The recently released anthology, Masked, boasts some impressive talent, its various authors hailing from diverse backgrounds: comic books, literary SF, and television.  But James Maxey is one of the few contributors with experience writing specifically superhero-themed prose fiction – like his cult classic debut novel, Nobody Gets the Girl, as well as several of his short stories “Final Flight of the Blue Bee” (published in Asimov’s) and “Return to Sender” (published in Intergalactic Medicine Show).  He is presently working on another super-themed book, Greatshadow, which he describes as “a fantasy that features a team of superpowered warriors on a quest to slay the world’s most feared dragon—sort of X-Men meets Tolkien.”  X-men meets Tolkien?  I’m in!

His contribution to Masked, “Where Their Worm Dieth Not”, is a terrific tale about about death and resurrection, twin concepts generally accepted unquestioned or glossed over in the world of comics, but explored here with a focus on its psychological consequences.  It’s an incredibly engaging story with some great, great dialogue.  I asked James if he could tell us a little about how he came to be involved in the anthology and what led him to tackle this particular story.  He wrote back:

Masked was originally a project with Solaris Books, the publishers of my fantasy novels Bitterwood, Dragonforge, and Dragonseed. I was invited to participate because the Solaris editors were fans of my debut novel, Nobody Gets the Girl, a superhero adventure. I wrote Nobody purely as a labor of love. When I was a teenager, I read every superhero novel I could find—Elliot S. Maggin’s Superman books were particularly good, and I’d comb through flea markets searching for old pulp adventures of the Shadow or Doc Savage. I’m a hardcore comic book geek who thinks that words look best when surrounded by little balloons, but there’s something about prose that produces a more satisfying insight into the inner lives of superheroes. At the time I started Nobody, there was really no original superhero fiction being published. Nobody Gets the Girl was my attempt at writing the book I wanted to read that no one else had bothered to write.

My idea for “Where Their Worm Dieth Not” comes from the comic book trope that the heroes and villains die rather frequently, but never stay dead. With a few notable exceptions, when the dead heroes show up alive a few issues later, it barely merits a raised eyebrow. But, really, suppose you were a hero who had died and been reborn on numerous occasions. Every day you’d read the obituaries of ordinary people who pass away and aren’t resurrected by the Spectre, or time-travelers, or a bargain with the devil. Wouldn’t you develop a serious case of survivor guilt? On the flip side, just how many times do you watch as the Joker gets eaten by sharks, or dissolved in acid, or crushed by a falling satellite before you feel a sense of weariness knowing that, in the long run, he’s as immune to death as you are? It seemed like there was an untold story here, and I’m grateful that Lou Anders gave me a shot at telling it.

Nobody ever stays dead in comic books.  The same rule applies to science fiction television.

Anyway, I also asked James what else he had in the works in addition to Greatshadow.  Well, turns out he’s planning more superhero fiction.  According to him:

I’ve been fleshing out ideas for a series of adventures starring a hero named Ap. Tommy Appleton was a runaway teenager kidnapped by a supervillian and used as a human guinea pig to test a teleportation belt. Alas, the belt didn’t work. Tommy was disintegrated, and spent over twenty years as a field of subatomic particles. When he was finally reintegrated by a team of government scientists investigating the villain’s futuristic devices, Tommy discovers that his still unstable atomic state can be tweaked by adjusting the programming of the belt, granting him a variety of superpowers. He publishes the source code that operates the belt on the internet, and invites people to write new programs that he can download to give him powers he hasn’t even imagined yet. Life-casting all his adventures, he becomes famous as Ap, the world’s first open-source superhero. Right now, anyone who emails me an original superpower that I can use in a story will qualify for a drawing for a free copy of both Masked and Nobody Gets the Girl.

Full details along with info on his blog:

It’s time for another Stargate-related guest blogger announcement. I’m pleased to announce actor Tygh Runyan (SGU’s Robert Caine, last scene in Faith) will be fielding your fan questions.  So, if you got ’em, post ’em!

Well, when I rolled in this morning, I discovered that the set pieces/art work/garbage I pictured sitting beside the production offices yesterday was gone – and replaced with this…

I can't imagine how these would figure into an episode - but, then again, I've seen stranger. This is scifi after all.

A hint of thing(s) to come in season two.  This time, a  recent concept drawing for a forthcoming episode…

Weapon? Tech? Ancient rectal thermometer?

