Hey, you know what I hate more than moving?

Nothing.  Nothing even comes close.  I hate the packing, the boxing up, the hiring of the movers, the move itself, the unpacking and unboxing, the farewell to your old comfy place, the hello to your new weird surroundings.  As I mentioned in a previous post, even though I’m moving cross-country for work, I don’t intend to give up my home in Vancouver.  At least not yet.  That will entirely depend on how things pan out with the new job and the city of Toronto in particular.  THEN, I’ll decide what will be in my better interest.  According to my accountant, regardless of how things go in T.O., it would be in my best financial interest to sell it and downsize.  He argues that, now that I’m separated, I no longer need a big house.  I disagree.  My dogs need running room, especially Jelly who, since her spinal surgery, has slowly but surely started to regain her ambling ways –

I’m in a cranky mood, the result of no one major annoyance but, rather, an avalanche of tiny little irritations.

Like, for instance, the “grilled cheese” croutons served with the tomato soup at Romer’s Burger Bar here in Vancouver.  When they first opened, the croutons were nice, large squares of grilled cheese.  Between then and last month, they’d been reduced to about a third their original size.

And then today, I go for lunch, and they serve me this –

I mean, seriously.  Now they can’t even be bothered to grill them?  I’m afraid that next time I go, they’ll just toss me a slice of bread and a pre-packaged Kraft single and tell me to knock myself out.  Ah, screw it.  With only a month to go before I hit Hogtown, I’ve got to be selective about my final meals.

Refuel, for instance, is one of the restaurants on my Farewell Tour – especially since owner Tom Doughty has advised me Chef Rob and Chef Ted have designed a special going away menu for me. Very much looking forward to it – and seeing them.  On my last visit to Refuel, they weren’t around.  I enjoyed two fantastic additions to their pasta menu – and then was utterly baffled to be served a dessert containing fruit and chocolate (note: You know what I hate more than moving?  Nothing.  But you know what comes in a close second?  Fruit in my dessert.).  Apparently, Chef Ted took ill and the rest of the kitchen staff was unaware of my dietary requirements.  Anyway, Tom assures me there’ll be no fruity desserts on my next visit.

Oh, and another thing that bothers me is this ridiculous ten film limit for the best picture nominations.  Why only ten?  Why leave equally worthy candidates on the outside looking in.  What about Clash of the Titans, Sex and the City 2, Furry Vengeance, and The Back-Up Plan?  Where’s their reward for getting made?

Also the SGU cancellation.  Which brings me to this – another behind the scenes vid.  This one, console playback of (a section of) the cool new section of the ship the crew discovers in the back half of season 2:


woody woodward writes: “I am trying so hard to locate a SGU Ball cap for my bald head. Is there some place I can order,buy,steal …well, not steal one?”

Answer: There’s one sitting in my office.  You can have it if you’re in the Vancouver area.

IggyMing writes: “BTW, I love how Space/CTV was such a great supporter of SGU and the Stargate franchise in general. They really pulled out all the stops to market it, and it paid off big time.”

Answer: Exactly that.  A perfect example of a terrific promotional campaign paying off in the form of great ratings.  Also, the trailers Space cut for the show were nothing short of fantastic.

for the love of Beckett writes: “Aw, Joe. This is just sad, this pathos of departure. And you’ve taught us that until you and Paul sign your contracts, it’s too soon to celebrate. Where does that leave us?”

Answer: In a comfy little limbo.  But don’t get too comfy.

hal ehlrich writes: “He must be pretty upset with them,, along with all of the other Stargate people.”

Answer: You have to understand that this is a business.  Nothing personal.  At the end of the day, unfortunately, Universe wasn’t getting the strong ratings that SyFy’s other Fall scripted shows were pulling in.

Bryan M. White writes: “Is Rob planning on doing any directing for the new project? -or is it too early to tell?”

Answer: Too early to tell, but I certainly hope so.

