Well, with a little less than a week to go before I move to Toronto, it’s time to go over that Toronto checklist:

FIND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE:  Nope.  I’ve already bemoaned Toronto’s not-so-production-friendly accommodations situation.  And, since that post, not much has changed.  Hope those production offices are comfy.  And pet friendly!

FIND A CAR TO DRIVE: Nope.  I’ve been so busy searching for furnished rentals online that I haven’t even gotten around to looking into a car rental.

INFORM AIR CANADA WE’LL BE FLYING WITH TWO DOGS IN-CABIN NEXT WEEKEND: Nope.  I was able to do everything online EXCEPT register my dogs.  This, apparently, can only be accomplished by speaking directly to an Air Canada representative.  And good luck with that.  “The average wait time,”the recorded message informs me, “Is forty-five minutes.”!  It’s been that way for the past TWO WEEKS!

FIND A SUITABLE DOGGY DAYCARE FOR THE GANG: Nope.  I’m looking at two possible candidates, but won’t decide on one until I’ve had a chance to check them out personally.

FIND SOMEONE TO ACCOMPANY ME WITH A SECOND DOG ON THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND’S FLIGHT: Nope.  I had plenty of offers for next weekend, so I’m hoping people will be in a flying mood two weekends from now.  Anyone interested in a return flight to Toronto, business class?

ESTABLISH THE TEAM: The writers’ room starts spinning next Monday and, outside of Paul, Alex, myself and, (I assume) Rob, it’s still uncertain who’ll be in there with us.


I was up for most of last night angsting over the prospect of flying cross-country with the dogs.  I brought the soft-sided carriers out of storage and started getting the pooches used to the closed environment – tossing in a treat to get them inside, tossing in another treat to get them to duck their heads so I could zip the sherpa closed, then tossing them a final treat for being good sports.  Jelly, Maximus, and Lulu seemed fine for the two minutes or so they were inside, but Bubba went ABSOLUTELY NUTS, scratching and rolling, barking and crying.  I think he may be claustrophobic.  Is that possible?  I am so screwed.  We’re looking at a scheduled 4 hour and twenty-five minute flight!  That’s not including the times enroute to and from the airport as well as the inevitable departure delays.  I AM flying Air Canada after all.

Looks like I might have to invest in some children’s gravol.

Allow me to unwind with some pics of my recent Vegas trip –

I thought she looked cute, but Akemi prefers oversized sun hats with big honkin' sunflowers on top.
Outside the Venetian hotel. In the next James Bond film, I want to see a high speed gondola chase through the hotel's canal.
We received this lovely parting gift at the conclusion of our dinner at Joel Robuchon.

The raspberry (?) pistachio cake it contained.
Which we made short work of the following morning.
I love Vegas. It's so subdued.
Ceiling of the annex between Bally's and the Bellagio.
Ceiling of the Bellagio.

Joe's Stone Crab! We went twice.
I'm not a fan of key lime pie, but I LOVE the version served up at Joe's Stone Crab. So much so that I have seriously considered ordering in the past. They deliver!
Restaurant in the shopping plaza adjoining the Aria. I'd be too nervous to eat here.
Akemi makes a quick call in the Cosmopolitan lobby.
The chocolate fountain outside the Jean Philippe Patisserie.
Some of the unbelievable selection. Check it out. Rose macarons! I haven't seen those outside of Tokyo!
Intense: dark chocolate mousse, chocolate cremeux, and chocolate glaze. Yes, thank you! Rich, dark chocolate through and through. None of these airy fairy gelee's or light creams so prevalent in other so-called patisseries.
Snickers Cake: almond dacquoise, peanut crisp, caramel, milk chocolate mousse. As awesome as the dark Intense was, this was even better. Sublime.
The view from inside the shop. Screw the Venetian. Next time, I'm staying here. IN the pasty shop!

47 thoughts on “March 12, 2011: That Toronto Check List!

