Heading out for dinner tonight after which I’ve got to hit the gym, start The Wise Man’s Fear, and finish up the last two episodes of Eden of the East.

Here’s a long overdue mailbag for you to peruse…

Chevron7 writes: “Now onto Colonel Cockblock – love that name Joe. Did you write in the closed eyes swallow Young gave once Varro left his quarters or was that an actor choice? Said all that needed to be said.”

Answer: That reaction was all Louis Ferreira.  Prior to shooting, we discussed the scene and he wanted Young to demonstrate maturity and acceptance in an instant where lesser men would have responded with jealousy.  Given everything T.J. has been through, Young pushes his personal feelings aside to focus on what’s best for her.  And, at that moment, best for T.J. meant showing her the support she so desperately needed.  Still, that “closed eyes swallow” reaction makes it clear that, despite what he may be saying, it hurts him to think he may be losing her to another man.

Chevron7 also writes: “Was the inspiration for the creature a crocodile? ”

Answer: No.  My original inspiration was a komodo dragon.

Chevron7 also writes: “The creature vision and ratchet scenes were fantastic…certainly created a sense of panic, confusion, drama. Do you do the ratchet stunts all in one day?”

Answer: No.  It’s all location dependent.

John D. writes: “For what it’s worth, I didn’t buy the “Rush cares” stuff at all. It really doesn’t play that way. Trying to teach Eli a lesson came off just as Rush being mean-spirited, which was further reinforced by Rush being vile to Volker and pushing him toward a relationship that doesn’t make sense anyway.”

Answer: Rush is not the type of guy who would waste his time.  You can certainly view his actions with regard to Eli and Brody as mean-spirited if you like (that’s certainly not the way it was intended given the humor of the situation and his secret smile at episode’s end), but there’s no arguing with results.  Argue against his methods all you like but there’s no denying it proved very effective in snapping Eli and Brody back in line.  As for his conversation with Volker, I don’t know what you mean by “pushing him toward a relationship that doesn’t make sense anyway”.  Why wouldn’t it make sense?  I think Volker and Park would be very sweet together.  Volker is in love with Park but prepared to let potential happiness slip through his fingers.  There’s nothing worse than a missed opportunity.  And I’m sure Rush would agree.

Sue Jackson writes: “And…what rotten thing to have Young knock just as TJ and Varro were gonna kiss. That was just mean. Who’s idea was that?”

Answer: As I said in yesterday’s entry, the “almost kiss” was a compromise in response to a note I received. The general feeling in the room was that things needed to progress a little more slowly with these two.  In the original draft, they actually do kiss.

Randomness writes: “Speaking of SGU, I hope you and Paul do a thoughts on Episode 20 – Gauntlet entry. Would be interested to know what you think about the episode too, although Paul wrote the thing.”

Answer: Actually, Paul and I co-wrote Gauntlet. I wrote the first draft, he did the rewrite, then I added the Last Supper speech.

Randomness writes: “Sorry about the mistake Joe, just everywhere including Gateworld has creditted Paul as writing the script for Gauntlet. Easy to forget when every Stargate Universe website credits just Paul”

Answer: Well, that’s…annoying.

KevinNS writes: “…does this mean that Varro is the last remaining Alliance member on board now?”

Answer: That he is.

Randomness writes: “1. Did you prefer writing for SG1/SGA over SGU?”

Answer: While I enjoyed writing for both shows, I think I had an easier time writing for SG-1, particularly during the Vala years.

“2. Were you trying to give off a fatherly vibe with Rush when he messes with Eli/Brody after telling them not to touch the Stasis room stuff.”

Answer: Yes.  I’ve always viewed Eli’s relationship with Rush and Young as a “my two dads” situation.

“3. As the series was ending, why did you not kill off a main cast member?”

Answers: There’s still time, no?  Four more episodes to go.

“4. When you wrote this episode, did you put Young on the planet because you know he has a thing for TJ or was it more him looking after his own?”

