Last night, Akemi made dinner…

Clockwise from top: ikura (salmon roe), tai (snapper), tuna, avocado, soy tuna, smoked salmon and tamago (egg) in the center.

She used a little sugar and vinegar for the sushi rice and some sushi-grade fish from Seafood City in the Granville Island Market (where owner, Brian, was more than happy to offer helpful advice, and clean and slice the fish to Akemi’s specifications).  It was an outstanding meal.

It’s rare that I recommend food-related businesses that aren’t restaurants but, since we’re on the subject, this is THE place to go for fresh fish and seafood in Vancouver.  The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly:

After an exhausting day of playing with her chew toys and sunning herself in the back yard, Lulu could use a drink.

While Bubba unwinds with a little Sex and the City.

And now a little something from James Robbins in the Art Department…

Initial alien creature design.

Revised version.

Another example that I’m growing increasingly impatient in my old age.  The other night, I dreamt that I was back in Montreal and, for some reason, had decided to ride one of those ridiculous little scooters (like the one Marty G. used to putter around in) downtown.  When it was time to head back home, I realized I had the dogs with me.  I considered every possible way to my dogs and scooter home (renting a van, calling someone to pick me up, taking the scooter back on the highway with the leashed dogs running alongside), growing increasingly frustrated until I reached the point where I just had enough and thought to myself: “I’m so annoyed, I must be dreaming.  Screw this.  I’m waking up.”  And did.

This is a great example of the power of positive denial and one’s innate ability to not only give up in the face of adversity but completely abandon all sense of contextual reason and still persevere.  Granted it was only a dream, but it nevertheless serves as a lesson to those who invariably seek the rational solution to a problem in the mistaken belief that logic always prevails.  I can’t tell  you how many times I’ve been stalked through the London subway by knife-wielding maniacs or driven off a freeway in mid-construction only to be saved, not by logic or the philosophically pat acceptance of my own mortality, but by transferring my consciousness from the fantasy setting of my dreamscape to the waking world.  Sometimes the answer to the problem is not to answer the problem, but to WAKE THE HELL UP!

I fully intend to adopt this refreshing new outlook on life the next time I fall out of an airplane, show up at school in my underwear, or get script notes I don’t like.


Quade writes: “Since for some reason the topic of SGA’s cancellation has come to light again. Do you think it was cancelled because Keller was too incredible?”

Answer: Keller WAS pretty damn incredible and, while it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, this doesn’t apply to Keller.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Do you call them Zed Pms or Zee pms?”

Answer: Everyone but Rodney Mckay calls them zee pm’s.

Mel writes: “Syfy doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money for series. It also doesn’t have an unlimited amount of time slots for series, especially not for series, which they usually show in the evening first. So when SGU was greenlighted, Syfy already has a big amount of money and a time slot taken, which couldn’t be used for SGA anymore.”

Answer: That’s a pretty big assumption, especially when one considers they’d done it before, running both SG-1 and SGA back to back on Friday nights (along with BSG).  And, again, if that was the case, then the decision to drop Atlantis would have been made the same time as the decision to pick up SGU, meaning we would have known about the fate of both shows at the same time.  We didn’t.

Mel also writes: “Why do you think that there wouldn’t have been a chance for a 7th season of SGA, if there would have been a 6th season?”

Answer: The longer a show is on the air, the more expensive it is to produce.  I think that, by season seven, the costs of producing the series would have probably surpassed an upside benefits.  My opinion of course.

Mel also writes: “And you said that the greenlight of SGU “meant at least two years of work for the crew and studio”. Was that already clear when SGU was greenlighted or do you ONLY mean that in hindsight?”

Answer: I mean in hindsight (I do say “given what we know now”).  The second season of SGU was far from assured and the pick-up was dependent on the show’s performance.

Mel also writes: “Would the “mere” 1.6 million viewers, which SGA’s last season got, be enough for SGU? Or does SGU need even more viewers?”