I’ve been informed that my use of the term “friendo” as in “Hey, friendo!” (used to greet my co-workers) seems disingenuous.  And, apparently, the same goes for its variations: friend, pal, buddy, buddy-boy, buddy-o, pal-o, pal-o-mine, friendster, friendenstein, friend flintstone, etc.  “It sounds insincere,”insists Linda.  To which a wide-eyed Carl replied: “Have you met this guy?”  Indicating me.  “I’ve known him six years and I’m still not sure he actually likes me.” So I’m soliciting suggestions for possible alternate nicknames.  Said nicknames should be sincere and preferably heartfelt (ie. Chinchillax, DJ Fresh Bread, or Commander Wings Fortescu III).  The winning nickname shall be bestowed upon my co-worker in a special ceremony to be held at month’s end.

61 thoughts on “August 13, 2010: Author James Maxey drops by! Guest blogger announcement! A hint of things to come in SGU’s second season!

  1. Hey Joe,

    I just wanted to say thanks again for your help with the soccer stuff.. I’m now all registered and really looking forward to playing on this new team!

    Hope Jelly is still holding up well with the stem cell therapy!

    Nadine Ramsden

  2. Carl-o-rama.

    Wait, you said sincere?

    Carly Dearest.

    No, wait.



    I got nuttin’.

    I will about three a.m., four weeks from now, when I’m in the deep desert with no internet access.

    Or not.

    The best nicknames happen to a person, rather than being bestowed. My real nickname is not MaggieMayDay, it is Anti M. Aunt Margaret – Auntie Em – Anti M. I can be found more readily online by that name than my real one.

    So, Creepy Doll Carl would be my best offering. Long nicknames never stick, CreepyCarl, could be the one that hangs around.

  3. Damn. Nickname contest. I need to be sleeping right now, not coming up with nicknames. But I do thank you for posting early. Now I have something to keep me awake when I shold be napping.
    Viceroy of Voivonce.
    My mental Doppleganger
    Hey You there.
    The Fifth Muskateer( just think of Carl with one of those nice feather hats)

    Ok. my imagination level is as dead as my energy level. Have fun this weekend and look forward to catching up on the blog in a couple of weeks.

  4. I like the nickname “Hot Mama”. Gender optional.

    Concept drawing?: The first thing I thought of was alien hair clippers. Or tentacle clippers. Whatever.

  5. My sincerest apologies for being unhelpful, butI agree with MMM – the best nicknames just happen. And since I have never met Carl or worked with him, I don’t feel qualified to bestow one on him.

    And surely something will come to you.

    You’re a nickname kind of guy.

    Don’t deny it.


  6. Ancient rectal thermometer, at last, the origins of how the Ancients discovered Ascension.

    Nickname for Carl: Sully. Y’know…since he worked on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

    Questions for Tygh Runyan

    1) How did you react when you first learned about your character, Caine?

    2) How did you prepare yourself for Caine’s religious side in “Faith”?

    3) What was your reaction after reading the “Faith” script?

    4) What do you look forward to most for Caine in season 2?

  7. Hey, Joe.

    I have a couple of questions.

    1.) I came across an interesting link recently. I know you’ve answered something similar last month in regards to the upcoming season 2, but this was written at the end of 2009 and was written before the first season was finished. What’s your take each of the points raised here and which of them do you feel has been addressed since then? (There’s also some interesting bits of commentary, insight and discussion here and there in the comments section underneath [though you might have to wade through it])

    Now again, that was written back in late 2009 before season 1 wrapped up. Do you think the show has addressed each of these points since then? What points do you feel it has touched on already and what points do you feel it still needs to work on or will work on in the upcoming season 2?

    2.) Something else. Alot of people have been complaining that SGU has barely used the Stargate at all (which is absurd IMO. Though it might have not seen as much use as in SG-1 and SGA, it’s gotten a decent amount of use). That got me wondering… which season of Stargate (SG-1, SGA and SGU included) currently holds the record for the number of missions undertaken through the Stargate? The two categories are I’m inquiring about are:

    a.) going by highest amount of Stargate missions in terms of episdoes-per-season (i.e the number of episodes that had Stargate missions in general)

    b.) all instances of Stargate use for TRIPS total (say, 65 total in a 22-episode or 20-episode season [or whatever the number of eps, doesn’t matter.] )

    And again, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I enjoy your answers.

