October 1, 2010: Signage envy! Early birthday gifts! A miraculous lunch! And a couple of interesting links!

So the other day I remarked on the awesome “CARL BINDER” signage hanging over Carl’s office door and the lack of a similarly awesome “JOSEPH MALLOZZI” signage hanging over my door.  I mean, come on.  How are people going to know it’s my office if it doesn’t say so over the door in big block letters?!  Well, yesterday, Set Decorator Mark Davidson came by to present me with a little something from an old friend, Boyd.  It read:

“I read your blog last week.  Couldn’t believe the indignity you’ve faced with the new guy, Binder, having his name up on the office wall while you don’t.  Would have had this to you sooner but I was repeatedly interrupted by show stuff.  Hope this helps!


And, by “this”, he meant…


I was so thrilled I had Lawren and Ashleigh stop what they were doing – in Lawren’s case, distributing a script that was about to go into prep; in Ashleigh’s case, administering CPR to an elderly man who had collapsed in the parking lot – to put up my sign.  And –


Later, even Brad got some signage –

And all it took was a little adjustment to Carl’s door –

But that wasn’t the only little surprise that awaited me.  I received a mysterious package in the mail –

Other warnings on the box included “Hands off, Ashleigh!” and “Ashleigh may cause this box to spontaneously explode” – which got me wondering whether this was reverse psychology and the sender was actually warning Ashleigh AWAY from a potentially explosive situation.  It all seemed highly suspect, so I elected to exercise extreme caution. And had Carl open it for me under the assumption it was a present for him.

As it turned out, the box contained an early birthday gift from blog regular Quade.  Two awesome mugs –


While this one says (appropriately enough): YOU CAN'T WIN

Also included were two lemons (“Save SGA” and “Keller 4 ever”) and a package of Miracle Fruit Tablets.

According to the instructions on the back:

– Place one miracle fruit tablet on your tongue and let it completely dissolve.  Make sure the tablet makes contact with as many taste buds as possible.

– Once the fruit tablet is dissolved, you will find that event the most sour fruits taste sweet in your mouth.

– This incredible sensation that is produced by miracle fruit usually lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Step 1: Carl confirms the lemons are real lemons…

Step 2: A paranoid Carl tries the miracle fruit…

Step 3: Carl begins trippin’ out.  The ceiling’s coming down on him!

Step 4: With the miracle fruit tablet dissolved, Carl again samples the lemon…

A couple of links for you to check out –

Over at his site, Steve Eramo has posted an interview with actor David Blue (SGU’s Eli Wallace): http://scifiandtvtalk.typepad.com/scifiandtvtalk/2010/09/stargate-universes-david-blue-team-player.html#tp

And check out this timely article written by none other than blog regular Shirt ‘n Tie: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/health/2010/0921/1224279345754.html