Answer: I honestly don’t know what number we have to hit.  At the end of the day, it won’t just be ratings that will determine the show’s fate.  And it goes without saying that we’ll never be satisfied, no matter what the number, and will always seek to build our audience.

jreeths writes: “How is black garlic different from regular garlic that you can get anywhere?”

Answer: It’s fermented garlic and it’s been around for a while, mainly used in Korean cuisine.  It contains twice as many antioxidants are regular garlic and has a sweet, almost syrup-like flavor.

EvanH writes: “This may have been asked of you before, but on average, how long does it take for you to finish a script, and how much input do the other writers have on your work? Also, what exactly is involved in getting a start in the industry?”

Answer: From concept to final draft, it takes me about a month to complete a script.  As for how to get your foot in the door in the television industry: 1. Write.  And rewrite.  A lot!  2. Write a couple of spec scripts, either original pilots or scripts for existing shows.  These will serve as your calling card.  3. Find an agent willing to read unsolicited submissions and send him your specs.  4. If they choose to represent you, great.  If not, try another agency but be sure to listen to any advice that first agency may offer.  Also, re-read and rewrite, accept constructive criticism.  Become a better writer.  Oh, and if an agency says they’re unsure about you but suggest the services of a script doctor that will read your script for a fee, forget it and move on.  5. Alternately, you could do what I did and get your start writing for animation.  Again, spec scripts are your calling card, but the animation world tends to offer more opportunities for first-time writers.

PBMom writes: “Have you ever considered opening your own restaurant, Joe?”

Answer: All the time, but since I don’t know anything about the restaurant business, I’m pretty sure I’d lose my shirt.

El Floruso writes: “1)Can we imagine a cameo of other members of the Atlantis’ cast in the second season of SGU, like zelenka ?
2) Are we seeing Richard Dean Anderson in the second season of SGU ?”

Answers: 1) Probably not.  2) No plans for General O’Neill to put in an appearance.

Ammomonkey writes: “When did we star using the term ‘Blueberry Aliens’ for the alien race from ‘Space’?”

Answer: I guess since I referred to them as Blueberry Aliens on this blog.

Ammomonkey also writes: “I’ve just finished re-watching SGU and I have to say, when the episodes are watched back-to-back I liked it a lot more. I think the pace is rather slow on individual episodes and maybe that’s why they never grabbed my attention.”

Answer: One of the things that surprised me about the first season of the show was how jarring the cuts to the commercial proved to be.  We’ve taken steps to avoid a similar issue this year by creating a bit of buffer, going to black first.  It’s how we watch the episodes here in the production offices and it makes a world of difference.

Lewis writes: “Do you still plan to write every day while in Japan, or are you going to have Carl guest host your blog during that time?”

Answer: Nope, I’ll definitely continue blogging through my Japan trip.  One of the reasons I continue to blog is it provides a daily summary of my life, allowing me to go back and consult past entries when necessary – like, for instance, going back to check out last year’s Japan trip to research the restaurants and places I want to revisit on this trip.

Escyos writes: “Also how different would you think SGU would be if Senator Armstrong hadn’t had been so seriously injured (and they someone closed the shuttle door)? Would there have been a mutiny?”

Answer: Probably, yes.

Airelle writes: “What are the white things in the seafood pancake,looks interesting..?”

Answer: Squid.

Michelle writes: “Joe, you said you think Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV. Have you watched Mad Men? FNL is good, but Mad Men is some higher level of television; maybe the best I’ve ever seen. I’m convinced I’m not smart enough to even see/understand all the levels of it. Plus it’s just beautiful to look at. Have you watched it, and if so what do you think?”

Answer: I greatly enjoyed the first season of Mad Men – up until the “I must’ve eaten a bad sandwich” sequence in the finale.


Yes, I know it occasionally happens in real life to, uh, special cases but come on!  This was an intelligent character.  To not know you’re pregnant is one thing, but to not know you’re pregnant and then give birth moments later stretches credulity, especially in a show that had, up to that point, done such a tremendous job of creating a very believable world.

Garbriele writes: “I wanted to ask you if the Daedalus-class ships’ set is still up and if you used it for season two of STARGATE UNIVERSE. Thanks for your answers.”