  1. I do not envy you a bit–all the last minute stuff. It’s good you were able to get away when you did. Loved the LV pictures especially the Snickers cake. If I ever get out there to visit my friend, I’ll have her take me there.

    Have a good night!!

  2. Unsolicited advice from the Bossy Shawoman:

    1. Visit your vet to get drugs for your dogs so they will travel better; yes, pets can get claustrophobic and easily distressed

    2. Spend some time looking up at that Bellagio ceiling – it is Chihuly – an expansive glass sculpture by the artist whose last name is Chihuly – gorgeous beyond words

    3. I’ve never known you to be so delayful (I know it’s not a real word, and I know I don’t actually know you); suck it up and take care of what you need to take care of as soon as possible. Moving across the continent does not need to be any more tense and stressful than it already is; it seems like you’re writing yourself into a corner just to see if someone will come to your rescue at the last moment. Take action now.

    This Tough Love experience brought to you by the IShouldMindMyOwnBusiness Corporation, and from viewers like you.

  3. Hi Joe,

    More great pics. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 The food looks good, too, and all of it this time. 😛 (Some of the food you’ve posted pics of in the past has looked rather “interesting” though for the most part the stuff looks pretty tasty.)

    It sounds like you have a hefty list of tasks dealing with the move. Now that I’m receiving my Dr. degree this May, I’ll be in similar shoes either this summer or this upcoming fall. With some pretty significant tasks like you have listed there, it sounds like prioritizing them could help with plowing through them.

    Anyway… question:

    What is the name of the new show that you’re working on?

    Thanks! 😀

    Sean D.

  4. The Bellagio pictures were beautiful. The key lime pie would make a good addition to your “dessert” party (formerly known as the chocolate party).

    I would suggest getting a mild doggie tranq. from the vet. It might round out those pesky claustrophobic edges on Bubba. Poor pups are in for stressful times. So, please give them a hug for me.

  5. Joseph friends of mine relocated from the UK to Toronto about 2 years ago. They have two Siberian Huskies. They stayed at the Town Inn Suites until they found a place of their own. Not sure how convenient it would be to the Studio for you but may be worth a look.


    It has corporate and long stay rates. I believe they said to ask for Christine at the desk.

    Hope you can find something

    Will miss SGU and great stories.

  6. “Bubba went ABSOLUTELY NUTS, scratching and rolling, barking and crying. I think he may be claustrophobic. Is that possible?”

    Have an 8 year old white german shepherd. He is not caged trained or used to cages. Went down to my brother’s in Roanoke, left BobCat in a new cage for an hour and a half and he tore it and himself to shreds. Pulled down 3 of the soldered wires from the roof and had stabbed himself in the face with them, blood all over the carpet, bed spread, sheets, walls and doors. Not a pretty sight & speaking of sight, no idea how at least one of his eyeballs was not hanging from one of the wires. 🙁

    Was thinking about taking him with me if I end up relocating to Australia, however my business partner said my dog would end up killing himself trying to get out of the carrier during the 20+ hours flight. My brother found the below website. Reading the many informative posts, coupled with the fact that my brother called and emailed them and seems satisfied that they do truly care about dogs’ welfare, I will order their electronic no bark collar as soon as I get some money. They recommend it to help prevent a dog such as mine from starting to get upset when he is put in a cage/carrier.

    Don’t know how long training would take as I’m sure that all dogs are different. Based on my dog learning very quickly 7 years ago that the radio fence shock is unpleasant for him, this no bark collar might take less than a week. Wouldn’t just put it on him and think that he’d be ready for even a couple hour flight until after a week or so, to make certain he understands that as long as he keeps calm, he won’t get shocked.

    Seems like it is worth a try for my dog at least:

    Leerburg’s website does have a lot of informative info to read. Best wishes to you and your pups on your journey. 🙂

  7. TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS TREE: Check! Done. Today.

    Good! Finally! And don’t forget that stocking!

    Great pictures! They are all so pretty.

