So the other day I remarked on the awesome “CARL BINDER” signage hanging over Carl’s office door and the lack of a similarly awesome “JOSEPH MALLOZZI” signage hanging over my door.  I mean, come on.  How are people going to know it’s my office if it doesn’t say so over the door in big block letters?!  Well, yesterday, Set Decorator Mark Davidson came by to present me with a little something from an old friend, Boyd.  It read:

“I read your blog last week.  Couldn’t believe the indignity you’ve faced with the new guy, Binder, having his name up on the office wall while you don’t.  Would have had this to you sooner but I was repeatedly interrupted by show stuff.  Hope this helps!


And, by “this”, he meant…


I was so thrilled I had Lawren and Ashleigh stop what they were doing – in Lawren’s case, distributing a script that was about to go into prep; in Ashleigh’s case, administering CPR to an elderly man who had collapsed in the parking lot – to put up my sign.  And –


Later, even Brad got some signage –

And all it took was a little adjustment to Carl’s door –

But that wasn’t the only little surprise that awaited me.  I received a mysterious package in the mail –

Other warnings on the box included “Hands off, Ashleigh!” and “Ashleigh may cause this box to spontaneously explode” – which got me wondering whether this was reverse psychology and the sender was actually warning Ashleigh AWAY from a potentially explosive situation.  It all seemed highly suspect, so I elected to exercise extreme caution. And had Carl open it for me under the assumption it was a present for him.

As it turned out, the box contained an early birthday gift from blog regular Quade.  Two awesome mugs –


While this one says (appropriately enough): YOU CAN'T WIN

Also included were two lemons (“Save SGA” and “Keller 4 ever”) and a package of Miracle Fruit Tablets.

According to the instructions on the back:

– Place one miracle fruit tablet on your tongue and let it completely dissolve.  Make sure the tablet makes contact with as many taste buds as possible.

– Once the fruit tablet is dissolved, you will find that event the most sour fruits taste sweet in your mouth.

– This incredible sensation that is produced by miracle fruit usually lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Step 1: Carl confirms the lemons are real lemons…

Step 2: A paranoid Carl tries the miracle fruit…

Step 3: Carl begins trippin’ out.  The ceiling’s coming down on him!

Step 4: With the miracle fruit tablet dissolved, Carl again samples the lemon…

A couple of links for you to check out –

Over at his site, Steve Eramo has posted an interview with actor David Blue (SGU’s Eli Wallace):

And check out this timely article written by none other than blog regular Shirt ‘n Tie:

28 thoughts on “October 1, 2010: Signage envy! Early birthday gifts! A miraculous lunch! And a couple of interesting links!

  1. Hey Joe

    I think I’m going to have to find some of those Miracle Fruit Tablets. Where would one find such a thing?

    And SGU is about to start!


  2. With a sign that big, I can’t help but wonder what you’re compensating for…


    Also, Carl is quite adorable in those vids…and the mugs are great…and I read Shirt ‘n Tie article – is he the dentist??…and…and I’m really tired, so nites!


  3. Congrats on the sign!! I guess everyone will know where your office is now. Have a good night.

  4. Hey Joe!

    So I can finally view your videos… it took getting on another computer. :p The ol’ laptop just isn’t up to par I guess.

    Here are a couple anagrams for your and Carl’s signages…

    Carl Binder:
    blind racer

    Joseph Mallozzi:
    i smell pooh jazz

    Okay enough silliness, here are some old questions from the other day, maybe they’ll find their way into the mailbag. (?)

    1. Is it Luciene Alliance or Lucian Alliance?

    2. Is “Blockade” episode 18 or 19 of SGU’s 2nd season?

    3. How much of an impact will the lower ratings of SGU’s 2nd season premiere have on renewal for season 3? Will the ratings of the entire first 10 episodes of season 2 factor into renewal?

    4. Who makes the big decision over whether or not the show gets renewed?

    5. Will those decision-makers possibly take into account the fact that SGU has moved to Tuesdays?

    I’m also curious about why SGU moved to Tuesdays, though I’m guessing that’s the type of thing that someone at Syfy would have the answer to.


    Sean D.

  5. D’oh! One more…

    6. Will we get to see any more wormholes (in between stargates) in SGU’s season 2 (or later)?

    Thanks! 😀

    Sean D.

  6. Hi Mr M!

    And all here!

    The article pretty much explains why I’ve been absent from the Blog!! thanks Mr M for your kind words, and also for linking it to your blog. I am deeply honoured that you saw fit to include it. Thank you.

    Thanks also to all you guys for your kind messages over on Twitter.

    Undecided as to the next step of the journey. I’m reminded of that “famous book”…..”Dust off that Old Screen Play” by R C Cooper (!)