  8. Hey, Joe. I don’t know how much scyfy you are watching lately – but have you seen Kavan Smith on Eureka. Watching it tonight, I just can’t stop laughing. Such a far cry from Evan Lorne!

  9. No one accused Sheppard of being disingenuous when he called his friends “buddy”! I sense some bias at work!

  10. Nickname for Carl: Mustache Man!

    …er…sounds more like a children’s show on PBS, doesn’t it?

    How about “Honored coworker.” It works for everyone! Except Ashleigh, whom I believe should be called Nemesis.

    My two cents. For what it’s worth. Back to lurking!

    <3 LJ

  11. Actually it looks like an alien scope used in urology (a combination of two of these):

    As far as nicknames, you could go around calling everyone, “temp”, with a negative emphasis on the word “temp.” When my husband was working for a temporary agency doing paralegal work, the people at the law firm would say, “Hello, TEMP.” “Good morning, TEMP.” Or, “You TEMP”. It was said as a loving term of endearment but with pseudcontempt. And, it reminds everyone everyday that their jobs are temporary, or in your case, your friendship could be temporary.

    Went today to collect Patrick things only to find out the stuff from summer school has not been returned back yet to the classroom, so that means another trip. A lot of things I forgot were even there. So that means another trip.

    @TammyDixon: There is such disconnect between the “higher ups” and the working class. Last time I checked 2 years ago, our superintendent for our district was making close to $265,000 and was only responsible for 46,000 students. That didn’t include “perks” or insurance, pension, etc. The vice-president of the United States makes less (as a base salary). Our school board doesn’t hear individual complaints from people like me about individual people in the district. The superintendent is only 1 member of the board of trustees. However, the board of trustees just approved $1.8 million on tennis court lighting because of testimony from someone said, “Well we have the courts, we might as well have the lights.” That’s like saying, “Well, we have the special education kids, we might as well educate them” only they got their tennis court lighting and our kids get as minimal as possible. Up north when I lived in New York, tennis was a seasonal sport, and they practiced as the day grew longer and on the weekend. These kids were actually being pulled out of classes to go practice. Texas puts a higher emphasis on sports than they do education. If you are on Facebook, you might have seen the natatorium they recently built that the swim team is now complaining about. It’s beautiful. And the awesome football field with artificial turf like the pros. I saw pictures from a recent graduation in 2010 from my high school I attended in 1982 and they had the same old bleachers, same old football field, but I can guarantee you, when put head-to-head in a contest of academics, they would mop the floor with the students in this district (which is highly rated according to Texas standards).

  12. How about “Hello Mr. Binder”. Or Your Highness Sir. Or Executive Producer Mr. Binder sir. Or something like that. I don’t know if it’s anyone else.

    Hi or hello always works, especially if you can’t remember their names.

  13. I enjoy good space battles and such. In fact, I often search Youtube for “Stargate space battles”. I think your effects department does a terrific job!

    I would like to ask if all we are going to see as earth ships go is the Hammond. Any planned or talked about cameos by other established ships or yet to be introduced ships? And battles in the Milky Way this season? I am having beam weapon withdrawals!


  14. I’m afraid I don’t have any good nickname suggestions. All I can think of is “Uncle Fuzzy”…

    But I do have a question about “Masked”, for Joe or anyone who’s read the book: I am definitely going to buy Masked — I’m just not certain in what format. I have a Kindle, which I love, and it sure is easy to carry around a lot of books. But Kindle versions of books are a bit lacking still in the way of illustrations. Does Masked have a lot of pictures? (Yes, it’s a pretty lame question, but the answer will be the deciding factor in my buying decision here.)

    – KB

  15. “Said nicknames should be sincere and preferably heartfelt…”

    Well, think Joe. What do you love that you could call all your friends and co-workers? How about:

    Hey Crispy Duck!
    Hi Dawg!
    How’s it going Foie Gras?
    Talk to me Tokyo
    Long time no see Macaron (or Macaroony)

    You won’t be called disingenuous any more!
    If they still give you a hard time, then call them:

    Hey Bite me!
    Punk-face Brewster! (that’s for Carl)
    Pocahont-my-ass (that’s for Carl too)
    Creepy-evil-doll-you-look-like-one (Carl…)
    Remind-me-what-you-do-again-_____? (insert name)

    Let me know if you need more. I’ll be thinking.

  16. Wow, I always thought you were sincere Joe, I did always think friendo was just your name for me. Therefore I suggest “Mark Savela” as the alternative. At least you will get my name right some of the time.