  8. MAILBAG Q: What WAS the inspiration for the “Ursini” name, anyway? Doubt you had heard of Ursinus College before I mentioned the coincidence.

    AIRLINE SUGGESTION: Try calling in early business hours, Eastern or Central time. Your hold time may be much shorter, and you’re more likely to reach a veteran agent. (I’ve worked two travel call centers.)

  9. And here was me thinking “meow” “meow” “meow” “meow” cried pathetically all the way to the vets surgery was annoying and heart wrenching.

    I am sure that you will find a solution to your problem.


  10. I see on the InterWebs that Joe’s Stone Crab /Las Vegas is NOT the same as the Joe’s Crab Shack franchise. That’s a relief; the latter specializes in noisy surroundings and servers.

  11. Thanks for the Vegas restaurant reports. Our plebian tastes would probably lead us to Scarpetta, Joe’s Stone Crab, and the patisserie. Where is that last located, BTW?

    The long-awaited estate sale has gone better than expected. So now I REALLY have to book Vegas for late March–early April.

  12. Ok I’m really late to this blog so can someone please answer this for me:

    Who is Akemi? Is she Joe’s significant other?

    Just curious, thanks!

  13. Too bad you are not flying from Edmonton…I’d do it a heartbeat and I’m free next weekend! Drat. 🙂

  14. The vet may have something that could help Bubba with the trip by making him watch his paw go back and forth with a rainbow trail for the duration of his time confined.
    Any chance of organizing a lease car through business? That way you get a nice car (because you need something to transport pooches) and if your system is anything like ours, comes out before tax.
    If I was anywhere remotely close to Vancouver I’d offer to help. I do a lot of flying so meh, what’s another 10 hours of radiation exposure 😉
    Good luck.

  15. Maybe Bubba could get acclimated to the carrier if you put him in there w/ a cuddle buddy. They’re den animals, or their ancestors were, so sharing a tight space w/ a friend should be cool w/ them.

    You might end up better off shopping for a doggy day care and longer term accommodations from an extended stay hotel or whatever you have lined up. It’ll be easier to get your head around the commute and neighborhoods from there.

    Moving is stressful!

  16. Joe,

    Glad you enjoyed your time in Vegas. Hopefully you didn’t run across any Wraith.

    About your problem, my offer still stands, let me know by email if you can’t find anyone to help you with the dogs for the weekend of the 26th, as I may be able to work something out.

  17. Yikes. I’m a procrastinator (even when I’m trying, as you have been) but I’m biting my nails out of nervousness for you! Good luck.

    Your pics, and those pastries, look AMAZING though. What a fun vacation for you. So now the question is…as someone who reads Anthony Bourdain…do you hate Vegas as much as he does? 😀 What were Akemi’s thoughts (and had she been there before)?

  18. You seriously need to hire an assistant. At least temporarily. I can tell all of this is driving you crazy. We don’t want you to end up with some stomach issues again. As one worrywart to another, I should know. I’m sure you’ll find a way to get all the pups to Toronto.

    I think I just added five pound just by looking at those desserts.

  19. The SECRET to AIR CANACRAP Phonelines:

    I’m not sure IF this will STILL work as it has been a WHILE, however, WHAT I *used* to do to AVOID the 45 MINUTE “WAIT” — If they still have a Menu Option for: TRAVEL IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS — Then PRESS THAT BUTTON!! That might get you down to a 10 minute wait…

    BTW, have you thought of offering anyone in TORONTO to deadhead to Vancouver, stay in your Guest or Movie Room overnight, become BFFs with the Pooches, and then back to YYZ?

  20. Joe, I would never ever recommend drugging a dog who is flying OTHER than in a cabin. Call your vet. Get drugs, but get a trial on for TODAY to see how he reacts (as some respond the opposite!). Once drugged, put in the bag to let him acclimate to both drug and being confined in it.