Answer: The set isn’t up but it can be if we need it.

56 thoughts on “August 23, 2010: Sushi at home! More Art Department pics! The power of positive denial! Mailbag!

  1. @I honestly don’t know what number we have to hit

    Eureka was renewed after getting around 2.3 million live viewers an episode by episode 6. Granted SGU will never get 2.3 million live viewers, at least not yet, and Syfy most likely realises this. One would assume that better than what Season 1 got on average would get a Season 3.


  2. **** Annie from Freemantle writes: “Do you call them Zed Pms or Zee pms?”

    Answer: Everyone but Rodney Mckay calls them zee pm’s./i>

    Zed – it is Zed. Well, it is in the Scottish version of the English language.


  3. Hello Joe,

    Any word on when the Pineapple Diaries might be available in another format or through another source?


  4. Thanks for answering the question about black garlic! I’ve never heard of it before you mentioned it the other day. Also, I don’t normally eat Sushi. I didn’t know it could be so…pretty.

    I don’t watch Mad Men but I did know two girls back in high school that didn’t know they were pregnant. However, I think it was more of a case of suppressing the knowledge of the pregnancy to “themselves”. They were still just kids and it was like IF they pushed the idea out of their head, it wasn’t real. That was the only way I can explain their behavior. Anyway, one of the girls had a happy ending and the other…well, no charges were filed.

  5. Loved the picture of the sushi and the picture of Lulu. She must have been thirsty. 🙂

    Also, I wanted to echo a previous post and say that I am curious about when the Pineapple Diaries are coming back too.

    Thanks and have a great night!!

  6. I’m BACK!!! Being stuck in limbo between my summer apartment and my fall apartment was very unfun. Won’t have internet at the new one until September, but I can live with this borrowed (read: stolen from the neighbors) wifi until then.

    Catching up:

    Yay puppy pictures! 😀

    Re SGA movies: I still say we fans should buy MGM and run it like a co-op. Or just finance the SGA movie ourselves!!! Assuming Atlantis retained all its fans from S5, I know we can raise at least $4,000,000 just from DVD sales alone! (How much more do we need?!? Seriously, how much more?!)

    @Joe Many of your favorite episodes to write are also my favorites to watch! 😀 8) 🙂 8) 😀
    Thanks for the writerly advice. I didn’t ask for it this time, but it is still very helpful. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back. Well, that and the dog pictures! 😉

  7. So. Your dream tells me you are contemplating a move and are thinking about how it will affect the dogs and how easy or hard it will be to move them with you. Looks like it is starting to bother you too.

    And Joe I really think your subway knife-wielding maniac stalker is just some deepseated fear of how you sometimes travel alone. I think you are very brave to travel alone and you should stop running, turn around and just kick the shit out of that guy!!

    (Sorry, I’ve been reading too many comic book stories lately.)

  8. I don’t know, Joe, but I think you deserve some kind of fracking huge award and paid vacation for continuing to answer the beaten-to-death-and-into-mush topic of SGA cancellation. How many times do you have to say the same thing? I’d need a valium IV just to keep reading it.
    So how do you rate the stem cell treatment so far?

  9. Thats good to know about the cuts.. That was one thing that drove me nuts when SGU aired. I actually enjoyed almost all the eps more on a rewatch on itunes because there weren’t any jarring commercial breaks. I also think its not only a fade to black problem, but actual act break placements.

    Take for example Incursion part 2 (NOT to nag on you Joe, this is the first one that comes to mind). Theres a ton of tension being built up in the standoff/tradeoff of TJ for Greer and supplies.. but all that happens is Greer says “I got the shot sir”, the audience is tense, anticipating what will happen next.. but then.. boom. It goes to ads.

    Now I know this might be a technique to keep the viewer engaged, but in my opinion, it has the opposite affect. By the time the ads end and the show comes back (even with DVR), I don’t feel excited and tense like I did right before the show left for ads. What would have been better in my opinion is to end the act with Col Young walking back to his team saying “dammit”. Show the look on Scotts face and then fade to black….

