Hey!  Look who’s back in town!

Yep.  Executive Producer Carl Binder is in Vancouver for Two Days Only in order to organize and pack up a few things.  Correction.  In order for his wife, Karen, to organize and pack up a few things while he sits in his office trawling the internet for hairless monkey porn and whatnot.  Far be it for me to criticize, however, seeing as how he has gifted me with two lovely (half-empty) bottles of Kahlua and Frangelico.  In return, I gifted him an adorable kitten picture frame that I slipped into his suitcase while his back was turned.

Anyway, given that his time in Vancouver is limited, I made sure to book early to avoid disappointment and he was kind enough to pencil me in for a 6:30 dinner tonight.

Also dropping by the production offices for a surprise visit this morning was –

Special Effects Maestro Wray Douglas who was in the area helping a friend.  Now when anyone else says they’re “helping a friend”, I assume “move”.  In Wray’s case though, my mind automatically goes to “blow something up”.  And, as it turns out, I’m right.  No details on what exactly he’ll be blowing up and where, but I’m sure it’ll be splendiforous.

Talked to Stargate Creator/Exec. Producer/Director/Writer/Duck Smoker Robert Cooper this morning who is presently fielding PLENTY of interesting professional possibilities. Also, as a result of our conversation, a fast-track opportunity that had presented itself several weeks ago is looming large once again.  It’s a terrific, high-profile gig and I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun – but it WILL mean relocating to the other side of the country.  And that brings up two big issues.  One involves the people I’ll leave behind.  The second: How the hell am I going to get my dogs there?  Given their breed-specific respiratory issues (and the fact that I’ve heard one too many pet travel horror stories) flying them cargo is not an option. They could fly in-cabin as carry-on, but the airline limit is one pet per traveler with a limited number of pets per flight meaning that, even if I fly with a friend(s), it will still amount to multiple trips.  Also, porky Maximus is pushing the 25 pound weight limit.  Another option is driving cross-country, but the thought of spending a week’s worth of eight hour days in my car does not appeal.  Still another option is chartering a plane and, believe it or not, it’s something I have looked into.  Certainly faster than driving cross-country but a tad more expensive.

There’s also the fact that if things move as quickly as I think they will, it will make both Paul and I unavailable for any other projects-poised-for-production.  Was hoping to hear something definite on the Stargate front before week’s end (or certainly before January 31st).

On the bright side, I suppose that no matter where I go, I’ll be able to bring you all along as well – which means a lot to me, especially after receiving comments like the following that, for some reason, found its way into my spam folder:

“I’m impressed, I need to say. Really not often do I encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you might have hit the nail on the head. Your thought is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough individuals are speaking intelligently about. I’m very pleased that I stumbled throughout this in my search for something referring to this.”

Thank you, ForeclosurePropertiesForCheap.  Your sincere and heartfelt words are much appreciated.  They’re gratifying, touching and make me want to invest in undervalued real estate.

68 thoughts on “January 24, 2011: Hey, look who’s in town!

  1. ROFL @ ForeclosurePropertiesForCheap.

    I know this is a long shot, but could you email your dogs over?… or, and I know this is a bit expensive, could you use the Stargate?

  2. Glad to read another one of your posts.

    is the Animation Crew going to make more immages of Destiney’s underside? I would realy like to see some more detail of the main battery being lowered (paning out to show main battery lowering etc.)

  3. Hey, Good luck on whatever you choose to do! Your moving exploits should be a trip! Literally!

    This is how a friend of mine moved her 12 (yup) cats across the US, she paid a friend with time on her hands to rent a van and bring the critters by land to California from Florida.

    Worked out better, she just made sure the friend checked every half day or so to make sure none of the felines had escaped. (Van was kind of smely by the end of the trip tho)

  4. Das: lucky for you about the extra insurance! The bozo that hit you probably didn’t have any.

    Carl looks great!

    I would drive the pugs. Flying them may be too stressful on “them”. Whatever you decide, get some doggie anti-stress pills and have them ready.

