If rumors are to be believed (and, really, why wouldn’t you believe a rumor?),  i’s are about to be dotted, t’s stroked and, where necessary, certain vowels umlauted, graved, and aigued so that, by Monday, I’ll finally be able to name the super-secret series I’m working on.  Well, it’s super-secret only insofar as I’m calling it “super-secret” since, by now, most of you have already figured out the show.  What we know so far: it’s based on an established film franchise, is a co-production that will be shooting in Toronto and Europe, will showcase colorful stunts and action sequences, involves a character named Frank and another named Tarconi, and features a black Audi.  And if you guessed Ulykken or Il Mio Miglor Nemico, I’m going to have to ask you to guess again.

Anyway, many of you are asking “Joe, why don’t you just work from Vancouver?”.  Well, the simple answer is “I can’t.”.  Paul and I will be Exec. Producing the series with Alexander (who has been creative point man on the project through it’s lengthy development), something we’d be hard-pressed to accomplish from the other side of the country.

Alas, no movement on the accommodation front.  Looks like I’ll be extending my stay in the apartment while I expand my search for a house.  On the bright side, it turns out my current locations isn’t too bad.  I’m only a ten minute walk from Silver Snail Comics and a terrific burger joint I checked out last night with Akemi.  m: brgr first opened in Montreal a couple of years back and it immediately piqued my interest.  It’s a place that the Carls and Alex’s of the world can enjoy as much as I do because the burger building basics allow for everything from simple cheeseburgers to foie-gras topped kobe beef burgers.  For instance, last night, I went with with the brioche bun, kobe beef, caramelized onions, fig jam, porcini mushrooms, and black truffle carpaccio.  I expected it to be good but, holy smokes, it surpassed my lofty expectations.  It was THE BEST BURGER I’ve had in recent memory.  And when it came time to dessert –


House tiramisu
Deep dish chocolate chip cookie topped with not one but TWO scoops of vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t stop eating and practically polished it off all by myself. Then glanced over and noticed a table of three girls sharing an order. The truth is, although I was stuffed, had the dessert been twice as big I probably still would have finished it.
Akemi reacts to my eating prowess.

Tomorrow is Carl’s last day in town (until he returns to break another story) so we’re sending him off in fine style: with schnitzel sandwiches from California Sandwiches and  a return trip to m: brgr for dinner.  Wish me luck!

30 thoughts on “March 31, 2011: The not-so-secret project may not be so secret for long!

  1. Wow, I want one of those burgers…minus the mushrooms. Otherwise, sounds amazing.

    Questions re: The Super Secret Series:

    1) How many black Audis does the production have, and are they owned / leased / fake?

    2) The new A8 is pretty f’ing phenomenal…is that what we’re going to see on-screen?

    3) Did you open the package?

  2. Joe, it sounds like a series based on the Transportter movies. Have you thought of casting any one from Stargate?

  3. I’m working on something that went public before it was ready for publicity, too. And, despite that, in certain niche circles (not this one), I still have to talk all dodgy about it. It’s weird to have a public secret, but it was weird to talk dodgy even before it was a publicly announced project. I’ve just avoided the forum where we review each others’ screenplays because I’m too tempted to say I’m working, but too shy to be dodgy in a forum where being dodgy is a sign of a hack.

  4. Glad to hear the sushi experience was just a one-off, and that you are enjoying some of the better restaurants that T.O. has to offer. Thanks also for the restaurant tips — I’ll add them to my list for my next trip to Hogtown.

  5. What? No photo of the burger? The desserts look yummy, and I’m in the mood for something…poor Mr. Deni is gonna have to get dressed and take me out for something now. I’ll tell him it’s your fault. 🙂 Glad you didn’t go for the old and creepy house; I’m sure you can find something you like. Ok, I’m outta here for find dessert. Love to the pups!

  6. Deadline already reported that cinemax has greenlit 12 episodes of a transporter tv series. Now the question is, is it a prequel or another transporter? Because i doubt jason statham is starring in it without that news leaking out by now.

    If it is only 12 episodes do you really have to buy a place in toronto? Why not rent and come back in 4-6 months when your done?

  7. So, as an executive producer, will you have to fly over the pond for the European side of the production? If so, how often? If not, how will the coordination take place between the two venues?
    Glad to see you’re finding some places you can actually eat at. With a full belly and better frame of mind you may have better luck nailing down a suitable house.
    Hope you have a fun weekend, and manage to not freeze any body parts of in the unfamiliar cold.

  8. Chaulk up another awesome highlight in your portfolio! Too bad I don’t subscribe to Cinemax. I’ll have to enjoy your new show thru your blog entries. Your blog is a show in itself. Will you be traveling to Europe or are you strictly the Canada connection? Sounds very interesting. No surprise you would want to endure Toronto for the experience of this new show.

  9. Damn. I thought you were talking about SGU for a second.

    *Sigh* 😀

    Still, looking forward to the transporter series though. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  10. Thanks again to everyone who wished me and Mr. Das a happy anniversary! We had a nice day, despite the whole having to go to work thing. Hopefully a nice dinner tomorrow night! 🙂

    @ maggiemayday – That tattoo? It has teeth. 😉

    @ deefromsouthafrica – I believe I saw you skulking around these parts the other day – good to have you back! Hope all is well!

    @ Joe – Keep eatin’ those burgers, bubble butt. 😉

    Okay, now that I have your attention – any new news on the comic book front?

    Have a good night!


  11. Don’t subscribe to Cinemax. Bummer.

    You cannot live on burgers the whole time though. I’m sure you’ll find other places to eat. And a place to stay that will have a backyard. Good luck with it all. That cookie/ice cream combo is exactly up my alley. Love how they presented it in the pan.