    That way, the tension has had its climax and is not interrupted by the ad break. The audience is still engaged in the potential standoff and when the show goes to ads, the momentum and intensity isn’t interrupted and the audience will want to be back more to see what happens to the situation. Then, when it comes back from ads, we see the repercussions of the mistake of Young and Co. (rivers getting shot and the momentum picks up again).

    Well, in the end, im not a writer, I don’t wanna act like I know it would be better, but its just an observation. Do you see what im saying about the act break? Am I out to lunch….Or would the act break have worked there? :p

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  10. I’ve long since given up on trying to apply any kind of meaning or symbolism to most of my dreams. At least I HOPE they don’t mean anything. The alternative is sometimes a bit scary to contemplate.

    I like to think that sometimes a scooter is just a scooter. 🙂

  11. out of curiousity, how much money do you guys get to film a season of SGU? And how much money do you normally spend on an episode?

  12. I must remember you’re advice the next time I have my recurring dream nightmare about my bladder ready to burst, and the only facility is a filthy, coed public restroom with the stall dividers so low that you can look right over the top and/or so high that you can clearly see straight underneath, complete with unflushed messes in each one, save for the pristine toilet in the middle of the room that – as luck would have it – has no privacy partitions around it at all. God, how I HATE that dream!

    Mr. Das went to the doctor today, got his stitches out…and got bad news. He’s still not allowed to go back to work, and he might need surgery if he doesn’t get feeling back in the tip of his finger. The finger is still really swollen, so they won’t know anything until that goes down. He’s going stir crazy, and now I’m starting to worry that this will jeapordize his job. I really can’t believe how this summer has been going, but I know some of you have had even worse stuff to deal with, so this really isn’t anything in comparison.

    Have a good night, Joe. Love the puppy pictures, as always!


  13. Hi Joe,

    You said:
    “Answer: The longer a show is on the air, the more expensive it is to produce. I think that, by season seven, the costs of producing the series would have probably surpassed an upside benefits. My opinion of course.”

    Was that the case with Stargate SG-1 (by season 7 or later did the production cost surpass upside benefits)?

    It didn’t seem like it from a viewer’s p.o.v., though maybe it was a budget thing that goes beyond what most people know publicly (about a production that runs 10 years). (???) I don’t know. :-/

    Anyway, I’m curious if that’s the case with Stargate SG-1.


  14. Dream Analysis:
    Your dogs represent the past and the present you are subconciously trying to hold on to. Whether this be a relationship (and remember who you associate dogs and animals with) or a job or a state of mind.
    You are, in your dream, trying to move on, away from wherever you are now, but have feelings of guilt and trepidation about doing so and are perplexed at how to go about it.
    How can you move ahead (on your scooter) and take what is good and comfortable about your present with you?
    You become frustrated as you cannot find a solution and thus wake yourself up to try again another night.

    does that fit at all?

  15. Yeah Rodney Mckay would be a Zed pee emmer, as he’s Canadian… I remember the reaction he got on SGA when he said that haha..

    I got corrected by an Aussie of all people for saying Zed… he says it’s a zee pee em!!!

    Huh?? We use the British form of English… 😛

    gorgeous piccie of Lulu..

  16. Hi Joe,
    Any chance of including the producers favorite Keller in a multi episode Keller focused arc later in season 2 of SGU? Perhaps she could be in every episode of the back half in a prominent role- might I suggest that she show up and save everyone’s life in every episode? Kind of a Keller-ex-machina?
    I re-read your Kellerific post the other day and laughed so hard I almost was in tears.

  17. First time I checked your site on my mobile phone and its a little bit weird.
    Second your dream reminded me of inception the movie, it was awesome you should really check it out, I have seen it 3 times.

  18. As much as I don’t believe a woman can get through 9 months of pregnancy without realizing it, there is an entire series of such storieson lifetime (I think). The women I know who miss even 1 are usually at the drugstore but 9 I don’t believe unless she has a medical problem that could mask it, like obesity, irregular periods, etc..

    Well, since I also watch a series in which people regularly go faster than the speed of light, I can’t complain too much about being totally realistic. BTW, I don’t watch ‘Mad Men’ any more but it is the smoking which got me, strangely enough.

