I got a sneak peek at the Stargate: Universe season two trailer this afternoon and it’s – well – is “crazysuperfantastic” a word?  Steve has done an incredible job and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out.  I’m still aiming for the week prior to the SGU second season premiere (Tuesday, September 28th at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy).  Trust me, it’ll be well worth the wait.  LOTS to look forward to this year.

Please keep those questions and comments coming for September’s Book of the Month Club, Masked.  We’ve got a slew of special guests lined up to field your queries including: Matthew Sturges (“Cleansed and Set in Gold”), James Maxey (“Where Their Worm Dieth Not”), Paul Cornell (“Secret Identity”), Daryl Gregory (“Message from the Bubblegum Factory”), Gail Simone (“Thug), Mark Chadbourn (“By My Works You Shall Know Me”), Marjorie M. Liu (“Call Her Savage”), Lou Anders (our fearless editor), and yours truly (“Downfall”)!

And now, I’d like to turn this blog over to Destiny’s sassiest scientist, Dr. Lisa Park – a.k.a. Jennifer Spence – who has kindly taken time out of her space-suited forays (Come to think of it, what IS she doing in that space suit?) to spend time with us.  Thanks, Jen.  Now back to work on those shield emitters…

Me writes: “Not really a question for Jennifer Spence, but I loved your delivery as Dr. Park of the line in the SG:U finale to Col. Young — Don’t Yell! It was totally unexpected and spot on. I was laughing out loud on that one. Keep up the good work Jennifer, and I look forward to seeing you in Season Two.”

JS: Aw thank you Me! We’ve got some pretty fan-freaking-tastic writers on the show and that line came from none other than Mr. Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie 🙂

Michael writes: “Questions for Jennifer Spence

1) What do you want to see happen for Dr. Park in season 2, besides surviving?”

JS: Hi Michael. I would love to see her become even stronger and explore more of what makes her human. We know she’s smart and can hold her own with the other scientist boys, we know she likes to get it on with the military lads, now I’d like to see what else she can offer the team. Perhaps an episode where she takes on more of a leadership type of role or one in which she must overcome a fear or issue from her past in order to get the team out of a dire situation. I love the idea of secrets. And of course it would be so much fun to have some scenes where she just loses it on someone, like maybe she develops a temper.

“2) What was your initial reaction to Park’s method of coping with being stranded on Destiny; sex?”

JS: Shock followed by absolutely loving the idea! It just added so much depth to my character in that she now had this secret and it’s always great fun as an actor to come up with a reason for a character’s behavior.

“3) What do you like to do the breaks between scenes-hang out with the other actors or hide in a trailer?”

JS: We’re almost always all hanging out between scenes unless someone’s got a big scene to prep and even then everyone is so awesome about offering to run lines. We goof around a ton and regularly get our wrists slapped for getting out of hand 😉 I mean you put some of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with in a room together and you get non-stop entertainment. I think I now have about 5 videos I’ve shot on my iPhone of Kelamis doing various impressions and bits that we keep pressuring him to perform for us and the man is so sweet that he always obliges! Actually Patrick posted one of them on youtube the other day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSE7TOd1ieU&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Lou Zucaro writes: “For Jennifer… 1) You had one of the best lines to date in the series last week (“Don’t yell!”). When you read a line like that when you first get your script, is it always obvious how simply great it is, or is it not until you perform it (or even see it when it’s done) that it hits for you?”

JS: Hi Lou. It’s usually obvious to me when I read it thanks to our stellar team of writers. Whenever I see a line like that I get super excited about saying it and I love that those types of lines are generally of the comic variety which can be a nice little addition to dramatic scenes.

“2) You’ve worked on a fair amount of sci-fi. Are you / have you been a fan of the genre or is it something that’s “just happened”? If you’re a fan, what (other than things you’ve been in) are some of your favorites?”

JS: Honestly I was never really a fan of sci-fi before SGU. A lot of the productions that have been shot in Vancouver over the years have been of the sci-fi variety and I’ve been lucky that those that I’ve worked on have all been high quality but in general, I usually didn’t watch shows or movies of that genre. I do remember loving E.T. though and having all the E.T. paraphernalia: stuffed toy, t-shirt, shoelaces, etc. as well as rushing home from school to watch Dr. Who. I finally saw Galaxy Quest a few months ago and LOVED it!

“3) In “The Core” you were an assistant to Stanley Tucci’s character, Dr. Zimsky, and now in a way on SGU, you’re an assistant to Rush. In a knock down, drag-out, cage match of the minds, which difficult genius would you put your money on?”

JS: Probably Rush just cuz he’s always thinking outside the box. Plus Zimsky didn’t end up making it out alive 😉

Tim Lade writes: “Dear Ms. Spence.  What is it like to wear the same clothing over and over and over again? I imagine I would get pretty annoyed with whatever I happened to choose to wear the day Icarus Base was attacked.”

JS: Haha! As an actor it’s not so bad just cuz you always know what to expect and our fabulous wardrobe department keeps like 6 sets of the outfit on hand. As the character though, you’re right, it would be pretty frakking annoying to wear the same outfit day in day out. I mean, there’s only so much B.O. you’d be able to get out what with a limited water supply and steam showers!

Mike writes: “Question for Jennifer, how much are you like Dr. Park, being the optimist and placating presence, in real life?

JS: I try to be an optimist as much as possible in real life and I think that’s who I am at heart but of course I still have my moments where I cross over to the dark side.

“What one item would you want to have with you if you were stuck on Destiny?”

JS: I think if I could have only 1 item on the Destiny, it would be my iPhone much as I don’t want to admit my addiction to that blasted thing!

“Are there any actors on the show that you hang out with when not filming? Thanks for answering, and keep up the good work it is nice to see a beautiful lady as part of the science team.”

JS: Aw thanks Mike- so sweet! I think I’ve hung out with pretty much all the cast off, but I think I’ve probably spent the most time with Gilmore & Kelamis. Patrick and I just recently spent a week in L.A. with Kelamis and his lovely wife in their gorgeous home which they completely re-did THEMSELVES!

PBMom writes: “To Jennifer Spence: 1. We know how Dr. Park copes with stress, but what is your coping mechanism (if you can share)?”

JS: Chocolate cake with LOTS of icing.

“2. What are your similarities to Dr. Park and what are your differences?”