Answer: Both but, clearly, this was special circumstance.  The only other times I can recall Young heading off-world were in extremely perilous circumstances (Time, Water).

“5. Were Varro and Greer originally planned to be friends in Season 3? Or at the very most two comrades in arms?”

Answer: Nope.  I wanted to have Varro redeem himself in Greer’s eyes, which is why I teamed them in this episode.

“6. Why do you believe Greer was so hostile towards Varro on the planet, and what do you think Varro was thinking when Greer was treating him that badly?”

Answer: Greer is naturally cautious and Varro WAS a part of the incursion that took Destiny, however briefly, at the end of season one.  He never trusted the Lucians but Varro went a long way toward proving himself in this episode.  As for what Varro thought – I’m sure he was somewhat disappointed but not at all surprised.

“7. How do you think Volker was feeling at the end of the episode when he saw Park and Greer, and why do you think he went to see her with what he had in his hand at the end?”

Answer: Well, obviously he took Rush’s speech to heart and decided to “man up” and tell Park how he felt about her.

“8. Do you believe Volker is more looking for a shoulder to lean on, a female friend of sorts, instead of a romance with someone?”

Answer: No, he is definitely interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Lisa.  Again, it’s pretty clear in the episode.

“9. What do you think Young was thinking when the Lucian Alliance joined them on the planet to hunt the beast?”

Answer: I think that, while Young may also be cautious, he’s also logical.  He saw the benefit of having the Lucians assist in the hunt and genuinely appreciated their willingness to help.  After all, Tamara’s life was at stake.

“10. Is Mike Dopuds performance good enough in this episode for you to cast him as Frank in your new Transporter series, or at the very least, give him a decent role?”

Answer: Mike is a terrific actor and a pleasure to work with.  I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him in to audition for any role I thought would be a good fit for him. However, unilateral casting decisions don’t happen.  In the case of the Transporter series, about a dozen different voices will be weighing on casting.

RFVDevil writes: “1. What happened to Wray? I didn’t see her at all in the episode and it seems like it would have been easy to work her into the script. Does Ming Na only have a contract that allows her to appear in a limited number of episodes like Picardo and Amanda on SGA, or did her scenes get cut.”

Answer: Yes, like Woolsey and Carter in Atlantis, the character of Camille Wray doesn’t appear in every episode.

“2. Was this episode at all inspired by The Host? It’s a Korean monster movie.”

Answer: No, the episode wasn’t inspired by any particular movie.

“11. Why did Matt Scott although injured, not join Varro and Greer hunting the beast?”

Answer: Because Young leaves him in charge of Destiny when he leaves to head up the rescue op.

“12. Was there any scenarios out there that involved Young ignoring Varros comments and staying on the planet because of TJ?”

Answer: Nope.  As much as Young wants to go on, he sees the logic in Varro’s argument and elects to leave the rescue to Varro and Greer rather than risk slowing them down.

Joan001 writes: ” Robert Carlyle has not been heard of since the cancellation notice. Has there been any word or opinion from him. Does he keep in touch with anybody in SGU?”

Answer: Actually, I hear he’s got quite a few projects on the go.  And he has been in touch with both Brad and Robert.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “Do you use Movie Magic Screenwriter as your primary software? I have Final Draft on my Mac.”

Answer: Yes.  We used Movie Magic Screenwriter on Stargate and have convinced Alexander to switch over from Final Draft for Transporter: The Series.

Ashleigh writes: “I was woken up at 7:00 AM by Joe this morning with a question I had answered last week via email. When I thought he was done responding he had found his answer…but he obviously became distracted.”

Answer: Still sleeping at 7:00 a.m.  Talk about lazy!  No wonder I had to register my own Cavco number!

Paloosa writes: “1) Will Transporters be as post production heavy as SGU or Atlantis was?”

Answer: Not as heavy although the Transporter: The Series will have limited visual effects.

“2) Is there a date by which you have to have the first episode in the can?”