  19. Answer: Everyone but Rodney Mckay calls them zee pm’s

    a) APOSTROPHE CRIME! (They’re for contractions or possession, not plurals!)
    b) Losers. Only dorks pronounce it ‘zee’.

    Re: the Atlantis cancellation discussion of recent days – it seems to me that seeing as no one can say who actually cancelled it, it never was cancelled, someone got their gossip wrong, and we’ve been doing without for all this time for no goddamn reason!!! STUPID CHINESE WHISPERS! Oh, if only someone had confirmed the story before laying everyone off!

    Lastly, Akemi is a very brave woman. I’d never want to cook for you, Joe. I’d have to punch you for critiquing it, and violence is never the answer (except when it is).

  20. @Mr. Das: Wishing you better recovery!

    Took my bandage off yesterday. Bruising, three sutures, and remnants of the smiley face…all looking normal for six days post surgery.

    I would invite Mr. Das to rub my knee for luck, but that would hurt…

  21. Mr M wrote:

    …The longer a show is on the air, the more expensive it is to produce. I think that, by season seven, the costs of producing the series would have probably surpassed an upside benefits….

    I translate that to mean higher cost of retaining talent. Could not see much in the way of cost increase in set production and maintenance with the VFX. These cost should be constant or reduce during a series’s run. One would think it would cost more to build new sets and make new VFXs. IIRC the talent (actors) sign up to a six year contract at the start of SGA. So the Studio would have to offer better renumeration for the talent in a successful long running show to retain them. Hence the dearth of long running show with the same cast.

    IMO this is the final season of SGU in it’s current incarnation. The show didn’t have more viewers than SGA fifth season with much higher cost per episode. Moving SGU to Tuesday night will probably shrink the viewership in competition against more establish Network show.

    Regardless of what I think of SGU’s viability. Is there plans to follow SGU with something in the franchise.

  22. The wonderment of lucid dreaming. I hate though when you wake up because you want a dream to stop, you go to the bathroom, go back to sleep and the same damn dream continues from the point you left off.

    Okay, I’ll take a crack at the dream interpretation although I like some of the above interpretations.

    1. Your waking up IS the dream interpretation. Perhaps your mind already has the answer to whatever the problem is (which I’m guessing involves a S-to-D conversion), and when you scream, “Wake the hell up” it is your mind trying to battle with your stubborn subconsciousness that you already know the answer.

    2. That your life right now is “the dream.” A dream job, the known quantity, the safe choice and your mind is trying to say, “Wake the hell up” because only those types of situations last for so long.

    3. You have a problem and all your ideas on how to fix the problem are not working. You either haven’t thought up enough ideas yet (which I’m not leaning towards), or you know the conclusion is not a good one and you are trying to avoid the hurt that will inevitably come with it.

    I’ve had those “flying off the freeway in mid-construction” dreams. I just figured I had watched the movie “Speed” recently because it is just always on TV. LOL.

    RE: Opening the restaurant: Two words: Business partner.

  23. Hi, Joe.

    Just wanted to share an episode of my own lucid dreaming.

    Starting in the 80’s I began experiencing very intense nightmares, where I was in a car, it was in reverse, and it was picking up speed and I couldn’t stop the darn thing, no matter what I tried.

    The evolved, from a simple car into reverse, into a car in reverse, on a moonless night, on a mountain road — with my Mother in the car (the Queen of backseat driving). ACK!

    I tried pulling the emergency brake, stomping on the brake, steering into hillsides, you name it … except for turning off the ignition.

    So, finally in the late 80’s, for about a week, at any spare moment I had, I would write on scraps of paper, “turn the ignition off, turn the ignition off,” and when I meditated before sleeping, I would used that as my mantra.

    And … I had the nightmare again. I tried stomping on the brakes, yadda yadda, and finally remembered to turn reach for the key to turn off the ignition … only to find there was no key in the ignition. In my dream I began laughing at myself for being so stubborn, that I wouldn’t have provide a dream key in the ignition, and woke up feeling happy.