JS: I think we’re similar in that we’re both optimistic, solution-oriented and nerds. I think we’re different in that she got her doctorate whereas I went to theatre school, she uses sex to relieve stress whereas I’ll eat a whole chocolate cake, she works with a couple of male scientists who bicker like a married couple whereas I work with a couple of male actors who… you know what- we’re not that different 😉

“3. Dog or cat person (or both?)”

JS: I’m definitely a dog person but I like cats too. Especially the ones that seem like dogs trapped in cats’ bodies.

“4. What was your favorite chocolate at Joe’s party (if you attended)?”

JS: Aw man, how to narrow it down?… It was actually probably the brownie (wish I could remember the company). Twas the creamiest, richest, most perfect-level-of-sweetness brownie I’ve ever devoured in my life!

“5. If you had a say in it (which I know you don’t), who would you like more screen time with as an actor with another actor, or as your character with another character.”

JS: Naw don’t make me choose- it’s too hard! I think it would be interesting though to have more scenes with whatever other character brings out the most conflict when paired with Park.

“6. What would be your SGleeU song to sing? Julia Benson answered “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi if that helps.”

JS: “Laid” by James http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol-KrTTta4g or


“7. I read somewhere you own a bookstore in Vancouver?  Thank you for being so kind to answer our questions.”

JS: The bookstore you’ve heard about is called Biz Books which is owned by the talented and outstanding Catherine Lough Haggquist who not only has been my boss but a very close friend and mentor AND she played Mary in the SGU episode Sabotage! She has taught me almost everything I know about the film industry and her belief in me is a lot of the reason I stuck it out with acting. She opened Biz Books 14 years ago and it is the only bookstore based in Western Canada that specializes in film, television and theatre related books. The store has just recently evolved from a bricks and mortar retail space into an online and on-location only bookstore www.bizbooks.net. Very excited for its next chapter!

Sean D. writes: “Question for Jennifer: What’s your favorite episode of season 2 so far?”

JS: Aw man, too hard to choose- they’re seriously all good! One that was especially exciting to shoot was Malice because we traveled to New Mexico and it put Park in an extremely challenging situation which then changed her perspective about Rush.

E. writes: “Yaaay! Lisa Park – again, one of my fav secondary characters! Questions for her: Did you practice a lot for the kino sequence in “Darkness”? ‘But it might be great!’-moment made me fell in love with Park’s character.”

JS: Aw you’re sweet, E 🙂 I actually only ended up having a few hours to practice that one. As I recall, it had originally been scheduled to shoot after a long weekend so my plan had been to take the weekend to memorize it and make sure it stuck. A day or 2 before said weekend, I got a call from production asking if I was available to come in later that very afternoon because they wanted to shoot that scene a few days ahead of schedule! Hello heart palpitations! I was working at the bookstore at the time and was slotted to be working there for the rest of the day but of course Cat (see info about Biz Books above) being the awesome woman she is told me to skedaddle and I spent the following few hours memorizing and practicing with anyone and everyone who made eye contact with me 😉

“What exactly is Park’s area of expertise? Is it astrophysics?”

JS: She definitely has a lot of knowledge about astrophysics and I think she also has done a lot of research in the fields of computer science (specifically computational linguistics) and geophysics.

“What do you think – does Park feel guilty for sleeping with various guys on Destiny, while she has a boyfriend on Earth?”

JS: I think she definitely feels guilty about cheating on her boyfriend but manages to adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude 😉

Paul Moody writes: “Question for Jennifer: You’re cast as a civilian on Destiny; do you ever wish you could have been cast as part of the military contingent so you could run around shouting ‘hoo-rah!’ a lot?”

JS: Haha! Naw, I think the role of a civvy is a lot more fitting for me. I’m a nerd through and through. That being said, I would love for Park to get the opportunity to shoot a gun or backhand a bad guy in an upcoming episode.

Lisa R. writes: “Questions for Jennifer Spence: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. 1) How did you get into the acting business?”

JS: Hi Lisa. I’d always loved acting since I had done skits and stuff at summer camp as a little kid but when I did a community theatre production of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller just before graduating high school I realized I didn’t really have a choice anymore – it was just what my little heart wanted!

“2) What kind of studying do you do to make your lines believable especially when there’s alot of science in the script? (if you’re not already familiar with the science concepts.)”

JS: When there’s tons of science-speak in the script, I usually start with wikipedia. Then when we go to shoot it, I’ll double check with the writer(s). A couple of times, Patrick and I have gone up to Brad with sketches of what we think the science-speak is referring to and then Brad will draw his own little sketch and patiently explain what’s actually going on!

Simon writes: “Questions for Jennifer: 1) First off, congrats on the Leo Award nomination! Will Dr. Park be getting more screen time in Season 2?”

JS: Aw thank you Simon! Twas truly a thrill! And yes the writers have given Dr Park lots of fun and sometimes unexpected stuff for me to play this season. Many times now, I’ve found myself clapping my hands in delight when I get any sort of tidbit of what’s on the horizon!

“2) How many episode will Park be in this time around?”

JS: As I write this, we are about 15 episodes in and I have been in all but one. Of course being a little greedy guts, I’m hoping I’ll be in all the rest of ’em!

Yazid writes: “Q’s for Jennifer Spence : First, thanks for answering our questions, it’s nice of you. Did you cast for Lisa Park first or any other character?”

JS: Hi Yazid. I read for 2 other parts first and then the producers were lovely enough to find me something else to play. The first incarnation of Dr Lisa Park was actually written as a male scientist named Miles Henry!

“How is the atmosphere on set?”

JS: Rindonculously fun. But also super respectful, patient, supportive, focused and generous.

“How funny is it? Who is the most funny? Were you the victim of someone’s joke on set?”

JS: Super funny. My abs get a mean workout any time I’m on set or between scenes. Everybody on this show is pretty funny but of course it’s always a blast when Louis is around. Haig played a brutal joke on me first season. We had just gotten the script for an upcoming episode so we hurried into our trailers to flip through and see if we were in it or not and if so, if we made it out alive. I think I had just turned to page 1 when I hear Haig (whose room was right next to mine) say “Oh no!” and I yell, “What?!” through the wall and he says, “You die.” Blink blink. “Huh?” I squeak and he shouts, “Yeah Brody says ‘what happened to Park?’ and Riley says ‘she died'”. So at this point I leap to my feet, fly out my trailer door, clamber up the steps to Haig’s door and he opens it laughing his ass off. I think I manage to mumble “I hate you” as I retreat down the stairs backwards never breaking eye contact with him. This is not a set on which one should be gullible. And I am. Oh how I am.