    The article was the most read and most emailed on that website, (that day) which is Ireland’s leading newspaper. It also managed to garner a lot of national radio and television. Surprisingly there are two Stargate related things to tell…

    In my entire life, I have only ever been on a “set” once…that’d be The Bridge. Inside a Hive Ship, Puddle Jumper, aboard the Dedalus, in the SGC and indeed Atlantis. So, when I appeared on the Current Affairs programme, I was….well….right at home (!)

    Secondly, after months of waiting…..SGU finally airs on Tuesday night (via SKY 1). The main competition here in Ireland is the cutting edge current affairs programme called (originally) Prime Time….featuring…….me(!!!).

    That’s about the best (and only) forgivable excuse for missing the Season 2 Premier…..I’m on the other side…literally…(nice stargate pun there too!).

    In any case, I am very philosophical about my career. Over the years treating patients (the medically compromised as well as the fit) and hearing their stories I realise mine is a lucky life, filled with family, friends and blessed with good health. So many of us find ourselves bereft of one or all, so I always say : Up and at ’em.

    So now that I am no longer drilling, filling and billing….I reckon…you know….that Destiny could use a dentist! What say you Mr M?

    Thanks again to all


  7. G’day Joe

    Carl is spaced out. Where o where can I get those miracle fruit thingys.

  8. Cool sign. I can’t help but notice someone forgot to dot the I, though. For shame. An I without a dot is just a short L.

  9. Joe, i just want to say that was an incredible episode. That last scene especially had tears in my eyes. Thank you and everyone involved for doing such great work! Alaina was amazing.

    Glad to see you’re finally getting the sign recognition you deserve. Now I want to see Ashleigh get a sign! Her being the power behind the throne and all!! 😉

  10. You have to love birthday month!! Great gift mugs, and I can totally see them finding their way onto other peoples desks, grow legs and walk you know…
    Meant to say yesterdays q&a was terrific. So much fun to actually hear what they authors had to say about the stories. I will be going back to the book and am getting another one for my son to read. Good questions by everyone,Thanks Joe.
    Loved the Carl video, anytime you can get him animated, its great!! Such a comic. Are any of you all doing cameos in upcoming episodes, just a little pineapple,pug here and there.?
    Sorry to hear about Shirt ‘n Tie closing his office, I hope he and the family have other options,good luck Paul.
    An oh yeah, nice signage, maybe just need a little larger. Poor C L IN ER..

  11. @Shirt ‘N Tie – Nice job. Did you get paid for the article? Once you get paid, you’re officially a professional writer.

  12. Nice sign. Nice mugs. Nice Miracle Fruit. And it’s not even your birthday yet. You really are a spoiled baby, aren’t you.

    I noticed SyFy had Friday night wrestling on tonight. But why? I don’t get it. It is because it is fiction?

    @ Shirt’n’Tie – That is terrible. As usual, it’s all about money and everybody suffers. Good luck to you. Hope you find a way to continue your practice of dentistry in some way.

  13. OK, who stole Carl’s letters? And put them over Brad’s door to make his name? Wait, where are the rest of the letters? Nice nameplate over your door Joe. Someone must like you.

    You have to tell us where to get those fruit tablets. I see experiments in my future.

  14. Those particular “Miracle Fruit Tablets” came from although there are many variations of them, and some can be found in stores near you.

    Hey Joe,

    Glad you guys liked the mugs. Carl looked so bummed in the first couple videos (you did tell them they weren’t the same tablets he dropped in the 60’s, right?) But when he finally tasted that sweet sweet lemon, it all went away. Thanks to all you guys for your hard work and being such good sports!

  15. Hey Joe!
    Long time reader, seldom commenter….just thought that you would find this interesting. I was at the local Asian market today and stumbled upon this: the bootleggers really have an attention to detail. =)

  16. Joe, I have an idea about how to increase ratings. If you released a spoilier to Gateworld saying what the mission of the Destiny is people might get more interested and start to tune in and watch the show live instead of waiting too watch it the next day on hulu or on their DVR. I mean if we don’t learn about what the mission is until episode 10, ratings might not increase until the second half.

    And I’m not just trying to get a major spoilier out of you…honest 😉

    I think the show has great potential and it would be ashame if it had a short life. Just trying to help.

  17. Hi Joe,

    Just thought I’d let you know that Tycho from Penny Arcade, the biggest and probably most powerful webcomic empire in existence*, just started watching SGU because he’s friends with John Scalzi. He started by watching all of the first season really rapidly, and had this to say:

    “There may be some rich sideband of data that the true enthusiast may be able to glean, but if it’s possible to enjoy the show more than I do at this moment I’d be incredibly surprised.”

    These guys are quite big, and wield a surprising amount of power given they started out just making 3 small comics a week. A good word from them is a very good thing to get.

