My gal Jelly (pictured above) suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritic shoulders and elbows.  It got so bad that she was barely able to walk, so I looked into possible treatments for her condition.  Major surgery is an option to replace the ball joints of her hips, but its an extremely invasive procedure and, going on thirteen, I’m not convinced she’d be able to handle it.  And so, I looked into alternate treatments – supplements to strengthen her joins, pain medication and, most recently, a stem cell procedure (documented a few months back) that resulted in dramatic improvement in her mood and mobility.  Unfortunately, over the past week or so, her condition has worsened. While her mood remains upbeat, her hindquarters seem to be weakening to the point where she can barely hold herself upright to pee.  Kristi from Vet-Stem has been following Jelly’s progress and suggested I take her in for a follow-up injection.  I discussed the option with Jelly’s doctor and, while he thinks we can certainly try it, he suspects Jelly’s problems may be even more complicated than what we assumed.  And so, next week, I’m taking my gal in to see a doggy neurologist (No kidding.  I didn’t even know they existed.) who’ll check her out and, possibly, recommend at cat scan (ironic, no?) to get to the root of the issue.  Sucks to get old.

Still, even though she’s slowed down, she clearly knows how to have fun…

Just in case you thought I’d forgotten all about you, I’ll be announcing my elite eight recipes in the “I Make the Best Whatever…” showdown later this weekend.  Lots of terrific-sounding/looking dishes to choose from!

Well, now – this is timely.  Tokyo maintains the title of Top Michelin City:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Iom666 writes: “Is there an AI on Destiny itself ?”

Answer: Rush has suggested that, while Destiny does possess a certain awareness (ie. its ability to recognize and address insufficiencies in food, water, etc.), he stops short of saying it possesses intelligence.  His ability to interact with the avatars on the bridge would appear to be a result of the ship’s neural link; its ability to understand and communicate presumably a result of its absorption of Franklin whose brain patterns now function as template for human understanding.  Still, it appears to go one step further, by demonstrating what seems like empathy for Tamara – if, it really was behind her vision.  So, to answer your question…I dunno.  I just work here.

Michael Jones writes: “True, Destiny seems to be using the mind of the person having the visions to craft said visions, but they seem to show some level of character or personality.”

Answer: Agreed, although one could argue that what we perceive as personality is actually a personality construct manifested by Rush’s subconscious.

Laura writes: “I found Christopher Moore’s Bloodsucking Fiends at Indigo for 10 bucks and will probably read it over the holidays.”

Answer: It’s tough to stop at just one.  I started with Fool, then read Bloodsucking Fiends, and now have another half-dozen Moore books sitting on my to-read pile.

Joel writes: “It would seem then that as capable and as advanced as the obelisk/planet beings are, they are not as capable or as advanced as the creation message beings. Am I correct in believing that these entities are in fact different and that one is superior to the other?”

Answer: That assumption would appear to be correct.

KEK writes: “So are we to assume that their lack of ‘soul’ is he reason they died again, or what that just Caines theory?”

Answer: No.  It was a phsyiological design flaw (or re-design flaw to be more specific) that caused them to die again.  The lack of soul (or perception thereof) was a failure/byproduct of the process.

dasNdanger writes: “Ye didnae answer me wee question aboot Japan an’ whole grain rice!”

Answer: I asked Akemi and she claims there’s only one kind of rice in Japan.  And I’m assuming it aint whole grain.

Freeman writes: “Most of the ship was never explored or at least not yet, are there going to be any surprise stasis pods or anything like an ancient or two hiding somewhere on the ship?”

Answer: Well, now, wouldn’t that be interesting?  Please remember to file this comment and response away for future reference.  Like, say, late in season 2.

irish pete writes: “Hey Joe, i was looking at some old sg1 episodes and in an episode called ‘demons’ (season 3) the writer is carl binder. Is this the infamous moustache wearing, german supporting rogue that we all love/ hate/ are indifferent to?”

Answer: That be him!

Ben writes: “So, just for my peace of mind, what exactly happened to Caine? Is he dead, or still alive? He was still alive when the light appeared, but then he says he remembers his death. So, what’s going on there?”