Answer: Still solidifying our production schedule.

“3) How many episodes are being produced?”

Answer: The show’s first season will consist of 12 episodes.

“4) What network will be airing it?”

Answer: Stay tuned for the official announcement.

“5) Will entire episodes be filmed in Europe, or are only different segments being shot there?”

Answer: Elements of most every episode will be shot in Europe will main unit photography will take place here in Toronto.

Randomness writes: “How’s the casting side of The Transporter going Joe? I realise you can’t say any names or anything, but is it going well? Like do you have ideas as to who you want for each character?”

Answer: Yes, casting is going very well.  A lot of terrific candidates to choose from.  We’re narrowing down our selections and meeting to discuss this week.

BoltBait writes: “So, Joe, am I to understand that the flashback scenes were filmed? Or, did you cut them before production began?”

Answer: No, they were shot, then cut in editing.

Renegard writes: “Does stargate travel guarantee continuity of consciousness? Or could one argue that the person is killed on one end and an exact replica is recreated on the other end?”

Answer: I think it’s more an interruption than a death.  The traveller is disassembled at the molecular level, then reassembled to his/her original form.

Debi writes: “Concerning THE HUNT that was aired, was that Cpl. Marsden that was killed? Say it isn’t so! :O”

Answer: Alas, ’tis so.

Holloway writes: “Joe, I can respect your opinion that Varro is a better fir for TJ than Young. But did you have to play such favorites by having Young go down with injury leaving Varro to be the guy who has to work with Greer to save TJ?”

Answer: Actually, there was one scenario in which Varro teamed with Young to rescue T.J. but, ultimately, I decided to go with Greer.  I think Young’s decision to turn back showed great maturity.  He places T.J.’s well-being over his own pride and that says a lot about the man’s character.

Holloway also writes: “That’s a nitpick. The other nitpick is that I would have love to have seen those TJ flashbacks. Time could have been made for them if you had jettison the whole Rush/Eli/Brody subplot.”

Answer: While the T.J. flashbacks were informative, the Rush/Eli/Brody subplot serviced a bigger arc.  It addressed the emotional fallout from the previous episode and established the stasis pods for…the not too distant future.

Holloway also writes: “Also was there really a need for another nerd vs soldier for a woman’s attention storyline? I’m referring to Volker’s subplot. Even though it ended badly for Volker in this episode there seems to be little doubt whom your sympathies were with in this episode.”

Answer: Not sure what you mean by whom my sympathies were with.  The subplot focused on Volker and his feelings for Park.  If I’d written a story about Greer and his feelings for the same woman, I’m sure one could argue that my sympathies lay with Greer.

53 thoughts on “April 16, 2011: Catching up with the mailbag!

  1. Okay, since you didn’t answer my question about Whiner Sock Guy, then I’m guessing he IS based on you. 😉

    Enjoy your din-din. I think I’m coming down with a cold, thanks to my very generous parents. *grumble-grumble* I’ve had little things over the past couple of years that could have been very mild colds, or just allergies. Nothing major, though, nothing more than a couple sniffles. This time I’m sure it’s not an allergy since I’m getting a sore throat, too. Dammit. Haven’t had anything major in the past two years since getting over the winter from hell when I had pneumonia, and stuff. I am NOT happy. 😡 I think I’ll just turn into Whiner Sock Girl just to spite everyone. 😉


  2. Eight thumbs uip on the chicken recipe. We managed to get it cooked despite the call load(actually one of my shift partners did the cooking while I ran calls, but I did provide him your recipe). Positive comments from all eight of the folks who tried it. Thanks for posting that, and please, we’ll be glad to try other recipes.
    nice fat mailbag. As if I weren’t already with the chicken, you fill my mind up with your comments. Good eatin’ all the way around. Now to hope the clal load allows me to relax for a bit. Again, thanks for the post and keep up all the good work.