    Sending you lots of good luck vibes for the new job!

    Does anyone have any recipes for Quinoa? I finally found some and may try it for lunch tomorrow.

  5. Why not hire someone else to drive the dogs? Probably cheaper than charting a plane and gets you out of the hassle.

  6. Hey Joe,

    So fun to see Carl…but any Carl updates? Where did he go? What is he doing? This really means there will be less Carl on the blog. I am hoping dinner means…a few more pictures. *smiles*

    *sigh* Moving is never as easy as we would like it. I have sent dogs on airlines before and everything went great. You have to study the current issues with each airline and what rating they have with dogs. It’s been awhile..but I don’t remember now what airline I used. Each airline has it’s own policies. You can do this…all parents go through trauma moving loved ones. It will be MUCH harder on you than them. You could always choose “one” to go with you if one is not feeling well.


    Cheryl 🙂

  7. I agree with ForeclosurePropertiesForCheap; this is by far the most educative blog I have ever read.

    That new job sounds exciting! But that also means that if/when I ever get to visit Bridge Studios, you and Paul won’t be there to celebrate my presence, which is clearly so much more important than your livelihoods that it should’ve been obvious even without me spelling it out like this.

    As for the doggies – well, I’m the road trip guy, so I’d suggest road tripping it. You’ll get to see the rest of Canada from the ground and partake in the local foods, like them prairie oysters. Yum yum.

    Whatever the case, I wish you good luck on dealing with all these quickly-unfolding events in the next few days/weeks! 😀

  8. Hey Joe,

    Moving the dogs… one word: RV. 😉 Well, that’s 2 letters… two words, recreational vehicle, or I suppose 1 word… Winnebago. If you can rent one. A mini-home-on-wheels might provide for a more comfortable trip for the dogs if you move across the country.

    …and I’d guess it’s cheaper than chartering a plane.

    Something to consider.


    Sean D.

  9. how do you pitch an idea what i mean is where because i live in louisiana and that is far away from vancouver.

  10. Still no word on Stargate… I’m getting scared now. 🙁

    Anyways, seems like whatever the future holds will be very exciting… 🙂

    Have a great night,
    Major D.

  11. moving cross country—I’ve done that before, but not for many years. When I graduated from high school, I lived on the West Coast of the US and decided to go to the East Coast for school. That was quite the adventure. Now, we might end up going back that way–depends on where hubby finds a job.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide!

  12. All airlines have different rules. One allow one dog per flight, some more. I fly Delta every week and I know that they allow multiples per flight. Two weeks ago, there were three on my flight as carry-on.

  13. Thanks for the pics. So nice to see Uncle Fuzzy — er, Carl — again. And good to hear that Wray Douglas is still blowing things up.

    As for your possible move, I see noelm beat me to the PetAirways suggestion. Now you’ll just have to convince them to expand their coverage area.

    On the other hand, a road trip with the dogs could make for a very entertaining week or so on the blog. (Not that it isn’t entertaining already, and of course I’m still hoping for good news in some form on the Stargate front.)

    Wishing you the best of luck with whatever road you take,


  14. I vote for road trip! We drove halfway across Canada at Christmas with very young kids. Crazy, I know, but we survived. Just takes some careful planning, and it’s feasible. You have to *really* like long drives, though.

    Is the train an option?

  15. Great to see Carl B. Perhaps you folks can pledge an eternal annual get together at a selected locale to stay in touch. Yes, I know one of you would break it for an origami exposition, or to witness the world record for toenail clipping being set, but you could still make the pledge.
    As for the dogs, cross country driving would probably be the best. I’ll even volunteer to do it, assuming the timing could be worked out. I actually like long drives, with or without furballs. Or you could have your loyal fans fight it out for the privilege. The video sales alone would cover the costs. Or I suppose there is someone who offers professional services for such things. Certainly cheaper than chartering a plane, and assuming you aren’t guilt wracked at leaving the dogs with someone else, they would probably do much better stress and respiratory wise.
    Loved the spam. Reminds me of the days when you had Baron Destructo do the occasional guest post here. Thanks for sharing, and heck, just say the word if you want a doggie chauffer. Or at least get us pictures of the same. Bearing in mind that with the weather we’ve had this winter through the eastern half of the country, the later in the spring you make the move the better…..

