Flying back to Toronto today with Bubba and Lulu today.  Carl convinced me I’d be better off flying during the day than taking the red-eye.  While the darkened environment and late-night hour of the 10:30 p.m. flight could make for sleepier dogs, it could also result in cranky fellow passengers trying to snooze through Bubba’s incessant whining.

Took the dogs out for an early morning one hour walk to tire them out for the flight.  Along the way, came across about two dozen people. Almost all of them smiled in passing.  Fully half said “Good morning” without being prompted.  Compare to Toronto where people in your own apartment building barely make eye contact in the elevator.

While you’re out there no doubt worrying about how the flight is going, why not enjoy some behind the scenes pics from this week’s episode, Hope, written and produced by Carl Binder (oh, and a subsequent episode) –

74 thoughts on “March 27, 2011: Yet Another Travel Day!

  1. Hope the pups sleep through the flight. And thanks for the behind the scenes pics.


  2. Now I’m worried for Greer and his kidney!

    I hope you guys settle in well on the flight and it is uneventful. Big hugs.

  3. Hey Joe, Are sure this entry is March 26?? Just checkin’
    Thanks for the pix, always enjoy behind the scene pix.

  4. Good luck with the dog stuff, hope it goes well. And lol I can see his point there, I think anyone would be pretty unhappy if they were trying to sleep through dogs crying etc.

    Speaking of Japan, not really a good time to go back there for anyone really, what with the reports of radiation being found in some food sources, and what not, even as far back as Tokyo, mostly the fallout from the Nuclear Plant problems.

    Anyway, I’m sure once you’re settled and know the lay of the land and whats where you can easily make the best use of what Toronto has to offer, and in that way the bleak outlook on things would be reduced somewhat lol

    I’ll miss SGU, the ratings make me T_T inside, doesn’t deserve them, not at all, okay me hating the last episode aside. The best episodes have yet to come!

  5. oops, I mean “general’s uniform.” WordPress could really use an edit function for comments.

  6. Whatcha doin’ to Greer??! Stealin’ his kidneys, now??! I hope this isn’t for one of yer fancy dinner parties, or something. 😉

    Let us know as soon as you get the dogs to safety. We figure if they’re okay, you’re okay.

    Gotta run…just stopped back at the house to ONLY check on your blog before out again we go!


    (Really I stopped at home to pee and make sure my Crusaders v Sharks rugby match was recording okay, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to stroke your ego a little while I was at it… 😀 ).


  7. Hope you have a safe flight back. The day travel idea makes good sense.

    I’m enjoying the awful majesty of Solarbabies; don’t know how it is that I never saw it before. I especially love Adrian Pasdar’s mystical rollerblader with pet owl and the random Charles Durning cameo. Best part was the mullety goodness of foxy 80’s Peter DeLuise.

  8. Bubba = crying and howling. Didnt poop this morning which makes me nervous.

    Lulu = vomited in carrier.

    And we haven’t even boarded yet.

    Not looking forward to the four hour flight.

  9. did you get any sedatives from the vet? Can only send soothing thoughts at the dogs and hope they will settle down enough for the ride to keep your and their blood pressures down. Are they going directly to Fondy’s to join the others? Hang in there….

  10. Did you give them some gravol or valium before leaving to relax them some?

    Re: Facebook – Gotta love the Onion.

  11. Seeing the pictures of the snow in Toronto, makes me remember why I moved to Vancouver.

    Hope you, Akemi and the pooches get settled soon. And find a home that will suit everyones needs.

    I grew up about 3 1/2 hours southwest of Toronto and only visited there on occasion.