    *When I say ’empire’, I do mean empire:'s_Play_(charity)

    This is a good thing!


  18. Shirt n’ Tie,

    I’m so sorry to know what you have been going through. It is devastating to watch your profession implode. I used to work in newspapers, and it is hard to watch them dwindle away to almost nothing. The Washington Post is a mere shell of what it used to be even five years ago. I’m a stay-at-home parent now, so it doesn’t affect me financially, except in the sense that if I ever do want to return to work full time, I’m probably going to need to change careers and go back to university. Ah well, I suppose it is not that big of a deal that people get their news in different ways. But dental care! There is no other substitute. Congrats on your new-found role of spokesman.

    Joe, I think Shirt n’ Tie is right. The Destiny does need a dentist. I’m sure that Icarus base would have had one …

  19. @Shirt’n’Tie, sorry to hear. But does this mean in a few years there will be no dentists in Ireland? What will the gov’t do then?

    Grave harbinger warning to the USA’s future health plans, IMO.

    Yup Oct is our Bday month Joe! I’ll wish you if you wish me.

    I did watch SGU season premiere, DVR. At least the story is moving along.

  20. You have one of the coolest jobs in the world. You get to meet great actors and actresses, get goodies from around the world, AND get pampered when you are being snarky. I mean really, sign envy? Beautiful work on the sign though. And useful in your senescence, when you start forgetting your own name.
    The whole miracle fruit tablet thing was great. Not one, but a whole series of videos! Is Carl the focus of the test because a) as the American in the group,he’s most expendible? b) he has the most photogenic face c) you know he reacts to chemicals oddly or d) you tricked him by putting his name on the box and convincing him the stuff was for him? Course, now I’ll have to start searching for the stuff. My local oriental food store has been cutting back on Japanese imports due to cost, so now I’ll have to plan a field trip.
    Missed the premiere of season 2, and been avoiding reading comments in the blog to not catch spoilers. As long as Syfy sticks to their show last week’s episode and then the new one, I’ll be caught up soon enough. But it still feels odd to be tuning in on a Tuesday for my Stargate fix. Not to mention the neuron shock last night, when I instinctively flipped to syfy only to see rasslin! I’m putting it down as another sign of the coming apocolypse,.
    Thanks for sharing your workplace antics, and oh yea, early happy birthday wishes.

  21. This tweet reminded me of legendary practical jokes at The Bridge. It’s all fun and games until children or pets get involved…

    From WOAI-TV Twitter feed:
    Toddler duct-taped to wall by mom, her boyfriend: The 18-year-old mom and her 19-year-old boyfriend did it after p…

  22. Shirt ‘n Tie:
    My sis went through a similar process when our state legislature, in its infinite wisdom, decided to outsource her agency, some years ago. Fortunately, she was eligible for early retirement and found a part-time job she enjoys.

    I was glad to see Silver-Haired Anglo Woman return in “Intervention”. Glad to see she’s representing the over-40 crowd. May we hear more about both character and actress, please?

    Please update us: How many months have now passed in the overall #SGU timeline? Has it been a year since the Icarus Base attack?

    Will we see costumes reflecting more wear and tear in S2?

    I assume that deceased crewmembers’ property is probably added to ships’ stores. That’s probably how TJ replaced her fatigues.

    Wonder when the crew will discover the Ancients’ clothing storeroom and/or create wearables from the bed covers and other available textiles…or even non-textiles. In other words, TURN THE COSTUMERS LOOSE!

  23. Heya, Joe.

    Finally got to see the season premiere and all I have to say is … worth the wait. I simply very much like the fact that you all are producing a sci-fi drama versus a sci-fi action show.

    Which nicely slides into the next part of my post … the thrilling return not just of the characters on SGU but … the assault of the SGU haters! Not only do I get to watch some good television during the eps, but then I get to read about people banging their heads against the same rant ‘n’ rail wall! Definitely getting my money’s worth. Which is definitely better than getting my butter’s worth.

    Er. Right.

    Anyhow … bring on the rest of the season!!

  24. Hello Joe.

    Love the signage. The new signs for both yourself and Brad look great!!! Carl is such a giving person, sacrificing a few letters for Brad Wright. 😉

    I also liked Carl’s and Ashleigh’s mug shots.

    Best wishes,


    P.s. @ S & T, sorry to hear that you have to close the practice. My best wishes as you contemplate future.

  25. @ Sean D. – Good to see that I’m not the only one who plays with the anagram creator. 😛

    @ Shirt ‘n Tie – Okay – I get it now…the article is about you. I’m a bit slow sometimes. Well…more like most of the time. 😛 I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

    @ Joe – There was a little Renaissance Festival near us today, so we pulled out the costumes and went on down. Wanna know what I got first??! FRENCH KISSES!!



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