“What is your favorite scene/episode of SGU and why?”

JS: Really really hard to narrow it down to just one. They all have special moments and I can honestly say that I have gotten goosebumps at some point during every single episode. I think “Life” was one of my favorites because we learned so much intimate stuff about the characters.

“Did you know Stargate before playing in SGU?”

JS: I had heard of it and knew how popular it was but I hadn’t actually seen it tsk tsk!

“When are you gonna do a “Chevron/Symbol locked sequence”?”

JS: Haha! Joe?

“Are Rush/Brody/Volker and Park a kind of control room gang? ^^

JS: I think we are! It’s a good dynamic because we’re all so different. What could our gang be called? Maybe Brush-polker? Or Volkush-bark?

“What was the hardest/funniest scene to shoot?”

JS: I think the hardest as well as funniest scenes to shoot were my “reading” scenes in the episode Life. I had never done love scenes like those before so I was kinda nervous but both Zak and Jamil were perfect gentleman and super professional. Because they’re both awesome guys, it ended up being a lot of fun and because both scenes took place in the same location with similar lighting, we shot them back to back so Zak got wrapped and then it was like, “Next!”

“What would you do if you were really stuck on an old rusty ship, billions light years away from home?”

JS: Find out where they kept the chocolate cake.

“Few words in french maybe?  Thank you Jennifer =)”

JS: Merci d’avoir poser ces questions!

Lis writes: “For Jennifer – 1. Do you have any particular science background? You seem to do a lot of tech talk, that must be intimidating.”

JS: I don’t have a science background so it certainly can be intimidating to do the tech talk but once you know what you’re really saying and you run it a bunch of times it’s a lot of fun!

“2. Not really a question I guess, but the reason I find Dr Park so endearing is that she’s obviously an extremely intelligent person but also an extremely normal person. That scene way back at the beginning where she is expressing concern about visiting a planet – melted me a little.”

JS: Aw thanks Lis! I’m glad you feel that way because that’s one of the things I like most about her too is that at the end of the day, she’s just human like all the rest of em.

“3. Why don’t you tweet more often?”

JS: I will try to! No excuses 😉

Yazid also writes: “Oopsy, I forgot a question: Thanks. What would you bring on Destiny to make life better?”

JS: Earlier I answered ‘my iPhone’ but now I’m thinking a massage chair.

Myhelix writes: “First of all, you are doing a great job as Dr. Park, hope we´ll see more of you!

JS: Aw thanks Myhelix! And you will definitely see more of me second season!

“1) How is it to work with Louis Ferreira and Robert Carlyle in the same scene together? I have heard Louis is a prankster.”

JS: Being in scenes with those two rocks my world! When I first started on SGU, I didn’t know what to expect – I just had memories of Bobby as Begbie the psycho in Trainspotting and Louis as the psycho serial killer in Durham County. But Bobby is the truest definition of a gentleman. He’s a real sweetheart, completely open and one of the most gracious people I’ve ever met. Louis is totally a prankster and a super funny guy but he also has one of the biggest most generous hearts ever and looks out for us all. I think it was Elyse who dubbed him Papa Smurf. Perfect. One time we were rehearsing a scene and Bobby and Louis switched roles with each other just for the rehearsal and they did it complete with accent reversal and imitation of each other’s physicality! Wish someone had filmed it 😉

“2) Is it just my imagination or is Dr. Park a bit afraid of Dr. Rush. Or let´s say, quite uneasy around Rush. Why do you think is that the case?”

JS: I think as much as she wouldn’t want to admit it, Park is a little intimidated by Rush mostly because of how he interacts with the scientists that work with him but also because of his vast knowledge and experience.

Nuno Barreto writes: “For Jennifer Spence… Playing a recurring character, does your time on set differ much from the actors who are playing main characters?”

JS: I think us recurring characters generally get fewer shooting days per episode than the main characters but sometimes we have had just as many depending on the episode.

“Also your “Don’t yell” line is going to be a classic, it was delivered spot on!”

JS: Thanks Nuno! It was a lot of fun to say!

BoltBait writes: “Questions for Jennifer Spence: 1. Do you enjoy working on the Kino videos? Which was your favorite?”

JS: The Kino videos are always fun to work on! I’ve enjoyed watching all of them for different reasons. I think my favorite was probably the one where Volker is helping Riley and Brody into their spacesuits. Riley tells Volker he has to pee and the ensuing interaction is hilarious. Brody then finishes donning his spacesuit, tries to take a step forward and proceeds to tumble face down. Anytime those 3 get together, I end up peeing my pants 😉

“2. Have you ever said to Joe (or any of the other writers), “My character would never say this! She’d say it like this…”?”

JS: Not yet but now you’ve got me curious to know how they’d react! (Just jokes, Joe.)

“3. How many “takes” do typical scenes take to finish on SGU?”

JS: For each ‘set-up’ within a scene, I’d say we do an average of 2 or 3 takes.

“4. Have you ever said to the director, “Let me do that again, I can do better.”?”

JS: Yes I said that to Peter DeLuise once cuz I knew I could appeal to the actor part of him and he let me!

“5. Your character has a Doctorate. What is it in?”

JS: My interpretation is that Park got her doctorate in Planetary Science from MIT and through her studies has also acquired a vast amount of knowledge in computational linguistics and geophysics.

“6. Your profile page on imdb.com doesn’t say much about you. You (or your agent) needs to update that page!”

JS: You’re right! We’re working on it!

“7. Does your character believe that one day she will return home?”

JS: I think she does. Because she’s an optimist I think she believes it’s possible but at the same time, the longer this adventure continues, the more attached she grows to the whole experience and the people she’s sharing it with.

“8. If you were really aboard Destiny, what would you need to preserve your sanity?”

JS: A journal.

Randomness writes: “I have 1 question for Jennifer Spence 1. First of all, let just say you do an amazing job on SGU, you really show a lot of spirit with your character, my question to you is, do you see Lisa Park being around till the end? And with the many years she will of spent aboard Destiny, how do you think she will be, like growth wise? Can you see her becoming stronger, a different person? In a deep romantic relationship with someone?