  16. Chartering the plane seems like the best idea to me. Hitting the road with so many pups seems exhausting for all of you! We moved from Miami to Gainesville (about a 6 hour drive) with Flannery, Summer and our lab/something mix, Riggs. Although they behaved beautifully, the trip took much longer with all the extra pee/poop/walk/water stops. Seeing Canada and partaking in the local foods (per pg15) will not really be an option with a bunch of dogs in the car! Can’t wait to hear what it is you’re doing!

  17. You could kill two birds with one stone: Rent a Travel Trailer and you and Akemi drive the dogs to your new destination on a carefully mapped out route that takes you past the best diners, drive-ins, and dives. You personally get the dogs to thier new home (nobody can take care of them like you) and have your road trip too.

    I can’t wait to see what you do next!. Any good looking movie stars? You can get us a Q&A with them, right?

  18. There are reputable companies that transfer pets… which is one option. The other is ask about paying for seats for the extra dogs. I don’t want you to not be available for SGU continuation, but I especially don’t want you to disappear. You are the only blog I read daily. Hell, I don’t even read other blogs monthly. Your openness and willingness to share bits of your life with us is refreshing. I feel lucky to have found your blog and I don’t even have spam to share. 🙂

  19. Joe, my brother is a baggage handler for a MAJOR airline. Please, please, please don’t “ship” any one of your dogs. If they fly, they fly with you inside the cabin (first class!). He has told too many horrible stories about dogs in cargo, some the airlines fault, some the owner’s fault, and some stories of what an animal will do when scared to death and feeling trapped.

  20. Hey Joseph,

    Sorry was late finishing the Iron Hunt. Not good at critiques.
    Good read and got caught up in the story pretty fast.
    Liked her tatoos – especially Zee.
    It was kind of hard to get my bearings at first in the story.
    There were times in the story I wish the author wouldn’t have written about the main characters internal feelings right in the middle of important discussions between characters. But toward the end of the book this became less of an issue.

    Good enough to read the 2nd book for sure.

    Hope you’ll have a good move.
    Also hoping that it doesn’t mean a crunch for SGU progress.

  21. Hi Carl!!

    Yer lookin’ good… although methinks the sweatshirt is a tad bit misleading. *smile* …and mumbles New Jersey for some unknown reason.

    So you’re packing up the office eh? I guess that means you’ll now have that backwards facing doll at your house… while you’re sleeping… I’m SURE it will be fine… noooo problems at all… really!!!

    You and Karen have a safe trip back to L.A.

    Have a good one!!

  22. Good luck on your new Job Joe. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t really be expected to put your life on hold on the slightest hope SGU may come back. You like everyone else involved with the show have to work too. Otherwise you won’t have any money.

    Hope it all works out for you.

  23. So, this possible opportunity is for SGU? I’m trying to think of what comes out of the other side of Canada. Toronto? I guess I thought all Canada TV products came out of Vancouver.lol Well, can’t wait to hear more!

  24. Hi Joe:
    I am happy and a bit sad at the same time after reading your blog today.
    I am happy that you have the oppurtunity to find new work so fast.
    I am also getting sad thinking that if you take on the new job , then it must not look to good for SGU continuing.
    I hope that you do get good news about Stargate before the end of the month.
    I wish you could let us know what you guys are trying to do.
    From what you wrote the other day it sounds like you guys are trying to put together a joint Canadian/UK effort to keep the show going. Could you elaborate on that by chance ?
    Also I was wondering about Bridage studios..Do they have a tour you can go on ? and if they do what is it like ?

