Jelly’s doctor emailed me this morning to tell me that the surgery went like clockwork and the disc came away nicely.  My gal is waking up and, hopefully, on the road to a speedy recovery.

Jelly appreciates your support.

Last night, the airport called to inform Ivon his luggage had finally completed its long and eventful journey from Canada and would be delivered asap.  Ivon was elated and, despite being exhausted, stayed up for the much-anticipated reunion. That never came.  Apparently, he eventually dozed off and what followed was a fitful night’s rest disturbed by beer and sake-induced nightmares of his luggage almost but not quite ever reaching home. Then, this morning he finally got the call from the front desk.  They were sending someone up with the luggage!  An exhausted Ivon waited impatiently for that knock on the door and, when it finally came, it was with a sense of enormous relief that he answered.  “Hello,”said the smiling bellhop.  “I am here to pick up your bags!”

Anyhoo, Ivon got it all sorted out and, I’m happy to report, now has a smile on his face and clean underwear under his pants.

First up, some pics from our visit to Roppongi yesterday afternoon…

My favorite: the Roppongi Hills spider. Run! Ruuuuuuun!
So if the American astronauts get dehydrated ice cream on their space flights, what do the Korean and Japanese astronauts get? Why, dehydrated kimchee, ebi gratin, and takoyaki of course.
And space curry, natch.
Tokyo skyline.

And some of my favorite buildings –

What's the deal with the roof lawn?

And other sights…

A gaggle of geishas.
Ivon's $12 strawberries. And, yes, they were 12 times better than their sour, unripened North American counterparts. Still, I wish Ivon would've sprung for that $210 mango instead.
Whenever I'm looking for something fun to do, I always make it a point to check out the latest issue of Badd Times.

So, last night, Ivon and I hit Birdland, apparently THE place for grilled chicken in Tokyo.  Finding our way around has been a bit of a challenge so far, and the search for Birdland was no exception.  Fortunately, unlike a few of the other places, this one actually had an address.  It was located in the basement floor of an office building in Ginza. 

Vinegared chicken skin. Let's call this one an acquired taste.
Jellied chicken gizzard. This one I quite liked. The jellying process softened the gizzard's more pronounced flavor.
Chicken breast with basil. "Hey, is it supposed to be raw?"asked Ivon. Considering there are places in Tokyo that serve chicken sashimi, I assured him we'd be okay. He elected to hold off passing judgment until the morning.
Chicken livers. Like the gizzards, surprisingly and pleasantly subtle in flavor.
Chicken thigh with tongue-numbing sansho.
The maitaki mushrooms were a nice change of pace.
Grilled cheese, yakitori style. Loved it!

The place was considerably smaller than I’d imagined and, while very good, probably not somewhere I’d go back to anytime soon.  I’d certainly recommend it as far as yakitori joints go.  Still, I went in expecting a raucous feast and went away a tad underwhelmed.

Today = Butagumi (tonkatsu) for lunch, an Omotesando stroll, strange doughnuts, enough dessert to kill a lesser man, and dinner at Tofuro (izakaya).  Full report tomorrow.  With pics!

43 thoughts on “December 9, 2010: Tokyo Trip Day #3 – Jelly Update! Ivon is finally reunited with a long lost love! Roppongi! Birdland!

  1. Jelly # 1 – YAYAYAYYYY!!!! Glad to see the surgery went well. Keep strong little pugkid xx

    Jelly #2 as in ‘jellied chicken gizzard’.. don’t expect any woman to kiss you some time soon… 😉

    Raw chicken breast?? Say wha?? No thanks.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I’m a regular reader but rarely every comment — just wanted to wish Jelly the best in recovery. And try to enjoy the rest of your trip!


  3. um, raw chicken? Really? and then a fitful sleep? um, are those two things related? nightmares.

  4. @Jelly: Good girl! Now, get well quickly so that when your dad comes home you’ll be ready for all the new toys he’s going to buy you 🙂

    So happy to hear she’s doing well, Joe!

  5. So glad to hear that things went well for Jelly girl! Will keep fingers & paws crossed for her continued recovery…

  6. Hey Joe

    My thoughts are with Jelly.

    And on another note, you two are having way too much fun!


  7. THANK GOD for a successful surgery for JELLY!!! Your little babies have been my little babies for a few years now, so I am thrilled for the little sugar lips! She can recouperate and you can really enjoy yourself now.

    Glad for Ivon too! Love all the pictures so far. Keep ’em coming. I’m enjoying your trip!