    If that works, drug him for the flight. I not, you are screwed. Okay maybe not. But if he flips, ask vet for different stronger drug.

    Not to add more concerns, but are their weight down enough and is there any wiggle room by the airline if one is over?

  21. Hi there Joe ! 🙂

    Nice to read that you´ve enjoyed ya trip to vegas. thanks 4 sharing the pics, the desserts look out unique and like pure pleasure, so i can say that they support my appetite & creativity in cooking and baking;)
    I´m quite new here reading ya blog but 2 do that increases my mood. I have 2 smile by reading about the gang (nice description 4 ya pets, i ask myself who of them is the leader?) I saw the eleventh episode of SGU season two and i say it in one word : AWESOME! Hope the story can be told until the end – if not i´ve the possibilty to jump out of a window, that would pains less than canceling the show 4 ever;) Best wishes 4 u and your gang, ya friends & family – stay healthy and cheerful 🙂

  22. Hi Joe, what were you doing in Vegas when you have so much to do? Oy!

    Just a quick comment on tranquilizers. Even with the dogs traveling in-cabin, I’d be very concerned about giving anything to any brachycephalic breed.

    Joe’s Stone Crabs is the best! Their key lime pie is amazing, but you can find many as good in Miami 🙂

    Good luck to you in your searches this week, Joe. I suppose you’re just going to have to stay on hold for 45 minutes if that’s what it takes! Or get Ashleigh to do it for you. 🙂 Just keep those pups safe!

  23. Dogs can suffer from claustrophobia and it can be pure torture for them when confined to carriers. However, as others have mentioned, many can stand some medication to reduce the anxiety. I had a cat who was claustrophobic and the vet actually prescribed Valium for it!

    Much sympathy on this stage of the move. I just moved into my new house a month ago and the sheer agony of those final weeks when everything was still up in the air haunts my nightmares like Marley’s ghost…

  24. @Sg1efc:

    I can’t believe you are even contemplating such a thing. I have been associated with an animal shelter for several years and have seen first hand what this thing had done to one of the dogs (a german shepherd btw).

    That dog’s psych was completely destroyed by what was done to him by a similar electronic collar, it took several months for us to be able to even touch that dog without him going berserk and even longer until it was possible to touch him anywhere close to his neck. And after even more months of patient work it became clear, that he would never ever be halfway safe around people again, because he still occassionally got spooked and then went straight for the closest person’s throat in a panic. So that poor dog was put in an animal shelter for the rest of his life. I wished and still do, that I knew his former owner, who did this to him. I could (and most likely even would) kill him with my bare hands.

    Those electronic collars are forbidden by law in Germany and I wished they were in the rest of the world too.

    Train your dog to get used to a cage with time and patience and positive enforcement. If you do not have that, than you should not have a dog.

  25. Hi Joe
    Hope alls going well for you and yours in Vegas.

    I eat out a lot and although some folks might think in Scotland all we eat is freshly caught 3-legged Haggis or huge bowls of Porridge it couldn’t be further from the truth, ask Gordon Ramsay.

    Fellow munchers at restaurants look at me like I’ve never seen nice food before as I take the camera out and start taking flicks of our meals before we start tucking in(Following in your foot steps). Then when I start wrapping the the left over pieces of Steak and wot not up in little paper napkin Doggy Bags they think I’m saving it for later.
    But what the hell, the photo’s look great and my dogs love their doggy bags.

    Joe, I was reading up on these Nielsen rating’s you guys have in the US, not sure what we use in the UK.
    I don’t see how 50,000 paid folks in 20,000 households can possibly give true and accurate viewing figures, surely with all the modern Digital tech we have these days there’s a more accurate way of finding out who’s watching what.
    There’s no way only around the 1mill mark watched SGU S2E11 not a chance!! The net has been buzzing for weeks about SGU’s return.
    Another thought it cost’s around $1.5 to make an episode of SGU, I bet we would find true fans would gladly pay a couple of dollars for each episode.