I know thats a long question, well several questions in one Joe, but it was me asking her if she thinks her character will survive till the end, and if she does, how does she think her character will be.”

JS: Thanks Randomness! I do see Park being around til the end and I hope that’s the case. I think after all those years she will be a much stronger, tougher person, wiser person who probably will be in a deep romantic relationship with one person and will have given up most of her casual ‘reading’.

Tanie writes: “Questions for Jen: Thanx kindly! 1. How did you get into acting?”

JS: See above.

“2. What’s the best part about working on SGU? The people, the scripts, BTS stuff?”

JS: All of the above. It’s got everything going for it! I hope it goes on for many years to come!

“3. Ice-cream or custard?”

JS: Ice-cream.

SG7 writes: “Hi Jennifer! My Questions: 1. If you could go anywhere in the world or have been anywhere in the world and want to return where would you go?”

JS: Right now, I’d really love to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been and I’m dying to see those incredible volcanoes and that beautiful water and attend a luau!

“2. Where would be your favorite place to shop & or Eat & or Drink (ie coffee etc)?”

JS: Probably Italy. I LOVE Italian food, love drinking coffee (even though I’m a wuss and only drink decaf) and damn those Italian ladies sure know how to dress, don’t they?

“Just wanted to say a HUGE congrats on your awesome work on SGU! And I hope TPTB give you lots more screen time in season 2 as you truely add sooo much to the show! And thanx for taking the time to answer our questions! You rock! Cheerz, Heather”

JS: Aw thanks Heather- that means a lot! And uh… feel free to let TPTB in on your wishes there 😉 Or put it out there to the “universe”, as it were.

Feanor writes: “Questions for Jennifer Spence: I: What is the background for your character’s constant optimism?”

JS: Hi Feanor. My take on it is that she grew up with 2 brothers and always felt underappreciated by her divorced parents especially her father so she had to build herself up in her own mind in order to feel good enough. I think she then started getting so practiced at it that she was able to do the same for her friends when they were feeling inadequate and soon, she’d adapted the “habit of hope” for life.

“II: Do you feel a similarity do the character you are playing?”

JS: I think the biggest similarity between the 2 of us is that we’re both nerds (except I don’t have a friggin clue when it comes to technology). That and we look alike 😉

“III: How many times your charachter has approximately done ”reading” during season 1 and will that continue or will your charachter find a new hobby?”

JS: She has “read” with at least 4 guys (that we know of): Greer, Rivers, Marsden and Dunning and I’m wondering if she will next move on to the scientists after she’s run out of military 😉

“IV: Is it fun to play in SGU? Good luck and good night!”

JS: Aw man, it’s da best!

“V: What episode do you like in season 2 most from the ones that are already made?”

JS: I think I’ll have to watch the completed versions of all the episodes before I can say J

Nekomajin writes: “I’ve got a question for Jennifer Spence. Lisa Park is one of my favourite character aboard the Destiny. She is pretty, funny and clever. A true geek. Do you think that Lisa can be the female Eli in the future? Thanks for answering.”

JS: A true geek – well said! I think Park is really smart like Eli but nobody can else can be Eli like Eli.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful questions and support! And a very big hug and special thanks to Joe for hosting the q & a and for managing to find the time to write a blog that never fails to entertain and put a smile on our faces.



avabird writes: “…I attended Dragon Con. (…) What I remember is that one or two people did ask rather rudely-toned questions about SGU. Usually, the actors representing a particular branch of a franchise fields those questions. When the questions were asked, the majority of the audience “oooo”ed in a way that should have tipped off the one asking that it was rather rude.”

Answer: Yes, that’s in line with what I heard from other sources, that the crowd oooh’d, leading someone to speak up in the actress’s defense, something along the lines of “keep it up and she’ll end up scared of you.” – to which some classy individual resplied “With good reason.”.

Mel writes: “So instead of apologizing to the innocent SGA fans at the Dragon Con, you misdirect people towards an incident, which has nothing to do with the Dragon Con.”

Answer: First of all, I never referred to the “innocent SGA fans at the Dragon Con”, only the rude ones.  So, if you were rude and you were offended by what I have to say, tough. If you were innocent and offended by what I had to say, I wasn’t talking about you.  Second, if you check out the comment above, someone who attended one of the panels pretty much confirmed the story I heard.

Mel also writes: “And finally blackmail! SG1 and SGA movies will be made on its OWN merits. The ratings were great, the DVDs of them sold MUCH BETTER than SGU. The SG1 movies were a huge success. It doesn’t matter how good or bad SGU is doing.”

Answer: If you want to believe that, then by all means knock yourself out.  But the reality is that should SGU end prematurely, it would be bad for the franchise and have an adverse impact on the SGA movie.

Mel also writes: “Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55CRBpqVgdg It starts at 8:50. The fan ask politely the WHOLE panel and NOT specifically Alaina Huffman.”

Answer: What does this fan have to do with what we’ve been talking about?  You’re assuming that this is the incident I was referring to.  It’s not.

Mel also writes: “The simple answer is, because he likes to stir trouble and put fuel to the flames of the “fandom war”, which is going on.”

Answer: Yes, Yes, I know there are many out there who assume I put in a lot of time and effort into hatching these diabolical plots designed to target them specifically but the truth is – and I hate to break it to you – outside of this blog, online fandom is an insignificant part of my life.

Sean D. writes: “Person X enters a stargate a long, long time ago, and finally, present day, the destination stargate is made available, and (poof!) out pops Person X, who should be about 46,000,000 years old now but is still young. :-o

Definitely intriguing.

I’m curious though…

What would initiate finally making that connection once the second stargate is made available?”

Answer: Hmmm, now that I think of it, we’ve dealt with a similar scenario back on SG-1 in an episode titled 48 Hours.  I believe we said that the gate buffer stores the traveler but that degradation occurs over time.  Say, 48 Hours.  I still prefer the original working title: Teal’c Interrupted.

crayonbaby writes: “How did the truffles turn out? Were they gone by the time the game ended? Does the alcohol evaporate in the cooking process? You will have to tell us which one is your favorite so far.”

Answer: I brought the leftovers to work and they were a hit.  All three flavors went over well, but the Guinness Dark Chocolate Truffles – surprise, surprise – were the clear winners.

Abbas Karimjee writes: “1. Are you concerned about the fate of the movies, given the ongoing delay. Essentially, are you concerned that ecen if the films are ultimately given the greenlight, it may not be possible to have the required main cast for both films?”