  25. It’s always tricky trying to figure out how to deal with your pets for extended travel. 10 years ago when I decided to leave southern Ontario for Alberta, I trusted no one to move my beloved horse. So, I bought a truck and horse trailer, packed my horse, German shepherd and mini schnauzer up and hauled the gang cross country. I was most concerned about my horse, but he handled the trip the best, enjoying gas stops because more often than not kids would run up to pet him while I was giving him water. At the end of our 3600 km run, I was frazzled, the dogs were beyond happy to run loose and my horse was looking for his next meal. You probably will be more concerned by your dogs’ travel arrangement than they will. Best of luck with whatever you do!

  26. What’s the point of having minions if you can’t call on them in a time of need?
    1. Minion must first register for mission ‘Doggy Relocation’ via this blog on the proviso:
    a. Minion must be from Canada or
    b. Willing to make their way to Vancouver via their own means.
    2. After a rigorous testing process, the candidates will be narrowed down to 3. One minion per remaining pooch that Joe isn’t going to personally accompany.
    3. Joe is to book consecutive flights to designation, having one dog per flight. This also is a safeguard against the tragic loss of all pooches should some catastrophe strike a single flight.
    4. As flights are consecutive, pooches will arrive over a period of approximately 3 hours. During this time Joe will have setup a cosy dog waiting lounge in either previously relocated Audi A5 or hire car. If hire car be aware you may lose your deposit should a dog leave a deposit.
    5. As a thank you, Joe to provide refreshments from the back of his car, participate in some idle chit-chat before sending them back on their way to point of origin.

    Cheaper than a charter flight?

  27. When you say, “There’s also the fact that if things move as quickly as I think they will, it will make both Paul and I unavailable for any other projects-poised-for-production.” that if this other thing works out that any hope on the continuation of the franchise is gone?


  28. I know a guy who’ll drive the dogs cross-country for pay. It being a month out, that’s plenty of time for him to learn to drive. Perfect timing, too, he just stopped drinking!

  29. Does that mean you’ll take Carl with you too? Hey, it will be like old times with Rob, Paul and Carl. We’ll still need our Carl fix!

    Ditto on the pet movers. I’m sure they’re expensive, but they’re your DOGS. Is there anything you’d have to do to get them through to the U.S.?

    I’m assuming you mean moving to Los Angeles? Workwise, that would be a good move for both you and Paul. And possibly working with Rob again? Priceless. It’s warm here too, 75 degrees today. No more freezing your toes off. The dogs will love the weather too (if this is where you’re thinking of relocating to). Lots of good restaurants to try. Expensive as hell to live though.

    It does make me sad that SGU may be gone though. Still keeping those fingers crossed for it.

  30. Joey, in my dream it only took me two days to drive from Jersey, to Montreal, to Vancouver. Needless to say, you’re driving too slow.



  31. As a currently unemployed non-crazy Vancouverite, I would offer to take the job of driving the dogs for you. Unfortunately I don’t think it would be a good fit.

    Reason #1: I drive a tiny tiny car (though it is rather smart)

    Reason #2: I’m afraid of dogs.

    Therefore I’m going to have to decline the job offer. Hope something else works itself out!

  32. Everybody looks to be moving on… Sad me is. But it’s life, no doubt about it. Best of luck in whatever you may do next.

  33. Yep, I agree with Hal, this post makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Happy to see Carl, but sad he is moving; happy to hear you have an awesome job offer, but sad to know that if SGU does get a “something” after season 2, you won’t be available to be part of it (or maybe you still would be, who knows).

    I’ve only traveled in a car with a child with autism from Houston to Lawrenceville, GA (outside of Atlanta), and that was the trip I’d like to forget. We’ve taken two airplane trips with him, and they were much better. Both times they were direct flights. Jeff was brave enough to take one of those trips and bring him up to see his family in NY all by himself. Brave, brave man. The other time we flew into Hartford and drove up to Sheffield, MA to get him some very intensive, special help through a special program.

    I guess the question is — Do they like traveling in the car? Our golden likes short trips. I said I was going to get Patrick a few times in the last month and twice her ears perked up and I said, “Okay, we’ll try it” but she was used to the 5-minute drive one-way, not the 45-minute drive one way.