  12. Hello there Joe! 🙂

    I hope you can lessen the stress u have.
    All will be good so don´t worry.
    I´m feeling with Lulu because i had vomit the whole last days nearly nonstop, so u can tell her that she´s not alone. 😉
    Through this i was absent and couldn´t read ur blog.
    At the moment I have some kind of stomach flu. Absolute horror and physical crash. Now, after almost a week I’m on the road to recovery. Guess two or three days and I am healed and into old condition again.
    My sister´s pet is whining also sometimes, but when she take the little cheeky monkey on her arm for a while, everything is going to be ok, no whining then. Did u tried that way 2 Bubba? Physical proximity of the owner helps sometimes wonder.
    Btw of course thank u for the behind-the-scene pics, great as always. This show is my personal light in the dark tunnel. Last time there were no news about the future of SGU. Hope u and the other producers will find a way to finish the story (i don´t know how often i wrote this) 😉

    So have u & urs a good ´n safety flight. Enjoy your food in always good mood (Yep, that rhymes). As always stay healthy and cheerful.

    Whining Wolf

  13. Awwww!!! {{{huggles puppies}}} Sorry, Joe, you’re on your own. 😈

    Oh, OKAY…Sending good vibes your way, too. I’m just not huggin’ ya until I get a box of chocolates. 😉 PLEASE let us know when your landed and settled. Are you taking them right to Fondy’s?? Maybe when they see their housemates they’ll feel better.

    Wishing you well!


  14. Hello Joe!!

    Miss me?

    To start with, have you considered that Ivon knows your neighbours and told them ALL about you…how big is Toronto? Hahahahahahaha

    Trying to figure out which would be the worst smell during a long flight – dog poop or puke? Ugh!!!! Good luck!!!!

    So….Broken Ties…like I said yesterday

    I was watching the Showdown special feature and I watched the episode and listened to the audio commentary. The way I figure it the crux of the episode is Ronon going darkside and the big showdown w/ Tyre. Is that how you pitched it?

    1. How does an episode get 6 minutes over? A couple of minutes I can understand but 6 is a lot.

    2. If I got it right that the essence of the ep is Ronon going darkside and the showdown then why would you delete any part of the fight and leave in the fluff (McKay in the bath, Woolsey in a suit – as funny as they are)? Was the episode looking too dark or something? That’s one of my fave fights and should be in there in it’s entirety in my opinion. James, Jason and Mark did an incredible job.

    3. That leads me onto the next thing….in the audio commentary you didn’t even mention BamBam..not once…he did an amazing job choreographing that fight and working with Jason, in particular.

    Anyhoo I really wanted to ask you these questions. I hope when things settle down you can answer them…yay!!!

    Have fun Joe!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Good luck on the plane Joe…hopefully they will accept the flight as it is and keep it cool……
    My dogs dont enjoy a car ride for 10 minutes let alone a flight of 4 hours.

    Thanks for the pictures, looking forward to see Robert Picardo back in action.

  16. Hope things are going well (or at least as well as they can be).

    Thanks for the pictures!!

  17. Good luck, Mr. M.! I hope you have some wet wipes and stuck super absorbent materials in the dog carriers….

  18. Oh gosh, I am *so* sorry to read about Bubba and Lulu’s distress – but 100 times more so about Akemi’s (and what you’ve said about your own). I know how I would feel about a life-partner talking about returning to his home country even before his visa expired.

    What others said about the spring season getting into gear at some point, and how that will help a lot – it’s so good for all of us to be reminded about that, since it’s so true. Still, there’s no denying that the waiting is the hardest part. (Anyone want to cue Tom Petty? Nah, me neither. Later, maybe.)

    I know all of us wish we could help in some way, and it’s great that Leah, Lawren, Fondy and anyone else who’s positioned to help, are doing what they can. But you’re in so many people’s thoughts and prayers, each according to his/her belief system.

    – Right now it just doesn’t feel right to end my comment on this note, but many thanks to Carl for passing on the CIA/Facebook vid, and to you for sharing it. I haven’t laughed so long and hard in a long time. Absolutely tear-inducing, guffaw-producing hysterical. . . . I’ll have to copy the link so I can replay it as needed, and share it with all my Faceb – no, no that would be Twitter and in-person friends. Also to Carl: Great-looking new USC shirt! Rock it, dude. *w*

    Joe, as said, will be thinking about you, Akemi, and the fur-kids.