  17. Just as I suspected. The item pictured is a tattoo pen, the same pen that made the quizotic tattoo, that went on Chloe’s back. Tho now I think the Destineers all got bad ass tats to frighten and amaze the Lucianites.

  18. I vote for Sexy Bitch. Why? Because it humiliates him and puts you into a position of power above him…And it’s just damn funny. Has nothing to do with the fact I’ve had half a bottle of rum to myself.

  19. Hi Joe: How about Scribe secundus, purple prose peeler-ever-loving jellybean.

    Kind of roles off the tongue, doesn’t it?
    Secundus is latin for second, by the way (My grandfather was a surgeon, so I learned some latin).


  20. Replaced? Nuh-uh. I say it has transformed. What you thought was set/art/garbage is actually an alien lifeform that has been fooled into thinking that Bridge Studios houses a real starship and a real Stargate. It has attempted to blend into the background by being a composite of metal, wood, stone that may or may not be made of wood, and metal-looking things, just like what Bridge Studios itself is made off; however, as it is unfamiliar with our building codes, it couldn’t manifest itself as anything more than just a bundle of those materials in scrap form. That’s not good enough.

    However, after a day of scanning the area, the alien realized that the Bridge Studios is surrounded by plants. As there are so many samples, the alien was able to cross-correlate the various forms and thus creating a camouflage very similar to that of an actual plant.

    Next, it will no doubt transform itself into something mobile so it can approach the SGU gate itself; perhaps a golf cart, a human, or even a golf-cart-human hybrid! Once that happens, all is lost. ALL IS LOST I TELLS YOU!!

    The only way to deal with this is to destroy that thing before it is too late! This task is appointed to you, Joe Mallozzi, and if you do not find a way, no one will.

    As for Carl…well, I say if you really want to be sincere, you might as well just call him “Carl”. It’s already a pretty fantastic name, nickname, moniker, label, and title. 😉

    Then again, I usually don’t call people by their real names either; I prefer “man” or “dude”. Seriously.

    But, since you asked, how about…Radio! It matches his initials. 😀

    Ok, it’s not very good, but it’s almost 3:20am here. I’ll try to come up with more after I get some sleep!

  21. Cool, they’re gonna perform laparoscopic surgery on the Destiny (re: concept art)? Or thoracoscopy, or… ‘brain’oscopy, or… what the heck are they planning to ‘scope’ out there?

  22. Joe did this question of proper nickname come after someone *cough* moved to a new office or before?
    So lets see, probie is out, and girlfriend, and how about,… no not that.. I know some one called Pudie, and Goose, and fishface and well now I am just making them up,, grand pubah, Rusty (redhair), Sunny (bright personality)(u get it), Hambone (funny),Cracker(an original Floridian) Boss, Superfly, Sweet cheeks, well maybe some of these are not so politically correct, or maybe they are…. Just look at the person and say the first thing that comes to mind for a name, don’t think too hard on it, and be ready to run really fast might help also…

  23. G’day Joe

    I just use – mate.
    It works for one and all, male or female, young and old, friend and foe.

  24. I’ve just bought Stargate Atlantis series 1 on DVD; it was a great series although in my opinion it was losing it’s way towards the end. Certainly it’s good to see Weir and Ford.

    Whatever **did** happen to Ford from SG:A in the end? I’ve got some catching up to do from series 1 but if I recall from watching first time around, didn’t Ford go all odd by becoming a sort of Wraith hybrid? He simply vanished from the story: I wondered if we’d hear more about him in the future. Perhaps we’ll see him again if the SG:A film goes live…?

  25. Nicknames are too generic. I usually go with “Hi (insert addressee’s name here)” and then add an inflection to the name which gives the cue if I’m pleased to see the person or not. Since its personalized I’ve never been accused of being insincere.

    Hi Joe 😉

  26. Hi Mr M!

    Surely a sincere, appropriate and endearing nick name for Carl would be:

    Hey! How’s it going….Supreme Tactical Commander of Earth’s Defenders ? No ?


  27. My questions for Tygh Runyan –

    I noticed your character in “Justice” for the first time. Did you happen appear in any episodes before that, maybe some group scenes?

    Caine chose to stay on the obelisk planet. If you were in that kind of situation, would you choose to stay on the planet or return to the Destiny?

    Do you believe in luck?

  28. ok,how about – mom petite chou? 3 years of French and this is what I remember. See it came in handy.

