SGU writers, it’s done by the remnants of the SGU production team, jump onto twitter and aim your questions at Mark Savela on twitter, the brains behind it all.


  46. Tim said:

    It’s very clearly established that Destiny uses an FTL drive that is different to the hyperspace engines of nearly every other interstellar ship we’ve seen in Stargate (even the blue aliens use hyperspace). Was there a particular reason for this choice? Did it facilitate something in the plot that couldn’t have otherwise come about if Destiny used hyperspace? Or, perhaps, was it going to play a bigger role at a later stage?

    I’ve wondered if hyperspace was “too fast” for Destiny’s mission, which is at least partly about the journey itself.

  47. That was me saying that Common Decent was a fantastic episode, probably one of the most well done episodes in the whole series. RCC is a genius at writing good, solid Stargate episodes, reminds me why I love watching them.

  48. I got a stargate question for you, whatever happened to hermiod and Lindsey Novak?

    And a little off topic, do you think these “specialty” channel shows are the way of tv future? Pay extra for the channel but get commercial free full 1hr episodes in the 6-12 episode season format?
    In the last couple years i have been watching alot more of this type of tv over the traditional 40min 20 episode series, and almost no 20min series.

  49. Joe,
    Sorry to hear that the Franchise is done….How Sad. Is the set at the Bridge still standing???

  50. Hey, if @majorsal gets a confirmation of Sam/Jack, I want a confirmation of McShep!!!

    Like either will ever happen. 😛

  51. Common Descent … WOW!

    Rob Cooper has hit it out of the park again. I was on the edge of my seat the entire show. Can’t wait for next week .. but then that brings us all that much closer to the end of SGU.

    Dammit, why couldn’t SyFy see the potential of this show. I hate that accountants now run all manner of things. Damn the Nielsen ratings system for not capturing the true number of people watching the show.

    Some one suggested a subscription service for downloads of newly made episodes – I’d pay for that in a heartbeat as long as the video quality was terrific. And I won’t be purchasing SGU S2 until it comes out on blu-ray. Once you see SGU in bd, you can’t go backwards to DVD. I still like having the discs on hand in-case of hard disk failure.

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