  3. Nah, I gotta agree with Holloway about the Rush/Eli thing. While introducing the stasis pods had to be done for reasons I’ve only heard whispers about, resolving the tension between Rush and Eli with a comedic subplot just does not feel SGU-y. There was room to go some dark places with Eli no longer viewing Rush from a pedestal or anything similar, but instead you just went with “Oh lol Rush is better than Eli and let’s all have a laugh despite it feeling out of place”. Not saying the subplot was bad, but after last week, I just didn’t feel it, and compared to the flashbacks, I’d rather have the flashbacks so the episode could feel more SGU-y.

  4. Since SGU shifted its tone from uber dark to something closer in tone to SG1/SGA…( Note: I say closER…it’s still distinctly its own thing) did the show feel differenly to work on? Obviously the whole cancellation would have changed things somewhat but do you think the shift in tone was something the show would have benefited more from if it had been done earlier?

  5. Hi Joe,

    Great episode overall the only problem I had with it is I dont buy that Eli would not have figured out what Rush was doing.

    He is smarter than that.

  6. REGARDING: Answer: “Actually, I hear he’s got quite a few projects on the go. And he has been in touch with both Brad and Robert (Cooper).

    Yea, the two people that we (the fans) can NOT get in touch with or hear from. On the bright side, BamBam has done some work on Bobby’s new series “Once Upon A Time” and crossed paths with him a few times. He did not, however, get to see or talk to Bobby on Thursday, Bobby’s 50th birthday.

    I keep wondering if anyone has passed onto him the information about the fan love for SGU and the efforts we’ve made to try to save the show.

  7. Nice to hear your answers Joe, and to hear about things moving forward with Transporter.

    @In the case of the Transporter series, about a dozen different voices will be weighing on casting.

    By this I assume you mean the studio funding the project, the network, and you the producers? Oh well that’s a shame, that said it can’t be helped. I thought Mike Dopud brought a certain brilliance to SGU more than anything, like he mixed things up, and really made his mark when given the chance. Just a shame he wasn’t promoted to series regular.

    Not really a huge fan of him, just think although he didn’t get the screentime everyone wanted, he just did so amazingly well. Probably due to his talent as an actor, I think the same about Louis ferreira, and Jamil, though both of those had the screentime, hope you can at least bring 1 of them over to Transporter, if only as a guest star..

    @Jim S.

    This was explained as Eli thinking Brody pushed a button or something whilst checking out the stasis pod, and as Eli didn’t want to get frozen himself, he in his very limited knowledge of the Stasis pods tried to look for that quick fix so he didn’t have to involve Rush. Simply put Eli wanted to be a big boy and not rely on Rush to solve everything..

  8. Thanks for the mailbag. Hope your dinner and the rest of your evening went well.

  9. glad to see mailbag, hope you had a wonderful dinner and don’t workout too soon after eating, not good for you. Have a nice Sunday.

  10. Hello Joe.

    Just curious… with casting for the new series, do you feel any pressure? You are, after all, casting one of the more iconic characters in modern film… Do you and Rob feel a lot of pressure to get this right? …and have you spoken to Jason Statham (to get his blessing on who willow play the iconic Frank Martin?

    Best wishes,


  11. Just to remind you Joe, I assume you have probably finished Eden of the East by now, the first movie from that series titled Eden of the East: King of Eden is out on the 26th of April, it pretty much carries on from the finale of the main series.

    Takizawa was such an iconic figure at the end, the way he set that situation up to resolve a greater issue that threatened the whole of Japan was just so well done.

    Anyway I doubt you’ve ever seen a finale set up like that before in an anime Joe lol..

  12. @das: I think Joe said yesterday that Morrison, the “whiner sock guy” was based on Carl:


    And so, when it came time to write the infirmary scene in which Volker pays Park a visit, I decided to add a dash of Carl by including a kevetching Morrison in the scene. Had the scene also included him going off on air travel and having to order the toppings on his hamburger, it would have been just like the writers’ room.