  19. Any particular reason there’s a painting of 4 star General Jonathan Winters behind Misters Wright and Ferriera? Not that Winters couldn’t play a General, but he’d probably be more suited for one of those insane Admirals from Star Trek …

  20. Joe Said:

    Fully half said “Good morning” without being prompted. Compare to Toronto where people in your own apartment building barely make eye contact in the elevator.

    You should try Chicago…making eye contact (or using your turn-signal) is seen as a sign of weakness. Maybe it’s a result of being virtually shut-in over the winter months? 😉

    Hopefully people will warm up there (both physically and inter-personally) when spring finally sets in.

  21. Four hours only feels like an eternity. Hang in there.

    That kidney looks a little underdone, I’d send it back to the kitchen.

  22. Channel your inner Soccer Mum, Joe. Have a few stiff drinks, pop some Prozac, let the kids, sorry dogs, run riot and ignore the looks of anyone you might be annoying.
    I’m going to get in trouble for this comment aren’t I?

  23. Usually I come out hungy out of this blog, thankfully not this time 😛

    Love the pictures, keep em coming 😀

    Hilarious smile from Louis Ferreira, wonder what could cause that, 3rd season of SGU? 😛

  24. FINAL FOUR! Ok, Ok, I did say I wasn’t interested in March Madness. But despite my pessimism, my local team/former university has managed to knock off number one Kansas, avenging University of Richmond and putting themselves in line as the Cinderella team of the tourniment. If they can make it past Butler….hope you aren’t too exhausted to drop a quick word that you and the dogs have arrived…funny how we can actually be so concerned about people we barely know and dogs we’ve never met. Or is that dogs we barely know and people we’ve never met? Bah. Time for bed so that I’ll be charged up to start off yet another year on this mortal plane. or plain. or coil. yes, definitely time for bed…

  25. I feel bad for Lulu and Bubba!! Also feel bad for you here is hoping the flight went smoothly please update us as soon as you can.

    Great behind the scenes pics!!

  26. @ Sean D. – The whole time I was watching that video, all I was thinking about was boobs…and I’m a chick with no interest at all in chickboobs. I think if she wanted to make any sort of point, she should have thought twice about pushing those puppies up in my face.


  27. In T.O. with all four dogs. Waking up early to check out two more daycares and start looking into pet-sitters.

  28. Every time I see a “candid” photo of Louis Ferreira I can’t stop laughing! He seems like a very pleasant, mildly crazy guy. And he is always smiling. He must be a whirlwind on the set.

  29. {{{Joe & Akemi & puppies}}}

    Glad you’re all together and now can get on with things. Once you have a place to call home, everything will probably start getting back to normal. Rest well!


  30. Congrats on a mission well done Joe(Getting the dogs safetly to toronto).

    How was the flight??

  31. In T.O. with all four dogs.

    So how did things go on the flight? Were the dogs okay once they were on board, were the other passengers looking for some way to toss you off the place, or was it somewhere in between? Nosy minds want to know!

  32. Glad to hear that family’s back together. I’m sure once you get into a routine, everything will turn out great.

  33. Yay…alll there!!
    Hope things improve in your hunt.
    Hope Akemi can see some silver lining in all the chaos. As others have mentioned, it’s only been a few days.
    Crossing fingers and toes for you all! And, one trauma at a time.

  34. @ das LOL. Your comment almost made me watch it… but I see no reason to watch hate mongering.

    Glad you are safe and sound and your fellow flight folks didn’t throw you off for the smells and noises.

    Joe, suck it up buttercup. You are there, be the light, lol.

  35. Glad you arrived safely. Poor Pups… good thoughts going their way!

    Hey Joe, was is an insider joke to have Louis Ferreira’s Character, Col. Young were a uniform with the name “Philander”… on it??? If so, LOVE IT!!!