Answer: Not especially, no.

Abbas Karimjee also writes: “2. As far as the second season of Stargate Universe is concerned, will we have the chance to touch on the issue of Colonel Young’s relationship with his wife, Emily especially given TJ’s pregnancy?”

Answer: Yes, we will.

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  2. You are contradicting yourself. You said that “several doofus Atlantis fans chose to target her with their petty misplaced anger” and that Martin Gero came to Alaina Huffman’s rescue. Now you quote avabird, who is speaking about 1 or 2 people, who were rude and you said that someone came to her rescue.

    Let us assume that the videos of the Dragon Con panels don’t show for some reason the rude behaviour of those people. Let us further assume that all the other attendants, who were at the panels and didn’t notice any rude behaviour, just overlooked it. And also that Jen Dykes, the director of multiverse, don’t know everything which happened.

    So I wonder, since when are 1 or 2 people = several? And how do you know they were SGA fans? Maybe they were SG1 fans. Maybe both. Maybe they weren’t Stargate fans at all. It is not like only Stargate fans came to the Dragon Con. And was Martin Gero coming to the rescue or only “someone”?

  3. “You are contradicting yourself. You said that “several doofus Atlantis fans chose to target her with their petty misplaced anger” and that Martin Gero came to Alaina Huffman’s rescue. Now you quote avabird, who is speaking about 1 or 2 people, who were rude and you said that someone came to her rescue.”

    Really? That’s your counter? Hell, I think I may have spelled Dragon Con two different ways (Dragon Con AND Dragoncon!). That must have gone a long way toward confirming those paranoia-fueled suspicions.

    “And how do you know they were SGA fans? Maybe they were SG1 fans. Maybe both. Maybe they weren’t Stargate fans at all.”

    Yeah, maybe they were baboons dressed as goa’uld trained to heckle the panel. Let’s go with that.

  4. Joe,

    You post so many photos and write-ups of absolutely tantalizing chocolatey things that you’ve created. Any chance you will ever post the recipes for your ice cream or those Guinness Dark Chocolate Truffles, or are those things that will remain even more secret than the list of who gets killed off in the S2 SGU finale?

  5. “Answer: Hmmm, now that I think of it, we’ve dealt with a similar scenario back on SG-1 in an episode titled 48 Hours. I believe we said that the gate buffer stores the traveler but that degradation occurs over time. Say, 48 Hours.”

    Without pulling out the dvd…wasn’t the “48 Hours” deadline imposed by the President wanting the gate back on-line?

    My husband is in Van this week working; I’ve told him to drive by Bridge twice a day and wave at all of you for me. Also, he’s to pick up some of your truffles for me…thanks! I’m really looking forward to trying them 😉

    Any suggestions for Coquitlam restaurants for him to try?

  6. Really? That was a presidential order? I forget, how did Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte manage to save Teal’c in the end.

    To be best of my knowledge, there are no restaurants in Coquitlam.

  7. @Ultracurious:

    You’re correct. Teal’c’s energy pattern is stored inside the gate and will be erased if a wormhole is established and Col. Simmons shows up with the 48 hour deadline before normal gate operations must resume.

    And a BIG thanks to Mr. Mallozzi and Ms. Spence for the great Q&A. Makes me even more excited for season two!

  8. I’m curious, Mel. What exactly do you want from Joe? Let’s say he changes his tune and suddenly says, “Yes, I personally cancelled SGA because I hate Joe Flannigan and I hate all SGA fans.” What then? What is the point in arguing with him? Do you win a prize if you wear him down?

    SGA is done. I am still sad about that as it was my favourite tv show. I personally like SGU too, but if you don’t, the solution is simple.

  9. Jen Spence is the BEST! There…Now everyone knows it…the secret is out! Thanks Joe…so much for “Our little secret!?”

  10. Joe,

    I just want to thank you for the blog. Please ignore the idiots. They’re not worth your time.

    Oh, and thanks to all the behind the scenes folks and in front of the scenes folks that stop by to answer our questions.

    After all the moronic craziness over silly crap lately, I’m not sure why you still bother and just wanted to say an official:


  11. @Joe: Snarky-meter? 1000% LOL. Two thumbs up.

    Thank you Jennifer Spence for taking the time to answer all our questions. Looking forward to SGU’s return in the US in 2 weeks.

  12. Loved Jenn’s Q&A, it was a fun read. 🙂

    Is there any chance the other Kelamis impression videos would become available? I’ve seen the Monkey & Pylon, and laughed my arse off.

    I admire your guts and nerves to answer back about the con incident. But no matter what you say, there are still some ignorant people out there, who in the end will only believe what they want to believe.

    I’m a little torn, I’m not sure should I watch the SGU trailer or not. When it becomes available, that is. Usually I try to avoid them – and fail miserably.

    Hmm, this is the second time you mention Emily Young. Good news. I’ve been wanting to see her since “Faith” aired, hehe. More drama, please. 😀

  13. Can we just call rude fans “assholes” and not specify them as Atlantis fans? I feel a little bruised and marginalized every time the words “Atlantis fan” are used in an admonishment. I just enjoyed the show. Really. And because I enjoyed the show, I’ve watched every episode of SGU. I’m not exactly a fan — yet — but I’m curious to see where the story goes.

    Vitriolic SGU haters are to Atlantis fans like Pastor Terry Jones is to Christians. Jones has only 50 followers and he nearly created an international incident, not because he was being willfully ignorant, divisive and shocking — which is what trolls do — but because news outlets gave him page space and the attention to get his hateful message across. Let’s ignore the assholes.

  14. Joe,

    I must say that I was present for all the SG panels at Dragon Con. I did not see any rudeness towards Alaina at any time at the panels. If you are talking about the questioner who asked about SGA being cancelled, I thought it was politely asked and Gero answered it well. End of story. At no point was any rudeness directed towards Alaina. I am not sure what Avabird is talking about.

    Some of us are fans of all 3 shows and we go to these cons to show our appreciation. You accuse some of us of rudeness and bad behaviour, which I can attest did not take place. We all had a fun pleasant time and I felt that the actors enjoyed it too.