Answer: One could draw the following conclusion from having watched the episode – Caine and the others died on the planet (in Caine’s case, it was on the heels of witnessing the white light).  The planet’s caretakers/creators discovered them too late and sought to remedy the situation by restoring them to full functionality and reuniting them with Destiny.  However, while constructing planets is easy, resurrecting once living beings is not and this resulted in – for lack of a better way of putting it – each of the restored human beings having an expiry date.  Eventually, the damage done caught up with their corporeal forms, resulting in all of their deaths – even Caine’s which took place offscreen.

Joan001 writes: “Speaking of exploring the ship – don’t they have beaming technology and if so, will they discover it?”

Answer: You’re thinking of the Asgard.

Doug writes: “I disagree with that characterization of Caine. He was never a man of science or logic, all of his choices and responses in both Faith and Visitation seemed to be constructed on his system of belief.

As a religious scientist myself, my first reaction would always be to suspect the explicable before the inexplicable. It’s not a challenge to the faith of any reasonable believer to accept that not everything you dont understand is de facto divine.”

Answer: In this case though, it wasn’t a simple theoretical matter but a very personal life and death experience, and that no doubt informed his conclusion.  Also, the fact that both the existence of powerful aliens or an omnipotent God are posited but neither hypothesis is supported by corroborative evidence.

Elminster writes: “I’ve often wondered why you haven’t done a ‘Japan Trip’ with your Sis?”

Answer: Okay, now you’re beginning to sound like my mother.

squall78 writes: “I am hearing from some of my sources that SGU will be renewed for a 3rd season. Same sources that told me Caprica was done, so I do trust them, but they said take it as any rumor or buzz or good/bad sign. Brad said he might possibly leave, but didn’t he leave or take a break back when SG-1 ended and you and Paul were running SGA? Also, would you take the showrunner position for SGU if Brad were to leave if the opportunity was given to you? I think you guys did great with SGA, would hate to see Brad leave totally but I think you and Paul would still make an amazing show. Your eps have been some of my favorites of this series.”

Answer: I wouldn’t put much stock in rumors.  After all, many of us were convinced that season 11 of SG-1 was going to happen and, well, we all know how that turned out.  To the best of my knowledge, the decision-makers have yet to broach the subject of a renewal and I don’t expect to hear definite word, positive or negative, until January.  Right now, there’s no knowing what kind of a scenario we’d be looking at if and when SGU gets that third season pick-up but, for the record, Paul and I were co-show runners this year with Brad.

57 thoughts on “November 25, 2010: Jelly update! Mailbag!

  1. I didn’t get to read yesterday’s post until now, so I’ll have to put my response here…

    I haven’t tried astronaut icecream before – or a shoe, wait scrap that. Have tried eating a shoe before. It tasted like the taste of old socks (which tastes stronger than the sweat on the sole of your foot, if you really wanna know) and shoe polish. Don’t ask me whether I’ve tried eating those before – they didn’t taste good.

    Just wondering… would anyone else agree that bitter gourd tastes like rubber bands – wait a moment. Has anyone else other than me tried to eat a rubber band before? Or am I the only one in the whole entire world?

    Btw, at least Jelly’s still enjoying herself.

  2. Hello Joe.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Blog regulars, and to you and Akemi as well. Sorry to hear about Jelly. Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

    A while back, you had mentioned a recent secret development that you were going to fill is in on (possibly movie/comic book project/season 3). Any news??? Best wishes, and a happy holiday!!!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Joe to you and your family (pups included). I hope Jelly feels better soon!

  4. Your Mother?!? Not sure if I should feel flattered or insulted. 🙂 I think I’ll take flattered! Now if you had of said ‘father’…


  5. Hope Jelly gets better Joe, best wishes to her.

    You know one thing I’ve always wondered, well lately as ratings never really interested me until well the show came about. What’s the lowest SGU can do and still get renewed? I assume that every show on the Syfy channel has a quota for viewers where it can get renewed by exceeding it or renewed by reaching the goal. And then the whole what happens when a show reaches 2 million viewers and isnt viable for the network?

    I would hate to see SGU go. I should of aimed a question at Erika when you did the Q&A asking this. Not sure if she could of gave a concrete answer but I think everyone, fan or otherwise has this question on their minds, it’d clear up any uncertainty right?

    Anyhow. Was on my mind. Episode 10s coming up next week, I assume you’l give your thoughts on it right Joe? Looking forward to reading.