  8. Hello Joseph,

    A big hug fot Jelly. Sure that you will enjoy more your Japan travel after know that great news from vet.

    Alvaro from Colombia

  9. Way to go Jelly baby, I was pulling for you sweetie. Now take care of yourself and try not to overdo it. small steps. I know you are over the moon Joe, I am happy for you all. {{big hugs}}}

    I hope Ivon made it thru the night without chicken nightmares. no raw chicken please… Glad to see he got his stuff back from the air pirates. Now he has to reorganize his daily wear, that can certainly throw your game off.
    The view, from the hotel room, is a lot of buildings. So the eiffel tower thingy, does it help your cell reception signal. looks like it should.
    Maybe you can taste the spacefood from there for the wfp. can it be worse than the ice cream??? or better yet, send it home to try there. no sense messing with the taste buds any more than you have to. With your hand covering the booklet like that , I first thought it said radd times, so either way, did you find something fun to do in it? I do hope that you are having a wonderful time on your vacation. Thanks for letting us know the good news about Jelly.

  10. @Annie from Fremantle

    Mr M is still using the Canon Powershot SD1200 IS camera.

  11. Yay!! Wishing Jelly a speedy recovery!! 😀

    “A gaggle of geishas.” – That made me 😆 .

    @ chevron7 – Oh, yes…commando. I thought of that. 😈

    However, the main purpose of underwear is to protect the more expensive outerwear (e.g. trousers) from perspiration, fecal matter and urine stains… not to mention those unpleasant purulent and/or bloody discharges common among some men back in the day when kindly ladies offered up a bit more than a pleasurable diversion, and the only cure was a good dose of mercury, or a very unpleasant hot urethral lavage.*

    Needless to say, men who go commando better be changing their jeans every day, because now those Levis are doubling as both outer, and under, wear.

    Ya know…just some food for thought.


    *I only know this stuff from researching diseases common to men of the sea during the age of sail, and not from any sort of personal experience. 🙂

  12. Whew….so very happy to hear about Jelly! 🙂 I don’t know how many times I checked in here yesterday hoping for news.

    My son and I always get a great kick out of your Tokyo pictures and stories – because of a video game we played together based in Tokyo. It’s a lot of fun to see the actual places we’ve “played” at. Thanks for the smiles.

    Glad you got your luggage, Ivon. My husband knew the airline just by the story – he travels quite a bit and has learned to keep a certain stock in his carry-on when flying AC. Though to be fair, he also learned that one of the US airlines hands out really neat goody-bags to folks who’s luggage is lost. Includes soap, shampoo, cologne, deoderant, etc.

    Yay for Jelly!!

  13. Yay for Jelly!

    Yay for giants spiders!

    Yay for clean knickers!

    Yay for roof lawns! Come on, Joe, who wouldn’t?

    No yay for buildings that are wider at the top than the bottom in an earthquake-prone country. No yay for you, goofy building.

  14. HA!!! Your big spider does not scare me!!!!



    Actually, I missed it the first time because I scrolled down too fast. Second time around, it gave me the willies. 😛


  15. So good to hear of Jelly’s successful surgery. I bet you were sweating bullets. Hope her recovery goes just as well.

    And now you can enjoy the sweeter smell of Ivon 😉

    You can see all those buildings from your room? Very nice 😀

  16. Glad to hear Jelly’s doing all right, Mr. M! 🙂

    And thanks so much for all the beautiful Tokyo pics!! Hope you and Ivon are having a great time.

  17. Aw, Jelly is such a sweetie! I’m glad to hear she’s on the mend; can’t wait to see her up and jumping the hedges again.

    I loved the pics of the Tokyo skyline, especially the Graham Cracker building, tasty.

    The Roppongi Spider; why? Just…why? I am going to have to get that image out of my head before I have nightmares too. Poor Ivon, so glad he finally got his things. And poor Bellhop, he came close to being throttled by an enraged young Canadian.

    Hey those aren’t just geishas, those are Peace Geishas! Or Gangster Geishas; if you look closely you can see one of them throwing down the Crips’ gang sign.

    The crispy chicken thighs look mouthwatering. I got fries yesterday the Peruvian cafe and this morning I heated the left overs in melted butter, added some roasted shrooms left over from dinner and scrambled in eggs to make French Fry Scrambled eggs; it was ridiculously good. Like a Puerto Rican potato omelette but less labor intensive.