    To then come here and read about bad fan behaviour? Which I saw nothing of? If you indeed misunderstood what Gero told you about the incident, then you owe attendees of the SG panels an apology. Just ignoring it is not right. You made an accusation. Either provide the proof, tell us what incident this was exactly at the panel (instead of vague statements) or apologize for making a mistake. I am sure you agree, that unjustified slander of the fans is not the right way to go. Thank you,


  15. Hi Joe,
    haven’t forgotten you ! just been very busy . Don’t have much time to catch up on all the missed blog entries, but really enjoyed all the remixed trailers! :mrgreen:
    FYI my birthday is coming up, I’m a pround Libra, September 29. 😀

  16. Thanks Jen Spence for doing the Q and A. Dr. Park is a really cool character, and I too hope that she gets more development in coming episodes.

  17. Hey, the SG-1 episode “48 HOURS” was the first episode that David Hewlett appeared in as McKay.

    I just saw it the other day, and if I remember correctly in the scene where McKay & Carter are talking in the cafeteria, McKay reveals to Carter that the reason the President gave a 48 hour time limit is because of McKay’s belief that there is only a 48 hour window when someone is trapped in the Stargate buffer… but there never was any actual proof given (just speculation). As to how accurate McKay’s thinking was at that time??? Well, ten seconds later he called Carter a dumb blonde… so you make the call.

    Speaking of McKay….

    Hey, Joe, isn’t David Hewlett on set tomorrow?????
    Any chance you can drop by to take an on set picture of our favorite Meredith in action???


  18. We all know that Joe is actually made of chocolate. It’s a conspiracy drummed by the studio… notice you NEVER see him in the warm sun?

    uh huh….. 😉

  19. P.S Mel.. piss off. You are starting to shit me off with your constant whining about this drag – on convention ‘conspiracy’.




  20. I watched the videos of the Dragoncon Stargate panels and honestly have no idea what all the bruhaha is about. Everybody seemed to having a grand ole time on the panels, and I didn’t hear any rude questions, although Jason did swear one or two times while Ben kept trying to censor him 😉

    Mountain out of a molehill.

    Meanwhile, nice interview with Jennifer.

  21. @ Sarah

    Thank you 🙂 I went to bed questioning my SG-1 fan status last night.

  22. Thanks for the wonderful Q & A, Jennifer Spence.

    Joe, let me add to one of the previous posters and say thank you for this blog and everything you do. I have enjoyed all incarnations of Stargate and am looking very much forward to the premiere of SGU in two weeks.

    Oh, and congrats on the snark meter. I thought you did quite well. 🙂

    Have a great day!!

  23. Joe, sorry… but no matter what the person “remembers”… that is one person sort of recalling tiny bit OFF, nothing of the level you indicated, nothing close to an ATTACK, and since you specifically SAID that the incident involved the actress and MARTY came to her defense, and NO SUCH INCIDENT OCCURRED, period..
    >><<Spoke to Martin Gero today and thanked him for being a gentlemen and coming to the defense of a cast member at the last Dragon Con. Apparently, during a panel, several doofus Atlantis fans chose to target her with their petty misplaced anger. Marty G., bless his chivalrous soul, was having none of it. For her part, the actress shrugged it off as just another part of life in scifi. Many of the SGU actors are new to all this and can be excused for wanting to give a certain section of fandom the benefit of the doubt. But recent infantile fan behavior, while disappointing to some, confirms what I’ve been saying all along. Thanks for proving me right, guys! You’re as predictable as a bunch of six years olds.

    Nor Marty's: “Although the odd fan was incredibly rude"

    Really, it seems pretty apparent that someone blew a maybe slightly off into incredibly rude, attacks on the actress and a need for Marty to DEFEND her. That's just wrong. It really is. And I am disappointed the hedging and continuation from you goes onward since all the videos prove that the OBVIOUS only section where Marty "defended" anything wasn't INCREDIBLY rude nor in ANY shape form or fashion an ATTACK on the actress nor a DEFENSE of her.

  24. Hi Joe,
    You wrote “…the reality is that should SGU end prematurely, it would be bad for the franchise and have an adverse impact on the SGA movie.” which I totally get from a business stand point. But can’t we also project that getting Extinction and/or Revolution out would have a positive impact on SGU through cross promotion and the general broadening of the franchise’s market share?



  25. Have you in Canada seen this? Renaissance http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386741/ Not quite anime, but still a masterpiece.


    And good luck with the show. I truly hope you don’t crash and burn with SGU.

  26. I know the secret to editing for length. You highlight the last half of every scene and hit “BACKSPACE”. The author’s voice stays intact, and, miraculously, the story stays intact. I’m not an editor, I’m a deleter.

  27. Obviously, distracting you with work didn’t work. How would you like to leave for your wonderful vacation a bit early? All the incredible food experiences and exciting places to visit await! Just start planning an early escape today. 🙂

  28. Yaay ! Thanks a lot again, for transmitting our questions Joe.
    And a big thanks to lovely Jennifer Spence for taking free time to answer =)

  29. Jennifer Spence said, “One time we were rehearsing a scene and Bobby and Louis switched roles with each other just for the rehearsal and they did it complete with accent reversal and imitation of each other’s physicality! Wish someone had filmed it”

    I’d love to see a video of a behind-the-scenes/rehearsal where Carlyle plays the role of Col. Everett Young and Ferreira plays the role of Dr. Nicholas Rush.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. In the mail bag:
    “Sean D. writes: “Person X enters a stargate a long, long time ago, and finally, present day, the destination stargate is made available, and (poof!) out pops Person X, who should be about 46,000,000 years old now but is still young. 😮

    Definitely intriguing.

    I’m curious though…

    What would initiate finally making that connection once the second stargate is made available?”

    Answer: Hmmm, now that I think of it, we’ve dealt with a similar scenario back on SG-1 in an episode titled 48 Hours. I believe we said that the gate buffer stores the traveler but that degradation occurs over time. Say, 48 Hours. I still prefer the original working title: Teal’c Interrupted.”

    Now I must point out that you all wrote the theory of 48 hours as only an unconfirmed theory. McKay only had computer simulations and they all had no full understanding of how data is stored on the Crystals within the stargate. with a better conception now with the sharing of memory crystal technology from the Asgard (RIP), their understanding would be greater, right? You guys never really confirmed whether or not the 48 hour deal is substantial and not just theory. memory crystals must be fairly efficient at storing data simply due to the age of ancient devices and their continued operation.

    Now, Thank you for the interview with Jennifer, and ummm, I am hopeful you will post the trailer in your blog next week. Thank you very much!