  6. Sorry, Joe, but if you have to try and explain the events that occurred in Visitation to many people here on the blog then the episode must have failed to a large extent. For the record I liked it, but as you keep responding, duplicate-Caine’s fate was not meant to be ambiguous or a mystery. The fact lots of fans are unsure of your (the writers’) intent is not good.

  7. Hi Joe, so sorry to hear Ms Jelly isn’t doing so well. I’m quite familiar with doggie neurologists because of Elway, and the guy I have here is fantastic. We’ve had to see him 2 or 3 times over the past 5 years when all this seizure crap started, but so far, because of the him, we’ve managed to keep Elway going. Ever since his spleen surgery back in April, he’s only had seizures once, and that was over 4 months ago, a record for Elway. I hope yours can figure something out for Jelly. Please keep us updated!

    Otherwise, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We’re stuffed to the gills here 🙂 Have a good night!

  8. Sorry to hear that Jelly is relapsing (she looks so mournful in that first picture) and I hope you can find a non-invasive solution that will keep her comfortable and functioning. She could be having disc problems which can cause hindquarter weakness or paralysis. I had a dachshund that had a lot of those problems. I’m sure the neurologist will check everything out. And you’re right – it’s heck getting old.

  9. *peeks out between fingers…*

    WOO! It worked! Thanks, Joe…yer the bestest! 😀 (Yes, I DID just stroke your ego…enjoy it while it lasts. 😉 )

    I thought that maybe the higher-end restaurants would experiment more with whole grains, especially considering the variety of color they could add to a dish, and Japanese cuisine does seem to focus on the visual aesthetics of the meal as much as it does on taste. I prefer mostly whole grains, but they do have a nutty taste, and that could clash with many of the traditional Japanese flavors.

    And I’d appreciate it if you thanked Akemi for me, too. 🙂

    Also, wishing Jelly the best. It is so hard to see our furry babies getting old and wobbly and ill. I hope things turn out okay…I’ll be sending good vibes and all that your way!

    Take care, and have a good evening.


  10. @ Jermaine – I loved the episode. I think any time a television show can draw some emotion out of the viewer it has suceeded beyond it’s basic mission of entertainment. I think it is great if it causes dialogue and brings up questions. Well written shows separate themselves this way from the commercialism currently cluttering the media. (reality shows) Remi Aubuchon wrote an episode that makes you stop and think, which makes television better and gives it some class. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. 🙂

    @ Jelly – hey little pumpkin pie, sorry to hear your not feeling up to par lately. Hope the docs can get you running around and bossing the other dogs again real soon. And quit chewing on your rat’s butt. Girls don’t do that. (that is a rat, right?)

  11. Hi Joe

    Previous SG franchises had clear fights between straight-cut sides over tech and control. We’re good, of course, the naughties are not. Especially the alien kind, except when their our kind of aliens, and friends.

    Does SGU, instead, approach its world by look more at what makes each species tick, and so is more about comparative ‘good’ and ‘bad’ among species? There is no simple white hat, black hat play in this telling? Is that where we might be going – such that the Destiny mission may be seeking origins and deep code/creation, and there appear to be ‘magical’ (in the AC Clarke sense) creation-capable species, and more…in that light, who is worthy?

    Caught in crucible, on Destiny – a way to test humans for good/bad and worthiness, albeit subjective? Then, might we see/find others or groups with their own, parallel challenges, especially if they seek deeper truths and secrets, too?

    Any of this echo with what gets kicked about in the Room, and has been kept as hmmm – possibly, let’s see …?

    best, PJR

    Joe said: His ability to interact with the avatars on the bridge would appear to be a result of the ship’s neural link; its ability to understand and communicate presumably a result of its absorption of Franklin whose brain patterns now function as template for human understanding.

    Somehow I missed any/all references to a neural link and to confirmation of Franklin’s continued “existence”. You say this happened in “Trial and Error”?

  13. Hi Joe:

    My best wishes for Jelly. I hope you can find a way to help her feel better. My sister is going through the same thing with her dog. He also is going deaf and has cataracts. She doesn’t want to put him down, but she is worried about his quality of life. What is the average life span for a pug?

    Do writers get residuals?


  14. Hey Joe,

    Was curious as to how the seed ships are manufacturing the gates. Aren’t the gates constructed out of some very rare material called naquahdah? I would doubt if the seed ships are carrying this material with them since launch time.