  18. Hey, Joe!

    So glad to hear about Jelly!! How cool is it that there’s this whole crazy group of people you don’t even know that are worried about and praying for your best friend? That’s got to say something about the goodness of humanity…. or maybe it’s just those “purtee” pug eyes of Jelly’s.

    Thanks for all the great pics! Love the architecture, some of those buildings are really striking.

    ….Okay, you’ve got to find a way to make Space Curry appear as Becker’s secret ingredient on the show!

    PS- glad that Ivon finally got his tidy whities back… SpongeBob would be proud!

  19. Hey, Joe,

    Why were the Geishas doing the Nixon “4 more years” finger sign while looking at you???

    Was it a ‘renew-SGU-for-more-seasons’ demonstration?

    Talk about global demand… SyFy take notice!

  20. YAY for Jelly! Sending the old girl love from Montana! I hope she has an awesome recovery!

  21. Baby Jelly is okay?!?!?!?! What a RELIEF! I am so glad the surgery went well. I hope the recovery process is just as speedy. That has to be a relief for you, Joe. Now you can FULLY enjoy your vacation (because we know you–you’ve been worried and holding back), and now that Ivon has his luggage and underwear back, so can he.

    The strawberries look divine. However, I would not eat raw chicken, not even if you offered to pay for….anything.

  22. Ya-a-ay, Jelly! You made it, Baby Girl! (Thank you, God, for answered prayers.) Rest up at the doggie hospital, or the cage/doggie hospital at home. More prayers for terrific healing coming your way. 😀

    Breathe easy, Daddy Joe. Now the DogFather is back in black and can do Tokyo in unworried BlogFather fashion.

    Loved the architecture pics. Is that one skyscraper still there, the one tiled in mirrors? It’s too cool…

    Let us know how the lavendar and garlic ice cream is! 🙂

  23. Thx Das I just woke up…so didn’t need to know that LOL.

    Does anyone else find that photo of Joe creepy? Something about the smile *shudders* ….but at least we got a photo finally….thx Ivon

    Cheers, Chev

  24. No, no, Japanese magazine namer, people like to have GOOD times, not badd times. Sheesh, some things shouldn’t have to be said.

  25. (((((Jelly))))) *huggies for Jelly* Oh…I’m so happy Jelly made it through the surgery. Thak you God! 🙂 She is certainly a tough gal. 😉

    Good to hear Ivon’s got clean underwear now. Hee hee! 😉

    Huh. Chicken gizzards? :S Don’t think I’ve ever had that. Raw chicken breasts?? Ick! Uh…salmonella comes to mind. :S

    Gaggle of geishas! LOL! That’s funny! 😀

  26. Yay, Jelly!!! That is great news.

    Now, as far as the raw chicken goes – gross. And if Ivon is only passing judgment by morning, he should consider himself lucky.

  27. G’day Joe

    Very happy to hear about Jelly. She is a tough woofer.
    All my love to to Jelly.

  28. Oh thank goodness! Hooray for Jelly’s surgery going normally!!

    I gotta say, I was a bit anxious when I opened the blog today. So glad it turned out well for the old gal. And, also, Ivon got to reunite with his lost luggage! See Joe? Karma works! 😀

    Meanwhile, exam season is in full swing over here, and for some fucked up reason they’re shutting down power to our apartments tonight! Looks like I’ll have to take my take-home exam by candle light. 😉

  29. Joe:

    Great news for Jelly! So continues to be in our prayers! And glad to see that Ivon got his suitcase.

    Also, I’m enjoying the Tokyo day-by-day…makes me wish for some Unagi Yakitori! Yum.


    “A gaggle of geishas.” – That made me 😆 .

    I generally can’t remember “Group-names”, but I did wonder if a “giggle of geishas” wouldn’t be more appropriate? 😀

    For those following the cheesecake (Tammy Dixon, Das and others…I posted the White Chocolate Sauce recipe on Flickr (below the main recipe):

    This is for those that want more than just a light Strawberry Sauce. I decided to add the white chocolate sauce to dress it up some more. I’m providing cheesecakes for my son’s Christmas Play/Church Dinner (I was involuntarily volunteered by friends who had had my cheesecake before 😉 and so it was a good time to add the pictures of the sauce in progress:

    And for those that want to see the finished results:

  30. Woohoo for Jelly’s successful surgery. Fingers still crossed and positive thoughts for an uneventful recovery. Great news that Ivon has been reunited with his luggage. Thanks for the pictures. 😀

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