E writes: “Once SGU’s fate is determined, will you share with us an AU season 3, like you did with SGA S6?”

Answer: Unlike SGA, we didn’t have stories in place – more general ideas of where we wanted our characters, and the show, to go.

DP writes: ““It can now be found at the end of Act III.” Is that a cryptic hint about what the “suspicious character” talk is all about? Just being silly?”

Answer: Sorry, not a clue to anything beyond my skewed sense of humor.

DALLAS MARSHALL writes: “Sir, Is there any truth to this rumor? “There was a report over here in the UK last week saying that Robert Carlyle asked to be let out of his contract and that the new head of scyfy was not a fan of the series.””

Answer: Absolutely no truth to the rumor that Bobby wanted to leave.  He had a great time making the show, loved Vancouver and the people he worked with – and we were very, very lucky to have him.  He was a class act who put his heart and soul into the character of Nicholas Rush and I know he was just as disappointed as we were to have it come to a premature end.

walkersguidetomiltonkeynes writes: “How are you supposed to submit mailbag questions? Every time I try it this way nothing happens…”

Answer: Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Mike McGinnis writes: “So, are you a rob or russel fan this season?”

Answer: I’m in the Boston Rob camp.

Michael writes: “Have you decided on an area in Toronto that you find suitable to look for real estate?”

Answer: Not yet.  Still looking.  Have a month to decide.

glennh73 writes: “Question, want to start reading books. Havent read book for about 10yrs. But want to start up but need a good book to start. I love scifi like Stargate an Charlie Jade. Any suggestions?”

Answer: Old Man’s War, by John Scalzi (who was, incidentally, a Creative Consultant on Stargate: Universe).

Gina writes: “As you are now currently between two different shows, are you finding it hard to shift back and forth between them or has Stargate been a part of your life for so long its just second nature?”

Answer: Not much shifting going on as the work left to do on SGU is minimal: commenting on the remaining mixes.  It certainly will be a different to go from a well-oiled machine that has been in production for some 15 years to a fledgling production.

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this is probably a question for a different person but..

i noticed the music played for the “recap” at the beginning of each episode in season 2 is different from season 1. To me, the season 2 music is just a tad lighter in tone. Was this a conscious choice? Which one did you like more?


Joe – I like it when you’re cranky. It makes me smile. NOT because I’m gloating or delighting in your misery or anything like that (I SWEAR!), but because you remind me so much of…ya know…Todd. grin



Been lurking here for a while and this is my first comment as I’m very curious about this:

E writes: “Once SGU’s fate is determined, will you share with us an AU season 3, like you did with SGA S6?”

What did you do with s6? What did I miss?

Ps: Etobicoke is a great area to live in Toronto. I moved here last summer. Oh and just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog smile

hal ehrlich
hal ehrlich

Hi joe:
That video of Jelly is so cute!
I love Pugs and yours looks so adorable!
Is she a bit overweight ?
She seems to be struggling a bit to walk around.
Thanks for all of the small behind the scenes shots of season 2.5.
Also, I finally started seeing some commercials on SYFY for the last 10 episodes.
They say “All destinies come to an end” They are trying to make as if the show is actually going to have an ending to it !
This must be a way for them to try to get descent ratings for the show.
I know I will be watching them since who knows how long it will be before we see any new Stargate again !
I have to say that the back half looks like you guys saved the best for last. From what I can tell every episode looks action packed and no “filler episodes” . Hopefully I am right and at least we will get some of the best SGU episodes that were made.
Do you agree that season 2.5 will be the best as far as the action and storytelling ?
Gee only 2 weeks to go .. I can’t wait!


I love that you’re keeping your Vancouver home. The word is options. I also love that you’re in a really great place in life right now. You have so much going on, but it’s all good stuff. And seeing Jelly girl roaming around is fantastic! Oh, and don’t forget Swiss Chalet on your Farewell Tour.