  36. You made it! With sanity intact? I guess we’ll get the whole story later. But the big question is did you get to watch the games? Probably blew everyone’s brackets away with no number ones in the dance. Good luck with daycare tomorrow.

  37. Hey Joe,

    Loved seeing your note that you made it all in one piece. It must be great having all the pups together again.

    I am really looking forward to SGU tomorrow. Now that I know Carl wrote it…YAY Carl for bringing Ginn back…even if it ends up being for this one episode.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  38. Joe – I hope ya find suitable daycare & pet-sitters.

    and @dasNdanger – re: the disturbing video, yeah. Pretty much. Apparently there are already parodies. The L.A. Times article (I think I posted a link to in a comment after the video) has quotes from university representatives responding to her racist behavior and remarks. Since she removed the video soon after uploading it (despite others getting a hold of it pretty quick (aka going viral)), I wonder if she actually regrets (or will ever regret) what she said or she’ll use it as a sick and twisted claim to a few minutes of internet fame. Hopefully the former, for her own sake, and that she’ll learn to control such impulses in the future. Either way, it won’t really make much of a difference how she reacts, considering there will be someone else making an ass of themselves in at least as offensive and backwards way as that on some other youtube video or social networking site.

  39. Glad to hear you’ve all arrived and you (apparently) are still coherent/mentally stable. Good luck with your search today! 🙂

  40. Life is short, take from someone turning 58 this year that still loves scifi, plays FPS videogames (Crysis 2 is amazing), dresses in faded jeans and where’s John Lennon tees all the time, life goes by faster and faster … Think carefully about the things you “have” to do, or think you have to do, versus the things that make you happy.

    On your death bed you will not be concerned with how much you “put up with” but rather all the missed time you could have been doing the things you loved, and loving the people you have in your life.

    I still believe you could video conference your story breaking, and writing, auditioning, with only monthly visits to TO that last a couple of days.

    Oh, and dont sell your house Joe, it keeps your heart in Vancouver, where you want it to be.

  41. Great Pics Joe Thanks

    I live in the shadow of hope for SGU.

    MGM must have made a fortune over the years form Stargate surely their not going to give up on that golden goose just yet?
    I don’t believe the Syfy(wrestling/cooking/realityTV)Channel are the only option we got here. Anyway their as much a Sci-fi channel as Sky News.

    Worry, I’m A Scot’s Man Joe a Born worrier.


  42. Good to hear from you Joe, glad safe landing with pups. Much luck on doggy/day care and maybe you will see a house or two near there. a good one preferably. Surely there has to be a good place somewhere. Does Rob have a loft above his garage?? Where did Carl find a place?? I can see your patience(mine would) wearing thin, sit back with a macaron or 3 and let your thoughts relax. the pups will let you sit for a minute or two, won’t they? sending more positive thoughts, but no better ideas to you. Have a great(better) day!

  43. Sounds like Toronto should be right up your alley then. Remember your blog entry where you ridiculed some lady in the elevator at the dentist office, hoping she didn’t make the mistake of speaking to you while you wondered if she was going to eat you? Well now you have a place that people don’t make crappy conversations in the elevator. Sounds just like what you wished for to me.

    Here’s the cold hard facts: don’t like snow in march? Then a: you’re not a real Canadian or you’ve grown much too soft. I’m sure the parks will be nicer in the summer months. If you can’t take the snow then don’t move to a climate where the ground is frozen 8 months out of the year. I’d have thought you’d have enough common sense to know that. I’m not even canadian and I know that. (Ohioan)

    Solution to snow in march and April: drink more whisky. You won’t feel a darn thing or care if there’s snow. Isn’t that the Canadian approach?

    Fact #2 someone who can afford to charter a private jet really doesn’t have the right to complain about where their overpaid job is located. There are people out there with a lot less. Just look at those poor folks in the Sendai region in Japan. There are people out there without homes or wondering how they will afford their next meal.