  29. Hey Joe,

    Here’s a “sincere” “friend term”:

    Significant Other Friend

    Or there’s always:

    F.R.I.E.N.D.: Friend Really Interrupts Everything Needing Done

    Or of course:



  30. Holy Crap that means Caine will be back (for real not in a dream sequence hopefully). I don’t remember him having a first name. So he and BAG will be returning! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    So questions for Tygh.

    First off thanks Tygh for doing this Q&A. 🙂

    1. What do you think Caine truly believes in? He seems like he has a Christian backround, but he seems to worship the aliens on the planet from Faith. Do you think he believes in a benevolent higher power(like aliens), or does he believe in God?

    2. It was never shown in Divided, but do you think Caine was with the few civilians who weren’t involved in the mutiny, or was he right along side the rebellious civilians?

    3. Do you watch the SGU episodes you aren’t in? If so what’s your favorite episode? Did you ever watch previous Stargate shows?

    4. How is it to be stuck on the same planet with BAG? Is his awesomeness overwhelming? 😉*Faith-Spoilers*

    5. Which girl would you rather see Caine in a relationship with… TJ or James?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  31. Or…how about…

    The Mustachioed Marvel (probably better than The Mustachioed Horny Toad)
    Cookie Monster
    Sweetcheeks (Just ’cause :D)
    Skeevy CeeBee
    Car (short n’ sweet!)
    HeeBee CeeBees (kinda my favorite)


  32. Characters coming back from the dead are one of my pet comic book (and science fiction and fantasy) peeves. If you didn’t want them dead, you shouldn’t have killed them in the first place!

    Thanks Mr. Maxey for a great guest blog. I have a friend who has been enthusiastically recommending Nobody for weeks now and, after reading this entry, I guess I’ll just have to pick it up.

  33. Whoa, whooooa, WHOOOAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (Said in my best Double Rainbow Guy voice).

    airelle said ‘sweetcheeks’, too. I’ma thinkin’ that that one just might catch on…

    If you are looking for general terms of endearment, then perhaps…

    Pard (I picked this one up from Michael Moorcock…guess that’s what happens when you live in Texas)
    Mate (it’s gotta be done with a Brit accent, otherwise guys might think you’re hittin’ on ’em)

    Oh, for crying out loud! It’s noon, it’s a BEAUTIFUL day (windows open, AC OFF, breeze blowing, loooow humidity….), and I’m sitting here, doing YOUR work for you! Now I know how you made it through school…you flashed those dimples and got the smart girls to do all your homework. You ARE a stinker, Joeycakes…a stinker, through and through!



  34. Hi Joe,

    Perhaps you could call him “Carl-san” with the Japanese honorific, unless of course he thinks you’re calling him “Carlson,” in which case he may think you’re just getting his name wrong…perhaps if you give him a little bow at the same time…? On the other hand, maybe the playing field should be leveled for all, you could assign everyone a two or three digit number and refer to them only by this designation, even pick your own and refuse to acknowledge any other name. Third option: call everyone by their initials – it shows you know their names, it’s short and sweet and personalized. I just hope no one has unfortunate initials that sound like something inappropriate…hmmm. Come to think of it, probably neither Mark Savela nor Michael Shanks would want to be called “MS,” and there could be some duplication: JB-James Bamford, Julia Benson, could get confusing on set.

    Okay, last idea – why not ask people what they would prefer to be called? This is an exercise we go through every year in my childcare classroom when the problem of name-calling comes up; we have a big group discussion about intentions and hurt feelings and then everyone gets to pick their own call-name. We write it on a “Hello, my name is…” sticker which they wear whenever they choose and they achieve some ownership over something in which they didn’t have any choice – their name. This also leads to some family chats because it sometimes comes out that they don’t like their given name; often this is solved by families explaining the long process in choosing their name or how they are named after great-uncle-so-and-so, but at least once we had a child whose family allowed her to go through a complete name change because it was so important to her! Myself, I’ve always liked my name, Julie – not Julia or Juliette – but Julie, straightforward and unaffected. When it came to choosing a soubriquet for business as well as blogging and tweeting I chose to add some of my heritage; I’m Hawaiian, or hapa-haole, which is why I chose JulieAloha.

    Smiles, Julie

    @PBMom – has Patrick met his new teachers or seen his new classroom yet? I can hardly wait to hear how everything goes!