  26. Hey Joe, hows the new series going? Is your trip to vegas related to the new show? I haven’t been following lately so I don’t know. You can give us the inside scoop and stuff like usual, like who are the evil people in transporter series? Lucian Alliance? Why not right? Didn’t Burn Notice dedicate a whole season on Martian syndicates? just kidding. I think the it will be a blend between Burn Notice and Fastlane if you remember that one. The common problem with shows like these is they can get rather repetitive and you have to shoehorn some kind of progression to the situation the characters are in throughout all the seasons. The main character shouldnt feel comfortable in their situation and they should feel reluctant in doing whatever they are doing. Like what I’m saying they could have some kind of goal or aspiration that lies outside of the show’s concept.
    But thats not what TV shows do, they pretty much settle that internal conflict in the first episode and then have a zombie in the rest of the episodes.

  27. A friend of mine just flew into Tokyo, waiting to see what he says about conditions there. If you want to pay attention to the blatant fantasy that FOX “News” “reports”, that’s your choice. This morning I add CNN, I can’t understand how on earth their US newsroom is contradicting FACTS as being reported by their people who are actually on site & talking to survivors & agencies in Japan!! Misrepresentation & overt exaggeration when reporting NEWS is unconscionable, again shame on them.

    I’m sure you’ll work everything out to satisfaction Joe.

  28. Narelle has a great suggestion: happy pills for Bubba may make the trip bearable for everyone involved. I wish I could help, but I can’t get away right now.

    You’re such a good puppy-dad! My neighbors, not so much. They have 3 kids under the age of 8 plus a brand new baby. They got a puppy a couple of months ago and apparently don’t have time for it, so they just put it out in the yard where it barks non-stop. I’ve been hearing it for weeks now and was really annoyed. Until I walked my dog past their yard last night. Poor thing is just bored and lonely: I stopped by last night and just chatted with her for a few minutes. She was so happy! It just broke my heart. Dogs need more than food and a roof – they need love and attention. I think the family meant well – they are nice people – but it was just bad timing.

    And the chocolate looks amazing! I’m a little jealous, but I had my own chocolate fix last night: as surprisingly good dark chocolate raspberry cake for my son’s 21stbirthday. Went great with the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

    Hey, das! If I wanted to read a Secret Six where would I start?

  29. If you will just rent a Travel RV and drive all your pups to Toronto, all your problems will be solved.

    FIND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE: You’re driving it!

    FIND A CAR TO DRIVE: You’re driving it!


    FIND A SUITABLE DOGGY DAYCARE FOR THE GANG: You’re driving it! You can take them to work with you and visit them all day long!


    ESTABLISH THE TEAM: Joe, Bubba, Lulu, Jelly, Maximus, Akemi!! Now that’s a great team!

    See…it’s going to be fine. Stop worrying.

  30. I think you’l find once you get one thing done and in place the rest will fall into place too.

    @it’s still uncertain who’ll be in there with us.

    Haven’t they told you Joe? I guess that makes the job more interesting, to be able to go into work on the first day and not know what to expect. Best of luck with that though.

  31. By the way, no idea if anyone saw but Japanese scientists are predicting another big earthquake(Possibly 7.0) to occur within the next few days, could be on mainland Japan, they arent exactly sure or giving estimated locations, they were speaking about the aftershocks, stuff like that. Probably worth noting if anyone has friends or family in the region to make them aware if they’re not already.

    Speaking of good news, amazing even. Well surprised me. A 60 year old guy called Hiromitsu Shinkawa was found 15km(10miles or so) Out to sea clinging to his roof, he was in good health too. One must wonder if other people have been pulled out to sea too, maybe this will give rescuers something to work on? The fact someone survived for 48hrs on their roof in spectacular. Good the name mentioned if you have a spare few moments, story is making all the news websites.

  32. Good = Google* Lol sorry, I need to proof read stuff at times before posting.

    Anyway speaking of

    @Is that possible?