    Hey, I’m having deja vu here. Didn’t you have this weird dream with the dogs and the car?

    If they are okay with driving long distances, the RV might be a good solution to take them all at once. I would stay in the back with them and hire yourself a driver, or volunteer a friend who you would then fly back as a thank-you. You then could still access the internet to blog with us and keep us on minute-to-minute updates, say via Twitter, on how the journey is going.

    You could do this in two round-trips. You could ask Akemi (if she is still there) and Christine, your dog sitter, to fly with you. Or if they aren’t available, Ivon or Lawren if they are still there or Ashleigh, or any varied combination. You could take 3 of the dogs then. Then the next day, fly back, and get the rest. Of course on that trip, since you are likely traveling without luggage, they will think you are a terrorist and want to scan the pooches for concealed weapons and the like. Or do a full body scan or strip search you. Oh wait, no, that’s only in the US, isn’t it? Then you would just need to compare the cost of doing it that way with a chartered flight and see how if it is worth the extra cost of the chartered flight.

    I am glad, though, wherever your path is leading you that you will still consider doing the blog. Like some of the others above, your blog is the only blog I try my best to read on a daily basis and I’ve grown attached to you. In a noncreepy, nonstalkery way of course.

    I’m also glad that your allergies cleared up and it wasn’t Giardia. 🙂 My second misdiagnosis of my adult life. I’m slipping.

    Did I tell you I’m going to meet Alaina Huffman at the Women of SciFi convention in Dallas this weekend? I’m so excited. Also there will be Morena (Adria from Stargate/Diana from V), Tricia Helfer from BSG, Katee Sackhoff from BSG, Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek, Yvonne Craig, Anne Lockhart from the original BSG, Erin Gray from Buck Rogers (and Silver Spoons).

  34. Makes me sad to read more and more reports of people moving somewhere else. If SGU gets another shot there might be no one left to do it, so this chapter appears to be coming to an end. And much faster then we all had hoped for. Very sad.

    About your dogs: I would recommend to do a road trip. This way you won’t have to split them, won’t have to trust anyone else with your dogs and you can keep your eyes on them to be sure they are alright. Don’t forget to give them some doggy anti-stress pills though.

  35. >There’s also the fact that if things move as quickly as I think they will, it will make both Paul and I
    >unavailable for any other projects-poised-for-production.  Was hoping to hear something definite on
    > the Stargate front before week’s end (or certainly before January 31st).

    Please have mercy on your fans so we get over it. Yeah lets call it closure, or on the contrary good news. I think it’s fair enough to request that.
    Anyway many thanks again for all the Destiny fun 😉

  36. Moving? A new job? wow, talk about stress. I feel for you, Joe. Those are very tough decisions to make. I would just like to encourage you to take advantage of opportunities that come up at this time. While it may seem that turning them down now would be ok because you can just do that later……..well, they might not happen later. My philosophy is always take advantage of opportunities that make sense for me. If your needs can be met in this new opportunity career and personal wise, then go for it. If you don’t like it, you can always come back to Vancouver, right?

    Have you thought of the train? that you can ride and enjoy it rather than driving yourself. I am sure you wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to go with you if you could work out carrying the dogs on board. or what about taking 2 dogs with you now, and then coming back for the other 2? assuming you have a friend who will keep them?

  37. Hey Joe

    This job back east wouldn’t happen to be with Lost Girl out of Toronto would it?


  38. Bonjour,

    “…other side of the country…” country= Canada because Usa is not the country Hummm! Interesting.

    Vous êtes la seule personne dont je lis le blog. J’en ai vu d’autres et je suis d’accord pour dire que je trouve ici un mélange équilibré de divertissement, d’information ( vos conseils aux rédacteurs pour la présentation d’idées pour un épisode en estun brillant exemple), de discussion intelligente sur divers sujets même si la littérature anglaise de science fiction n’est pas dans mes cordes.

    Nous attendons des nouvelles pour la suite des choses avec SGU et vos autres projets.

    Have a nice day!