    Haven’t had that nightmare since.

    Thank you for sharing that James Robbins deer artwork.

    So … deer. Is Destiny going to a planet with plains, or is SGU going to try a musical this year? (Doe, a deer, a female deer…)

    Best wishes.

  24. Hey Joe thanks for answering my questions! It always feels so cool to have someone as famous as yourself respond to the humble inquiries of a peasant such as myself.

    I have now re-watched all 334 episodes of SG1, SGA and SGU in order (for about the 3rd time).

    When watching the final ep. of SG1: ‘Unending’, I noticed a strong similarity between this episode and the the style of SGU. The use of modern music, montages, the sense of frustration at confinement displayed by the characters.

    Was this final episode perhaps an inspiration to you guys for SGU’s style?

  25. Coucou ça va bien?

    Moi oui =) en ce moment je m’acharne sur ebay pour acheter des objets stargate…mais c’est des enchè j’ai du mal lol…..vous, vous n’êtes pas à vendre? dommage…=(

    Merci pour les photos! Vous avez une jolie tv =)..étrange l’animal du concept art..on dirait une biche mais en plus bizarre…

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!!!

  26. @das, good thoughts for you and Mr. das on fingers and work.sending them as you read this………

    -Joe, start thinking in the daytime about the scooter and attach a cart(with pups in tow) to it in your mind, just for fun and it may spill over to your dream time. can’t hurt to try, I know your imagination is immense and can do this. subliminal and all that. I wish I could explain some weird dreams, or better yet record them to project them on a screen for later view.
    -The picture looks very yum, great job Akemi.
    -I hope you gave Lulu her drink.

    @gilder, good luck on speedy recovery, rest that knee.

  27. “Answer: Everyone but Rodney Mckay calls them zee pm’s.”
    Not quite, I call them ZedPMs too.
    While on topic of names, how do you spell Naquadah and Naquadriah?

  28. “To not know you’re pregnant is one thing, but to not know you’re pregnant and then give birth moments later stretches credulity, especially in a show that had, up to that point, done such a tremendous job of creating a very believable world.”

    Actually, according to research done by the fabulous bloggers over at Basket of Kisses (my go-to Mad Men discussion spot), it was fairly common for young women to not realize they were pregnant until they were in the process of giving birth. Poor sex ed combined of the era with the power dynamics of Peggy’s situation when she first slept with Pete

    Heck, it still happens with enough regularity today that there’s an entire show about it on TLC.

    Seriously, if you can manage to get past the surprise baby storyline, the ensuing seasons are well worth watching.

    @Sean D: “Was that the case with Stargate SG-1 (by season 7 or later did the production cost surpass upside benefits)?”

    I’m pretty sure SG-1 was a one-in-a-million special case because it spent its first five years on Showtime before being moved over to SciFi for the next five. The new network could afford/justify the slightly higher cost of picking up an existing, successful series because they didn’t have to cover the start-up expenses; Showtime had already taken care of that. Plus, in season 6 they had Corrin instead of Michael, and Rick was around less, so I’m guessing that ameliorated their costs a bit.

    Joe, feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken.

    @riley: “…Atlantis … never was cancelled…”

    Well, technically, it wasn’t. The network just didn’t pick it up for a sixth season. Just as disappointing, I agree, but it’s not like they ordered a full season, aired five episodes, and then canceled it like some other American networks. ::cough::Fox::cough::

  29. Joe,

    It’s sad that there are currently no plans for any O’Neill appearances in season 2 of SGU. 🙁

    1. Can O’Neill make just one teensy-weensy little appearance in season 2 of SGU?

    I really like how either O’Neill, Carter, and Jackson – in some combination – made an appearance at the beginning and end of season 1. It’d be great to see them do that again in the future.

    2. Are there any plans for Daniel Jackson making any appearances in season 2 of SGU?

    On another note, I’m curious to see if good ol’ Teal’c would have a fitting guest spot, even if a quick one kind of like the brief little scenes with O’Neill or Carter in season 1.