    Pretty sure Animals can have the same feelings, and the same conditions as humans, it is likely it could be claustrophobic, best way really would be to take it in steps, so if the animal is in a pet carrier or a doggy transportation thing. Try and encourage and keep them calm whilst they’re freaking out. Could work, or maybe not..

  33. @ Sparrowhawk – I started reading mid-stream at Unhinged, which was recommended as a place to start, then I went back and read the others. I was told that (at the time) Unhinged was the best arc, and a good jumping-on spot since it was a new introduction to the team (and limited interaction with other DC characters who I’m not familiar with since I’m a Marvel kinda gal.) However, there are things that happen in the earlier two arcs that helped me to understand some things in Unhinged better once I read them. The chronological order goes like this (for trade paperbacks):

    Villains United (nice moment in this one between Ragdoll and an albino… 😉 )
    Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation
    Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter (I have not read this one…I keep forgetting to pick it up, so no idea what it’s like)
    Secret Six: Unhinged
    Secret Six: Depths
    Secret Six: Danse Macabre
    Secret Six: Cat’s in the Cradle
    Secret Six: The Reptile Brain (the latest complete arc, this one may be out in hard cover, not yet in tpb.)

    Personally, I wish I had started with Villains United, but that’s only because I’m head-over-heels for Ragdoll. 😛 It’s loaded with DC characters I’m unfamiliar with, but I read it just fine.


  34. Joe, have you already tried Kijiji? Kijiji Toronto. They seem to have comprehensible listings, by area and with pics. Otherwise, if I were you I’d call a realtor who does leases. I see lots on line. 🙂

    Then, why not have your car shipped — it would have to be cheaper than renting for so many months! http://uscanadaautotransport.com/ does it within Canada.

    Would you seriously let a fan fly with you in business class? Could be awkward! 🙂

  35. Like the recommendation from Ponytail – use a Travel RV – I’d add, cause yourself minimum fuss and give most dog care time by hiring either 1-2 professional drivers, nay chauffeurs!

    Ideally, there would be a company that could fix you up with the RV and Chaffeurs. Being by the Rockies you’d think so? Then, you can sit back, eat, be with the dogs, take stops and walks, get back on, sleep, let them sleep – no drugs. And, all the dogs are with you.

    Google says 2 days driving from V to T. Let’s say, 50 hours – heck, I don’t know, they had the route skirting through the states south of the border. Given, say, 12-14 hours travel time per day, and sleep time for everyone in motel (so there is no trash, cooking, beds and downward-spiral of a RV environment) and get to travelling immediately each day, then best part of four days and all will be done.

    Trade that against drugs, collars, psych impact on dogs and you, the repeated flying and airport times, etc, etc, etc, and it squares well. A healthier option.

    And they can look out of the windows.

    And you can post pix of the trek…

    So, what about the leisure/tourism sector, out of Vancouver or Calgary? How can they help with private hire services for a longer journey than may be typical?

    Door to door for you and the dogs (with a few doors en route). There’s ease there…consider it, and put the travel effort on hired professionals that you will be with. Then it’s done. Over.

    And, hey, you may even get to some story spinning, breaking time during the trip. Not so much in the room as on the bus. So, little time being lost…

    Now, which RV would suit your taste, and the dogs? Choices should, of course, be shown photographically…should anyone be interested.

    Side Q: Sorted the graphic novel artist(s) yet?

    best, P

  36. Hi Joe,

    I loved the Bellagio when I stayed there a few years ago, and you’re right, a James Bond scene would go down well on a souped up gondola. It would also pay homage to the previous time they did it – was that on ‘Moonraker’?

    As for your dogs, I would have offered my services, but there is just one problem – I live in the UK!

    BTW, a good way to get past your Air Canada problem – email them and tell them you’re a lawyer who has a client who wants to make a donation to their staff pension fund – I wonder how long it will take for someone to get back to you…

  37. I love that ceiling at the Bellagio. I did not get to take it in as fully as I desired, dressed as I was as Mrs. Santa after the Santa Rampage, the security staff was very nervous about our little red plush clad band of merrymakers loitering in their lobby.