You can find the AU Season 6 — ideas the writers were working on for the season that never came —

Anne Teldy


Let’s try that again

AU Season 6 here

Anne Teldy


Just wanted to give a quick brava! to Jelly.. She’s getting around very well..

and I’m very glad to see it!

I am hoping to get involved in the online reader’s group here soon too.

I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this blog with your busy schedule. It’s meant a lot to fans like me to have someone take the time to give us a peek in. It’s just too bad that there are those who have been cruel in their comments. It ruins it for the rest of us who appreciate your time.

And no, I’m not sucking up to also get a SGU baseball cap =)



Thanks for answering my question. I guess in the end it’s good not to know exactly how awesome season 3 would’ve been. sad It’s breaking my little fangirl heart as it is.

Watched rest of 2.0 episodes last night. Now I read your entry and get as cranky as you. Actually I’m feeling a little bit something else, but it’s hard to translate into English. razz

Damn, life. SGU is so mighty fine show. I have enjoyed *every* episode, there are so many things I love about this show… It’s been one helluva ride and I’m very sad to see it end so soon. Still hoping with all my heart SGU’s story gets a satisfactory ending. Another three seasons would be ideal… but I’d settle with almost anything right now.


Hey Joe,

I’m happy to see Jelly doing so well!!!


Yeah, keep the VYR house. The value will only go up. Sublet if you have to. Hey, rent it out to a “Studio”… ;-]


It’s just sad Joe. But I don’t know which is worse, that there will be nothing to watch on TV between SGU’s end and the start of your new show ( smile ) or grilled cheese and tomato soup without the grill.

I like fruity desserts but I don’t like fruit in desserts where the primadonna is something else. Cherries and chocolate together are a duelworthy insult, as is cherry jam on cheesecake. The latter just shows that whoever made it just doesn’t care about cooking much or actually likes what he/she’s made, which is worse. Other culinary insults are tiramisu made with cake doh instead of lingue di gatto or lady-fingers, fajitas with gravy, (oh yeah, that was made, but not eaten) and last but not least (actually the most) an overpowering taste of cumin in burger patties. Capital punishment for that one please.

QUESTION: Are there going to be any SGU fiction books and if so, how canon are books considered to be in Stargateland? (I’m only asking because I know they aren’t canon at all in Star Trek.)


DALLAS MARSHALL writes: “Sir, Is there any truth to this rumor? “that the new head of syfy was not a fan of the series.””

“Answer: Absolutely no truth to the rumor that Bobby wanted to leave. He had a great time making the show, loved Vancouver and the people he worked with – and we were very, very lucky to have him. He was a class act who put his heart and soul into the character of Nicholas Rush and I know he was just as disappointed as we were to have it come to a premature end.”

I hear lots of crickets. eek So it does seem that the new head of SyFy doesn’t like Stargate much? If so, that’s no surprise, as ghosts and wrestling are SyFy channel’s money makers. I guess their changing the name from SciFi Channel was their subtle way of letting us know they care more about money and non-sy-fy related shows, than real sci-fi. Oh well.


i’m going to New York on Tuesday. Got reservations at Jean Georges, Daniel, Eleven Madison Park, WD-50….Per Se i’m going to walk in for the salon menu.


Aw…Joe, I feel your pain!

I hate having to clear out/pack boxes and moving is just the pits!

Would love to tell you that you’ll feel better about the whole thing soon, but if you’re anythng like me, change is something that takes a while to get used you – but you will.

Soon you’ll find a great place to live, some new great restaurants – and who knows, maybe even a hot new woman!
And if the worst happens and you really hate it – which I doubt – you still have the dogs, and your bloggers!

Speaking of which I have to go as my dog is trying to walk across the laptop…

Take care Joe!


Well I just got a horrible shock today, a assumed stray cat I’ve been looking after but couldn’t have in the house due to me being unsure if it’l take well to existing pets turned up with a assumed broken leg.