    Either way, O’Neill and Jackson are all that remain from the original characters – original, original, like 1994 original – it’d be excellent to get to continue to see more of them even if just as brief little tiny guest spots.

    Heck, people would absolutely love it if they do what Peter DeLuis does, something as simple as just walking by in the background. 😉 True cameo.


    Sean D.

  30. Huge thanks on the seafood place recommendation. I usually hit up Longliner’s but it’s great to have another place to check out 🙂

  31. OK, the power of Postitive Denial didn’t work. I went to bed telling myself that Stargate Atlantis hadn’t been cancelled and that it was all a bad dream.
    But when I woke up this morning it was still cancelled?
    Will try again tonight.

  32. Beautiful Sushi Picks!

    Akemi made ikura at home?!?

    I’m afraid of what disease I’d get using the amateur ingredients available here in the mid-west 🙁

    Even Tamago is iffy lately:

    You said that it is generally more expensive to produce a series as time goes on. Aside from inflation, is this due to Salary increases (Actors etc) and Residuals?

    Just curious about the mechanism behind the increase.

    Cheers and Thanks!

  33. Oh she knew she was pregnant, she just didn’t want to accept that she was due to a bad case of Catholic guilt. She’s in denial of the whole thing, then in the 2nd season they show her reaction to the whole thing, which was more denial.

    The homecooked sushi looks really good, especially the avocado and the soy tuna. It’s finally cool here and my town is full of students arriving for college with their folks; I feel like I should be in line for text books! End of summer is sad but also it’s nice to get that busy buzz back after so many lazy days.

  34. Mmm, homemade sushi can be glorious. And love the puppers!

    I enjoy lucid dreaming, I rarely have nightmares. I don’t always wake up, but I have “walked” from a bad dream into a good dream from the past. Something like” I don’t like the man with the axe who is chopping up dessicated heads on that stump, but if I walk over there through those trees, I will be on a beach with a pina coloda, hot cabana boys rubbing my feet and a giant purple happy squid.”

    Hmmm. I do like squid. I currently have purple hair. Hmmm.

    Actually, packing for Burning Man and trying to get art finished. Art I give away, yet I want my work to reflect talent and quality. Hmmm.

  35. Have the writers ever considered doing a horror-esque episode of SGU? I would imagine that it would work better with SGU’s more serious tone than it did on Atlantis.

  36. Here is an Atlantis question (and sorry if this has been asked and answered ad nauseum, but I’m a relative newbie);

    Season 5: Ghost in the Machine.
    Why Elizabeth Weir? If/when Torri Higginson turned down the script was there any discussion of changing it so that it wasn’t Weir? It seemed like an odd thing to accept that a Replicator would have a different appearance.

  37. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    I wanted to ask you if STARGATE: REVOLUTION has any mythological references in it or if it will deal with more technical problems. Thank you.


  38. catching up on a weeks worth of posts as I got super busy a bit ago and have been playing catchup since, so forgive me i bringing terror into your life again.

    1. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH for bringing up that wonderful Oliver! song. Thanks to spending weeks and weeks listening to it in the pit (i was fielding the big white striped bass), just reading that one line made me relive that period of my highschool (most of which i cannot remember).

    2. OMG how could you have not watched Lost? You’ve totally missed out on a genuine piece of TV history. Do you like to avoid such things? Miss out on the controversial Kirk/Uhura kiss? How about the M*A*S*H* finale? The introduction of Barney? (sorry that was was just to see if you were paying attention)

    3. Don’t mind those monday morning quarterbacks. Whats done with SGA is done. People need to ask how often an full production TV show is brought back from the “dead” (cartoons don’t count). You have no control over the movies production, you’ve done your part and even chaining yourself to the front door of MGM’s pres. won’t help push it.

  39. “Nathan writes: “Are you guys ever going to address the “weakness in wraith technology” mentioned in “Aurora” (Season 2 episode 9) in any of the future movies of Stargate Atlantis?”

    Answer: No plans to address this in Stargate: Extinction.”

    Wasn’t the flaw actually their hyperdrive? I mean the Attero device would of won the war for sure. If the Lantians could shut down the gate network for a few years and they would eventually be destroyed.