  15. Thinking happy thoughts about Jelly.

    Ooh, rumor about season 3?? I wouldn’t believe anyone else, just it’s squall. He knows things. This news, or rumor, makes me happy and hopeful. But Brad leaving? NOOooo~…

    For the record, I don’t agree that “Visitation” failed as someone above mentioned. It was a good episode, even great. Only confuzzeling thing was seeing Caine alive in the end. Story of this episode walked a fine line between religious stuff that would put me off and sci fi. In the end, it was pulled off beautifully. One of the strongest episodes. Even if some see it as filler, and a cheap way to get the shuttle back. Whatevs. Some people can never be pleased.

  16. @ Arctic Goddess – I had wondered the same thing about Pugs, so I Googled Pug Life Span and got ranges from 12 to 14, 12 to 15 and one site said that if the dog is fed quality food, then they can live as old as 18.


  17. Huge hugs and kishes to Jelly.. get well soon gorgeous gal xxxx

    Also a hug to her daddy because it must affect you too Joe 🙂

  18. @ Guilder
    No, you didn’t miss anything in Trial and Error. I don’t think “neural link” as a term has even been used on the show. And I think I can say with relative certainty that no one in the general audience out there has assumed such a thing exists or is going on in the show. It just hasn’t been presented on screen.

    And that is my big fear/complaint with Universe. If the writers/producers think that they’ve adequately (or even poorly) put this and a lot of other information across within the context of the show, they’re mistaken.

    It’s not that I think Universe is poorly made. I don’t. And I don’t think it’s commercialized drivel. Ambiguity is fine within the contents of Visitation’s exploration of religious themes and the unknown. It’s not OK when it comes to conveying the seminal details involved in plotting the show’s main arcs. No answers and answers that change to suit each episodes needs is, however, poor writing.

  19. fingers and toes crossed for Jelly; I know what an aged dog can be like having had a cross go on to 17 and my current Springer Spaniel going on 14 next month!

    Still, aside from the occasional damp carpet, our Lucy’s doing fine – as long as they enjoy life we do everything we can for them!

    Neurologist? Never heard of one for a dog before?!

    Good to see Balding Asian Guy again by the way but surely a character who seemed so integral to the plot can’t have died on the planet too?

  20. @Jermaine: I actually like the fact that TPTB have not tied everything up neatly. Part of the fun, for me, is comparing the hints and my conclusions with other viewers.

    I suspect Joe dropped a couple of spoilers into his mailbox responses.

  21. Thank you very very much for the clear, definitive and well thought out answer. The episode totally makes sense now and I am going to watch it again (and again when it comes out on Blu-ray).

    Mr. Tygh Runyan also did a fantastic job as I imagine it can’t be easy to play a dead character who dies again soon after.

    I would also like to see the show continue for as long as possible. It’s better than most of the shows out on Network TV, the plot is more intricate, the characters more interesting and more complex, and there’s nearly no cliches at all. I can’t believe every fan of the show has to anxiously await the news of its renewal when it should have been a done deal already.

  22. It’s been awhile since I’ve lurked, so I thought I’d stop by again, mainly to tell you that Nielsen finally wanted my opinion. So that top pixely line in viewership last week among males 25 to 34?

    That’s me.

  23. Enjoyed the pictures and the mailbag. Hope Jelly feels better soon. Looking forward to next Tuesday!!!!!

  24. Sorry to hear about Jelly’s turn, Joe. Hopefully it’s just a temporary setback. I haven’t seen “Visitation” yet, but it’s on tonight so I’m really looking forward to it.

  25. Come on Jelly girl we are pulling for you! many hugs~~ coming your direction!

    -I think it was kind of the writers we did not see Caine pass away, and he had asked how much time he had left , and Tamara said not much, so the touching scene at the end was a good thing for Tamara and her pain. great acting and writing. worked for me. and its sci-fi, so does anyone really stay gone..hmmm. I am rooting for Chloe, come girl, you can make this alien thing work and not have to make you go away… Greer has a tender side. I knew it, go Ronald. Looking forward to next episode. What fun! thanks Joe and everyone.

  26. @ Jermaine – this series is definitely a work in progress. All questions may not find answers until down the road, and might still lead to more questions. That’s great writing. I think we have not seen the last of these aliens who can apparently build and restore other things and creatures. (they just could not help a human who had already died…they are not that powerful). Maybe they will be the ones to cure Chloe. I bet they could handle that problem. Maybe they will be the help needed to eventually get back home. Stay tuned to find out. As Joe said, they want five years to tell this story right. This is great writing, and it is creating interesting comments.