  13. Asked this before, originally Telford was going to lead a team throught the gate once the 9th Chevron was established. Did any of his chosen team go through the gate in the pilot episode? Or did they all go out in the F-302’s to defend Icarus? You would think that he would have a couple scientists or Ancient experts on the team, unless they were all killed on the planet. Just wondering if everyone on Destiny really “shouldn’t have been there.”

  14. @ Sparrowhawk – Oh, thanks. That’s what I originally thought (see my comment a few days ago). I didn’t know the character’s name was Morrison, so I didn’t put two and two together. Thanks.

    (Joe – sorry for being a duhhead. My mind has been elsewhere lately.)


  15. Cool mailbag! Although I was surprised about the 12 episode commitment. It seems kind of tepid, especially considering the multi-national logistics and production of the show.

    @PBMom My situation was like yours. I had to sleep at an angle. I’m feeling much better, and will be back to work on Monday. Yeah 🙁 . My best wishes to you and I truly hope that you can finally find some relief and get better soon as well.

  16. Most reliable places give you credit, btw.
    IMDB credits you in writing Gauntlet..
    Of course, I check those places before stargate sites.

    But even wikipedia gives you credit, even listed over Paul.

    Gateworld has story on YOU writing it:

    http://www.gatevision.net/stargate-universe/episode/gauntlet says Carl wrote it.

    Is confused, says Paul OR possibly you lol.

  17. Well darn, got sidetracked at the credit thing and forgot my actual comments. 🙂

    Did you order the new hottest pepper yet?

    Passover starts Monday evening… I may avoid your blog til it’s over. Just kidding…. I actually do like matzo. But your food pics will be tempting.

    I started to get excited about your new series, and then it hit me. PLEASE, I don’t need official station yet, I understand you have to announce when officially told you can. But you can please tell us if the US is going to get to see it! So much of the work being done by SG actors is not available here.

  18. Thanks Joe for the mailbag..I love that it’s such a collaborative environment at Stargate.

    How’s your Mom, Sis & the dogs? I haven’t heard peep or have I missed those entries? I’ve been so distracted by stuff lately.

    I wondered what Rush learned during the Stasis Pod thing. I just got the feeling that he meant he learned something physically about Brody. Wondering what kind of diagnostic it ran. Am I reading too much into the scene?


  19. Note to self: Watch tape of “The Hunt” today, with apologies to all.

    Still here, still working with shy dog Sabastian (as ADL records spell it), still giving lip service to de-cluttering the house. Also avoiding most of Fiesta San Antonio this year; city’s 10-day party ends today.

    Hey, Joe, if you need any dialogue translated to Spanish, you know how to reach me. I’ll work cheap, just an expenses-paid trip to Madrid or Barcelona, or a day on Toronto set shadowing costume dept. 

  20. @Debra

    Firstly, Gateworld if you look at the top of the page lists it as *Written by Paul Mullie* For Gaunlet
    There is no story there, just random extracts from Joes blog relating to the info, they do that for most episodes.

    Wikipedia for some reason, listed as Paul Mullie too.

    And sorry for not knowing every random Stargate site out there, just on the ones that are more well known, Paul Mullie is listed.

    Anyway it looks like someone updated Wikipedia and creditted you Joe, I didn’t think it was my place to point out mistakes from other websites but Gateworld still needs to update their episode 20 page.

  21. Hey Joe

    Did you catch that wee snowfall this morning? Apr 17, two weeks to May, and it was snowing. Welcome to Ontario!


  22. Ah yes, the sad fact of america TV; too many chefs – perhaps that is why the broth is so frequently spoiled.

    Question: Is the European B-roll mostly for green screen?

  23. Brad Wright is at the Vancouver Stargate Convention. Sunday, April 17th, 11:00 CDT. Did you know that all of his attempts to save the show have fallen through? That the movies were a “no go?” That we really are dead in the water? I am VERY upset right now.