  39. Train?

    Your energy is bursting out the screen on the East coast possibility. Great!

    If not train, plane or auto for single, near-continuous journey, is there a route where a land trip could be in stages (not for you – you’ll be whupping it up in with the creatives posse), done by others (hired pros?) and let the dogs rest for a few days break each time at a Professional, Dog Loving Establishment?

    Get Carl’s help – of course!


  40. Wherever you end up, I hope it’ll be just as exciting at the last 11 years have been. 🙂

    Instead of chartering a plane to accommodate the dogs, you might want to look into FedEx. No, seriously. One of my housemates once shipped her horse from L.A. to Florida using FedEx. The company required that she bring a vet to look after it, but they let her and her mom ride along as well. It might be a cheaper option.

  41. In the long run, charter a plane.

    Yeah, I know, crazy right? It’s probably stupid expensive and I can hear my mom’s voice right now “money doesn’t grow on trees you know!”

    But there is your dogs to consider. They’re your kids. And while driving across the country sounds like fun, let’s face it, it’s a long time and for you, time is money, right?

    Efforts to save money usually end up costing a hell of a lot more money in the long run, and they end up turning into more “effort” than anything, usually filled with hair ripping frustration. It’s a kick in the pants financially but when it’s done, and you’ve finished clutching your heart over the bill, it’s definitely easier.

  42. @Cat – He said nothing about sanity being a job requirement.

    @Joe – If sanity was one of the requirements to drive the dogs, forget about the guy I was talking about. Sanity is over-rated, but I do believe in full disclosure. I have reason to suspect he’s the same guy who yelled at you in Ashley’s neighborhood. So, you may already know him -> Bonus points. Like I said, he recently stopped drinking, so his yelling should be much more cohe … well, you’ll understand individual words better.

  43. @ Narelle – 😆 Perfect! I would LOVE to be one of Joe’s minnons, but – alas – since I don’t like to fly, I might be the one leaving a deposit in Joey’s hired car. 😛

    But let’s just say I could do it. (Joe – are you paying attention?? There WILL be a test afterwards!) The hired car must be a ’59 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (in mint condition, of course) – it’s the only one that will do for a man of your stature, Mr. Mallozzi. I would also request you wear fine hand-crafted black leather shoes, and a suit made from a cashmere-merino blended-wool fabric made for only a few years in the 1950s in a factory outside of Prato, Italy, and sold exclusively in a small shop on Rue Lespinard in New Orleans. Also, the fabric of this suit must be dyed dead black with natural vegetative pigmentation derived from a rare berry grown on the mountain slopes of Tibet, used by local tribesmen and Sherpas. And while you’re at it, could you possibly wear the palest of blue contacts, and bleach your hair to a nearly white blond (eyebrows, too, of course…and maybe do something about that 5 o’clocker while you’re at it). 😉 I don’t think I need to remind you to have your nails immaculately manicured, and to have a few delicacies on hand to hold us over until we arrive at our destination.

    I think that will be all…for now. I’m afraid I may have come across as a bit demanding, it’s a very bad habit, but one that I find hard to break.



  44. I so love your spam mail. It makes me all warm and happy inside when I read your respones to them. Thanks.

  45. Aw, c’mon, make the drive! My family moved cross country twice, driving with pets both times – and the first time, the highway was unpaved. (Not North America, obviously…) I’m sure Canada will be a bit more comfortable. If nothing else, think of the road trip blogging possibilities – would you really deprive us, your loyal audience, of such entertainment? Gold, sir – pure gold!

  46. Take the train!! VIA rail from Vancouver to Montreal in about 3 days. I dont know about pets though, i would assume you could if you rent a private cabin.

  47. I feel as though I am always somewhat late to the party 🙂 I agree with all that this is a wonderful blog and am glad to hear it will continue as you move on to new endeavors.

    I have also moved across country–10 years ago, I moved from the West coast to the East with my 2 cats and 1 very large dog, and it was actually not so bad. The grand total was 5 full 8-hour days of driving; I capped it at 8 hours for the sake of the animals (I tell myself, it was really more for my own sanity), and it went pretty well.