    Solution: drink more.

    Fact #3 did you know that misery is just as infectious as laughter? If Akemi is so miserable she wants to go home then maybe it’s less to do withocation and more to do with unhappy company. Life is what you make it. My dad was in the navy and had to go to some pretty crap places like providence rhode island during the winter. Did my parents love it? Nope. Too much snow. But they made it enjoyable together. I’m sure Akemi knows how you feel by now. However at least you’re not alone. Go out and experience things together. Find something to like. Smile. People who complain less and are happier, live longer. Drink more, it might help.

    Fact #2

  44. Glad you all made it ok Joe. Have a good week!

    PS unfurnished? Give Akemi the credit card. Problem solved.

    But lack of A/C is a bit more problematic than ghosts.

  45. Oh, I empathize with you. My company decided it wants to move our office to Memphis. Dude, it’s Memphis! Worst crime city in the US according to FBI stats. They have had to change the door to Human Resources to the rotating type since the announcement.

    Sorry to hear Toronto has that East Coast attitude. Mess with them a bit; reach in side, smile and say “hello, aye” at everyone who is on the elevator. They will pick up on your funny accent and know you are an out of towner.

    Next moth the grass will be growing and trees budding. The parks will be filled with new smells. Right now the rivers at my home state are flooding and flushing all the winter crap down to Memphis.

    Really like the pict. Wont be able to see season 2 for a while as the syndicated eps are only up to “Lost.” Who is the portrait of: Carol O’connor, Jonathan Winters, or Brad Wright?

    Next week take a day and drive down to Niagara Falls (Natures Viagara).

  46. Das wrote:
    >Whatcha doin’ to Greer??! Stealin’ his kidneys, now??!
    >I hope this isn’t for one of yer fancy dinner parties, or something

    Foie Greer, perhaps?

  47. @dasNdanger – That’s a great video! “…the wall… ‘ace'” …and tsunami is not a type of sushi… 😀 Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  48. Sooooooooo, I’m gonna need you to make sure that more Stargate will be made, kay?

  49. @ Debra – 0h, you have to watch it, then watch the really cute Asian guy sing a song about it. It’s priceless! 🙂

    @ Sean D. – I believe she resigned from the school. A real idiot, putting her education on the line like that.

    @ sorrykb – Foie Greer? 😆 …I mean, *groan!* … no, 😆 .



  50. Failing at trying to stay positive about a new town is contagious I think… Having caught up on the last week I think I can empathize with you! In October I had to leave my lovely Karlsruhe to move to Freiburg. Now, most people in Germany will tell you I should be thrilled by this move as the latter city is considered one of the most beautiful and friendly. I do not know what is wrong with them all… Sure there are nice mountains here, but the trams are terrible, if ten people sit down in one it looks full (not like the excellent ones in Karlsruhe…) and half an hour out of the city center is as far as they go (compare to well over an hour)! Sure the city itself is pretty, but there are so few stores and frankly walking on cobblestone is highly over-rated. And the people…. I live in a residential, sub-urban neighborhood; people ignore me or give me suspicious looks when I greet them (I even say good day which the elderly tend to think of as better than hi or hello).

  51. @ Alexandria
    That kind of venom is toxic… to you. Whatever slight you felt and are harboring to spew forth such stuff, truly get some help. No joke. You talk about effects yet you read a blog and erupt bile. Walk away from the computer.

    @ Das, yeah left school? Well, let’s face it.. most racists don’t have the backbone to live with the world examining them up close.

  52. Excellent episode. I can’t believe that there is only six episodes left. Nice moment between Greer and Volker in the “backyard”. I hope the viewers get to see the two new characters in future episodes. I like these two actors. They are very good.

  53. After watching the most recent episode of SG:U, I am really starting to get angry over the cancellation. It’s going to be over when it’s at it’s best.

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