  27. Hey Joe sorry about what’s happening to Jelly…. I know it might seem like not much is working but I have faith Jelly will pull through this. 🙂

  28. Give Jelly an extra special hug from Cornwall willya? I’ll be sending prayers/positive vibes…whatever you wish to call ’em your way:)

  29. @poorOldEdgarDerby…

    Sweet… Will you be counted next week? Do u have a nielsens meter?

  30. Oh Joe, my heart is breaking for you about Jelly. To see such progress and then see such regression — well, you know I know EXACTLY what that feels like (you with Jelly; me with Patrick). It is funny that a dog is going to get a CAT scan, but if it spooks her out any less, they tend to call them CT scans now. Almost a metaphor for what we saw also in Visitation. A second chance at life that didn’t go as planned. I have never had to make the decision to put my dogs to sleep. Both my other golden retrievers had massive heart attacks before that decision ever had to be made. I am not sure I would be brave enough to make it, but it I did, I would be right there until the end, as I know you would. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Go see what the canine neurologist has to say and then research and then make a decision. Do you think her spirits are just down because of her inmobility or pain or both? If it is just immobility and she is depressed, there are those carts you can get to help them get around, like doggie wheelchairs. But if she is in a huge amount of pain and immobile, that puts things into a different decision-making camp. Please keep us updated often. Sending you a big cyberhug.

  31. Kymm wrote,

    …one site said that if the dog is fed quality food, then they can live as old as 18.

    When I got my crazy beagle puppy I researched which foods are of better quality. As of a year ago, here is the top dog food consensus:

    Wellness Core
    Timberwolf Organics
    Go Natural
    Artemis Maximal Dog
    Blue Wilderness
    Horizon Legacy
    Solid Gold Barking at the Moon
    Taste of the Wild

    These are also okay brands:

    Blue Buffalo
    Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul
    Fromm FourStar
    California Natural
    Blue Organics

    Ingredients to look for: No grain, no wheat, no soy, no corn, NO BY PRODUCTS, no corn glueton, should have at least, 2 meats listed first (3-4 meats are ideal).

  32. Joe, just a quickie to say that I hope Jelly, and you, are doing okay today. Thoughts are with you. 🙂


  33. Question for the mailbag:

    Are the aliens who created the planet related to the Ancients/Alterans/Ori or some other offshoot of their race or is it a completely new race that we haven’t encountered before?

  34. Sorry to hear that Jelly’s not doing so well. It’s such an awful thing to see them not being able to do the things they used to enjoy.

    But you’re a good guy who loves his dogs, and all of your readers know that you’ll do whatever it takes to do your best to make life earier for the old soul.

    Hope the new treatment works.


    (Hugs to Jelly from me)

  35. Although we’ve never met, I can tell how you describe her Joe, that Jelly is a trooper. My prayers are with her and you as you deal with helping her through her troubles. You’re a good doggy daddy Joe.

    This weekend I’m attempting yet another treatment for feline acne for my male cat. Apparently he is prone to it due to his hyperthyroidism and diabetes which both affect his immune system. The antibiotics and topical creams rate “zippo”, so next up is benzoyl-peroxide shampoo, just on his under chin. This acne appeared suddenly several months ago and it won’t leave.

    If anyone has another, safe remedy, I’d appreciate the info.

    Oh, yes and I loved the eppy Visitation. It creeped me out, but the story was fabulous and it was well acted. Thanks Remi!

    On the DVD front – I made my purchase of the entire SGU season one and really enjoyed the extended first eppys. The scene between Rush and General O’Neill when Rush first used the stones was priceless!

    Are you reading this TPTB? We are fans of SGU and purchase the products and avidly watch SGU live broadcasts.
    Renew SGU please

    From New Jersey, still recovering from an over-indulgent Thanksgiving dinner, I remain,


  36. Okay, nothing to do with Stargate or such but…

    “Gremlins 2” is on the telly tonight: starring in this is Robert Picardo.