  38. Ponytail: Love the RV idea!

    Narelle: enjoyed your doggie tranq description 😀 .

  39. Pretty food. Rose is such a lovely ingredient. I was on a key lime kick a while back, love it.

    I have been stressed from work and I’ve been having the worst nightmares about it. Plus we had rotten weather, so I’ll have to wait for next week for the cleansing fire of Battle: LA.

    Please consider long term stay in a hotel at least for this first season; you can negotiate a much lower long term rate at someplace spectacular, and then be able to take your time looking for a place.

  40. Ooooo…an RV could be fun! It would be both a transit, and a vacation – that road trip you always wanted to take. Only problem is you’re so used to dinky little cars, you’ll probably have to get someone tough enough to handle the the thing, like…ya know…Ashleigh. 😉


  41. @Ulrike Tannenberg:

    You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. I know from personal experience that my dogs have never ever tried to jump the four foot high fence because they learned that their radio fence collar would give a mild shock. By the way, the very first thing I did when I set up the radio fence, was to put it on My arm and intentionally shock myself to see how bad it is. The shock is like a static electricity shock. My dogs have never run away and that means they have never been run over by a car or truck.

    Here in the USA it is not banned, in fact, the SPCA recommends shock collars. You forget to mention that as with anything, the collars can be used incorrectly. A kitchen knife can be used to cut fresh veggies into small pieces or it can be used to kill someone, maybe that is what you would like to use on the dog’s former owner? The dog you mention in your post was Obviously mistreated by its owner and obviously mistreated in ways that are Not related to the collar. My dogs are always friendly to kids of all ages and their parents are happy to trust their children around my dogs and vice versa. Do not blame a device for a human’s mistakes.

    One more thing:

    “I wished and still do, that I knew his former owner, who did this to him. I could (and most likely even would) kill him with my bare hands.”

    Isn’t killing someone against the law in Germany? Seems like You need to go to an anger management course, before you end up in jail.

  42. Syfy announces April schedule for Stargate Universe

    Sunday – March 13, 2011
    by Darren Sumner

    Syfy Channel has announced its plans for April, including four more new episodes of Stargate Universe on Monday nights!

    SGU will move from 10 p.m. to the 9 p.m. (8 Central) time slot after its lead-in, Being Human, airs its season finale. That takes place Monday, April 11, with Stargate moving up an hour staring April 18. (The same-night repeats will also move, from 12 midnight to 11 p.m.) On that night, Stargate will also take over the 8 p.m. time slot with repeats of the previous week’s new episode as SGU‘s new lead-in.

    Pseudo-documentary show Urban Legends will round out Monday nights at 10 p.m., starting April 18.

    Here are the episodes of Stargate on deck for April:

    April 4 – “Seizure” (guest stars Atlantis‘s Robert Picardo and David Hewlett!)
    April 11 – “The Hunt”
    April 18 – “Common Descent”
    April 25 – “Epilogue”

    This puts the series final on track from Monday, May 9.

    Repeats of Stargate SG-1 will continue weeknights at 1 a.m., with April bringing the show up to Season Seven. Atlantis‘s repeats have just been bumped from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m., so set your VCR accordingly. After the series finale on April 4 (technically, the morning of April 5), Atlantis will begin again with the first season the night of April 5.

    The two shows will also add afternoon repeats near the end of the month, with Atlantis at 4 p.m. and SG-1 at 5 p.m. weekdays from April 25. Scheduling is, of course, subject to change.

  43. Suggest you look into whether the airline will actually accept a sedated dog on the flight if you’re thinking of drugging Bubba, particularly given you have brachy breeds. Have you checked whether the airline will even allow your dogs to fly given their breeds? Some won’t accept brachy breeds for flying at all.

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