  12. Coucou 🙂 ça va bien? moi super!

    Cool les photos 🙂 miame, ça donne faim! Akemi est superbe avec son petit bloc note!

    Je suis impatiente d’en apprendre plus sur votre projet ! Vous savez combien de temps vous allez rester à Toronto?

    Bonne journée! Gros bisou

  13. You mean the “super secret project” A.K.A “Transporter TV Show” of which everyone has been aware for the past couple of months? That super secret project? Yeah, I bet it’s gonna be great 😀

  14. Hey Joe,

    I think it is a great idea to take more time. You’ll discover the place that is right…when you allow more time to feel the rhythm of the city. You are so logical in your decisions…it is fun to watch the process.

    Wow…so Carl is going to live somewhere else? That I guess would be easier in some respects…I guess actors do it all the time.

    I have been enjoying this entire process…even the hamburger story. *smiles* I still enjoy you being at the end of my day. Today I’ve had the worst migraine…and I hate ::I::N::S::O::M::N::I::A::! Had it for over two years. It is just past 6:00am and I won’t be asleep for another couple of hours. One day…my posts will come earlier…well…someday.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  15. Thanks for the pictures, mmmm, ice cream and a cookie, and tiramisu,yummm,,,. desserts,,my hips thank you,,thats exactly where these items go, just smear ’em on, ha..
    Much success in your new show,,, cinemax, if that is true.hmm, well we will see..(i don’t subscribe)(yet).
    Good luck house hunting. Nice to see Akemi still there and enjoying herself. Have a pleasant day!
    Carl, have a safe journey.

  16. Uh-oh. It seems I have a young Turkish man with albinism who wants to be my friend on Facebook.

    Mr. Das just might have something to say about that. 😆


  17. To Das: Belated Happy Anniversary. Sorry I missed the post about it.

    To Joe: Cinemax, huh? Well, we subscribe to Showtime just to watch Dexter and then we cancel it, so I guess we’ll be doing the same for this.

  18. My Guesses for your Super-Secret-Series:

    Anne of Green Gables on Ice
    Stargate: PG-13
    The Lion King and Mrs. Muir
    Ghost Hunters InterGalactic
    Say Yes to the Duress
    The Botany of Vacuums
    Property Sturgeons
    Seal Housewives of Toronto
    Yin Yang Theory
    Smee (Dickens in musical form like Glee)
    American Midol
    The Ex Factor
    and finally….
    Prancing with the Guitars

    Please, please tell me I’m close on at least one of my guesses. I pride myself on being very smart…and on my gud spelling.

  19. Okay well, hate you didn’t find a place YET, but then again, if you find one you WANT the wait will be worth it. Glad you finally found a good meal. 🙂

  20. My anniversary (18yrs) is on April 10th but hubby has to keep reminding me. I must be the only female that doesn’t keep track of that stuff.

    PBmom: how ya feeling?

    Mr. M.: Those desserts look awesome! I can tell that Akemi is keeping her fingers safely away 😀 .
    Good luck with the house hunting!

  21. Hi Das

    I don’t skulk…much. 🙂

    I actually had a violent reaction to the ending of the Stargate franchise and it took a while for it to sink in that it wasn’t Joe’s fault.
    Besides, I’m a nosy bitch and I really wanted to see what Joe was up to 😀

    Joe, it seems that you and the doggies are settling in and that the weather seems to be getting better. Good for you. Here it is raining, which means that winter will soon be here. It never gets colder than 10 degrees C… but I call it winter. 😉

    One final thing – I am gutted that you never showed the burger and insist you order another one so we can see what it actually looks like.


  22. World Autism Awareness Day!

    @Joe: food looks great! Is Akemi taking notes?

    @das: it’s bad luck to take up with albinos on your anniversary. At least wait until tomorrow.

  23. Thanks again to those I didn’t get to thank before! 🙂

    @ deeinsouthafrica – Yeah…I understand, that’s how I felt the first week or so after Atlantis was canned (though I didn’t feel it was Joe’s fault).

    Sparrowhawk – But he’s so CUTE! AND pale! And young! *wriggles cougarish eyebrows* (No worries…I told Mr. Das and he just sorta rolled his eyes and told me I shouldn’t be on FB. 😛 )

    Well, we spent the day repairing – or trying to repair – a godawful leak under our kitchen sink. Mr. Das got the drain fixed, down through the floor (the old pipe literally disintegrated in his hand), but then he found another leak where the sink drain and the shower drain connect. Since that leak is under the house and the connection more complicated, we’re leaving it for the plumber (who will be coming early next week – hopefully). In the meantime I can’t put anything back under the sink since the entire bottom of the cabinet fell apart (particle crap), and we best leave it all open until the plumber is done. So, all this stuff is sitting on my kitchen floor – vases, bonsai supplies, all the household cleaning supplies, dish rags – stuff I forgot I had – and I just don’t feel like dealing with it tonight. Once it’s done Mr. Das will have to build a new bottom to the cabinet, and I just hope the damage didn’t spread to the two cabinets on either side (will check tomorrow). Ugh…what a way to start the new month. 😛


  24. No more buckeye cake for me. Butter + peanut butter + heavy cream = gall bladder attack. Eat something fancy to celebrate my new apple-centric diet.

  25. Nice to hear that you’ve found both good burgers and comix. Soundsl like Toronto is growing on you! I for one am glad the series is shooting in Europe as well. After enjoying the international TV productions from Korea in shows like Bad Guy and IRIS I think it’ll be great to see real international locations.

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