  24. End of the road for Stargate

    Click link for full story


    Brad Wright: Stargate Movies Won’t Happen

    #SGU movie is a no go #BradWright #Stargate
    Confident franchise will continue in the future #BradWright #Stargate
    Took too long to pull $$ together #SGU #BradWright #Stargate
    “i did not cancel Atlantis” #BradWright #Stargate
    For now the franchise is in MGMs hands #BradWright #Stargate

  25. Took too long to get the money together???? That’s an artificial deadline, if I ever heard one… I still think that SGU was doomed from the beginning. I think that if someone had not made a commitment to SGU, it would never have gone forward when SGA was abruptly cancelled. The marketing for SGU was never the best or creative and the show day move was even worse, but TPTB knew all that… and now we have all things blood sucking.

    SYFY – imagine greater…. I think not!

    A pox on those cutting the strings on the Stargate franchise.

  26. *Sigh*

    Well, I guess that’s that. Thank you Brad Wright for trying your best to bring the original franchise back from the edge of the grave; thank you Joe for keeping us updated all this time, and of course a HUUUUUGE THANK YOU to all those who made the last 17 seasons of Stargate one of the most entertaining franchises ever. You guys rock, and I have no doubt that the talent you’ll all bring to whatever project you work on next will make them extraordinary!

    It’s funny. Before I logged into wordpress to comment, there was a Doctor Who ad at the end of the blog entry; it’s poetic, namely because I’ve fallen in love with DW in the last few months. I guess it’s time to move on; just like how I moved on from Star Trek to Stargate when Enterprise got cancelled, I will now move from Stargate to Doctor Who. But, of course, like Star Trek, Stargate will always have a special place in my nerd heart.

    But of course I’ll still hang out here; I’m still reading every entry, but real life is getting busier. Still, I look forward to trying out this Transporters series. It definitely looks action-y!

  27. That absolutely positively stinks—am writing out what the Stargate franchise means to me now which I will put on the blog before this amazing run is over. ***wiping the tears off my face***

  28. Hi Joe
    So sad to hear that it’s officially the end of the Stargate era… I always hoped that there would be a happy ending to all this…
    Now that we know no movies will be made, could you please share the scripts (or bits of them) for both the SG1 and SGA movie??? Will you please share how you guys wanted to end SGU?
    Thanks to the amazing Stargate family for hours and hours of great TV!

  29. Feels like SGU got cancelled again. This is it – the end. For the first time since I started watching Stargate, there isn’t a season or movie to look forward to.

    Thank you for the fun fun ride. It’s been great! *sheds a tear*

  30. The news out the Vancouver Stargate convention is about what I expected.

    Sadly SGU didn’t find enough Neilson boxes (AKA measured audience) to survive. That have some impact on getting funding for the SGU movie IMO.

    As previously posted here the folks running the franchise got to fade away so it can either be relaunch or rebooted with new blood. It’s highly unlikely MGM will want to lose a major future revenue stream.

    In the meantime, we have Mr M’s adventures in T O. Otherwise known as the home of the Wilted Leafs. What else would you expected to hear from a Canadiens fan.

  31. Yeah, this is like the cancellation day all over again. But I think we should remember that in science fiction, no one is ever REALLY dead.

  32. Incredible, looks like I was correct when I said an SGU movie wouldn’t happen weeks, if not months ago. Well I didn’t *say* it, I just repeated what I was told by someone in a position to know these things.

    Speaking of which, as much as I would of loved to of seen an SGU movie, It wouldn’t of done the series justice, it deserved at least a Season 3.

    Can’t speak for everyone but I pretty much moved on from the thought of a movie ages ago, more looking forward to hearing about your new series Joe.

  33. Stargate was absolutely a great ride. Many thanks to all the talented people who got it all together, both behind and in front of the camera. The talent was amazing. Best wishes to all in their future endeavours – I’m looking forward to seeing them all.