    As you’re friends with the stars, can you confirm if the full head of hair he sports in this film is real or if he’s wearing a wig? I didn’t think this film was that old but in ST:Voyager and SG:Atlantis, he’s certainly got a lot less on top 🙂

    Looking at the awful haircut, I’d say he looks more distinguished bald but there…

  37. Joe why cant we have more of this in SGU?:


    And some people are worried about where SGU is headed with the “God” theme, its a sci-fi killer, so how can you assure us that all be fine?

  38. Joe, how come we dont see stuff like that in SGU?:

    Some people are worried about where SGU is headed with the “god” theme, its a sci-fi killer, so can you assure us its gonna be okay?

  39. Some people are worried about where SGU is headed with the “god” theme, its a sci-fi killer, so can you assure us its gonna be okay?

  40. Oh my, I’m sorry Jelly is not feeling better. Do you think it could be the cold weather? I know that my arthritis is worse when it’s colder.
    They are coming out with new medications every year, so I hope you can get some good answers soon!

    2cats: my big cat had acne when he was younger. I used to soak his chin in dandruff shampoo daily. That was all kinds of fun 🙄 He grew out of it later. Good luck with your cat.

  41. Cobbler recipe

    1 cup self-rising flour
    1 cup sugar
    1 cup milk
    4 cups fruit*
    1 stick (1/2 cup) butter

    Pre-heat oven to 350 deg. F. Melt butter in oven in casserole dish.

    Mix flour, sugar, and milk. Pour batter over melted butter. Put fruit on top of batter.

    Bake at 350 deg. F. for 1 hr. or until the batter that rises to the top browns.

    *Use any fruit. Less than one qt. down to 1 cup and/ or sour fruit is fine. Batter sweetens sour fruit as it rises. My favorite is blackberries, 2 cps. ripe, 2 cps. 3 days under-ripe.

    click to view larger

    I see cobblers in restaurants where the crust is like a pie crust. That’s not the cobbler I grew up with. That batter needs to rise through the fruit.

  42. Thanks to Carl, Ashleigh and Lawren for particpating in the weird food purchase of the day.

    I’m sorry Jelly is not doing well and hope her appt goes well.

  43. (This may be a double post. It looked the other one disappeared.)

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 🙂

    Have enjoyed family, good food, and my baby nephew. Little stinker has the family attitude already. (Sassy Dad, look out.) Grandpa, however, is one of his best buddies and favorite pieces of playground equipment.

    Also am thankful for a family of friends online, who are interested in the same things I am, know more than I do, and teach me new things every day. Thanks, guys. *hugs*
    Joe, thanks for the pupdate on Miss Jelly. Sorry to hear that things are not going well. Prayers and good thoughts are coming her way. Many of us have had elderly fur kids and dealt with mobility issues. Looked online and saw a pug owners’ discussion about mobility. The orginal post-er’s thank you at the end of page 1 sums up many pug owner’s methods of helping their kids. Please keep us in the loop and know that you’re in our thoughts as well.

  44. Hey Joe

    It’s yer mom. You take the pups for a walk yet? You got the yard cleaned up? Whatcha waiting for? 🙂


  45. let me see if I understand you correctly, you are saying that the method the powerful aliens used to bring back those people only works with aliens but fails to do the same for humans? Their biological form must be too different from us then. Or they could be former ascended beings like Merlin.

  46. Hi Joe

    The aliens can drop ‘people’ and craft across space-time more easily than Destiny can flit flit its way across the cosmos like a skimming stone on a pond.

    They’ll be monitoring what happened, possibly might even have another go at the bring-back manifestation, sometime, somewhere? Might we have not see the last of those former crew, or at least their ‘form’? Could see aliens, too?

    Then, if such tech is available, can be begged, borrowed or used, might some crew on Destiny want to recreate others they’ve lost, or miss – can’t be with on the other side of the universe, trapped on the starship? And what moral choices, then, do arise being such creator’s? And, who or what else could be manifest as useful brains or muscle by individuals, or friends, or enemies? Back to the ultimate, underlying testing (by others? by self?) of worthiness in this non-black and white universe?

    best, PJR

  47. Joe

    Considering Japan, and comic books, I spotted an alternative history graphic novel ‘Storming Paradise’ and wondered if you’d come across it, what you think.

    Where is the comic project at – in its publishing journey, and also the how far story development has gone in your imagination: how far down the road is the mind while the print factory follows? Ah, if only there was the ease of manifesting straight from mind to to product (not just distribution)!

    best, PJR

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