  31. Oh right, I forget to ask you if you have heard of High School of the Dead, The Anime network is doing simulcasts of the show. I must say it is wonderful…

  32. Hey Joe,

    Thought I would speak up and tell you what happened at work yesterday. A customer brought in a box of mixed pups trying to find them home. His male Pug got a hold of his neighbor’s female pit bull. I thought that was extremely funny and that you would find it funny too.

    I’ll go back to lurking, keep up the writing can’t wait for the season to start.

  33. General question for those Masked authors who make a living writing comic books. I’d like to know how they would compare the challenges of writing for both genres. Pros? Cons?

  34. @Joe

    Please realize not all Atlantis fans are like that. A few weeks ago I got to go to the Chi Con and meet a lot of SGA fans who don’t like SGU, and really, they are generally decent, kind people. Its just when they post on the internet, they let their anger get the better of them, especially when they don’t have to look the person they’re talking to in the eye (over the internet).

    Also, please realize not all SGA fans have such rabid hate for SGU. I feel like when we hear the word SGA fan, we already think they’re an SGU hater. Thats not right, and it saddens me to think this is the case.. I know many people who love both shows, and I belong to the group who loves anything stargate (SG-infinity doesn’t count 😉 ) .. I don’t wanna be labeled an SGU hater because I like SGA, because in reality, I love SGU just as much.

    Oh and Joe.. any chance the trailer can get released onto itunes.. im sure that would increase its exposure!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  35. Thank you, Ms. Spence for the great Q & A!! I love chocolate cake too but without the icing. Just give me lots of whipped cream with my cake.
    Those cat-dogs are the best. I adore cats that love dogs.

    When I was working as a vet tech, we had a little yorkie pup boarding with us for a couple of weeks. To keep him socialized, we would get him out several times a day to play. That is when I realized he loved playing with our “hospital” cat, Lucy. They would roll on the floor wrapped around each other, then do a big chase scene. When the owners came back for the pup, I just had to show them. Good memories……

    Das: don’t be fooled, cats eat the hair on PURPOSE! I’m just happy the dental floss didn’t wrap the intestines in knots. This cat has so many medical problems, that would have been his last one….

  36. Anagram for Joseph Mallozzi:

    Pizza Shell Mojo

    I wish I knew this back on September 5th… 😉


  37. @ Margaret said “Can we just call rude fans “assholes” and not specify them as Atlantis fans? I feel a little bruised and marginalized every time the words “Atlantis fan” are used in an admonishment. I just enjoyed the show. Really. And because I enjoyed the show, I’ve watched every episode of SGU. I’m not exactly a fan — yet — but I’m curious to see where the story goes.

    Vitriolic SGU haters are to Atlantis fans like Pastor Terry Jones is to Christians. Jones has only 50 followers and he nearly created an international incident, not because he was being willfully ignorant, divisive and shocking — which is what trolls do — but because news outlets gave him page space and the attention to get his hateful message across. Let’s ignore the assholes.”

    I’m in agreement with you about just calling rude people “rude” or “assholes,” but all of the reports and videos that I’ve seen of the DragonCon show that no one was being an “asshole” towards Alaina Huffman, and definitely not to the point where Martin Gero had to step in and save her. I want to get to the bottom of this, and if Mallozzi/Gero are wrong then I think they should apologize for it.

    This is an issue of personal taste so you can take it or leave it but I think that religion is such a deep and powerful thing that I wouldn’t use a religious example as a comparison for people that hate a tv show, plus there are different levels of dislike. I’m not an SGU fan either but I don’t hate it and sometimes it feels like (from the context that it’s used) when people say “SGU hater” that they are talking about anyone that doesn’t like the show and that makes me feel lumped into a bad group.

    I know what you mean by what you say though about how a few nasty people can give the whole group a bad name. I guess the thing is that it’s not all black and white. There are shades of gray that seem to get ignored on all sides of this. People get lumped into these lover/hater groups and I’m not a fan of that either so I feel your pain when you say that every time someone uses the term “Atlantis fan” in a bad way it’s like they are talking badly about you just because you liked or loved the show. That’s not fair. I don’t know why people do that but I wish they wouldn’t.

    There are “assholes” on all sides of things and all sides of this issue too. Ignoring them all seems to be good advice.

  38. Questions for the Masked gang.

    Lou Anders – How did you go about putting together the writers for this project? Which ones did you approach (and why?). Which ones approached you. And which ones came by way of recommendation? And why did you approach Joe about writing superhero fiction? Was it something he had mentioned being interested in?

    Matthew Sturges – Gripping story but I had one big question. If Wildcard had the power of mind control available to him, why didn’t he use it earlier rather than having the reporter come to his apartment and get as far as she did?

    James Maxey – Excellent story although some of the elements, especially the torture scenes, were difficult to read. Even though you already touched on it in your last visit here, I’d love to know more about your reasons for writing this story and how it applies to your love of comic books. There was so much going on here that I wondered if you considered either making it longer or using it as the basis for a future novel.

    Paul Cornell – A great story with a great, great hero. You said you ran this story by some of your gay friends and I’m ultracurious about how they responded. Were they very positive? Were their elements of the story that were changed a result of their input?

    Daryl Gregory – I loved the humor in this story. It’s something you do very well judging from The Devil’s Alphabet. Overall, MftBF ranks as one of my favorite – except for the metafictional twist at the end that I wasn’t a fan of. Why the decision to go that way? Was it something you had planned from the moment you sat down to write the story? And how’s Dracula: The Company of Monsters coming along?

    Gail Simone – I love Secret Six! Great. Now that that’s out of the way – Thug. I loved Thug! The clunky language was a little daunting at first but, once you get a handle of it, the story goes very quickly. Thug touched me more deeply than any story in the anthology. Have you been surprised by the response to Thug? Has this experience made you consider possibly writing more prose? Is there a novel in you?

    Joe – Well done. I really enjoyed Downfall. And, while reading it, I couldn’t help but have Marshall remind me of a certain producer. How much of Marshall is you? Were any of the other characters inspired by people you know? And how did you come up with all those crazy superhero names?

    Mark Chadbourn – An awesome story with a very, very cool twist. You’re incredibly prolific and most of your work is in the fantasy realm. I’d like to know if your experience with Masked will lead you to branch out to more superhero-themed fiction? Did trying your hand at another genre maybe lead you to consider branching out? I know you’ve written for television, but I was even thinking along the lines of science fiction? And what’s happening with your pilot?