    I think it was Claudia Black who commented on the cancellation of SG1, “It was 90% business and 10% show.” The fans, of course, don’t matter… except when they’re asked to “run out and buy the boxed set” to let the TPTB know that you really, really like the show and perhaps they’ll continue it…. all B.S., and they turn around and run laughing to the bank……………../pfffft..!

    Not much variety on TV anymore unless you like reality shows, mindless sitcoms and blood suckers.

  34. Hi Mr M.


    Only word for it.

    I know I speak for the millions of fans worldwide when I say :

    Thank you.

    Thank you to all the talented cast and crew who have, for 14 years entertained, enlightened, enlivened and amazed us with adventures, drama, stories and science fiction at its finest.

    God’s Speed to the next Adventure.


  35. Joe,

    I especially want to thank you for the time you’ve given me here – sharing your life and work and you’ve always been so giving with regards to your photos & putting up w/ my brattish ways. Thanks to you and Paul for the super cool scripts on SGU, SGA, SG1. You guys did a phenomenal job in particular as showrunners for the last 2 seasons of Stargate Atlantis. They were my faves. The Hunt is gonna be way up there as one of the eps I watch over and over.

    I’ll follow along with The Transporter. You haven’t gotten rid of me…*smile*

    Cheers, Chev

  36. I still don’t under *why* Rush had to put Eli (and Brody) in his place. Just because they were being recalcitrant–that’s nothing new. Regardless of the intention behind the writing, the way it came across on screen was that Rush needed to regain the upper hand in his relationship with Eli after Eli’s work of the previous week. It undermines the strength and knowledge Eli has supposedly developed during his time on Destiny and sets Rush’s character backward, as he sits on his throne and plays with the ship’s residents.
    The benefit of this week’s episode is that we didn’t have to watch Chloe become the ideal woman for *three* men again.
    Anyone know if that is Louis’s voice on the Mazda commercial? I was doing something else last night when a commercial was on in the background and all of a sudden I thought I heard his distinctive voice.
    You’ve probably guessed I’m not the hugest SGU fan, but it has been something I’ve followed, so I’m sorry for all the diehards who have been crushed by this latest announcement from Brad. I’ve been there before and I know how it feels.
    I think Joe summed it up in a previous blog, but what you need to know about Transporter is this: Frank is a mysterious fellow, with some sort of Special Forces background, who has settled in Southern France (?) making a living driving packages around. He’s sort of a messenger. He has two rules: something like “don’t change the terms of the deal” once it’s made, and never look in the package. In the first movie, he looked in the package, because it made a noise, and discovered he was transporting human cargo. So he got caught up in a whole plot, and the guy who made the deal to have Frank transport the cargo tried to silence Frank by having him deliver another package, which was really a bomb to blow up Frank and his car. (Which then led to one of the coolest fight scenes and best fight scene music in recent movie history!) So Frank wants to live the quiet life but keeps getting drawn into situations that require his old skills and some super driving in very awesome cars. He takes off his shirt a lot, so whoever is cast should have some cut abs.
    Oh, and Transporter 3 is eminently missable.

  37. @Vigs
    @the way it came across on screen was that Rush needed to regain the upper hand in his relationship with Eli

    In your opinion.

  38. @Vigs

    Joe answered that point here

    Question asked by yours truely

    “2. Were you trying to give off a fatherly vibe with Rush when he messes with Eli/Brody after telling them not to touch the Stasis room stuff.”

    Answer: Yes. I’ve always viewed Eli’s relationship with Rush and Young as a “my two dads” situation.

    As Joe pretty much put accross what he meant, and it seems like I got the jist of it in my question, I mostly just accept this as an answer, I mean It’s pretty much the definative take on your question.

  39. @Randomness
    Yes, I read Joe’s answer. My comment was that it seemed like a nasty thing for someone, and now especially a father figure, to do. I guess the idea is that in space, running with scissors is exponentially more dangerous?
    (But my “take[away]” on Rush has never been in sync with what TPTB have intended, which may explain my ambivalence toward the show.)
    And yet, I still tune in and am entertained.

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