Am unsure if it has an owner, looks in very good condition so am hoping for the best for it but aren’t holding out hopes.

Thing is. I pretty much feed it and provide a warmish place for it to go if it needs it but am worried for it’s safety now more than anything.

Poor thing left before I could do anything to help it. Now my Sunday will be operation wait for a cat to come back to help it lol

Best case scenario I can provide a room for it to recover in. Worse case scenario the thing ends up dying somewhere.

Depressing. I love cats too.


@Robert Carlyle rumors

Wouldn’t believe them personally, just search out his interviews if anyone is unsure. The guy has said enough times he was tired of doing films only a handful of people would watch, and wanted to do something different. He has spoken no end of times about his love for the show and playing Rush on said show.


Thanks for the video this morning,Jelly is looking so good. I am off to Daytona to watch the race, should be a good time! Have a great day! best wishes with the packing, don’t want to ever move again. where do all the boxes come from, they seem to multiply on their own.like rabbits.

Anna Cookie
Anna Cookie

Hi Joe,

My boyfriend and I have been actively reading your blog. Keep your options open, not saying TO and the GTA is a bad area, but I’ve lived here my whole life and want to move out East or West.. Possibly near the ocean or a lake in the countryside.

Its been so sad to see Stargate fall like this. Everyone is saying how it can be renewed by another network. I do hope this happens, and Space keeps saying they cannot carry the show alone. (Sad, because Space on Fridays night was the thing to watch around here, followed by of course, InnerSpace w/ Ajay & Fry.)

My boyfriend Paul always reminds me how the SGA movie was supposed to come out on his birthday (June like 2-3 yrs ago at least lol); and I was going to buy it without realising it had been put on hiatus….

What about the MMO Game? Is the whole idea scrapped or just permantley on Hiatus? Paul wants to go pre-order it(If I told him there was a release date avaliable he would wake up and run to Square One and be like : Stargate Pre-Order Please :D) .

Let us know what else we can do on the Canadian side of things if there is anything.

Hope your move goes well. Your Dogs are absolutley cute!

Wishing you all the best with the new endeavors as well.

Always with Care,


So, are you flying out to Toronto again before the final move, to confirm your new digs, or are you relying on an agent or other proxy to provide you livable quarters? Is a stint in a hotel, or perhaps moving in with an unsuspecting friend? Not having undergone a move myself for well over a decade, I admit to enjoying your ongoing ventures with a sense of “better him than me”. Thanks for sharing, and hoping your new digs will work out well for all parties.

Sam V
Sam V

Has there been any news on an MGM trailer for SGU 2.5?


Great video of Jelly – she looks happy to be moving so easily…

I wish you good luck with whatever happens…yeah I am majorily sad there will no longer be any Stargate on, but the way SyFy is going there won’t be any scifi on the channel soon..

The only thing I watch on the channel now is the occasional day marathons, depending on the show and Face-Off…I am enjoying that contest and the “behind the scenes” aspect of movie makeup and special effects..I used to watch Ghost Hunters, but got bored, same ole, same ole…

Did anyone catch the quip on Big Bang with Leonard trying to figure out how to pronounce Syfy? Pretty funny!

Zach P
Zach P

You “disagree” with your accountant? That’d be like if your accountant disagreed with some of your writing. I don’t understand why people go to professionals and then disregard some of their suggestions.

Maybe you want to be like an American and live past your means.

That being said, I agree with you about the food.


Hang in there Joe. It will all work out in the end.

(It’s just getting there that’s a bitch)


I’m cranky too Joseph..but it has more to do with the endless amounts of snow that Mother Nature is dumping on my driveway lately.

The banks are so high that I have to lift the damn shovel instead of just pushing it along. Come to think of it, with your move coming up, that is one more thing you can look forward to, seeing snow again….misery loves company after all smile

And don’t let your accountant dull the baller lifestyle that you have with….numbers.