    Marjorie M. Liu – I really liked your story and was amazed by the world building. Don’t mean to sound like a fantasy ubernerd, but do you create a map? How detailed a backstory did you create for this alternate setting? How much did your Chinese background influence the story? And are you still practicing law? I’d be fascinated to hear how you made the leap from a lawyer’s office to the writer’s study.

    Thanks everyone!

  39. I’m sorry but I have a hard time believing an incident such as this actually occurred. For the simple reason, if it had, it would be *everywhere* online. It would be the talk of the Stargate blogs and LJ’s and I haven’t seen a single mention of an incident occurring at Dragon*Con.

    Also, I’m really getting tired of the negative connotation attached to ‘Atlantis Fan’ happening these days. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right and I have a feeling it wouldn’t be tolerated if it was ‘Universe Fans’ being treated in such a fashion.

    I’m an Atlantis fan. Was I angry that Atlantis was cancelled in the same breath as Universe was announced? Hell yes. Am I annoyed that the Atlantis movie is in limbo? Yes. Do I watch SGU? Hell no! Do I sit around bashing a show I’ve never watched and have no intention of watching no matter how many Atlantis actors you throw at it? Again, no–I have much better things to do with my time. Therefore, why should I feel personally attacked everytime someone mentions ‘Atlantis Fans’ with such disgust and vitriol?

    I’m tired of feeling alienated because I loved (and still love) Atlantis.

  40. I’m an Atlantis fan, and yes, I’m still bitter about the cancellation. By those standards I guess you would call me an SGU hater?
    I admit I don’t watch the show, but I haven’t come here and said anything bad about it, just that I miss the old shows and characters and am happy when you post news about them.
    So I don’t think I’m an asshole (at least about Stargate).

    Come to think of it, there is one character I love on SGU – BAG!!!! Maybe he will be the One to bring peace to us all in this fragmented fandom.

  41. Jennifer

    I totally enjoyed your Q & A. Great song choice for the doctor and her reading exploits. The set sounds like so much fun, it definitely makes work a lot more enjoyable. I would have loved to have watched Robert and Louis switch roles/accents. I think that would have been hilarious.

    Thanks for reminding me about the kino scenes, I’ve meaning to track them down and give them a watch. It’s on my list.

    I’m with you, regarding the chocolate cake, but I’m also with Tammy Dixon on the no icing. However, for me it has to be warm chocolate cake with really cold cream just poured over it, (not whipped with flavourings added) so that it soaks in and you take some bites, and then add a bit more cream, so that the crumbs will mix in with the extra cream and make a kind of sludge…. You should give it a try, it’s sooo good and yup now I’m hungry for it…. (Willpower please don’t fail me now!!)

    Hope to see you lots more in Season 2!!

    Have good one!!

  42. Joe’s Next Book:

    :::::::You post so many photos and write-ups of absolutely tantalizing chocolatey things that you’ve created. Any chance you will ever post the recipes for your ice cream or those Guinness Dark Chocolate Truffles, or are those things that will remain even more secret than the list of who gets killed off in the S2 SGU finale?:::::::::::

    Honest to goodness, Joe, if you did a recipe book of the things you have made over the last few years, they wouldn’t be able to keep them on the shelf. I’d buy a half dozen for gifts!

  43. Annie of Fremantle AMEN!!!!!

    I have always been of the opinion the sci-fi fans (and Stargate fans in particular) are smarter than average but of late I wonder.

    To hoist my colours – loved Sg-1 and Atlantis haven’t watched a lot of SGU as it isn’t on free to air in South Australia at the moment. It hasn’t grabbed me for now but I will watch more when it comes back on air.

    Rant time – fans have opinions and have the right to be heard but NO-ONE has the right to constantly harp and whinge because someone took their toy away. Economics decide what films & shows are made. MGM have put a James Bond movie on hold that would make far more that a Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis movie. People need to take a few deep breaths and put the brain into gear before hitting the keyboard. (This rant has been simmering for a while.)

    We have been told time and time again that cancelling Atlantis and making SGU where independent decisions. If you don’t want to believe what you have been told then fine but after 2 years just shut the f*** up. Build a bridge and either get over it or jump off.

    Deep breaths here.

    Mr M – I am grateful that you are generous with your time and share the insights into the show(s) with this blog. I also have great respect for everyone involved with the shows. The stories and production are amazing. Love the food and dog stuff as well.

    I love this blog and most posters are fantastic. Maybe it is time to just ignore the wingers and hope they will one day realise that the world does not revolve around them.

  44. To the classically beautiful Jennifer Spence, thank you for taking the time to answer all those questions. Wow! Very nice Q&A.

    Masked Questions (if they have not already been asked):

    Gail Simone – Absolutely loved Thug! Where any of the characters patterned after anyone you know?

    Matthew Sturges – Thank you for my first ever introduction to comic books with Cleansed and Set in Gold. Loved it! How old were you when you started writing and what did you write about? (crazy stuff, I bet!)

    Lou Anders – I know you are going to tell us how you choose the authors, but who picked YOU to do that and put this book together?

    What do you do if at the last minute an author can not meet your deadline?

    When you screen the stories (by reading) what are you looking for?

    I have seen where you have been nominated for several book awards. Have you ever won? If not, prepare your acceptance speech!

    Joe Mallozzi – Between writing and producing a TV show, travels abroad, keeping up this awesome daily blog, culinary adventures, making specialty desserts, etc, etc, where did you find the time to write a short story?

    What did your family think about Masked and your short story?

    Any plans in the future to leave television and become a full time book writer?

  45. Joe Mallozzi – I forgot I wanted to ask you one more question. The black lab named Remy. Well? Any correlation with your co-worker Remi Aubuchon? Tell the truth!

  46. Dang I agree with Jennifer. I too wish that the comedy styling of Robert and Louis had been taped that day. That would have been a major funny gag for a future Gag Reel.

    Loved the interview and can’t wait to see you and all your TOTALLY AWESOME castmates in the new season of SGU Jennifer!!!

  47. Question: “Are Rush/Brody/Volker and Park a kind of control room gang?”

    JS’s Answer: “I think we are! It’s a good dynamic because we’re all so different. What could our gang be called? Maybe Brush-polker? Or Volkush-bark?”

    My vote is for… Rushdy Polker!

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