    How do you submit questions for mail bag?


  40. The sushi looks wonderful!! Good job Akemi!!

    Poor lil Lulu she actually looks a bit haunted….like an alcoholic who CAN”T have a drink, has her face pressed up against the coolness of the bottle saying a sad…. “Ohhhhhh I wish I could have you, you mesmerizing elixir of the gods”…

    Oh sure, RUB IT IN…. when I moved, I did a technology overhaul. My television’s are STILL in the boxes, on the floor, waiting to be mounted…. *giggle* that sounds kinda dirty doesn’t it?….

    Yeah, I don’t get the whole dream thing, I never know when I’m dreaming and I seldom remember my dreams when I wake up. I have one nightmare that I haven’t had in a long time, and I’ve had the falling one, again, not in a long time. So as for waking myself up, I don’t know how people can do that…. I actually spend half my time TRYING to fall asleep so maybe that’s why the whole concept/ability of trying to wake myself up eludes me.

    Zed/Zee…Zee/Zed… and we DON’T say ABOOT….

    Have a Good One!!

  41. Own a restaurant? I think owning a restaurant might possibly kill your enjoyment of eating out and cooking. Instead, I think you should start sending out invitations to us, your loyal minions, to come and have dinner with you. I’d even help out with the dishes afterward.

    Akemi makes lovely sushi.

    I’ve started reading Masked. I’m skipping around and am currently about halfway through “Downfall”. And I’m actually enjoying it.

  42. Hello, in today’s blog you stated “The longer a show is on the air, the more expensive it is to produce.” and I wondered why that is the case. I would have thought that the initial setup and startup costs would be high in the beginning and once paid for could be used through out the life of the series.

  43. Thanks, guys and gals – Mr. Das appreciates the well-wishes!

    @ Sparrowhawk – Today I got that Sexton Blake book, with a couple Zenith stories inside. They’re probably ones I already have on the CD, but it’s so much easier for me to read from the printed page than the bright screen. Really looking forward to curling up with Zenith again. 😀


  44. @jimbp

    Wages is one aspect, you can’t expect actors/actresses to be on the same kind of salary throughout the life of a show.

  45. So, Akemi chan left Perth a while ago and headed back up to your neck of the woods. And seems to be staying there (and making awesome sushi)… indefinitely?

  46. @Michael B

    It couldn’t have been because Janice was conducting such experiments with out the blessing of the Lantian council. This also had to have been in secret because the control device (The thing that made it work) was found in his secret lab.. If the other Ancients already knew of this device he wouldn’t have had to conceal the control thing..

    However, shutting down the gate system is a fantastic idea.. If they could have done that in SGA the war with the wraith would’ve been over..

    I don’t think the Ancients would have ever done this though because your effectively cutting off all the people that use/depend on the gates for trade.. I’m sure they wouldn’t have done that.. At least under normal circumstances, but if it meant the end of the war… Who knows..

  47. As Major D. Davis pointed out those long bad timed commercials also drove me insane. I finally just stopped watching the show live (despite the over whelming desire to be watching the show as soon as I could..) because it really did kill the suspense and action. Even in Incursion part 2, right when Everett and Kiva shot, it cut straight to commercial. It killed the whole mood for the ending in my opinion. What should’ve been an intense ending, everyone running trying to get somewhere was turned into a boring when is this going to be over in my opinion..

    Also it’s not so much the timing.. Although that’s part of it.. It’s the length of the commercials.. I understand that you have to have commercials, but couldn’t you guys shorten them even just a little? I think that would go a long way in getting people to watch the show live.

    Since a couple people have said it was much more interesting when it’s all one show (not even DVR..) I’ll try watching it again on netflix.. That is after I’m done watching SGA again. 😀

  48. Joe if not Mad Men what about AMC’s other hit show Breaking Bad? That is my pick for best show on TV. The last five minutes of episode 307 “One Minute” was one of the most chilling pieces of drama I have ever seen. And Bryan Cranston is amazing. I’d also throw Sons of Anarchy in the conversation.

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