  48. Pugs ahoy! Better to sail down the West Coast, through the canal and up the East Coast, stopping in Puerto Rico for Carnival of course, and sampling tasty meals in port cities. When you consider having to fly with 1 person per pug to manager then it makes sense to charter a plane.

    And you’d be able to zip over to Europe whenever you like; that’s the biggest East Coast draw in my book.

    I’m not as eloquent as ForclosurePropertiesForcheap but I think it’s exciting, and I look forward to seeing what comes next for you — books, tv, movies; it’s all good.

  49. @Quade: Does the trainer have sleeper cars? If so then first class train could be the ticket; Amtrak first class has comfy beds, sink and (tiny) shower, movies playing in the lounge, great food in the dining car and it’s very relaxing. if they allow pets it could be fun.

  50. Chartering a jet? I chatted with netjet.com (formerly Executive Jet) personnel last week. Might be worth a visit to their website.

  51. Carl! Oh, seeing everybody leave is sad! Carl, please promise to come by and razz Joe and talk to us in the comments? And keep us updated on what projects you’re working on?

    Joe wrote:
    And that brings up two big issues. One involves the people I’ll leave behind.

    Joe…, what about Akemi? She just moved from Tokyo to Vancouver for you this past year (seems like). Is she willing to leave her job and move again? Are you going to ask her? This does put pressure on you both, in many ways.

    To Stargate, or not to Stargate? That is the question.

    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous TV networks,
    Or to take arms against a sea of Unemployment troubles
    And by opposing end them…
    To Work, to sleep–and by a sleep to say we end
    The indecision and the dread Insomnia. What of
    The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
    That flesh is heir to? ‘Tis also a consummation
    Devoutly to be wished. To decide, to write–
    To sleep–perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub,
    For in that sleep who knows what dreams may come?

  52. @ Sparrowhawk – You know how that came about? I simply realized that Aloysius is just a smarter, paler version of Joeykins. 😀

    I wonder, do you think our dear Joseph could pull off a honeyed southern accent, complete with the slight bow while taking up a lady’s hand in his own and drawing it up to – but never touching – his lips?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. 😛


  53. to Bailey
    cross-country with 12 screeching cats?! whatever the friend was paid, it’s wasn’t worth it.

    to everyone who mentioned the train
    i was thinking the same.

    and if you end up having to drive them, consider taking a friend (a dog lover preferably) and take turns driving. they can fly back and it would give you someone other than the dogs to talk to.

  54. Is train not a possibility? I’ve always found it the less stressfull way of traveling with 3 children (not that I’m comparing children to dogs but …)
    Does this mean the end of Universe then?

  55. OK, I’m losing it, I KNOW I read a post for the 25th a little while ago (on favorite VFX sequences), I was interrupted, came back intending to add to the considerable collection of comments already posted… and the whole post is GONE. Have I found a time warp? A temporal anomaly? The post has been pulled in order to put up some late-breaking news instead? Or I’m just crazy?!

  56. Yo! Was watching SGA season 2’s “Inferno”, and had a question about the Ancient base the Taranians are inhabiting. It’s mentioned that the base was probably built during the height of war between the Lanteans and the Wraith. The walls are riddled with technologies that don’t really look Lantean in particular.

    I was wondering if these devices and additions to the typical Lantean theme are meant to be taken as Taranian technology brought in when they discovered the place, or is it simply the Lanteans showing their concern for function over form, considering they were in the middle of being defeated.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  57. Yo! Was watching SGA season 2′s “Inferno”, and had a question about the Ancient base the Taranians are inhabiting. It’s mentioned that the base was probably built during the height of war between the Lanteans and the Wraith. The walls are riddled with technologies that don’t really look Lantean in particular.

    I was wondering if these devices and additions to the typical Lantean theme are meant to be taken as Taranian technology brought in when they discovered the place, or is it simply the Lanteans showing their concern for function over form, considering they were in the middle of being defeated.

    Thanks a bunch!!

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