    @Das – I was cornered by three HUGE spiders in the bathroom this morning – I did not see them until after I closed the door! Y’know how it echoes in a bathroom? I nearly shattered my own eardrums and then nearly broke my leg trying to escape! Try to explain that to your new neighbors in the condo next door…while crying hysterically…in nothing but a towel…makes a great first impression, let me tell you. *headdesk*

  35. Forget any variation of Commander Wings. It’s been sullied. You don’t want to know the details.

    It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Think The Fonz with his “Hey”. Go for something short, but jam the emotion into the vowel sound. If you concentrate too much on being clever, then it’s not about the person the Fonz points at when he says “Hey” anymore.

    Pal-o has potential. You just gotta’ mean it.

  36. My questions for Tygh Runyan

    1. Thought you were great in Eureka, but don’t you think Pierre Fargo could of lasted more than 1 episode? I mean he’s a genius, and in a town of genius’s surely they could of wrote him as a recurring character, Eureka needed more Fargos.

    2. How would you describe your experience on Eureka? And which of the cast did you admire the most, as in get along well with and you know genually had a lot of fun around?

    3. As with question 2, How would you describe your experience thus far with Stargate Universe.

  37. I’ll let you use what I call my crazy beagle, whom I love and adore with all my heart: Stinky Butt
    (just don’t fan your face when you say it)

  38. “Bubba” works for me, but so does “Bro”. But only people that ride say that with sincerity.

    Here ya go.
    “Heeey Bubba” try it like that. Make the “Hey like Heeey” See??? You got it.
    “You’re most certainly welcomed my dear kind sir…..”
    Not that statement probably didn’t sound all that sincere cuz I have a biker look(see me website, you’ll understand. lol)

    But….in fact. I was sincere Bubba

  39. A much beloved, easy-going co-worker calls everyone “my friend”. He says it so much, others are starting to say it too. I’ve even had to stop myself from saying it.

    When he sees you in the hall, “Hi, my friend, how are you?”

    When he hangs up the phone, “Thanks, my friend.”

    When he wraps up a conversation, “Well, my friend, I’ve got to get back to work.”

    What do you think, Joe, my friend? Something you could use? It makes you feel special.

  40. Nicknames for Carl:

    Well I went to the trusty Japanese Name Generator and put in Carl Binder and it spat out:

    杉田 Sugita (cedar field) 海斗 Kaito (big dipper of the ocean)

    I like Kaito….reminds me of Kato – wasn’t he the Green Hornet’s sidekick? I know someone will slap me around if I get this wrong.

    Then I thought of anagrams….what cool new name would it come up with?

    How about:
    Lancer Bird
    Narc Bridle
    Brand Relic

    Then I went to the Gangsta Name Generator and got:

    Heavy G-Ride Bouncer

    (By the way Ivon Bartok you’ll laugh your arse off that this one generated Good-ass Crack Baby for you…I know I did…Joe you were Fried Green Skull Cruncha and me….well I was Wobbly Couch Bouncer)

    So yeah go get ’em G-Ride!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  41. I have a couple of questions for Mr. Runyan:

    1) Do you think that the Obelisk Aliens came?
    2) Do you think they were/are benevolent like your character believes?
    3) Will be get to see you back on SGU in season 2?
    3) Which other supporting/minor character do you think deserves some exploration?

    Also, my friends and myself would like to see Caine back and get with one of the guys!!(I know that he used to have a wife) There is way too much heterosexuality in space….
    Seriously though, we thought you were great in that role and wish you luck with your career…..

    I will say joseph mallozzi thanks for a damn good show and thank you for Having Ming Na’s character. Even though i would like some gay guys in space, it is so refreshing and great to finally have a sci-fi gay character….those scenes with Wray and sharon bring a tear to my eye everytime i watch it.

  42. JanelleCp, thanks for the Bitterwood love! Dragonforge will hopefully be up on Kindle by this weekend. By October, all the dragon books should be on all the various ebook formats.

    And to answer SorryKB’s question, Masked doesn’t have any interior art so it converted to Kindle just fine. And, of course, you can always download the free sample on Kindle to check out the formatting.

  43. I’d try friendino, as in “The Great Friendino” ala Sandlot. Also, perhaps friendo would sound better delivered in a heavy Canadian accent, Eh Friendo?

  44. BFG – for those taller than you
    DLF – for those shorter than you
    MFB – my foody buddy
    UFP – unfriendly food person

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